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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A few moments later, Patricia is sitting in the lounge room. Jill tells her to calm down - Jim will find him if there's somebody there. Patricia insists that she's not making it up - there was a note. Jim comes into the room and announces that there's no sign of anybody - not even a sign of someone trying to get in. Patricia snaps that she doesn't know how, but somebody has a key - it has to be Terry. Jim points out that she doesn't have any proof. Patricia retorts that he stayed there not that long ago - he'll have a key. She asks him if he doesn't see: she's been right all along: it's time for the police to be brought in. Jim, looking worried, tells her to hang on a minute: why don't they go to the Palmers' and put it to Terry? Patricia snaps, "At last - something positive." Jim goes on that she's not to go barging in making accusations - he'll do the talking, OK? Patricia reluctantly says, "Alright," and she heads to the door. Jim tells Jill that it's the only way. Patricia impatiently calls to him from the front door to ask him whether they're going or not.

A while later, at the front door of Palmers', Terry snaps that he doesn't know what the hell they're talking about - he's had enough of being hassled for one day. Jim explains that he just wants to get to the bottom of it. Patricia suddenly barges past Terry and walks into the lounge room. Terry angrily asks her what she's doing. Patricia retorts that they're going to talk whether he likes it or not. She then goes on that he has a key to the house and he left a note on the dining room table not more than an hour ago - try denying it. Katie suddenly comes out of the kitchen and says, "I'll do it for him." She goes on that Terry couldn't have been anywhere an hour ago, as she's been there with him for two hours - probably more; they were standing talking outside, and when she found out that Beryl was out, she offered to cook him dinner - she's been there ever since. She turns to Jim and insists that she's telling the truth. Jim tells Terry that he's sorry - they're barking up the wrong tree. Patricia snaps that Terry still has a key. Terry retorts that she's wrong there, as well: he borrowed Fiona's key when he stayed at the house. Patricia snaps that Fiona is behind all of this. Terry tells her that she can't be because she went up to Sydney this arvo - she took Davey up to Lynn. Jim suggests to Patricia that they let it ride. Patricia, though, goes on that it has to be Beryl - she's the most likely one, come to think of it. Terry tells her that she's not scoring too well: Beryl rang a couple of hours ago - she's with Mrs. Ryan and her husband at the kid's home. Patricia angrily snaps, "Fine... fine..." She goes on that they've all got good excuses - but they'll never convince her that the three of them aren't behind this; she'll find the proof - Terry has got somebody working for him, and he's not going to get away with this. She storms out. Terry tells Jim that he's got a problem there - she's flipped. He adds that, if Jim believes her, he's not as sensible as he thought he was. Jim grimly comments, "Fair enough." He goes. Alone with Katie, Terry remarks, "Boy, has he got trouble." Katie says she wishes Jim had never got mixed up with her. Terry tells her that he's glad she decided to play cook tonight; he hates to think where he would have ended up if she hadn't been around.

Patricia and Jim arrive back at Toorak. As they stand in the hallway, Jill joins them and asks how it went. Jim replies that there's no way it could have been Terry. Jill tells the two of them that she had another look around - there's no sign of anyone. Patricia angrily snaps that it's all in her head, is it? Jim tells her that they're not saying that at all, but there's no one there now. He suggests to her that she take a tablet and go to bed. Patricia snaps that she hasn't gone off her head - there was a note. Jim assures her that he knows that, but her nerves have taken a bashing and she could so with some sleep. Jill tells her that she'll take her upstairs. Patricia snaps that somebody got in before and they'll get in again. Jim assures her that he'll walk past her bedroom every five minutes - "Now, just get some sleep."

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Katie asks Terry where the beater is. Terry has a look in one of the drawers and takes out the metal implement. Katie looks at it and explains that she meant the electric beater. Terry comments, "Search me!" Katie says it'll have to do. Terry asks what his next job is. Katie tells him to find the veggies and do them. Terry starts looking in the cupboards. As he does so, he tells Katie that she's quite a girl. Katie smiles and says, "Oh?" Terry goes on that she's cooking him a meal after he was getting accused of doing something a bit suss; other girls her age would run a mile. Katie suggests that maybe she's a bit different to other girls her age. Terry agrees that maybe she is... Katie tells him that she knows about him and the baby - it's a pretty rotten thing to happen to him, and what's likely to happen to him. Terry just says, "Yeah, well..." Katie goes on that the least she can do is cook him a meal. Terry grimly replies that, if Patricia is going to keep having a go at him, it's probably good if he has a few alibis up his sleeve! Katie smiles and says she'd better make sure she's around, then. Terry replies that that's fine by him! He finds some onions and asks if they'll do. Katie laughs.

