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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Wayne growls at Karen that she's bluffing. Karen curtly asks him if he thinks so. Wayne tells her to ring Gordon now if she's got the nerve. Karen tells him not to think she won't - she's got nothing to lose; she'd much rather Wayne saw things her way, but if he can't... She picks up the receiver and starts dialling. As she does so, Wayne growls that it's amazing that she still says she loves him and yet she carries on like this. Karen retorts that, if she didn't love him, she wouldn't be ringing Gordon. The 'phone at the other end starts ringing and Karen warns Wayne that he hasn't got much longer. At Dural, Gordon answers the call and says, "Gordon Hamilton?" Karen doesn't say anything but just looks at Wayne. Gordon says, "Hello?" Wayne suddenly puts his hand on the receiver and hangs up. Karen tells him that she knew he'd see things her way; it proves he's not really serious about Katie. Wayne, though, snaps at her not to get smug - she might have stopped him seeing Katie, but there's no way he'll come back to her. Karen retorts that she doesn't expect him to - not immediately; but someday he'll know how much she needs him and they'll be together again. Wayne snaps that, after what she just did, she's got to be kidding. Karen suggests that they should drop it; they should be discussing now the best way to let Miss. O'Brien know her time's up.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon tells Liz and Barbara that the caller must have been Perrin - he can't think who else it could have been. Barbara asks if the person didn't say anything at all. Gordon replies that there wasn't a word; he was obviously after Liz. He turns to Liz and tells her not to let it upset her. Liz asks him if he's OK, and he assures her that he's fine - he just can't get his mind off the mess the business is in at the moment; he might spend the afternoon going through the ideas Karen has for getting the company back on its feet. Barbara suggests to him that he should go and have a rest, but Gordon assures her that he'll be fine. He leaves the room. Barbara immediately turns to Liz and comments that it's an amazing sense of timing that Mr. Perrin has. Liz asks her what she means. Barbara points out that Liz was going to live in a flat until they found the notice on her car; then she was going to live with Irene, but the motor scooter got sabotaged; and as soon as Gordon offers to take her on an overseas trip, Liz starts getting anonymous 'phone calls; there seems to be a definite pattern emerging. Liz listens and then snaps at Barbara that she's incredible: there's a man out there after her. Barbara, though, snaps back that, no, she doesn't think so - she thinks Liz is faking it just to stay near her husband - and when she can prove it, it'll be Gordon giving her her marching orders. She storms off.

At the Fisher house, Wayne angrily snaps at Karen that he's not going to stand there and take orders like a lackey. Karen retorts that he'll do whatever she tells him. Wayne growls, "Like hell." He goes on that he's going to take his time and make it as easy for Katie as he can. Karen, though, tells him that he's going to drop her tonight. Wayne snaps that he's not going to hurt her. Karen retorts that she'll get hurt anyway, so he might as well do it quickly. Wayne yells at her that she sure knows the meaning of the word 'vindictive', doesn't she? Karen snaps at him to just do it: buy Katie a ticket back to Melbourne if he wants to be soppy about it, but get rid of her now.

A while later, at Fiona's flat, Katie looks devastated, and she repeats that Wayne wants to call it quits - just like that? Wayne softly tells her that it isn't 'just like that' - he's been thinking about it for a while. Katie asks why, adding, "Can't we talk about it?" Wayne tells her that there's not much to say; it's not that he hasn't enjoyed being with her - they had some great times - but it wouldn't have lasted forever, so it's best to end it now. Looking shocked, Katie asks him what he means by 'it wouldn't have lasted forever'. Wayne points out that her parents would never have accepted him. Katie cries that they're hardly going to have anything to do with her parents. Wayne, though, goes on that that's not the only thing; the closer she got to him, the more he realised that she's doing all the giving and he's just taking. He puts his hand in his jacket pocket, takes out an envelope and tells Katie that it's a ticket back to Melbourne. He adds that she'll probably be better off with her parents, anyway. Katie cries that she doesn't believe this - he can't just walk out without-- She breaks off and then continues that it doesn't make sense; there must be some other reason. Wayne assures her that there isn't - it's just the way he feels. He adds that he'd better go. Katie pleads, "Please stay," but Wayne tells her that he can't. Katie asks why. Wayne warns, "Katie..." Katie cries that he's going out with someone, isn't he. Wayne, looking slightly guilty, says, "Not 'out' - just to dinner." Katie asks, "Who with?" Wayne looks down at the floor and Katie realises, "It's Karen, isn't it?" She then snaps, "God - have I ever been stupid..." Wayne tells her that he didn't want to do this. He puts the ticket down for her and goes, leaving Katie looking shocked and upset.

