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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

In the kitchen, Spider comments to Adam that they're more trouble than they're worth, kids - especially babies. Shane suddenly starts crying again, but Spider, not doing anything about it, quickly tells Adam that it's OK - it builds up their lungs. Adam asks Spider suspiciously how come he didn't answer the front door. Spider replies that he just came out of the loo. Adam asks if Beryl is home, but Spider tells him, "No." Adam asks how long she's going to be, but Spider explains that she's at the hospital: young Donna had an accident. Adam suddenly pushes past Spider, opens the kitchen doors and heads out into the lounge room. It's empty. A look of relief crosses Spider's face as he tells Adam to take a seat and calm himself down. He then closes the kitchen doors again. Unseen by Adam, Leigh heads into the kitchen via the side door and then walks out through the back door. She pulls the door shut behind her, but it clicks as it closes, and in the lounge room, Adam demands, "What was that?" He gets up, dashes out into the kitchen and opens the back door. He looks outside, but there's no one there. Spider follows him and asks, "Well?" Adam retorts, "I can't see anyone." He then adds, "I'm going to have a few words to Beryl when she gets back, though." He sits down at the table and Spider says he'll make a cup of tea. Adam stares at him, suspiciously.

Tim and Brett are sitting at the kitchen table at David's house in the country. Brett suggests to Tim that he'd better think about getting him home. Tim tells him that his Aunty Beryl will probably invite him in for dinner. Brett, though, mutters that he won't stay. Tim asks why not, and Brett explains irritably that he's not in the mood to sit around listening to Donna; she'll start yakking on about the wedding. Tim tells Brett that he'll be alright once he gets used to the idea - and he's got to face it: he made the decision and he's got to live up to it. Brett insists, "I will. But just not tonight, alright?" Tim asks him curtly what he's going to do instead: sit around at the country house and feel sorry for himself? He goes on that he'll go hungry, so he might as well at least stay at Beryl's long enough to get something to eat. Brett just mutters that he'll see how he feels when he gets there.

In the kitchen at Beryl's, Spider sips his tea and smiles that there's nothing like it! Adam just sits there, staring at him. Spider then suggests to him that he's probably got a mate in the car; he should invite him in. Adam, though, retorts that someone's got to stick with the radio. The front door suddenly bangs and Spider comments that it must be Beryl. He heads out into the lounge room and asks Beryl if everything's alright. Beryl replies that the hospital is keeping Donna in overnight. She adds that the baby's alright, but they just have to hope there aren't any complications. She then looks at Shane - playing in his playpen - and asks Spider if he had any trouble with the kid. Spider smiles, "No, no, no trouble - most of the time!" Beryl suddenly notices a jacket lying on the couch and asks whose it is. Spider looks at it - it's Leigh's. Adam joins them from the kitchen and comments to Spider, "It's a bit small for you..." He then demands, "Whose jacket, Spider?" Spider asks how he should know. He adds that it looks like young Donna's. He glances at Beryl. Adam looks at her as well and asks her if she's sure it's Donna. Beryl replies uncomfortably that it must be. Adam tells her that his Sarge is getting pretty impatient because they haven't found Leigh. He asks Beryl if she's heard anything, but Beryl retorts that, if she had, she'd have called. Adam accepts this and then sighs that he'd better get going. He offers Spider a lift. Spider declines, though, and Adam heads off. When he's gone, Beryl turns to Spider and, glaring at him, snaps, "She's been here, hasn't she?" Spider asks 'innocently', "Who?" Beryl repeats, "Hasn't she?" and Spider admits, "Yes, just for a minute. To see Shane - while you were out." Beryl demands, "How did she know I was out and Shane was here?" Spider stammers, "She... she was watching the house." Beryl retorts, "With a police car driving past every ten minutes?" Spider replies, "That's what she said." Beryl accuses, "You called her, didn't you, Spider? You knew where she was all the time." Spider blusters, "No, no, not exactly. Well, in a vague sort of way..." Beryl interrupts him and snaps, "No, don't tell me any more; I'm not going to lie to the police again. If the girl had any sense, she'd turn herself in." Spider pleads with her not to be too hard on Leigh. Beryl, though, snaps that, apart from a little heartache, Leigh is getting off scot-free. Spider points out that she's had to leave Shane, and that's been pretty hurtful to her - and what good would sending her to the nick do? - she's learnt her lesson and now she'll get a decent sort of life for herself; jail will only harden her. Beryl asks tersely, "What sort of decent life would she have on the run? And what will happen to Shane?" Spider recalls, "Oh, she asked me to ask you if you could send him up to her mum... like I mentioned before Donna called." Beryl snaps at him that the two of them seem to have it all worked out. Spider, looking guilty, just says he'd better be going. Beryl agrees, "Yeah, I think you'd better." He goes to head out, but Beryl, suddenly appearing to think of something, grabs a plastic bag, picks up Leigh's jacket, stuffs it into the bag and goes after him. She catches him on the pathway, hands him the bag and snaps, "If you see Leigh, give her that - and tell her... Shane will be alright. I'll keep him here with me until she's in the clear and then make sure he gets to Frannie." Spider, looking relieved, smiles, "I knew you'd come good, Beryl." Beryl, though, snaps at him that he put her in the position of having to lie to the police and she doesn't appreciate that one bit; Leigh is not the only one with a lesson to learn. With that, she storms back into the house.

