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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Colin Budds

Jill is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at the Fisher house, wearing her nightclothes, when she hears the front door bang, and she calls out, "Alan?" Alan walks in and, noticing the fraught expression on his face, Jill asks him if he's alright. Alan snaps that he's fine. He pours himself a drink and Jill asks him if he had a good time. Alan sarcastically asks if it looks like he had a good time. Jill says she's sorry. She then tells him that Karen has already gone to bed - she seemed very upset about something. Alan mutters that they all have their problems. Jill goes on that Karen has given her a few days off. Alan snaps, "Lucky you." Jill continues that she thought she might go away somewhere and she wondered what he's doing. Looking surprised, Alan asks, "What about the kid?" Jill explains that Mrs. Atkins can mind her; she thought the two of them could book into a nice country hotel on the beach or in the mountains; whatever he likes... Alan comments that it sounds alright. Jill tells him that it could be good. Alan pauses and then says, "OK - you make the arrangements and we'll get away tomorrow." They start kissing...

Barney and Fiona are walking along the corridor at the boarding house; Barney is wearing his full regimental uniform. He comments that he wonders if Mitch is back, and he goes and knocks on the bedsit door. Fiona says she doesn't have a clue where Mitch went after his blow-up with Terry. There's no answer from the bedsit and Barney comments that it doesn't look like he's back yet. He then asks Fiona if she can get Mitch to give him a call when he gets back. Fiona replies that of course she can. She asks if something is wrong, but Barney assures her that it's just something they have to straighten out. He adds that it's been a lovely evening - he's glad she was able to come along. Fiona tells him that she really enjoyed it. Barney smiles and says he'd like to see her again - soon. Fiona tells him to just give her a call. Barney remarks that there's one thing he has to thank Mitch for: because of him, he met her. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. When he pulls away, he tells her that he'll 'phone her tomorrow. Fiona, looking deliriously happy, says, "Bye..." distantly, and he goes. Fiona stands there, smiling.

As Fiona walks into her flat, Katie is standing with the 'phone to her ear, and she yells, "I'm only trying to tell you nothing happened, but if you won't listen, there's not much point, is there?" She slams the 'phone down, and Fiona asks what's going on. Katie growls that it's Wayne. Fiona comments that she might have known. Katie goes on that it's all a stupid mistake - Wayne thinks something was going on that wasn't and she rang him to try and explain, but he wouldn't listen. Fiona comments that she thought Katie said this afternoon that she'd be better off without him. Katie mutters that she doesn't know why she stays there now - she might as well go home. Fiona, looking surprised, warns her not to make any hasty decisions - she might feel entirely different in the morning. Katie sighs at her that she must be dying to say 'told you so'. Fiona, though, assures her that that's the last thing she needs to hear. Katie insists that it's true: Fiona was right about Wayne all along; the last few days have proved it.

The next morning, Mike and Heather pull up in their car at the country house. They park next to a bright yellow car, and as they get out of their own vehicle, Heather asks if the other car isn't the one that Irene rented. Mike agrees that that's right. He adds that, if she turned up there last night, Dave might not have left for Sydney yet. Realising what he's implying, Heather laughs and points out that David just got married! Mike sourly comments that a lot of good that did him. They head towards the back door.

