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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

A while later, the door of The Acorn opens and Jill and Luke emerge. Jill laughs as she chastises Luke that he could have tipped more than a dollar! Luke tells her that they're not in America - and what's the point of wasting money?! Jill laughs again as she asks who it was who bought French champagne. Luke agrees that he did, but he then adds that he'd rather spend it on her than give it to the waiter! Jill tells him that she admits it was lovely. Luke offers to see her home, but Jill declines, explaining that she has visit the hospital to see a friend. She thanks him for a wonderful lunch. Luke replies that it was his pleasure. He adds that he'll be in touch. Jill tells him that she'll look forward to it! She smiles at him and then walks off. Luke smiles in delight as he watches her go. He then turns and starts walking the other way. From his car, Roger watches his son heading down the road. He then starts his car engine and drives off in the same direction.

Jim and Patricia are walking down the steps amongst a crowd at a football match. Patricia looks terrified! Mike suddenly calls to Jim from where he's sitting, and the two of them make their way along the stand, past the other spectators, to join him, and they sit down. Mike tells his brother about what's going on, while Patricia just looks bemused at the football talk! Jim suddenly asks about lunch: pies all round? Mike tells him that he's already had one. Looking uncomfortable, Patricia asks if that's all they've got. Jim replies that there are hot dogs... sausage rolls... Patricia, looking rather disgusted at the thought, says she doesn't think she'll-- However, Jim interrupts and says he'll get a couple of hot dogs. He gets up and walks off. Patricia asks Mike who's winning. Mike replies, "No one yet!"

Luke is standing in a rundown area, with a wooden door in a fence that has 'Beware of the Pigs' daubed in graffiti next to him, and rubbish and junk strewn around the ground next to him. He pushes open the door, and is about to go in when his father's voice suddenly says from behind him, "At least if you'd come home, we'd let you in the front door." Luke turns and looks at him, angrily, and asks him what he's going there. Roger sarcastically retorts that he'd heard Luke had been moving up in the world; he thought he'd see where 'up' is these days. Luke snaps at him that he's seen now. Roger retorts that Luke is going from the sublime to the ridiculous: lunch at The Acorn and then home to a squat. He asks Luke how he paid for lunch. Luke simply replies, "I managed." Roger comments that it was a rather elaborate gesture just to fool the O'Briens into thinking that he's managing on his own. Luke snaps that it was nothing do with them - he simply took out a girl whose company he happens to enjoy. Roger says he hopes Luke isn't planning to bring her back there - she wouldn't be very impressed. Luke suddenly asks his father who told him that he was at The Acorn. Roger replies that it was a lucky guess. Luke, though, snaps that it was Katie. He angrily reminds his father that he promised he'd leave her alone. Roger snaps at him not to be stupid. He goes on that Katie decided that he had the right to know what Luke was doing. He adds that he didn't come to argue - he was just wondering how Luke was; Luke knows he cares about him. Luke grunts that he knows. Roger tells him that he doesn't belong in this pigsty: he deserves better, and it's there for the asking - he can have lunch in places like The Acorn every day of the week if he wants. He continues that he knows he's come down too heavy on Luke sometimes-- Luke interrupts and snaps, "You said it." Roger explains that he only wanted what was best for him. Luke tells him to turn around and get the hell out of there. Roger retorts that he can't leave him there. He tells his son to come home and they'll have a good talk and really go over things. Luke, though, snaps that his father would just tell him what to do - as usual. Roger suddenly asks Luke where his signet ring is. Luke quickly replies that it's inside. Roger comments that he never took it off at home. Luke explains that he's cleaning it. Roger asks him if he's sold it. Luke snaps, "No." Roger goes on, "Just hocked it to pay for lunch." Luke snaps that he'll get it back. Roger takes out some cash and asks him how much he needs: $80? $100? Luke retorts that he doesn't need anything: he doesn't need his father and he doesn't need his money; he's doing this on his own; even if that means living in a squat and going without, that's how it will be. Roger snaps, "You stubborn little idot," and storms off. Luke kicks one of the boxes on the ground in anger.

