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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Gordon explains that the 'plane developed mechanical problems and made an emergency landing in a field; David walked away without a scratch, but Margaret and the pilot were badly injured - they've got burns. Patricia mutters, "Oh my god..." She asks if Margaret is going to be alright. Gordon says he honestly doesn't know. He adds that he'll come down straight away - there may be something he can do. Patricia immediately snaps that she doesn't need his help. Gordon calmly tells her that, whatever she may think of him, Margaret is all that matters now - if there's something he can do, he would like to be there. Upon hearing this, Patricia yells that Margaret wouldn't have been on that damn 'plane if it hadn't been for him. Gordon tells her that it's not the time for that sort of talk; the best thing she can do is get to the hospital - he's got the feeling that Margaret won't be the only one needing her.

A cab pulls up in the road outside the Palmer house. The driver gets out and takes some cases from the boot while Beryl gets out from the back seat. Jeff and Tony walk down the front path of the O'Brien house, Jeff holding his guitar. Tony excitedly says he wishes he had one - he can just about picture himself in a band, with chicks hanging around him all the time! They suddenly spot Beryl walking up the path next door, and Jeff asks Tony if he's going in. Tony says it might help her to see that he's not taking sides. Jeff comments that he feels sorry for her - he knows how his mum was when she and his dad broke up. Tony says he just hopes Dave wakes up to himself before too long.

In the lounge room at Woombai, Barbara anxiously asks Gordon if he's sure he doesn't want her to come with him. Gordon tells her that she'll be far happier there at Woombai; from what Patricia said, there could be some mud-slinging going on. Barbara points out that that's all the more reason for her to be there and give him support. Gordon, though, assures her that he'll be fine. He hugs her and tells her to stay there and relax. Barbara comments that the crash is a terrible thing. Gordon replies that he can't help but feel a bit responsible. Barbara tells him not to be silly, but Gordon replies that Patricia is right in a way: he dragged Margaret up there. Barbara tells him that he did what he had to do. Gordon suggests that he should try the Palmers' again - separation or no separation, Beryl should know what's happening.

Patricia rushes up the corridor at the hospital and David, when he sees her, stands up. Patricia asks how Margaret is, adding that Gordon said she was badly burnt. David agrees that she's a bit of a mess, they reckon. He adds that the doctors are all helping her. He tells Patricia to sit down, and, as she does so, continues that the doctors say that she's stable. Patricia asks him if he should be in bed. David replies that they tried to put him in one - saying he had shock - but he did his block after a bit; there's nothing wrong with him that good news about Meg wouldn't fix. Patricia says she doesn't understand... there was a crash... David tells her that it wasn't a crash: the pilot had to make an emergency landing; he put it down in a field, but it was a bumpy landing and the 'plane finished up on its nose; the pilot was worried about the smell of petrol and told them to get out quick; he was helping Meg because she was unconscious, but because of the seating arrangement, it was easier for the pilot to take her his his side; he did what the pilot said, and climbed out of his own door, and he was coming round the front of the 'plane when he was suddenly flung through the air - as if someone had given him a ruddy hard whack on the back; he doesn't remember anything until he came-to - then there were people standing all around him, and there was an ambulance there; the petrol tank had exploded - the pilot got most of the blast and was killed; Meg got burnt real bad... A doctor suddenly comes along and David stands up and asks how Margaret is doing. The doctor replies that they're doing everything they can. David introduces Patricia, explaining that she's Margaret's sister. The doctor tells her that Margaret's condition is quite critical. Patricia asks if she can see her. The doctor tells her that it could be quite upsetting, but Patricia repeats that she is her sister. The doctor agrees that she can see her, but only for a little while. David asks what about him. The doctor says he's afraid they can only admit relatives. David tells Patricia to tell Margaret that he's there. Patricia walks off, and David sits back down, looking worried.

Beryl has her head in her hands at the Palmers'. Tony tries to hand her a cup of tea and he tells her to drink it, but she declines. He tells her that he reckons she should - it's what they do in all the movies when someone has had shock! Beryl assures him that she's OK. Tony tells her that he'll drive her to the hospital if she likes, but Beryl declines. She explains that, if David was hurt, she'd be there like a shot, but ... Tony points out that it might help David. Beryl replies that it could look like she's come to crow. Tony, looking surprised, tells her that she knows David wouldn't think like that. Beryl replies that she wants to be with him, but she can't... she just can't... Tony puts his arm around her.

