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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Lynn nervously tells Barbara that it's not what she thinks. Barbara disbelievingly says, "Oh?" Andy quickly adds that it's nothing. Looking annoyed, Barbara points out that, whatever they say, it's going to sound pretty lame. She then adds, however, that she thinks she understands - they've both been under tremendous pressure; that's not to say that she's happy about what she saw, though. Andy tells her that, if anyone's to blame, it's him. Barbara snaps that she's not interested. Lynn tries to explain that it just happened - that's all. Barbara asks if it's going to 'just happen' again. Lynn quietly replies, "No." Barbara says, "Promise?" Lynn tells her that she does - she should never have let it get out of hand in the first place. Turning to Andy, Barbara suggests to him that he turn in, as he's had rather a confusing day. Andy tells her that he's sorry. Barbara points out that it's over now - they should just forget it. Andy says, "Night," to both her and Lynn and heads to his room. Alone with Lynn, Barbara indicates to her to sit down. Lynn does so, and Barbara sits down next her, on the couch. She then takes the girl's hand and tells her that she thinks it would be a very good idea if she took Davey down to visit her parents. Lynn replies that she will, as soon as Andy is back to his old self. Barbara assures her that she doesn't have to worry about Andy - she's done her bit. Lynn realises that Barbara is saying she wants to make sure nothing happens between them. Barbara admits that she does feel responsible: she brought Lynn there, and if-- Lynn interrupts and says she knows - it would be best if she gets away; she'll ask John if he wants to go back to Melbourne tomorrow morning. Barbara tells her that she thinks he does. She then suggests to her that she go and get a good night's sleep; Amanda will look after Davey tonight. Lynn thanks her and says, "Goodnight." Gordon comes into the room as she heads out, and she says the same to him. Gordon asks Barbara if the girl is OK. Barbara says, "Yes..." Gordon comments that she seemed down in the dumps. Barbara tells him that it all flared up again between her and Andy. Gordon snaps, "Little fools." Barbara adds, though, that she thinks she's nippped it in the bud. Gordon retorts that, if Andy had any respect for Lynn, it wouldn't have happened in the first place. Barbara points out that it takes two to tango. Gordon snaps that that doesn't matter - Andy has caused enough problems; if it turns out that he's taking advantage of Lynn, he can pack his bags and clear off.

In her room, Lynn sits on the bed, brushing her hair. She then takes off her dressing gown, gets into bed and turns off the light.

In his room, Andy takes off his top and throws it on the floor in frustration, an agonised look on his face.

In the lounge room, Barbara asks Gordon how he'd feel about Andy coming to live with them. Taken aback, Gordon says, "Eh?" Barbara explains that the reason Andy joned the cult was because he didn't feel close to anyone - he had no direction; nothing to work towards; so the one thing she'd really like to do for him is back him in a business. Gordon adds, "And bring him into our home." Barbara tells him, "Only if you agree." Gordon doesn't respond, and so Barbara says, "Well?" Gordon asks her how come they're suddenly charged with Andy's recovery. Barbara tells him that Lynn won't be around any more - but Amanda will, and Stephen, and she thought she'd like to help out, too. Gordon comments that it's important to her, isn't it, and she agrees that it is. Gordon tells her, "Alright." Barbara asks him if he's sure. Gordon replies that he isn't - but he's prepared to give it a go; he hopes everything turns out for the best. Barbara thanks him. She adds that she'll tell Andy in the morning.

At the Palmer house, Beryl is sitting at the table in the living room, still waiting for Jim. She eventually sighs and gets up and walks over to the 'phone. She dials a number and the call is answered by Heather. Beryl says to her that she was just wondering if Jim was there, by any chance. Heather replies that she thought he was with her. Beryl explains that he hasn't arrived yet. Looking worried, Heather says she's sorry - she just assumed he'd go straight there from work. Beryl tells her not to worry - he's probably been held up. She then says 'bye' and hangs up. She goes back to the table and picks up the wine glasses and plates.

