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    Written by: Colin Bowles   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Still standing by her front door, Beryl asks Jim if he's serious. He replies that he's never been more serious in his life; a lot of things have become clear in the last few days and he figures that what he's always shied away from is real commitment. Beryl comments that it's so sudden. Jim points out that they've spent a lot of time together and they get on pretty well; she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. Beryl murmurs that he means a lot to her, too. Jim goes on that he's not a rich man but he can look after them and he'll make her happy. He asks, "What about it?" At that moment, Stuart Kingsford comes out into the hall and asks if something's wrong. Beryl explains that it's Jim: he's asked her to marry him. Looking shocked, Kingsford asks her if she's accepted. Smiling at Jim, Beryl replies, "Yes. Yes I have."

David is looking at a map which is spread out on the table in the kitchen at the country house. Leigh comes in and asks him if he's going away. He explains that he has to do a run down the coast; he's been putting it off, but now that Tim and Leanne have gone, he'll have to get it done. Leigh comments that the house will be lonely without him and she asks if she can come too. David points out that she has Shane to look after and she can't bring him with her, but Leigh suggests that she could 'phone Beryl and see if she'd look after him. David, though, reminds her that Beryl would probably hang up in her ear. He then snaps that Leigh can't just leave Shane with someone when it suits her; a few days by herself won't do her any harm - it'll give her time to think about things. Leigh storms off.

Roland and Irene head from Roland's bedsit into the corridor at the boarding house, and Irene tells Roland to try and get some rest and stop worrying. Roland, though, retorts that he can't possibly stay there - it'll mean trouble for everyone. Fiona suddenly comes round the corner and tells Irene that David's on the 'phone for her - he said he couldn't get Irene on hers. Irene heads off to take the call. Looking at Roland, Fiona asks him if he's alright. Roland explains that he had a 'phone call - one of Lou Pezani's friends. Fiona asks, "Who?" and Roland explains that it's the guy in America that he helped convict; his mob must have found out he didn't die after all and now they know he's there.

Irene heads into Fiona's flat, picks up the 'phone and says to David, "CB, what a pleasant surprise!" David comments that he's hardly heard from her since she's been back, and Irene explains that she's been setting up her new practice. She then asks him how he's been, and he tells her, "Up and down." He asks her how she is, and she tells him that she's got a bit of a problem actually - although he might be able to help; it's a big favour to ask, and he might say no... David laughs that they're mates; if he can help out, he'd be glad to. Irene explains that there's a friend of hers who's in a bit of a fix and needs to get out of Sydney; he's not in trouble with the cops or anything; he's a nice guy. David smiles, "Let me guess: you want to know if he can stay down here." Irene laughs, "Yeah." She then adds, "Maybe I'd better tell you the story first..."

A short time later, in Fiona's flat, Roland mutters that he can't just go down there and dump himself on this friend of Irene's. He then asks if David knows why he has to leave Sydney, and Irene explains that she told him everything. Roland says he'd prefer to go away somewhere on his own, where he can't put anyone else in danger. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and a look of fear crosses Roland's face. Fiona, though, tells him to relax, as it's probably Andy. She opens the door and finds that it is Andy. As he comes in, Fiona asks if there's any news on Amanda. Andy explains that they're still looking. He then notices Roland's packed bags and asks him if he's leaving. Roland tells him that he has to - he had a call from Lou Pezani's friends; they know he's there. Andy comments that he doesn't blame him for wanting to split. Irene says she still thinks it could be a bluff; if they wanted to kill him, why bother ringing to warn him? Andy snaps, "What would you know about it? I mean, you can't take any chances, can you?" Roland insists that he can't put anyone else in danger. Andy asks him what he's going to do. Irene explains that she's taking him to Melbourne; David said he could stay at the farm; they'll get the first 'plane in the morning. Roland asks, "Supposing they're watching the house?" but Andy suggests that he can give them a lift to the airport; he'll bring the van up around the back and if they leave early, while it's still dark, no one will see him. Roland sighs, "Alright, alright, but no one's to tell Barbara where I am or what's happened - she's got enough to worry about at the moment. Just say I had to go." Irene suggests to him that he goes to bed and gets some rest, and she heads off to tuck him in. As he thanks Irene and Fiona for their help, Andy stands there, looking worried.

