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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Matt is at the Palmer house the next morning, and he tells John that he thought that if anyone could get through to her, he could. John, though, replies that she won't listen to him. Matt says she might - he and Angela were very close to her. John tells him that things have changed. Matt says he knows they had a big split. John replies that he can say that again. Matt tells him to just show that he's concerned - it might make a difference. Looking uncomfortable, John explains that they haven't had anything to do with each other for ages; they just said 'hello' at Woombai. Matt asks John about how he helped her once before when she had breakdown. John replies, "That was then." Matt asks how bad it was. John explains that she almost died - an overdose of sleeping tablets. Matt comments that she went right off. John replies that she hardly knew anybody was there. Matt tells him that it's different this time: she's letting it all out - at anyone who ever tried to hurt her. John says that she wouldn't try and kill herself... Matt replies that it's a possibility - she could go right into herself again. John comments that she probably hates him as much as the rest of them. He asks Matt if he can't get Margaret to talk to her, but Matt replies that she's too ill. He tells John to show Patricia that he cares - it might be enough to get through. John says she'll probably slam the door in his face. Matt tells him to take the chance - it seems to him that it's the only hope; the alternative is pretty drastic. John says he'll think about it.

Katie is in the garden of one of her father's clients, trying to start her lawnmower. Mike walks over to her and asks what the trouble is. Katie tells him that she's alright, but Mike asks her if she knows what she's doing. Katie snaps that of course she does. Mike tells her that they're due home for lunch soon, and he suggests that she go and let him have a try. Katie snaps again that she can do it. Mike tells her that she doesn't have to prove anything; she's doing a great job. He suggests to her that she run home and tell Heather that he'll be there soon.

A short time later, in the O'Briens' kitchen, Katie tells her mother that she saw Andy as she was coming back; she gave him a big wave but she didn't get much back; she doesn't think he's interested. Heather smiles and asks her daughter if she's looked in the mirror: at the moment, she looks more like a grease monkey than a girl! She suggests to her that she have a shower and put on a nice dress. Katie indignantly says she's still the same girl underneath - but she was going to get changed anyway! Heather suggests to her that she go in and welcome Andy back - it'll be a while until lunch is ready. Katies flutters her eyelashes and asks her mother if she should show him how fluffy and feminine she can be! Heather says she's never known it to hurt!

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Andy tells John that he thinks he's got his new band. John says that's great! Andy adds that they're really interesting guys. He then continues that they're from Melbourne originally - and they're willing to come back there and work. John tells him that he's sorry he ran out on him in Geelong. Andy replies that it's just as well that he remembered that it was Beryl and David's anniversary. He asks how it went, but John glumly replies that it wasn't too good: they're getting a divorce. Looking shocked, Andy says he's sorry. John says he is, too. Andy continues that now John has got Patricia to worry about... John says he doesn't know what to do; he'd made up his mind not to get mixed up with her again. Andy tells him that if it will help, he should; he was thinking about his mum - he didn't know she was that sick; if he did, he could have done something before it was too late. John tells him that he can't blame himself for that. Andy sadly replies that he'll never know. He then adds that the guys in his new band are really into helping people. He's interrupted by a knock on the door, and he goes to answer it. Katie is standing on the step, and she says cheerfully, "Welcome back!" Andy invites her in. Katie explains that she can't stay long. She asks how Geelong was, and Andy replies that it was good - he found his new band. Katie tells him that that's terrific! Andy adds that they'll be making Melbourne their base, and Katie says she's glad - he'll be round for a while, then. They go in the kitchen and join John. Andy tells her that he was thinking he might see some bands tonight; check out the competition. He asks if she'd like to go, and Katie happily replies that she'd love to. Andy then asks John, but he replies that he doesn't think he can manage it - not after this afternoon; he's just decided to do something that he's not really looking forward to...

