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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Fiona opens the door of her flat at the boarding house to find Barney standing there in full army uniform. Looking surprised, she tells him to come in. Barney explains that he was looking for Mitch - he's moved in, hasn't he? Fiona replies that he's in the bedsit opposite. She asks if there isn't any answer there, and Barney comments that he must be working late. Fiona just agrees distantly, "Probably." Looking concerned, Barney asks if something is wrong. Fiona explains that she's just on tenterhooks: her son, Terry, was due before the parole board this afternoon; she thought she would have heard something by now. She then asks Barney if he'd like to wait a while. Barney, though, says that, seeing as she doesn't feel like talking... He adds that there's one thing, though: there's a regimental dinner on the week after next and he thought she might like to come with him. Fiona smiles and tells him that she'd love to. Barney suggests they make arrangements when there's less on her mind. Someone suddenly starts hammering on Fiona's front door, and Fiona growls that she hopes it isn't Mrs. Longhurst - she's been pestering her all day. She opens the door and looks gobsmacked as a man in a straw hat and denim jacket smiles and asks, "Does a Mrs. Fiona Thompson live there, by any chance?" It's Terry, holding a bunch of flowers and several presents! As Fiona stares at him in delight, he explains that they brought the parole board meeting forward, so he thought he'd surprise her! Fiona looks overwhelmed!

At the Fisher house, Karen explains to Mitch that she lived with George Brandon while Fay was overseas; she had a son to George - Alan - but when Fay got home, she was out in the cold. She goes on that, when George died, Fay got enough to live on happily, Alan got left a fortune and she didn't even get a mention. Mitch comments that now she wants him to steal the old girl's jewellery for her. Karen retorts that she thinks she deserves some of it; after all, she gave George a son, and that's something Fay was unable to do. Mitch points out that, if something went wrong, they'd both end up in jail - and he's damned if he's going back in there again. Karen, though, assures him that nothing will go wrong - it'll be easy. Mitch tells her that he's sorry - it may sound easy but there's always a risk and he's not prepared to take it. Karen snaps at him that he's always looking to impress Amanda, and she's offering him the perfect opportunity to do so, and he hasn't got the guts to take it. She continues angrily that, alright, he can stay broke all his life - he doesn't deserve anything better. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and she storms over to it and answers it, leaving Mitch looking thoughtful. After a moment, she tells him that the call is for him - someone called Terry Hansen. Mitch takes it and cheerfully says, "Terry, me old mate. How are ya?"

A while later, Terry, Katie, Fiona, Barney and Mitch are sitting around the table in Fiona's flat, and Fiona is telling a story that involves her putting on an Irish accent. Everybody laughs at the punchline, and Katie says she doesn't know why everyone makes fun of the Irish - her great grandparents were Irish! Terry humorously comments that that explains a lot! Everyone laughs again! Changing the subject, Fiona asks Katie if she can check on the coffee, and Katie heads out to the kitchen. Terry says he'll give her a hand and he stands up. Fiona tells him that there's some cheese in the 'fridge, too. Terry goes and joins Katie in the kitchen, and asks her how things have been. Katie just replies, "Alright." She then tells him that it's good to see him again. Terry replies, "You too." He quickly adds that she's not still hung up on him, is she? Katie assures him, "No. It took me a long time to get over you, though." Terry tells her that he didn't want to hurt her. Katie tells him that she's found someone else that she's crazy about, and Terry replies that Fiona told him that in her letters. He continues that he reckons she could do better than Wayne Morrell... Katie indignantly replies that she loves him. Terry, not wanting to argue, suggests that if that's what she wants... Katie tells him that it is. They suddenly hear more laughter emanating from the guests at the table, and Terry comments that it sounds like he missed out on a good joke. Katie says she'll be in with the coffee in a minute, and Terry heads back to the lounge with the cheese. As he sits down, he remarks to Barney that he must hear some very good jokes in the army. Barney smiles and replies that he can't repeat most of them in this company! Fiona assures him that she's pretty broad-minded. Terry laughs and tells Barney not to encourage her, as she'll tell a few to make his hair curl! Fiona laughs, "That'll do!" Suddenly looking at Mitch, Terry comments to him that he seems a bit down, and he asks him if he's OK. Mitch just grunts, "Yeah. Sure." Barney asks Terry what his plans are now - does he have anything lined up? Fiona interjects that she has something lined up for him: a garage - he's a darn good mechanic and she's going to set him up in a business of his own. Barney comments to Terry that it sounds like he's taken care of. Sounding slightly uncertain, Terry just says, "Yeah..." Fiona goes on that she wants Terry to know that he has something to build his future on; it's a rough old world without it. Mitch glares at Terry. Looking slightly embarrassed, Terry suggests that they liven the party up a bit. He adds that he reckons he could do with a beer instead of a coffee. Fiona says she doesn't think she's got any left. Mitch, though, chips in sullenly that he's got a six-pack in his bedsit; he'll go and get that. He gets up and heads out. Terry comments that if there's one thing he's missed, it's a nice cold beer. Fiona, looking puzzled says she would have thought Mitch would be over the moon. Terry agrees that he seems a bit down. Barney, though, tells them that Mitch has always been a bit moody; he'll be alright.

