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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Still looking surprised, Terry says he must have missed something: the last time he tried to come on strong, he thought he was going to get a smack in the mouth. Patricia tells him that he was rushing things - she needed time to think. Terry asks her if she means about Stephen. Patricia replies that she doesn't - their marriage is on its last legs; it was a big relief when they both decided to lead separate lives. Terry asks why the carry-on, then, and Patricia replies that she wasn't sure sure she wanted to move into another relationship straight away. Terry asks her if she's sure now, and she tells him that she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him; she was actually a bit embarrassed about ringing him. Terry tells her that he's glad she did. Patricia asks him how serious is he? Terry replies that he's there, isn't he? Patricia replies that she's not just talking about one night... Terry, looking pleased, says they might be able to arrange something... He goes to kiss Patricia, but as he does so, the front door suddenly opens and Robin walks in. They quickly move away from each other, and Patricia remarks to Robin that he's back early. Robin explains that his client was a pushover. He says hello to Terry and asks him what he's doing there. Terry replies that he has to give evidence for a court case. Patricia hurriedly adds that he thought he'd drop in and say 'hello' while he was there. She turns to Terry and tells him that she hopes everything goes well for him tomorrow. Terry says he does, too. They go to the door, where Patricia quietly remarks that Robin's got lousy timing. She then continues that he's going out again at around 7pm, so why doesn't Terry come back then? Terry smiles broadly as he says wild horses wouldn't keep him away! He goes. Patricia heads back inside and immediately snaps at Robin that he took his time - she's been battling to hold Terry off. Robin smiles and points out that there's nothing like a bit of danger to spice things up! Patricia snaps that he wouldn't be so cavalier if he was in her shoes. Robin laughs that Terry isn't his type! Patricia smiles back and says that's not what Charlie told her! Robin tells her not to believe everything she hears; besides, his ploy kept Charlie at arms' length. Patricia says she'll have to find something just as effective - she's got to keep Terry at bay until they get to Woombai.

Tony is still asleep, sitting next to David and Beryl at the courthouse. Beryl remarks to David that they're keeping Terry long enough - if they keep him talking, Tony might miss out on giving evidence today. David says he hopes so for Alice's sake. He stands up and says they finish at 5pm don't they? He continues that that's two hours away; he wonders how Terry's going...

In the courtroom, Terry is standing in the witness box, telling the court that, when he walked in, Joe Parker had a gun on everyone - he was about to start firing. The prosecution barrister snaps that that is pure supposition on Terry's part - Joe Parker hadn't harmed anyone at that point, had he? Terry admits that, no he hadn't - but two seconds later, he stuck a bullet through David Palmer. Alice looks at her barrister, who smiles at her.

Outside, David is holding a cup of coffee, and he quietly tells Tony to rise and shine and get the drink inside him. Tony stirs, but just as he takes the cup, the usher comes out and calls for Anthony Joseph Parker. Beryl, looking worried, says, "Oh no..." The usher calls Tony's name again, and Tony calls over that he's coming. He straightens his tie and stands up. David tells him to take it easy. Tony replies, "No worries - this is my turf." Beryl wishes him good luck, and he walks off. When he's gone, Beryl says to David that she hopes he'll be alright. David points out that he's used to answering questions from the cops.

The prosecution barrister asks Tony exactly why his mother chose to leave his father. Tony answers that it was because he used to beat her up, and she got jack of it. The barrister brings up the fact that Joe tracked Alice down to her new address in Melbourne, and he asks what happened. Tony replies that he held a gun to her head and told her that he'd blow her away if she didn't stop seeing David Palmer - and he'd go after Dave, as well. The barrister suggests that Mrs. Parker had good reason to hate her husband. The defence barrister immediately calls, "Objection," and suggests that the prosecution is leading the witness. The prosecution barrister rephrases the question and asks Tony if he ever heard his mother say she hated her husband. Tony replies, "No." The barrister asks him if he's quite sure. Tony tells him, "Yeah." The barrister reminds Tony that he just told them that his mother left his father because he was a wife-beater - and he held a gun to her head and threatened her life - and yet he expects them to believe that she never once said she hated him. Tony, beginning to lose his cool, retorts that they can't expect him to remember everything she said. The barrister suggests that surely he'd remember something as important as that. Tony says he doesn't know. The barrister tells him that either he does know or he doesn't - he wants a simple 'yes' or 'no'. Tony tells him, "Yes." The prosecuting barrister asks him if he's admitting that Alice Parker said she hated her husband. Tony, looking flustered, replies that she did, but not the way he's making it sound. The barrister suggests they move on to the events on the actual day of the murder. Tony looks annoyed with himself.

