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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Patricia suddenly becomes more lively and tells Matt that he hasn't got any competition - it's just her rambling on. She announces that she thinks she'll put on some music that's a little more up-tempo, and she gets up and walks over to the pile of records on the table nearby. As she starts to go through them, she comments that she really must get a decent record collection when she's settled; she left all her favourites with Stephen when they split up - she really must get some replacement copies. Matt stands up and joins her. He reminds her that he's a professional listener - he's heard every evasive tactic there is. He asks her again: "What choice?" Patricia turns to face him and, more sadly, tells him that she still loves Stephen - she saw him at Margaret's funeral and she talked to him and it was very promising. She explains to Matt that she didn't want to dampen his enthusiasm by telling him that. Matt asks her if he's got any chance. Patricia replies that of course he has. She then asks him if he remembers what she said to him the day she left his apartment in Sydney; she adds that it was months ago. Matt replies that he doesn't. Patricia reminds him that she told him that, if she ever fell in love again, she hoped it would be with someone like him; she'd like to change that now, though: if she falls in love again, it will be with him. She tells him that he's been such a good friend - she thinks she could love him. Matt asks if that's it - Stephen is his only competition. Patricia replies that of course he is - who else could there be? Matt looks at her intently.

The front door opens at Dural and Jill walks in, carrying Fee, and with Gordon following her. Jill tells Gordon that it's a very nice thought, but she can't have him paying her cab fares. Gordon, though, replies that it's done - she's not to worry. Jill tells him that he's doing enough putting her and Fee up. Gordon calls to Barbara to say that they're there. Jill heads into the lounge room and finds Andy in there, standing behind the bar. He says to her that he thought she might like a drink, and he asks if mineral water is OK. Jill replies that that would be lovely. Andy then asks how Fee is, and Jill smiles and replies that she doesn't have a care in the world! Andy tells her that he could kick himself - if he hadn't opened his big mouth, she probably wouldn't have called the police in the first place. Jill points out that she did it and it's her problem; he's not to worry. Barbara joins them and asks Jill how she is. She replies that she's OK. Barbara then asks her if she wants to talk or go straight to her room. Jill replies that she would - when she's finished her drink. Barbara takes Fee from her, and Jill starts pacing the room, as she says that the first thing she did when she got to the police station was try and get Terry off the hook - but Fiona was right: she'd started the ball rolling and it was too late to stop it now. Barbara comments that it's bizzare... Gordon points out that Terry is the father. Jill explains that he isn't legally - Brian's name is on the birth certificate and Terry never contested that in court, so no matter what she says, he's just a man who abducted a baby - and he could wind up in jail because of it. Looking shocked, Barbara says she knows it was a very impulsive thing to do, but jail? Jill sadly replies that it's no wonder Fiona didn't want to see her. She then goes on that she knows Fiona was there with her solicitor; she got a message from Fiona telling her not to bother hanging around. She adds, "Two to five years." Barbara asks her what she means. Jill explains that that's what Terry could get - anything from two to five years. Barbara looks at Gordon. Jill says she feels like lying down. Barbara tells her that she'll come and settle her down. Jill sadly says that Terry deserves something, but she doesn't know what. She curses, "Why did I make that call?"

Sometime later, Barbara is watching television in the lounge room when she hears a noise in the hallway and turns the set off. Fiona comes in, and Barbara comments that she didn't hear her drive up. Fiona suggests that the TV must have been good. She then explains that she came back half an hour ago, actually; she didn't want to see anyone, so she sat outside, watching the house; after half an hour, she told herself how silly she was being, so she came in. Barbara remarks that she's lucky she didn't catch her death. Fiona smiles sadly and replies that it's really quite mild. She asks if Jill is in bed, and Barbara replies that everyone is except her - she stayed up in case Fiona wanted an ear to bash! Fiona says she was just being melodramatic - wallowing in it. She goes to the bar and adds that a brandy will warm her up. Barbara gets up and goes and sits by the bar with her. She says, "So?" Fiona distantly replies, "So..." She then continues that Terry comes up in front of the magistrate tomorrow; she doesn't think there'll be any problem with bail - and if they can prove extenuating circumstances at trial, he'll get a minimum of two years; if Jill is a hostile witness, he'll be looking at more like five. She takes a large sip of the brandy and then more angrily continues that she dragged Jill out of the gutter three years ago - literally; she was like a daughter to her... Barbara says, "Don't..." Fiona then asks her if she knows why she stayed outside. She answers the question, explaining that it was because she knew that, if she saw Jill, without pulling herself together she would have hit her - hard. She sadly continues that she can't afford to do that, though - no matter how much she wants to abuse her; tell her how selfish... how damndedly ungrateful she thinks Jill is being... how totally inconsiderate...; she has to keep smiling - and just be sweet Aunt Fiona; dear, good, kind Aunt Fiona. Barbara soothingly says, "Hey, hey..." Fiona tells her that she never thought she'd hate Jill - but she does.