Mitch walks into the bedsit and closes the door. He then goes and sits down on the bed and picks up the 'phone handset from the bedside table. He dials a number. The 'phone rings at the Fisher house and Karen answers it. Mitch announces that it's him. Karen curtly comments that he's been thinking, has he? Mitch mutters, "Yeah." Karen retorts that she thought he might. Mitch growls that everyone else seems to get things handed to them on a plate, so why shouldn't he? He tells Karen that what she's talking about is probably his only chance to get his hands on big money. Karen says, "You'll do it?" Mitch growls, "Yeah. I'll do it."

The next morning, Terry is with Mitch in the bedsit and he incredulously asks him if he's some kind of idiot; has he forgotten what it's like inside? Mitch snaps that he's not going back in there. Terry snaps back at him that like hell he's not; if he pulls a job like that, he'll be back before he can think twice. Mitch, though, tells him that it'll be as easy as falling off a log. Terry angrily asks him if he's some kind of nut. He then adds that he wishes Mitch had never even told him. Mitch retorts that he thought he'd be interested - it'll be easier with two blokes doing the job. Terry tells him to forget it - and if he goes through with it, he'll-- Mitch interrupts him and asks him, "What? Tell the cops? You wouldn't lag on me." Terry, though, growls at him that he deserves whatever he gets. He storms out, and bumps into Fiona in the corridor. She tells him that she's been looking for him: she had Jill on the 'phone - she's bringing Fee over to see him later. Terry just mutters, "Good." Looking surprised, Fiona comments that she thought he'd be crying to see little Fee. Terry mutters that he is, and he walks into Fiona's flat, leaving Fiona looking puzzled.

At the country house, Patricia is standing by the sink in the kitchen, and she pours some medicine out of a bottle into a glass and then swallows it, wincing at the taste. She then rinses the glass. She suddenly hears Mike's voice outside, asking the person he's with if they brought any extra paintbrushes. Heather replies that she brought some. Patricia decides to head into the lounge room, leaving the kitchen empty. Outside, as they approach the back door, Heather says to Mike that she just hopes Patricia keeps out of their way today. Mike suggests that maybe she shouldn't have come, but Heather assures him that she wanted to. She adds by way of explanation that, if she goes to somebody else's place, they always want to tell her how sorry they are about Jeff. The two of them head inside the house.

In the lounge room, Patricia puts her hand to her head, apparently in slight pain. She goes to her handbag, but then suddenly notices that the wallet containing the photo of Margaret is missing. She tips the contents of the bag onto the coffee table and starts rifling through it, but the wallet isn't there. She turns to the dresser and lifts up a basket lying on it, but there's no sign of the photo. She then opens the doors of a nearby cupboard, but still nothing. Growing frantic, she checks a shelf and picks up the newspaper on the coffee table, eventually returning to her bag. She looks worried as she realises the photo isn't there.