David is still sitting in the corridor at the hospital, looking upset. Patricia suddenly comes along, and, when she sees him, she cries, "Oh, David..." She runs into his arms, and starts sobbing.

There's a knocking on the front door at the O'Briens', and Heather calls to Jeff to get it, as she's up to her arms in flour. Jeff goes and opens the door to find Tony standing there. He asks to talk to Jeff's mum, and Jeff tells him to come in. He asks what the problem is, and Tony explains that Mrs. P. is next door and he wants to ask Heather a favour. He goes into the kitchen, and Heather remarks that she thought he'd gone home. Tony comments that the cakes she's baking smell good. He then continues, looking awkward, that he doesn't know her too well - it feels a bit funny asking for help - but it's just that Mrs. P. is next door; Doug and Rosie are away and so are John and Andy - they've gone to Geelong, looking for someone for Andy's band or something; Beryl's going to be stuck there on her own and he wondered if Heather could pop in and see her. Heather looks down at her work surface. Tony says he's sorry. Heather quickly assures him that she doesn't mind having a chat, but she doesn't want to get involved in another person's problems - she and Beryl are almost strangers. Tony tells him that he didn't expect her to-- Heather interrupts and assures him that of course she'll drop in. Tony explains that Beryl has had some pretty rotten news and could do with someone her own age. Heather smiles.

Patricia and David are back at Toorak, and Patricia snaps that she'll make Gordon pay - there wouldn't have been an accident if it hadn't been for him. David tells her not to be silly - all Gordon did was ask Margaret up to talk over some businsess. Patricia snaps that he was trying to turn her against her. She offers him a drink, but he declines. He then adds that he reckons she'd be better off without one, too. Patricia snaps that she doesn't think he understands what she's been through; seeing Margaret like that... David tells her that the best thing she can do is lie down; he'll go back to the flat. Patricia asks him if he can stay there, as she doesn't want to be there on her own. David explains that he left the number of Margaret's flat with the hospital, and he wants to be in if they call. Patricia tells him that they'll ring Toorak as well, and she asks him to please stay. David tells her that, if he stayed, she'd go on about Gordon and the others; they're friends of his, and he'd probably end up telling her to shut up and they'd have a row; this isn't the time for that sort of thing. Patricia tells him that he and Margaret are the only two people she's got, and she thinks they should be together. David assures her that he'll be over like a shot if there's any word, but until then he thinks it's best if they just stick to themselves. He asks Patricia if she'll be OK, and she snaps that of course she will. David goes. Patricia follows him out into the hallway and picks up the screwed-up note from Wayne, which is still lying on the floor. She unscrews it and reads it again, a thoughtful look on her face. She then screws it up again.

Beryl is polishing the living room table at the Palmers' when there's a knock on the door. She looks out of the window and sees Heather standing there. She goes to answer the door and greets Heather with a broad smile, telling her that it's nice to see her again. Heather says she's sorry to butt in, but she was hoping she could borrow some eggs. Beryl tells her that of course she can, and she invites her in. As they head for the kitchen, Heather remarks that at least it's not a cup of sugar, which is what most new neighbours seem to need! Beryl says she remembers when Victor and Muriel moved in the other side: Victor had just been transferred from the bank and Muriel was so disaorganised that she came round for weeks borrowing everything except the kitchen sink! She hands over some eggs, and Heather thanks her. Beryl then offers her a cuppa, adding that she feels quite guilty that Heather gave her that lovely lunch and she hasn't even been able to thank her - things have been a bit hectic there, and she's been away. She asks Heather about tomorrow night - is she doing anything? Heather replies that there's nothing that she can think off. Beryl tells her that, in that case, she and Mike must come in for dinner; she'll ask Victor and Muriel as well. She then adds that it's a shame that Rosie and Doug and the boys are away, but with a little bit of luck they might make it back by then. She asks Heather if she'll come, and Heather says she'd love to. Beryl says she'll look forward to it. Heather looks worried.