David is sitting on the couch in the lounge room. Irene tells him that there are no bones broken, but the bruising is going to be pretty extensive; they sure knew how to hurt without doing any permanent damage. David tells her that he got the impression that they were pros alright. Irene points out that they could have killed him; she can't blame Patricia for having been frightened. They suddenly hear Mike's voice calling for David, and David calls back that he's in the lounge room. Mike and Heather come in. As they do so, David moves and winces in pain as he does so. Mike asks what's up and Irene explains that some thugs gave him a going-over last night. Looking shocked, Heather exclaims that that's terrible. Mike says he knew something was going on - it was those blokes, wasn't it? David mutters, "Yeah..." Heather asks him if he's called the police, and David tells her that they were there hours ago; they took all the details, but he doesn't give them much chance of picking the blokes up. Mike asks him if they were trying to get out of him where Pat was. David agrees, "Yeah." Heather asks him if he told them about Charlie. David, though, explains that he made out that he didn't know anything. Heather comments that they might have killed him. David replies that he thought they were for a while - but he was no good to them dead, so it didn't go on for too long; he passed out pretty quickly. Heather comments that it's hard to believe; she knows what sort of man Roger is, but she didn't think he'd go as far as this. Mike suggests that he must be half-crazy over Luke's death. Heather asks if the police aren't doing anything to stop him, but David points out that they've no proof that it's Roger. Heather asks him what he'll do if the guys come back, but David says he thinks he convinced them that he doesn't know anything. Changing the subject, Heather offers Irene a cup of tea, which she accepts. Mike tells his wife that he'll give her a hand, and they leave the room. Irene tells David that he's going to have to rest up for a bit. She then adds that it's a damn shame that he got involved with Patricia again. David curtly retorts that Patricia is his wife and he has to do everything he can to protect her. Irene comments that she'd say his life is going to be hell because of it. David replies that it is hell - but the whole thing has made him realise one thing: he loves Patricia and he reckons he has since he was 18... it's going to be tough, but what can he do about it? Irene sits there, looking rueful.

Jill is standing in the hallway at the Fisher house with Mrs. Atkins, and she thanks her and asks if she's sure $40 is enough. Mrs. Atkins assures her that it's fine - she just hopes the poor little thing gets over her colic quickly. Looking surprised, Jill comments that she slept well last night. Mrs. Atkins, though, tells her that she couldn't have heard her crying - she got up and knocked on Jill's door a couple of times. Alan walks past them, and Jill glances at him knowingly and grabs his hand as she replies that she must have slept through it... Mrs. Atkins goes on that Fee will be alright with her; Jill and Alan should go ahead and enjoy themselves. Jill heads into the lounge room and Alan asks if it's all arranged. Jill smiles and tells him that she's booked them into a hotel in the Blue Mountains. She asks if that's alright, but Alan muses that they probably won't get to see the outside of the room if last night is any indication...! The two of them kiss. When they pull apart, Jill tells Alan that she's never felt about anyone the way she feels about him. Alan says he's just been talking to Karen: he gets the impression that Wayne pulled a real swifty on her last night; he thinks she'll be glad to get rid of them both for a couple of days. Jill smiles that it looks like it's worked out well for everyone then. They start kissing again, passionately...

At Fiona's, Katie is holding a packed suitcase, and she sadly thanks Fiona for everything she's done. Fiona asks her how long she expects to stay away, but Katie replies that she's not sure; she's got meetings to come back for for her computer games, but they're not for a couple of weeks yet - and if she decides to stay in Melbourne, she'll have to come back to collect her stuff. Fiona laughs that that's good, because she doesn't think she can get much use out of the computer! Katie says the taxi will be there in a minute. Fiona asks her to give her love to Mike and Heather, and she adds that Katie will feel much better when she's back with them again. Katie opens the front door. As she does so, Mitch is just coming round the corner of the corridor, and, seeing Katie holding the suitcase, he asks her if she's going somewhere. Katie explains that she's off to Melbourne; she'll see him when she gets back. She heads off outside. Fiona stares at Mitch and tells him that she's got to talk to him. Mitch snaps that he's paid his rent for the next couple of weeks, so she can kick him out after that if she wants to. He heads into his bedsit. Fiona returns to her flat and starts dialling a number on the 'phone.