In the kitchen, Heather checks the stove to see if there's any heat and then comments that Patricia might still be in bed. Mike points out that the stove is lit, isn't it? Heather suggests that Patricia might have done that and then gone back to bed. She adds bitterly that she hopes she stays there all day. She then suddenly notices the bottle of medicine by the sink and she picks it up, commenting as she does so that it must be something Patricia is taking; she wonders what it's for. Patricia suddenly bursts in and snaps, "I want it back. One of you took it out of my handbag, didn't you?" Looking puzzled, Mike asks her what she's talking about. Patricia snaps that she means the photograph of Margaret: it's gone. Her eyes suddenly turn to Heather and she growls at her that it was her, wasn't it: she was trying to get back at her. Heather assures her that she wouldn't touch anything of hers, but Patricia goes on that, since Heather's son's death, Heather has being trying to hurt her through Margaret - but it's not fair; she didn't want anything to happen to Jeff, so please, just give her the photograph back. Mike chips in angrily that neither of them took the photo - that's the truth. He then tells Patricia that he thinks she'd better lie down. He and Heather head outside. Patricia glares at them as they go.

A while later, Ross is in the lounge room with Patricia, a syringe in his hand. He flicks the top of it and tells her that at least this will be a little less painful than her injection yesterday. Patricia asks what it is, and Ross explains that it's just something to steady her nerves. Patricia reluctantly says, "Alright." As he administers the shot to her arm, Ross goes on that he knows she's been under a lot of strain recently... He then tells her that she really should have another injection in her knee, but as she's been a bit unsettled, he thinks they'll skip that today. He adds that he wants her to spend the rest of the day as quietly as possible. Patricia cries that she's just waiting for David to come home; it's awful when he's not there. Ross hands her a bottle of tablets and tells her that they're to keep her calm: she's to take one every four hours. He asks her to promise that she won't forget. Patricia replies, "As long as they help." Ross, looking wary, tells her, "Oh yes. Yes, I think they'll do the trick..."

In the kitchen, Heather hands Mike a cup of tea and sits down at the table with him. Mike sips the tea and tells his wife that it's just how he likes it. Ross suddenly comes in from the lounge room and Mike asks him how Patricia is now. Ross replies that she's quietened down - and the injection he gave her should keep it that way. Mike says to him that he didn't let on that he called, did he? He adds that Patricia seems to think he and Heather have got it in for her. Ross assures him that he didn't; Patricia thinks he came to treat her knee. He then continues that, as a surgeon, he sees a lot of people under stress: some people cope very well indeed, but he's afraid Patricia isn't one of those people; in fact, she could be on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown. Mike looks at Heather.

Karen is sitting at the table in the lounge room at the Fisher house, some hand-drawn floorplans in front of her and a marker pen in her right hand. Mitch is standing next to her and he asks her if she's sure they haven't put any new alarm systems in. Karen tells him, "Not from what Alan says." Looking surprised, Mitch asks if he knows what's going on. Karen, though, snaps that of course he doesn't - she drew it out in conversation; he doesn't suspect anything. Mitch growls that he'd better not. He then says he'll have a look at the place tonight - get some idea of it from the outside. Karen warns him to be careful. In reply, Mitch sarcastically asks her what she thinks he's going to do: turn up with a brass band? Karen tells him that she doesn't want him to take unnecessary risks. Mitch retorts that he won't - he's not going to do anything that will get him back inside. Karen points out that at least she'll be able to provide him with an alibi if he needs one. Mitch, though, tells her that, if it gets to that stage, they'll both be in trouble. Looking surprised, Karen asks him what he means. Mitch retorts that, if the cops get onto him, they both go together, so she's not to get any smart ideas about selling him out. Karen asks why she'd do that. In reply, Mitch asks who knows. He then suggests that, once she gets the jewels, she might not want to share the profits. Karen points out that said 50/50. Mitch, though, tells her that he knows the way she operates; she's to just remember: if he goes under, so does she.

Terry is sitting in Fiona's flat, but he sighs heavily and screws up the empty can of beer that he's holding. Fiona, looking surprised, says, "Hey hey..." She adds that he's not worrying about Jill, is he? Terry assures her that it isn't that. Fiona asks what it is, then, adding that it seems like Mitch's mood of last night has rubbed off on him. Terry snaps at her that he's alright. He quickly calms down and says he's sorry - he guesses it just takes a while to adjust to being back outside; it must have been hard for Mitch after all those years. Fiona says she's not sure he's adjusted even now - he certainly hasn't learnt to control that temper of his. Terry growls that he's an idiot. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Fiona comments that it must be Jill. She goes and opens the door to find that it is, indeed, Jill, with Fee in her pushchair. She wheels Fee in and Terry smiles in delight as he turns to the little girl and says, "Look who it is. Hello sweetheart." He comments that she's grown, hasn't she! Jill agrees that she's certainly shooting up! Terry asks if he can pick her up. Jill undoes her belt and Terry lifts up his daughter, lovingly. He fusses, "Hello, beautiful." He then kisses her, before telling Fiona and Jill that he kept imagining what it would be like, holding his little girl again. He looks ecstatically happy.