A while later, the 'phone is ringing in Fiona's apartment as the front door opens. Fiona stands in the doorway, laden down with bags of groceries, and she calls to Katie to answer it. Katie doesn't appear to be there, though, and so Fiona quickly puts the shopping down on the couch and answers the call. STD pips sound and then Alan Pascoe comes on. He says to Fiona that she left a message for him... Fiona tells him that she just wanted to make sure that Mitch got back to Woombai alright. Sounding surprised, Alan assures her that he's there, and he asks her what makes her think he wouldn't be. Fiona, sounding caught off-guard, says she's not sure - it's just that, when she spoke to him this morning, he seemed keen to get his hands on some big money, fast. Alan tells her that, as far as he knows, Mitch is quite happy with what they're paying him. Fiona says, "Oh... good..." She then asks him if he can just keep an eye on Mitch; let her know if he does anything suspicious. Alan says he will. Fiona thanks him and hangs up. As she does so, Katie comes out of her room. Looking surprised, Fiona asks her if she didn't hear the 'phone. Katie explains that she was lying down. Looking at the expression on her face, Fiona asks her if she's not feeling well. She then asks if it has anything to do with Wayne, as she saw him driving off as she was coming home. Katie sadly replies, "It's all over." Fiona, looking sorry for her, sympathises, "Oh, Katie..." Katie cries that she doesn't even know why. Fiona tells her that it's never easy to understand how Wayne's mind works - and she'll be so much better off without him. Katie, though, cries, "That's not true..." She breaks down, and Fiona gives her a hug.

Back at the Fisher house, Wayne tells Karen that he broke up with Katie; he hopes she's satisfied. Karen retorts that he'll get over it. Wayne snaps at her, "Don't patronise me." Karen tells him to stop looking so down-in-the-mouth - it's over; they should go out to dinner and forget about it. Wayne, though, growls that he'd choke if he had to sit down for a meal with her. Karen tells him that she's paying. Wayne, though, snaps that that's her answer to everything. He then angrily asks her why she thinks he was so attracted to Katie in the first place. He answers his own question, going on that it was because she's honest and genuine; he can't see her hoping Amanda would have a miscarriage like Karen does. Karen insists that she wasn't serious when she said that, but Wayne snaps, "Like hell." He adds that she'd do anything to get Todd's money. Karen tells him that it was just one of those silly things you say. Wayne, though, snaps at her, "Don't lie." He tells her that she was born selfish, and adds that Katie is worth a hundred of her.

A while later, Wayne arrives back at Dural. As he closes the front door, Liz comes out from the lounge room and asks him where the hell he's been, as she thinks she got a call from the real Perrin. She explains that, not long after he rang, Gordon answered the 'phone and whoever it was hung up without saying anything. Wayne, though, assures her that it's alright - it was only Karen. Liz queries, "Eh?" Wayne explains that Karen overheard him talking to her and was threatening to tell Gordy about their little game unless he agreed to give up on Katie. Liz asks, "Did you?" Wayne replies that he made up some story for Katie about it not working. Liz says she's sorry. Wayne goes on that, the funny thing is, he reckoned it might have worked between them - he's already missing her like crazy. Liz asks why Karen did it; she's not hoping to get him back again, is she? Wayne tells her that she is, but it's backfired; believe him, Karen's going to regret she started on this...

