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    Written by: Tim Prokop   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Fiona is talking to Gordon on the 'phone in her flat at the boarding house. She thanks him and adds that he will let her know what happens, won't he? She then says, "Bye bye," and hangs up. She turns to Cheri, who's sitting on the couch with Fee, and tells her that the police suspect that Wayne killed Karen; they've taken him in to make a statement. She goes on that she never did think much of that man, but she doesn't think he could have killed anyone. Cheri points out gently that she thought that about her, too. Fiona says she knows, but you can't compare what Cheri did with a murder. Cheri muses that she wonders if Amanda will feel the same. Fiona nods sadly, before commenting that the only person who wouldn't feel the same would have been Karen: she would have had Cheri hung and drawn and quartered. Cheri suggests, "Maybe I deserve it?" but Fiona points out that she thought they agreed to let Jill and Amanda be the judges.

At the Morrell apartment, Andy opens up the note from Cheri as Amanda tells him that she's already 'phoned Irene. Andy reads the note and then snaps that he doesn't believe it. Amanda tells him that she felt the same. Andy goes on angrily that he never thought for a minute that she... He breaks off, and Amanda reminds him that they both knew what was said about Cheri, but they just didn't want to believe it. She adds that she thinks Irene suspected all along, though. Andy asks her what she's going to do, but Amanda replies, "Nothing." Looking surprised, Andy queries, "Eh?" Amanda explains that Irene feels the same: in a way, she's almost grateful to Cheri - she saved Todd a lot of pain; she only hopes Jill feels the same about Robin. Andy growls that he only hopes it doesn't make things worse when Jill finds out. Amanda stares at him and he explains that he went looking for Jill yesterday - to make sure she was OK. He asks, "You know she's working as a pro?" Amanda looks at him in shock and exclaims, "Oh, you're kidding." She asks him if he's told Fiona, but he replies that he couldn't - not after the business about Karen; it wasn't exactly the right time - but he can't put it off forever. Amanda asks in surprise why Jill would go back to doing something like that, but Andy retorts, "Search me. I can't even figure it out." Amanda suddenly says she thinks she knows - and maybe she can talk her out of it. As she picks up her bag, Andy tells her that the impression he got yesterday was that Jill isn't exactly in the listening mood. Amanda, though, points out that they can only try, and, standing up, she tells him to come on.

Jill is standing on the pavement outside the block of flats that she's living in, wearing a bright, skimpy red top, a short black skirt, bright red tights and black shoes. As Amanda drives along the street, Andy spots her and says, "That's her - she was standing in the same spot yesterday." Amanda pulls her car into the side of the road, and - unable to see in through the windscreen - Jill walks over to it, a smile on her face. It disappears as Amanda and Andy get out. Amanda says gently, "Hello, Jill," but Jill just demands angrily, "What are you doing here?" Andy tells her that they'd like to talk to her, but Jill snaps that she doesn't need a lesson in morals. She turns away, but Amanda pleads, "Jill, please. Look, it won't take long. It is important." Jill, looking annoyed, shrugs and, giving in, mutters, "Business is lousy anyway." She turns and heads inside. Amanda and Andy follow her.

A few minutes later, the three of them are sitting in Jill's lounge room, and Jill asks where Fiona is, adding that she thought she'd be there like a shot when she heard what she was doing. Andy explains, "I didn't tell her." Looking half-disappointed, Jill asks, "Why not?" Andy retorts, "I didn't want to tell her the person she cares most about is a--" Amanda quickly interrupts him before he goes too far and tells Jill that there's no need for her to be living like this. Jill suggests that maybe she enjoys it, but Amanda goes on that she's blaming herself for Alan's death, isn't she? Jill just stares at her and then looks away. Amanda continues that she knows what Jill is going through; she went a little bit crazy after Todd died, but Jill can't bring Alan back - and there's no point punishing herself. Jill snaps at her that she thinks she and Andy had better go. Amanda pleads, "Jill..." but Jill repeats, "Just go." Amanda, standing up reluctantly, tells her that there's something else. She opens her handbag, takes out an envelope and hands it to Jill, explaining that it arrived this morning. Jill opens the envelope and takes out the note inside. As she reads it, Amanda tells her, "She wants to talk to both of us." Jill suddenly stands up, screws up the note and snaps, "Robin's dead, the same as Alan. What difference does it make how he died?" Amanda retorts, "It means a lot to Cheri. Jill, she's still your friend." Jill snaps that she doesn't want Cheri coming there, and so Amanda suggests that she ring her and get her to come to her place. She pleads, "Please?" Jill hesitates before reluctantly giving in and muttering, "Alright."

