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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Outside, Wayne comments to Charlie that there will be a lot of cars, but Wayne tells her that, if they all park on one side of the driveway, they'll be alright. Barbara suddenly comes storming out of the house, and Wayne snidely remarks to her that it didn't do any good, eh? - he told her Gordon would come to his senses. Barbara ignores him and storms over to her car. Charlie looks at Wayne in astonishment and comments that that was a bit cruel. Wayne retorts that she deserved it. Charlie tells him that Gordon must be feeling awful - she should go in to him. Wayne, though, says he thinks it's the best thing that could have happened - all his dad needs is some time by himself. He walks off. Charlie heads inside anyway.

Gordon is sitting with his head in his hands in the lounge room when the doors open and Charlie comes in. She looks concerned as she sees the state he's in, and she sits down next to him on the couch and gently assures him that there's really no need to be upset. She goes on that she should know what she's talking about: she's had three marriages and three break-ups and it's amazing how you get over it - he'll be fine in a few days. Gordon suddenly stands up and snaps at her to shut up - he can put up with her nonsense most of the time, but not now. Charlie stares at him in shock, and he quickly tells her that he's sorry - he didn't mean that; he's just not in the right frame of mind. Charlie, though, sadly tells him not to worry - she knows how he feels about her; it's just that he's always been so polite about it before. Gordon, looking worried, quietly says, "Charlie..." Charlie insists that he's right: she doesn't know when to stop herself; that's her, she's afraid - she's learnt how to ignore the way people react to her - but it does hurt sometimes. Gordon assures her that he honestly didn't mean it - he's had a bit of a shock; the fact that she's there at all proves what a friend she is. Charlie insists that she's only there because she cares about him; she's just not very good at saying what she really means, that's all. Gordon says he knows. Charlie goes on that she wants to be his friend - she supposes it's a matter of whether he can put up with her or not. Gordon tells her that he thinks he can manage - but he would like some time to himself. Charlie says she understands. She goes on that she may joke about her divorces now, but they weren't very funny at the time. She then adds that she hopes the party won't worry him. Gordon assures her that it won't at all - he hopes she has a good time. He leaves the room. Charlie stands there, still looking upset.

At the boarding house, Terry is on his own in Fiona's flat, playing with Fee. The front door suddenly opens and Fiona walks in, followed by Jill. Fiona, a broad smile on her face, looks at Fee and comments that she's having fun with her, daddy huh?! Terry looks at the bags she's holding and remarks that it looks like she bought up big. Fiona laughs that she couldn't resist: Charlie's party was a good excuse to buy a whole new outfit! She then adds that she'd better change if she doesn't want to be too late. She turns to Jill and asks her what she's doing with the rest of the day. Jill tells her that she and Fee are going to the beach. Fiona looks at Fee and tells her that she's a lucky girl. She adds that she'd better get her mummy to pack some block-out. She heads off to her room to change. When she's gone, Terry says to Jill that he's glad Fiona left them alone for a few minutes, as he's been wanting to bring up this subject, but the timing hasn't been right: it's about when he asked her to marry him. Looking wary, Jill says she hopes he doesn't still think she might say yes. She quickly goes on that, the truth is, she's met someone and she really likes him - she's hoping there's a chance something might come of it, given a bit of time. Terry listens with a bemused look on his face and then explains that he was just going to tell her not to worry - like he said in his letter, he wanted to marry her for all the wrong reasons; things are so different inside that you build up all sorts of ideas; he had too much time to think - you imagine what something could be like, but most of the time you're kidding yourself; he accepted the fact that she didn't want to go ahead with it a long time ago, and he just hopes they can still be friends. Jill smiles at him and tells him that of course they can. Looking at Fee, she adds that she reckons they've got someone pretty special to make sure they stay friends. Terry smiles back at her and agrees that he reckons they have. Changing the subject, he says he'd better go and see if Mitch is ready to go to the party. He gets up. Jill smiles at Fee.