A short while later, Jim arrives back at the O'Briens'. Seeing Heather tidying up in the lounge room, he asks her if she's on her lonesome. She replies that Mike is in the kitchen and Katie and Jeff are at the movies. She then snaps that he forgot all about it, did he? Jim asks her what she means. Heather retorts that he was supposed to be having dinner with Beryl Palmer, wasn't he? Jim explains that he's on his way now - he just dropped in to pick up a clean shirt. Heather snaps that it's a bit late, isn't it? Jim replies that he got caught up with a mate. Heather snaps that he could have rung the poor woman. Jim tells her that he didn't get a chance. Heather tells him that Beryl 'phoned a while ago, wanting to know where he was. Jim smiles and replies that she's a good sport - she'll understand. He adds that he couldn't get away - honest; this mate had made a real mess of himself - booze and pills; he had to stay and give him a hand. Heather snaps that she doesn't suppose this mate could have been a woman - like Patricia Morrell? She adds that it was her, wasn't it. Jim replies that of course it wasn't. Heather tells him that that time Patricia was there, when Jill was nearly run down outside - she knew she had a pill problem; she knows the signs - 'been there, done that', remember? Jim gives in and says alright - it was Patricia - but it's not the sort of story she wants spread around; he just thought it would be easier if he told Beryl that he was with a mate. Heather reluctantly agrees that she supposes Beryl wouldn't appreciate knowing that he was with another woman. She then goes on that Beryl likes him a lot - she probably had a pretty fancy spread organised for tonight. Jim, looking surprised, replies that she just asked him over for some home cooking; he's just the 'bloke next door' that the woman's invited over to tea. Heather raises her eyebrows.

Sometime later, Jim is sitting at the kitchen table next door, and he tells Beryl that it's a terrific curry; great. He adds that he's sorry for turning up late; like he told her, he couldn't get away. Beryl assures him that she understands. Jim smiles and asks her if she knows what Heather thought. He continues that she reckoned Beryl had turned on the full works tonight - dinner for two, candlelight and all that; he told her that he was only coming for tea, but she tried to make a big deal of it. Beryl says, "Uh huh...?" Jim says she wasn't upset with him turning up late, was she? Beryl replies, "Course not..."

Andy is having a nightmare about Lynn chasing after him and then screaming as she slips and falls into the waterhole. He suddenly wakes up, panting heavily. He turns over, switches on his bedside light and looks at his alarm clock.

There's a knock on Lynn's door, and Andy whispers, "Lynn? Lynn - are you awake?" Lynn comes-to and puts her light on. She quietly calls out, "Just a minute." She gets out of bed and puts her dressing gown on. She then goes and opens the door and asks Andy what the matter is. He asks if he can come in for a while - he had some awful nightmares and he can't get back to sleep. Lynn reluctantly says, "OK..." As he walks into the room, she peers into the hallway to make sure there's no one out there. She asks if anyone saw him. He replies that he doesn't think so. Lynn tells him that he shouldn't be there. Andy explains that he just wanted to talk for a while. Lynn nervously says, "I don't know..." Andy assures her that he loves her too much to do anything to risk her marriage.

Sometime later, Andy is sitting in the chair in Lynn's room, asleep. Lynn is also asleep, in her bed. Davey suddenly starts crying and Lynn comes-to again. Realising that Andy is still in her room, she tells him to wake up. As he stirs, she adds that she thinks Amanda is having some trouble with Davey. Amanda's voice suddenly sounds from outside the door, calling, "Lynn..." Lynn calls back to ask what it is. Amanda asks her if she can come and see Davey - she can't seem to settle him down. Lynn quickly says she'll be there in a tick. Amanda goes, and Lynn tells Andy to get back to his room. Andy says, "Sure." Lynn adds that it would be awful if anyone knew he was there. Andy tells her that as soon as the coast is clear, he'll make a move. Lynn thanks him and goes to the door. She pauses before she heads out, and asks him if he's OK. Andy assures her that he is, and she goes.

In Amanda and Wayne's room, Wayne is holding Davey, and Amanda asks the child what the matter is. Lynn comes in and says she's really sorry about this. She takes her son and explains that it's probably teething problems. Wayne asks if she has anything she can give him. Lynn replies that she has some stuff to put on his gums, but she'd rather not use it. Wayne says he'll put the bottle that they were using to try and calm Davey back in the 'fridge. Lynn thanks him and he goes. Amanda asks Davey why he didn't tell her it was his naughty teeth! Lynn smiles and says she's sure he'll be alright in a minute!

As Wayne walks along the hallway to the kitchen, he hears a door shut. He pauses and then looks back to see what it was. As he does so, he espies Andy leaving Lynn's room. A nasty smile crosses his face...

With Davey having calmed down, Lynn tells Amanda that she thinks she might take him back to her room. Wayne comes back in and Lynn says, "Night," to him and Amanda. She goes. When they're alone, Wayne comments to Amanda that it's a shame that little Davey should spoil Lynn and Andy's night together. Looking surprised, Amanda asks him what he's talking about. He explains that he just saw her young friend creeping out of Lynn's bedroom. Amanda says, "You're kidding..." Wayne comments that Andy's a sneaky little fellow! Looking worried, Amanda asks him to promise that he won't tell anyone else - especially Gordon. Wayne asks why. Amanda tells him that, from what Aunty Barbara has been saying, Gordon still isn't sure whether Andy is worth bothering about - and if he thought Andy was carrying-on... Wayne smiles and comments that boy wonder wouldn't be all that popular. Amanda asks him to just promise her - he doesn't want to cause any more problems with Andy, does he? Wayne gets back into bed and asks why should he?; he won't anything.