Back at the O'Briens', Heather tells Mike that the poor woman is going to crack up if she's not careful. Mike says he thought she wasn't getting mixed up in it. Heather asks what she can do. Mike tells her not go give Beryl any advice at all, otherwise she'll end up as the meat in the sandwich. Heather tells him that Beryl is so busy trying to prove that everything is wonderful that she can't see her pouring out her troubles. Mike says, "Good." Heather, though, continues that, if Beryl doesn't talk to someone soon, she'll be a basket case. She adds that it's an awful situation - and with Margaret...; she thought she had troubles before they got back together again. Mike kisses her and tells her that he loves her. Heather replies that things like this make you realise how lucky you are.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia dials a number on the telephone and then sits down. The call is answered with the words, "Watson Investigatons - Peter Watson speaking." Patricia tells Watson who she is and then explains that she used to be on the Board of Ramberg Industries; she remembers his name in connection with certain delicate matters and she understands that he can be discreet. Watson replies that he wouldn't get much business if he didn't learn to keep his mouth shut. Patricia then continues that, actually it's not his services that she requires, but she's sure he can put her onto the right person. Watson asks her what she's after. Patricia tells him that she wants a photograher - the best he can find - and she wants him tonight. Watson replies that, if she's got the money, then he's got her man. Patricia smiles nastily and says, "Good..."

That night, Patricia is sitting in a darkened lounge room, drinking, when she hears a car pull up outside. She gets up and looks out of the window. A car door shuts and Patricia goes and opens the front door. She tells her visitor that she saw them through the window. It's Gordon, and she tells him to come in. Gordon, though, says he won't stay long - he's asked the cab to wait. Patricia asks why - he can stay the night can't he? Gordon tells her no: he'll book into a hotel; he only came for a quick word with Wayne and he's very tired so they can discuss Margaret in the morning - he's been to the hospital and she's stable. Patricia tells him to stop being so defensive - she's sorry that she was snappy on the 'phone but he can hardly blame her. She then adds that Wayne and Amanda are out and they'll be back late; they left a message asking him to stay - Amanda has made up the guest room. Gordon, though, insists that he'll come back in the morning. Patricia suddenly snaps that it's a big house - he can avoid her if he wants to; still, it's up to him - as long as they can have a talk in the morning - and it'll be a sensible talk. Gordon pauses for a moment and then goes to the front door and heads out. Patricia smiles as she hears him telling the cab driver that he's staying.

At Margaret's apartment, Tony asks David if he's any good at maths, as he's stuck on a problem. David comments that it's all that newfangled stuff, isn't it? - he can handle a column of figures, but that's about it! Tony says he should have asked Jeff this arvo. David laughs. He thanks Tony for coming over, adding that he would have been climbing up the walls if someone wasn't there. Tony tells him that it's OK. David continues that he's also grateful that Tony hasn't been talking about 'you know what'. Tony assures him that he's not stupid - execpt maybe at maths! David smiles. Tony tells him that Margaret will be right. David says he hopes so. Tony looks at him.

Patricia is looking at a black-and-white photo of an older man sitting in a restaurant with a very attractive young woman. She comments that it's amazing - she knew it was possible, but she didn't realise it was so good. She asks how it's done, and the man who's with her, Eric Davies, explains that, for that one, he had two photos - one of a man and a woman in a restaurant and the other of the subject; ideally, you have to have a number of him actually, so that you can match his head to the body of the man in the compromising photo; then you brush over the join between the head and body and to anyone other than a professional, your subject is at a restaurant with a lady other than his wife. He adds that it's important that Patricia realises that the end result won't stand up to expert examination. Patricia replies that it doesn't matter - the photos will have served their purpose by then. Davies asks her what sort of photos she's interested in, and she tells him that she wants it to look as though a man has been caught in bed with a younger woman. Davies asks her if she's got any photos of the man. Patricia tells him that he's upstais asleep now - he can go in later and take as many as he likes. Looking astonished, Davies says she must be joking - he'll have to use the flash and take shots of him from at least four angles; what if he wakes up? - 'Excuse me, I'm just passing through'? Patricia retorts that she was married to the man for twenty years; once he's asleep, he needs a bomb to wake him. Davies tells her that she's the one taking the risks - but if he does wake up, he'll simply tell him what's going on and leave. Patricia snaps at him to let her worry about the risks. She adds that she wants the finished products by tomorrow morning. Davies replies that she's paying.

The next morning, there's a knock on the door at the Palmers', and Beryl opens it to find a delivery boy standing there with a bunch of flowers for her. Beryl signs for them and the boy hands them over. Beryl takes them into the living room and puts them on the table. Shen then takes out the accompanying card and reads it. She looks upset.