Amanda is at the Fisher house, and, in the lounge room, she asks Jill if Alan is there. Looking wary, Jill curtly asks her what she wants to see him about. Amanda quickly assures her that there's no need to worry - she's not after him. Jill harrumphs! Amanda insists that she isn't - really - she used to think he was a friend, but Jill was right all along: he's been deliberately trying to copy Todd; she just thought she'd drop by and tell him that they ought to stop seeing each other. Jill, looking surprised, says, "Oh... I thought... I thought you were really--" Amanda interrupts her and explains that it will be a long time before she gets over Todd. Jill, looking guilty, says she supposes she's been acting really silly; she just can't help it - she's crazy about the guy. Amanda asks, "Even though you know what he's been doing to me?" Jill replies that she's sure he didn't mean to hurt her - it's sort of like a game to him. Amanda retorts that he's not a very nice person, then. She adds that it's pretty obvious that if Jill lets herself get too involved, she'll only end up unhappy. Jill sighs that she likes Alan and she can't help it; she knows he's a louse but that doesn't stop her feeling the way she does. She then adds that, anyway, he's started to care about her; things will be much better from now on. Still looking dubious, Amanda asks her if she can let Alan know she's there. Jill asks her if she promises not to say anything to him about her, and Amanda assures her, "Course not." Jill goes to get him, leaving Amanda looking worried. A few seconds later, Alan comes in and he immediately tells Amanda that he's glad she liked the flowers. Amanda agrees that they were nice. She then goes on that there's something she doesn't like: he's been trying to copy Todd to impress her. Looking 'surprised', Alan asks her where she got a weird idea like that. Amanda snaps that she's not a fool - the parachuting started her wondering and then the other night, over dinner, he was thinking about buying a windsurfer... it's a bit too much of a coincidence. Alan points out that he never even knew Todd, but Amanda points out that Karen did - and Jill. Alan asks why he'd bother, but Amanda retorts, "You tell me." She then goes on that she supposes he was after her conquest; well, she can tell him now that he's wasting his time: she still loves Todd too much to go jumping into bed with a cheap imitation. Alan sourly asks what Mitch was: expensive? Amanda ignores this and snaps that she can't go out with him anymore - that's all she came to say. Alan growls at her that she's full of herself - he's got girls queuing up for miles. Amanda retorts that she just hopes some of them come to their senses in time - especially Jill: she's got enough problems in her life without him becoming one of them. Alan snaps, "At least she's not a stuck-up tease like you." Amanda glares at him and warns, "You'll get yours. Your type always do."

Barney knocks on the door of Mitch's bedsit. Mitch opens it, yawning as he does so. Barney snaps at him that he's got a lot of explaining to do. He then tells him to come across to Fiona's, as he reckons she's got a right to know what's going on. He grabs Mitch's arm. Mitch angrily pulls away and snaps, "What?" Barney ignores this and retorts that he'll tell him: he'd better have some good answers.

