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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

As Fiona stands there, she suddenly hears Terry's car start up. She looks over at it and calls after him. He turns the engine off and gets out as she walks over to him. She begs with him to please not go. Terry retorts that the sooner he gets away, the better. Fiona tells him that she's coming with him. Terry tells her that she belongs there at Woombai, but Fiona cries that she doesn't - not anymore; not with those people. Terry points out that they're her friends. Fiona replies that she thought they were, but after what they've just done, she doesn't want to know about them; if they believe Patricia over him, after all the rotten tricks she's pulled, then they're not her friends. Terry suggests that, once she's calmed down... Fiona assures him that she knows what she's saying. She continues that they'll go to Sydney first thing in the morning, and she tells him to go home and pack his bags. She adds that he should be careful what he says to Enid and Warren. Terry tells her that he can't help thinking she's going to regret it - Woombai is part of her life; so are Jill and Gordon... Fiona replies that, maybe she can forgive Jill - at least she's got a reason to feel how she does about him - but not the others; and she won't lose any sleep about walking away from Woombai. Terry tells her that he still thinks she'll miss it. Fiona assures him that she won't - family is far more important. Terry tells her that he'll pick her up in the morning, and he gets back in his car and drives off. Fiona stands there, still looking upset.

A short time later, Fiona walks into the reception area at the guest house. Robin is there, and Fiona angrily asks if 'madam' has recovered yet, or is still putting on an act. Robin 'innocently' says, "Sorry?" Fiona snaps at him not to tell her that he's not part of it - Patricia couldn't have set up Terry without help from someone. Robin tells her that Patricia is resting, and he doesn't think it would be a good idea to go in at the moment - he's sure Fiona is the last person she wants to see. Fiona growls, "Yes... I bet I am..."

Fiona opens the door to the bedroom; Patricia is sitting up in bed. She immediately says she can guess why Fiona's there: they voted against her. Fiona cooly replies that they've asked Terry to leave. She sadly continues that she's come to appeal to her - something she never thought she'd ever be doing. Patricia snidely comments that it must be difficult. Fiona tells her that everyone has to swallow their pride sometimes. She continues that she's asking Patricia to think about what she's doing to Terry - she knows he's innocent, and she just wants her to tell the truth; he's already got one black mark against him... she doesn't want Patricia to make it another one. She asks Patricia to imagine how she'd feel as a mother if someone set up Johnny in the same way. Patricia looks down guiltily. Fiona tells her that she wouldn't like it either - she'd feel just as upset as she is. She pleads with Patricia not to go through with this. Stephen suddenly comes and stands in the doorway. He sternly says to Fiona that he hopes she hasn't just come up there to upset Patricia. Fiona cooly retorts that they had something important to talk about. Stephen tells her that everything's been said on the subject of her precious son; the decision's been made: he's going. Patricia interrupts and asks Stephen if he can leave them alone for a minute - it's alright. Stephen gives in and goes, shutting the door as he does so. Fiona says to Patricia, "Well?" Patricia replies that she can't; she's sorry - even if she wanted to, it's too late now. Fiona tells her that it isn't - not if she really... She stops what she's saying and then murmurs, "No - I suppose it is." She leaves the room. Patricia sits in bed, looking thoughtful and slightly guilty.

A short time later, Stephen asks Patricia if she's sure Fiona didn't say something to upset her. Patricia assures him that she's just a bit worn out, that's all. Stephen says he's not surprised; under the circumstances, she's doing very well. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing. Stephen answers it and the receptionist comes on and tells him that there's a call for him from his daughter. Stephen says he'll take it outside. He tells Patricia that he won't be long.