Beryl is fussing over baby Shane in the kitchen at the country house, when she suddenly hears Mike's voice outside. He, David and Heather come in and dump several bags on the table. Heather laughs that she found some great bargains and all the men can do is complain about them! Beryl asks if the shops were busy, but Heather replies that there was hardly anyone there. David tells Beryl that he'll give her a lift home as soon as she's ready, but Beryl quickly replies that, actually, she rang the decorators and they still have a lot to do, so if he doesn't mind, she will stay on for a bit longer. David asks her if she's sure, and Beryl, a smile on her face, tells him that she'd only be in their way if she went back now. David offers, "Stay as long as you like." Beryl smiles and looks at Shane.

Leigh and Tim are walking in the grounds outside. Leigh is saying to her brother, "I shouldn't have snapped at Beryl - it's important to get on-side with her. Not that that's likely to matter now: once David talks to mum about you, she'll tell him I'm bound to be up to something. He'll have me and Shane off the place like a shot." Tim tells her glumly that he's sorry - he mucked things up. Leigh, though, assures him that it's not his fault - he wasn't to know not to come. Tim says he supposes he'd better take off, but Leigh asks, "Why?" Tim points out that she has enough hassles without him being there, but Leigh retorts that she either gets out of this or she doesn't; either way, there's no point him leaving. Looking relieved, Tim asks her if she means that. Leigh tells him, "Of course I do - you were the only thing I missed when I left home. Now that you're here, we'll stick together whatever happens." They suddenly notice David standing by the caravan, and they look at each other. Leigh sighs heavily. They approach the van and David says quietly, "G'day, Tim." Tim replies, "G'day." David goes on, "Beryl tells me you're running away from home." Tim admits, "Yeah..." Leigh asks David, "Have you rung mum?" but David, swatting flies away from his face, admits, "No - I thought it might be better to hear it from Tim first. Might be best if we spoke inside." He heads off back towards the house.

As the three of them approach the back door, Tim explains that he couldn't stand it any longer: he and his stepfather just don't get on; he had to get out; he wanted to see Leigh. David tells him, "I ran away from home when I was about your age - for the same reasons, too. My old man and I never saw eye-to-eye. Well, it took a while, but I changed my mind about him." Tim growls that he'll never change his mind about George, but David tells him, "I said that, too!" He then goes on, "Kids your age should be at school. Time enough to leave home when you're older." Tim mutters that he might go back to school when he's settled, but there's no way he's going back to Ceedum; if he can't stay there in Sunbury, he'll find somewhere else. David asks, "Where?" but Tim just mutters, "I don't know. Somewhere." Leigh chips in, "Can't he stay? Please, David?" David looks back at Tim and asks him what he's going to use for money. Tim retorts that he's not scared to work - he'll get a job. David asks, "Doing what? Jobs are pretty hard to come by, you know?" Tim sighs, "Uncle Dave, I'm over 17. You can't make me go back." David pauses and then admits that maybe a bit of time away from his folks will do him a bit of good; maybe he'll appreciate them a bit more? He adds that he'll make room for Tim in one of the sheds - he'd rather have him living there than in a squat somewhere. Leigh throws her arms round him and smiles, "Thanks, David!" David quickly adds that he's not saying Tim can stay for long - he still has to talk things out with his parents. Leigh suggests that maybe she should talk to their mum - she could probably break it to her more easily; she knows how she feels about Tim. David agrees, "Fair enough," and Leigh smiles at her brother and pats him on the shoulder in relief.

