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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Gordon cries, "Help me..." He collapses to the ground, apparently unconscious. The front door suddenly opens and Irene comes in. She sees what's happening and immediately tells everyone to stand back. When people start to protest, she pushes them back and snaps that she knows what she's doing. She then bends down over Gordon and starts performing mouth-to-mouth. Andy goes and calls an ambulance. Irene pumps Gordon's chest to try and get him to start breathing again, and he eventually starts coughing. Andy hangs up announces that the ambulance is on its way. As Gordon regains consciousness, Barbara cries. "Thank God..." Wayne turns and glares at Andy and snaps, "It's all your stupid bloody fault." Irene snaps at him to shut up - if he hasn't got anything sensible to say, clear out; it's the last thing Gordon needs.

A few minutes later, an ambulance races up the driveway to the house and stops outside the front door. The paramedics open the rear doors, let down the ramp and lift out a stretcher. They take it inside. Meanwhile, Wayne comes out of the house and stands in the driveway, looking worried. He sighs heavily. The noise of the paramedics coming back out of the house disturbs him, and he turns to watch as Gordon is wheeled out, taken round to the back of the ambulance and lifted in. Andy comes out and tells the paramedics that they'll meet them at the hospital. Wayne walks over to his car, which is parked further down the drive. The ambulance sirens start up again as it drives off.

Inside, Fiona is standing with David, Terry and Irene, and she says she wondered what on earth had happened. She tells Irene that it's just as well she knew what to do, as she probably saved his life. Terry asks Irene where she learnt first aid. Irene just replies that she picked it up along the way. She then announces that she's going out for some fresh air, and she leaves them. When she's gone, David remarks that he never thought Irene would be the sort of woman who could handle something like that. Fiona points out that you mustn't judge by first impressions. Terry chips in that, when he first met her, he thought she was a lady who was just out for a good time. Fiona comments that there's a lot more to her than they realise. Terry asks to be excused, and he wanders off. David asks Fiona what brought Gordon's attack on. Fiona replies that it was an argument, judging by all the yelling she could hear - something to do with Andy.

Outside, Wayne is sitting in his car, trying to start it, but it refuses to go. Amanda is in Andy's van, and they're heading down the driveway when they see Wayne stuck there. Amanda tells Andy to stop. Andy retorts that Wayne isn't worth it, but Amanda replies that she still loves him. Wayne gets out of his car, opens the bonnet and starts fiddling with something. Amanda comes over to him and asks him if he'd like to come to the hospital with her. Wayne snaps that her boyfriend's going to give her a lift there, isn't he? He slams down the bonnet, gets back in the car and turns the ignition key again. This time the engine starts, and he puts his foot down and roars off. Amanda watches him go, looking upset. She then walks back to the van and gets in. Andy asks her if she's alright. Amanda snaps that, yes, she's fine. They drive off.

At the back of the house, Irene is sitting by the edge of the pool. Terry wanders over and joins her, telling her that she looks as though she could do with someone to talk to. Irene explains that the drama in there got her thinking. Terry asks what about. Irene replies that there are a few things that she hasn't thought about for a long time. Terry sits down next to her and reminds her that he was pretty good at bashing her ear when he needed someone to listen; why doesn't she try the same thing with him? Irene admits that she supposes talking does help. Terry tells her that of course it does. He adds, "Come on - out with it." Irene, though, suddenly appears to have a change of heart, and she tells him that she thinks it would probably be better if she keeps her mouth shut. She adds distantly, "What's the point in going over a whole lot of things that are... gone." She goes on, "'Live for today' - that's what life is all about." She then tells Terry that she'll let him shout her a beer inside while she tries to chat-up CB! Terry assures her that she can trust him - they're mates. Irene stands up and replies that she might... but give her a bit of time; it's something not too many people know about her - not now, anyway. She walks off.

Beryl is walking along the street to the Palmer house, when she spots Jim standing on the pavement by the O'Briens' front gate, playing with Titus and telling him to get back inside, as they're not going down to the park! Beryl looks at him. Jim spots her standing there and explains that Titus wants to go to the park, but he's off to the children's home. Beryl snaps, "Really?" She then turns and heads up the path to the house. Jim walks to his car.

