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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Heather is at the Palmers', and Beryl exclaims that she can't believe it. She adds that, what makes it worse is that she's partly to blame: it's through her that Wayne met Jeff in the first place. Heather, though, points out that she wasn't to know what he was up to. Beryl tells her not to worry: she'll make sure something is done about it. Heather glumly says she's not sure there's anything they can do - Mike is at the end of his tether; that's why they're going up to Bendigo for a few days. Beryl asks her when they're leaving, and Heather replies, "Now." Beryl, looking surprised, points out that they won't get there until after midnight. Heather explains that Mike says there's less traffic on the roads. She then asks Beryl if she can keep an eye on the house for them, and Beryl assures her that of course she can. Heather goes on that, if Jeff decides to come home while they're away, can Beryl give her a ring? Beryl tells her that she'll do it straight away. She adds that Gordon is going to hear about this; when he does, he'll hit the roof and Wayne will get what he deserves.

Andy is at Fiona's flat. He tells Katie that she's looking nice, and he asks her if she's expecting someone. Katie replies that he's been and gone; she had a friend over to dinner but he decided not to stay. She then tells Andy that she's been meaning to pop over, but she's been pretty busy. Andy tells her that he's been pretty hard to catch anyway; he dropped in to see Irene on his first night back, but she's out. Katie explains that she's gone to Switzerland for Todd's funeral. Andy muses, "Right..." He then goes on that Amanda left a note saying she's gone away for a few days, but he doesn't know where or who she's with. Katie tells him that Amanda, Fiona and Mitch left for Woombai this afternoon - Amanda thought she could get Mitch a job on the property. Looking surprised, Andy says he thought Mitch was a courier. Katie replies that he isn't anymore - she's hazy on the details, but Mitch had a fight with Wayne, Fiona was furious and she swore not to have anything to do with him; Amanda must have talked her around, though, because the next thing she knows, they're whisking him off to Woombai. Seeing the expression on Andy's face, she asks if something is wrong. Andy tells her that he's not sure, but he thinks he might go up there just to see what's going on...

Fiona arrives back at Woombai after the meal with the Hansens and sits down on the couch. As she does so, she suddenly becomes aware of someone creeping down the hallway, and she calls out, "Who's there?" Mitch sheepishly comes into the room, and Fiona, looking surprised, tells him that he gave her such a fright. She then adds that she thought he was sleeping in the men's quarters. Mitch replies that he is. Fiona asks him what he's doing there, then. Mitch replies that Amanda invited him over for dinner - she was a bit lonely. Fiona comments that she thought Amanda had a headache. Mitch tells her that she did - she still does - that's why she went to bed early. Fiona accusingly comments, "And you just tucked her in, eh?" Mitch retorts that he had to make sure she was OK - she hardly ate a thing at dinner. Fiona stands up and, glaring at him, points out that she's back now, so she can take care of her. Mitch mutters, "Sure." He then adds that he's got an early start, so he'd better turn in; he'll see her. He goes, leaving Fiona looking annoyed.

Gordon is pouring drinks at the bar in the lounge room at Dural. As he does so, Barbara tells him that he'd better play some golf now that the doctor says he can take exercise again, as he's getting a pot belly! The front door suddenly bangs and Wayne comes in. Gordon offers him a drink, and Wayne snaps that he could use one. Gordon remarks, "Rough day?" Wayne retorts that he could say that. He then goes on that he's working at home most of tomorrow, so he'll sleep in. Barbara, though, curtly tells him that he'll do no such thing: he'll get his father out on the golf course - it'll do them both good. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Gordon answers it. A woman's voice comes on and says, "Gordon? Is that you?" Gordon, sounding surprised, says, "Liz?" Liz, sounding agitated, tells him that she's sorry she had to call so late, but she had to ring someone - she's in big trouble and she needs his help. Gordon, sounding concerned, asks what's wrong. Liz tells him that she can't talk about it over the 'phone. Gordon tells her to stay put - he'll be there as soon as he can. He hangs up and starts hunting around for his keys. Barbara, looking annoyed, mutters, "Liz?" Gordon explains that she's in trouble. Barbara asks, "What sort of trouble?" Gordon replies that she sounded half scared to death. Barbara snaps that he can't go charging into town at this time of night, and she tells Wayne to talk some sense into his father. Gordon, though, snaps back that if he's well enough to play golf, a drive into town won't hurt him. Barbara tells him that she'll come with him, but Gordon tells her, "No," adding that unless it's just Liz and him, she might feel wary about telling him what's happened to her. He adds that he'll see her when he gets back, and he goes, leaving Barbara looking annoyed.