At Toorak, Jill wanders into the lounge room, and Jim comments that he wondered where she'd got to. Jill explains that Patricia took forever to go to sleep, even after the pills. Jim remarks that she's not holding up too well, is she - the way she went off at the Palmers' and coming back there... he reckons Jill might be right about her heading for another breakdown. As they talk, they don't hear the front door opening very, very quietly. Someone walks into the house, wearing blue jeans and brown boots. In the lounge room, Jill tell Jim that it certainly seems like Patricia is heading for a breakdown again. Jim asks if she could be talked into seeing a doctor. The intruder quietly closes the door and creeps upstairs as Jill replies that it won't be easy, but he might have a chance. Jim tells her that he's glad she agrees with him that Patricia really is imagining things. Jill comments that everything points to it. She adds that she reckons the only spooks around there are the ones in Patricia's head...

A while later, Jim and Jill are sitting in the living room, having something to eat, and Jim remarks that he's beginning to wonder what he let himself in for. Jill comments that he really liked Patricia. Jim replies that he still does - but when she first started leaning on him, she was really starting to come out of her shell - and then, all of a sudden, she goes off the deep end. He goes on that, after the way she's been talking about someone being after her and then after how she went on at Terry today, and then Fiona Thompson and Beryl... it makes you think. Jill remarks that it sounds like he's going to walk out on her. Jim tells her that, to be honest, he'd like to, but she obviously needs help at the moment. There's a sudden scream from upstairs, and Jill jumps in her seat. She and Jim both rush out into the hallway. Patricia is running downstairs and crying that there was a man in the doorway - she was half asleep and then some noise work her up, and when she looked up, there he was - and then he just disappeared and closed the door behind him. Jim, looking astonished, tells her to pull herself together - he and Jill went over the whole house; it's the sleeping pills playing tricks on her. Patricia snaps that she's telling them that there's somebody in the house - they've got a key and they're letting themselves in and out. She angrily cries, "For God's sake, why won't you believe me?" She heads into the living room. Jim tells Jill that she'll try and talk her into seeing a doctor.

The next morning, a doctor is with Patricia in the lounge room, and he tells her that there's nothing wrong with her in the physical sense. Patricia snaps that she's perfectly aware of that; what's he suggesting? The doctor replies that her recent history shows that she has a tendency to let things get her down; her doctor suggested that she set up regular appointments with a psychiatrist after she left the sanitarium. Upon hearing this, Patricia snaps that the only reason she agreed to see him was to satisfy her friends - she's not making this up no matter how much he'd like to think she is. She adds that she'll see him out. The doctor tells her that he's only suggesting it for her own well-being - he can't force her to do it, but she should take his advice if she doesn't want to find herself back in the sanitarium. Patricia opens the door and he goes. She then walks into the living room. Jim and Jill are sitting at the table, and she tells them that she was given a clean bill of health. She then goes on that she's now going to do what she should have done yesterday: get all the locks changed. Jim chips in that he was about to suggest the same thing. Patricia asks him if he'll stay tonight if the locks aren't finished. Jim replies that he'll see how things go - he's already taking a sickie so he can spend the day with her. Patricia says she'd better shower and change, and she heads off upstairs. Jill grimly comments that you can't keep up with her, can you. Jim replies that they should hope it's a sign that she's going back to normal.

Terry is fixing the tap in the kitchen at the Palmers', and he comments to Beryl that it wasn't dripping last night. Beryl says she supposes it had to happen sometime. She then goes on that she can't get over what Patricia tried to do yesterday - and even more annoyingly, that she can't get Shirley Ryan to stop Patricia seeing Lucy. Terry comments that there's no way the children's home will let Patricia's money get out of the window, eh? Beryl tells him that she doesn't think they'd let a child's welfare come second to money; the point is, Shirley said the visits to Patricia are doing Lucy the world of good - she's behaving better, she's happier... Terry grimly comments that if Mrs. Ryan didn't want to know, she's off her rocker. Beryl starts doing some ironing and asks Terry if he's got any idea what's behind the nonsense at Patricia's. Terry replies that it's nothing as far as he's concerned - she's just trying to stir things up for people; look what would have happened to them and Fiona if they couldn't prove what they were doing yesterday. Beryl tells him that he's right. She then adds that it makes her so mad that that woman is in a position to have influence over a kid like Lucy. Terry repeats that, like he said, there's nothing they can do. Beryl, though, tells him that it doesn't mean she can't keep eye on her comings and goings - they all know she's not fit to look after a child, and she's going to make damn sure Lucy doesn't come to any harm...

Patricia, having showered and dressed up smartly, joins Jim and Jill in the lounge room at Toorak, and Jill comments that it's quite a change. Patricia replies that she should hope so. Jill tells her that Jim suggested they take Fee out on a picnic; what does she think? Patricia replies that she's not sure it's a good idea - the locksmith won't be there 'til 10:30am and he'll be there for most of the day; and Lucy's coming over. Jim realises that he'd forgotten that. He asks if they shouldn't cancel the visit with everything that's been going on. Patricia, though, tells him that that's nonsense: Lucy will help her take her mind off things.