The next morning, Barbara, Gordon and Wayne are sitting at the breakfast table at Dural. Gordon tells Barbara that hers is getting cold, but Barbara mutters that she's not hungry. Gordon says he's sure Amanda will be alright; they'll just have to wait until they find her. Barbara snaps, "Stop treating me like a child, Gordon, it's been days." Gordon points out that they can't give up hope, but Barbara snaps that they can't bury their heads in the sand, either. With that, she storms out. Wayne tells his father that she's just upset, but Gordon retorts that it's more than that - she's changed since Roland came back. He adds sadly that it's understandable, he supposes. With that, he gets up and goes to the study. As he heads out into the hallway, the 'phone rings and he answers it. After a few seconds, he calls to Wayne that it's Andy. Wayne says he'll take it in the living room and he picks up the 'phone. He immediately growls at him, "Where the hell have you been? You were going to call last night." Andy retorts that he's ringing now, isn't he? Wayne asks what's going on and Andy tells him that they've just put Roland on a 'plane to Melbourne. He adds that whatever Wayne said to Roland sure as hell worked. Wayne smiles, "Good." Andy retorts, "I'm glad you think so. I wish I had nothing to do with it now; the poor guy's scared out of his wits." Wayne mutters, "My heart bleeds. He's only making trouble for dad." Andy retorts that it still doesn't seem fair - Roland's the bloke in strife now. Wayne asks him angrily if he wants to see Barbara walk out. Andy, though, snaps that of course he doesn't; he just wishes he hadn't got involved. Wayne points out that it's too late now. Andy sighs that he's coming over later, with Fiona, to break the news to Mrs. H.. With that he hangs up.

Irene joins David and Leigh in the kitchen at the country house. David comments to her that Roland doesn't look too well, and Irene explains that he's getting over a bout of pneumonia. She then thanks David for letting her bring him over and David smiles, "What are mates for?!" Leigh hands him his lunch box and he tells Irene that he wishes he didn't have to go now; it's been ages since they had a good old yarn. He asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to come. Irene replies that she'd like to but she'd better stay with the patient. Leigh eagerly says, "I'll come," but David points out that they've been through that. Leigh suggests that now Irene's there, she could look after Shane. Irene chips in that she doesn't mind, but David tells her that it wouldn't be right. Leigh pleads, "Please, David. It's not like I'm deserting him; I love him. And we won't be away for long." David repeats, "No." Irene, though, tells him not to be such a meanie - she can look after the kid for a couple of days. David, giving in, sighs, "Alright," and Leigh runs off happily to pack. Irene asks David why the long face. David muses, "I don't know why she's so keen on going for a truck ride along the coast. Been pestering me about it all morning." Irene suggests, "Maybe she just wants to be alone with her dad. Have a long chat. Let him know how much she cares..." David muses, "Yeah, maybe..."

Jim is talking on the 'phone at Beryl's, telling Heather that they'll let her know as soon as they've fixed a date. He then hangs up and tells Beryl that Heather is rapt and Mike reckons it's one wedding he wouldn't miss for anything! Beryl laughs. Jim then takes a tray from her and asks her how her breakfast was. Giving him a gentle kiss, she smiles that it was lovely - she can't remember the last time someone gave her breakfast in bed; it's usually the other way round; she feels quite spoiled! Jim tells her that she'd better get used to it. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Jim goes to get it. Stuart Kingsford is standing there, a bottle of champagne in his hand, and he asks if he can come in. Looking nervous, Beryl tells him that he caught them out - they've only just got up. Kingsford explains that he won't stop - he just came to drop a small engagement present in on the way to work. He hands over the bottle and Beryl tells him that it's very nice of him. Kingsford then says he'd better be off. He shakes Jim's hand. Turning back to Beryl, he says a longing, "Bye, Beryl". Beryl smiles, "Goodbye, Stuart - and thankyou very much." Kingsford takes one last look at her and then goes. As soon as he's gone, Beryl mutters that she's getting dressed before someone else arrives. Jim, though, tells her that she's not; they're going to sit there and drink their champagne!

At Dural, Barbara exclaims, "Gone? Why?" Fiona, sitting in the lounge room with Andy, Gordon and Wayne, replies that he didn't say; all he told them was that he was in danger again. Barbara asks where he is now, but Fiona tells her that he didn't want her to know; he felt she had enough to worry about. Barbara snaps, "Yes, but he told you, though, didn't he?" Andy insists, "He didn't tell anyone," but Barbara snaps, "Rubbish. Where is he?" Fiona just looks away, glumly. Wayne chips in that if Roland wanted to disappear, he's not likely to tell everyone where he's going. Barbara, though, snaps at him to keep out of it; he told Fiona. Fiona cries, "He was thinking of you, Barbara. Roland doesn't want to see you in any danger." Barbara growls, "He is my husband." Looking surprised, Gordon comments, "I thought I was." Barbara mutters, "I still have a right to know where he is." Gordon sighs, "Oh, for God's sake, Fiona. If you know, tell her. We won't get a moment's peace until she finds out."