In the bedsit, Mitch tells Terry that he'll have to meet him there, as he's got a few things to do for Karen first. Terry growls at him that he's not still thinking about knocking off that Brandon place, is he? Mitch nervously retorts, "No... no - you were right: it's too risky." Terry tells him that he's glad to hear it. He goes on that he knows Mitch reckoned it was going to be a cinch, knowing about the alarm and that, but-- Mitch suddenly snaps at him not to give him a lecture, eh? - it's off. Terry tells him, "Alright... alright..." He then adds that, anyway, he reckons this party will be a bit of riot; you have to watch out for Charlie, though: she's got a big appetite! Mitch assures Terry that he can handle himself. Terry says he'd better get going. As he turns to leave, he adds that, just thinking about Karen, he reckons Mitch would be wise to look for another way to make a crust; there must be something fishy about a woman who wants you to do a robbery for her; it's safer keeping away. He then tells Mitch that he'll see him later and he goes. Mitch looks thoughtful.

A while later, Mitch is at the Fisher house, and he tells Karen that he'll be able to go ahead this afternoon if she can make sure there's no one at home. Karen assures him that that shouldn't be difficult. Mitch goes on that Charlie Bartlett is having a party over at the Hamilton house, and that should be good cover for him - there'll be plenty of people around; he shouldn't be missed for an hour-or-so. Karen says she'll talk to Alan - discreetly, of course - and make sure the coast will be clear. Handing him the sketched-out floorplans, she tells him to take them just in case. She then hands him a piece of paper with the combination to the safe written on it, and a copy of Alan's house key. Mitch asks her how she got them, and Karen explains that she went through Alan's papers. Mitch comments that she's got it all well-planned. Karen retorts that of course she has; all he's got to do is fix the alarm. Mitch assures her that that shouldn't be a worry. Karen tells him to go back to his place for the time being and she'll call him within the hour. Mitch goes. Karen sighs heavily.

A short time later, Mitch is back in his bedsit, staring at the floorplans. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and he quickly hides the plans in a drawer. He answers the door to find Barney standing there. Barney tells him that Fiona and Terry are ready to go, and he asks Mitch if he's ready. Mitch laughs and replies that Barney doesn't want him cramping his style with Fiona, does he? He then adds that he'll let Terry concentrate on the driving, and he can concentrate on Fiona! Barney laughs and warns him to cut it out. Mitch goes on that, besides, he's waiting on a 'phone call - he'll catch up with them later. Barney tells him that Fiona was saying the duck who's giving this party is a bit gone on him! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Mitch looks round at it, but, to his obvious annoyance, Barney ignores it and goes on that he can't wait to see Mitch being chased round by some society dame - he could hit the jackpot if he plays his cards right! Mitch, still staring at the 'phone, suggests to him that he'd better go if he doesn't want to get on the wrong side of Fiona. To his relief, Barney finally leaves, and Mitch shuts the door and dashes over to take the call. Karen comes on and impatiently asks him where he was. Mitch explains that he couldn't get rid of someone. He then asks how she's going. Karen tells him that Fay Brandon lives by herself in the house, and every Saturday afternoon, she goes out to play bridge between 1pm and 4pm - so provided he's out of there by 3:30pm at the latest, there's no chance of him being interrupted. Mitch agrees that that should give him plenty of time - half an hour at the party and he can nick off and come back without anyone realising he's gone missing. Karen wishes him good luck. Mitch tells her that he'll call her when he gets back.

Guests are walking up to Dural. The front door is open and they head straight inside. Mitch pulls up in his panel van and parks it amongst all the other cars that are dotted around. He climbs out, looks around and goes inside.