Sometime later, outside, Patricia, Jim and Lucy are playing with the football again, as Jill watches from the verandah while she does some knitting. There's a locksmith behind her, working on the front door. Jim runs over to Jill and comments that Patricia's mood has improved since Lucy arrived. Jill remarks that it's a pity about the picnic - it's a real drag having to keep Fee inside all the time. She adds that she wonders why Lucy is so anti babies. Jim tells her that he can understand it now: when he took her back to the home the other day, the matron told him what the problem is. He explains that Lucy's dad was killed in an accident when her mum was pregnant; she managed alright with money and so on until the baby was born, but then, with Lucy and her brother and the kid, she found it hard to make ends meet; when she put Lucy in the home, she blamed it all on the baby. Jill, looking sympathetic, says, "Poor kid - it's a bit hard to explain at that age." The locksmith walks over to them and tells them that he's just got the back door to do now. Jill says to Jim that the only way to get in through the door now is to break it down - she hopes it puts Patricia's mind at ease. Patricia kicks the football into the shrubbery and Lucy runs after it. As she retrieves it, she doesn't notice someone wearing blue jeans and brown boots standing partially-hidden by the bushes nearby. When she runs off again, the intruder walks quietly round to the back of the house, puts a key in the back door lock, opens the door, heads inside and closes the door again...

A while later, in the living room, lunch is over and Patricia asks Lucy how it was. Lucy exclaims that she likes pizzas better! She then asks if she can go outside and have another kick of the ball. Patricia warns her not to overdo it! Lucy gets up and goes. Jim remarks that the girl certainly seems more relaxed - and so does Patricia. Patricia replies that having the locks changed made all the difference. Jill suggests that, if they're going out, she'd better feed Fee, and she gets up and leaves the room. Patricia says to Jim that she doesn't want to labour the point, but can he stay again tonight? - she'd just feel better if he was there. Jill's voice suddenly shrieks from the lounge room, "Oh no..." Patricia and Jim run in there to find Jill standing over an empty bassinet. Jill cries that something has happened to Fee. Patricia says it must be 'him' - he must have come in while they were eating. Jim, though, tells them to just calm down, and he heads outside.

Lucy is sitting on the verandah, holding Fee and fussing over her, saying, "Aren't you a pretty little girl!" Jim comes out and approaches the girl cautiously. He asks if he can have Fee. Patricia and Jill follow him out and Jill smiles in relief as Jim hands her daughter to her. Lucy asks what's wrong - she was just telling her that she likes her. Patricia suddenly snaps, "You silly little girl - how dare you take Jill's baby without telling us. You scared us half to death." She suddenly lashes out and slaps Lucy round the face. Lucy, looking shocked, stands up and runs off. Jim snaps at Patricia that she's really capped it all now. He heads off after Lucy. Jill says to Patricia that she's sure the girl didn't mean any harm.

Katie is at the Palmers', and as Beryl escorts her into the lounge room, she calls to Terry that he's got a visitor. Terry comes out and says, "G'day." Katie excitedly tells him that she got her first cheque for one of her computer games, and she thought it might be nice if the two of them went out tonight to celebrate - they could go to the movies, or something. Terry smiles and says that's a good idea. Katie asks him if he can call for her at about 7:30pm. Terry tells her, "Done!" and she goes. Terry then remarks to Beryl that the old charm gets them every time! Beryl, looking wary, replies that Katie is just a kid - she was the same with John and Andy when they were down there; she just likes to have friends. Realising what Beryl is implying, Terry assures her that he'll keep his hands to himself. Beryl quickly says she knows that, but she does have to live next door to the O'Briens. Terry tells her that she's made her point - he's never going to live down what he did. Beryl explains that she didn't mean that: Katie is a teenager and he's around 30. Terry says he knows she's worried about him being with a kid like that. He goes on, though, that he can tell her: he's done enough rotten things to people to last him a lifetime; that's probably what facing up to the trial is all about - he's paying for it. Beryl tells him not to go thinking about that - she was just making an observation. Terry replies that of course she is - it's just hard not to think about it, that's all.