Holding the 'phone at Toorak, Amanda says to Wayne that she hopes her father will be pleased. Wayne assures her that he will be. Stephen comes on and cooly remarks that it took her long enough to call. Amanda tells him that she's got some news for him: she's going to have a baby. Stephen tells her that he knows. Amanda's face drops, and she says she's sorry - she tried to ring him but always got cold feet at the last moment; and then she tried to write, but that wasn't any easier. She continues that she's going to come up to Woombai and bring Wayne with her. Stephen says he doesn't think that's a very good idea. Amanda asks why, and Stephen tells her that she knows what he thinks of the absurd situation they've got themselves into. Amanda tells him that it's changed. Stephen snaps that he supposes they've fallen in love now. Amanda tells him that that's right. Stephen snaps at her not to be ridiculous. Amanda replies that, since she found out that she was pregnant, everything's been different - they really do care about each other; that's what she wants to talk to him about. Stephen says that, in that case, they'd better come up - he's sorry for snapping. Amanda tells him that he's probably been working too hard, and Stephen agrees, "Probably." He asks when he can expect them. Amanda says they'll be there the day after tomorrow. Stephen says that's fine - he'll look forward to seeing them. He hangs up. Robin, who's sitting in the reception area, asks him if that was his daughter on the 'phone. Stephen gruffly says it was. Robin apologises for listening, but then continues that, from what Patricia said, their marriage arrangements seem very unusual. Stephen snaps at him that he doesn't think it's really any of his business. Robin agrees that it isn't - but it has to be one of the easiest ways of making money he's ever heard of. Stephen snaps at him that he'd rather he kept his observations to himself.

In the spare room at Toorak, Amanda hands Wayne a roll of glued wallpaper. Wayne takes it and says he thinks they'll call it a day after this strip. Amanda agrees that that's a good idea, adding that, if they're going to Sydney tonight, they'd better get their clothes packed. She asks Wayne if he's looking foward to going to Sydney again. Wayne admits that it will be good to see the old place. Amanda points out that he'll probably bump into Jill, and she asks him how he feels about that. Wayne tells her that he would be lying if he said he still didn't care for her - and maybe he always will - but the big difference is that she's not carrying his baby. Amanda smiles happily.

Terry walks into the Woombai homestead and calls out to ask if anyone's home. Jill is there, and she angrily asks him what he wants. Terry asks if Fiona's home. Jill retorts that she's asleep; after this afternoon, she decided to lie down. She asks if she should wake her, but Terry tells her not to. He waves an envelope and explains that he was going to stick it in the letterbox, but then had second thoughts. He asks Jill if she can give it to Fiona. Jill asks him if he's going away. Terry tells her that it's better if he does - Fiona doesn't need the problem of sticking by him. He continues that he doesn't really care what most people think about him, but he does when it comes to her and Fiona; Fiona knows he didn't do it - he only wishes he could convince her of the same. He adds that Jill of all people must realise that he could never do something like that again; he was set up by Patricia to get at Fiona - the only trouble is that Fiona is the one that got hurt the most. Jill tells him that she always bounces back. Terry says he doesn't know about this time... Changing the subject slightly, he comments that it can't be long before Jill's baby's due - two months? Jill nods. Terry continues that he's not going to be there then, so he'll wish her luck now. Jill thanks him and he goes.

There's a knock on Patricia's bedroom door and Robin comes in. He explains that he thought he'd better come and tell her that he's going to town tomorrow with Gordon and Margaret: since her best-laid plans have gone awry, he's got to find a new assistant. Patricia, looking surprised, says, "Straight away?" Robin tells her that he can't see any reason to hold off - now that Fiona is leaving, Stephen expects her to stay there with him. Patricia asks him to give her a week - she still hasn't given up hope of persuading Stephen to leave Woombai. Robin reluctantly agrees that she can have one week - but that's all. He then continues that he hopes Patricia is still going to make sure that Margaret doesn't tell his wife where he is - after all, he kept his part of the bargain. Patricia says she'll do her best. Robin snaps that she said she'd make sure. Patricia retorts that there's no such thing as a 100% guarantee; she'll talk to Margaret, but that's all she can do. Robin snaps, "Thankyou very much." Patricia tells him to stop carrying on. Robin snaps that it's alright for her - she doesn't know his wife.