Inside, Beryl is still fussing over Shane, but she muses to him that she thinks they've got a problem! She lifts him up and pats his bottom! The back door suddenly opens and Leigh walks in, a smile appearing on her face as soon as she sees Beryl looking happy. As Beryl spots her, she turns and snaps, "You had no right to run off and leave me to mind your baby." Leigh replies that she's sorry: it's just that she hadn't seen Tim for so long, she lost her temper when she thought he might have to go back straight away. Beryl tells her that Shane needs changing. Leigh asks in annoyance, "Now?" Beryl retorts curtly, "Yes. Now. I think it's about time you started looking after him properly." Leigh replies innocently, "I don't know much about it. Mum looked after him at home." Beryl shakes her head and snaps, "Really? I don't think it has anything to do with it. You just don't give a damn about your baby, do you?" Leigh insists, "I do - I just need someone to show me how to look after it." Beryl snarls, "Him, Leigh. Shane is a him. And if you cared anything about your baby, you'd have asked your mum to show you what to do ages ago. And he still needs changing." Leigh sighs and replies that David has asked her to ring her mum about Tim - it's important, so would she mind doing it this once? Beryl glares at her and mutters, "Alright - but not as a favour to you." She turns back to Shane and lifts him out of his bassinet, not noticing the smile that has reappeared on Leigh's face... She asks if his nappies are in the caravan and Leigh nods. Beryl heads outside. Leigh walks over to the 'phone as Tim comes in. She asks her brother, "Did you see the way she was holding him? Won't be long before she's crazy about him. And since I'm the one that's ringing Frannie, I can take care of her, too..."

Cheri is at the Morrell apartment with Amanda, Andy and a smartly-dressed Jill. Amanda tells her that Jill and Andy read the letter she sent her; she thought it might be easier if Cheri talked to them together - she hopes she doesn't mind. Cheri murmurs, "No." She sits down, and Amanda offers her a cup of tea, but she declines. Looking at Amanda, she comments, "It must have been quite a shock for you when you found out?" Amanda admits that it was at first - but the more she thought about it, the more she understood - if she'd seen Todd in such pain, she thinks she would have done the same thing. Cheri looks relieved. She then looks at Jill, who says, "We both know Robin would never have recovered, so maybe death was a release for him." Cheri turns to Andy, who just says, "I think they've pretty much both said it all for me." Cheri sighs and asks them if they think she should turn herself in. She adds that she won't blame them if they think she should - she had no right to decide to do what she did; she'll understand if-- Amanda interrupts her and says, "Cheri...-" She then looks at Jill, who looks at Andy, who nods. Amanda tells Cheri, "Look, we don't think it's up to the police to decide if what you did was right or wrong. Besides, you shouldn't have to go to jail for caring about people." A smile crosses Cheri's face, and she sighs heavily in relief.

A while later, back at Fiona's flat, Andy stands there as Fiona gives Cheri a big hug and tells her that it's at times like this that she feels like saying 'I told you so!'. Cheri smiles that she's so glad it's over, and Fiona assures her that so is she. Cheri goes to sit down, saying as she does so that she told Jill how worried Fiona was about her, and she said she'd give her a call. Fiona exclaims, "About time!" She then asks if Jill said how she was settling in, but Cheri replies that she was so worried about what they might say that she didn't even think to ask - and afterwards, she was so relieved. Fiona assures her that that's perfectly alright - she understands. She then asks Cheri what she's going to do now, and Cheri says she thinks she'll go away somewhere; it would be easier for Amanda and Jill if she did. Fiona points out that they've agreed that they don't hold anything against her. Cheri replies that she knows, but she'd only remind them of what they've lost. She adds that it would be better for her, too - she's got to try and forget what she's done: she'll change her name and make a new start. Fiona agrees that maybe it would be for the better, but she adds that she'll be sorry to see her go. Andy chips in, "Yeah, me too." Cheri tells them that she'll miss them both. Fiona says she'll ring Gordon and have him burn Karen's mail and then that will be the end of it. Andy, though, says he'll do that, adding that he's been meaning to ring Mrs. H. anyway, to see how everyone's getting on. Fiona thanks him and he heads out. Cheri tells Fiona that she really feels like leaving is sort of running away; she hopes she's done the right thing by not going to the police. Fiona points out that they've all agreed that she has. She adds that if what Cheri did was wrong, she did it out of compassion - and she thinks that Cheri's doubts are punishment enough. Fee suddenly starts crying from one of the bedrooms, and Fiona laughs that someone is calling for her! She stands up, saying as she does so that she hopes Jill does contact them soon: the little one is missing her mum pretty badly.