Liz is pacing the floor of her apartment when there's suddenly a knock on the door, and, looking anxious, she calls out, "Gordon? Is that you?" Gordon calls back at her to open the door. Liz lets him in and cries that she's glad he's come. Gordon asks what the matter is. Liz hurriedly explains that she's been getting these awful 'phone calls; she's tried to ignore it-- At that moment, the 'phone starts ringing, and Liz cries, "That will be him..." Gordon tells her to pick it up and give it to him. Liz, looking reluctant, answers the call and says, "Hello?" She then hands the receiver to Gordon, who listens as a menacing male voice says, "You're a slut and I'm going to get you. Very soon now, I'll fix you." Gordon stiffly asks, "Who is this?" There's no answer, though, and so Gordon hangs up and tells Liz that his voice might have scared the man off. Liz, though, cries that he won't give up - he'll just go on and on right until she goes crazy. She pleads, "Please help me." Gordon holds her, comfortingly.

It's the middle of the night, and there's suddenly a loud knocking on the front door of the Palmer house. After a few seconds, Beryl comes out of her bedroom and answers it. She looks surprised to find Jim standing there. He tells her that he knows it's a hell of a time to call. Beryl comments that he's making a habit of dropping in at the dead of night! She invites him in, and they head into the lounge room. Beryl switches on the lights. Jim hands her a box of chocolates, explaining as he does so that they were for Heather, but the house next door seems deserted. Beryl explains that she and Mike have gone to Bendigo for a few days. She then adds that he probably knows that Katie is in Sydney - and as for Jeff... she thought Jim might be him. Jim asks if his nephew isn't with Mike and Heather. Beryl explains that, no, he isn't - he's staying with Luke Carlyle - there have been a few problems. Jim tells her that that's why he's there. Beryl says that Heather did leave a number where he could ring her, but Jim tells her no: she and Mike could do with a break. He then asks if he can use the 'phone to check a few motels for vacancies. Beryl, though, tells him that there's a bed made up in Kevin's room - he's quite welcome to stay there. Jim smiles and comments that she's still the same old Beryl. He adds that it's a shame that he's got to be there because of the family, but it's good to see her again.

At Liz's apartment, Gordon hands Liz a glass of brandy, telling her that it will help settle her nerves. He sits down next to her on the couch and goes on that the first thing she has to do is ring the police. Liz, though, replies that she already has, and there's not much they can do except keep monitoring her calls; until the man actually tries to hurt her physically... She breaks off. Gordon asks how long the guy has been ringing. Liz explains that it's been three or four days; she wasn't worried at first, as sour grapes are part of the escort job, but then he rang the agency and started hassling them about her; she doesn't know what he said, but it must have been pretty good, as she got her marching orders yesterday. Looking surprised, Gordon asks how they can sack her for something over which she's got no control. Liz bitterly replies that she doesn't know, but they did, and since then, he's been calling every few hours, day and night - the man must be an absolute nutcase; then tonight, she realised that he probably knows where she is, so she rang him. Gordon tells her that he thinks she should pack her bag and come back to Dural. Liz starts to say, "No--" Gordon interrupts her, though, and says, "No arguments."