Barbara is sitting with Andy in the lounge room at Dural, and she tells him that, now that he's back in Sydney, he'll have to come and see them more often. Andy says he will. Barbara comments that he'd better get going, or he'll be late for rehearsal. She adds that it's nice of John to agree to give him a lift. They go out into the hallway. John is on the 'phone, speaking to Jill, but he tells her not to wake Fiona; just tell her that he called and will ring her tomorrow. He turns to Andy and asks him if he's ready to go. Andy says he is, and so John tells Jill that he he has to go; he'll talk to her later. He hangs up and tells Barbara that Fiona is pretty upset - she doesn't want to talk to anyone, but he gets the feeling from Jill that she's not as sure as she was before about whether Patricia's telling the truth. He asks Barbara if she thinks Patricia is lying. Barbara growls that she wouldn't put it past her. John comments, "To make up a story like that..." Barbara tells him that he knows Patricia as well as she does. John uncertainly says, "Yeah..." He suggests to Andy that they go. The two of them head out, Andy carrying his guitar in its case and John joking about the band giving 'Men at Work' some competition!

A while later, the two of them are walking along a corridor, and Andy is explaining to John that they got kicked out of the church hall where they used to practice; it's lucky they found this place. John remarks that they certainly don't have to worry about noise here. Andy tells him that they neighbours were always kicking up a stink at the other place. As they walk into the main rehearsal room, John replies that he can't really blame them - he wouldn't be too happy about a band practicing outside his window! Andy laughs that Lynn said exactly the same thing! Looking surprised, John asks him if he's met Lynn. Andy quickly replies that he saw her a few times with Amanda. One of the bandmembers, who's standing on the stage, calls out to Andy to ask when he got back. Andy calls back that it was today. He asks how everything has been going. The bandmember tells him, "Great, mate. Great..."

Wayne carries his and Amanda's bags into the Morrell apartment. Amanda asks him if he's sure Robin won't mind, but Wayne explains that it was part of the deal when he rented the place. He then adds that, besides, Robin is up at Woombai. He tells Amanda to put her feet up and he'll order some takeaway. Amanda goes to sit down on the settee, but as she does so, she suddenly clutches her belly in pain. Wayne anxiously asks her if she's alright. Amanda tells him that it's just a bit of a twinge - the doctor said she'd get them. Wayne asks her if there's anything she wants. Amanda tells him, "Food!"

Andy yells at his bandmate that it's a bit rough - he's been gone for two weeks and they want to give him the boot. His former bandmate repeats that he told him: the bloke he found to take over for him is a better player, and they want to stick with him. Andy angrily snaps, "Thanks a lot." He storms off back to where John is standing, waiting, and asks him if he's doing anything tonight. John replies that he isn't, and Andy snaps that that's good - he can help him get drunk.

Later that evening, John and Andy arrive back at Dural. As they come in the front door, Andy slurs that someone has got it in for him. John warns him to be quiet, but Andy ignores this and slurs that all these rotten things have been happening to him. John helps him into the lounge room and tells him to sit down. Andy slurs that there was his girlfriend, and now his band... John tells him that he'll get him some black coffee. Andy slurs that he'd rather have another drink. Barbara suddenly comes in, wearing her nigtdress, and sternly asks what's going on. John explains that Andy has had a few too many - he had some bad luck: the band told him that they don't want him anymore; coming on top of his mum and losing his girlfriend... it all got a bit much for him. Barbara asks John if he couldn't have done something. John retorts that he stayed sober to make sure that Andy got home alright. Barbara remarks that he's learning. John asks her what she expected. Barbara tells him that, six months ago, he would have written himself off as well. She then comments that she didn't know Andy had a girlfriend. John replies that he must have, the amount of times he mentioned her. Barbara asks what her name was, but John tells her that he didn't say. Barbara sympathetically remarks, "Poor kid."

