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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Luke wipes some blood from his mouth and one of the guards tells him that he's got a cut lip; nothing nasty, though - the prison doctor will fix him up. Luke says he'll get by. The guard tells him that he should have left Hansen alone. They look at Terry being led off, and Luke asks what will happen to him. The guard replies that it depends on what mood the Governor's in - he'll get something for breaking prison regulations, but his real problem is when the visiting Justice gets there next week. Luke asks if it could mean an extended sentence, and the guard replies that that's right. He asks Luke if he's done a bit of law, and Luke nods. The guard tells him that, in that case, he should head straight for the police and lay charges. Luke, though, says he'll go back to his motel first, and clean up. The guard walks off.

A while later, Katie closes the door to her room at the motel and joins Luke. As they walk to the car, she tells him that Terry wouldn't throw a punch for nothing, and she asks him what he did. Luke retorts that it was nothing - they just started to argue about Jill. Katie snaps at him that he had to make a big deal out of it. Luke tells her that he and Terry didn't see eye-to-eye about a few things, but it doesn't mean he went after a belt in the mouth. Katie snaps that he knew a couple of the guards were giving Terry a hard time - and some of the prisoners, too; they'll hassle him even more now. Luke says he's sorry; there was nothing much he could do. Katie tells him that he shouldn't have gone there in the first place. Luke explains that he thought he'd see Terry and cheer him up. Katie says they'll have to go and see the Governor and tell him that it's all Luke's fault. Luke, looking taken aback, tells her that that won't do any good. Katie retorts that it won't do any harm; he does want to help Terry, doesn't he? Luke replies that it's not that... He then adds that he supposes it won't hurt to try. As they reach they car, they get in, Luke starts the engine and they drive off.

Sometime later, Luke and Katie are walking along the pathway in the prison grounds, and Luke is asking Katie how many times he has to say it: he wants to help Terry the same as her, but they can't just march in there saying the entire incident was his fault; they've got to be bit more subtle - give the impression that there's blame on both sides; hopefully, that way, they'll be able to convince the Governor that Terry shouldn't take the rap for them both. As they reach the door to the Governor's office, it opens and Terry walks out, accompanied by a guard. Katie starts to tell him that she came straight over-- The guard interrupts her, though, and tells her that he's sorry, but the prisoner has been confined to 24-hour solitary; Governor's orders - no visitors allowed. Terry looks at her and walks off. Katie looks upset. Luke comments that it looks like they're too late, but Katie insists that they still have to try. Luke tells her that the Governor isn't going to change his mind once he's made his decision. Katie retorts that he has to - Terry doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. She sadly adds that she wishes they'd just let her hug him or something.

Irene is washing her car in the driveway at the boarding house when Jill walks up to her as she arrives back from Dural. She comments that she thought Irene never washed her car. Irene explains that she had an attack of the guilts - she was forgetting what colour it is! She then asks how everybody was at Dural, and Jill replies that they're OK. She adds that Gordon is a lot happier now that someone else is running the company for a while. Irene asks, "Who? Not Karen Fox?" Jill replies that it is Karen, and she asks Irene if she knows her. Irene grimly says she does, adding that they're not exactly the best of friends. Jill tells her that Karen offered her a job. Irene says, "You didn't take it?" Jill replies that she had to - she's an unmarried mum trying to bring up a kid on next to nothing; Karen offered her good money, accommodation and a housekeeper who'll mind Fee whenever she's working; how could she turn that down? Irene tells her that Karen is a pretty tough lady - it's not exactly going to be a bed of roses. Jill says she'll just have to see how it goes. Irene asks her when she and Fee are moving out, and Jill replies that it'll be this afternoon. Irene tells her, "Good luck," adding that she really means that. Jill thanks her.