A cork pops in the lounge room, and a waiter pours some of the newly-opened champagne into Charlie's glass. Charlie continues her mingling, mouthing, "Hello," to various guests as she passes them. She approaches Fiona, Terry and Barney and comments that it all seems to be going swimmingly. She then asks if Mitch is definitely coming, as he's awfully late. Terry replies that he should be on the move - he had a bit of work to do. Charlie suddenly notices Mitch as he walks into the lounge room, and she exclaims, "There he is!" She trots over to him and says, "Oh, Darling - I thought you weren't going to make it." Looking around, Mitch replies in bemusement that he couldn't miss this! Charlie tells him that she'll take that as a personal compliment! She takes his arm and adds that she'll show him off! She goes on that there's tons of food left - and she knows just what sort of man's appetite he'd have: insatiable, she'd hope! As she leads him away, Terry watches them and comments to Fiona that he doesn't think she's going to have Charlie bashing her ear today! Fiona laughs and replies that she'd say Mitch is in for quite a time!

In Melbourne, Barbara arrives back at Toorak, and Andy joins her in the hallway, where he says he takes it that her trip to Sydney wasn't too successful. Barbara snaps at him that that's an understatement if ever she's heard one - apparently, Gordon thinks he can manage on his own, and as far as she's concerned, he can. She heads into the lounge room and suddenly notices a bunch of flowers lying on the coffee table. Andy explains that they came half an hour ago - they're for her. As she opens the note that's with them, Barbara mouths, "Gordon..." However, she then reads:

"Barbara, Just in case you've forgotten me. Ross."

Barbara immediately snaps that she didn't really expect Gordon to send her flowers anyway. Andy looks at her and she explains that Ross Newman sent them. Andy asks her if she means the guy who helped them round up the chooks, and Barbara replies, "Mmm. Nice thought, wasn't it?" Andy, looking puzzled, asks why Ross would send her flowers. Barbara, suddenly glaring at him, asks tautly why he shouldn't - she's not over the hill yet. She then adds that she thinks she'll ring him and say thankyou.

A short time later, Barbara is talking to Ross and she tells him that that's very kind of him - she looks forward to seeing him at about 4:30pm. She then says, "Bye," and hangs up. A broad smile on her face, she comments to Andy, "Isn't that nice of him? He's going to take me to a twilight concert at the music bowl - it should be a very pleasant evening." Andy, looking worried, says he knows it's none of his business, but even though she's upset about Mr. Hamilton, she hardly knows this Newman bloke - she only met him once, didn't she? Barbara tells him that he's right: it is none of his business - and she's not about to take advice from a twenty-year-old. She goes on that she's free to do as she wishes, so why shouldn't she go out with a very pleasant man? - it's better than moping around there - and after what happened in Sydney today, she hasn't got a marriage to worry about. Andy looks concerned.

At the party at Dural, Charlie asks Mitch if he's ever been to Greece. Mitch tells her that he hasn't. Charlie goes on that it's absolutely beautiful - you develop the most wonderful all-over tan; so quickly, too! Mitch comments that he might make it one day. Charlie smiles at him and tells him that it could be sooner than he thinks - who knows?! Gordon comes into the room, and Charlie, looking worried, immediately says she does hope the noise isn't too much for him. Gordon assures her that it isn't at all - everyone seems to be having a good time and he thought he'd join in for a while. Wayne walks over to him in concern and tells him that he should be resting. Gordon, though, warns him not to fuss - he feels like having a chat; he was fed up of his own company. While Charlie is otherwise occupied, Mitch takes the opportunity to slip away from her, and he heads over to Barney. Charlie tells Wayne that Gordon being there can't do any harm - everything is going to be just fine. She then looks round for Mitch and quickly spots him again. She glides over to him and asks what they were talking about. She then recalls, "Oh yes: Greek islands." Wayne helps his father onto the couch and tells him not to move from there. Gordon says, "Not even to get something to eat?!" Barney joins Terry and Fiona and comments that Mitch hasn't got a hope - every time he turns, Charlie turns; he reckons there's only one place he could be safe from her - and even then, he's not so sure! Fiona remarks indignantly, "Really!" Barney goes on that it beats him why Mitch is trying to run away from her - if he was in his shoes-- Fiona interrupts him and assures him that she'd rather not know! Charlie tells Mitch that there's a friend of hers across the room who can tell him all about Mikonos - she met the most gorgeous young man there; she's lucky that she doesn't have to travel that far! Mitch, squirming a bit, says he thinks he might get some food. Charlie smiles and tells him that that's a wonderful idea - she'll come with him; she's hardly eaten a thing all day. She leads him outside.