As Spider heads off down the road, he doesn't notice that Adam and a police colleague are watching him from their car. Adam says to his colleague that they'll give him time to get home and then drop in for a chat. The second officer asks Adam if he's sure Spider knows where the girl is. Adam tells him, "Positive. And if we're lucky... well, she's got to be staying somewhere, doesn't she? Has to be there..."

A while later, Tim and Brett have arrived at Beryl's, and as they head into the lounge room, Tim calls out to Beryl that they're home. Beryl immediately joins them and tells Brett that she's been trying to call him all afternoon - Donna had an accident but he's not to worry; she's alright. Tim asks what happened, and Beryl explains that she had a fall and she's in hospital. Tim cries, "She's not hurt, is she?" Beryl replies, "Thankfully, no." Tim goes on, "What about--" Beryl interrupts him, though, and assures him that the baby is alright. Tim suggests to Brett that they'd better get down to the hospital. Beryl, though, tells him that they said no more visitors today. Brett comments that that's probably a good idea. Tim, looking worried, murmurs, "I hope everything's alright. It'll be terrible if she loses the baby." Brett mutters disinterestedly, "Yeah..."

In Sydney, Samantha and Chris walk into the reception area of Irene's surgery to find Irene sitting behind the desk. Samantha tells her that they've just come from the party and wondered where she'd got to. Irene explains that she got caught-up with rounds and couldn't get away. She adds that she'll give Jenny a call later. She then asks how it all went, and Samantha replies, "Terrific. She's amazing, the way she carried it off. Anyone who didn't already know would have no idea there was anything wrong." Chris muses, "I don't know where people get that special kind of courage." Changing the subject, Irene tells Chris that she's been wanting to have a bit of a talk to him. Samantha quickly interjects that if it's about the funnel-web spider, Denise admitted it. Irene, looking surprised, queries, "Denise?" Samantha explains that she was angry with Andy because he dunked Wayne. Irene looks at Chris and tells him that she's sorry for getting hold of the wrong end of the stick. Chris assures her, "No worries." Irene then tells Samantha that they haven't got much else on until evening surgery, so she can take another hour or two off if she likes. Samantha thanks her, adding that it'll give her a chance to go and see her mum. Chris offers her a lift and she accepts. They head out.

