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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Barbara is sitting with Gordon in the lounge room at Dural, and she comments, "That sounds incredible." Gordon points out that Caroline obviously believes the man - and Stephen rang yesterday and told him that Desmond sensed danger when Bill Ashley tried to kill Samantha. Barbara comments that Stephen's not the type to believe that sort of thing too easily; she wishes Caroline had waited. Gordon tells her that she and Samantha went by cab with Desmond; they were going to leave him to fix the situation up and go on home. Barbara asks how Caroline was, but Gordon explains that he didn't get much chance to talk to her. He adds that he doubts she'll settle down until they find out what's happened to Amanda. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Barbara mutters that she hopes it isn't Charlie! The two of them go to the door and Barbara opens it to find Jim standing there, looking the worse for wear. Gordon tells him that Beryl was worried about him. Jim explains that he hit the turfs a bit and felt so rotten that he thought he'd better book into a pub to sleep it off; he's not feeling too good to think of facing Beryl this morning. Gordon starts to say, "I think that Beryl--" Jim, however, interrupts him and says he wants to apologise for yesterday - he should have kept his head; but he thinks it's better if he doesn't take the job - he and Wayne could never work together. He adds that he knows Beryl will be upset-- Gordon interrupts and tells him that Beryl has gone; her 'plane to Melbourne leaves in a couple of hours. Jim realises, "I've botched everything, haven't I...?" He then adds that he was going to tell her that he'd try to get something good as long as he got it on his own, but it looks like he left it too late. Gordon, though, explains that he thinks Beryl was rather hoping he might follow. Jim dashes upstairs to pack!

At Irene's flat, Beryl comments to Bourke that it does sound a bit far-fetched. David adds that he thinks it's a load of hogwash. Irene stares at Bourke as he says he knows how it sounds, but is it worth taking the risk? David snaps at him that he can't put the wind up him, so he can forget it; he's taking that load back to Melbourne this afternoon. He adds that there are a few things he has to do first so he'd better be on his way. Irene chips in to suggest, "Look, CB, you might as well get the truck checked over." David, though, snaps at her, "Don't tell me you think he's on the level?" Irene insists that there's no harm in playing it safe. David growls that it'll be a waste of time, and he heads to the door. Fiona calls after him to ask when he's leaving and he replies that it'll be one or two hours. He adds that he knows she used to read the tea leaves, but she can't expect him to believe Bourke. Fiona suggests that he could be right, but David assures her, "He isn't. Nothing's going to happen to me or the truck."

The guy who was following David's truck is sitting in his car, which is still parked in the driveway at Dural. He's holding a cardboard box, and he takes off the lid to reveal some sticks of dynamite inside. He suddenly becomes aware of Leigh pushing Shane up the driveway, past him, and he stares at her. Leigh approaches the path to Charlie's front door. Neil is just coming the other way and he asks her if she had a nice walk. Leigh smiles that it was lovely except Shane kept throwing away poor old Bert! Neil explains that he's looking for David - the depot just rang to say the truck's ready to go; as soon as David turns up he can pick it up and be off. Leigh asks him if he wasn't going to stick around for a while, but Neil muses, "Not much point." Leigh tells him that she'll be sorry to see him go - although she'll be glad David will have someone with him. The two of them start walking up to the house. The guy in the car stares at them heading off and then returns his attention to the dynamite, wrapping black insulating tape around the sticks to keep them together...

At Irene's, Irene asks Bourke if he's sure he won't stay for lunch, but Bourke explains that he hasn't much appetite. Irene assures him that David didn't mean to be rude; he just got him rattled. Bourke muses, "Not rattled enough." Fiona says she'll go and see him before he leaves and at least try and convince him to have someone check out the truck. Bourke says he feels there is a real danger, and Fiona assures him that she'll do everything she can to get through to him. With that, Bourke goes.

Jim is coming downstairs at Dural with a suitcase in his hand. He can hear as David and Gordon talk in the lounge room, David telling Gordon that Charlie is out for the afternoon and asking him if he can keep an eye on Leigh and Shane. Gordon assures him, "Of course." He then warns David that he doesn't think he should completely ignore Desmond. David, though, retorts that he can't back out of taking a load just because of a harebrained prediction; the bloke's only out to cause a stir. Jim suddenly appears in the doorway and Barbara asks him if he's booked his flight. He replies, "Not yet." He hesitates and then, looking at David, asks, "Heading back to Melbourne, are you?" David replies, "The truck's ready to pick up. I'll be leaving soon." Jim goes on, "I was wondering if I could hitch a ride with you. I went out on a bit of a bender last night; I've just discovered I've lost my wallet somewhere along the track. Probably got pinched while I was asleep." Gordon offers to lend him the money for the train fare, but Jim says he'd rather not start borrowing money. He adds that he's got enough money to go halves on petrol. David, though, explains that that's not the problem: there's another bloke travelling with him; it might get a bit squashed. Jim assures him, "I don't mind if you don't." David warns him, "Just make sure you give Beryl a fair go - she's had a bit of a raw deal lately." Jim assures him, "I will. I do want it to work." David murmurs, "That's good."

