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    Written by: Greg Stevens, David O'Brien   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

A while later, Irene hands Todd a drink and, putting on a brogue, tells him that there's no medicine in the world like Ma Fisher's double-dose coffee - it made the Irish what they are today! Todd smiles and says he doesn't know if he should drink it, in that case! Becoming serious, Irene goes on that she's going to give him the name of someone she wants him to get in touch with - he deals in alternative medicine. Todd, though, replies that, he's been there, done that: he's seen more doctors than she can poke a stick at - even those who practice alternative medicine. He tells Irene, "No more, though." He adds that he was bitter about it for a long time, but he's past that stage - he's accepted it now, and she's going to have to as well. Irene comments that he should tell his father. Todd replies that he will. Irene asks when. Todd, though, says, "Don't push it, eh?" Irene agrees not to. Todd tells her that he's got his own way of dealing with it - maybe he'll drift off into the sunset on the sailboard... like a Viking... Irene raises her cup to him.

Gordon, Wayne and Karen are in the lounge room at Dural. Karen is saying that, if they follow through with her proposal, they should pick up at least three new accounts in the first month; that should help the company's cashflow situation no end. Gordon agrees, "Yes... but there is something that I should warn you about: Patricia Morrell is back from London and has come up with a counter offer." Karen, looking surprised, asks if Patricia hasn't read her proposal. Gordon replies that she has, and she's opposed to it. Karen retorts that she thought he said Patricia would agree. Gordon tells her that you never know which way Patricia is going to jump. Karen replies that Patricia will be struggling to match an offer as good as hers. Gordon says he agrees - but until he's talked to her... Karen asks how she knows about the offer. Gordon explains that Barbara spoke to her briefly last night about her interest. Karen, looking thoughtful, says, "I see..." Gordon goes on that, in any event, the Directors have agreed to hold back on the decision until Patricia delivers her proposal, and then both offers can be put to the vote. Karen remarks that that seems fair. She adds, though, that of course, they understand that she can't allow her capital to sit idle for too long - she needs an answer fairly soon. Gordon tells her that it will be a few days at the very most - he promises her. Karen smiles and says, "Good!" She then stands up and adds that she's sure they'll be in contact. Wayne tells her that he'll see her out. They head out into the hallway, where Karen angrily tells him to make his excuses and meet her at her place. Wayne retorts that it's not that easy. Karen snaps, "Just do it." She goes.

A short time later, Karen's car pulls up outside the Fisher house, and Wayne pulls his car up behind hers. They both get out of their vehicles and Karen starts walking up the path towards the house. As she does so, she looks with disgust at the bright yellow car parked in the driveway, and she asks who on earth owns it. Wayne starts to say he thinks it belongs to-- Karen cuts him off, though, and snaps, "Never mind - I couldn't care less at the moment."

As they walk into the lounge room, Karen tells Wayne that if they're going to work together, she expects him to keep her informed of any problems that might arise. Wayne asks her if she means Patricia. Karen asks him why he didn't tell her that she might cause trouble. Wayne retorts that he didn't know she was going to. Karen snaps that she has, hasn't she. Wayne tells her that the last they heard of Patricia, she was on her way to London to meet the love of her life. He adds that, if he could predict what Patricia was going to do next, he'd be up there with Nostradamus! Karen wonders aloud what Barbara told her about her. Wayne asks what she knows to tell. Karen replies that there's any poison that Irene Fisher has filled her with - they're best of friends, aren't they? Wayne admits, "Yeah". Karen tells him, "There you go, then." At that moment, Irene comes into the room, and Karen exasperatedly snaps that she might have known that that pile of nuts and bolts outside was her style. She sarcastically adds that she hopes Irene is making herself comfortable. Irene retorts that she's making Todd comfortable, actually - he was over at her place and had a dizzy spell, so she brought him home. Looking concerned, Karen asks if he's alright. Irene replies that he seems fine now. Karen asks her if that's her doctor's opinion. Irene retorts, "If you like." Karen goes to walk out to see him, but Irene warns her not to disturb him as he's sleeping. She adds, "But then that's just his mum's opinion." She leaves the room. Karen, looking annoyed, reminds Wayne that they were talking about Patricia Morrell... what should she know about her? Wayne replies that she's a fighter - and it's not easy to cut the ground out from under her. Karen replies, "But not impossible..." She tells Wayne, "We're going to find Patricia's weak spot, and when we do, she's going to wish she'd stayed in London..."