At the football, Mike and Jim are standing and cheering, while Patricia is sitting looking terrified! The men sit down again, and Mike starts raving about the game. Noticing the glum expression on her face, Jim tells Patricia that she's meant to be happy! Patricia asks what happened. Jim looks at her in astonishment and remarks that she's got to be joking! Patricia pointedly replies that she spent most of her life in Sydney; Wayne used to play football, but he used to run around with it. Jim explains that that was rugby! Patricia asks what the difference is. Jim suggests that she let him educate her on Australian Rules! He adds, though, that first she's got to look the part; he takes off his supporters' scarf and wraps it around her neck! He then points out that she hasn't eaten her hot dog. As she takes a reluctant bite out of it, he plonks his beanie on her head, and she smiles in bemusement! He and Mike suddenly both start shouting again. Patricia stands up and laughs as she listens to them. Jim explains to her that the guys in white shirts are the umpires. Mike stands up and shouts at the umpires, "Who do you think you are?!" Jim tells Patricia that now's her chance: stand up and rubbish the umpire. Patricia, looking slightly uncertain, stands and up calls, "Boo!" Jim smiles and suggests that she do it a bit louder! Patricia yells, "Hiss! Boo!" Jim tells her that that's better!" Patricia then yells, "Come on the mighty blues!" Jim quickly looks round nervously, pulls Patricia back down to her seat and explains that that's the wrong team! Patricia puts her hands over face in embarrassment!

Jeff, Katie and Heather have the game on the TV at home. Jeff comments that he's never been able to follow Aussie Rules. Heather suggests that maybe that's because he's never played it! Katie chips in that she's never been able to follow athletics! Jeff turns the TV over, and Katie immediately snaps that she was watching that game - and there's nothing else to watch. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Jeff goes to get it. Katie turns the television back over to the game and immediately complains that they've scored now, and she missed it. She adds that she's sick of the way Jeff carries on as if he owns the TV. Jeff suddenly comes back into the room, accompanied by Luke. Luke snaps at Katie that it could be that people are sick of the way she carries on. As Katie looks at him in shock, he goes on that it's about time Heather and Jeff knew that Katie has been spying for his old man. Heather looks at Katie, sharply.

A short time later, Katie snaps that Luke has really got it in for her: he takes off and turns everybody's lives upside down and then blames it on her. Luke retorts that it's true, though. Katie snaps that she hasn't been running around with a notepad, jotting down everything he does, if that's what he means. Luke angrily reminds her that she told his old man where he was having lunch today. Heather asks Katie if she's been seeing Roger again; she angrily adds that she wants a straight answer. Katie admits that she has - but only for the computer programs. Heather tells her to go in the kitchen, and Katie storms out. Heather then tells Luke to calm down, and she, too, heads to the kitchen. Jeff says he can't understand why Katie would do it. Luke tells him that he can take a guess.

In the kitchen, Heather angrily reminds Katie that she promised she'd stay clear of Roger Carlyle. Katie retorts that she had to see him about her computer games; why else does her mother thinks she saw him? Heather looks at her with an expression of worry on her face, and as Katie realises what she's thinking, she pleads, "Mum..." Heather asks her why she's sneaking off behind their backs, then. Katie retorts that she knows how she and her father feel about him, and she's not involved with him like Heather is suggesting; she told her before how she feels about that sort of thing. She goes on that all Roger did was help her get a fair contract for her computer game; what's wrong with that? Heather says she's sorry. Katie snaps, "Yeah." She then angrily adds, "Thanks for trusting me in the first place. Thanks a lot." She storms off. As she passes the lounge room, she snaps at Luke that she hopes he's satisfied. She storms out of the house, and Heather follows her. In the lounge room, Luke says he's a real jerk, shooting off at the mouth; he shouldn't have lost his cool. Jeff tells him that if Katie had dobbed him in, he'd be angry too.

Standing by the gatepost outside, Heather tells Katie that she believes her. She suggests that they go and sit down, as she wants to explain a few things. The walk back to the house and sit down on the front step. As they do so, Heather tells Katie that she doesn't want her to think she's over-protective or has to account for her every move, but Roger Carlyle..; she worries about Katie when she's with him; she's seen the way he works: once he's set his sights on a girl, he never gives up. Katie asks her if that includes her. Heather, though, replies that he only had eyes for younger women - teenagers like Katie; that's why she broke up working for him, as she had to make sure Katie was safe; she didn't want Katie near him. Katie asks her if that's why she got so angry when she invited him over. Before Heather can answer, she goes on that Luke told her that his dad was like that, so she asked him straight out if he was after her or not; he said he was, so she made it very clear that she's not interested. Heather, looking surprised, asks why Roger still wants to see her. Katie explains that they're friends. Heather comments that 45-year-old men don't look at 18-year-olds as friends. Katie tells her that Roger has been nothing but kind to her. Heather, though, retorts that Roger hasn't been kind to any of them - she's certain that he was behind the move to wreck Mike's lawnmowing round. Katie, looking shocked, asks how she can say that. Heather replies that it fits the facts. She gets up to go inside. As she does so, Katie asks her if she still trusts her, as she wants to talk to Roger. Seeing the look of worry on her mother's face, she adds that she'll only be an hour or so; she'll have it out with him once and for all. Heather says she doesn't know... Katie assures her that she'll be sensible; she knows what to expect. Heather reluctantly says, "Alright.... but please be careful." Katie says she will. Heather smiles at her and then gives her a hug.

