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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Wayne is pacing the lounge room at Dural. Amanda tells him to settle down - Terry has only been out in the flat for ten minutes. Wayne says he thinks he should go and check if Jill is OK. Amanda grimly jokes that she'll get some steak for his black eye... Changing the subject, Wayne offers her a drink, but she declines. Gordon suddenly arrives home and joins them. He tells Wayne that, whatever drink he's making, he'll have one. Wayne says, "Bad day?" Gordon angrily tells him that one of his 'friends' offered him his Melbourne apartment while he's overseas, as it's so much more 'discreet' than motels. Amanda says she can't believe people get so taken in by rags like 'The Informer'. Gordon points out that at least they can't get any more ammunition from Patricia while she's in the rest home. Amanda says, "Unless Stephen stirs her up again when he sees her." When Gordon looks puzzled, Wayne explains that Stephen is in Melbourne, and they can't think of any other reason he'd be down there. Gordon says he can. Amanda asks, "Like what?" Gordon explains that Barbara could have asked for his help with Andy: the boy has got himself tied up in some religious cult. Amanda, looking incredulous, says, "You're kidding!" She then adds that at least it would explain why Barbara is down there too. Wayne laughs that he can't imagine Andy with a shaved head! Amanda, though, snaps that it's no laughing matter. Gordon agrees that it certainly isn't; he tells his son that Amanda's sister got herself caught up in the same sort of thing in America: Stephen had one hell of a job getting her away. Amanda says she hopes they don't have the same trouble with Andy. Gordon replies that so does he. He adds that he'll ring Barbara and see what's happening.

Stephen is sitting with Margaret at the hospital in Melbourne, and he tells her that they haven't given up on getting Andy away, but it's going to be a lot tougher now. Margaret comments that Barbara must be so upset. Stephen tells her that she's a fighter - like Margaret. Margaret points out that at least she knows she's got David waiting for her; she worries about Patricia a lot, though. Stephen says, "Yes..." He asks if there's been any improvement. Margaret tells him that Charlie seems to think so. Looking surprised, Stephen says he didn't know Charlie was in Melbourne. He adds that she's a good friend; he's glad Patricia has someone to visit her. Margaret tells him that it would be so wonderful if he went to see her. Stephen says he doesn't think that would be a very good idea. Margaret asks him if he doesn't have any sympathy for Patricia. Stephen replies that the two of them are a disastrous combination; the best thing he can do for her is to stay out of her life. Margaret asks him if he's happy as he is. Stephen replies that he'll be a lot happier when he gets Andy away from those cranks. He stands up. Margaret asks him not to go, adding that she promises she won't talk about Patricia anymore. Stephen, though, tells her that he has to - the sister told him that he mustn't tire her. He tells her to take care, and she thanks him for coming. She then tells him to take care of himself - she has so few visitors that she can't afford to lose one! Stephen goes to head out of the room. As he does so, Charlie and Patricia come round the corner in the corridor outside. As their eyes meet, Patricia and Stephen glare at each other.

Barbara is on the 'phone in the lounge room at Toorak, and she tells Gordon, who's on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, that everything is under control; he mustn't worry about it. Gordon asks her what they're doing. Barbara says she'd rather he didn't know the details. Gordon, looking worried, says he thinks he should. Barbara just tells him that they're going to get Andy away from those crackpots. Gordon says, "By force?" Barbara tells him, "If necessary." Gordon asks her if she's out of her mind. Barbara asks if they're supposed to sit back and let Andy ruin his life. Gordon points out that there are other ways. Amanda, who's sitting on the couch, suddenly asks if she can talk to Barbara. Gordon waves her off, though. He tells Barbara that she and Stephen could talk to the local MP, or see the police. Barbara tells him that there's nothing they can do. As Gordon continues talking, Amanda dashes into the hallway to pick up the receiver out there, but Wayne follows her and puts his hand over the set to stop her picking it up; he tells her that he doesn't want her buying into it. Amanda, though, retorts that she asked him not to buy into the situation with Jill and Robin, but did he take any notice? Wayne relunctantly removes his hand and Amanda picks up the 'phone. She hears Barbara telling Gordon that he can talk until he's blue in the face, but she's not giving up on that boy. Amanda says, "Good on you!" Gordon angrily tells her to get off the line, but Amanda retorts that she won't until she's had her say. She tells Barbara not to do anything until she gets there. Barbara asks her how she found out about this - has Wayne been teaching her to listen at keyholes?! Gordon explains that he told her. Barbara reminds him that she asked him not to say anything. Amanda snaps at them to stop squabbling. She then continues that Andy trusts her; she can get through to him. Barbara retorts that no one can get through to him. Amanda tells her that they can talk about it when she gets there - she'll fly down first thing in the morning. She hangs up and asks Wayne if that's OK. Wayne smiles and says it is as long as she wants him to come with her.