Amanda opens the front door at the Morrell apartment to find Karen standing there. She says to Amanda that she hopes she doesn't mind her dropping by, and Amanda assures her that of course she doesn't. She asks her if she's eaten, and Karen says she hasn't. Amanda invites her to stay to dinner, adding that Andy is doing his 'thing' in the kitchen - with the microwave! She then offers Karen a seat and the two of them sit down. Andy comes out from the kitchen and Amanda tells him that Karen is staying for dinner. Karen explains that she just thought she'd drop round and have more of a chat about the baby; she was rather surprised when Amanda told her - it was the last thing she was expecting. Amanda tells her that she and Todd had their fingers crossed. Karen goes on that it was also a shock to hear that Todd had left Amanda all his money; she didn't say anything yesterday, but she had thought most of it was coming to her. Looking worried, Amanda asks her if she's upset. Karen replies that she was, but not anymore; she's always thought that the almighty dollar was the be all and end all, but when you think like that, sometimes people get hurt; Todd loved Amanda and she's having his baby - she deserves the money. She adds, "End of confession," and Amanda smiles at her, gratefully. Karen then asks her how the check-up with Irene went. Amanda replies that it was fine. The microwave timer suddenly pings and Amanda says she'll serve up. She tells Karen and Andy to take a seat at the table and she leaves them. When she's gone, Andy, looking worried, warns Karen to watch what she says about the baby. He then explains that, when Irene examined Amanda... it's Mitch's kid. Karen looks shocked. Andy goes on that it's no use trying to convince Amanda, though - she wants it to be Todd's so badly; she doesn't want to face up to the truth. Karen murmurs, "It's not Todd's...?" Andy tells her that, no, it isn't - so it would be best if she can play the whole thing down for the time being. Karen agrees, "Of course... poor girl." Andy says he hopes she understands. Karen sits there, looking thoughtful.

The next day, at Woombai, Mitch is walking along in the grounds of the property when he comes across two men sitting on the grass. He comments, "Nice day." One of the men agrees that it sure is. Mitch asks them how the holiday home is. The first man replies that his wife is having a good time on the gee-gees. Mitch asks him if he's not so keen himself. The man tells him that he likes betting on horses, not riding them. Mitch says he knows what he means. He then goes on that he was wondering whether it was worth doing something about it - setting up a two-up school, maybe. The first man says he knows one person who'd be in it for sure, so Mitch tells him and his mate to pass the word around and he'll organise the time and place. The first man says, "No worries," and Mitch walks off, looking pleased with himself.

Karen is sitting in the lounge room at the Fisher house, working, when the front door bangs shut and Wayne comes in. She tells him that she was wondering if he was going to show up; she hopes he's slacked-off his temper, as there's a lot of work to get through today. Wayne growls that he'll do what has to be done; he hasn't changed his opinion of her, though. Karen asks him if he still thinks she's the one who's sick. As Wayne looks at her, she goes on that his ex-wife isn't pregnant to Todd after all - she's only pretending; in fact, she's pregnant to Bob Mitchell, former courier. Looking shocked, Wayne snaps that she's making it up. Karen, though, tells him to ask Andy Green - he told her. Wayne asks why Amanda would lie. Karen asks how she should know what's going on in the girl's head; she went over there to offer the olive branch and tell her that she had every right to Todd's estate - that's when she thought the money was going to be spent bringing up the child. Wayne growls that she wants it for herself again now, does she? Karen asks him if he can blame her; why should she sit back and watch the money being spent on a kid who is no relation to Todd whatsoever? Wayne asks her how she's going to manage it, adding that she'd better not start thinking about a miscarriage again. Karen retorts that she isn't - she's got something much simpler in mind. Wayne queries, "Such as?" Karen tells him that he'll find out - but she reckons that, if she doesn't get Todd's money, Gordon's company is finished. As she goes to head out, she tells Wayne that she expects to see him there when she gets back; it'll probably be late tonight. Wayne doesn't say anything, and so Karen snaps, "Fine," and storms off. As soon as she's gone, Wayne picks up the 'phone and dials a number. The 'phone at the other end rings and a woman comes on and asks if she can help. Wayne tells her that he'd like to book a single economy ticket to Melbourne; he wants the earliest flight available.