Patricia is on the 'phone in the hallway at Toorak, talking to Matt. She tells him that it's over - finished; there's no point in him calling again - there's nothing to say. Jill comes into the house as she snaps at him, "Bye," and hangs up. Sensing that it's the wrong time, Jill asks if she should go back out and come in again. Patricia, though, tells her not to worry. She adds that she supposes Jill realises that Matt and she didn't part on the best of terms. Jill tells her that she doesn't have to go into it if she doesn't want to. Patricia, though, asks why not - it might help her get it out of her system once and for all. She offers Jill a drink and they head into the lounge room. As she stands at the drinks cabinet, Patricia explains that it was a complete disaster from the beginning - she was so sure he wanted her that she went charging off to London without telling him she was coming; Jill should have seen the look on his face when she turned up. She goes on that, by the end of the first week, she realised she'd made a big mistake: there was someone else. Jill sympathetically says, "Oh, Patricia..." Patricia continues that, the trouble was, she had to find out for herself - Matt didn't tell her because he thought she'd go to pieces after travelling half way round the world to be with him. Jill asks her why she didn't come back straight away. Patricia explains that she was clutching at straws, she supposes. She goes on that, anyway, by the time Gordon rang to tell her the company was in trouble, she'd more or less accepted it - and it was good having a reason to come home; at least she saved some face. She sadly says she had so much faith in Matt - she really thought that--. She breaks off before continuing that the silly thing is... she's been too ashamed to tell anybody what really happened. Jill asks why. Patricia replies that it's because it makes her look like a failure. Jill assures her that it doesn't. Patricia, though, just asks bitterly why she can't get her personal life together - it's just one disaster after another; she's always been blaming somebody else but it's not - it's her...

Karen and Wayne are sitting at the table in the living room at the Fishers'. Karen is looking at a file of papers in front of her, and as she does so, she comments that Fiona seems to know more about Patricia's weak spots than any of them; could they use her to put the woman offside with the other Directors? Wayne, though, replies that they can't - Fiona will sit back and go for the best proposal just like Gordy and Beryl. Karen snaps that they have to come up with something - she's going to get control of that company. Wayne retorts that he's told her everything he knows. Karen insists that they'll come up with something. Wayne wishes her good luck. Karen, though, replies that she doubts luck will have anything to do with it - but perhaps more coffee will. Wayne takes the hint and goes to get some, leaving Karen looking through the papers. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she gets up to answer it. The visitor is Amanda, and Karen invites her in. Amanda explains that she just thought she'd pop round and see how Todd is. Karen replies that he was still sleeping the last time she checked - it seems the virus hit him harder than any one of them thought. Amanda asks her if she knows he had another dizzy spell at Irene's. Karen replies that he told her. Amanda turns round to go, and she asks Karen if she can tell Todd that she dropped round. Todd, though, suddenly comes in and says there's no need to! Looking pleased to see him, Amanda asks him how he is. Todd smiles and says he's alive and kicking! He then adds that he always said a good sleep sorts out the bugs - that and a good feed; is he still invited for dinner tonight?! Amanda tells him that he is if he feels up to it. Todd assures her that he does. Wayne comes back in and says, "Two coffees coming up." He suddenly notices Amanda standing there, and sourly immediately comments, "Oh well, there goes a pleasant day." He asks her if she's still dining out on telling people what he does for a living. Amanda retorts that she couldn't care less how he makes money. Wayne snaps that she cared enough to tell Karen he worked for an escort agency. Amanda tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it. Wayne snaps at her that he'll tell her one thing: most of the women he meets have more class in their little finger than she ever had. Todd snaps that that's enough. Wayne tells him to butt-out - he's not talking to him. Todd retorts that Wayne's not talking to anyone else like that under his roof - Amanda's here to see him, not Wayne. He asks Karen to take Wayne into the study, and Karen agrees that she supposes they can manage that. She and Wayne go and pick up the papers from the table. Wayne takes the coffees and the two of them walk out, Wayne glaring at Amanda as he does so. When they've gone, Amanda tells Todd that she's sorry about that. Todd points out that she's not supposed to be apologising. Amanda tells him that it's nice to find someone who can put Wayne in his place. Todd assures her that he'd do the same for anyone. Amanda points out that he did it for her, and it was lovely.