A short time later, Fiona brings a tray of cups in from the kitchen and announces that morning tea won't be long. As she does so, Jill breaks off from telling Terry that Mrs. Atkins has been terrific. She then suggests that she'd better change Fee, or there'll be a puddle in a minute! She picks up her daughter and takes her out of the room. As she goes, Katie comes in through the front door and Fiona asks her how the meeting was. Smiling happily, Katie replies that it was great - there's a chance she might be able to sell some of her programs to an American company. Fiona and Terry both congratulate her. Fiona heads back to the kitchen to check the kettle. Katie turns to Terry and remarks that she bets he's pleased to see Fee. Terry assures her that 'pleased' isn't the word for it! Katie then asks him more seriously if he's talked to Jill yet. Terry stares at her and she explains that she means about when he asked Jill to marry him. Terry, though, asks what the point would be: he and Jill both agree that they don't love each other - although he'd marry her tomorrow if she agreed to it. Katie asks him if he means because of Fee. Terry says, "Yeah." He then explains that he just wants to be with his little girl as she grows up. He laughs as he adds that he didn't think he'd be like this over a kid - he's always liked them, but-- Katie interrupts and says she guesses it's different when they're your own. Terry says he'd do anything for her - but he guesses he's just going to have to settle for seeing her once in a while; Jill doesn't want him breathing down her neck, so he'll just stand back and let her bring up Fee how she wants to. Katie remarks that being in jail seems to have made him a lot more reasonable. Terry points out that he's had plenty of time to think - and he wasn't in there long; he was only on a prison farm. He goes on that it's worse for some blokes, though: those in maximum security - you end up seeing things differently - like Mitch. Katie asks, "What about him?" Terry explains that he's seen the worst of it - he was in there for eleven years, and you can't expect him to come out and live a normal life. Katie remarks that she thought he was doing pretty well. Terry quickly replies that he's not saying he isn't, but being inside affects your way of thinking - you could end up doing something you wouldn't have thought of before you went in...

David pulls up in his truck at the country house. Mike immediately dashes over to him and exclaims that he's glad he's back. Looking surprised, David asks if something is wrong. Mike explains that it's Patricia - she's not too good. David asks if it's something to do with the operation. Mike, though, tells him that she didn't have the operation - she checked herself out of hospital. Looking worried, David heads inside.

Patricia is sitting in the lounge room when David comes in, and, looking relieved to see him, she cries, "Thank God you're back." She stands up and gives him a hug. David asks what's been going on. Patricia pleads with him not to be angry with her - she just couldn't go through with the operation. David assures her that it's OK - it's up to her what she does about that. Patricia cries that she's been so frightened. David asks her what this business is with the O'Briens and this photograph. Patricia cries that she knows she said the wrong thing, but she couldn't help herself - it's like she gets out of control: she knows in the back of her head that what she's saying is crazy, but she just can't stop it. Looking frightened, she tells David that she doesn't want to go back to that sanatorium; he's to please not let them send her there. David assures her that it'll be alright - everything is just getting on top of her, that's all. He then suggests that some of that tonic that Irene brought might help. Patricia, though, cries, "No..." She then says she's doing it again. David asks, "What?" Patricia explains, "Thinking stupid things." David asks, "Like what?" Patricia asks him: what if Irene put something in that tonic that makes her feel out of control? - Irene doesn't like her; she wants to get her out of the way, she knows that. Looking puzzled, David tells her that she's got to stop thinking that way - everyone is trying to help her. Patricia distantly says she knows...