Jill opens the front door of her apartment and head inside, thanking Amanda for the lift as she does so. To her obvious annoyance, Amanda follows her inside and says to her, "I wish you'd let me take you across to Fiona's." Jill retorts, "Look, if Fiona's going to make a scene, here's as good a place as any." Amanda asks, "What about Fee? Don't you want to see her?" but Jill tells her, "Fee's better off without me." Amanda exclaims in shock, "You're kidding!" but Jill murmurs, "I think Fiona should keep her - she'll take good care of her." Amanda cries, "You can't give up your daughter. Not after all you've gone through for her. Look, Fee needs you; she needs her mother." Jill cries, "I'm not fit to be a mother, Amanda. I can't bring her into this." Amanda snaps, "Then give it up," but Jill shakes her head and looks down at the ground. Amanda goes on, "You'd better 'phone Fiona - you said you would." Jill doesn't respond, and so Amanda adds, "If you won't, I will. It would be better coming from you."

At Fiona's flat, Cheri hands Fiona a piece of paper and tells her that written on it is where she'll be staying tonight if she's forgotten anything or if Fiona needs to get in touch. Fiona says to her sadly that she will look after herself, won't she? Cheri assures her, "I promise." She then gives Andy a big hug and tells him that she's so glad she met him and Amanda. Andy tells her to take care of herself. A car horn sounds outside, and Cheri sighs that she guesses that's her cab. She gives Fiona a hug and kisses her goodbye. Fiona smiles, "Goodbye," and Cheri goes. Andy tells Fiona that he needs to talk to her, and he heads off to help Cheri out. The 'phone in Fiona's flat suddenly starts ringing, and she goes to answer it. Jill comes on and says it's her. Fiona smiles, "I was hoping you'd call. How are you going?" There's silence at the other end, though, and so Fiona prompts, "Jill?" In her flat, Jill looks at Amanda, who nods to her to go on. Jill sighs, "Fiona, can you come up to where I'm staying?" Fiona replies, "Yes, of course. I'll bring Fee with me." Jill, though, quickly tells her that she'd rather she didn't. She adds she'll explain to her when she gets there, and goes on that she's sure Andy won't mind looking after Fee. Fiona asks suspiciously, "What's going on?" but Jill doesn't answer, instead countering with, "Do you want to know where it is?" Fiona eagerly replies, "Oh, yes. Yes please." Jill tells her, "It's Flat 7, Number 23, Marion Street, Kings Cross." A look of shock crosses Fiona's face as Jill adds, "I'll see you when you get here. Bye." Fiona hangs up as Andy comes back in. She tells him, "Jill has gone back to the Cross. That's the very last place she should be when she's so upset. Would you look after Fee for a while? I'm going across to see her." Andy, looking worried, tells her that he knows she's got enough problems at the moment, and he really hates to lay this on her, but he rang the Hamiltons and asked them about Karen's mail: because of the murder, the police have confiscated all her mail. Fiona, looking horrified, cries, "But Cheri gave them a full confession in it." Andy nods. Fiona asks him if he told Cheri, but Andy replies that he thought it would be better not to; knowing Cheri, she'd turn herself in to save them the hassle with the cops. He reminds Fiona that Cheri said she'd change her name; there's a chance they might not find her. Fiona muses, "No... maybe not. I just get the feeling we haven't heard the last of this yet..."