At Margaret's apartment, Tony tells David that he's got a couple of free periods this morning, so he'll come and sit with him at the hospital if he likes. David, though, tells him that he'll get into trouble. He then adds that Tony is late, so he'd better get going. He looks down at the newspaper he's holding and then suddenly curses, "Oh no - as if things aren't bad enough." Tony asks what it is. David replies that he's just noticed the date. Tony asks, "What about it?" David explains that he completely forgot: it's Beryl and his wedding anniverary; it's going to make things ten times worse...

Patricia is speaking on the 'phone in the hallway at Toorak, and she snaps to the person on the other end that surely they can give her more information than that? A woman replies that she's sorry - all she can tell her is what's in front of her: her sister had a fairly good night under the circumstances. Patricia angrily asks to speak to one of the doctors, but the woman tells her that they're all very busy; when she comes to the hospital-- Patricia interrupts and snaps that she can't get there until later. The woman tells her that it's hospital policy not to call doctors to the 'phone. Patricia starts to yell that she really thinks-- She then suddenly hears Gordon coming downstairs, and she more politely tells the woman that she won't argue with hospital policy. She hangs up. When Gordon joins her, she tell him that breakfast is on the table. As they go into the living room, she asks him if he slept well, and he tells her that he did. Seeing only the one place set, he asks if Wayne and Amanda have had theirs. Patricia tells him that they're not there. She hands him the screwed-up note and, as he reads it, she continues that she knew about it last night but she wasn't in the mood for any of his pious ravings. She adds that she assumes he blames her for them leaving. Gordon angrily asks who else he should blame. Patricia snaps that, oh yes, it's always her that does the dreadful things. She then tells him that she's such a hypocrite. Gordon says he really doesn't think there's any point in-- Patricia interrupts, though, and angrily asks what is so decent about breaking up her marriage?; about causing her sister to end up in intensive care?; she loves the way he can rationalise his behaviour and blow hers out of all proportion. His voice getting louder and louder, Gordon snaps that she needs to get a grip on herself; he knows she's upset about Margaret-- Patricia interrupts again and yells that he really is running true to form, isn't he - it's always so much easier to dismiss her as being upset, but to face a few facts about himself-- Gordon interrupts and yells that this is a complete waste of time - it's more important for him to find Wayne and Amanda than to stand there talking to her. He turns and heads for the front door. As he goes, Patricia shouts after him that she told him she'd pay him back for what he did to her - and now there's Margaret and she won't forget that. The front door slams shut. Patricia stands in the living room, red-faced and furious.

David pulls up in his car outside the Palmers'. He sits there and looks at the house for a few seconds. He then pulls away again.

At the hospital, David tells Tony that it was a crazy idea in the first place - there was nothing he could have done except make things worse. Tony points out that today was best chance he had to talk over what was wrong. David snaps that Beryl chucked him out. Tony points out that she was probably mad about Margaret. David, though, retorts that Beryl is the one that caused all the problems; she dug her heels in and said she wouldn't change, and if he didn't like it, he could go. He adds that nothing happened between him and Margaret before that. Tony raises his eyebrows and says, "Nothing?" David replies that there was nothing for Beryl to get in a knot over; he wanted to go in even if just to say he hadn't forgotten what day it was, but he couldn't. Tony tells him that he and Beryl are as bad as each other: she couldn't come to the hospital yesterday and he couldn't go to his house today; they're not going to have much chance unless someone says something soon. David replies that, if he went back there, they would be at each other in minutes; he still loves her, but she's changing; he was happy the last fews days with Meg, even with his worries about everything else - and Meg needs him now; he wouldn't walk out on her while she's like this. He stands up and says he's going to see the doctor.

The 'phone rings at Toorak and Patricia answers it. Eric Davies comes on and tells her that he's finished the photos. Patricia smiles and says, "Good..." She asks how soon he can get them to her, and Davies asks if 15 minutes is OK. Patricia tells him that she'll have his cheque ready. She hangs up and then looks down at the desk. There's an envelope on it, with a typed address: 'National Informer', Blanchard House, 4 - 6 Surrey Street, Melbourne, 3000'. She lifts up that envelope to reveal another beneath it, again with a typed address: 'Mrs. Barbara Hamilton, Woombai Riding School, Woombai, NSW 2337'. She then lifts that envelope up to reveal a third, and another typed address: 'Mrs. Rosie Palmer, c/- Beryl Palmer, 26 Canterbury Street, Albert Park, VIC 3206'. Patricia puts the envelopes down and stands there, looking pleased with herself...


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