The next morning, in the living room, Lynn closes her bag and tells John that that's about the last of it. John says he'll put it in the boot - and then Davey and he might walk round the stables and have a last look around. They head out. Amanda comes in and comments to Lynn that the little bloke seems OK today. She then adds that Lynn shouldn't worry about Andy - they'll look after him; her, especially. Lynn thanks her. She then adds that Andy is very important to her. Amanda says she knows. She goes on, though, that she thinks it's a good idea that Lynn is leaving Woombai now - she's done everything she can for Andy. Lynn says, "Right..." Amanda continues that she realises how hard it must be for them both - she knows they spent last night together. Looking shocked, Lynn asks who told her that. Amanda just replies that she won't tell anyone. Lynn tells Amanda that she doesn't understand - it's not what Amanda thinks. Amanda assures her that it's OK - she doesn't have to explain. Lynn, though, retorts that nothing happened - Andy was just having a bad night; he wanted to talk and he just sat in the chair and fell asleep. Amanda looks disbelieving. Lynn insists that it's the truth. Amanda replies that it's alright - she doesn't have to get upset. Lynn says Amanda knows that she wouldn't do anything to upset her marriage. Amanda replies that it's none of her business. Lynn continues that all marriages are important; in fact, that's another reason she came back to Australia: to try and save one that's very important to her.

Fiona is sitting in the kitchen at the Palmers' while Beryl fusses around. Beryl apologises and tells Fiona that she won't keep her much longer. Fiona replies that there's no hurry - they've got all day. Beryl, though, tells her that they haven't really - she wants to be there when the kids arrive. Fiona smiles and says she bets Beryl is looking forward to seeing them again. Beryl says, "Yes!" She adds that, just between the two of them, she could do with all the company she can get, after last night's rude awakening. She continues that it's a good thing she wasn't more involved, as it could have been very hurtful. Fiona points out that there are plenty more men out there. Beryl grimly replies that the only ones she gets to meet are married or old enough to be her grandpa! Fiona tells her to keep her chin up. She then adds that, if Beryl wants to go out and hit the town, she knows where she is! Beryl announces that she's ready. She then goes on that she knows it isn't going to be easy to start all over again, but David managed it so there's no reason why she can't - it's just not going to be easy. Fiona tells Beryl that she'll make it - she knows she will.

At Woombai, Gordon, Wayne, Andy and Barbara are sitting at the breakfast table, and Andy asks Barbara if she means it. Barbara tells him that they'd love to have him come and live with them; yes or no? Andy replies that of course it's 'yes'! He adds that he doesn't know what to say! Wayne growls, "Try 'thanks'." Andy says, "Thanks!" Barbara suggests that maybe he should tell the Melbourne contingent his new mailing address. Andy agrees and the two of them leave the room. Alone with his son, Gordon says to him that he gathers he's none too pleased about Andy moving in with them. Wayne growls that it's Gordon's house - he can have anyone there he likes; he just thinks Andy is going to cause more trouble than he's worth. Gordon suggests they wait and see. Wayne snaps that he can't help remebering how Paul Sheppard just about took over. Gordon snaps, "For goodness' sake - Paul Sheppard did not take over." He goes on that if Wayne thinks Andy is some sort of threat to him, he's being stupid. Wayne stands up to leave, and Gordon continues that that's the bottom of it: Wayne let the boy go hoping he wouldn't come back. Wayne snaps that he let the boy go because he thought he was doing the right thing - he'd caused enough trouble; they didn't need any more. He angrily continues that it's marvellous: Andy comes out of it smelling of roses, and good old Wayne's the bad guy again.

Outside, a short time later, everyone is saying their goodbyes. Amanda is standing with Lynn and Barbara while John puts Davey in the back seat of the car. When he's finished, Stephen tells him to give his regards to David and Beryl. John says he will. A few yards away, Lynn says to Barbara that she doesn't know when she'll see her again. Barbara suggests that maybe she'll be able to come to England for a holiday one day. Lynn tells her that it would be terrific if she could. They hug. Lynn then walks over to where Andy is standing. He thanks her for everything. Lynn, looking upset, tells him to just take care of himself, and not to worry about Kevin. They hug. Amanda joins them and stands with Andy as Lynn walks towards the car. She turns and looks at him one last time before getting in the car. John starts the engine and drives off. Everyone waves at them as they go. Andy and Amanda head back inside, following Wayne, who's already left everyone else to it.