A short time later, in the kitchen at the Palmers', Lynn tells Beryl that she's not hungry. Beryl retorts that Muriel told her that Lynn didn't eat breakfast and only had a little bit for lunch, so a tiny sandwich won't hurt. Lynn snaps that she thinks she can decide when she wants something to eat. Beryl retorts that so can she. She puts a plate down in front of Lynn and tells her, "Eat." Lynn nervously picks up her napkin but, when Beryl has her back turned, she tears a piece off the sandwich and hides it in the napkin. Beryl sourly says to her that she bets Jim O'Brien was heading off to see Patricia - she hopes they have a nice afternoon. Lynn looks at Davey, who's sitting at the table with her, and snaps, "Look at the mess you've made." Beryl, looking surprised, points out that he's only a baby - Lynn is being an old grump. She goes to clear up the mess on the table, and Lynn asks her if she'd like a cup of tea. Beryl says she would, and so Lynn stands up - picking up the rest of the sandwich and concealing it in her napkin, which she then puts it in with the rubbish while Beryl's back is turned. When Beryl finishes wiping up the mess, she notices that the sandwich is gone and remarks that Lynn must have been hungry after all. She offers the girl some cake, but Lynn declines. Changing the subject, she asks if Jim got embarrassed when he saw Beryl this afternoon. Beryl just replies, "Yes". Lynn looks worried.

Jim and Patricia are driving along, and Patricia says that Mrs. Ryan was very keen for her to see for herself the sort of children she'd be helping. Jim tells her that it's all part of the hard sell, and Patricia agrees that it could be. Jim, though, goes on that he's sure Margaret would be very pleased to know what she's doing. They arrive at the children's home and pull up directly outside. There are children playing with a ball nearby, but one young red-headed girl is standing on her own, watching the car closely. The other children run over to the car as Jim gets out, and he cheerily asks them how they are. They all yell that they're fine! Jim takes out a bag of jellybeans and offers them around. The children start taking them, while Patricia admonishes him that you can't bribe them! Jim suddenly spots the red-headed girl standing on her own, and he approaches her and asks her if she'd like a jellybean. The girl stiffly tells him that they rot your teeth. Jim replies that they don't if you brush them afterwards. The girl still insists, "No thanks." Jim asks her how long she's been there. The girl asks him why he'd care. Jim explains that he's interested, but the girl snaps that she doesn't believe him, and she walks off. Patricia smiles and tells Jim that he can't bribe all of the people all of the time! Jim looks bemused at the girl's responses. He and Patricia go inside. When they've disappeared from view, the girl walks over to the car and looks in through the windows.

Andy and Amanda arrive back at the Morrell apartment, and Amanda, looking worried, says she wonders how long Gordon will have to stay in for. Andy points out that he's in intensive care, so he can't see them letting him out too quickly. Amanda says she hopes the tests don't show anything too serious. Andy replies that he's lucky to be alive. Amanda retorts that that's no thanks to Wayne. She adds that he won't know what's hit him when he has to take over Gordon's business deals. Andy, though, tells her that it wasn't Wayne's fault - it all comes back to him. Amanda retorts that that's nonsense - it's Wayne's stupid jealousy. Andy offers her a drink, but she declines. She then goes on that it's bad enough that Wayne won't believe that she and Andy aren't having an affair, but what he did to her at the car finished it; she just wanted to show him that she still cares; still loves him; but too bad - he's blown it properly this time. She pulls her wedding ring off her finger and angrily continues that if she's the two-timer he's going round saying she is, she might just live up to it: tonight, at the gig, if someone shows some interest in her, she might just go along with it; to hell with Wayne. Andy stares at her.

Barbara and Wayne arrive back at Dural and walk slowly into the lounge room, both looking anxious. Barbara sobs that she doesn't believe it - it's just not possible. Wayne gently tells her to come on; snap out of it. He offers her a stiff brandy. She doesn't respond, so he goes on that he knows she doesn't like to solve problems with drink, but there are times when a quick snort can help. He goes to the bar, pours two glasses and holds one out to Barbara. He then suggests that she sit down and try to relax. Barbara obediently sits down and takes the glass. She then cries that she's just realised that she's always thought of Gordon as being there; it never occured to her that she could lose him. Wayne reminds her that she hasn't lost him; it'll be alright. Barbara, though, cries that it's possible that she could have lost him just like she lost Roland - and she doesn't think she could face that. Wayne tells her to stop that, but Barbara goes on that she always kidded herself that she could carry on no matter what - but when she has to face reality, it's very difficult. Wayne tells her that Gordon isn't going to be helped by her being a pessimist; the best thing she can do is to think positively - it's about time they worked together on something, isn't it? Barbara sniffs, "Yes." She tells Wayne that having him there will make it a lot easier - she knows how much he cares for his father. Wayne replies that the same goes for him.