Andy has just arrived at Fiona's apartment, and Katie lets him in. He asks if Fiona is about. Katie tells him that she thinks she's seeing a tenant, and she invites him in to wait. Andy explains that he thought he'd just have a chat to her about Amanda. He then comments that Katie looks down in the dumps, and he asks if he can help. Katie tells him that she doesn't want to load him with her problems. Andy assures her that it's alright, and so Katie tells him that Wayne has left her. She adds that she knows he's probably like Fiona and thinks she's better off without him, but she just can't help it. Andy asks her if Wayne gave her any sort of reason. Katie replies that it was something about him not seeing it lasting. Andy tells her that, for what it's worth, pretty much the same thing happened to him, so he knows what she's going through. Katie goes on that the real reason is that he wanted to go back to Karen Fox. She bitterly adds that she supposes she was stupid to think she ever had a hope against her: Karen is a woman and she's just a kid. Andy asks her if she isn't being hard on herself, but Katie goes on that, if she wants Wayne back, she's got to try being more like Karen. Andy points out that if someone doesn't like her for who she is, she's better off finding someone who does; there's no use trying to change. Katie, though, cries that she still loves him - it's that simple; so she's going to have to change.

Mitch is working underneath a car at Woombai when Alan Pascoe approaches him and calls, "Mitch?" Mitch climbs out and Alan immediately asks him what this is he's head about a two-up school. Mitch retorts that he's thinking of starting it - most of the blokes are keen. Alan tells him that he can't open a school there. Mitch asks why not. Alan points out that it's illegal. Mitch growls at him to come on... it's only two-up; the cops don't worry about that. Alan retorts that it depends on the size of the game, and he doesn't suppose they're going to do it for 20¢ a toss. Mitch snaps that of course they're not - it's $10 minimum; it's no fun betting shrapnel. Alan says he's sorry but it's just not on - if Mitch wants to make money, he can do it some other way - preferably legal. Mitch growls that Fiona has been on to Alan, hasn't she. Alan tells him that she only wants to keep him out of trouble. Mitch snaps that he thought so. He then goes on that, alright, he'll be a good boy - but Alan isn't to start pushing him around. Alan warns him that that's up to him, and he walks off.

Gordon and Liz are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, and Gordon asks, "No more 'phone calls?" Liz replies, "Not today." She adds that he must have scared Perrin off. Gordon smiles and says, "Good." Liz then asks him what he's been up to his morning. Gordon tells her that he's been organising with Beryl Palmer to go down and see the O'Briens - he's making up for Wayne's idiocy in getting their son back on alcohol. Liz asks him why he has to go down. Gordon tells her that someone has to - Wayne well and truly made a botch of it when he went to see them. Liz warns him that he's not well enough to cope with that kind of pressure, but Gordon assures her that he'll be alright. He adds that everything will calm down once he's in control of the business again; Karen's contract runs out in a couple of weeks. Liz points out that it's not just the business, is it - there's the worry that she's been causing him; maybe she should move into a flat? Gordon tells her that, if she's concerned about his health, she should stay there, because if she moves into a flat by herself, he'll worry all the more. Liz, looking grateful, tells him that if that's what he wants... Barbara suddenly comes in from the hallway and announces that she's just popping out for a couple of hours. Gordon asks her if she's going anywhere near the city. Barbara replies that, actually, yes, she is. Gordon tells her that, in that case, he won't be a minute - he's got an assessment for the accountant to look at. He gets up and leaves the room. When he's gone, Liz asks Barbara what she's going into town for. Barbara smiles and sarcastically retorts, "Christmas shopping!" Liz snaps, "Sure." Barbara goes on that she might even buy Liz a present. Liz snaps, "Very funny." Barbara smiles and says she thought so. She turns and leaves the room. Liz glares at her as she goes.

In the city, some men are walking along the street. Barbara is standing outside a brick building that has a sign saying 'Sunglasses' above the entrance. She watches the men walk past and then looks around to see if there's anyone else about. A taxi suddenly pulls up in the road in front of her and a man gets out, carrying a briefcase. He starts walking in Barbara's direction, and as he approaches, she calls, "Mr. Perrin?" The man stops in his tracks and says that's right. Barbara tells him that his secretary said she'd find her him there; her name is Barbara Hamilton. Perrin, looking taken aback, says she'd better not be from the Hamiltons with the motor scooter, as he had a hell of a time from the police with that. Barbara tells him that she's sorry. She then explains that she'd like to talk to him about Liz Smith.