Inside, in the kitchen, Luke thanks Jeff for the drink. Jeff asks him if he's staying for tea, but Luke says he'd better not. Jeff tells him not to go just because of Katie, but Luke explains that it's not just her - he's not too popular with Heather, either; he'll just go and see Jill next door. Jeff relunctantly says, "If that's what you want..." Luke replies that it is - but before he goes, he had better tell Jeff why he got mad at Katie. Jeff looks at him as he goes on that she's not the only one round there telling lies: he hasn't got a job - or a mate with a flat; he's bunking down in a filthy spot with maybe two bucks to his name; that's where his dad found him - and that's why he got mad: because he couldn't stand his father knowing the truth; he was just as angry with himself as he was with Katie. Jeff asks, "What about The Acorn?" Jeff explains that he pawned his signet ring to pay for it. He continues that his grandmother gave it to him when he was sixteen, but he asked Jill out before he knew what he was doing; he knew he couldn't afford it, but that's where the Carlyle pride gets in the way. He smiles and adds that it was a good lunch, though! He then goes on that he reckons his dad knew he enjoyed it, too - he started to dangle the high-life in front of his nose again. Jeff says, "You didn't give in?" Luke replies that that pride thing works both ways. Jeff tells him that if he needs any help, he knows where to come. Luke, though, replies that he's made a deal with his dad - he can't accept any help from the O'Briens at all. Jeff suggests that at least he could have some food. Luke, though, insists that he's got to do it by himself. Jeff tells him to keep in touch. Luke replies that he will. He then says he's got to go and see Jill. Jeff comments that he's a bit keen, isn't he? - they only had lunch a couple of hours ago. Luke points out that she's only next door. Jeff says, "Fallen in love, eh?" Luke admits that maybe he has... He goes.

A few moments later, Luke is standing on the doorstep at the Palmers', and as Jill opens the door, he smiles and says, "Long time, no see!" Jill invites him in. As he stands in the hallway, Luke asks her if she'd like to have dinner with him. Jill asks if he means tonight, and then adds that he's a fast mover. Luke tells her that it won't be as much of an extravaganza as lunch. Jill suggests, "Fish and chips?" Luke replies that that's fine by him. He suggests that they meet in the park, but Jill tells him that Beryl is going out and she has to mind Fee - so why don't they eat there? Luke tells her that he'll buy them and bring them round. He asks her if she minds, as he doesn't want to get in the way of anything. Jill tells her, "Not at all." He turns and goes, leaving Jill smiling happily.

At Roger's apartment, Katie yells at Roger that he doesn't care what happens to other people as long as he gets what he wants. Roger, looking surprised, asks what brought this on. Katie snaps that he tried to stop her father earning a living - and he's been stringing her along. Roger asks how. Katie retorts that she trusted him - she thought he wanted to help her. Roger insists that he does: she's a sensible, intelligent girl-- Katie interrupts and snaps, "Don't try that on again. I know exactly what type of person you are." Roger tells her not to blame him for everything - he could go back to Perth tomorrow and her family wouldn't be any better off. Katie snaps that they couldn't be much worse. Roger tells her that Luke is the problem - he's trouble wherever he goes; while he's still around, the O'Briens will never be settled. He tells Katie that if she really wants to help, do one little thing for him, and then Luke and he will both leave. Katie snaps that she won't do anything for him. Roger replies that he's afraid, then, that Luke will just go on making trouble for them. Katie storms out.

Jim and Patricia arrive back at Toorak, and Jim exclaims that they won - by three goals! Patricia smiles and tells him that once she got warmed up... Jim excitedly tells her that the umpire didn't step out of line once! He adds that it's a great game, isn't it - it grows on you! He then tells Patricia that he'll have to come round and teach her to play! Patricia, looking bemused, replies that she's grateful for the offer, but she'll buy a book - but if he'd like to come round anyway... Jim replies that he'd love to: after lunch? Patricia smiles and says that will be fine. Jim says to her that he didn't think she'd enjoy the footy. Patricia agrees that, frankly, neither did she! She offers him a drink, but he says he'd better get home. Patricia thanks him for her first footy match. Jim tells her that he'll see her tomorrow. He turns to go, but Patricia suddenly remembers that she's still wearing his scarf and hat, and she hands them back to him. He goes, leaving Patricia laughing!