At the hospital, Charlie delightedly tells Stephen how lovely it is to see him. Stephen, though, looks at Patricia and says he thought she was still having treatment. Patricia snaps "Did you?" She then tells Charlie that she'll see her back at the hotel, and she goes into Margaret's hospital room. Stephen says to Charlie that, if he didn't know any better, he'd swear it was the same old Patricia. Charlie replies that she's improving - but she's still a long way from being her old self. Stephen asks why they let her out. Charlie tells him that they didn't - Patricia signed herself out.

In Margaret's room, Patricia tells her sister that she twisted Dr. McNally's arm and here she is. Margaret asks about Matt Kennedy - she thought he was supposed to be Patricia's doctor. Patricia explains that he's gone back to Sydney - he felt too emotionally involved to continue treating her. Margaret says to Patricia that she's very fond of him, isn't she. Patricia replies that, yes, she is - but right now, all she's thinking about is getting her life back in order. She then points out that Margaret hasn't even told her that she's pleased to see her! Margaret replies that of course she is - she just didn't know if Patricia was well enough to-- Patricia interrupts and assures her that she's fine. Margaret comments that she seemed a bit tense when she came in. Patricia tells her that it's a natural reaction when you bump into your ex - that's what Dr. McNally says. She then continues that he's an ex, too, actually - she's seeing one of his cronies in the city now that she's a civilian again. Margaret says to Patricia that she will keep up the treatment? Patricia replies that she wants to get well, but she couldn't do it in there - she was too worried about her sister. The two of them take each other's hand, and Patricia tells Margaret that it's good to see her again. Margaret tells Patricia that it's good to see her, too.

Outside in the corridor, Charlie says to Stephen that she told Charles McNally, Patricia's doctor-- She then interrupts what she's saying and comments that it's funny them having the same name - she'd never have dared call him 'Charlie', though! Stephen asks if he thinks Patricia can be cured. Charlie replies that it's hard to say - but she'd say his diagnosis is 'qualified optimism'. Stephen says he's worried too, then? Charlie says she'd say so - he's got her on so much medication that she practically rattles when she walks. Stephen snaps, "Some doctor." Charlie tells him that it's either that or certify her - and he doesn't think that's justified. She then adds that she's sure it would help if he were sweet to her. Stephen grimly says he's the last person Patricia wants round at the moment. Charlie tells him that Patricia snubbed him because she worries that she'll be hurt if she thinks he still cares. Stephen points out that they're good at hurting each other. Charlie tells him that it doesn't have to be that way if they both make an effort. Stephen, though, says they're bad news for each other - and he doesn't want to put her back inside. He walks off.

The next morning, Barbara is laying the table in the living room at Toorak. Stephen is sitting at the table, reading the newspaper, as she does so. Barbara comments that Charlie is a bit of a flibbertigibbet, but she's loyal - in her own way. Stephen replies that Patricia is lucky to have her as a friend. Barbara, looking worried, says he's not going to weaken about Patricia is he? Stephen grimly replies that he's got too much on his plate right now. Changing the subject, he asks where Wayne and Amanda are. Barbara tells him that they're upstairs unpacking; she thought she'd hold breakfast off until they got there. She asks Stephen if Amanda will come through for them. Stephen retorts that she won't if Wayne has anything to do with it - he doesn't want her getting into trouble. Barbara snaps, "Trust Wayne to suddenly become the devoted husband." Out in the hallway, Wayne and Amanda are coming downstairs, and Amanda is saying to Wayne that she thought he was always game for anything. Wayne tells her that he was when he didn't have anything to lose. Amanda insists that she has to try and help Andy - he was there when she needed someone. In the living room, Barbara suggests to Stephen that he give Wayne and Amanda a call and she'll serve up. She then adds that she just hopes Wayne doesn't dig his heels in when he hears that she has in mind. Wayne and Amanda suddenly appear in the doorway, and Wayne asks, "What have you got in mind?" Amanda, though, chips in that, whatever it is, she's got a better idea: she's going to let them recruit her. Wayne snaps, "Like hell you are." Amanda snaps that it's the perfect way to get Andy - he'll be all gung-ho to convert her, but he won't have a chance - and when she gets him to herself, she'll explain to him about what's going on. Barbara says it won't work. Amanda asks why not. Stephen tells her that she'd be on their turf - they'd break down her resistance, too. Amanda snaps that that's crazy. Stephen, though, tells her that he's seen it happen: there was a girl in the States who let it happen to get her sister out and within two weeks, she was a convert. Wayne suggests to Amanda that she listen to what Stephen and Barbara have come up with. Amanda reluctantly asks what they want her to do.