Sometime later, Barbara arrives back at Dural. Liz is on her own in the lounge room and she asks Barbara if her shopping went well. Barbara walks behind the bar and replies that it went very well - she had one of the most successful days she's had in a long time. She goes on that Liz will never guess who she bumped into: George Perrin. Looking taken aback, Liz growls that she doesn't believe it. Barbara tells her that she'd better. She adds that he was really a very nice fellow; they had a very interesting chat; it turns out that he knows nothing about harassing 'phone calls or notes on windscreens or doctored motor scooters. Liz snaps, "As if he's going to admit it." Barbara retorts that she didn't expect him to admit to anything, but after hearing him and hearing Liz, it's not hard to judge who's telling the truth. She adds that George's wife was with him when he was interviewed by the police; she heard how he hired Liz as an escort, and now she wants a separation - so Liz isn't topping any popularity polls with George; in fact, he'd be rather happy to get his own back on her. Liz snaps that he wanted an escort; it's hardly her fault. Barbara tells her that it's about the only thing that isn't. She then goes on that she thinks Liz has got two choices: she either stays there, in which case she'll get George to come and tell the story to Gordon, or she can pack her bags now and go, and they'll leave it at that. She adds that, of course, if Liz wants to take the chance of Gordon not believing George, that's up to her. She stares at Liz, unpleasantly, and Liz gives in and says she'll go. She adds that she'd sort of made up her mind to, anyway; it got so she was only adding to Gordon's worries and that's the last thing she wants and the last thing he needs. She then bitterly tells Barbara, "Congratulations. It seems you've won." She turns and leaves the room. Barbara smiles broadly as she pours herself a drink.

At Woombai, a car pulls up, the driver's door opens and Karen gets out. Alan Pascoe walks over to her, welcomes her and asks her if she's got any luggage. Karen smiles and replies that she hasn't today; she's not staying - she just drove up to see Bob Mitchell. She asks where she can find him, and Alan explains that he's down near the road, under a car. Karen walks off.

Patricia are David are standing in the lounge room at Toorak, and David says he'd better go and pick up Patricia's Matron of Honour. Patricia says she agrees, as Charlie hates arriving at airports and finding nobody waiting. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and they head out into the hallway. Patricia opens the door and looks surprised to find Wayne standing there. He curtly says, "Mother." Patricia tautly replies, "Hello, Wayne." Wayne says, "Hello," to David. Patricia comments to her stepson that he's a long way from home. David says to her that, if she'd like him to stay... Patricia assures him that it's alright - she doesn't think Wayne will be there very long. Wayne heads into the lounge room and David goes. Patricia shuts the door and goes and joins Wayne, saying as she does so that she presumes there's a reason for his unexpected visit. Wayne replies, "Yes." There's silence and, after a few seconds, Patricia snaps that she's not clairvoyant. Wayne tells her that he's completely on the level here - cards on the table: he wants to talk about doing a deal. He continues that, in case Patricia hasn't heard, Karen isn't the business whizz they all thought; watching her running the company isn't doing anything for Gordy's health - Karen is giving him enough worries to to put him back in hospital; he'd never beat her out of the Directorship, though - he's too straight to break the contract. He goes on that he thought, then, that it was up to him to do something: if they merge the two companies, they can be rid of Karen for good. He adds that it seems to him that it would do everyone the world of good. Patricia listens and then curtly tells him that it was a lovely speech, but she's sorry: she can't believe they're doing that badly - and she's not going to risk her company in any merger. Wayne glares at her.

Mitch is working on the engine of the car when Karen walks up to him and asks him if he's found the problem yet. Mitch, looking surprised, says, "Mrs. Fox. What are you doing here?" Karen explains that she's looking for him - she's got some news; no one else was going to tell him, so she thought she should. Mitch remarks that it must be pretty important to bring her this far. Karen tells him that it is. She then explains, "Amanda's carrying your baby." Mitch stares at her, in shock.


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