At the Fisher house, Karen is staring at the 'phone impatiently, but it doesn't ring. Jill is fussing around Fee and asks her rhetorically if they've got everything. She adds that, the amount of stuff they've got there, you'd think they were going on safari! Karen tells her that you never know what you might need. Jill asks her if she wants to come with them. She adds that it'll do Karen good to get out and about. Karen, though, declines. Jill points out that Karen knows what they say about the salt air: she'll sleep well tonight. Karen, though, snaps that she said 'no'. She quickly calms down and says she's sorry - she just doesn't feel like it; some other time, maybe. Jill suggests to Fee that they'd better get going. She then tells Karen that she should sit out in the garden, as it's a lovely day. Karen agrees that she might later on. Jill and Fee go.

In the lounge room at Dural, Charlie asks Barney if he's seen Mitch, as he walked out the back to get some food and now he's vanished. Barney tells her that he was out the back a few minutes ago. Charlie exasperatedly says she's just come from outside. Barney assures her that that was the last place he saw him. Charlie hands Barney her plate and walks off! Barney calls over to Fiona and, indicating the plate of food, asks her if she feels like some seconds! Fiona, looking bemused, asks what the joke is. Terry walks over to them as Barney tells Fiona that he thinks Charlie is getting a bit too hot for Mitch - he's done a disappearing act; he's probably hiding out in that place he suggested before! Terry's face drops as he hears this, and he looks worried. Fiona smiles and comments that Charlie has got a nose like a ferret when it comes to men; she's doesn't blame Mitch, though - a little of Charlie goes a long way!

Mitch is outside by the pool, talking to Wayne. Charlie heads outside, holding her plate of food, and spots the two of them. She calls "Yahoo!" to Mitch and adds that she's caught him. Mitch looks annoyed. Wayne wanders off. Charlie asks Mitch where he got to - he vanished. Mitch explains that he had to pay a visit. Charlie indignantly asks him why he didn't tell her. Mitch replies that she was talking to someone. Charlie insists that that's no excuse - he should know by now that he can interrupt her any time he likes. Calming down, she then goes on that she's found him, that's the main thing. She suggests that they go back to the marquee. She goes to walk off, holding her plate in front of her, but Mitch suddenly moves his hand and knocks it towards her. Salad cream and mayonnaise goes all over her! Mitch puts on an expression of shock and tells her that he's terribly sorry - it's his fault. Charlie, though, insists that it's hers. She then complains that she can't go back inside like this. Mitch tells her that she'll have to go home and get changed. Charlie comments, "What a nuisance." A sudden twinkle in her eye, she quickly adds, "Or maybe not..." She suggests that it will give them an excuse to slip away quietly for a while. Looking annoyed, Mitch says, "Look..." Charlie suddenly says that, no - she's forgotten about the dead rat: the smell in the house is terrible - it's hardly the place for intimate chat or anything else for that matter. She tells him not to run away, though - she'll be back in five minutes. She toddles off. Mitch looks around and then walks off himself.

Inside, Terry is coming downstairs, and he joins Barney by the lounge room doors. He asks him if he's seen Mitch, but Barney says he hasn't - although he hasn't been looking. He suggests that he's probably having a rest from Charlie. Wayne walks over to them and laughs that he'd say Mitch is quietly celebrating somewhere. Looking worried, Terry asks him what he means. Wayne asks him if he hasn't heard what happened outside - he was just telling his dad: it must have been quite a sight. Terry asks what he did. Wayne laughs that, apparently, Charlie had Mitch bailed up like a bull; somehow, there was an accident and she ended up with half her lunch down her dress! Barney asks if Mitch threw it over her. Wayne replies that he wouldn't say that, but it does seem like a very convenient accident! Everyone laughs. Still looking worried, Terry asks if Mitch is still out there. Wayne replies, "Search me!" He then adds, though, that he doesn't think he's helping Charlie change her dress! Terry goes to head outside, looking concerned.