Patricia is on the 'phone in the lounge room at Toorak, and she says to the person at the other end that it all sounds very promising... yes she's sure she can deliver her part of the bargain... it all sounds like a very profitable arrangement for both of them. David suddenly comes in and Patricia tells the person on the 'phone that she has to go, but they'll discuss all the details tomorrow. She hangs up, and David immediately comments that he didn't realise she was back; she didn't stay in Sydney long. Patricia just replies that it's good to see a friend again. David points out that she only left this morning! Patricia explains that it seems like years. David tells her to keep her chin up - it can't be that bad. Patricia sourly retorts, "Can't it? You don't know what my so-called business partners did to me."

By Luke's car, outside the gates at the prison, Katie snaps that it's not funny. Luke insists that he's not trying to be funny, but if he had a choice between 24 hours in solitary and an extra month in jail, he knows which one he'd choose. Katie asks what will happen when Terry gets out; imagine how the other prisoners will treat him - and that guard... Luke tells her that he thinks she's getting carried away. He adds that a stint in solitary might earn Terry some respect. Katie, though, retorts that it won't - they'll just think he's got what's coming to him. Luke tells her that, until he can show he's not a child molester... Katie explains that that's why she's told the Governor that he's got to get Jill and Fee up there - so that everyone can really see how Terry cares about them; she's going to do it, too - they're only in Melbourne, so it won't be asking too much.

At Toorak, David says to Patricia that pulling the money out of the company sounds a bit drastic. Patricia asks what else she could do - they treated her like a fool. David tells her that he doesn't think they meant it personally: Gordon's not the type-- Patricia interrupts and snaps that that's not the point. She goes on that she's not trying to get back at them, but it'll really mean something if she can make a success of the new company; she'll be able to prove that she's capable of making sensible business decisions, despite being upset over the break-up with Matt. David warns her that she's bitten off more than she can chew, but Patricia tells him not to worry: it won't be all work and no play - she knows what she's letting herself in for and she can handle it - as long as he's still around; he's the only friend she's got now. David comments that it's funny, after what they've been through. Patricia insists that it's true - if he left, she doesn't know what she'd do. David assures her that she'd find somebody, but Patricia tells him that she wouldn't - not this time. David says that, if he's going to stay, he thinks they should straighten a few things out: he doesn't want to be a handy shoulder - he thinks they can get along fine as long as she doesn't jump down his throat if he says she's going about something the wrong way. Patricia comments that it sounds like she's done it already. David tells her that he thinks she gave Jill a pretty rough deal. Patricia explains that she's going to make it up to her: she's going to take up the bill for Robin's treatment again. Looking surprised, David asks her if she can afford it with the new company. Patricia tells him that she's been through it again and she has enough for both. David asks her if she's told Jill, and he suggests she give her a ring. Patricia, though, replies that they didn't exactly part on the best of terms - she'd probably hang up on her. David smiles and says he'll give her a ring at Irene's.

Jill and Mrs. Atkins - carrying Fee - walk into the lounge room at the Fishers', and Mrs. Atkins tells Karen that Jill is there with her cute little daughter. Karen asks her to show them to their room. She adds that she can't chat now as she and Wayne are meeting a business associate shortly. Mrs. Atkins tells Jill that she's put her in a lovely room at the back of the house, and she and Fee go. Jill lingers momentarily and Karen looks at the expression on her face. She asks what the matter is, and Jill replies that she knows Karen is busy, but if there's any work to be done today, she'll do it for nothing, so she can learn the ropes; all she asks for in return is a fair go. Looking surprised, Karen asks what makes her think she won't give her a fair go. Jill explains that she knows Karen doesn't want her working for her - it was Wayne's idea - but she took the job because she really needs it; she knows she can do it properly if Karen gives her a chance. Karen listens and then says that, alright, she'll give her a chance: when she gets back from the meeting, they'll get down to work and then they'll see if Jill is up to it or not. Jill smiles, gratefully.