At Woombai, Jill carefully eases herself off the couch and turns the TV off. Fiona comes in, and Jill explains that she was about to go to bed. She asks Fiona how she's feeling, and she replies that she's worse than ever. Jill tells her about Terry dropping by, and she hands her the letter. Fiona says she wonders what it's about. Jill tells her that she thinks it's best if she reads it. Fiona sits down, opens the envelope, takes out the sheet of paper inside and reads:

Dear Fiona, I've never been one for writing letters, but it's easier to say what I want if I write it down. I don't want you giving up Woombai and all your friends just for me; I couldn't wear it. Maybe the fact I'm being forced is me punishment for what I did to Jill - though nothing could take away the shame I feel about that. I'm sorry everything's ended the way it has. I want to thank you for everything you've done for me - and believe me, it's meant a lot; most people would have given up ages ago. I won't ramble on any longer 'cos there's only one more thing I want to say - and that's... well, I know I've had trouble in calling you me mum, but I'd like you to know that that's the way I think of you now. Take care. Look after yourself. Goodbye, mum. Love Terry.

Fiona smiles through the tears that have welled in her eyes and sobs, "He called me 'mum'." Jill remarks that it's a pity he didn't do that when he was still there. Fiona sobs to Jill that he's right - this is his punishment for what he did to her; it was bound to catch up with him one day.

Robin arrives back at the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and he says to Wayne that he presumes he knows about the business at Woombai. Wayne replies that says Gordon called and filled him in. He continues that he's meeting Gordon for lunch to discuss the possibility of him buying Fiona's half-share. Robin comments that it's nice to have that sort of money to play with. Wayne retorts that, yes, it is - and there's only one week until he gets some more: when Amanda reaches the third month of her pregnancy. Robin says he'll put his bags in his room. Wayne says he's got to go anyway. He calls to Amanda who comes over from the bar and joins him. He asks her if she'll be alright without him. Amanda replies that of course she will - and she's got champagne in the 'fridge for when he gets home. Wayne tells her that, all his life, he's wanted to own Woombai - and now he is. Amanda points out that he'll own half of it, but Wayne replies that it's better than none! Amanda tells him that she's so happy for him. Wayne suggests that they go out to dinner tonight. Amanda tells him that she'll book it and and surprise him. Wayne happily says he can't wait. He goes. Amanda goes over to the bar and picks up the coffee she was making. She asks Robin how he has it, and he tells her, "Black with two." Amanda laughs, "Sweet tooth!" She hands him the cup, but then suddenly clutches her belly and bends over in pain. Robin anxiously asks her what's wrong, and he helps her to sit down on the settee. Amanda says she doesn't know - he'd better get the doctor quickly.

At Woombai, Jill asks, "Why?" Fiona replies that Jill can talk until she's blue in the face, but she's made up her mind. Jill asks her where she'll go. Fiona says she doesn't know yet. Jill asks her if she wants her to come with her. Fiona tells her, "No thankyou." She adds that Jill ought to know that she doesn't hold anything against her; it's just that she feels she needs to find Terry - and they can start up somewhere new. She tells Jill that she'll keep in touch - there's no way she wouldn't be around when her first grandchild is born. Jill hugs her, and cries that she wishes she wasn't going. She tells her to take care of herself. Fiona replies that that's something she's always managed to do. She tenderly says, "Bye, love," and then picks up her bag and goes. Jill stands there looking upset.

At the Morrell apartment, Robin thanks the doctor, who's just leaving. Amanda comes in from the bedroom. Robin tells her that she shouldn't be up, but Amanda replies that she needs a drink. Robin points out that she's just had some tablets - he doesn't think a drink is a good idea. Amanda snaps that she doesn't care. Robin tells her to come and sit down, and he guides her to the settee. As she sits, Amanda cries that she lost the baby - the one thing she ever really wanted, and she lost it... Robin tells her that there will be the chance to have another one, but Amanda cries that no there won't - it won't mean what this baby meant: it was what brought her and Wayne together; she wanted it for him as much as her - and now he won't even be able to buy Woombai. Robin comments that the money was important. Amanda replies that it was to start with, but recently, it was for the baby. Looking thoughtful, Robin tells her that only three people know about this - the doctor and them - and he asks if it needs to go any further. Amanda looks at him in surprise as he continues that, with his help, she could pretend she was still pregnant - no one ever need know that she's lost the baby...


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