A short time later, the O'Briens are sitting around the table in their living room, having lunch. Katie comments to Jeff about what a guts he is: first he eats his sandwiches at school and then he comes home for lunch! Jeff retorts that he had to come home and get his running gear. Mike comments that he thought he didn't train the day before a big race. Jeff explains that his coach has got him doing some light stuff. He asks his parents if they'll come and watch him. Mike smiles and replies that he thinks they can manage that if Katie fixes the mower in time! Katie indignantly snaps that she can do it. Mike tells her that he doesn't expect her to be a mechanic. Katie smiles and replies that that's what her mother reckoned she looked like - a grease monkey; still, her mother knows her way round a man! Heather quickly explains that she gave Katie a little womanly advice and it worked. Katie adds that she changed into a dress and within five minutes she was asked out tonight! Mike tells her that Heather used to walk past the building site where he worked, half a dozen times a day, all dolled up! Heather tells him that it was twice a day, on the way to and from work, and she dressed nicely for her job. Mike digs that she dressed nicely especially after he started whistling at her! Jeff asks how they got to talk to each other. Mike explains that, one day, Heather 'twisted her ankle' and had to lean against the fence for a while. Heather tells him that she did twist her ankle! Mike continues that the only decent thing a bloke could do was run her home - which is what she had in mind! Heather tells her kids not to believe a word of it - she thought Mike was a noisy lout! Mike points out that that didn't stop her saying 'yes' when he asked her out! Heather replies that she was being polite! Jeff chips in, "Look what happened: us!" Katie says who knows what might happen: in twenty years, she and Andy might laugh at him hardly noticing her this morning when she was all greasy! Mike comments that he didn't know she's serious about Andy. Katie replies that she isn't - but at least she picked the right one: John seems to be a wet blanket. Jeff remarks that he thought she liked guys with problems. Katie replies that she doesn't when they last for too long.

Patricia sits down on one of the settees in the lounge room at Toorak. John is sitting on the other settee. Patricia asks him what suddenly made him decide to come and see her. John tells her that he wanted to see how she's getting on. Patricia curtly retorts that it doesn't have anything to do with Matt Kennedy, then. John looks down guiltily, and Patricia angrily asks, "What did he think you could do? Convince me that I'm round the twist?" John explains that they're worried about her. Patricia snaps that he and Angela cut her dead; she wouldn't trust him an inch - he's in with rest of them. John tells her that he's not in with anyone - and neither is Matt; they're worried about her, that's all. Patricia tells him that she doesn't need his help. John retorts that she needs someone - he's stuck by her before when she's been sick. Patricia snaps that she isn't sick. John tells her that, with some of the thing she's doing, something's wrong. Patricia snaps, "What about what people have done to me? Don't they count?" John tells her that what happened to Margaret was an accident. Patricia snaps that she nearly died because Gordon dragged her up to Woombai to get back at her; he shouldn't expect her to forgive him. John snaps back that she can't spend the rest of her life trying to get back at people. Patricia yells that she'll do what she likes, and he and Matt and everybody else can just keep out of it. She stands up and snaps that she's going to the hospital. John tells her that he cares about what happens to her because she's his mother. Patricia angrily suggests that he save that line for Beryl - she's the one with the money these days.

A while later, John is sitting with Matt in the kitchen at the Palmers'; the two men are drinking beers. John tells Matt that there was no way she was going to listen to him - if he'd suggested she needed treatment, she would have gone off the deep end. Matt glumly remarks that it was worth a try. Andy comes in and asks John if he can borrow a shirt. John tells him to help himself. Andy asks him if he's sure he won't come. John replies that he just doesn't feel like it. Andy goes. Matt tells John not to let Patricia get him down. John, looking worried, asks what will happen to her. Matt tells him that there's only one option left - but he'll have to ring Stephen and get his permission. John tells him that he can 'phone from there if he likes. Matt asks him if he's sure Beryl won't mind the bill. John sadly replies that, as Patricia said, Beryl is the one with the money; he reckons she can stand it. Matt stands up.

Patricia is standing in the corridor at the hospital in Melbourne. A doctor is with her and he asks her how she thinks Margaret seemed today. Patricia replies that she was very quiet - the effects of the drugs, she supposes. The doctor asks if Margaret said much. Patricia tells him that she said little more than 'hello' and 'goodbye'; still, she'd like to sit with her. The doctor tells her that Margaret has lost ground, and they're quite worried. Patricia comments that surely it's natural that she's depressed? The doctor, though, replies that it's more than that: she's hardly making any progress at all; she's giving up. Patricia tells him that that's nonsense - she's got everything to live for. The doctor tells her that there's only so much they can do - he knows she's in a lot of pain, but if she lets go at this stage there's very little they can do. Patricia snaps that he's talking as though Margaret was still on the 'critical' list. The doctor replies that she is, he's afraid. Patricia snaps that her sister is going to be fine - if they can't do their job properly, she'll find a doctor who can. She storms off.

Stephen is on the 'phone at Woombai, talking to Matt. He tells him that he can't be serious. Matt, though, replies that she needs help urgently - she won't accept treatment voluntarily, so it's up to him. Stephen points out that they're separated now. Matt tells him that he's still legally her husband - he can authorise to have her committed. He adds that it's her only hope - Stephen has got to do it for her sake.