Later that day, Wayne and Karen arrive back from their meeting, and Karen comments that she got more out of it than she expected. Wayne tells her that he didn't expect anything - Jim Burns doesn't normally give things away. Karen tells him that he doesn't know they right way to approach him. Looking around, Wayne says he thought Jill was there. Karen replies that she is - and she's keen as mustard. Wayne tells her that he doesn't want her giving Jill a hard time, OK? At that moment, Jill comes into the room and she looks surprised to see Wayne, commenting that she didn't expect him to drop by. Wayne explains that he's still got a bit of work to go through with Karen. He tells Jill that she looks on top of the world, and he asks her if she enjoys her job that much! Jill smiles and explains that it's something else: David called: Patricia is going to going to start paying for Robin's treatment again. Karen looks shocked as she hears this, and Wayne, looking equally surprised, says, "What?" Jill tells him that she couldn't believe it either, but David seems to think Patricia is on the level; she said she's also planning to start up a a new business as well; she doesn't know how she-- Karen interrupts her suddenly and reminds her that she did say something about wanting to work today, remember? - something about being given time to learn the ropes? She then asks her if she could ring the people on her list and confirm the times for their appointments tomorrow. Jill takes the sheet of paper and walks over to the 'phone. Karen, though, asks her if she could go and call from the study, as she wants to use the 'phone in the living room. Jill goes. Alone with Karen, Wayne says it doesn't make sense: Robin's bills cost a fortune; how can Patricia afford them and set up in business against them? Karen comments that the bills mightn't amount to much, and she asks whether he's in a private ward. Wayne, though, explains that he's in a coma - intensive care and life support 24 hours day. Karen, looking surprised, says she sees... She then suggests that Patricia must have opted for a smaller business - one that won't be in competition with theirs. Wayne, though, tells her that Patricia never does things by halves; she must be up to something. Karen suggests that they'd better check it out, as they don't want to underestimate her. Wayne agrees, "No way."

Luke and Katie are at Toorak, but Patricia tells them that she's sorry: Jill left for Sydney yesterday. Katie cries, "Oh no..." She asks if she'll be coming back, but Patricia says she doesn't think so - it looks like she's found a job up there. She adds that, if Katie wants to ring her she can use the 'phone; David's left the number on the pad. Katie takes up the offer and goes and starts dialling in the hallway. Patricia and Luke wander into the lounge room, and Patricia comments to Luke that he seems very quiet today. She then notices the cut on his lip and asks him what happened. Luke just smiles and says he was attacked by a telegraph pole; he barely escaped with his life! They sit down, and Patricia asks him what he's been up to. Luke replies, "Nothing much." Patricia asks him if he's still working for his father, but Luke replies that he isn't - he's the Deputy Assistant Regional File Clerk at the moment! Patricia remarks that it sounds boring, and Luke agrees that it is. Patricia asks him if he wasn't at university in Perth. Luke agrees, "Mm." Patricia comments that surely he wasn't studying to be a clerk? Luke tells her that, no, he wasn't - he enrolled at Law School - although he never had any intention of being a lawyer, of course; that was his dad's fantasy; still, it was fun at the time. Patricia says he must have learnt something. Luke replies, "How to drink properly!" He adds that that's all you learn in the first two years at university! Patricia smiles and tells him that she thinks he needs something a little more challenging - it's made him far too cynical! Katie comes into the room and says the 'phone was engaged; she'll try again when she gets home. She thanks Patricia for letting her use the 'phone. Patricia tells her, "Any time." She then adds that, as a matter of fact, she thought she might pop in later, as she hasn't seen Katie's parents since she got back. Luke stands up and tells Patricia that there's no need to see them to the door. They go, leaving Patricia looking thoughtful.