Matt is sitting on the couch in the near-dark at Margaret's apartment; Patricia is lying on his lap, asleep. The front door suddenly opens and David comes in. When he sees that Patricia is dozing, he apologises for the noise he made. Matt tells him that it's OK. David says he'll see them in the morning and he heads off to bed. He pauses as he does so, though, and returns and asks Matt what Patricia said. Matt replies that she's thinking about it. David tells him that he hopes for her sake that she says 'yes'. Matt smiles and replies that he hopes for his sake that she does! Becoming more serious, he then asks David if Patricia has mentioned anything to him about going back to the home. David replies that she hasn't, and he asks why the question. Matt tells him that it's nothing - just something she said. He asks how she's been with everyone - all the old enemies. David replies that she's been fine. He asks Matt if he thinks she's going back to how she was before. Matt tells him that he doesn't, and then adds that maybe he's just trying to make up excuses for his own ego if she turns him down. David replies that she'll be nuts if she does. He goes to bed.

Fiona is sitting alone by the bar at Dural, her back to the main door. She hears a noise behind her and comments that she thought Barbara had gone to bed. It's Jill, though, and she explains that she couldn't sleep. Fiona looks upset to see her, and remains with her back turned to the girl. Jill asks her how she is, but she just replies. "Coping." Jill comments that it's not like her to drink alone. Fiona retorts that she doesn't feel much like her normal self - surprisingly. Jill walks over to her and puts her hands on her shoulders. She tells her that she's sorry. Fiona sadly replies that it can't be helped. Jill tells her that she thought she'd be so angry with her. Fiona asks what good it would do. She then adds that the main thing is that they work together to minimise the damage - right? Jill smiles and agrees, "Right!" She gives Fiona a hug.

Beryl and Jim arrive at the Palmer house after a night out, and, as they stand outside, Beryl asks Jim if he's sure he doesn't want to come in for coffee. Jim declines, explaining that he's got to be in Portsy at nine o'clock in the morning, so he's got to be up at the crack of dawn. Beryl smiles and tells him that he's making her feel guilty for keeping him out so late! Jim replies that so she should be - she's turning into a real rager! Beryl looks surprised, and she tells him that she's been called many things in her life, but never a rager! Jim assures her that it's a compliment! Beryl then says she knows he's got to be up early, but she has to be fresh tomorrow, as well, for her meeting with Patricia and Wayne. Jim kisses her goodnight. Beryl tells him to wish her luck with Patricia. She adds that she knows it's only business, but... Jim assures her that she'll be right. He adds that Patricia's not a bad sort - and they've got a lot to thank her for. Looking surprised, Beryl asks him what he means. He replies that Patricia gave him a shove in her direction and look where it got them. He kisses Beryl and walks off, leaving her looking thoughtful. She then turns and goes inside.

The next morning, Beryl is standing at the sink while Lynn sits at the kitchen table, listening as Beryl rants that she gets so furious every time she thinks about it. She continues that she knows what Patricia's up to: she worked out the timing last night - it happened just after Lynn turned up: Patricia was scared that her being there would make a difference to her and David, so she pushed Jim and her together. She angrily adds that that woman is so calculating. Lynn laughs and says, "Tell me something I don't know!" Beryl tells her that it isn't funny - she's sick of Patricia sticking her nose into her life. Lynn, though, points out that Patricia must be spitting chips, if you ask her: she got her own way as far as Mr. Palmer went, but she'd say Patricia wanted to see Beryl made unhappy by being with Jim; instead, she did her a good turn - in the long run, anyway. Beryl, looking thoughtful, tells Lynn that she hadn't thought about it like that. She then continues, "Well, well, well - I wonder if she knows just how happy I am!" Lynn suggests that she may have heard the news from Heather. Beryl replies, "And she may not have." She then continues that Patricia actually unwittingly did her a favour: losing David was hard, but without Jim, it would have been a lot harder. She adds that, at the meeting this morning, she might just let it drop what a good turn Patricia did her! She continues that it's about time Patricia realised that she can't get her own way all the time!