A short time later, Barbara is in the lounge room with Stephen, and he snaps that she had no right to bring Matt Kennedy into it. Barbara snaps back that, after what Patricia did to Gordon and Fiona and Terrry... he and Jill will be next on the list; something had to be done. Stephen snaps that she should have talked to him first - he doesn't want to have her committed. Looking shocked, Barbara says,"Good god..." Stephen tells her that he's not signing the papers. Barbara says she knew Patricia was on edge, but she didn't know it had gone that far. Stephen tells her that it's only Matt's opinion. Barbara points out that he's a psychiatrist - he'd hardly suggest that unless it was absolutely necessary; he should have agreed to sign the papers. Stephen asks how can he? - he's not in love with her anymore, but he still cares about her. Barbara tells him that he'd be helping her. Stephen says he can't do it. Barbara tells him that it's up to him.

Matt sits down with John in the kitchen at the Palmers' and comments that it looks like they've reached a dead end. John asks if there's anything else they can try - something that might shock her out of it - like with Angie. Matt wryly reminds John that he was dead against that, if he remembers correctly. Looking sheepish, John points out that it worked. He asks what will happen if they can't do anything. Matt replies that, he'd say that she'll become more destructive - even worse than she already is - and she'll force someone into hitting back; next time it might be more than a broken arm, though. John comments to him that he seems to be very involved for a doctor. Matt tells him that he loves the woman. He adds, "God knows why," continuing that he knows how vindictive she can be - but he's also seen another side of her: how much she can care. He tells John that she needs a lot of help, and adds that there must be some way...

Katie is sitting in the lounge room at the O'Briens', talking on the 'phone. She quietly tells the person on the other end that it's lucky it was her who answered. The front door suddenly opens and she looks around nervously. Jeff comes in and Katie calls out that their mum is in the kitchen. Jeff asks who's on the 'phone, but Katie snaps that it's just a girlfriend. Jeff heads into the kitchen and Heather asks how his training was. Jeff tells her that he reckons he'll do alright tomorrow. Heather then asks if Katie said who was on the 'phone. Jeff replies that she said it was some girlfriend. In the lounge room, Katie tells the person she's speaking to that she did have something else planned, but if it's important she'll make sure she's there. She adds that she feels a bit awful going behind her mum and dad's backs, though. Jeff comes in and Katie quickly tells the person that she has to go. She hangs up. Jeff remarks to her that that was quick - she usually talks to her girlfriends for hours. Katie looks nervous.

A short time later, Katie is standing on the doorstep at the Palmers'. Andy tells her that he was looking forward to going out tonight. Katie replies that so was she, but something came up. Andy says that's fair enough. Katie then says she was wondering if he could do her a big favour. Andy asks what it is. Katie tells him that she still wants her mum and dad to think that she's gone out with him; she asks if he could drop her off and pick her up down the road a bit. Andy asks her if she's doing something that she doesn't want her parents to find out about. Katie assures him that it's nothing 'wrong'. Andy tells her that he doesn't want to see her get in trouble. Katie assures him that she won't. She then adds that she wishes she could tell him about it but she can't. She pleads with him to do if for her, and Andy gives in. Katie tells him that she'll see him at 7pm. She goes and Andy closes the door. He heads into the lounge room and asks John if he's seen his cassette recorder. John says it's by his bed. Andy explains that he thought he might listen to some tapes. He heads off. When he's gone, Matt says to John that he just thought of something: Andy just mentioned a tape...; he'll ring Barbara to see if she can organise things for him. He 'goes to the 'phone. As he stands there, he says that, with any luck, he might be able to get his hands on what he needs this afternoon; if what he's got in mind works, he might be able to break through to Patricia...

A short time later, Matt is speaking to someone on the 'phone and he tells them that he'll come and pick it up. He hangs up and tells John that it's done. John asks him if he's sure it'll work. Matt replies that he isn't. He then adds, though, that at this stage, he's willing to try anything; it's a long short, the same was as it was with him and Angela. John asks if it won't push her further over the edge. Matt tells him that that's the risk; it's got to shock her into realising that she needs help; if she'll commit herself voluntarily, they're halfway there. John says it seems like a pretty big 'if' to him. Matt tells him that it is - so wish him luck...

At the O'Briens', Jeff is sitting at the table with some books in front of him. Mike is standing next to him. Heather comes in and remarks that it would have been nice if someone had offered to give her a hand with the washing up. Mike tells her that he's helping Jeff with his homework! There's suddenly a knock at the door and Heather gets it. Tony is standing there. Heather tells him that Jeff is in the lounge. The two boys say 'hi' to each other, and Jeff then asks Tony how come he wasn't in school today. Tony replies that he won't be going anymore - not to that school, anyway; he's moving down to Lorne. Jeff asks how come. Tony explains that his mum has got a job and she reckons he should be with her, so the whole family can be together again. Heather says that will be nice. She asks Mike for a hand with the dishes. Mike tells Tony conspiratorially not to get married, as you never get a minute's peace! He and Heather leave the room. Jeff tells Tony that it won't be the same at school without him. Changing the subject, Tony asks who it was that he saw Katie with. Jeff tells him that it was Andy, from next door - they've gone to see some bands or something. Tony replies that it wasn't Andy she was with; she passed him in the car on his way over - she was with some old guy. Jeff tells him that he couldn't have seen properly. Tony retorts that he saw well enough to see it wasn't Andy - no way.

