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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

A short time later, Charlie is heading towards the back door, and she can hear David yelling at Leigh and asking her what Leanne has ever done to her. He adds that he's been a real mug, giving Leigh the benefit of the doubt when something went wrong. Leigh asks him sullenly what he's going to do, and he snaps that he's going to call the cops. Charlie heads inside and David immediately tells her that he's found the real culprit behind her stuff being nicked: 'Little Miss. Innocent' set it up for Tracy to do the dirty work and let Leanne take the blame. Charlie asks why, and David explains that it was so that Leanne would be kicked out of the house. He adds that it's no wonder Leigh made such a fuss when she thought they were going to call the cops; she was scared the truth might come out. Leigh cries that it wasn't like that: David was blaming Tim and she didn't want him to get into trouble. She then pleads with David to go and get Tim and make sure he's alright. David heads out, muttering that, when he gets back, he'll call the cops and they can take care of Leigh. Charlie, though, says she's not going to press charges: she doesn't think she's got anything to gain by it. David, looking annoyed at this, glares at Leigh and tells her to pack her bags and make sure she's gone by the time he gets back, adding that, if she's not, he won't let Charlie talk him out of letting Leigh get what she deserves.

Amanda and Caroline are sitting in the lounge room at Woombai. Stephen is talking on the 'phone. Samantha comes in and asks if anyone's seen today's papers. Amanda replies that they've probably been thrown out, and Samantha immediately snaps angrily she hasn't read them yet. Stephen comes off the 'phone and announces that Gordon finally met up with Maynard, in Ackbourne of all places. He then asks Amanda if she can take some papers over to him first thing in the morning and Amanda agrees. Caroline comments that she feels sorry for Gordon: all his troubles recently and now he gets caught up in this abattoir business. Stephen points out that he wouldn't have if the two of them had made it into Chandler. Caroline asks if the police are still checking to see if someone did cut the brake lines. Stephen replies that they've been asking a few questions but there's nothing much they can really go on. He adds that, if he was a betting man, he'd put his money on Bill Ashley. With that, he heads off to the study. When he's gone, Amanda says that, if she were Stephen, she'd be more than suspecting Bill Ashley; she'd be telling the police. Samantha snaps at her that Bill Ashley is doing his job, and to say he'd deliberately try and kill someone is stupid. Caroline quickly interjects and announces that she's got some good news: she's arranged to have trust funds opened for both of them: $20,000 each. Samantha smiles that that's wonderful, and both girls give her a hug. Amanda, though, tells her mother that she doesn't need it: the police recovered the money Gary Evans took from the house in Melbourne. Caroline suggests that they don't dwell on it. Samantha suddenly asks if she's supposed to be greedy because she does need the money and she storms out.

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne hands Spider a glass and fills it with scotch. Spider assures him that it's only for medicinal purposes - it helps ease the pain. Julie warns her father that the doctor will be there soon; if there's nothing wrong with his back, he can start packing. Wayne stares at her in surprise and growls at her to lay off, as she's starting to sound like a cracked record. Julie glares at him and storms out of the room. Wayne quickly follows her and Spider takes the opportunity to pour himself another drink! Out in the hallway, Wayne tells Julie that he's sorry, but she is being pretty rough on Spider. Julie explains, "About twelve months ago, there was this guy called Rick. I loved him almost as much as I love you. But it didn't work - because of dad." Wayne asks if Spider didn't like him. Julie replies, "He almost killed him with kindness; pretended he was all for the wedding - but he wasn't, and that's what caused the break-up. I just don't want the same thing to happen to us." Wayne assures her that it won't, but he adds that they can't turf Spider out. He assures her that he promises he won't let Spider interfere, and Julie hugs him gratefully.

Leigh walks into the kitchen at the country house and tells Charlie that she's left the fur coat on her bed; she'd really like her to have it. Charlie tells her not to be silly, but Leigh insists, adding that Tracy has probably sold most of her stuff - and she wants to make it up to Charlie for what she's done to her. Charlie, though, insists that it's Leigh's coat. She then asks Leigh how she's off for money and Leigh retorts that she'll manage. Charlie pleads with her to stay until David gets back, as he may have cooled down a bit, but Leigh tells her that he's not going to change his mind. She adds sadly that they were just starting to act like they really were father and daughter, but it's over. She goes on, "I'll survive. I always have. No need to feel sorry for me, Charlie. It would just be a waste of time." With that, she storms off back to her room, leaving Charlie looking worried.