Sometime later, Leo is doing some gardening in the grounds of Crossley House when Chris's car pulls up nearby. He turns to look at it. In the car, Samantha tells Chris that she's sorry her mum wasn't home. Chris, though, assures her, "Oh, I'll catch up with her, later." He then tells her that she didn't have to come to Crossley House today; he could quite easily have dropped her off at the boarding house. Samantha, though, assures him that it's alright; she enjoys helping out. They climb out of the car and Chris calls across to Leo, "Hey, Leo! Working hard?" Leo glares at him and snaps, "I'm looking after the flowers." Samantha calls to him that he's doing a good job. Still glaring at Chris, Leo snaps, "I waited for you to come back, but you didn't." Chris smiles that he's sorry, but he was talking Samantha into giving him a hand with some paperwork. Looking upset, Leo cries, "I thought I was your offsider." Chris tells him, "You're my special offsider, but other people can help me too." Leo turns away, looking annoyed. Chris and Samantha turn to head inside, and Samantha comments, "I think he resents me." Chris, though, assures her that she just has to get to know him.

Spider arrives back outside his unit. He looks around carefully and then heads up the path. Leigh is hanging up some washing in the back garden, and Spider joins her and demands, "What are you doing?" Leigh explains that she thought she'd do a bit of washing for him and take her mind off things. Spider gasps, "Messing about with me smalls? In front of the whole neighbourhood? What will people think?" Leigh retorts humorously, "That you're a randy old man with a live-in girlfriend! Do your reputation the world of good!" Spider laughs. He then tells Leigh that she was lucky to get out of Beryl's without them getting caught; he doesn't think he could take much more of that sort of excitement. He goes on that Adam's getting a bit nosey and he's getting a bit too old to keep on telling fibs without tripping up. Leigh pauses and then says, "Don't worry, Spider. I'll be gone first thing in the morning. You'll have the place all to yourself." Spider tells her, "If I had my way, you could stay as long as you like. You're good company for an old man - and apart from that, you laugh at all me jokes. Well... some of them!" Leigh suddenly throws her arms round him and gives him a hug. Out the front, a police car pulls up in the driveway and Adam and his colleague climb out and start heading up towards the house. Adam suddenly stops walking and his colleague asks him what's wrong. Adam quickly says, "It's nothing. I'll go round the back. You wait here." He heads off round the back. In the back garden, Spider and Leigh are heading back towards the house, and Spider suggests that they see what they can skewer-up for a meal. Adam suddenly appears in front of them, and they stop in their tracks, looking shocked. Adam sighs, "I was half hoping you wouldn't be here, Leigh." Spider suggests to him curtly that he forget he saw anything. Adam, though, tells him, "I can't do that, Spider." Leigh, a look of resignation on her face, sighs, "It's alright." Adam asks her why she didn't come in herself, as it would have been much easier; now he's got to take the both of them in. Leigh looks at Spider in shock.

Brett is pacing the lounge room floor at Beryl's as Tim sits on the couch and comments that he hopes Donna's going to be alright. Brett points out that Beryl said she was. Tim remarks that it's a bit of a worry. Brett says, "Well as long as she's OK. I suppose that's the main thing." Tim stares at him and asks him suspiciously what he means. Brett replies, "Well, if the baby... I mean... if anything happens... well maybe it was meant to." Tim, standing up and looking shocked, snaps, "It's what you want, in other words." Brett retorts that he didn't say that. Tim, though, growls, "But you wouldn't exactly be sorry, would you?" Brett asks, "Why should I? I didn't ask for it. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit it would solve a lot of problems. Tim mutters, "I can't believe you..." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl emerges from the kitchen to answer it. Spider comes on and says it's him. He adds that he's got a bit of a problem. Beryl asks what's wrong, and Spider tells her, "I'm at the police station. Adam caught her." Beryl looks at Tim and then asks Spider, "Caught Leigh? Are you going to stay there with her?" Spider replies, "I don't have much choice. He arrested both of us." Beryl asks him what he wants her to do. Spider asks her if she can come down, adding that he'll be real grateful. Beryl sighs that she'll be there as soon as she can, and she hangs up.