A few moments later, Fiona is standing in her flat, listening as Barney explains that he had the police round again yesterday - they still suspect that it was his car that was used in that Brandon robbery - and they read him a description of two blokes seen leaving the house. Turning to Mitch, he growls that one was him, wasn't it? Mitch angrily asks him if he told the police that. Barney retorts that he hasn't told them anything - yet. Mitch snaps that he can explain. Barney, though, tells him that there's nothing to explain - either he took the jewels or he didn't. Mitch insists that it's not that simple - they've got to let him tell them what happened. Barney snaps at him that he should have told the police it was him. Mitch growls that he's read the paper, hasn't he? - about how they left fake jewels behind; does Barney reckon he could have planned a robbery like that? Barney snaps that it was obviously the other bloke who made the fakes - he must have been the brains. He asks Mitch how the hell he let himself get talked into it. Mitch snaps, "The other bloke was Terry." Fiona turns and stares at him in shock, and then, a quiver in her voice, cries that it couldn't have been - he wouldn't risk his parole-- Mitch interrupts her and snaps at her to just let him tell them how it was. He goes on that he was going to do the robbery- it seemed like the answer to his problems at the time. Barney snaps at him that he's a damn fool. Mitch retorts that that's what Terry said - he came after him and talked him out of it; somehow, they triggered an alarm, so they took off; they didn't nick anything - the paste stuff must have been there to start with. Barney impatiently asks him if he expects them to believe that. Mitch snaps that it's what happened; OK, he knew he did the wrong thing to begin with, but he walked away clean - and he thought the jewels were real. Barney tells him that, if that's the truth, he'd better tell the cops. Mitch, though, snaps, "With my record?" Barney points out that he wasn't in jail for robbery, but Mitch snaps that, to the cops, he's a crim - and he still broke into the place; he'd be back inside like a shot - and so would Terry. He then reminds Barney that he said the police described both blokes; the other one fitted Terry, didn't it? Barney nods. Mitch asks Barney if he reckons if the cops got him, they wouldn't put two and two together. Barney turns to Fiona and tells her that Mitch is right - she'll have to 'phone Terry. Mitch snaps that Terry will tell her the same as him; if they want to go running to the cops, then go ahead - but he won't be the only one that gets in the nick, that's for sure. He turns and walks out. Barney asks him where he's going. Mitch retorts that he's answered all his questions, hasn't he? He goes. Fiona walks over to the 'phone and starts dialling.

A short time later, Mitch is walking down the driveway, outside. Barney is following him, and he growls at him that he's got a few bones to pick with him: he wanted to rob a house in his car. Mitch snaps that he couldn't use his - if the cops had got a description, he'd be a goner. Barney angrily asks, "What about me? You didn't give a damn if I ended up in hot water." He then angrily tells Mitch that he reckons he deserves to go back to jail. Mitch glares at him and asks what the matter is: is he going soft? He goes on angrily that the bloke he knew in 'Nam wouldn't have cared about that. Barney retorts that they did a lot of things in Vietnam that they didn't like - but they were at war; this is different - in his opinion, theft is one of the lowest forms of life. Mitch growls at him not to get moral with him. He adds that Barney sounds like an old whinger. Barney suddenly lashes out and clouts him round the face. He snaps at Mitch that he's not too old to take him on, and he tells him to come on - he'll show him how old he is. Mitch retorts that he doesn't want to fight him; they're mates, OK? Barney snaps back that they used to be mates - twelve years ago - but he doesn't reckon Mitch is the man he knew back them - he was a decent bloke; "Now, you're scum." Mitch glares at him and then snaps that that's terrific: first Terry, now him - just when he needs his two best mates, they turn on him. He yells, "Well, you can all go to hell," and he storms off.

In her flat, Fiona hangs up the 'phone, looking upset, and Barney asks if Mitch was telling the truth. Fiona cries that Terry said that if they tell the police, there's no way they're going to believe him, and he just couldn't bear being inside again. She pleads, "Please, Barney..." Barney asks her if she's asking him not to go to the police. Fiona points out that nothing was stolen... Barney reminds her that Mitch broke into someone's house. Fiona says she knows - but Terry talked him into not taking anything. Barney sighs that there are no easy answers to this one, are there? Fiona sadly admits, "No..." Barney suggests they go for a walk and get some fresh air, as it might give them a chance to think.

Amanda is walking along the pavement, heading back to the Morrell apartment. As she swings round the corner, past one of the apartment block's supporting pillars, Mitch suddenly steps out in front of her and says, "G'day." Amanda stares at him in shock and then curtly points out that they agreed not to see each other again. Mitch growls that he didn't agree, but Amanda retorts that she did. Mitch suddenly grabs her arm and yells that everybody wants to dump him: Terry... Barney... he doesn't have anyone. Amanda, pulling her arm away, angrily asks whose fault that is. She adds that it's not hers, so he can go and find someone else to annoy. She walks off.