In the lounge room at Dural, Spider asks Wayne where Jules is, and Wayne tells him, "Tidying up your new home." Spider asks where that would be, and Wayne explains that it's the flat out the back; there are no stairs to climb. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Wayne says it'll be the doctor. He adds, "She'll soon have you right." Spider, though, snaps that he's not having a lady doctor. Out in the hallway, Barbara opens the door to find both Irene and Fiona standing there. Fiona explains that she came along for the ride. Irene laughs that she might take Fiona on as her receptionist! She heads into the lounge room, where Spider is telling Wayne indignantly that he's not going under the knife! Irene asks humorously if she brought a whole bottle of chloroform with her for nothing! Wayne leaves them. Spider tells Irene that there's nothing she can do about his back, but Irene suggests that she have a look first before making any snap decisions. Out in the hallway, Fiona says to Barbara quietly that she thought she'd have been over to see Roland today. Barbara, though, murmurs that she doesn't want him to become too dependant on her, so she thought she'd leave it a few days. Wayne suddenly emerges from the lounge room and Barbara quickly changes the subject and asks him how everything is. Wayne smiles that everything's fine, apart from the fact that Spider doesn't like lady doctors! Fiona laughs that Irene will soon set him straight on that score!

Julie is tidying up the cushions on the couch in the flat as Wayne emerges from one of the bedrooms and comments to her that her father should be comfortable there. Julie mutters that she's grateful he came up with the idea of putting him there, but getting him out from under her feet isn't going to solve the problem. Irene and Spider suddenly appear in the front doorway and Wayne asks how the examination went. Irene laughs that Spider kept complaining about her hands being cold! Wayne takes Spider to show him the bedroom. Alone with Irene, Julie asks how bad her father is. Irene replies that his back's still pretty sore, but she'd have expected more bruising from the way he described the accident. Julie explains, "He didn't fall." Irene asks, "What?" Julie tells her that there was this loud crash, but she'd be willing to bet he just threw the suitcase down; he staged the whole thing just to stay on there. She adds that Irene can't really be sure there's anything wrong with him, can she? and Irene agrees that you never can be sure with back injuries. Julie mutters that she's seen him pull too many stunts like this before. Wayne and Spider rejoin them and Wayne tells Julie that her father thinks the flat's OK. Irene suggests to Spider that he go and lie down and she and Wayne head out. Julie immediately snaps at her father, "I'll pay you $500 to disappear." Spider cries in shock, "Jules..." but Julie snaps that they both know it's an act. Spider comments that he thought she didn't have any money. Julie retorts that she'll get some as long as he promises to disappear.

Amanda is sitting at the living room table at Woombai, some files in front of her, when Samantha comes in and asks her what she's doing. Amanda replies that she's working. She adds that Stephen left the papers there at the homestead, so there was no point going over to the riding school. She suddenly notices something glinting on Samantha's arm and cries, "That's my bracelet!" Samantha retorts, "If it's such a big deal, I'll take it off." Amanda tells her curtly, "Look, I don't mind you wearing it; I'd just like to be asked first, that's all." She then asks Samantha where she's off to, and she replies, "Out." Amanda asks suspiciously, "You're not going to see Bill Ashley?" Samantha asks, "What if I am?" Amanda snaps, "What about family loyalty?" Samantha cries, "For God's sake," but Amanda points out that must feel guilty about it or she wouldn't have been trying to sneak out. Samantha insists that she wasn't sneaking out, but Amanda retorts, "Oh, come on. Mum's asleep, daddy's out on business... thinking I'd be at the office..." Samantha snaps that if she wants to see Bill, she will; he's a very nice man. Amanda growls, "He's going to destroy Woombai." Samantha, though, retorts, "It's his job to see that the abattoir gets built, and I, for one, am not going to hold that against him." Amanda realises, "You're keen on him, aren't you?" Samantha retorts, "At least I'm not out to put him down like everybody else is," and she walks out.

Bill Ashley is putting on a tie in his hotel room when there's a knock on the door. He opens it to find a smiling Samantha standing there, and, as she walks into the room, he comments that she sure knows how to dress. Samantha gives him a twirl. Ashley then asks her what her parents think of her seeing him, but Samantha explains that she hasn't told them - they don't like him; but they're not going to stop her having a good time... Ashley smiles, "Good for you." He then stares into her eyes, holds her and murmurs, "Plenty of time before dinner..." They start kissing, passionately...