It's nighttime at Dural, and John runs downstairs as the party from the hearing return. He asks how it went, and Beryl replies that it was fine. David adds that the barrister seemed very confident when they left. Tony sullenly says he reckons he'll crash now, and he walks off. John asks what happened, and David tells him about how the prosecutor got him so tied up that he didn't know what he was saying. Alice remarks that Tony seems more upset than she is, and she suggests that she should go and talk to him. David, though, tells her to relax - he'll talk to him.

David knocks on the door of the flat. Tony is sitting watching TV, and when David calls that it's only him, he gets up and turns the volume down. David comes in and remarks that he thought Tony was going to crash. Tony retorts that he wanted to watch some TV first. He then asks if David is going to bawl him out, and adds that he's had enough for one day. David assures him that he hasn't come to point the finger. Tony snaps that he doesn't know why everyone is acting as if he's ruined his mum's chances - the case isn't going to be decided on his evidence; he can't help it if the verdict goes against her. David tells him to stop putting himself through it - he knows Tony didn't mean to let Alice down. Tony starts to cry that he didn't, and he tells David to leave him alone. He then sobs that he tried, but he couldn't help it... he didn't want to let her down. David gently says he knows...

A short time later, Tony tells David that he hasn't had a real cry since he was eight years old, when he fell out of a tree and broke his leg. David tells him that it does you good, every now and then. Tony, though, snaps that it's weak. David tells him that he cried a few tears the day they told him he was a free man again. Looking surprised, Tony says, "You're kidding!" David assures him that he isn't. Changing the subject, he asks him if he feels like coming in and having some dinner. Tony shrugs and then says OK. He tells David that he's a good mate. David tells Tony to put his head under the cold tap, and he goes. As soon as the front door shuts, Shelley comes out of the bedroom. Looking surprised, Tony asks her what she's doing there. Shelley retorts, "I live here, dummy!" She then irritatedly adds that he took his time in court; she fell asleep waiting for him to get back. Tony asks her if she's just woken up. Shelley explains that she's been up all night. Tony snaps that so has he. Shelley laughs that she can tell that from his eyes! She then continues that she told him not to go raging without her. To Tony's bemusement, she asks him if he's glad she's back.

Patricia opens the front door at the apartment. Terry is standing there holding a bottle of bubbly, which he explains is to help kick things off. Patricia, though, tells him that they've got a few problems: Robin has decided to stay in. Terry's face drops, but Patricia suggests that they might as well crack the champers and drown their sorrows. Terry tells her that he's got a better idea: they could go back to his hotel. Quickly making up an excuse, Patricia says she'd love to, but she's lived in Dural for years, and people know her; Barbara would end up with some lovely juicy gossip to pass on to Stephen. Terry sighs that they'll never get it together at this rate. Patricia assures him that they will - they can spend a weekend together as soon as the trial is over. Terry tells her that it's over for him now - he's not needed anymore; if she can wrangle a few fays off, they can head off somewhere. He asks her what she reckons. Patricia, again apparently slightly wrong-footed, tells him that she promised Stephen that she'd spend the next couple of days with him. She adds that it's maddening. Terry suggests they forget the whole thing, but Patricia assures him that they'll work it out somehow. She continues that it won't be easy for her - Stephen will be in meetings; she'll just be there twiddling her thumbs... She tells Terry that it's a pity she can't be there twiddling them with him. Terry points out that if Stephen found out, he'd blow his stack. Patricia smiles and replies slyly that they'll just have to make sure he doesn't. Terry says it's too risky. Patricia tells him that, if he hasn't got the nerve... Terry sighs and tells her that she's on. Patricia smiles at him.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Tony snaps at Shelley that because she couldn't wait to get to the Cross, he made an idiot of himself in court. Shelley snaps back that it's not her fault - she didn't expect him to come looking for her. Tony yells that anything could have happened. Shelley points out that nothing did. Tony yells at her that she doesn't care about anyone but herself. Shelley retorts that she thought he'd be happy to have her out of there while the trial was on. Tony snaps back that she's wrong. He then asks her where she went anyway. Shelley tells him that she met some kids - they invited her back to their place for a party; they said she and Tony can move in with them if they like; they live in a squat, and Cheryl told her that she could line her up some part-time work in a bar. Tony snaps that she's underage, but Shelley retorts that that didn't stop her getting a drink last night. She continues that Brad says-- Tony interrupts and asks who Brad is. Shelley explains that he's one of the guys at the squat. She goes on that he's dying to meet Tony - with Tony's knowhow and his contacts, they should be able to make plenty of money. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Tony tells Shelley to get back in the bedroom. Shelley snaps that she's getting sick of this. Tony snaps back at her to just get in there. He answers the door to find Beryl standing there; she tells him that she wants a little talk - it's about his future: how would he like her to take care of the bills for him and his mum while she puts him through school?

