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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

Todd comments that he doesn't know himself very well, does he? Irene tells him that he's being very brave - it's a tough thing for anyone to cope with something like this - especially a boy his age. Todd immediately snaps, "A boy my age. A short life but a merry one, eh?" He then, more sadly, goes on that he always thought he could do it on his ear, but it's not that easy - so it's time he went away. Irene, looking shocked, cries, "No..." She adds that he's not well enough to go away - and she and Amanda can look after him. Todd points out that that's not the plan. Irene, though, tells him to forget that - they'll stick by him; he knows that. Todd comments, "Right to the grisly end, eh? No, I'll go to a clinic in Switzerland." Looking surprised, Irene asks, "What type of clinic?" Todd replies that it's not one where they try to fix you up, that's for sure. He goes on that he made the booking months ago - he'll be a bit earlier than he expected, but they'll be ready for him; they know the situation. Irene tells him that she'll come with him. Todd, though, retorts that it'll only make it harder on both of them. He pleads, "Let me go... please..." Irene, beginning to cry, nods and says, "Alright." Todd tells her that there's a 'plane early tomorrow morning; he'll slip out tonight, while Amanda is asleep. He goes on that he'll leave the key to his flat under Irene's door - he wants her to be with Amanda when she wakes up; she'll need her. He adds that he'll also give Irene the address of where he's going; she's to promise that she won't come after him, but he would like her to write. Irene assures him that she will. Todd stands up, but is still unsteady on his feet, and Irene quickly puts out a hand to steady him. Todd assures her that he'll be OK - he's got to get to the boatyard. Irene, looking shocked, says that he's not going to-- Todd interrupts and tells her that it'll be his last day - there are things he has to do - but he'll be fine. Irene helps him over to the door. He suddenly asks her where her camera is, adding that Amanda won't be needing it now, but he doesn't want her wondering why he didn't pick it up. Irene fetches it from the counter and hands it over. Todd then asks her if she can come over to the flat this afternoon. Irene replies that of course she can. Todd tells her that he'll see her then, and he goes, leaving Irene looking upset. After a few moments, she walks over to the couch, sits down and takes out the jumper she's been knitting for him. It's nearly finished.

A while later, Irene is busy sewing up the sleeves of the jumper, but she keeps glancing at the 'phone every few seconds. It suddenly starts ringing and she rushes to answer it. To her surprise, Fiona comes on and asks her how she is. Irene just replies that she's fine. Fiona explains that she'll be coming back up in a day or two and she's bringing someone with her: a man called Bob Mitchell - he's a friend of Terry's, and she was hoping they'd be able to give him a bedroom. She asks if there are any free, and Irene replies that there are two free, as a matter of fact - and Fiona's apartment is finally ready, too. Fiona exclaims, "Good!" She then goes on, more carefully, that there's one thing: Mitch - which is what Bob is usually called - was at the prison farm with Terry; how does Irene feel about having an ex-con there? Irene assures her that, if he's a friend of Terry's, that's good enough for her. Fiona explains that that's how she feels, too. Sounding awkward, Irene says she's right in the middle of something - she's got to go. Fiona replies, "Of course." Irene tells her to let her know what time to expect her. Fiona says she will, and they hang up. Irene immediately returns to her knitting.

Patricia is sitting in the study at Toorak when Mike comes in. She asks him if he's read the Wilson file, and he replies that he has. Patricia asks him if they can handle it. Mike tells her that it'll mean overextending themselves initially, but it's too good to pass up. Patricia explains that that's what she thought: if they pull this one off, they'll go to the top of the tree in their business. Mike tells her that he'll go over the figures again tonight, but they should make sure they put in the lowest possible bid for this account. Patricia suggests to him that they treat this as strictly confidential - she doesn't even think Luke should know about it. Sounding surprised, Mike assures her that he wouldn't say anything. Patricia tells him that the fewer people who know, the better - they'll just leave this strictly between her and her company manager for the moment. Mike says, "OK." Patricia smiles and tells him, "Here we go to the top of the tree, eh?!"