David limps into the kitchen at the country house, where Irene is making a cup of tea. She asks him if he managed to get any sleep. He just replies, "A little." Irene then says she's been thinking: if those guys knew last night that Patricia had run away, then why didn't they move in on her while she was there? David points out that there was a police car hanging around. Irene muses that they couldn't have walked in through the front gate, then... but maybe they didn't have to: what if Patricia was right and Roger did have somebody trying to drive her crazy? David mutters, "No..." and he reminds Irene that Pat has already had a couple of breakdowns. Irene suggests that maybe that's where Roger got the idea. David asks who it could be, then, adding that it would have to be someone that was able to get to her. Irene, realising she's not getting anywhere, just murmurs, "Yeah... maybe you're right." David goes on that all he knows is that Pat needs him and that's why he's got to go to Sydney. Irene points out that he's in no condition to go traipsing round the country, but David insists that he'll be fine - he just needs to take things easy for a couple of days, that's all. Looking dubious, Irene asks him if he doesn't think those animals will be watching. David asks why they should. Irene reminds him that he's still the best way for them to find Patricia - they'll be checking his every move. David asks her how she suggests he give them the slip. Irene replies that, after the beating he took last night, they'd expect him to see a doctor, right? David points out that he has! Irene, though, reminds him that they don't know that; what if she takes him to see a mate of hers, they go in together and he slips out the back?; she'll stay an hour-or-so before she comes out and that will give him time to get to the airport. David points out that they might go after her, then. Irene murmurs, "Oh..." She then quickly adds, "OK - we'll both slip out the back!"

In the lounge room at the Fisher house, Mrs. Atkins tells Jill that she's sorry, but there's nothing she can do. Jill tells her not to worry about it - family has to come first. Mrs. Atkins says she hopes Jill can find somebody else to mind Fee. Jill assures her that she'll sort out something. She looks upset, though, as Mrs. Atkins walks off. Alan comes into the room and asks what's going on. Jill explains that Mrs. Atkins' daughter is sick, so she can't look after Fee. Alan snaps that that's great; who else is there? Jill says she doesn't know - and it's such short notice. Alan curtly tells her that they're not taking Fee with them - it would ruin everything. He suggests that maybe they should just forget it, but Jill quickly says, "No." She then ponders, "Maybe Karen..." Alan, though, tells her that there's no way Karen will want to be landed with a baby for a couple of days. Jill muses that she guesses not. Alan suddenly asks about the old bird at the boarding house, adding that she's the grandmother, isn't she? Jill, looking delighted, agrees, "Yeah!" She then adds more warily that she doesn't think Fiona will like the idea of her going away with him, though. Alan asks her what it matters what Fiona likes. He then tells her to go and grab Fee - that is, if she still wants to go. Jill smiles and kisses him. She then walks off, leaving Alan looking pleased with himself...

A short time later, Alan is knocking on the door of Fiona's flat at the boarding house. Jill is holding Fee, but as no one answers the door, she comments that Fiona isn't home; she should have rung first. Alan curses that this is turning into a real muck-up; maybe it's just not worth bothering. Jill knocks on the door again. An elderly woman - Mrs. Longhurst - suddenly comes round the corner of the corridor and tells them that Fiona has gone out - she saw her leaving with that nice solider friend of hers; they said they were just going for a walk, but they've been gone for quite a long time. Alan impatiently asks if they'll be back soon, and Mrs. Longhurst says she expects so. Alan then suggests that maybe she could do a favour for them. Mrs. Longhurst replies, "If I can." Alan goes on that Fiona is looking after their baby for them; maybe she could keep an eye on her until Fiona gets back? Looking worried, Mrs. Longhurst says she doesn't know... Alan assures her that Fee won't be any trouble, and he reminds her that she said herself that it won't be long before Fiona comes home. Mrs Longhurst says she supposes... Jill, looking concerned, tells her that she doesn't have to do it if she can't manage; Fee has had a touch of colic lately, and she gets a bit whingey. Alan quickly tells Mrs. Longhurst that she'll be OK. Turning to Jill, he asks her if she does or doesn't want to come on this trip. Upon hearing this, Mrs. Longhurst tells Jill not to cancel her trip - she can take care of the little darling for a moment or two. Jill asks her to just remember to tell Fiona that Fee has had some colic; everything she needs is in the bag - and they won't be gone long: they'll be back the day after tomorrow. She hands Fee and the bag over and Mrs. Longhurst tells her and Alan to run off now; there are no worries - she'll be fine. Alan tells Jill that she's been the perfect mother long enough; she deserves a break. He thanks Mrs. Longhurst, who replies that that's alright. He and Jill then start to walk off, Jill staring at Fee, still looking concerned, until she's out of sight around the corner of the corridor.