Samantha and Chris emerge from Crossley House, and Chris thanks Samantha for her help. Samantha tells him that she could come over before surgery in the morning and do a bit more, if he likes. Chris smiles that that would be absolutely fantastic. They head over to Chris's car and climb in. Neither of them notices Leo hiding behind a wall, watching them...

It's evening, and Irene is looking at some patients' records in the reception area at her surgery when Samantha hands her a cup of tea. Irene thanks her and then tells her that Mrs. Grogan rang to cancel her appointment, and Caroline 'phoned. Samantha asks how she sounded, and Irene admits, "A bit down. Colin had just rung to say goodbye; I think she's feeling lonely." Samantha says she'll go and see her tomorrow. Irene goes on, "She's found this town house she wants to shift into. I get the feeling she's rather wondering whether you want to move in with her." Samantha just murmurs that she'll talk about it when she sees her. Changing the subject, Irene asks Samantha if she had a nice couple of hours off, and Samantha smiles that she went over to Crossley House and helped Chris with the paperwork. Irene looks at her and asks, "Am I imagining things or are you and Chris getting a bit... er... keen?" Samantha laughs and replies, "He's a nice person." She then goes on, "The only thing is, I don't know if I'm going to want to spend much time at that House. I mean, I don't mind helping him with the paperwork or anything, but there's this guy, Leo, who keeps hanging around." Irene asks, "So?" Samantha explains, "According to Chris, he can get violent." Irene says she doesn't think they'd have him there if they thought he was dangerous. Samantha muses warily that she supposes not...

The front door bangs at Beryl's and Tim stands up from where he's sitting on the couch. Brett joins him from the kitchen as Beryl and Spider come in. Tim asks anxiously, "What happened?" Spider replies, "Released on bail. Me own assurance." Tim asks about Leigh, and Beryl tells him, "Six thousand dollars." Looking shocked, Tim exclaims, "You're kidding!" Beryl snaps at him, "She's charged with child abduction, Tim. That's very serious." Brett asks who's going to pay. Spider tells him, "I've asked Beryl. She doesn't want to." Beryl snaps, "I'm surprised anyone would ask. It was my baby she took." Tim points out, "You can get your money back." He then adds that he promises Leigh won't run off again. He pleads, "Please...?" Beryl looks at him and then sighs, "Alright. But I won't be able to go to the bank until the morning. She'll have to spend tonight in jail; that's the least she deserves."

The next morning, Leo is gardening in the grounds at Crossley House when a taxi pulls up and Samantha climbs out. She starts approaching the door when Leo suddenly steps out in front of her, a bunch of hand-picked flowers hidden behind his back. He tells her bluntly, "I want to talk." Samantha quickly says she's running a bit late. Leo ignores this, continuing, "You and Chris are going out a lot." Samantha agrees that, yes, they are, but that doesn't mean Chris can't still be his friend. Leo demands, "Are you in love with him?" Samantha, though, explains, "We're still getting to know each other." Leo suddenly reveals the flowers in his hand and says, "Here." Samantha smiles that they're lovely. Leo tells her, "I'm glad you're not in love with Chris - 'cos I want you to be in love with me. I think you're the most beautiful girl in the world."

A few moments later, Samantha tells Leo that she doesn't know what to say; she's sure they can be good friends, but as far as anything else, they hardly even know each other. Leo tells her, "I know I love you." Samantha points out that nobody falls in love that quickly. Leo persists, "We could get to know each other. We could go out together - anywhere you like. We could go to the pictures, or the zoo. My mum always used to give me ice-cream when we went to the zoo. Do you like ice-cream?" Chris suddenly walks up to them and, putting his arm round Samantha, says, "Hi!" He then asks if the flowers are a present from Leo. Samantha murmurs, "Yes, they are." Chris smiles that she should be very flattered; Leo doesn't just give flowers to anybody. Leo glares at Samantha and growls, "You don't want to go out with me." Samantha insists, "It's not that I don't want to..." Leo mutters, "Doesn't matter. Forget what I said. I'm just being stupid." He walks off, leaving Chris to ask Samantha what all that was about.