Patricia and Jim emerge from the children's home, accompanied by the matron. Patricia thanks her and tells her that she'll think over the proposal and let Mrs. Ryan know as soon as possible. The matron thanks her for her interest and she thanks Jim for being a new friend to the children. Jim smiles and says it's probably because he's a big kid himself! The matron herds the children - who are still playing - inside, and Patricia and Jim return to Jim's car. As they stand next to it, Jim remarks to Patricia that she could be up for quite a donation. Patricia agrees that it's a little more than she had anticipated. Jim smiles and says, "A little!" They get in the car, Jim starts the engine and drives off. As they move along, Patricia says she'll just have to go through the books and see where she stands. As she talks, neither of them spot the red-headed girl lying on the back seat, covered by a blanket. Jim tells Patricia that, even if she doesn't go as far as she planned, there must be something she can do. Patricia agrees that that's true, but it would be nice to say that the entire wing was a memorial to Margaret.

A while later, the car pulls up outside Toorak, and Jim says to Patricia that he can't help being grateful that he was brought up the way he was after seeing those kids in there. Patricia agrees that it makes you realise how lucky you were - no matter how bad you thought your childhood was. They get out of the car. Jim checks round and looks in the windows. He suddenly spots the girl lying on the back seat and exclaims in surprise, "What's this?!" The girl sits up.

A few moments later, Jim is carrying the girl into Toorak. She is struggling to get away from him, and he tells her to take it easy. The girl cries, "Let me go. Let me go." They head into the lounge room, and Jim puts her down. He asks her what the big idea is; where would she have gone? The girl, though, doesn't answer. Instead, she runs towards the door - stopping off to kick Patricia in the shin when she gets in the way. Jim quickly stops her and the girl cries at him to leave her alone. Jim tells Patricia to call Mrs. Ryan. He holds the still-struggling girl.

On the 'phone to Mrs. Ryan, Patricia says they had absolutely no idea... no, she hasn't been any real trouble... she tried to run away, but they managed to convince her that it's not such a good idea. She then tells her that if she could, that would be terrific. She hangs up. The girl immediately cries that her mother doesn't like her being in that place. Jim asks why. The girl tells him that they keep you there. Jim asks her why her mother doesn't take her away. The girl says she doesn't know - but every time she goes home, her mother's really happy; everything's terrific until they come to get you again. Jim asks her what she doesn't like about the home. The girl replies that it's the way they treat you. Patricia tells her that Mrs. Ryan is coming to pick her up, and she asks her if she wants something to eat. The girl declines. Jim asks Patricia if Mrs. Ryan told her what the story is. Patricia replies that there weren't any details. The girl starts wandering round the lounge room. As she goes to open the door of a cabinet, Jim tells her not to touch it, but Patricia assures her that it will be alright - it's only the television behind it. The girl, sounding disappointed, asks if that's it. She then goes on that when she gets a job, she'll buy a bigger house than this one and her mother and brother will live in it with her. Patricia comments that that will be nice. The girl continues that then, no one will be able to tell her what to do anymore. She leaves the cabinet and walks over to where the decanter and glasses are sitting on the drinks table. She picks up one of the glasses and examines it closely. Meanwhile, Patricia tells Jim that the girl reminds her of when she was a kid: her parents weren't terribly well off, but she had a rich aunt; she can still remember going to her house for the first time and seeing all the beautiful things there; she hated her cousin because she used to delight in telling her aunt whenever she touched something. She distantly adds that it's funny how memories come back so vividly sometimes.

Fiona shakes Irene's hand in the hallway at Dural and says, "Bye bye." She adds that she'll leave Terry to see her off, as she's going upstairs to check on Barbara. Before she leaves them, she tells Irene that it was a very lucky day for all of them when Terry picked her place to stay - she can't think of anybody she'd rather be in partnership with. Irene tells her, "'Til we have our first blue!" Fiona walks off and Irene turns to go. Terry, though, stops her, and remarks that she almost dropped her bundle again just now. Irene looks surprised. Terry tells her that she hasn't been the same all day. He asks her if she's thought any more about what she was saying by the pool earlier. Irene replies that she has a bit; there were just some forgotten memories... the way things might have been. She then tells Terry that she's a doctor, but it's a long time since she practiced, before turning and leaving.

Shirley Ryan arrives at Toorak, and Patricia tells her that the girl is in the lounge room with Mr. O'Brien. Shirley says she's sorry for all the inconvenience that Patricia has been put to - she hopes it's not going to change her impression of the home. Patricia assures her that it won't. She then goes on that she's more concerned about Lucy - she was saying her mother wants to take her out of the home, but the authorities wouldn't let her. Shirley explains that it's a very sad case: Lucy hangs onto the story because it's the only way she can cope with the truth. Patricia says she'd like to hear it. Shirley tells her that Lucy's mother is in poor health and has a 13-year-old son as well; Lucy is a bit of a handful to look after, and with her mother's low income, it was only a matter of time before she realised that a home such as theirs was the answer; it's the third time Lucy's run away now: she goes home, and her mother tries to cope for a while, but then it's only a matter of time before she realises that she has to send her back. She tells Patricia that it's so sad - her mother is always broken-hearted when she contacts them. Patricia sympathetically remarks, "Poor woman." Jim brings Lucy out from the lounge room. Shirley thanks Patricia for her trouble. Patricia replies that there's no harm done. Shirley and Lucy go, leaving Patricia and Jim looking thoughtful.