Later that day, Luke arrives at the Palmer house, and as he sees that Jill has set the table neatly, he comments that it looks very nice. Jill points out that it's not exactly The Acorn, but Luke assures her that he thinks it's better in a lot of ways. Jill smiles and says, "Like on the wallet?" Luke points out that at least they've stopped trying to impress each other. Jill assures him that she was being herself. Luke glumly replies that that's more than he can say. Jill asks him what he's been hiding. Luke replies that he thinks there are a few things she ought to know. Before he can say any more, though, the 'phone starts ringing, and Jill answers it. It's Fiona. She asks Jill how she is. Jill curtly replies that she's alright. Fiona says, "And Fee?" Jill replies that she's alright, too - it's just that-- Fiona pleads with her to please not put her off. Jill awkwardly explains that she just can't talk at the moment - she has someone there to tea. Fiona tells her that they've got to talk sometime. Jill replies that she knows, but not now. Fiona asks when, then. Jill says she doesn't know; soon - she'll call her back soon - she promises. She hangs up. Luke asks her if there's anything he can do. Jill tells him that there isn't. She then reminds him that he was going to tell her something. Luke quickly explains that it's that he's not usually rude to waiters; he's usually shy... considerate... retiring... Jill laughs. Luke insists that it's true: he's a gentleman in all respects! He hands her a chip!

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Mike angrily asks Heather how long ago Katie left. Heather retorts that it was a couple of hours ago. Mike snaps at her that she let her go, knowing what kind of animal Roger Carlyle is. Heather tells him that she had to show Katie trust. Mike angrily asks how many times Katie has lied to them in the last six months. Heather insists that she was telling the truth this time. Mike snaps that that's not the only thing Katie has been keeping to herself - they know Roger is interested in her. Heather assures him that Katie would run a mile if he so much as put a hand on her. Mike angrily asks how she knows what's going on inside Katie's head. Heather retorts that she was the one around when Katie was growing up; she was the one who helped her through her first experience with boys; they had a lot of honest talks, and Katie said she's not going to sleep with anyone before she gets married. Mike snaps that he's heard that before. Heather insists that it holds with Katie. Mike snaps that she's lied about seeing Roger - and there are one or two other things she's been keeping to herself. Heather tells him that they were white lies; they've all been guilty of telling lies in the past. Jeff is sitting in the lounge room, listening to the yelling, when Katie arrives home. Hearing the raised voices, she asks him what's going on. Jeff snaps at her that she should know - she started it, going back and seeing Mr. Carlyle again. Katie snaps back at him, "Look who's talking. Whose idea was it to get involved with the Carlyles? I warned you not to send that money to Luke." Jeff tells her not to try and offload it onto Luke. Katie retorts that he's at the bottom of all this. Jeff snaps at her that she knows it's her fault, but she hasn't got the guts to admit it. In the kitchen, Heather yells at Mike that most of the times he was wrong and he didn't know. Mike snaps, "I see." Heather goes on that she was the one that was always there; he was so busy that he didn't realise anything was wrong half the time. Mike snaps that he's not so busy now - and he's been taking a keen interest in what's been going on; it's time his opinion was given just a little respect. Heather tells him that there's no point getting worked up over it - they have to wait until Katie gets home. Mike snaps, "Whenever that might be." Katie is standing outside the kitchen, listening as Heather replies that it shouldn't be too much longer. Mike snaps that he'll drive over there and pick her up. Heather, though, tells him, "No." She goes on that Katie knows she trusts her; if they go barging in there now, it looks like she's betrayed her again. Mike angrily asks what Katie has done to them. Heather warns him to keep his voice down, or Jeff might hear... They quieten down so that Katie can't hear anything anymore. She walks over to the 'phone in the lounge room - which is now empty - and dials a number. The call is answered by Roger, and Katie tells him that it's her. Roger, looking surprised, says, "Hello." Katie snaps at him not to get the idea that she's changed her mind about him, because she hasn't. Roger asks why the call, then. Katie explains that she's been thinking: she doesn't want her parents fighting like they were before they broke up. She then asks him, "What do you want me to do?" Roger explains that he wants to meet Jill - Luke's friend. Katie tells him that Jill won't be interested in him. Roger assures her that that's not why he wants to meet her. He asks her, "You going to introduce us or not?"


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