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    Written by: Jane Seaborn   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Mary snaps that she's not imagining it; it was there. She then indicates Alison and growls, "She must have stolen it." Looking taken aback, Alison asks why she'd bother to steal a silly photograph. Mary retorts, "Because it was a photo of Patricia and you didn't want anyone else to see it." Alison laughs that that's ridiculous. Gordon suggests to Mary that maybe she made a mistake. Mary, though, insists, "I didn't. She's lying." Gordon tells Mary that they'll discuss it later. He then suggests to Alison that she should go, and Alison retorts that she'd be glad to, adding that she's not sure she's up to coping with Mary's imagination. She says a curt 'goodbye' to Mary and leaves. When she's gone, Gordon warns Mary that she can't go round accusing people of stealing, particularly when she hasn't got any proof. Mary growls, "I mightn't have any proof, but I know I'm right."

Outside, Alison walks down the driveway a short distance and then stops, reaches into her handbag and pulls out the photo of her from when she was younger. She looks at it and then stuffs it back into her bag.

At the Morrell apartment, Roger is telling Caroline, "Now, if the Directors decide to vote for a private transaction..." Caroline sighs that Wayne won't agree - especially if he realises he wants to buy. Roger tells her that they don't need Wayne, providing the two of them vote together; they'll have the majority. Caroline, standing up and looking slightly nervous, says she doesn't want to seem difficult, but Woombai does mean an awful lot to Gordon, and she does think he ought to have the chance to buy it. Roger comments that she doesn't strike him as the sort of person who'd allow sentiment to mar personal judgement. Caroline assures him that, normally, she doesn't, but Barbara is an old friend, and she really doesn't want to add to the problems she's already caused them. Roger smiles, "Fair enough. I admire a woman who has the strength to stand by her principles. I'm sure there are other ways we can resolve the issue."

Wayne is sitting on the couch at Charlie's, reading a leaflet entitled 'Simple Effective Treatment of Agoraphobia' by Doctor Claire Weekes. The front door suddenly bangs and Alison comes in. She asks if the doctor has gone, and Wayne replies, "A few minutes ago." He adds that he thought she'd be in town. Alison, though, tells him that she decided not to bother; she just popped in to see Barbara and Gordon. Wayne asks how they are, and she replies, "Fine." Wayne stands up and says he might as well do the washing-up. He goes. Alone in the room, Alison opens her handbag and takes out the letter she took from Mary's pile. She unfolds it and reads:

"Dear Vi, How's my little girl? I know I've said it before but I'm very grateful to you for bringing her up; looking after her. What I asked you to do must have seemed dreadfully callous: how could a mother give up a child? I wonder myself at times. But if my husband had found out... Well, anyway, the main thing is she's healthy and happy. I do think of her - often. I know I gave her up once and she has no recollection of me, but if I was ever to see her again..."

Gordon joins Mary in the lounge room at Dural and suggests that they go down to the garage this afternoon and have her car checked over. Mary murmurs, "OK." Gordon tells her that she'll be able to get her learner's permit soon, and then her licence, and she'll be far more independent. Mary mutters that she supposes so. Gordon points out, "Of course, you'll have to show then you can read." Mary suddenly glares at him and snaps, "You don't have to rub it in. Everybody thinks I'm an idiot. Just 'cos I never got taught to read and write doesn't mean I'm stupid." Gordon, looking surprised, asks her what brought this on: Alison? Mary doesn't respond. Gordon goes on that he's not saying she dreamed the whole thing up - she lost a photograph; he loses things all the time - but Alison wouldn't have taken it; she had no reason to. Mary, though, accuses, "She took the letter as well. They were together. I showed them to her." She then cries, "Why's she trying to stop me proving Patricia's my mother?" Gordon insists, "Patricia was not your mother. You have to accept that. It's impossible." Mary, though, just snaps that she's going for a walk, and she heads out, leaving Gordon looking worried.

A short time later, Mary is sitting on a little wall at the end of the driveway when Barbara pulls up in her car and stops next to her. She tells Mary that she's bought some new curtain material for her bedroom; they can go and put it up. Mary, though, mutters that she doesn't really feel like it. Barbara, turning off her car's engine, asks what the matter is. Mary, a glum expression on her face, asks, "When am I going to learn to read?" Barbara assures her that it'll be soon. She adds that she's hired a tutor, but he's not free for a couple of weeks. Mary cries, "I want to start now. There's a letter I have to read." Barbara tells her, "I'll read it to you." Mary, though, growls "I have to get it back first." With that, she stands up and walks off, leaving Barbara looking puzzled.

There's a knock on the front door at Charlie's and Wayne opens it to find Mary standing there. As he escorts her into the lounge room, he asks her what she's been up to, and she smiles that she's bought a car. The lounge room is empty, and Mary asks if Alison is there. Wayne explains that she's in the kitchen, and he goes to get her. Mary suddenly spots Alison's handbag lying on the couch. She runs over, picks it up and starts rummaging around inside. Wayne and Alison suddenly come in, and Wayne exclaims, "Mary!" Alison demands, "What on earth do you think you're doing?" Mary snaps, "Looking for the photo you took." Alison grabs her bag as Mary adds, "And the letter. I want them back." Alison turns to Wayne and explains, "She thought I stole a photo of Patricia." Mary insists, "You did. Where is it?" Alison, ignoring this, says to Wayne, "It's just as well I didn't have any money. It's obviously what she was after." Mary pleads, "Where is it?" Wayne tells her to calm down. Mary cries at Alison, "Why are you doing this to me?" Alison stares at her, looking worried.