Out by the pool, Terry looks around to see if Mitch is anywhere, but he can't see him. He approaches two of the guests, describes Mitch to them and asks if they've seen him, but they both shake their heads.

Mitch is driving his car along a road. He looks at his watch and then, as he looks up again, suddenly has to pull his car to a sudden halt as a boy runs out into the road in front of him, chasing a ball. The boy stops and looks at him. Mitch toots his horn. The boy picks up his ball, shrugs and runs off. Mitch starts driving again.

At Dural, Wayne pours himself a beer at the bar and, suddenly noticing that Gordon is on his feet, asks him what he's doing. Gordon retorts that he's standing up; what does it look like? Wayne asks him if he wants something to eat, but Gordon indignantly tells him that he's perfectly capable of walking outside to the marquee. Wayne quickly says he knows - he's just trying to make things easier. Gordon assures him that he'll be alright - he promises. He and Wayne head outside. Fiona comments to Barney that Wayne has become a real old woman with Gordon. Barney, though, says he wouldn't know what Wayne was like before. Fiona suggests that she put it this way: he wasn't really a saint. She then adds that, in a funny way, she admires the way he's looking after Gordon today. Barney suddenly asks her if she feels like a walk in the garden. Fiona thanks him and tells him that that would be very nice - provided he's not planning to throw any food over her! Barney laughs that he bets Mitch did that on purpose! Fiona laughs back that she bets Charlie never changed her clothes so quickly!

Mitch pulls up his car at the side of a busy road. He then gets out and walks up to the pavement, looking round. He stares at a big brick house in front of him, looks round carefully and walks up to it.

Terry is driving his car along a road. He approaches a set of traffic lights and they turn to red. He pulls his car to a stop, looking frustrated. After a few seconds, they turn back to green, and Terry smiles and goes to pull away again. However, a woman suddenly starts crossing the road, and he has to wait for her. He sits there muttering to himself in annoyance.

Mitch walks along the verandah at the Brandon house. He approaches the front door, pulls open the guard, puts the key in the door lock and opens it. He then looks around, and heads inside, closing the guard behind him, but leaving the door slightly ajar.

Terry is still driving along.

Mitch creeps over to where he's been told the safe is hidden. He moves a decorative covering and finds the safe there as expected. He bends down in front of it, takes out the piece of paper with the combination on it and starts turning the knob.

Outside, Terry spots Mitch's car and pulls up in front of it. As he sits in the seat, he looks round to double-check that it is Mitch's car and then shakes his head in annoyance. He gets out and starts walking towards the house. As he approaches the door, he takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and uses it to cover his hand as he pulls open the guard. He finds the door open and goes in, pulling the mesh guard shut behind him again.

Mitch is still bending over the safe, but he has the door open as Terry walks in and snaps, "You bloody idiot." Mitch, clearly startled, turns and growls at him, "Scare me next time." Terry snaps at him that whatever he's getting for this isn't going to make up for the time he's been inside. Mitch, though, angrily asks who says he's going to be caught - he's got no record as a robber. Terry retorts that maybe he hasn't, but he wouldn't like to bet on Mitch getting away with it. Mitch growls, "Just watch me." Terry tells him that Amanda was right when she gave him the bum's rush: she could see that he wasn't worth anything; he just doesn't know why it's taken him so long to wake up to it. Mitch growls at him that it's easy for him: mummy's setting her little boy up in his very own garage; well, nobody's giving him bloody handouts, are they? Terry retorts that, for Mitch's information, he's going to knock Fiona back on the garage idea; whatever he does, he does for himself - but he wouldn't take to safecracking, no matter how hard-up he was; he'd only end up back inside, and that's for idiots. Mitch glares at him. Terry turns to go, but Mitch suddenly says, "Hang on - you're right." He stands up and, leaving the safe door open, goes to walk out. All-of-a-sudden, though, an alarm bell starts ringing. Terry and Mitch look at each other.


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