Roland and Beryl are sitting in Irene's lounge room, and Roland comments to Beryl that he can see David's point of view. Beryl agrees that she can't take it seriously at all. Irene and Fiona come in from the kitchen and Fiona announces that she'd better be making tracks, adding that she just hopes David will listen to her. Irene tells her to take her car. Beryl asks Fiona if she can come with her to Dural, as she's decided she'll talk to Jim before he goes. Roland chips in that he has to say that it would have served Wayne right if Jim had thumped him yesterday. Beryl retorts that that may be so, but that's still no way to behave in a business meeting. Roland points out that Wayne's behaviour was hardly business-like - he was needling Jim from the word 'go'. Beryl muses that everyone seems to be on Jim's side, and Fiona suggests to her that perhaps she ought to be, too. Beryl insists, "It wasn't just that, Fiona..." She then adds that she'll talk to him, and she and Fiona go. As she closes the door, Irene says to Roland that she hopes David does listen; there's no sense in taking any chances. Roland comments to her that she's very fond of David, and Irene admits, "Yes, I am." She goes on, "I once even had girlish hopes, but... he's just a mate, that's all. I accept that now." She continues sadly, "Story of my life, really, being mates to the men I'd rather be more too." She stares at Roland longingly and then quickly heads to clear the tablecloth. Roland, though, tells her that he thinks they should talk. He puts his hands on her shoulders and turns her to face him before continuing, "I know that you've begun to feel something for me--" Irene, though, interrupts him and tells him, "I saw yesterday how you felt about Caroline and I've been through that with CB and Patricia; I don't want to go through that again. Getting over Barbara the way you are, it's natural you should turn to Caroline - you've known her a long time - but I just want to keep well out of it." She then dashes out of the flat, saying she promised she'd see Mrs. Longhurst. Roland stands there, looking concerned.

David and Jim are with Leigh, Shane and Neil at Charlie's, and David tells Neil that they're ready to go when he is. Leigh asks him if he can wait until Charlie gets back, but David explains that the company is keen to get that load to Melbourne. He then tells her to go and stay with Gordon, but Leigh cries that she doesn't want to see Wayne - he'll be mad at her for not going along with his scheme about Roland. David, though, points out that he won't say anything in front of Gordon, and Leigh reluctantly accepts this. She then says she'll get Shane a jacket and they'll see him off. She suddenly remembers something and asks David if he found Shane's tinkle ball. David replies that it's in the glovebox and she and Neil head off to get it. Left alone with Jim, David asks him not to say anything about Desmond in front of Leigh. He adds that he'll tell Neil on the way; it'll give him something to laugh about.

Outside, the guy who's been tailing David is creeping around behind the truck, carrying the bomb in its box. He suddenly spots Neil emerging from Charlie's and quickly walks off, still carrying the bomb. Neil reaches into the truck's cab to get the toy ball as the guy watches from the bushes. He then looks on as everyone comes out of Charlie's and stands on the path. Neil hands Shane his ball and tells Leigh to keep her chin up. Leigh wishes him and Jim a good trip and the two men head off to the truck. Alone with a glum-looking Leigh, David tells her that it's not that bad - he's only going to Melbourne. Leigh sighs that she wishes he wasn't. He bends down to Shane and tells him to be a good lad before standing back up and telling Leigh to go to the Hamiltons' for a while and try and relax. Leigh starts pushing Shane next door. David heads to his truck, but as he does so, he suddenly spots the car hidden in the bushes. He calls to Neil, who asks what's up. David tells him that the car has been there all morning. Neil asks him if he thinks someone's watching them. David murmurs, "I don't know. Let's have a look." The two of the approach the vehicle and David, looking inside, sighs that it's empty. He then chuckles that, for a moment, he thought...; Leigh worrying all the time must have rubbed off a bit! The guy with the bomb watches from the bushes, the box containing the explosives under his arm...