Davey is standing in the kitchen at the Palmers', banging his toys together. Lynn and Beryl are sitting at the table, and Beryl is showing something to Lynn, telling her that she thought Kevin might prefer that pattern. Lynn suddenly yells at Davey to stop it. Davey looks at her in surprise and stops. Beryl, looking shocked at the outburst, picks him up and tells him to come into the lounge room. Lynn sits there, looking annoyed with herself. Beryl comes back in and tells her that her temper's getting worse - she shouldn't take it out on Davey just because she feels awful about Andy. Lynn immediately snaps at her, "You should talk." Beryl looks at her in surprise as she tells her that she's been like a bear with a sore head ever since she saw Jim O'Brien this afternoon - so don't start giving her lectures. She gets up to leave. Beryl sighs, and then picks up the cups that are on the kitchen table. She goes to empty the dregs into the rubbish. As she does so, she suddenly notices the uneaten sandwich lying in the rubbish. She follows Lynn out to the lounge room and angrily tells her that they'd better have a few words.

A few moments later, in the kitchen, Beryl asks Lynn if she doesn't know how dangerous it is. Lynn snaps that it's her business. Beryl retorts that dieting is one thing, but starving is another. Lynn snaps that she's not starving herself - she's just fasting for a couple of days to make sure she's alright for the commercial. Beryl tells her that she saw a programme on TV about it. Lynn asks her what she means. Beryl replies, "Anorexia nervosa." Lynn smiles awkwardly and tells her not to be ridiculous - she hasn't got that. Beryl asks, "Haven't you?" She then goes on that the people they showed were doing the same things as her: pretending to eat and then getting rid of it... it looks like the same thing to her. Lynn snaps that that's rubbish - Beryl's just trying to force food onto her and she doesn't feel like it. Beryl tells her to go and see a doctor. Lynn retorts that she's being stupid. Beryl asks her why she doesn't go and prove her wrong, then - one of the big things that the programme pointed out is that people who are anorexic don't even realise it, even though it's pointed out to them. Lynn insists that she's not starving herself - she just wants to make sure she's alright to work. She adds that Beryl knows why she wants to keep herself busy, and she's making it harder for her. Beryl retorts that she thinks Lynn should be over Andy by now. She goes on that it's not fair on Kevin that she's not making more of an effort to get over him. Lynn starts crying and sobs that she's sorry she's not perfect; she's been trying very hard and she can't help the way she feels - and quite frankly, she's sick of trying. She runs out in tears.

Andy is pacing the Morrell apartment. He looks at his watch and then calls to Amanda to tell her to hurry up or they're going to be late and he'll lose the job. Amanda emerges from her bedroom. She's all dressed up, and has re-styled her hair. She asks Andy what he thinks: nice? Andy replies that sure she looks nice, but she's to remember that she's coming to work. Amanda retorts that there's no harm in having fun as well, is there? They go out.

In the lounge room at Dural, Fiona says she can't believe Irene is serious. Terry tells her that Irene said she was a doctor and she was dead serious. Fiona comments, "The idea of Irene being a doctor..." David asks her if she reckons Irene is the full quid - none of them know her very well. Terry says he thinks he can vouch for her - he's got to know her quite well. Fiona replies that she'd still like to have some proof. David agrees, "Me too." Barbara suddenly snaps that it's not really very important; she's very grateful that she is, or Gordon might not be in hospital now.

Beryl is standing by the front gate outside the Palmer house when she sees a taxi pull up outside the Hardys'. Lynn comes out of the house with tears streaming down her eyes, and carrying a couple of bags. Looking surprised, Beryl walks over to her and asks her where she's going. Lynn retorts that she's off to see Andy. She goes on that she told Beryl before that she's sick of fighting the way she feels. Looking astonished, Beryl asks, "What about Kevin?" Lynn snaps that she doesn't want to talk about it. Beryl asks about Davey. Lynn replies that her mum is looking after him. Beryl asks her what her parents have to say about all this. Lynn retorts that they think she's going to Sydney on a modelling job - and there's no need for them to know anything else, is there? Beryl tells Lynn that she doesn't know what she's doing; she's not well from not eating. Lynn snaps that she's not interested. Beryl asks her if she can't see that she's not her normal self. Lynn snaps again that she said she's not interested. She then walks over to the taxi, gets in it and it drives off, leaving Beryl standing on the pavement, looking worried.


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