Gordon and Fiona are sitting at the table in the living room at Dural. Gordon tells Fiona not to worry too much about Jill - she seemed determined not to let things get her down when she left. Fiona says she'll give her a ring after breakfast. Gordon suggests to her that she keep off the subject of Robin Elliott. Fiona says she thought Jill had given him his marching orders. Gordon explains that Wayne said there was some trouble between Robin's wife and her - apparently, his wife got jealous of her and made a few threats. Looking worried, Fiona asks what sort of threats. Gordon replies that he doesn't know the details, but he'd say that Jill has gone to Melbourne to put it all behind her; and now with the bad news about Brian... Fiona says she'll talk to Wayne when he gets home. Gordon, though, explains that he and Amanda are in Melbourne too - they had to go down to tidy up a few loose ends...

Andy walks into the office at The Farm. Gary is holding the 'phone, and he tells Andy that his friends have called for reinforcements - someone called Amanda. Andy says he'll handle it. He takes the 'phone and says, "Amanda?" Amanda, with Stephen, Barbara and Wayne all listening, tells him that he has no idea how good it is to hear his voice - she's so miserable. Andy asks what the problem is. Amanda tells him that it's Wayne - what else? She goes on that they had a dreadful row last night and she's left him. Andy asks her where she is. Amanda replies that she's in Melbourne - and he'll never guess who was there when she turned up: daddy and Aunty Barbara. Andy, looking surprised, asks her if she didn't know they were there. Amanda tells him that she wouldn't have come there if she did - the last thing she needs was for them to say 'told you so'. Andy says he's surprised they're letting her 'phone him - he's in their bad books at the moment. Amanda replies that she knows - she got an earful about him 'opting out' before they left. A further look of surprise crosses Andy's face, and he asks if they've gone. Amanda tells him that they went first thing this morning - Stephen said he wasn't going to waste any more time on him and his crackpot friends, and Aunty Barb had to get back for Gordon's court case - the assault charge. Andy says he sees. Amanda asks him when they can get together. Andy tells her, "Whenever you like." Amanda asks him how long it would take him to get there. Andy says he's not so sure about today; he then asks her to hang on a sec. He turns to Gary and tells him that, if Amanda is on the level, she needs their help. Gary asks him how well he knows her. Andy replies that they're really good friends - he trusts her. Gary says they'll risk it, then. Andy returns to the 'phone and tells Amanda that he's fixed it - he'll be round at about 11am. Amanda tells him that she really appreciates it. Andy tells her to hang in there. They hang up. At Toorak, Amanda triumphantly tells the others that she did it - he's coming. Barbara smiles and says, "Good girl!" Wayne snaps that they'd better not botch it this time. Stephen says he's right - if they fail, that will be it.

John opens the front door at the Palmers' to head out, but he finds Charlie standing on the step. She tells him that she had some time to spare and thought she'd pop over. John explains that he's just on his way out, but Charlie assures him that she'll only stay five minutes. She walks into the lounge room, and comments, "What a cosy little place!" John insists that he has to go - and Beryl and Jill are out... Charlie snaps at him not to fob her off: she's worried about Patricia; Stephen doesn't want to know so she wants him to help. John grudgingly asks what he can do. Charlie tells him that Patricia has signed herself out. John, looking shocked, says she must be crazy. Charlie retorts that it would do her a lot of good to hear him say that! John says he doesn't have time to talk now. Charlie asks him to promise her that he'll see Patricia. John says he will - but he has to go now. Charlie asks him if he wants to know where they're staying. John tells her to tell him on the way to the car. They go to the door. As they do so, John asks Charlie how come she's stuck by Patricia. Charlie replies that Patricia needs her - you don't desert friends just because they go through bad patches now and then. John smiles and tells Charlie that she's alright!