Wayne is looking at a file in the living room at the Fishers' when Karen and Jill come in, Jill saying as they do so that all the people on the list are alright for tomorrow. Karen says that's good. She then hands Jill a pile of letters and asks her to send them off for her; she adds that the stamps are in the top drawer of the desk. Jill takes the mail and leaves them. Wayne says to Karen that he told her Jill's a good worker. Karen agrees that she's certainly willing. Changing the subject, she goes on that she's just been on to the hospital where Robin is, and guess what: Patricia isn't paying for the poor fellow's treatment after all. Looking surprised, Wayne asks who is. Karen replies that they wouldn't tell her; all they'd say is that Patricia pulled out of the arrangement and someone else has taken over. Wayne asks her why she rang the hospital in the first place. Karen reminds him that she told him she was going to find out what Patricia was up to; she thought she'd look into that side of her dealings as well. She goes on that she'd say Patricia has found herself a backer. Looking surprised, Wayne comments that she only left the company this morning. Karen explains that that's what worries her: why would any sane businessman hand over that much money so quickly? Wayne suggests that she could have some sort of hold over him - she got money out of him once that way, when Amanda was pregnant. Karen muses that that may be the case - or else her backer knows enough about the business to want to get in on the act too; either way, they've got to get to the bottom of it - and fast.

Patricia arrives at the O'Briens' and Katie lets her in. Heather joins them and says 'hello' to Patricia, adding that Katie told her she might drop in. Patricia says she hopes Heather doesn't mind, and Heather assures her that she doesn't. She adds that, if she'd known Patricia was back, she would have invited her over. Patricia explains that she's only just back, actually - and sometimes she thinks it's nice just to relax for a few days before you start catching up with a few people. Katie says she might just go and unpack her things from her weekend away. Patricia asks her if she got in touch with Jill. Katie replies that she hasn't yet - she was out last time she rang; she left a message for her to call back. She heads off to her room, and Heather explains to Patricia that it's about Terry - that's all she knows! Patricia remarks that it seems important. Heather tells her that it always is at Katie's age! She invites her to sit down and she asks how the trip to London was. Patricia replies that it was good; lovely. Looking bemused, Heather asks her if that's all she can say, adding that she's been wanting to go to London for years. Patricia tells her that she'd better get Mike to take her, then! Heather grimly comments that that's easier said than done. Patricia says that, speaking of Mike, where is he? Heather explains that he's out with one of his mates, talking about job prospects. Patricia asks if he's out of work, and Heather replies that he is, just about - he's been working as a temporary groundsman, but that finishes this week. Patricia asks if he's got anything lined up. Heather explains that he's been for a couple of interviews but all he's drawn is a blank. Patricia says that's no good, and she asks how they're managing. Heather replies that she's got a part-time job at the children's home, which keeps the wolf from the door. Patricia asks whatever happened to young Lucy, the little girl that she and Jim took out once or twice: is she still in the home? Heather replies that no, she isn't: Beryl put up the money for her mother to take her back. Patricia comments that that's very kind of her, and she asks if it's all working out. Heather says it is, apparently. She offers Patricia some tea, and Patricia accepts, She then asks Heather when she's expecting Mike back. Heather replies that he shouldn't be too long. Patricia tells her that it would be good to see him before she goes.

Jeff is leaning against a fence at the sports ground. Four guys are running up the nearby track, and when they see him, they run over to him. One of them asks how life is, and Jeff moans that it's terrible. The guy asks him how his leg is: any better? Jeff retorts that, no, it hurts like hell. The guy asks him whether he can have physiotherapy, but Jeff replies that there's no point yet - he's got to rest if for a few months - and even then, they're not promising anything. The guy comments that it doesn't sound too good. Jeff snaps that those stupid painkillers they've given him wouldn't even kill a flea's headache; grog is the only thing that kills the pain. The guy laughs and says, "Any excuse!" Jeff, though, snaps that he's serious - he needs the stuff or he ends up in agony. The guy tells him to keep his shirt on - if he wants a drink, have one; they're not stopping him. Jeff explains that the trouble is, he's a bit short on cash at the moment. The guy says he's sorry, but all he's got is his train fare home and 20¢ for a 'phone call. Jeff looks at one of the other guys and says, "Mickey, you're always flush." Mickey, though, retorts that he isn't today - and he never brings money to the track. Jeff snaps, "Bull," but Mickey insists that he doesn't, and Jeff says he's sorry. The first guy suggests to the others that they go and do a couple more laps. He turns to Jeff and tells him to take it easy. He then runs off. Jeff turns and starts hobbling away. He then pauses and takes an empty miniature of scotch out of his jacket pocket. He looks at it and then throws it against a nearby wall in disgust. It smashes.