Jenny and Stephen are in Sydney, walking along a pathway in the grounds at the university with a counsellor. The counsellor is saying that he first met Colin about six months ago; he's been suffering a lot of depression and he hadn't been adjusting very well to college life. Jenny, looking shocked, comments that she had no idea. Stephen asks the counsellor if he went to Colin or-- The counsellor interrupts and explains that Colin came to them; they have an office on campus and any student who feels they need counselling only has to walk in. Jenny asks, "He knew he needed help?" The counsellor replies, "He didn't want to admit it. Some do, some don't. One of his tutors made an appointment for him." Jenny asks what's wrong with him, and the counsellor explains, "It's his father's death. It's an obsession." Jenny cries that that was nearly ten years ago. She goes on that she knows it hit him hard when it first happened, but she thought he'd be well over it by now. The counsellor asks, "You're his stepmother, aren't you?" Jenny tells him, "Yes. He was three or four when his real mother died. We've always had a good relationship - I've been more like an older sister to him than a mother, really. And I can't understand why he didn't tell me. I mean, his letters were always so cheerful; so full of everything that was going on." The counsellor says he's afraid Colin was lying: as far as his course was concerned, he's barely been scraping through; as a matter of fact, he failed some units last term. They stop walking and Jenny exclaims, "He told me he got high distinctions in everything." The counsellor tells her that very few can manage that. Stephen chips in that there are obviously some very deep-seated problems. The counsellor says he thinks the best thing would be for Jenny to take Colin home for a while and let him relax; they don't want a repeat of the sleeping tablets. Jenny looks over to where two male students are sitting on a bench, talking. She murmurs, "Thank God someone found him in time..." The counsellor tells her that Colin has been even more introverted since he got back from hospital; he's hardly speaking; there's a real danger he could try to commit suicide again. Stephen assures him, "We'll make sure that doesn't happen." The three of them walk over to the bench where the two student are talking. One of them stands up and walks off as they spot Jenny, Stephen and the counsellor approaching. Jenny sits down next to the other student and puts her arm round him, saying, "Hello, darling. You remember Stephen?" Colin stares at Stephen and he smiles, "Hello, Colin." Jenny tells her stepson that they've come to take him home to the farm. Colin, though, snaps, "No." The counsellor warns, "Colin..." but Colin insists, "I won't go back to the farm." Jenny asks why not. Colin retorts, "I'd rather be dead than go back there again." Jenny looks at Stephen in surprise.

There's a knock on the front door at Dural, and Gordon answers it to find Fiona and Beryl standing there. He comments to Beryl that he thought she would have been home by now, but Beryl explains that she decided she'd talk to Jim before she left. Barbara emerges from the lounge room - with Leigh - and tells her that she's just missed him; he thought she'd gone so he asked David for a lift down on the truck. Fiona asks in concern if they've already gone, and Leigh replies, "Yeah, a while ago. Why, what's wrong?" Fiona looks at Beryl apprehensively.

In the grounds at the university, Jenny cries to Colin that he loves the farm. Colin, though, retorts that it's the last place he wants to be; he's been having nightmares about it. Jenny tells him that she wants to look after him, but she can't afford to stay on in Sydney; he'll be alright as soon as he gets home. Colin insists that he's not going, and Jenny asks what's bothering him: is it her?; is it living in the country? Colin snaps, "I won't go back to the farm, OK? Is that clear enough?" He stands up and goes to storm off, but Stephen chases after him and asks, "How about coming to Woombai instead? You can stay there if you don't like the farm. Jenny can stay, too." Jenny joins them and tells him that they don't want to impose, but Stephen assures her that she wouldn't be. He asks Colin what he says. Colin cries, "As long as I don't have to go back to the farm." Jenny tells him to go and get his things and he walks off. When he's out of earshot, Jenny cries to Stephen, "It doesn't make sense. He's studying Agricultural Science so he can take over the farm. He's always seemed to love it, and now..." She clasps her hands to her face. Stephen suggests that the main thing is to get him back to Woombai and let him feel the pressure's off; he'll explain when he's ready.

In the lounge room at Dural, Leigh cries, "We have to go after them." Beryl tells her that there's probably nothing in it, but Leigh retorts that just because Richard is in Melbourne, it doesn't mean he couldn't have got someone else to do something to the truck. Fiona asks her if Richard is capable of murder and Leigh cries that he's capable of anything. Barbara suggests that they call the police, but Gordon says he doubts they'd take a psychic premonition very seriously. Leigh cries that they have to go after them themselves, and Fiona agrees that she thinks they'd better. Beryl snaps that it's a lot of fuss about nothing, but Leigh asks, "What if it isn't? Jim's with them too, remember? He could be in as much danger as they are." Fiona suddenly declares, "I'm going after them." Beryl tells her that she'll go with her and Leigh adds, "So will I." Barbara offers to look after Shane, and Fiona, Beryl and Leigh head out. When they've gone, Gordon comments to Barbara, "Probably a storm in a teacup." Barbara murmurs, "Yeah, probably."