It's evening time, and in the kitchen at the country house, Charlie asks David where Tim is now. He explains that the boy is in hospital with food poisoning; when he picked them up, he realised how serious it was. Charlie asks if Leanne is with him and David explains that she wanted to be with him for a few hours; he'll pick her up later. He goes on that it's a wonder they're still talking to him. Charlie tells him that there's no point blaming himself, but David asks, "Who, then? Mr. Nobody?" Charlie assures him that she didn't want to think the kids had stolen anything, but it did look that way. David suggests, "Then we've got a lot to make up for, haven't we? Especially me." He then adds that at least Leigh is out of his hair. Charlie, though, tells him hesitantly, "Er... she's still here." David glares at her, and Charlie quickly explains that she convinced the girl to stay; she's in the lounge room and wants to talk to him. David snaps that he's said his piece, but Charlie pleads, "Can't you give her a chance? It's not her fault she's the way she is. She's had a dreadful trot through life." She goes on, "I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but when Patricia was alive, she convinced Leigh to do her a few favours. They weren't nice things, but Patricia promised her a lot of money. The whole thing's very nasty, but..." She pauses before continuing, "And of course, when Patricia died, there was no money, and that made Leigh even more... I don't know... more bitter, I suppose." David points out that she didn't have to accept Pat's offer, but Charlie points out, "The fact is she did. And she is your daughter, David. What she needs is someone to love her for a change."

A few moments later, David heads into the lounge room, where Leigh is playing with Shane on the couch. She stands up and walks over to him. David tells her that he can't forgive her for what she's done - but maybe he was a bit too hasty in telling her to go. He adds that she's got to change, though - she can't go on fighting the world, thinking everyone's out to get her. He goes on that Pat was like that - he doesn't want to see Leigh that way too. Leigh insists, "I do want to change." David smiles, "Yeah, well, I guess you can stay." He then adds that, if she puts her things in her room, he'll take her to see Tim after dinner. Leigh asks where he is and what's wrong. David quickly assures her that he'll be alright; the doctor just wants to keep him in overnight to make sure his tummy's alright. Leigh says sincerely, "Thanks for giving me a chance." David points out, "It's up to you from now on, isn't it?" Leigh assures him, "I won't let you down."

Julie joins Fiona, Barbara, Irene and Wayne at the dinner table in the living room at Dural, smiling as she puts down a tray that her father practically ate the plate clean! As she sits down, Irene comments to her, "Nobody told me how the great romance started!" Julie explains, "Well... we met..." Wayne chips in, "In Melbourne!" Julie goes on, "I was working in this restaurant and Wayne walked in and..." Irene smiles that that's romantic! Julie then tells Wayne, "Actually, I've been thinking about going back to waitressing... at the local pub... I saw the manager yesterday and they need someone in the beer garden. They liked my references and I start tomorrow." Wayne glares at her, but Irene exclaims that it beats sitting round the house all day doing nothing! Wayne growls that he thought they agreed she wouldn't work, but Julie retorts that she changed her mind; she could do with the extra cash; she's not that well off. With that, she stands up and leaves the room. Wayne follows her out. Irene asks Barbara and Fiona, "Ever get the feeling you said the wrong thing?" but Barbara tells her not to worry about it - it's not the first time they've quarrelled on that subject.

As Julie goes to head upstairs, Wayne asks her why she went back on her word. Julie points out that she didn't make any promises and she asks what's wrong with working. Wayne growls, "Pulling beers at the local pub?" Julie snaps that he's scared about what his friends will think about him marrying a barmaid, and Wayne admits that that's part of it. Julie accuses him of being a snob, but Wayne insists that he also cares about her; all the local hoons go there; he doesn't want her coming home late at night by herself. Julie cries that she's doing it for them; they need the money. Wayne points out that he's got plenty of money, but Julie snaps that she hasn't and she likes to pay her way. Wayne growls, "Yeah, well all you're doing is making trouble for us. First you won't give your old man a fair go. Now this. Seems we're going to have a fairly bumpy ride as far as far as marriage goes." Julie suggests curtly that they'd better ask themselves if they're doing the right thing, then, and she heads upstairs.