A car pulls up by the side of the road outside a school in Albert Park. Heather and Jeff are sitting inside, and Jeff angrily asks how long they have to keep this up. Heather asks why. Jeff snaps that his being brought to school, being picked up and being dragged home for lunch... everybody at school thinks it's a big joke. Heather points out that he knows why they're doing it. Jeff tells her that she needn't bother - it's not like he's got any money for grog. Another car pulls up just down the road from them. Wayne is the driver, and he sits and watches Heather's car. Jeff asks his mother why she can't start trusting him now. Heather replies that she doesn't like it any more than he does, but they're only trying to help him. Jeff gets out of the car and storms off. Wayne gets out of his car and stands watching him. Jeff goes and talks to a couple of his mates.

A while later, Heather arrives at Toorak. As she stands in the hallway with Patricia, she tells her that she didn't want to interrupt Mike. Patricia, though, explains that they've stopped for coffee anyway. The two of them head into the lounge room, and Mike, looking surprised, asks Heather what she's doing there. She explains that she's brought him a quiche for lunch - she'll be out shopping for most of the morning and didn't want to have to be home to get lunch for him. Mike comments that she won't forget about Jeff, will she? Heather replies that she'll pick him up at midday and take him somewhere to eat. Changing the subject, she thanks Patricia for giving Mike the company car, as she can use their own car to get out and about a bit more now. Patricia assures her that Mike deserves it. Mike smiles and says he'd better keep up the good image and get back to work! He kisses Heather and walks out of the room. Heather then tells Patricia that she'll leave them to it. Patricia thanks her for the quiche. As the two of them walk to the door, Heather asks Patricia if she got the letter from Joanne Baker - the President of the 'Lucky Star' fan club. Patricia replies that, if she's talking about the reunion tomorrow night, yes she did. Heather remarks that it should be fun. Patricia, looking dubious, asks her if she thinks so, adding that she'd rather forget about those days. Heather asks why, adding that they had some good times. She goes on that she's looking forward to seeing some of the others again; she hasn't seen some of them for over twenty years. Patricia explains that that's what worries her: it's one thing being kids at school and teenyboppers in a fan club, but twenty years later... Heather, though, says she doesn't know: she spoke to Joanne on the 'phone yesterday and she didn't seem much different. Patricia smiles and asks if she's still boy crazy. Heather replies that she's still keen on 'Lucky Star' - and she'd be very disappointed if not many of them turned up. Patricia gives in and says she supposes she could come. She adds that Margaret would have loved it. Heather smiles and replies that she and Margaret were up to their ears in that fan club - and they were great gigglers too; Joanne was even worse! She tells Patricia that she's sure she'd enjoy it. Patricia, making a decision, asks, "Why not?!" adding, "I could do with a bit of a giggle!"

Katie opens the front door at the O'Briens' to find Fiona standing on the step. She tells her that her mum is out for the day, but Fiona explains that it's her she wants to talk to. Katie invites her in. Looking at the expression on the girl's face, Fiona tells her that there's no need to feel uncomfortable with her just because she's Terry's mum. Katie says she guesses she was just trying not to think about him too much; she guesses she made a bit of a fool of herself when she told him how she felt about him. Fiona, though, assures her that he was very touched. She tells her that she was such a help to him at the trial and in getting Jill to visit him... he's very grateful to her; and she's grateful, too - if there's ever anything she can do for her... Katie thanks her. Fiona goes on that she knows that when Katie heard that Terry had proposed to Jill, it must have hit her very hard - she only heard about it herself yesterday - but Beryl tells her that Terry has been in touch with her. Katie replies that he wrote her a very nice letter and tried to let her down gently. Fiona suggests that it still hurts, though. Katie replies that she'll get over it - in fact, she thinks she's nearly over it now: he was probably right when he said he was too old for her; she just hopes everything works out for him and Jill. Fiona comments, "If that's how it's meant to be..." She then thanks Katie again for helping and tells her to remember that if there's ever anything she can do for her...