Patricia and Terry are standing by the front door at the Morrell apartment. Patricia says to Terry that he won't get cold feet at the last minute will he? Terry assures her that he'll be there at twelve sharp. Patricia tells him not to worry if she's a bit late - she'll definitely be there as soon as the others go off into the meeting. Terry goes to kiss her, and although he manages to grab a brief peck on her cheek, Patricia pushes him away. Terry tells her that tomorrow can't come soon enough for him! He goes. Patricia shuts the door and calls to Robin that he can come out now. Robin joins her and comments that Terry threw her a few curly ones! He then tells her that, in a lot of ways, she reminds him of his wife. Patricia tells him to keep on remembering that, as it'll give him an incentive to do a good job. Robin asks her what she wants him to do tomorrow - apart from keeping Fiona and Stephen away. Patricia tells him to just stir up a few unpleasant memories for Jill before sending her to be a witness. Robin remarks that she does a very thorough job, doesn't she. Patricia explains that she wants Stephen back for keeps. Robin asks, "Even if it means destroying a few people along the way?" Patricia retorts that Fiona will take the brunt of it; this time tomorrow, she'll be so ashamed of her son, she won't want to know him...

Tony opens the door at the flat to let Beryl out. As he does so, he thanks her for the offer and says his mother will be pleased as well. Beryl says she hopes Alice won't think she's treating her like a charity case. Tony assures her that she won't; he adds that she'll be tickled pink that they can live near Beryl's place. Beryl points out that it'll make it easier to keep in touch. She continues that, if Tony is interested in going to John's old school, she can talk to the headmaster for him. Looking dubious, Tony says he's not too sure about that... Changing the subject, Beryl asks him if he's coming in for dinner. Tony replies that he'll be there in a second. Beryl goes and he shuts the door. Shelley immediately comes back in from the bedroom and says she heard everything. She tells Tony that, once he's conned tons of money out of Mrs. Palmer, they can take off. Tony angrily retorts that he's not going to rip Beryl off. Shelley asks what about her? - isn't she important? Tony impatiently snaps, "Yes." Shelley snaps back that they need the money. She angrily continues that he talks big, but how about some action for a change - or hasn't he got the guts? Tony yells that she doesn't give a damn how he feels - just as long as she's getting what she wants. Shelley yells that it's not just for her; it's for them. Tony snaps that he should have listened to Terry: he tried to tell him that she was only hanging around with him because it made her look good. Shelley snaps that she isn't. Tony tells her that she's going home. He places his hand on the telephone receiver, but Shelley cries that he's not calling her dad. Tony says, "Uh huh." Shelley cries that she'll die if she has to go back. Tony asks her if she wants him to lock her in the bedroom. Upon hearing this, Shelley threatens that she'll tell her dad that Alice knew she was there all the time. Tony angrily tells her to leave his mother out of it. Shelley yells that she'll only do that if he lets her go back to her friends. Tony snaps that he's trying to do her a favour; if she goes back to them, she'll end up in all sorts of strife. Shelley snaps that it's her life. She asks him if he's sure he won't come with her. Tony says a blunt, "No." Shelley goes to the bedroom and comes back with her rucksack. She snaps that she just wants to have some fun out of life for a change. Tony tells her to just go. She leaves.

The next morning, Fiona is on the 'phone at Woombai, and she remarks that Mr. Barton was right after all. John replies that he wasn't quite - Tony had no idea that Shelley had stowed away in the truck until she showed up in the flat. Fiona says he should have called her dad straight away. John points out that he was in love; he wouldn't have said anything at all if she hadn't gone missing. He adds that it was hard enough to tell the others this morning. Fiona says she can imagine the reaction. She then more wistfully says they all make excuses for people they love... John says he hopes Mr. Barton is as understanding as her. Fiona asks John how come he got lumbered with the job of telling him, and John explains that Tony came out with it all just as the others were heading out to court, so he was the only one left around. At Woombai, Fiona hears Terry whistling as he comes into the homestead, and she calls out that she's in the lounge room. She then tells John that she'll break the news to Mr. Barton and try and keep his mind strictly on trying to find Shelley. John thanks her, and they hang up. Having caught the end of the conversation, Terry asks Fiona if someone has seen Shelley. Fiona suggests they walk over to the Bartons' tent and she'll tell him all about it - and he can tell her about the trial.

As they walk outside, Terry says that, after Tony's eppy yesterday, he wouldn't like to make a bet on how it'll go. Fiona says they'd better keep their fingers crossed. They stop and look at the tents, and Terry wishes her luck with Barton. He then comments that she really does care about people. Fiona smiles and says she knows what it's like to have a 'problem child'! She suggests to him that he'd better make himself scarce before Patricia gets there. Terry asks her if she's scared that he's going to make another pass at her. Fiona assures him that of course she isn't, but it might be awkward if he comes face-to-face with her while Stephen's around. Terry says he'll keep right out of her way...