Amanda and Jill are sitting in Jill's apartment. Jill is staring into space, but Amanda tells her not to worry: she's doing the right thing. Jill retorts sourly that she didn't give her much choice. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Jill gets up to answer it. A man's voice comes on and asks, "Is that Jill?" Sounding disinterested, Jill replies, "Yes. Who's speaking?" The man tells her, "It's the Big Bad Wolf and I've got an awful problem I need help with. I hear you give pretty good massages." Jill snaps, "I'm not available. Try someone else." The man retorts, "Hey, wait..." but Jill hangs up before he can get any further. Amanda says to her imploringly, "I wish you could see what you're doing to yourself. How can you possibly believe you deserve this?" Jill mutters, "'Cos I do." Amanda tells her, "All you ever gave Alan was love. Why should you be punished for that?" Jill cries, "Amanda, please..." but Amanda stands up and pleads, "For heaven's sake. We both decided Cheri doesn't deserve it--" Jill interrupts her and cries, "I don't want to hear it, Amanda. I'm going for a walk." Amanda tells her that she'll come with her, but Jill retorts that she wants to be by herself. Amanda asks, "What about Fiona?" but Jill snaps that she'll be back by the time she gets there. She heads out, leaving Amanda looking worried.

Jill heads outside, not noticing Frank following her down the front steps a few seconds later. She walks off down the road at a fair pace and Frank goes back inside.

Amanda is sitting in Jill's apartment, waiting, when there's a knock on the door. She goes and opens it, cautiously. Frank is standing there, and he says, "Hello." Amanda just replies blankly, "Hello." Frank asks, "Are you a friend of Jill's?" Amanda tells him, "Yes. Who are you?" Frank introduces himself and explains, "I look after Jill - make sure nobody gives her any trouble." Amanda stares at him and he goes on, "You're not a bad looking chick, you know that? I could get you a lot of business." Amanda glares at him and snaps, "No thanks." She pushes the door shut, but Frank has his foot in the way, and it springs back open, allowing him to barge in. Amanda takes a step backwards, looking worried. Frank shuts the door and Amanda cries, "Just get out." Frank, though, orders, "Quit the act. You know the score if you're a friend of Jill's." Amanda repeats, "Get out," but Frank goes on, "I can do you a lot of good. But of course, that depends on how 'good' you are. There's only one way to find that out..." Amanda takes another step backwards, looking scared.

A moment later, as Frank is still advancing on her, Amanda cries, "Stay away." Frank asks, "Why...?" Amanda suddenly runs over to the kitchen counter and picks up a vase, which she throws at him. Frank dodges out of the way. Amanda picks up a large bowl, but Frank keeps on approaching her, saying menacingly, "That's good. That's very good. I like a girl with a bit of fight in her." Still holding the bowl threateningly, Amanda snaps, "You so much as make one step forward, I swear I'll scream the place down." Frank hesitates as he realises, "You really mean it, don't you." Amanda retorts, "I'll go straight to the police if you so much as lay a finger on me." Frank, waggling a finger at her, warns, "Alright. But if you value that pretty face of yours, you'll clear out and not come back. Jill's jittery enough without you hanging around, upsetting her." Amanda retorts, "She won't stay with you for much longer. A friend's coming to see her. She's got her out of your sort of business before and she'll do it again." Franks snarls, "Jill's worth a lot of money to me. I'm not going to let her walk away." Amanda points out, "You can't stop her," but Frank threatens, "Watch me..." He turns and walks off, leaving Amanda still looking scared.