Wayne and Amanda run downstairs at Toorak, laughing! Amanda taunts Wayne that she thinks he's putting on weight! Wayne indignantly retorts, "Yeah!" Amanda laughs that just because he can't take a bit of criticism! Wayne grabs her and smiles as he tells her to tell him that he's the same beautiful hunk she married! Amanda refuses to admit this, and so Wayne tickles her and she gives in and tells him what he wants to hear! There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Amanda goes to get it. As she does so, she turns to Wayne, smiles and says she didn't mean it: he's getting fat! Patricia and David are standing on the doorstep; David is carrying one of the packed boxes. Amanda says, "Hi," and they come in. Wayne asks Patricia if she's ready for business. Patricia retorts, "Whenever you are." Wayne tells her to go into the lounge room and he'll be with her in a minute. Amanda offers coffee, and Patricia and David both accept. She goes to get it. David finds himself alone with Patricia and he comments that Amanda's a nice girl. He adds that it's good to see her and Wayne happy; he got the idea from a few things Patricia said last night that they were going through a rough patch. Patricia tells him that she thought so, too...

Fiona comes downstairs at Dural. As she does so, she hears Jill saying in the living room that all they've got to do is set bail. She goes on that she wants to see Terry after he's released and tell him how bad she feels; explain things. She adds that she doesn't think there'll be any trouble about bail, but asks Barbara what she thinks. Barbara agrees that she doesn't think so. Jill replies that neither does she. She then adds that Fiona's solicitor must have got it wrong - there must be some way of getting Terry off. Fiona walks into the room and interrupts the conversation. She asks Jill if she heard her say she was thinking of coming to court with her. Jill replies that that's alright, isn' it? Fiona tells her that maybe it's better if she doesn't - Terry seemed pretty steamed up last night. Jill insists that she wants to be there. Fiona replies that she knows, but they need to be practical: Terry will have enough to contend with this morning without any upsets. Looking disappointed, Jill asks her if she's sure she doesn't need her. Fiona assures her that she'll manage fine. Barbara glares at her. Fiona then tells Jill that the best thing she can do this morning is organise what she and little Fee will do. She goes on that she was thinking about it last night. Jill explains that she thought she and Fee would stay there at Dural for a while. Fiona, though, tells her, "No." She goes on that she thinks, in the long run, it would be better if Jill went straight back to Melbourne; it'll be a fair while before the trial, and she knows Jill wants to be with Robin. Jill replies that she made the mess, and she feels she should be there. Fiona tells her that there's nothing she can do. Barbara chips in and suggests to Jill that she go and make some more coffee; she'll clear up there. Jill says that, if she does decide to go to Melbourne, she'll have to find somewhere to stay - Patricia is moving back into Wayne and Amanda's today. Fiona tells her that she's sure Beryl would love to have her. Jill, looking upset, suggests that perhaps she'll give Beryl a ring this afternoon. She heads out to the kitchen. Barbara asks Fiona if she's alright. Gordon announces that he'll leave the two women to it. As soon as he's gone, Fiona breaks down. She tells Barbara that Jill has simply got to go back to Melbourne - as long as she stays around her, the worse it gets; she simply cannot keep this up - after all she's done... Barbara tells her that she's just trying to convince herself that it'll all be fine in the end. Fiona sobs that it isn't going to be, is it.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Beryl hands Wayne a file of papers. Wayne looks at them and then says he'll just get Patricia to sign them. He hands them to Patricia, who asks what she's signing. Wayne explains that it's basically all the paperwork involved in deleting Margaret's name as a member of the Board of Directors and appointing Patricia in her place. Patricia just says, "I see." Wayne assures her that it's all perfectly routine. Patricia retorts that she bets that's what he told Beryl when he got her to sign the false Power of Attorney. She adds that she's had a little more experience. Wayne tells her not to go nuts about it. Patricia retorts that she doesn't imagine he's changed all that much. Wayne snaps that he hasn't got time for this, and he gets up to to and fetch some other papers. When he's gone, Patricia comments to Beryl that she doesn't know why he sounded so wounded - he's the original conman. Beryl slyly replies that she'd say Patricia would give him a pretty good run for his money. Patricia impatiently asks if that's supposed to mean something specific or if it's just a crack for Auld Lang Syne. Beryl tells her that she and Jim are very happy - and she's grateful to Patricia for pushing them in the right direction. Patricia retorts that she hasn't got the faintest idea what Beryl is talking about. Beryl replies that she's sure she hasn't... She then tells Patricia to read the paper, adding that she doesn't want her to miss anything on her account. Patricia looks annoyed.