A while later, Barbara sits on the couch a Dural, a look of disbelief on her face as Gordon says, "So we came back here. Liz could hardly stay at the flat." Barbara curtly agrees that of course she couldn't; she adds, though, that she's sure she'd much rather be with friends than stuck out there in Dural. Liz, though, says she's glad Gordon brought her back there: this man must have been keeping tabs on her, and he probably knows where most of her friends live. Gordon agrees that Dural is a bit out of the way. He then tells Liz not to worry - she can stay as long as she likes. A look of annoyance crosses Barbara's face. She curtly suggests to Liz that she must be exhausted, and she asks Wayne to take Liz's bags and show her to her room. Liz assures the Hamiltons that she is very grateful. Wayne asks his father if he still wants a game of golf in the morning. Gordon tells him that it's OK by him. Liz and Wayne leave the room and head upstairs. When they've gone, Barbara curtly remarks to Gordon that it didn't take him long to bring Liz straight back there; the last time that girl was in the house, she said she was in love with him. Gordon assures her that Liz knows there can be nothing between them. Barbara asks, "Really?" She goes on that she saw the way Liz was looking at him tonight - she thinks he's her knight in shining armour. Gordon retorts that Liz asked for his help and that's all there is to it. Barbara asks him what he'll do if that man tracks Liz down there and starts making a nuisance of himself. Gordon, though, retorts that he doubts it will happen - and if it does, he'll deal with it. He then adds that it's late and he's tired, so he suggests they go to bed. Barbara looks annoyed.

The next morning, Fiona and Amanda are sitting at the table at Woombai, having breakfast. Fiona asks Amanda if she isn't going to have anything else, adding that Mitch said she hardly touched her dinner. Amanda looks at her, and she explains that she ran into him last night - he was just leaving... Amanda, looking caught-out, quickly explains that she thought he might feel strange, it being his first night on the property, so she asked him across for dinner. Fiona listens and then says she doesn't want to interfere, but she doesn't think it's a good idea Amanda asking Mitch into her bedroom - he might get the wrong idea. Amanda insists that she can handle him. Fiona says she just hopes Alan can - she was talking to him and she had to warn him that Mitch did have an explosive temper. Looking shocked, Amanda snaps, "What for?" She then tells Fiona that she's causing trouble for him before he even starts. Fiona retorts that she wants to help Mitch all she can, but she doesn't want anyone else hurt in the process - and that means Amanda: she's to be careful. Amanda snaps that she knows what she's doing - Fiona doesn't have to worry about her.

In the lounge room at the Palmer house, Jim is putting his jacket on, and he says to Beryl that he'd better fly, as he doesn't want to miss Jeff at school. Beryl says she just hopes he can do something. Jim tells her that he doesn't know what he can do, but at least he can have a go. He heads out. When he's gone, Beryl walks over to the 'phone and starts dialling.

The 'phone rings at Dural and Barbara gets up from where she's sitting on the couch in the lounge room and answers the set on the bar. STD pips sound and then Beryl comes on and says it's her. She asks if Gordon is about, but Barbara says she's sorry - he's out playing golf with Wayne, and then he has a business meeting. She asks if she can help. Beryl explains that she's just a bit worried about Wayne's business methods; she realises they have to get the company back on its feet but she really doesn't think Gordon would be very happy with what's been going on. A grim expression of interest on her face, Barbara tells her, "Do go on, Beryl. I'm all ears..."