A few moments later, Fiona explains to Barbara that Irene took Roland to David's; she felt he'd be safe there. Barbara asks in surprise why Irene went with him, and Fiona tells her that Roland is still getting over his pneumonia; she wanted to keep an eye on him. Standing up, Barbara mutters, "Well she won't have to worry about him anymore." Wayne asks her sharply where she's going, and she retorts that she's going to pack. She heads out to the hallway and Wayne follows her, asking her angrily what the hell she thinks she's doing. Barbara retorts, "I'm catching the first 'plane to Melbourne." Wayne growls, "You're tearing Gordon apart, do you know that?" Barbara insists, "I don't want to hurt him, but if Roland is in danger, I have to look after him." Wayne asks, "If you really want to help, don't you think you'd be better off staying away from him? Whoever's after him is bound to be watching you; you'll lead them straight to him." Barbara looks down, thoughtfully, and then heads upstairs.

In the kitchen at the country house, Irene wishes David and Leigh a good trip. Leigh thanks her for everything and then tells Shane that there'll be a surprise for him if he's a good boy! She hands the kid over to Irene just as the 'phone starts ringing. She goes to get it. STD pips sound and Wayne comes on and asks her if she's alone. He then goes on, "I hear Roland Armstrong is staying there." Leigh asks her how he knows, but Wayne retorts, "Never mind. He's been causing trouble and I need your help to make sure he doesn't cause any more." Leigh comments that Roland seems a nice enough sort of guy to her, but Wayne tells her, "There's money in it." Leigh hesitates and then retorts, "I don't care." Wayne, though, taunts, "Don't tell me you couldn't use some. It couldn't be much fun stuck out in the never-never..." Leigh tells him, "No. I'm not interested." Wayne mutters, "Well, I'll send $500 anyway - to keep quiet about our conversation. If you change your mind, give me a ring." Leigh hangs up. Irene tells her that she'd better hurry up or David will go without her. Looking worried, Leigh murmurs, "Yeah, coming..." At Dural, Wayne heads into the lounge room and, leaning on the bar, takes out his chequebook and starts writing out Leigh's cheque. Andy, in the hallway, calls for him and Wayne calls back that he's in the lounge room. Andy walks in and joins him and Wayne asks how Barbara is. Andy replies that she's pretty upset. He then asks Wayne if he managed to change her mind about going after Roland. Wayne replies, "For now - but the only way to settle things properly is to keep him right out of the way." Andy, noticing that Wayne is writing the cheque, asks him what he's doing. Wayne explains that he's been talking to Leigh Palmer - she's a bit reluctant to help, but a dollar or two might change her mind. Andy asks incredulously, "You're still not going through with it?" Wayne, though, asks, "Why not? I think it's time we followed up our 'phone call with something a bit more convincing." Andy snaps that they should leave the poor bloke alone. Wayne retorts that he wants the poor bloke out of the country, but Andy growls, "Count me out. It's gone far enough." He goes to storm out, but Wayne grabs him and snaps, "Don't you try and walk out." Andy snarls, "Get your hands off me." At that moment, Gordon comes in and asks what's going on. Andy mutters, "Nothing," and he walks off. When he's out of earshot, Wayne lies to his father that Andy was talking about going to Woombai to help look for Amanda; he was trying to talk him out of it. He adds that, after all that's happened, he guesses they're both on edge. Gordon muses, "We're all like that." He then thanks Wayne for what he said to Barbara. Wayne insists to his father that he can't let Barbara go back to Roland, but Gordon sighs, "I might as well face it. She will in the end." Wayne looks worried.

Irene is in the kitchen at the country house when Roland comes in from the hallway, yawning. Irene asks him how he's feeling, and he replies that he's groggy, adding that it must have been the tablet that she gave him. Irene tells him that she's making some lunch, and she suggests that he go outside and take the baby with him. Looking surprised to find a baby there, Roland asks whose it is, and Irene explains that it's Leigh's; Leigh wanted to go to Sydney with David and she volunteered to babysit. Roland cries, "You didn't tell me David had a baby here. Things are bad enough as it is without putting him at risk." Irene quickly tells him to relax; nobody knows he's there, and Roland sighs that perhaps he is getting paranoid. Picking up Shane, he goes to head outside. As he does so, he adds, "Oh, Irene - thanks for everything." Irene smiles at him.