Margaret is sitting up in bed at the hospital, watching television, when Patricia comes in and tells her sister that she's caught her in the act: watching kids' programmes! Margaret replies that they're the only thing on at this time of day. Patricia turns the TV off and hands Margaret a box of pastries, which she explains are from Charlie and the hotel. Margaret asks Patricia if she's comfortable at the hotel. Patricia replies that it's a bit impersonal - and Charlie's there all the time... Margaret suggests to her that she move into a place of her own. Patricia says, "No..." She then adds that she's hard to please: she can't stand too much company and she can't stand being on her own. Looking thoughtful, Margaret suggests to her that she move into her place. Looking surprised, Patricia says, "With David?" Margaret tells her that he wouldn't be there long enough to bother her - but he'd be there most nights. Patricia says he wouldn't want her there. Margaret tells her that it's up to her. Patricia says she can't see David agreeing. Changing the subject, Margaret asks what happened last with Stephen. Patricia replies that she didn't talk to him - she just came in there. Margaret comments that that's not very smart. Patricia tells her that she sounds like her doctor. Margaret asks what he said. Patricia replies that he told her that she has to stop lashing out at people if she thinks they're hurting her. Margaret asks if that's why she snubbed Stephen last night. Patricia tells her that she's as good as her doctor at twisting things, as well! Margaret tells her to go and see him - say she's sorry for turning everything sour. Patricia, though, says she's sorry, but that goes in the 'too hard' basket at the moment.

In the flat at Dural, Terry has a green glove puppet on his hand, and, putting on a funny voice, he uses the puppet to say to Fiona, "So you're the grandma, are ya? I hear you've got a lot of clout around the joint!" Fiona laughs and asks him where he found it. Terry replies that he got it in a shop near the hotel. He asks her what she reckons. Fiona laughs that she reckons it would scare the living daylights out of little Fee! Terry assures her that kids love scary things! Fiona takes the puppet and says she wishes Jill was there - she thinks she'd like it. Terry asks her if she's heard from Jill. Fiona replies that she called her this morning. Terry asks how she was. Fiona tells him that she's trying to bounce back, but she's not quite pulling it off. Terry comments that she's a real battler, that one. Fiona tells him that Jill said nice things about him - she thinks it meant a lot to her that he didn't take advantage of the situation yesterday. Terry says Jill has got enough on her mind without him sticking on a turn; he was a happy man when she gave that boyfriend of hers the heave-ho - it just made his blood boil thinking about Robin acting as dad to his kid.... He quickly corrects himself: "Jill's kid." Fiona, though, tells him that it's alright to call her his daughter now - Jill told her that he can see little Fee as often as he likes when she gets back. Terry asks her if she's sure. Fiona tells him that she thinks Jill has finally accepted him as the father! Terry smiles happily.

At the hospital in Melbourne, Margaret tells Patricia to thank Charlie for the pastry - it was really yummy. Patricia says, "Yummy? Angela used to say that when she was a toddler!" Margaret sadly says that, sometimes she feels so helpless that she could be a child. Patricia says she wishes there was something more she could do to help. Margaret tells her to get better - and then she won't have to worry about her. Patricia asks Margaret if she's saying she won't be happy until she's seen Stephen. Margaret replies that it would be the most positive sign to her that she's getting better. Patricia gives in and says alright: she'll do it - but it'll have to be now, before she gets cold feet. Margaret says she'll expect to hear all the gory details tomorrow. Patricia leaves the room. Charlie is sitting outside, and she stares at one of the passing doctors. Patricia laughs and says, "Hands off the talent!" Looking surprised, Charlie asks her why she's so chirpy. Patricia replies that seeing Margaret always does her good. She goes to walk off. Charlie asks her where she's going. Patricia explains that she's going to see Stephen. Charlie asks her if she's sure she can handle it. Patricia tells her not to make such a big deal out of it - she'll turn up, say her piece and then leave; what could be simpler?