A while later, Gordon snaps that Beryl must have got it wrong. Barbara, though, points out that she wouldn't have rung unless she'd had her facts straight. She then glares at Wayne and says, "It's true, isn't it." Wayne cries that he didn't know the kid was an alcoholic. Barbara snaps, "So you say." Wayne insists that he didn't - he gave him money, but he swears it was before he found out he had a drink problem. Gordon, looking disappointed, murmurs that there was he thinking Wayne had changed. Wayne cries that he has - he just explained. Barbara asks him if he expects them to believe him. Gordon curtly tells his son that even if he is telling the truth, he still paid an innocent boy to steal from his father. Wayne retorts that it was important that they got the account. Gordon snaps that nothing is that important. Barbara tells Gordon not to listen to Wayne; throw him out - he's a worthless piece of garbage. Wayne cries that he knows he's done some lousy things in his time, but he's hated himself ever since he found out why Jeff O'Brien was so keen to go along with him - and he thought he would be helping the company; it wouldn't be fair if Gordon asked him to leave. He then murmurs more quietly, "But it's up to you." He storms out. Barbara says to Gordon that he doesn't go along with that guilty conscience, does he? She angrily adds, "Wayne hasn't got a conscience." Gordon calmly tells her that throwing him out of the house didn't do any good - they tried that once before; OK, he needs to be taught a lesson, but not that. Liz suddenly comes in and says she saw Wayne outside, looking very down in the mouth; is anything wrong? Barbara snaps at her that they're having a family discussion. Gordon tells Liz that it's it alright - just a few business problems. Liz explains that she only came to see if Barbara needed a hand - she mentioned that they're having a guest for lunch? Barbara recalls that that's right: Irene - she's back from Switzerland; she rang from the airport. She then curtly tells Liz that she can manage on her own. She goes to head for the kitchen, but then pauses and looks at Gordon and tells him that Irene is obviously going to be very upset; she thinks it would be better if they sort out their family problems before she arrives; will he speak to Wayne? Gordon retorts that he'll handle it as he sees fit.

Wayne is sitting outside, by the pool, looking upset. He tells his father that he couldn't handle it if he threw him out. Gordon asks how he's expected to deal with behaviour like his. Wayne cries that it's not his fault - he fought Karen every inch when she came up with the idea. Looking surprised, Gordon asks if it was Karen's suggestion in the first place. Wayne explains that she said it was the only way to pull the company through. Gordon tells his son that he should have come to him. Wayne asks him what he'll do, and he replies that he'll tear strips off Karen when he sees her - and Wayne is going to go to Melbourne to see the O'Briens. Wayne stares at him, and he goes on that even if it was Karen's idea in the first place, it doesn't make Wayne any less guilty; Beryl told him that the O'Briens are away at the moment, but as soon as they're back, Wayne is going to find out if Jeff is still drinking and offer to pay for proper treatment. He goes on that Wayne has been good to him, taking the pressure off him while he's been sick, but what he's done to the O'Briens disgusts him; he can't respect him until he makes up for it.

A while later, Barbara comes downstairs and bumps into Wayne just coming back into the house. She asks him if he's all packed. Wayne growls that she'd love that, wouldn't she. Barbara agrees that she wouldn't stand in his way. She goes on that Gordon doesn't deserve to be hurt, but Wayne seems to be expert at doing just that. Wayne snaps, "Really?" He then adds that he reckons his father would be a damn sight happier if she wasn't around; why doesn't she leave? Barbara snaps at him that it's going to take a lot more than a slimy piece of work like him to split them up. Wayne retorts that he wouldn't bet on that if he were her - unless she enjoys losing. He walks off, leaving Barbara looking furious.

Andy has arrived at Woombai, and as he carries his suitcase into the lounge room, he says to Fiona that he hopes she doesn't mind an extra guest. Fiona assures him that of course she doesn't. Andy explains that he was going to 'phone, but he thought it would be best if he just fronted up. Fiona tells him that Amanda has been very preoccupied with Mitch lately; she probably would have tried to talk him out of coming. She adds that she's very worried about the girl. Andy tells her that Amanda has been pretty mixed up since Todd died. Fiona says she's sure it explains the attraction with Mitch. Andy says he thinks he'll go and talk to her, and he asks where she is. Fiona replies that she's on the property somewhere - she went for a walk. She then warns Andy that Amanda gets very upset at people keeping tabs on her. Andy just suggests that they see what happens. He goes.