At the O'Briens', Heather is doing some sewing at the living room table, while Mike sits opposite her, reading the newspaper. Katie joins them and says she'll be home by 11pm - Luke is taking her to see Terms of Endearment: they both missed it when it was on in the city. Heather warns her that she'll need a good supply of tissues! Mike comments to his daughter that she's spending a fair bit of time with Luke. Katie says, "So?" Mike quickly tells her, "Nothing!" Katie laughs and says he's a frustrated matchmaker! Heather tells her to have a good time, and she goes. As she heads out, there's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she opens it to find a boy standing there. He asks if Jeff is home, adding that he's Chris - a friend of Jeff's from school. Katie tells him to come in. They head into the lounge room, where Katie introduces Chris to her parents. Heather tells the boy that Jeff will be glad of the company, and she points out his bedroom. Chris leaves them and Katie goes out. When they're alone, Mike remarks to Heather that Chris seems like a nice enough young fellow. Heather asks if he isn't one of the lads from Jeff's running team.

As the door to his room opens and Chris comes in, Jeff eagerly asks him how he went. Chris replies that it was no trouble. Jeff asks him if he got it. Chris tells him, "Of course." He hands over a bottle of beer and goes on that he doesn't know why Jeff couldn't have bought it himself - no one asks questions anymore unless you're in a pram! Jeff explains that it isn't the bottle shop that worries him - it's his parents: they're keeping an eye on him. Chris asks him if they can smell it on his breath. Jeff, though, takes out an aerosol breath freshener and sprays some in the air, telling Chris that he's one step ahead of them! Chris warns him to be careful, but Jeff insists that he'll be alright. He then adds that this is one he owes Chris - the pills the doctor gave him don't do any good; sometimes the pain's just too much. Chris tells him, "You can remember me when you're an old dero sleeping in the bus shelter." Jeff smiles and tells him that he'll drink him a toast! Chris then says he'd better go. Jeff assures him that the drink makes a big difference. Looking awkward, Chris says his parents only give him $10 a week - and grog isn't cheap... Jeff tells him he'll pay him when he can. Chris retorts that he's almost broke now. Jeff explains that he hasn't got any money now, and he asks if next week is OK. Chris accepts that it'll have to be, and he tells Jeff that he'll see him. Jeff thanks him and he goes. Jeff opens the bottle and takes a swig of the booze.

Katie is sitting on a bench in the park, reading something, when Luke runs up to her and tells her that he's sorry he's late but now they've made him delivery boy, as well as everything else: he had to take a file across town just as he was leaving; the sooner he gets out of there-- Katie interrupts him, though, and tells him that she's had a letter from Fiona. Luke says, "Bad news?" Katie replies that she doesn't know: Fiona says that Terry wants her to forget all about him, and she thinks it's best if she does. Luke asks her if she thinks Fiona made it up. Katie replies that she doesn't - but the trouble is, she gets an awful feeling about it - as if Fiona is only telling her half the story. Luke says he reckons Fiona is right: she should forget about Terry. Katie, though, insists that she can't - she thinks about him nearly all the time. Looking at Luke intently, she asks him if she can take him up on that offer to take her up to Ararat - tomorrow. Luke asks her if she's sure she knows what she's doing. Katie just tells him that, if he won't take her, she'll go by train - but she has to see him. Luke gives in and says, "OK." Katie thanks him and tells him that he's a good friend. She hugs him as Luke tells her that they have to get her through this somehow!

Patricia is sitting in the living room at Toorak, eating, when Jill comes in. Patricia asks her if she's been at the hospital, and Jill replies that she has. She then adds that she's got good news, too: she had a long talk with one of the specialists today and he was telling her about a new technique they've developed in manipulation therapy in Sydney - they're going to fly Robin up there tonight to start him on it. Looking wary, Patricia says, "Jill, we've got to talk--" Jill doesn't listen, though, instead continuing excitedly that the doctors said there's a really good chance that this will make all the difference to him. She asks Patricia, "Isn't that terrific?!" Patricia, though, replies bluntly that she can't go on paying for Robin's treatment - she's sorry, but she doesn't have a choice. Looking shocked, Jill insists that she can't pull out now. Patricia explains that every cent she owns is going to be tied up in the company. Jill cries that they're talking about someone's life. Patricia retorts that they're talking about somebody who's never going to recover. Jill snaps that the doctors don't think that. Patricia tells her that they're just experimenting. She goes on that she's read about his new technique, and of course they're going to encourage her: Robin will be a guinea pig for them. Jill tells her that they've got to try. Patricia replies that they'll have to try on somebody else's money. Jill asks, "Whose?" Patricia says she doesn't know; she doesn't like doing this, but she has to throw herself into something completely to keep her mind off everything else. She adds, "Sorry, but that's the way it has to be." She gets up and walks out of the room, leaving Jill looking upset.