At the Palmers', John is sitting watching television when Andy comes in. Looking surprised, John asks him what he's doing back. Andy explains that Katie dipped out on him. He then adds that something funny is going on: she got him to pick her up and drop her off a couple of blocks away, but she wants her mum and dad to think she's out with him. John comments that he doesn't like the sound of that. Andy, though, says he thinks she's pretty sensible. Changing the subject, John mentions the tape that Andy lent him. Andy says, "Yeah?" John explains that, when he said the blokes in the band had given it to him, he thought it must have been music. Andy replies that it's them just sort of talking about the way they look at things. John comments that it's a load of bull, if you ask him. Andy retorts that he doesn't think it is. John tells him that some of their ideas are a bit strange. Andy replies that they just want to help people, that's all; there's a whole group of them, not just the ones in the band; they live in a commune outside Geelong - and they invited him there for a couple of days; he might go. John asks how much it costs. Andy tells him that they're not out for money; they collect for charity - they aren't interested in having things for themselves. John tells him that it's his choice, he supposes... Andy says he guesses he's had a few problems lately: his mum, the band dropping him... John adds that he lost his girlfriend as well... Andy admits that he's been getting cheesed off. John tells him that he should have said something. Andy tells him that he doesn't like to whinge - and these guys make him feel better. John says that's great! Andy continues that one thing they talk about is honesty. John says he wishes they could talk to Patricia! Andy ignores this and tells John that he wants to be honest with him about something. John says, "Yeah?" Andy asks if he can turn the TV off. John agrees and Andy flicks the switch. He then sits down and says to John that the girl he told him about - the one he really fell for: it was Lynn - Kevin's wife. Looking shocked, John says, "You're joking..." Andy quickly adds that nothing happened - they just met; he couldn't help it. John points out that if Kevin ever found out... Andy says there's no reason why he should - Lynn went off with him; he's the one left out. John tells Andy that he's glad he told him. He adds that Lynn did the right thing so there's no harm done. Andy thanks him and heads off to make a sandwich. John sits there, looking surprised.

Arriving back from the hospital, Patricia opens the front door at Toorak. As she walks into the house, she hears voices. Looking nervous, she calls out, "Is anybody there? Gordon? Wayne?" She suddenly realises the voice is coming from the lounge room - it's Dee's voice from the tape of her will-reading. She's saying, "I'm rather sorry I can't be there to see your reactions..." Patricia walks into the lounge room; Matt is sitting there watching the TV. Patricia angrily asks him what the hell he's doing. Matt tells her that he wants her to see something. Patricia goes to turn the television off, but Matt grabs her from behind and holds her arms against her so that she can't move. He tries to turn her to face the TV, telling her as he does so to look at it. Patricia snaps that she won't - she hates her. Matt forcefully asks why she hates her. Patricia starts to snap, "Because..." Matt interrupts and tells her that it's because she reminds of of the way she's behaving. He asks her if that's what she wants to become: another Dee Morrell. Patricia angrily snaps that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Matt asks her if she wants to end up like her - because she will. Patricia snaps that he's crazy. Matt asks her if she wants to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder in case someone is coming to get her - someone she put down; someone she stabbed in the back. Patricia yells at him to let her go. Matt tries to force her again to turn towards the TV. He yells, "Look at her." As Patricia refuses to move, he tells her that she might think Dee is a tough lady, but people think she's ten times worse - she's hated. Patricia yells that her sister loves her. Matt retorts that she might die. Patricia cries, "No... no, she won't die." Matt says that, if she doesn't, does Patricia think Margaret is going to love her? He continues that Patricia blames Gordon for what happened to her, but it was her fault: they asked Margaret up there because of the things that she has done; it was her fault. Patricia yells and cries that she had to pay them back - they hurt her. Matt tells her that Margaret is going to end up hating her too, just like everyone else. He forces Patricia again to turn and look at Dee. Patricia cries, "Noooooooo - I'm not like her." Matt tells her that she can't make it - not on her own. Suddenly breaking down, Patricia cries, "Ohhhhhh, please help me... Please........" Matt holds her and tells her that it's OK - he will.


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