Amanda and Mitch are leaning against an old fence in the grounds. As Amanda takes in the surroundings, she tells Mitch that this has always been her favourite spot in Woombai. Mitch tells her that last night was really great. Amanda smiles and replies that it was good for her, too. Mitch puts his arms round her, but after a few seconds, Amanda says she thinks they'd better be getting back, as lunch will be ready soon. Mitch tells her that it can wait. From a distance, Andy suddenly spots them, and he watches them, staring at Mitch with his arms round Amanda. He shakes his head in annoyance. He then starts walking towards them, and Amanda suddenly spots him. She pulls away from Mitch and he asks what's wrong. Amanda indicates Andy, and Mitch immediately growls, "Not him again." Andy joins them and comments to Amanda that it didn't take her much time to get over Todd. Amanda retorts that she's not-- Mitch interrupts her, though, and growls at Andy, "Listen, pip-squeak, you're not her watchdog, so buzz off." Andy snaps back at Mitch that he should buzz off: Amanda is upset and he's just taking advantage of her. He grabs Amanda's hand and says, "Let's go to the homestead." Mitch, though, pulls Andy's arm away and snaps at him that he told him to get lost. He then gives Andy a shove and he falls over. Amanda goes to help him, but Mitch tells her to leave him - it serves him right. The two of them walk off, leaving Andy sprawled on the ground, looking annoyed.

A short time later, Fiona is laying the table, and as she does so, she says she'll speak to Alan - Mitch should be fired. Amanda snaps at her that, for the third time, it wasn't Mitch's fault - if Andy had minded his own business, nothing would have happened. Andy comes in at that moment and snaps at Amanda that he thought he knew her. He asks her what she's trying to prove, adding that she can't say she's got over Todd already. Amanda tells him that she hasn't. Andy asks her why she's carrying on the way she is, then. Amanda snaps at him that he doesn't understand, so he should just stay out of it - and she doesn't want him mucking things up for Mitch, either. She storms off. Fiona reluctantly tells Andy that as far as Amanda is concerned, Mitch can do no wrong; setting him off on the straight and narrow is like a charity case for her. Andy sourly comments that what he saw out there didn't look like charity. Fiona looks at him and says, "Eh? Andy tells her that when Amanda split up with Wayne, she went crazy for a while, throwing herself at any bloke who liked sideways at her; now it looks like she's doing exactly the same thing after Todd. Fiona suggests that maybe it's a way of coping, even if she's not happy with it. She grimly adds that she thinks Amanda is making a mistake, latching onto Mitch.

Jim is back at the Palmer house, and in the kitchen, he tells Beryl that the lad has got him worried. Beryl points out that it's a big school - maybe he just missed him. Jim, though, explains that he talked to one of Jeff's teachers and he hasn't been at school all day. He goes on that he hopes Jeff isn't out on a bender. Seeing the look of worry on Beryl's face, he quickly adds that he's not saying he is, but he might trawl through the pubs just to be on the safe side. Beryl asks him if it wouldn't be an idea if he talked to Luke. Jim tells her that he doesn't know where he lives. Beryl points out that he knows where he works, though. Jim agrees that that's true. He then adds that he's not too fond of the guy at the moment, but it could save him a lot of time. Beryl agrees that she'd say so. She puts a plate of food down on the table for him and tells him to eat up. Jim looks at the plate she's put down for herself and comments that what she's got there wouldn't feed a canary. Beryl says she knows, but she's not very hungry. She then quickly adds that she can't be selfish, she supposes. She picks up plate containing some slices of bread from the counter and puts them on the table. Jim tells her that she doesn't have to eat on his account. Beryl replies that she isn't; actually, she's eating for two, these days: she's pregnant - to David. As Jim stares at her in shock, she adds that it's better for him to know before he sees David, because David thinks it's his. Jim, looking bemused, tells her that, first of all, he'll offer his congratulations - but they never... he hasn't been in Melbourne for months; how does David think it's his? Beryl says she doesn't know - he just wants to believe it. Jim asks if David doesn't want the responsibility, and Beryl says she supposes not. Jim tells her that he'll soon sort him out, but Beryl cries, "No." Jim tells her that David has got to know it's his kid. Beryl, though, says she'd rather he didn't, adding that, if he does'nt want to come back to her, she won't pressure him; it'll only make matters worse.