Amanda is sitting with Irene in her apartment at the boarding house. Irene is still sewing up the sleeves of the jumper, and she tells Amanda that she'd like to go shopping with her, but she wants to get the jumper finished for Todd. Amanda asks why she needs to finish it today, as he certainly won't need it up at the Barrier Reef. Irene says she knows, but it's nearly finished and she'd like to get it done. Amanda announces that she'll help, then: she can sew one sleeve and Irene can do the other. Irene smiles and tells her, "You're on!" As Amanda takes her sleeve, Irene asks her what she's going shopping for. Amanda explains that she wants some stuff to take away - nothing important; she's just excited about the weekend so much: she knows they're going to have a wonderful time - something she'll have to remember. Irene looks worried.

Todd walks into the lounge room at the Fisher house, and Karen, looking surprised, asks him if he's on his lunch break. Todd, though, explains that he's come to pick up the last of his things. Karen tells him that Mrs. Atkins is just packing them up for him. She adds that Mrs. Atkins said they're mainly winter clothes; why is he taking them? Todd retorts that he's moving in with Amanda, so he might as well take all his stuff. Karen comments that he's certainly serious about that girl. Todd agrees, "More than I've ever been about anyone." Karen tells him that she hopes it all works out. Todd then comments that he's going to miss the Fisher house. Karen points out that it's been home for a very long time. Todd tells her that he'll miss her, too. Karen retorts that he'd better keep popping round or she'll turn up on his doorstep! Todd smiles and asks her if she knows he hated her when she first turned up. Karen retorts that she thought he was a little horror - not that she's changed that opinion all that much! Todd says he'd better go, and he gives her a hug. As she looks at him in surprise, she asks him if he's alright. Todd replies that he's fine. Karen asks what brought the hug on, then. Todd tells her that there's no reason. He then hands her an envelope and explains that it's the letter for his dad. Karen comments that he's written it already - she gave him two weeks. Todd tells her that he wanted to show her that he wasn't going back on the deal; she doesn't have to send it yet. Karen suddenly comments that he's very pale. Todd insists that he's fine. Karen tells him that, if he's feeling ill, he must go to the hospital for treatment. Todd, though, tells her that there's no need - nothing has changed; he'll see her later. He goes. Karen immediately picks up her address book, looks up a number and starts dialling on the 'phone. The call is answered, "West Hollywood Plaza." Karen asks to speak to Dr. Nathan Fisher, adding that he's a guest there - and it's urgent.

In Albert Park, a boy runs out of the school at lunchtime. Wayne watches him and then gets out of his car. He suddenly spots Jeff walking away from some of his mates. He strolls over to talk to him, but Jeff heads down to the road and gets into Heather's car, which Wayne hadn't noticed. Wayne stands there, looking annoyed.

A short time later, Wayne is at the Palmers', and as she escorts him into the lounge room, Beryl tells him that it was very nice of him to fly down just to keep her up-to-date with what's happening. Wayne explains that Karen wanted to let her know what's going on. Leanne is sitting on the floor with newspaper spread round her, and Beryl introduces her and Wayne to each other. She then heads into the kitchen to make some tea. Alone with Leanne, Wayne comments to her that the newspaper looks a bit the worse for wear. Leanne explains that Susie got to it. Wayne asks who Susie is, and Leanne replies that she's a puppy - she named him after Susie Quatro. Wayne asks her how long she's been with Beryl. Leanne tells him that it's almost three weeks. Wayne asks her if she's made any friends since she moved in. Leanne replies that the O'Briens next door are nice. An innocent look on his face, Wayne asks if they've got kids. Leanne tells him that they have: Jeff and Katie. She adds that she and Jeff are really good mates, but she just wished he could get out a bit more. Wayne asks if he's sick or something. Leanne awkwardly replies, "No..." She adds that he's had a few problems, and his mum and dad don't let him get out unless one of them goes with him - or Mrs. Palmer: she's taking them to the movies tonight, and she's just trying to pick out what she wants to see. Wayne says he doesn't understand: if Jeff isn't sick, why does someone have to keep an eye on him all the time? Leanne retorts that they just do, that's all. Wayne looks thoughtful.