David is driving his truck along a quiet road. Leigh is in the passenger seat and she tells him that she's just thought of something; can they find a 'phone? David asks what the matter is, and Leigh explains that she forgot to tell Irene about the rash on Shane's back; she meant to get some cream from the chemist. David points out curtly that Irene is a doctor; she'll know what cream to get. Looking upset, Leigh says, "Look, I'm sorry if you didn't want me to come with you. It's just that I thought it would be nice if we had some time alone so we could talk." David points out, "When you first met me in Melbourne, you didn't want to know me." Leigh tells him that things were different then; she didn't know he was her father. David reminds her, "You could have killed me when you found out that I was", but Leigh explains that she was angry; it was like everybody had been lying to her. She goes on, "There's a reason why I acted the way I did. I'd like to talk to you about it over lunch." David sighs, "Alright. Can't be long, though. We're running late already."

Roland runs into the kitchen at the country house, carrying Shane. The child is crying and Roland tells Irene anxiously that she'd better have a look at him; he's been stung - on the throat. Irene examines the child's mouth and remarks that it's very swollen. Roland cries, "He will be alright, won't he?" Irene replies grimly, "Let's hope so."

A few minutes later, Roland cries, "He seems to be getting worse. Shouldn't we get him to a hospital?" Irene, though, tells him that they'd only give him the same treatment she can. She gives him an injection and tells Roland that it'll reduce the swelling and means he won't have trouble breathing. Roland says he's certainly glad she's there; if anything happened to Shane... Irene assures him that the child will be alright.

A short time later, Irene is holding Shane in her arms, but Roland comments worriedly that he doesn't seem to be breathing any easier. Irene says she doesn't understand it; there should have been more improvement than that. She then asks Roland to call an ambulance; if they don't get him to hospital now, he might suffocate.

Andy is with Fiona in her flat at the boarding house, and she invites him to sit down. As he does so, he comments, "Some morning, eh?" Fiona cries that she should never have told Barbara where Roland was, but Andy points out that she didn't give them much choice. Fiona goes on that she feels so sorry for Roland; he's never going to be able to lead a normal life. She then asks rhetorically, "How on earth did those men find out where he was?" Andy admits, "They didn't. It was a hoax. Wayne made the call." Fiona queries, "Wayne?" Andy explains, "He thought he was helping Gordon; he wants to get rid of Roland." Fiona, looking puzzled, comments that Roland said the caller was a friend of Lou Pezani; how did Wayne know that name?" Andy sighs, "I told him. I found out from Roland and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I didn't want to see Mrs. H. and Gordon split up; they've been really good to me." Staring at him incredulously, Fiona snaps at him that nobody wants that - but it isn't Roland's fault; Andy had no right to interfere. Andy murmurs that he realises that now. Fiona cries, "I don't know how you could do that. I wouldn't put anything past Wayne, but I didn't think you'd get yourself mixed up--" Andy interrupts and tells her that Wayne isn't finished with Roland yet. Fiona snaps, "He hasn't, has he? Well, we'll soon see about that. Now, are you going to call Roland or will I?"

David and Leigh are sitting in a secluded spot in some woods. Leigh is telling her father, "It was... I don't know, it's hard to explain. Even after Richard had broken everything off, I thought... I thought he'd still feel something for me. I loved him - I was young, but it was love. He couldn't have loved me, though; he got his mates together and they..." As she breaks off, David sighs, "Yeah, I know. Frannie told me." Leigh goes on quietly, "It was awful. I felt like I was being hunted. And then they..." David tells her not to think about it, but Leigh murmurs, "I just wanted to die." Changing the subject, David asks her if she wants the last sanger, but Leigh smiles that he can have it. She looks at him fondly and then says, "I don't want it to sound like an excuse or anything; I just wanted to explain, that's all." David tells her that he can understand how rotten the whole thing must have been, but he still can't see it's a good reason to hate the rest of the world. Leigh explains, "It wasn't a case of reason. I just changed; I didn't sit down and think about it; it just happened, that's all. It's only been the last couple of weeks that I've thought about what I was doing. I am trying. All I want's a fair go." David murmurs, "Look, if I can see you're giving it your best, I'll ease up. But no second chances, OK?" Leigh smiles at him, happily.

Irene is peering at baby Shane, who's lying in a bed at the hospital. A fellow doctor puts his arm round her and, guiding her out of the room, murmurs, "Come on." Roland is out in the corridor and he asks the doctor if the child is going to be alright. The doctor replies that it's touch and go but they're doing all they can. He adds that he thinks they should get in touch with the child's mother as soon as possible. Irene cries that it's all her fault, but the doctor assures her that any good doctor would have done the same under the circumstances; reaction to adrenaline isn't common - she had to act fast and she did; no one can blame her. Irene, tears welling in her eyes, murmurs, "I should have brought him straight in here in the first place. If Shane dies, then I'll never forgive myself..."


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