At the Morrell apartment, Todd is on the 'phone to Irene. Amanda is sitting on the couch. Todd tells his mother that he's never felt better - he doesn't know what he would have done without her. Irene replies that she's glad to hear he's up and about. Todd goes on that it was great talking to her this morning about, "... you know." Irene assures him that she'll always be around when he needs her. Todd thanks her. He then tells her that Amanda is insisting that they celebrate his first day at the boatyard with champagne! Irene says she thought they saved that until the launching of your first boat! Todd points out that the builder needs launching too! He asks her if she can make it, adding that, after all, she gave him the push to get the job. Irene replies that wild horses wouldn't keep her away! Todd tells her that it's tomorrow morning at 8am. Irene says she'll be there. Todd says, "Bye," and they hang up. He then turns to Amanda and tells her that it's fixed. He sits down next to her and adds, "Alan Bond watch out: here comes Todd Fisher!" Amanda asks him if he can't see it: clear sky and a gentle sea as they glide through the Sydney Heads...! She asks, "Where we heading, Captain?!" Todd tells her, "The world!" Amanda exclaims, "The Greek Islands!" Todd muses that the sun is pouring down on them... they're just drifting along... Amanda smiles and says, "Wouldn't it be wonderful?" Todd points out that stranger things have happened. Amanda asks him if he doesn't think she'll be around with him. Todd asks, "Will you?" Amanda tells him that she will unless he tells her to get lost. Todd smiles and says, "No chance!"

The next morning, at the boatyard, Irene, Todd, Amanda and Harry are sitting at a table on the pier, and Irene says she's been waiting all night for this - she thinks it's a much better idea to drink champagne than to watch it running down the bow of a ship in waste! Todd says he couldn't agree more! Harry tells him to pop the cork and he does so. Amanda suddenly realises that they're missing the glasses, and she goes to get them from the car. One of the workers at the yard calls over to Harry that that load of paint for 'Cloudburst Two' has arrived, but it needs Harry's signature. Harry gets up to go and sign. Alone with Todd, Irene tells him that, now that they've got some time to themselves, she's got a ceremony of her own to perform. She then takes out a Captain's hat from her bag, puts it on Todd's head and tells him that it's the badge of office; it makes him look like a real old salt! Todd takes it off to look at it and asks her where she got it. Irene explains that it's from Harry - she wore it during probably what were the happiest eight months of her life: on a long cruise with his new boss - they spent a whole two months in the Mediterranean. Todd asks her if she's sure she wants to give the hat to him, as it sounds like it means quite a bit to her. Irene replies that it means a lot to her that he has it. Todd thanks her.

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne is standing behind the bar, dialling a number on the telephone. He says to Gordon, who's sitting on the couch, that they should hope Patricia's tactic isn't to delay the vote over who gets control of the company, as Karen's offer isn't going to last forever. Gordon, though, points out that Patricia is a Director of the company, and she has more priority than Karen. The 'phone at the other end is answered by Jill, and Wayne asks her if Patricia is there. Jill replies that she isn't - she's at the hospital, she thinks. Wayne asks if she's there to see Robin. Jill, though, sadly replies that she's gone to see the hospital accountants, more likely - she's stopped paying for Robin's treatment. Looking surprised, Wayne asks why. Jill explains that she said her money's going to be tied up from now on - it's supposed to stop her thinking about how Matt Kennedy dumped her. Wayne, looking thoughtful, muses that that's why she suddenly turned up. He asks what happened, but Jill tells him that she shouldn't have said anything at all. She says, "You won't say anything, will you?" Wayne, who has a sly smile on his face, replies that it's nothing to do with him, anyway. Jill says she just doesn't know what to do about Robin now. Wayne tells her to try not to worry - once they get the business moving again, he's sure Patricia will have more than enough money to pick up on his treatment. Jill says she hopes he's right. Wayne replies that he's sure he is. He tells her to take it easy and adds that he'll talk to her later. They say, "Bye," and then hang up, Wayne looking pleased with himself. Gordon asks him if Patricia wasn't at home. Wayne just says, "No." Gordon asks, "Any trouble?" Wayne replies that he doesn't think so - he just has to go out for a little while; he won't be long.