Robin and Patricia arrive at the riding school, and in the reception area, Stephen comments that they made good time. Robin explains that Patricia was cracking the whip on the way! Patricia says to Stephen that she was hoping that the two of them would have some time together before his meeting. Stephen says it's fine by him. They go, and Robin walks over to the reception desk. Jill hands him the key to his room, and as she does so, she says she can't wait to hear what he's got planned for them. Robin smiles and says he'll come back and give her a few hints once he's dumped his bag.

In the office, Patricia tells Stephen that she missed him so much. Stephen points out that it's only been a few days - but he missed her too. Patricia asks him if he'd like to show her how much. They start kissing passionately.

Robin returns to the reception area, and Jill replies that that was quick! Robin replies that he smelt the coffee she's making - breakfast was a long time ago, and Patricia wouldn't let him stop! Jill remarks that she bets Patricia is missing Stephen like mad. Robin agrees that she is. He then continues that Patricia is a one-man woman; unfortunately, she can't get that through Terry Hansen's thick skull - he's been pestering the life out of her. Looking surprised, Jill says, "What?" Robin tells her that Terry turned up at the apartment yesterday lunchtime and again last night; he guesses he's just the kind of guy that can't take 'no' for an answer. Jill, looking upset, says she was hoping he might have changed. Robin retorts that guys like that don't change - he's probably bragging to his mates about having another crack at Patricia while she's in Sydney. Jill agrees, "That would be Terry..."

Standing just outside the office, Stephen tells Patricia to think of him slaving over a hot meeting while she's enjoying herself. Jill comes over and tells him that there's a call for him; he heads over to the reception desk to take it. Patricia asks Robin what time he makes it. He replies that it's 12:05pm. Patricia says she makes it the same. She then tells him to make sure that Jill gets to the waterhole by half past. Robin says he still thinks it's a stupid idea. Patricia ignores this and asks how it went with Jill. Robin replies that it was fine. Jill comes back over and comments to Patricia that it's a lovely day for a swim. Patricia replies that she's looking forward to it.

A short time later, Patricia is walking towards the waterhole, wearing her swimming costume. Terry is already in the water, splashing around. Patricia calls over that she'll join him, and she starts taking off her top. As she does so, a man wandering through the nearby woods notices the two of them laughing, and smiles to himself.

At Woombai, Robin explains to Fiona, Jill and Stephen that he wants to start a whole new campaign. Stephen asks him if he's got a breakdown for them. Robin says he has, and he opens his briefcase, explaining as he does so that he made a list. He starts rummaging through his briefcase and then looks puzzled as he says it's not there. He continues that Patricia was supposed to have put it in there, but he supposes she had other things on her mind. Stephen says it's not vital, but Fiona says she would like to see where her money is being spent before she approves it. Robin turns to Jill and asks her if she can go down to the guesthouse for him. Stephen points out that Patricia will still be swimming, won't she? Robin says he'd forgotten, and he asks Jill to in that case go down to the waterhole and ask Patricia what she's done with the list. Jill gets up and goes. Robin comments that Patricia is an amazing woman - she never forgets a thing. Fiona, looking annoyed, growls, "I know."

At the waterhole, Patricia is putting her top back on, and as she does so, she glances at her watch; it's nearly 12:30pm. Terry tells her that the swim was great. Patricia laughs that she must look like a drowned rat! Terry assures her that she couldn't look bad if she tried. He kisses her and tells her that he's found the perfect spot for them to spend some time together. Patricia suddenly spots Jill approaching; Terry has his back to her, so doesn't see her. Patricia smiles, and asks him what they're waiting for. They start kissing passionately, but Patricia suddenly snaps at Terry to let her go, and she tries to push him away. Terry, looking surprised, asks what's wrong. Patricia repeats her order to let her go, and she start thrashing around, trying to get away from him. Terry asks her what's up with her. Patricia shouts at him not to touch her, and she runs off. Terry calls after her to ask her what the hell she's playing at. Patricia runs towards Jill in tears. Jill asks what happened, and Patricia sobs that he attacked her; she was having a swim, and when she tried to leave he grabbed her and wouldn't let her go; he told her that it was no use struggling; he's just an animal. Terry walks towards them, looking surprised, but Jill pushes Patricia behind her and snaps at him to stay away from her. Terry growls that there are no worries about that - she's crazy: first she gives him the big come-on and then this. He tries to get past her, but Jill yells at him that he said she led him on too, remember? Terry incredulously says that she doesn't think he tried it on? Jill yells that she knows he did - and this time, he's not getting away with it. She walks off, leaving Terry looking astonished.


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