They go into the living room, and Wayne sits down at the table. Andy follows them in, and Amanda tells him that she'll make sure he doesn't have time to feel sorry for himself - for the next few months, whenever he sneezes or coughs, she'll be there with a tissue! Andy says, "That close, eh?!" Amanda goes on that she might even talk him into joining her in some kind of business - Aunty Barbara said she'd help if he wanted her to. Andy looks surprised, and comments about him being in business. Amanda asks him why not - it would be something they can both get stuck into. Andy remarks that she's got his future all worked out! Amanda, though, replies that she hasn't quite - but give her time! She goes to put her handbag in the bedroom. Andy goes and sits down next to Wayne at the table. Wayne immediately stands up and leaves the room.

He follows Amanda into the bedroom and snaps at her that he thought she was going to concentrate on their lives from now on; aren't they supposed to be going back to Melbourne to sort out their business affairs? Amanda replies that sure they are, but there's no hurry. Wayne angrily continues his rant, asking what all this business is about her going into business with Andy in Sydney. Amanda tells him that it's a way of making sure he gets back on his feet again. Wayne snaps that he thought Barbara and Gordon were looking after him. Amanda retorts that they're all doing something. Wayne asks Amanda what would happen if she fell pregnant. Amanda, taken aback, says, "What?" Wayne tells her that she'll have to take things easy then. He goes on that all their plans suddenly take a back seat so that 'poor little Andy' doesn't run back to his mates on the fruitcake farm. Amanda suggests they talk about it later. Wayne insists that he wants to know where he stands. Amanda, though, snaps that there's plenty of time for them; right now, Andy is the important one. She tells Wayne not to be such a grump.

A short time later, Andy is lying on the bed in his room when the door opens and Wayne comes in. Andy asks him what he can do for him. Wayne snaps, "Disappear." Andy tells him that he was waiting for him to say something. Wayne says he supposes Andy thinks he's got it made now - everybody bending over backwards to prop him up. Andy asks him what he wants him to do about it. Wayne tells him that he should have kept going when he gave him the chance; if he's smart, he'll do it now. Andy gets up from the bed and retorts that he won't be running again: whether Wayne likes it or not , he has no intention of turning down Gordon and Barbara's offer. Wayne warns him that he'd better think very carefully about that. Andy asks him what he's going to do about it. There's silence. Andy goes on, "Nothing." He points out to Wayne that, if he did, he'd be in strife with everyone - including Amanda. Wayne growls at him that he's pulled the wool over her eyes, too. He adds that, if he didn't want to avoid breaking his promise to her, he'd already have enough to send Andy packing. Looking surprised, Andy says, "What?" Wayne snaps that it doesn't matter - for now; but he'll get another chance - and when that happens, Andy will be out of their lives so fast, he won't know what's hit him. He tells Andy, "Consider yourself warned."

Lynn, John and Davey have arrived at the Palmers', and Beryl takes her grandson excitedly. Fiona comments that the liittle one has grown! Lynn comes into the room holding a bottle, and explains that it's from her father, to add to the collection! Fiona exclaims that she's already put three in the 'fridge! Beryl asks Lynn how long her parents will be, and Lynn replies that they'll be there in a a minute. John suggests they crack the first bottle open, and he and Beryl head to the kitchen to fetch some glasses. Fiona asks Lynn how long she's going to be there for. Lynn replies that she hasn't really worked it out yet. Fiona comments that she thought she would have booked her flight back already. Lynn explains that, actually, helping out with Andy wasn't the only reason she came back to Australia. Fiona says she hopes there aren't problems with her and Kevin. Lynn quickly assures her that it's nothing like that. She then goes on that it's just that, while she's out there, she was going to see if she can get Beryl and David back together again. Looking surprised, Fiona replies that she hates to say that anything is impossible, but that's a very tough assignment. Lynn explains that she promsied Kevin she'd try. Fiona points out to her that it's not just Beryl and David that she has to worry about - she's going to clash head-on with Patricia; she'll go to any lengths to keep David and Margaret together. Lynn, looking unfazed, replies that she and Patricia have always got along pretty well; maybe if she was completely open with her about it...? A look of worry crosses Fiona's face. Lynn picks up on it and continues that, if it does mean a no-holds-barred fight, then that's what it's going to be. She tells Fiona that, before she leaves, she'll have done everything possible to get David and Beryl back together again - no matter how Patricia tries to stop her...


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