At the O'Briens', Katie is on the 'phone in the lounge room, talking to Jill. She tells her that she knows it's hard for her to get away, but it would mean a lot to Terry. Mike suddenly comes into the house and Katie asks him how it went. Mike gives her the thumbs-down. Katie returns to Jill and asks her if she's still there. She then goes on that she saw Terry over the weekend; she got back this morning. Mike heads into the kitchen and he tells Heather not even to ask what Alec had to say. He suddenly realises Patricia is there as well, and he says, "Hello," to her. Patricia returns the greeting. Mike then goes on that Alec reckons word has got around in the building game that his business went broke in Perth, and no one's even going to let him run a chook raffle now. He then comments to Patricia that he thought she was overseas. Patricia replies that she was, but there's no place like home! Heather tells her husband that she thinks it's a bit unfair that no one will even give him a chance. Mike tells her that no one wants to take a risk these days; there's no point in moaning. Turning back to Patricia, he asks her how life is treating her. Patricia replies that she's coping. She then asks him if he has to work in the building industry. Mike tells her that it's all he knows. Patricia asks what he'd do if she offered him a job. Heather looks at her in surprise as she goes on that she's sure management principles are the same in any business. Heather says, "Patricia..." Patricia insists that she's serious - she's looking for someone to run her new company and Mike is looking for a management job - it's perfect. Mike asks what sort of company it is, and Patricia replies that it's investment and marketing, mainly - she's already found a financial consultant to take care of the tricky details; she just needs someone to run the day-to-day operation. Looking wary, Mike says he doesn't know... Patricia points out that he needs someone to give him a chance and she's offering. Mike says he supposes there's no harm in giving it a go, and he asks Heather what she reckons. Heather, though, tells him that it's up to him. Mike says that, OK, he'll give it a go. Patricia smiles and tells him that it's all worked out very well.

Jeff is hobbling along outside a bottle shop. He stops and looks in through the window, staring at the piles of bottles and cans of booze. He then steps backwards and checks his pockets. They're empty. After a moment, he goes and hobbles round to the open front of the shop. He pauses and then heads inside.

At the Fisher house, Karen tells Jill that she's not completely heartless: Wayne's going down tomorrow on business, so she may as well go with him. Jill points out that she's only just started, and she asks Karen if she's sure. Karen replies that she said so, if it's so important that she sees this Terry... She then adds that, unfortunately, the payoff is extra work this afternoon. Jill assures her that she doesn't mind. Karen tells her to get her notepad and she'll give her a list of things to do. Jill goes. Wayne immediately asks Karen, "Since when have I had to go to Melbourne?" Karen replies that it's since she realised Jill is their best hope of finding out what Patricia is up to. Wayne comments that he can't see her telling Jill who her backer is. Karen retorts that she might. Wayne tells her that, even so, Jill is usually fairly good at keeping a secret. Karen points out that Jill told him about Matt; she's sure she can find a way of getting her to tell her what she wants to know...

In the kitchen at the O'Briens', Mike puts some food in the oven. As he closes the door, he says he still can't believe it: him - a business executive! He adds that he'd better let them know at the athletics field that he'll be finishing a couple of days early. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Mike goes to answer it, but the ringing quickly stops and he comments that they didn't hang on long. Heather points out that Katie probably got it in the lounge room. Mike says he is doing the right thing, isn't he?; he will be able to manage the change? Heather assures him that he'll be fine - the success story of the year! Mike smiles and tells her not to go overboard. Heather says she's not - she's just glad things are going right for them at last. They hug tightly. As they do so, Katie walks slowly into the kitchen and tells them that that was the police on the 'phone. She goes on, "They've arrested Jeff. He's been caught shoplifting some bottles of whiskey." Mike and Heather look at each other in shock.


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