Fiona emerges from one of the bedrooms in her flat and joins Andy, who's sitting on the couch in the lounge room. He asks if Fee is asleep, and Fiona replies that she is - finally. She adds that it took her a while to get her settled down, but she doesn't think he'll have any problems. Andy stands up and, changing the subject, tells Fiona that, when she goes and sees Jill, he thinks she's going to be a bit upset. Fiona sighs, "Yes, I'd guessed as much from the way she's been acting." She's interrupted by a sudden knock on the door, and she goes and answers it. Two men wearing dark suits are standing there, and one of them asks her, "Mrs. Thompson?" Fiona replies, "Yes." The man indicates his colleague and introduces him as Detective Peters. He then introduces himself as Detective Wilde and explains that they'd like to talk to one of her tenants, a Miss Cheri Nolan, but she's not in at the moment. He asks Fiona if she has any idea where they could find her, but Fiona replies that, no, she hasn't - she moved out of there this morning. The two detectives glance at each other. Peters tells Fiona, "It is important. Did Miss Nolan give any indication of where she might have gone?" Fiona replies, "No, she didn't." Peters then asks, "Do you think there's someone in the building who may be able to help us?" Fiona, though, tells him, "I doubt it. I know Cheri as well as anyone. She keeps pretty much to herself." Peters says he sees. He adds, "If Miss Nolan does get in touch, could you contact us?" Fiona replies that of course she can, and she adds that she's sorry she couldn't be any more help. Wilde thanks her for her time and he and Peters go. Fiona shuts the door and Andy asks her if she thinks they'll be back. Fiona shakes her head, but tells him that she doesn't think they've heard the end of it yet. She picks up the piece of paper that Cheri gave her and rips it up, explaining that it's better that she doesn't know where she's staying. She then reminds Andy that they were talking about Jill. Andy just says, "Yeah..." Fiona looks at him pleadingly and asks, "What's she doing? Has she gone back to prostitution?" Andy nods his head, and Fiona, looking disappointed, murmurs, "I suspected as much. The area where she's living... the fact she didn't want me to take Fee around... Oh how could she do that?" Andy says he thinks she's trying to blame herself for the death of Alan, and Fiona whispers that it's possible. She goes on, "She said she felt pretty worthless after Brian died; I was there to help her through that one. I just wasn't around this time. I'll have to go and wake Fee up and get her dressed." Andy asks why. Fiona explains, "Because she could be the answer."

Jill is standing in a park, looking worried and upset. She starts walking along, slowly, eventually pausing as she realises she has to go home.

Frank is standing outside the block of flats, smoking, when Jill walks up the street towards him. He approaches her and growls that he wants to talk to her. Jill asks what for. Frank retorts, "Apparently, somebody's coming to try and talk you off the game. But you don't want to leave, do you?" Jill shakes her head slowly and mutters that she's not sure. Frank quickly tells that of course she doesn't. He then goes on, "Look, I've been thinking. You're wasted where you are now: how about I set you up in a decent apartment and we raise your price tag? You'll make a lot more and meet a better type of John." Jill looks down at the ground and Frank continues, "Look, I'll even lower my cut to 40%. What do you say?" Jill mutters that she doesn't know. Frank points out that he's offering her a life of luxury, but Jill retorts, "I don't want a life of luxury." She suddenly notices a taxi approaching and pulling in. She spots Fiona sitting in the back seat and hears Fee crying, and begins to look even more worried. Frank looks at Jill and turns to stare at the cab, saying as he does so, "You won't have to put up with anyone hassling you. I can set you up where your friends won't find you." Jill ignores him, instead crying, "I told her not to bring Fee..." Frank asks Jill, "Why d'you have to trust her in the first place?" Jill cries, "I just don't want Fee to get hurt." Fiona walks up to the pavement and joins Amanda, who has just stepped outside, not noticing Jill and Frank a few yards along the road. Frank suggests to Jill, "Then let's go." As Fiona and Amanda go to head inside, they suddenly spot Jill and Frank standing there. Frank tells Jill, "You don't want to talk to these people," and he starts guiding her towards his car. Jill, looking around all the time at Fee, gets in. Fiona cries at her to wait, but it's too late. Jill kneels on the back seat of Frank's car, staring out of the rear window as he drives off. Fiona and Amanda watch her go. Fiona shakes her head sadly as she says, "I thought seeing Fee would make Jill come to her senses, but I think I've just made a dreadful mistake..."


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