Todd is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment, reading a boating magazine, when Amanda and Irene come in, carrying a number of bags. Amanda, looking surprised to see him, comments that he's home early. Todd tells her that they had a hold-up getting in more parts, so Harry said to call it a day. Noticing the bags, he asks Amanda what she's been buying. Amanda replies that she thought they'd pretend to be American tourists. She then takes out two very loud Hawaiian-style shirts, and Todd immediately laughs that he wouldn't be seen dead in one of them! Irene looks at him, sharply. Amanda doesn't pick up on it, though, instead telling Todd that he has to get into the spirit of things. She takes out a pair of garish shades, puts them on and comments, "Aren't they hideous?!" Todd tells her that, if he's going to pretend anything, it'll be that he doesn't know her! Amanda then tells him that Irene has got a present for him, too. Irene takes out the jumper from another bag, hands it to him and says she hopes it fits. Todd looks at it and says he's sure it will. Amanda tells him that his mother was so determined to get it finished by today that she nearly didn't come out with her. Irene explains that she just wanted him to have it now, that's all. Todd looks at her intently, and he then hugs her. Looking surprised, Amanda comments that she would have knitted him a jumper too if she'd known it would get that reaction! Irene tells her that he just knows what a sentimental old dill his mum is! Todd asks what else they got while they were shopping. He reaches into one of the bags and takes out a huge sombrero! He exclaims that it's great, and he suggests that they take a few photos now. Amanda asks why, and Todd tells her that it will be so that they can see how white they were before they went away. Irene says she'll take them. Todd hands her the Polaroid camera and tells her to make them some good ones. He puts the sombrero on. Amanda puts on on of the loud shirts and hugs him, happily.

In Melbourne, Leanne escorts Wayne into the lounge room at the Palmers' and calls to Beryl that it's Mr. Morrell again. Beryl joins them from the kitchen and remarks that she didn't expect him back so soon. She then asks Leanne to go and keep an eye on the veggies for her. Leanne leaves them. Wayne asks Beryl if that means she already has dinner on. Beryl tells him that if he'd like to stay, there's plenty. Wayne declines. He then explains that he is at a bit of a loose end, though - he was supposed to be spending the evening with a business friend of Karen's, but he cancelled; he thought Beryl might like to go out for dinner with him. Beryl replies that that would be lovely, but she can't - she promised to take Leanne and Jeff to the pictures. Wayne asks if they can't go by themselves, but Beryl replies that they can't really - it's a bit awkward: Jeff isn't allowed out without an adult and she doesn't want to disappoint the kids. Wayne remarks that that's fair enough - it was just a thought. Beryl tells him that she's sorry. She then adds that he is welcome to stay and have a meal with them. Wayne, though, looking thoughtful, asks how she and the kids would feel about him coming to the movies with them. Beryl replies that, if he really wants to... Wayne assures her that it'll suit him down to the ground...

Amanda and Todd arrive back at the Morrell apartment after an evening out. Amanda is drunk, and she stumbles as she walks in through the door. Todd catches her and warns her to be careful. Amanda slurs that she shouldn't have had so much to drink. She adds that it's all his fault for keeping on refilling her glass! Todd points out that at least she'll have a good night's sleep. Amanda slurs that, if she has a hangover on the 'plane in the morning, she'll blame him! She suddenly notices the Hawaiian shirts lying over the back of one of the armchairs and she slurs, "Yuck!" She then tells Todd not to let her see them when she wakes up or they'll make her sick! She goes on that this is going to be the best holiday they've ever had. Todd just says, "Yeah." Amanda goes and lies down on the couch. As she does so, she tells Todd that it'll be lovely lying around in the sun, just the two of them. Todd agrees that it'll be great... He looks down at her: she's fallen asleep. He puts his hand on her arm but she doesn't stir.