A short time later, Wayne is at the Fishers', and Karen asks him if they've cast a vote and she's in. Wayne tells her, "Not quite." Karen asks him why he's smiling then, and he explains that he has some pretty valuable information on her opposition. Karen says, "Such as?" Wayne retorts, "One step at a time, eh?" He then goes on that, what he knows, he isn't prepared to just toss away. Karen, looking bemused, asks him if he wants to do a deal. Wayne tells her that there's no reason why they can't have an equal say in things if she does get control. Karen, though, sharply tells him to get one thing straight: her proposal will save his company, and it's based on strong capital, not secrets and rumours that he might come pedalling; if he puts the screws on, he'll come off second best - believe her. Wayne suggests that surely they can come to some arrangement? Karen retorts that they can - he tells her what he knows and she uses it to gain control; he ends up on the winning team and if he's got any sense, he'll do everything he can to stay there. Looking put out, Wayne tells her that she can't blame him for trying. Karen just asks him what he knows about Patricia. Wayne replies, "That she's stretched to the limit emotionally and financially." He adds, "With a bit of a push, I'd say she's out of our hair for good..."

A car pulls up outside a large set of wrought iron gates. Luke is driving and Katie is sitting in the passenger seat. Luke suggests to her that maybe he should come in with her, as a place like this can be pretty rough. Katie, though, insists that she'll be alright. Luke asks her what she'll do if Terry has changed, as prison does that to people. Katie, though says she doesn't think he will have. Luke tells her that he just doesn't want her to be upset. Katie says she knows. She adds that she's grateful that he cares, but this is between her and Terry. She climbs out of the car and walks up to the guard standing by the gate. After a moment, Luke gets out and calls, "Katie..." but she ignores him.

Inside the prison complex, Terry is walking along a path on his own, out in the grounds. A guard accompanies Katie as they walk towards him. When they come face-to-face, Katie smiles at Terry and says, "Hello." She goes to hug him, but the guard warns her that there's to be no physical contact. Katie suddenly notices that Terry has got a black eye, and she asks what happened to it. Terry laughs awkwardly and explains that he fell over in the showers - he slipped. Katie accepts this. She then tells him that she had to come - she would have been there sooner except for all the problems at home. Terry says he knows - he read her letters. Katie adds that she doesn't want him to think her feelings for him have changed either, because they haven't. Terry, though, tells her that it may be best for everyone if they did. He asks her if she didn't get Fiona's letter. Katie explains that she did, and that's why she came straight away - she knew something must be wrong. Terry insists that nothing's wrong - he was just trying to let her down gently. Katie tells him that she loves him. Terry retorts that she's just going to have to get over it, then - she's a nice kid and he likes her, but it just wouldn't work. Katie goes to hold him, but the guard snaps at him that he's already told him once about his ladyfriend making physical contact - he doesn't want to have to tell her again... Katie backs off. The guard goes on that he reckons Terry has got enough problems without making things worse for himself. Looking surprised, Katie asks Terry, "What problems?" Terry tells her that it's nothing - she's to stay out of it; everything's fine...

There's a knock on the front door at Toorak, and Patricia goes to open it. She finds a woman standing there, and she says, "Yes?" The woman asks her if she's Patricia, and she replies that she is. The woman - Karen - explains who she is and adds that she was in Melbourne on business and thought she'd take the opportunity to introduce herself. She goes on that she's sure Patricia must have lots of questions on her proposal to rescue the company. Patricia, though, coolly retorts that she hasn't, really - she's perfectly capable of acquainting herself with the facts without a visit from her. Karen suggests that they could still discuss the details of-- Patricia interrupts and retorts that, no, they won't do that, either, so Karen can save the false charm as it's a waste of time. Karen pointedly retorts that she never wastes her time - and Patricia will realise that when they've had their little discussion. She adds, "Because believe me, you're going to be interested in what I've got to say." Patricia smiles at her in amusement.


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