The 'phone rings at Ross's apartment and Ross answers it. David comes on, says it's him and then explains that he's ringing about Pat: she's worse than ever. Ross asks if she's suffering pain from the knee. David, though, replies that it's not her knee - she's acting strange. Ross comments that he noticed that when he saw her earlier. He then goes on that he's not a psychiatrist, but Patricia struck him as being pretty unstable - and with her history of mental instability-- David interrupts him and asks him how he knows about that. Ross explains that Mrs. O'Brien told him. He then says he really does think David should contact Patricia's psychiatrist and let him decide what has to be done. David, looking worried, says, "Sure..." He then comments that Ross gave Patricia some tablets... Ross explains that they were just some tranquillisers - the sooner she has them, the better. David says he'll see how she goes in a few days. Ross asks him to just make sure she takes those tablets. David just says, "I'll see." Ross hangs up, looking thoughtful.

A few moments later, David heads out to where Mike is working just outside the kitchen door. Mike asks how Patricia is now, and David replies that she's a bit quieter. He goes on that he just rang her doctor and he wants him to get her to her psychiatrist - but he doesn't reckon he needs to do that yet. He ask Mike what he thinks. Mike, looking dubious, replies that she was really off the planet this morning. David insists that he can't drag her off to the psychiatrist - he'd probably put her back in the sanatorium again, and that would be the last straw. Mike says he's sorry, but it's the best place for her, he reckons. David asks what would happen if she goes to pieces completely - she won't ever come out again. Appearing to make a decision, he tells Mike, "No way - she's a lot better when I'm around." Mike warns him that he can't carry it all, but David retorts that he has to do what he can for her - Margaret asked him to stick by her, no matter what, and he thinks he knows what could be up. He heads back inside, leaving Mike looking worried.

A short time later, in the lounge room, Patricia stands up and says she doesn't understand. David tells her to change into something nice - he's made all the arrangements: the celebrant will be there at 3:30pm and the O'Briens will be witnesses. Patricia exclaims, "Witnesses?" David explains, "To our wedding. We're going to get married, Pat."

Mike and Heather are sitting in the kitchen and Mike tells his wife, "So I said that we'd do it. " Heather, looking incredulous, snaps at him that he can, but she's not. She adds that David must be as mad as Patricia; how can he even think of marrying her? Mike points out that they were engaged to be married before - and Dave feels responsible for her; he thinks that if they were married, she'll feel more secure. Heather snaps that she won't be a party to it - Patricia will only drag David down with her; she deserves to be put away and left there. David suddenly comes in and Heather tells him curtly that she's sorry: he might think he's doing the right thing, but as far as she's concerned, he's a fool and she won't be a witness to the wedding. She storms outside. David gently tells Mike to take her home. Mike says he's sorry - Heather is upset about everything. David assures him that it's OK - he'll find some other witnesses. Mike goes. David walks to the 'phone and starts dialling.

The 'phone rings at Toorak and Andy answers it in the lounge room. David comes on and asks him if Irene is there, but Andy tells him that she and Barbara are out. He adds that they should be back soon, though. David explains that this is important - he needs two witnesses for his wedding. Andy incredulously says, "Your wedding?!" David tells him that he and Pat are getting married and he needs Irene and Barbara to be witnesses. He asks Andy if he'll tell them as soon as they come in and get them to ring him back. Andy says he will, and he excitedly offers David his congratulations. David thanks him quite stiffly, says, "Bye," and hangs up. Patricia comes into the kitchen, still wearing what she was wearing before, and David comments that he thought she'd be getting ready. Patricia sadly tells him that she can't let him throw his life away - she wants to marry him, but she can't. Looking puzzled, David asks her what she's talking about. Patricia points out that she could end up in a sanatorium or jail; what good is it to him to have a a wife who's locked away somewhere? David, though, tells her that she's not going back to the sanatorium and she's not going to jail for something she didn't do. Patricia quietly says to him that he does believe she didn't kill Luke...? David asks her if he'd marry her if he thought she did it. Patricia tells him that it's so unfair that he doesn't know what will happen. David, though, tells her that he does know: once they're married, she'll come good - everything will turn out fine; they'll have a good life together. Patricia murmurs, "A good life..." David says, "You will marry me, won't you?" Patricia smiles weakly and tells him, "Yeah. I need you very much." She hugs him lovingly.


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