A short time later, Todd walks out of his and Amanda's bedroom, carrying a packed bag. He puts his hand into the bag and takes out the captain's hat that Irene gave him. He puts it down on the coffee table and puts his new jumper in the bag in its place. He then picks up some photos of him and Irene and him and Amanda, selects a couple and puts them in his jacket pocket. He bends down by Amanda, who's still lying on the couch, and kisses her on the cheek. She stirs briefly, but Todd tells her quietly to go back to sleep. He then tells her, "I love you." Amanda just murmurs something inaudible. Todd stands up, picks up his bag and creeps to the door. He takes one last loving look at Amanda, opens the door and goes.

Beryl, Leanne Jeff and Wayne arrive back at the Palmers' after the movies. Leanne comments that the dancing in the film was terrific, and Jeff agrees that it was great! Beryl chips in that she enjoyed all of the film. She then says that, as it's Saturday tomorrow, they can all sleep in, so how about some supper? Leanne says she'll go and start it, and she leaves them. Wayne comments to Beryl that the girl really seems to have settled in. Beryl replies that she's good to have around. She offers him some tea or coffee, and he says he'll have whatever's available. Beryl makes Jeff the same offer and he replies that coffee would be nice. Beryl heads into the kitchen to make it. Left alone with Jeff, Wayne asks him if he enjoyed his night out. Jeff just says, "For sure!" Wayne goes on that he gathers Jeff doesn't get much freedom at the moment - from what he and Leanne were saying tonight. Jeff just retorts that his mum and dad are a bit uptight about something that happened, that's all. Wayne persists that it must be tough - and they keep him a bit short of money, too, do they? Jeff, looking suspicious, asks him how come he knows so much. Wayne replies that he's just observant: Jeff didn't have any money to buy anything. Jeff mutters, "Yeah," and he thanks Wayne for getting that stuff for him. Wayne tells him that there are no worries. He then goes on that Jeff could make some money if he wanted to. Jeff asks how. Wayne replies that, as Jeff probably knows, he's a Director of an opposition company to Patricia Morrell's. Jeff says, "So?" Wayne tells him that it would be a great help if he knew in advance what she was doing. Jeff asks him what he's getting at. Wayne replies that his dad probably brings home a a lot of files and contracts. Jeff, picking up on the implication, asks Wayne if he's saying he wants him to spy on his father. Wayne tells him that there would be money in it - very, very good money. He takes out his wallet, lifts out a card and holds it out to Jeff, telling him that it's got on it the number of the motel where he's staying in Melbourne and his home and business numbers in Sydney. Jeff retorts that he won't be needing them. Wayne, though, slips the card into Jeff's jacket pocket and tells him to take it anyway, as he might just think of something he can use the numbers for. He smiles at the boy...

Todd creeps along the corridor at the boarding house. In her apartment, Irene is dozing on the couch. She suddenly wakes up as she hears a noise outside. In the corridor, Todd is bending down and slipping an envelope under the door. He's surprised when the door suddenly opens. Irene sees him bending there and exclaims, "Todd!" Todd, looking upset, begs her not to make it any harder for him. He looks at her and then turns and goes. Irene, realising what he's doing, bursts into tears.

The next morning, Amanda is still lying on the couch at the Morrell apartment, but she's woken up as a blanket is placed over her. She comes-to and finds Irene standing over here. Irene says she's sorry for waking her. Amanda asks her what she's doing there. Irene doesn't respond, but just stands there looking guilty. Suddenly becoming worried, Amanda asks what's happened; where's Todd? Irene just replies, "It was time for him to go." Amanda, looking shocked, asks where he's gone; what does Irene mean? Irene tells her that she knows he always intended to leave when he felt his time was running out. Amanda cries that he can't have; she's going to go after him. Irene, though, tells her that he left hours ago - it's too late. Amanda suddenly realises that Irene knew. Irene explains that the reason he didn't say anything to her was that he wanted him and Amanda to enjoy every last moment they had together. She adds, "He loves you very much." Amanda starts sobbing, and Irene sits down on the couch next to her, to comfort her. She suddenly notices the captain's hat lying on the coffee table. She picks it up and, with a quiver in her voice, cries, "He left his cap..." Both women break down...


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