At Beryl's, Donna is sitting on the couch with Tim; they're playing with Shane. Brett is sitting in an armchair, watching them. Beryl and Spider come into the room, followed by Leigh, and Beryl asks Donna when she got back. Donna replies that it was just now. Beryl asks what the doctor said, and Brett tells her that he said Donna has got to get some rest. Beryl tells Donna that she should think so! Donna apologises for causing so much trouble. There's an awkward silence, which Beryl breaks by saying she's going to make a cup of tea. She asks Leigh for a hand, and they two of them head into the kitchen. Spider follows them and asks if there's a beer in the 'fridge. Beryl, though, points out that it's quarter past nine in the morning! Leigh sits down at the kitchen table, a blank look on her face, and Spider comments to her that it's good to be home again, eh? Leigh just murmurs, "Last night was awful." Spider assures her that she won't go to jail. Leigh, though, retorts, "The solicitor said I could get fifteen years." Spider tells her that he was just trying to prepare her for the worst - and even if she did have to go for a little while, it wouldn't be that bad, once she got used to it. Leigh murmurs, "You should have heard what the others said when they found out why I was there. You don't know what they're like about people who take kids. They'll kill me if I go to jail." Spider assures her that she'll be alright. Beryl offers her some breakfast, but she doesn't respond, instead just sitting there, staring into space. Beryl heads out to the lounge room to see if Donna wants anything. Spider tells Leigh that everything's going to come out alright. Leigh suddenly stands up and says, "Have to go to the bathroom." She leaves the room. In the lounge room, Donna is telling Beryl that the doctor said she has to keep her diet the same, but no heavy exercising for the next month. Beryl asks her if she's positive she doesn't want anything to eat, but Donna assures her that a cup of tea will be fine. Tim comes in and places a pillow behind her back. She thanks him. He then tells Brett that if they're going to get any work done today, they'd better get a move on. Brett says, "OK - I'll meet you out by the car." Tim says he'll just say goodbye to Leigh first, and he walks off. When he's gone, Donna demands of Brett, "What are you so moody about?" Brett retorts that he's not moody. Donna, though, insists, "You are. All the way back in the car, you wouldn't say a word, then you start on me about being careful and now you're not speaking." Brett sighs and tells her that, if she must know, it's because he's worried. Donna assures him that there's no need to be; the baby will be fine. Brett, though, mutters, "Maybe it would be better if it wasn't." Donna, looking shocked, asks, "What?" Brett quickly mutters, "Nothing." Donna, though, retorts, "I heard what you said." Brett snaps, "Then why'd you ask?" He then goes on tersely, "Getting married is a mistake, Donna. We're too young. Maybe there's some other way to... well, you know: so as not to have it. What do you think?" Donna stares at him. Out in the kitchen, Beryl is placing some cups of tea on the table as Spider tells her that he asked Leigh if she needed anything and she said no. Tim comes in as Beryl says she'll go and see if she's alright. She leaves them. Tim says to Spider that he knows Leigh deserves to be punished, but it was pretty rotten of Adam to take her in like that. Spider says indignantly, "And me as well." Tim says he just hopes she can cope with it all. They suddenly hear Beryl thumping on the bathroom door and crying, "Leigh, don't be silly. Open up." Spider and Tim run out to find out what's going on. Beryl is still hammering on bathroom door. In the bathroom, Leigh reaches into the medicine cabinet and removes a bottle of pills. She tips the tablets into her hand, puts them in her mouth and then washes them down with a drink from a glass of water...


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