Jill is sitting on one of the stools by the bar in the lounge room at Dural. She has Fee on her lap, and says to her daughter that they'd better say 'hello' to Aunty Beryl. The 'phone is ringing at the other end, but there's no answer. Jill suddenly hears Fiona in the hallway, telling Barbara not to hold lunch for them, as there's no knowing when Terry will be called. Jill hangs up the 'phone and says to Fee, "Let's say 'goodbye' to gran." By the front door, Fiona tells Barbara that dear old Bunty and Thel called - they read about it in the paper and they're going to meet her at the court. Jill joins them and comments on how nice that is of them. Fiona just replies bluntly, "Yes." She then adds that they feel she needs the moral support. Jill tells Fee to give her granny a kiss goodbye. Fiona bends down and kisses the baby. Jill then says, "One for daddy, too." She adds that granny will give it to him. Fiona glares at her. Barbara quickly suggests to Fiona that she get a move on or she'll be late. Jill chips in that she's been trying to call Beryl, but she hasn't been able to get through to her, yet. She goes on that she thinks Fiona is right: it probably is best if she and Fee go back to Melbourne - but they'd like to see Terry before they go. She asks Fiona to let Terry know that she'll still let him see Fee. Fiona glares at her and then suddenly snaps, "For God's sake, shut up. Shut up. Don't fool yourself that we're one big happy family. Our family ceased to exist the moment you made that call. Now the sooner you get out of here and let Terry and I live our own lives, the better - what he has left of his before he goes to jail, that is." She opens the door and storms out, leaving Jill looking shocked.

Patricia is on the 'phone at Margaret's apartment, talking to Jill, and she tells the girl that she was lucky to catch her - she and David are just getting the last load. Jill comments, "New home, eh?" Patricia replies that that's right. She then asks how it's all going. Jill replies that it's fine - she'll be moving back this afternoon; she's going to stay at Beryl's. Patricia asks her how things are between Fiona and Terry. Jill replies that she's sure everything will turn out OK. She then continues that she was thinking of dropping by tonight, and she asks if that's OK. Patricia tells her that of course it is. She then adds that she never thought Fiona would be so understanding. The two of them say 'goodbye' and hang up. Patricia immediately snaps, "So damned happy." David comes in and asks her what that was that she said. Patricia quickly tells him that she was just talking to herself. She adds that she'll have to be careful or Matt will have her back inside! David tenderly tells her that he can't see that. He then asks her if she's made up her mind about Matt, yet. Patricia replies that she hasn't yet. Changing the subject, David asks her if she's ready to go. Patricia tells him that she's done everything except pack Margaret's clothes. David explains that he can't wait too long as he's got a trip this afternoon. Patricia tells him to go ahead. She adds that she'd prefer to do it on her own, anyway. David replies that he'll see her when he gets back. As he heads to the door, he pauses, turns and says, "We're not going to forget her, are we, Pat." Patricia gently replies, "No, we're not."

Beryl and Lynn are in the kitchen at the Palmers', and Beryl tells Lynn that she should have seen the look on Patricia's face - she was black! She adds that she got quite a kick out of it - Patricia has got away with too much for too long. She offers Lynn a cuppa, which she accepts. She then goes on that she's having company this afternoon: Jill is coming back to stay. Suddenly noticing the expression on Lynn's face, she asks her if she's alright, as she looks terrible. Lynn hands Beryl a letter from Kevin. She explains that the company he's working for is sending him to Saudi Arabia for nine weeks; he wants her to stay there in Australia until he's back in London so that she won't be in London by herself. Beryl smiles and says that's terrific! She then quickly apologises and explains that she was thinking about having Davey there longer. She ask what the problem is. Lynn replies that she's so scared: nine more weeks... She goes on that, ever since she left Sydney, she's thought about Andy; knowing that she'd be seeing Kevin again soon helped, but now...; she's got to do something; if she stays, she's got to keep herself occupied - otherwise she might go to him - and she can't do that. Beryl look at her sympathetically.

Patricia is packing Margaret's clothes into a suitcase when there's a knock on the door. She goes to answer it, pausing just before she turns the handle. The visitor is Matt, and Patricia tells him to come in. Matt thanks her. Noticing the pile of clothes he comments, "Typical woman - more clothes than you know what to do with!" Patricia explains that they're Margaret's, and Matt quickly says he's sorry. Patricia continues that she left them 'til last - she's been putting it off...; little by little it's becoming as if Margaret didn't exist. Matt tells her that it's a terrible cliche, but she'll always exist in Patricia's head. Patricia assures him that she'll make sure she does. She then tells him, "I can't come with you." Looking disappointed, Matt asks why - is it just Stephen? Patricia tells him that she could be very happy with him - but she has to do it for her. Matt asks her what she means. Patricia replies that it's Stephen; just Stephen. Matt smiles and tells her that he's nothing if not resilient! He asks if it would make any difference if he hung around and kept asking. Patricia replies that it wouldn't. Matt gives up and tells her that he's not proud! He continues that he loves her more than he's ever loved anyone - he'll be in London if she changes her mind; he'll write and send her the address. Patricia tells him, "If you want to..." Tears start appearing in her eyes as Matt asks what happened, as he thought he had a chance last night. Patricia just replies, "This and that." She kisses him and says, "Bye." Matt tells her that she can't blame a bloke for trying. He leaves. Patricia goes and sits in an armchair and breaks down.


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