John looks out of the window in the living room at Toorak and says a van is pulling up now. Stephen says they'd better get organised. Amanda says she wishes she could talk to Andy first. Wayne agrees that it's worth a try, but Barbara snaps that they can't change everything now. Wayne snaps that they've got to try everything before resorting to breaking the law. Stephen reluctantly says alright: ten minutes and no more. A look of annoyance crosses Barbara's face. There's a knock on the front door. Amanda heads to open it and Wayne closes the living room doors behind her. Amanda goes to the door cautiously and opens it. Andy steps inside and says, "Hi!" Amanda thanks him for coming. Andy tells her that he's brought along a friend - he hope she doesn't mind. He calls to Gary, who comes in and tells Amanda that he's heard a lot about her. Andy tells her that Gary has all the answers - whatever her problem is, he can fix it. Amanda looks at Gary warily.

A short time later, the three of them are in the lounge room, but Gary tells Amanda that he can't help her if she won't tell him what's wrong. Amanda snaps that it's none of his business. Andy tells her to calm down, but Amanda snaps that she's sorry if she's being rude, but she's not into 'group therapy'. Looking frustrated, Gary tells Andy that he'll wait for him outside. He stands up and tells Amanda to try and get down to The Farm before she goes back to Sydney; he thinks she'd enjoy it. He goes, and Amanda closes the lounge room doors behind him. She then turns to Andy and says she supposes she's going to be lectured about bad manners now. Andy, though, tells her that it's her fault she can't trust people - it's the way she's been brought up. Amanda begins to look around nervously, and Andy asks what the problem is. In the living room, Wayne looks out of the window and tells the others that the guy who came with Andy is getting back in the van. Barbara says, "Thank God," and adds that she thought they'd had it when he barged in. Stephen says they'll give Amanda ten minutes from now. In the lounge room, Amanda tells Andy that she doesn't know whether to patch things up with Wayne or divorce him. Andy bluntly tells her to divorce him. Amanda says, "Just like that?" Andy tells her that Wayne is no good for her - she only got involved with him because she had nothing else in her life; he was the same before he went to live on The Farm. Amanda says, "Tell me about it."

Terry and Fiona are sitting at the bar in the lounge room at Dural. Fiona is looking through the property section of the newspaper, and Terry asks her what she's telling the agents she's looking for. Fiona replies that she's after a lovely old home that she can break up into self-contained flats. Gordon suddenly comes in and hands Fiona a letter, which he says is another one from Ireland - from a solicitor's. Fiona says it's probably to do with Brian's will; she'll send it on to Jill in Melbourne. Gordon remarks that he didn't think Brian would have anything to leave her. Fiona replies that they can't be too sure - he never spoke much about his family, but he probably had assets back home. Terry says that, if he didn't leave her anything, why would they bother writing? Gordon leaves them to it. Terry comments to Fiona that he seemed a bit down in the dumps. Fiona explains that he's probably worried about the court case tomorrow. Out in the hallway, Gordon goes to pick up the 'phone, but then appears to change his mind and picks up his case and goes out.

Amanda is looking out of the window in the lounge room at Toorak as Andy tells her that he has a real purpose in life now - and he's with a group of people who really care about him. Amanda snaps that they care about him so much that they follow him everywhere; the whole situation sounds a bit off to her. She raises her voice and snaps at him that Gary has got him under his thumb, and it's sickening. Andy snaps that that's not true. Amanda tells him to hear her out. In the living room, John comments that it sounds like Amanda is having go at Andy. Stephen looks at his watch and says they'll give her a couple more minutes. In the lounge room, Amanda snaps at Andy that she can see a big difference in him - and not for the better. She then tells him that he didn't come there because he cares about her; he came to recruit her - right? Andy retorts that he used to like her - he thought it was worth saving her.

Outside, Patricia and Charlie are walking up the driveway, and Charlie notices the van parked nearby. She says to Patricia that she wonders who the kids inside are - they've got very nice, bright smiles! Patricia, though, snaps that she's really not interested. Charlie immediately warns her to watch her blood pressure - she's not allowed any stress.

Inside, Andy tells Amanda that it's not too late to change her mind and come with him. Amanda, though, snaps that she values her freedom too much. Andy tells her that he feels sorry for her. He opens the doors to go to walk out - and is confronted by the sight of Wayne, Barbara and Stephen standing in front of him. Stephen tells him that he's sorry about this, but it's for his own good. He then punches Andy on the jaw, and he blacks out and drops onto the hallway floor. The front door suddenly opens and Patricia and Charlie walk in. Seeing what's happening, Patricia snaps, "What on earth..?" Wayne yells at everyone not to tell her anything. Patricia demands to know what's going on there. She tells Stephen, "I'd like an explanation - now."


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