Barbara is laying the table at Dural. Gordon is standing next to her as she does it, and she tells him that he's letting Wayne off far too easily. Gordon, though, points out that facing the O'Briens won't be easy. He then goes on that he can't forget Wayne's loyalty both to him and the company - and he's been a much better son since he's been back there; he's not going to undo any good that's been done by throwing him out. Barbara snaps that it seems as if she doesn't have any say in who stays under her roof these days. Gordon, picking up on the implication, retorts that, if she's referring to Liz, they've been through that. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Barbara says it will be Irene. She goes to get it. As Irene comes into the house, Barbara gently asks her how the flight was. Irene just murmurs, "So so." She adds that jetlag is just starting to set in. The two women go into the lounge room. Gordon is standing behind the bar, and he goes to pour Irene a drink. He suddenly realises that they're out of soda, and Barbara curtly suggests that he'd better fill it up. He picks up the siphon and goes. Barbara invites Irene to sit down and then says she'll start with the awkward question first: how was Switzerland? Irene replies that it was awful: when she arrived, Nat was in a dreadful rage, accusing the nurse of negligence. Barbara, looking surprised, says, "With Todd?" Irene explains that it seems he died after she gave him an overdose of painkillers; Nat wanted her hung, drawn and quartered. Barbara comments that she's not surprised. Irene agrees that she wasn't, either, until she found out what an awful state Todd had been in - then she wondered whether he asked the nurse to do it; maybe she did him a favour. Barbara, looking shocked, says she can't subscribe to that theory. Irene tells her that neither can Nat; he was still foaming at the mouth after the funeral, so she left him to it - she couldn't take any more. Barbara tells her that it's over now - she should just forget about it and concentrate on the future. Irene replies that she will - she has to. Barbara says she wishes Amanda would take a leaf out of her book - she's up at Woombai with Fiona and Bob Mitchell, acting very strangely, she might add. Irene comments that always knew Amanda would take it badly. She adds that she'll have a word with the girl when she gets back. Changing the subject, she remarks that Gordon looks very well. Barbara tells her that they're both fine. Irene says she thought the air was a bit thick when she arrived, and she asks what's up. Barbara explains that Liz is back, and she can't say she's too thrilled about it. Irene says, "I see. " She suggests that Barbara had better start from the top.

Wayne is sitting out by the pool when Liz wanders over to him and says, "Penny for them." Wayne, though, tells her that they're not even worth that much. Liz looks at him quizzically and he explains that he let Gordy down over something and Barbara's out to get him. Liz comments that Barbara isn't very happy with her, either - she shouldn't have called Gordon last night; she should have gone interstate or something. Wayne asks her if the police can't do anything. Liz tells him that, to be honest, there's not much they can do. She then adds that she's glad to have the chance to see Gordon again. Wayne comments that she's still in love with him, isn't she. Liz sadly replies, "For all the good it's going to do me - he's obviously very happy with Barbara." Wayne, though, growls that Barbara makes his father's life a misery; it's only that he's too much of a gentleman to admit it. Looking surprised, Liz asks him if he's sure. Wayne replies that he's positive: Gordon is going to be a very unhappy man. Suddenly appearing to think of something, he adds, "But you can change that." Looking surprised, Liz asks, "How?" Wayne tells her, "By taking him away from her." Liz, an expression of surprise and shock on her face, asks him if he's serious. Wayne assures her that he's never been more serious in his life. He tells her, "Gordy will be a lot better off if Barbara is turfed out on her ear. You can do it, Liz. I'll do anything I can to help you."


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