Mitch is sitting on a park bench, his belongings packed in a canvas bag next to him. He takes off his watch from his left arm and throws it into the bag. He then takes out a leather sheath, which contains a knife, and he rests the sheath on his left arm and starts tying up the surrounding buckles. When the sheath is securely fastened to his arm, he rolls his shirt sleeve down over it. After taking a careful look around, he picks up his bag and walks off.

Fiona and Barney are walking along the corridor at the boarding house, heading back to Fiona's flat, and Fiona comments that it turned into some walk! Barney comments that she enjoyed lunch, didn't she? Fiona assures him that she certainly did. She adds, though, that it's a pity they had all that other business on their minds. A baby starts crying nearby as she sighs and goes on that she knows the decision Barney made was because of her. Barney points out that they can't let Terry go back to jail. Fiona smiles gratefully and she tells him that he's a decent man; a real gentleman. Changing the subject, she announces that Amanda is coming for dinner and she asks him if he'd like to stay. Before Barney can answer, though, Mrs. Longhurst comes round the corner of the corridor, holding Fee. She tells Fiona that she's glad she's back as Fee has been a bit grizzly. Looking surprised, Fiona asks what on earth her granddaughter is doing there. Mrs. Longhurst explains that she was out when Jill dropped by to drop her off. She asks Fiona if she forgot or something, but Fiona replies that she didn't know anything about it. Mrs. Longhurst says she just assumed that she-- She breaks off before continuing that Jill and that nice young man said they were going away until the day after tomorrow; they asked her if she'd take Fee until Fiona got home; she expected her back ages ago. Fiona takes Fee and says she'll look after her now. Mrs. Longhurst says she didn't know whether Fee should be fed or not. Fiona asks her to please not worry about it. Mrs. Longhurst, though, goes on that it's a long time since her children were babies. Fiona smiles and says they'll have a chat about it later on. She takes Fee in to the flat and immediately snaps at Barney that she just does not believe Jill would leave Fee with Mrs. Longhurst - and she bets the young man that she's gone away with is Alan Brandon; she's completely besotted by him - even to the stage of putting him ahead of her own daughter. She starts comforting Fee, who's still crying. Barney comments that it looks like they've both had a letdown today: her with Jill and him with Mitch.

Mitch is sitting outside the apartment block where Amanda lives. He suddenly spots Amanda's car pulling out of one of the garages and onto the driveway and he gets up and runs and stands in front of it. Amanda quickly pulls the vehicle to a halt and Mitch goes and opens the passenger-side door and gets in. Amanda, a look of fury on her face, snaps at him to stop being stupid and get out of the car. Mitch mutters, "We gotta talk." Amana asks him how many times she has to tell him that there's nothing more to talk about. Mitch ignores this and growls, "My life's a bloody mess." Amanda snaps that, alright, she's going to Fiona's - she can give him a lift there. Mitch, though, growls that he's not going back there again. Amanda snaps that that's where she's going. Mitch suddenly reveals the knife strapped to his wrist, and he tells her menacingly, "No it isn't. I want you to drive where I tell you. You'll stay with me 'til you see we can have some sort of future together." Amanda stares at the knife, looking terrified.


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