Jill opens the door at Toorak and lets Jim and Shirley Ryan in. Jim asks how Patricia is. Jill replies that she's upset. Jim asks Shirley to wait in the hallway while he has a word with Patricia. Jill tells him that she's in the lounge room. Jim heads in there; Patricia is sitting on the settee. He tells her that he took Lucy back - she was still pretty shaken; Mrs. Ryan was there and he had to explain what happened; she's come back to have a word with her. Patricia curtly retorts that she really doesn't feel like it at the moment. Jim points out that she's going to have to talk to her sooner or later. Patricia impatiently snaps, "Alright..." Jim calls to Shirley and she comes into the room. She tells Patricia that she's very concerned about what happened. Patricia retorts that Lucy had no right to take that baby without telling them - she deserved to be reprimanded. Shirley replies that she agrees, but wasn't slapping her face a bit strong? She goes on that she child is very upset - she's afraid she'll have to call off any further visits. Patricia snaps that, in that case, it's fairly pointless her donating any of her money to their home. Shirley Ryan snaps, "Fine." She adds that she doesn't see that they need to say any more - they'll be very sorry to lose the chance to build a new wing, but if that's the way it has to be... She continues that it's probably her fault, anyway - she was warned that there might be problems allowing Lucy to visit. Patricia stands up and says angrily, "Oh, you were warned, were you?" She goes on that she gathers Shirley had dinner with Beryl Palmer; Beryl's got her claws stuck into her, has she? Shirley tells her that what happened there today made up her mind, nothing else. Patricia ignores this, though, and rants that she bets she can imagine what that self-righteous bitch had to say. Shirley says she thinks she'd better go. Patricia angrily snaps that she's going to run off and tell Beryl Palmer that she was right, is she? Jim steps in and warns her that that's enough. He goes to see Shirley out.

A short time later, Patricia and Jim are alone in the lounge room. Patricia angrily tells Jim that she doesn't give a damn - if he doesn't like the way she's behaving, he can get out. Jim furiously retorts that she's not to say one more word. He goes on that he's never taken so much from anyone in his life; he stuck around because he thought she needed somebody, but he could walk out that door right now, and he will unless she starts behaving a little bit like a human being. Patricia snaps that that's not very nice. Jim adds, "And just stay away from Beryl." Patricia snaps, "You don't think I'm going to--" Jim interrupts her and tells her to shut up. He goes on that Beryl was quite right to talk to Mrs. Ryan - you just have to look at what Patricia did to that kid see that. A sneer starts to cross Patricia's face. She then venomously tells Jim that he's so weak it's pathetic - she should have left him with boring Beryl; they're two of a kind - she should never have taken him away from her. Jim glares at her as realisation begins to dawn. Patricia tells him that he should see his face; it was so easy because he's so gullible - and it was very satisfying watching Beryl squirm when she realised she had no hope of getting him back. Jim listens, but then just says, "You.... are a very sad woman. No wonder you haven't got any friends - and you've just lost another one." He heads for the front door, leaving Patricia looking completely nonchalant. Jill is standing in the hallway, and as Jim leaves the lounge room, he remarks that she probably heard most of that. Jill admits that she did. She then asks him if he's really going. Jim replies that he's had all he can take of Patricia. He tells Jill not to go in the lounge room, and adds that if he were her, he'd get out of there as soon as he can - enough is enough. He goes. Patricia comes to the door of the lounge room. Jill glances at her, and Patricia angrily asks her what she's looking at. She then slams the door shut.

Jim arrives back at the O'Briens'. Katie tells him to guess what: she got her first cheque today! Suddenly noticing the look on his face, she asks what happened. Jim replies that he's walked out on Patricia; she made an absolute idiot of him, and because of her, he really hurt somebody decent: Beryl - he hurt her and he didn't know it. He starts laughing sadly and says he just feels like getting out of there. Katie snaps that that's what always happens: he feels rotten so he takes off. She suggests that he try making -up for a change - at least talk to Beryl. Jim glumly says he doesn't think she'll be interested now. Katie asks what happened with Patricia. Jim just replies that he won't be going back. Katie asks about the person who's supposed to be after her. Jim retorts, "If there is a person." He adds that there are new deadlocks on the the door, so he doesn't think anyone can get in - and Patricia might have done the whole thing just to cause a bit of a fuss; who knows? - either way, he doesn't think she's in any real danger.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia takes a new packet of cigarettes out of her bag, rips it open and takes out a cigarette. She then takes a sip from her glass of brandy. Suddenly appearing to decide something, she puts the cigarettes away, picks up her bag and heads to the front door. Jill is just coming downstairs and she asks Patricia where she's off to. Patricia snaps that she doesn't think it's any of Jill's business. Jill says she's going to Beryl's, isn't she. Patricia snaps, "What if I am?" Jill pleads with her to please not to - not in this mood. Patricia, though, angrily tells Jill that if she doesn't like it, she can just get out - she doesn't need her any more than she needed Jim. She opens the door and heads out. Jill sighs and walks to the 'phone in the hallway. She picks it up to ring Beryl and warn her, but to her surprise, the line is dead. She presses down the receiver a couple of times but there's still no dialling tone. She suddenly hears a door slamming. Beginning to look nervous, she calls out, "Is anyone there?" She starts walking upstairs slowly, calling out again, "Is anybody there...?"


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