Amanda is clearing away the files on the table at Woombai when Samantha comes in. She comments sourly to her sister, "Waited up to make sure I got home alright, did you?" Amanda, though, snaps at her not to be stupid. Samantha retorts that she's quite capable of looking after herself. Amanda growls, "Look, Samantha, I don't want to be nasty. I just thinking you're wasting your time spending time with Bill Ashley." She goes on, "You know what daddy thinks: he could have arranged the car accident; he's the only person who had reason to." Samantha snaps at her, "You don't give up, do you? First of all you accuse me and now him." Amanda admits that she was wrong about Samantha, but Samantha tells her, "And you're wrong about Bill - he wouldn't do something like that." Amanda asks, "What if he did? I'm thinking of you. You could be in danger too." Samantha snaps, "Shut up, will you? I'm sick to death of you and everybody else telling me what to do. I know what's right for me, not you, so why don't you just mind your own business and leave me alone?" With that, she throws Amanda's bracelet onto the table and storms off.

The next morning, Leigh is preparing breakfast in the kitchen at the country house, but she cries to Charlie that Tim wouldn't even talk to her. Charlie assures her that he'll get over it, but Leigh asks, "You reckon?" David comes in and pours himself an orange juice. Charlie asks where Leanne is, and David replies that she's outside. Leigh tells her father that she's going to make scrambled eggs, and David comments that that will be good. He then tells Charlie that he was wondering how they might go about getting her stuff back from Tracy. Leigh tells him that it mightn't be easy - she's probably sold everything. David, though, tells her that Leanne thinks Tracy still might have them. He adds that he thinks it might be best to front Tracy's father and convince him that Beryl and Leanne were telling the truth about his daughter. He goes on, "It'll mean you have to come along and own up to your part." Leigh nods reluctantly, "That'll show people how serious I am about doing the right thing. Course I will." David smiles, "Good."

Amanda is staring at her bracelet - which she's holding in her hand - as she sits at the breakfast table at Woombai with her parents. Stephen hands her the file to give to Gordon and then heads off to the office. Amanda puts down her bracelet and exclaims, "There! Fixed it!" She then picks up the file and goes to head out, but as she does so, she pauses and asks her mother, "Did you hear the argument last night?" Caroline nods that she tried to talk to Samantha this morning, but as far as Bill goes, she won't listen to anyone. Amanda comments that she thought Samantha had more sense, but Caroline explains that Samantha has always been a little headstrong; she's got to find out for herself. Amanda comments sadly, "I hardly know my own sister. Just starting to realise that." Caroline suggests, "From bitter experience, just let her go ahead and make her own mistakes. Try not to interfere." Amanda suggests that it might be an idea if she go and found her to apologise for the way she carried on, and Caroline smiles that she thinks that would be nice. Amanda gives her a hug and tells her, "I love you, mum." Caroline warns her not to drive too fast, and with that, Amanda goes.

A while later, Amanda is driving along in the grounds at Woombai. She pulls the car to a halt as she suddenly spots Bill Ashley's jeep parked nearby, and she gets out and walks towards him. He's talking to his colleague, telling him that they'll do the final section tomorrow. He goes to walk back to his truck, but the other man calls to him, "Hold on. What were you doing letting the girl in your room? She might have seen something that she shouldn't have. Did you leave any papers lying around?" Amanda carefully makes her way closer to them and listens as Ashley snaps at the guy that he's not stupid. The man retorts, "Now, you listen to me: I don't want any mess-ups." Ashley yells, "Now hang on, Fred, you're not here to give me orders." Fred, though, snaps, "That's just where you're wrong, mate. You're here to rip-off investors who are putting their money into a bogus abattoir. I'm here to keep you honest." Bill starts to snap, "Now, what you don't understand--" He breaks off as Fred continues, "And to make sure you don't get any ideas about making a tidy little profit for yourself on the side. If you screw up, mate, you're finished. There's too much money at stake." Having heard this, Amanda goes to run off, but the movement causes Bill Ashley and Fred to spot her, and Fred calls, "Hey!" Amanda quickly says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. I was just looking for Samantha. Obviously she--" She starts walking backwards, keeping an eye on the men as she tries to get away, but she suddenly trips over and falls to the ground. Bill Ashley and Fred run over to her and grab her. She starts struggling and crying, "Let me go!" but Ashley, pushing her against his jeep, tells her, "Can't do that, Amanda. You heard too much for your own good..."


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