Jenny leads Colin into the Woombai homestead, and he looks around uncertainly. She then asks him if he'd like a lie down before dinner, but he replies that he's OK. Jenny, though, insists that he'll feel better after a rest. Stephen tells him that the bedroom is the second door on the left. He adds that Andy's gear is in there, but he won't be home for a couple of hours. Without saying anything, Colin picks up his cases and walks off. When he's gone, Stephen tells Jenny, "He'll snap out of it in a couple of days." He goes to put his arm round her, but Jenny, looking agonised, tells him, "I don't think we should. I mean, would you mind if we kept it low-key until we find out what's troubling him?" Stephen assures her, "Fine. You can have one of the guest rooms. We'll be terribly proper!" Jenny smiles weakly, "Thanks." She then cries that she wishes she knew what it was; she tried to talk to him on the 'plane and he just clammed-up. Stephen suggests that she give him time to unwind and maybe he'll confide in her then. Jenny cries, "We always got on so well. Why has he closed himself off?" Stephen tells her to calm down; they don't want him feeling that they're looking over his shoulder all the time. Jenny retorts that they have to watch him just in case-- Stephen interrupts and suggests that maybe Andy can help them there: if he can strike up a friendship with the boy, he can probably do more good than they can. With that, Jenny sighs that she'll go and see how he's settling in, and she walks off.

Fiona has pulled Irene's car in at the side of the road; steam is pouring from the engine. She, Leigh and Beryl get out to have a look and Fiona opens the bonnet. Leigh cries that they have to keep going or they'll never catch them. Fiona, though, peering into the engine, retorts that they can't: the fanbelt's snapped. Leigh asks if they can't call the NRMA or something, but Fiona retorts, "What? Out here?" Beryl asks if there's a spare one in the boot, but Fiona replies that there isn't. Leigh insists that they have to do something, but Fiona asks, "Like what?" She pauses and then asks, "Is anyone wearing pantyhose?" Leigh says she isn't. Fiona looks at Beryl, who exclaims indignantly, "I only bought them yesterday!"

David pulls his truck into a petrol station and everyone climbs out. David asks the attendant to fill her up and he then suggests to Neil and Jim that they go and get some tucker to take away. None of them notices the guy with the bomb watching them from a distance. When they're out of sight, he turns his car onto the petrol station forecourt and comes to a halt next to the truck. He picks up the bomb and starts setting the timer...

The 'phone is ringing at Irene's as she comes into her apartment with some bags of shopping, and she dashes to answer it. Desmond Bourke comes on, saying he hasn't heard anything from Fiona. Irene tells him that she rang the Hamiltons'; Fiona has gone after David - he'd left by the time she got there. Sounding worried, Bourke asks, "He took the truck?" Irene nods, "Yeah." She then adds that Fiona may have caught up with him by now; she's sure she'll be able to stop him going on, even if she has to lie down in front of the truck! Bourke asks Irene to call him when she hears something, and Irene says she will. She then tells Bourke not to worry and hangs up. As she does so, Roland comes in and comments, "That sounds like good advice for you: about not worrying, I mean." Irene asks him grimly how she can help it. Roland tells her that he hates to see her upset. Changing the subject, he then adds that he wishes she hadn't run out on him before - he wanted to explain that she was quite wrong about Caroline: when she was with Stephen and he was with Barbara, they used to be great friends - they'd go out together as a foursome - but there was nothing else between them. He then adds, "But I think there could be between you and me..." Irene, staring at him, asks, "What about Barbara?" Roland murmurs that it'll be a long while before he's completely over Barbara, but he would never have got through the last few weeks without her. He leans in and starts kissing her...

David is driving his truck along a deserted road. Jim is sitting next to him and Neil is seated by the passenger-side window. David tells Jim that Beryl is a good lady, and Jim assures him that he doesn't have to worry; he'll make sure she's happy. David warns him that he'd better or he'll have a bone to pick with him if he doesn't! Changing the subject, he then asks who's going to stop and get the fruit. Jim looks at Neil and smiles that he's got the youngest legs! Neil laughs, "I reckon you old blokes need the exercise!" David pulls the truck in by a fruit stall which is set up by the side of the road.

Irene's car is back on the road and Fiona drives it round a corner. Beryl is in the passenger seat and Leigh is sitting in the back. Beryl comments that the pantyhose seem to be doing the trick and Fiona agrees, "Thank heavens!" Leigh suddenly cries out, "There's the truck!" As they approach it, there's suddenly a loud explosion and the truck erupts in a ball of flame. Fiona pulls the car to a sharp halt, crying in shock, "Oh my God!" Beryl gets out and runs over to the truck, which is now well ablaze. David is standing by the fruit stall, looking slightly dazed, but he manages to stagger into a standing position. Beryl asks him if he's alright. He nods. She then asks where Jim is. She suddenly spots him running towards her, his clothes smouldering from the fire, and she cries, "Jim!" Another explosion suddenly rocks the truck and its force knocks Beryl and David to the ground by the fruit stall. They manage to stand up again and run over to Jim, who's lying on the ground, his jumper on fire. Fiona joins them as they smother him with a blanket to try to put out the flames. Beryl suddenly falls back into David's arms, fainting from the shock of the events...


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