A short time later, Mary is standing in the hallway at Charlie's. Alison calls to her, "Mary, please." Mary turns to her, a sour expression on her face. Alison tells her, "Look, Patricia had two children she loved very much. But she didn't have any others. Besides, you probably wouldn't want to know her. She could be quite nasty at times." Mary points out that that's not what she said the other day. Alison insists, "Look, Mary, you've got a good home with Barbara and Gordon. Don't spoil it. You're only going to hurt yourself if you keep pushing this thing about Patricia. Honestly, there's no point." She then announces that she's going out, and she suggests to Mary that she stay with Wayne for a while. Mary mutters, "OK," and she heads back to the lounge room. Alison sighs heavily.

At the boarding house, Samantha opens the front door of Irene's flat to find Andy standing there, holding a large bunch of flowers. He hands her a card and tells her that the delivery man was outside. Samantha, a smile on her face, asks who'd be sending her flowers. She opens the envelope and reads the card inside. She then tears it up and throws it away, explaining, "Roger Carlyle. He was here the other night. Creep." Andy asks incredulously, "What?" Samantha explains, "Something to do with the company. He's bought Gordon's shares, I think." Looking shocked, Andy tells her, "Samantha, he's the guy who tried to kill Patricia." Samantha stares at him and exclaims, "You're joking. Mum thinks he's a real charmer." Andy warns her, "He goes for girls, you know? Like teenagers. You'd better watch him." Samantha snaps that he'd be wasting his time with her; she just hopes her mum doesn't get hurt, though. Andy says he's pretty sure she can look after herself. Changing the subject, he asks Samantha how come she's not at work, and she explains that Irene has gone to Crossley House. Andy asks, "What, to see Chris?" Samantha, though, tells him, "Leo. Apparently, he got depressed when he thought he'd made a fool of himself the other day. I blew that one, didn't I?" Andy, though, points out that it wasn't her fault; Leo can't expect every girl he likes to go out with him. He adds, "Next time you'll cope better. You did him a favour." Samantha smiles at him.

Irene is walking with Chris in the grounds of Crossley House. Chris thanks her for coming out, and Irene assures him that she's glad to be of help. She adds that she was hoping to meet Sister Jean in sickbay, but nobody seemed to know where she was. Chris says he's sorry - she's out, as usual. Irene smiles that it sounds exhausting. Chris agrees that it is. He then goes on, "I help her with the patients as much as I can, but I won't be living here much longer: they've run out of bed space." Irene asks him if he's got somewhere to go. Chris admits that he hasn't, but adds that they've promised not to throw him out until he's found a place. Irene tells him that there's a room free at the boarding house. Chris thanks her, adding that he appreciates the offer. They suddenly spot Leo sitting nearby, and Irene says to Chris that if he wants to keep his offsider around, he could help prune the jungle at the boarding house; she's been looking to get a part-time gardener. Chris tells her that that would be great; Leo needs something to get him out of the doldrums. They walk over to Leo and says to him cheerily that she's just been telling Chris how lovely the garden's looking. She then adds that, in fact, she's been looking for somebody to do her garden, and she wondered if he might be interested. Leo growls, "Samantha won't want me." Irene insists, "She wants to be your friend." Leo, though, mutters, "I'm an idiot. She doesn't want me." Irene assures him that Samantha does not think he's an idiot - and she loved those flowers he gave her; if he was working at the boarding house, they'd be mates in no time. Leo just mutters, "I've messed it up." Irene, though, assures him that he hasn't, and she tells him to think about it.

Mary is standing next to her car in the driveway at Dural, looking glum. The bonnet is open, and as Gordon climbs out of the driver's seat, he tells her that it needs a bit of work done on it, but he thinks it'll make it down to the garage. Seeing the expression on her face, he adds, "Hey, cheer up!" Mary mumbles that she's OK. Gordon goes on that he knows it's difficult, sometimes, accepting the truth, but she's still got him and Barbara - if she can put up with them! Mary smiles, "Course I can," and she gives him a hug. Gordon then tells her that he'll just get a spanner to tighten the spark plugs, and he walks off. A few seconds later, a car pulls up behind Mary's and Roger Carlyle climbs out. He tells Mary that he's looking for Gordon Hamilton. Mary replies that he won't be long - he's in the garage; he's having a look at the car. Roger indicates the vehicle and asks, "Yours?" Mary smiles, "Yeah. Taking it for a drive later." Roger tells her that it has a lot of character. Gordon rejoins them and acknowledges Roger. He then asks him curtly, "What can I do for you?" Roger asks, "Do you still intend bidding for Woombai?" Gordon retorts, "Yes." Roger tells him, "I hope to buy it myself. I've always wanted a property. I was disappointed that selling it was part of that share deal. I'd like to keep it in the family, as it were." Gordon snaps at him, "Get to the point." Roger tells him, "If you stay out of the bidding and don't help to push up the price, I'll make sure you get the job as property manager." Gordon stares at him as he goes on, "I've got a lot of big plans for Woombai. Saw your plans for developing it and I think they're good. I'm just going to add a colonial theme; make it more of a ranch resort, I suppose." Gordon nods and muses, "With merry-go-rounds and a ferris wheel?" Roger retorts, "If I thought it was economical, yes, I'd consider it." Gordon tells him curtly, "I have no intention of standing by and letting you ruin Woombai." Roger says, "I assume that means, then, you're rejecting that offer." Gordon nods, "Correct." Roger muses, "Pity. Still, huffing and puffing won't get you anywhere - because I'm going to buy Woombai and do exactly what I like with it." He then smiles nastily and walks off.

A short time later, Roger is sitting with Wayne in the lounge room at Charlie's, but Wayne snaps at him, "No." Roger suggests that surely they can discuss it. Wayne, though, asks curtly why he'd want to sell; everyone's telling him how well the company's going to do now that Roger's a partner. Roger admits that he can't argue against himself. He then stands up and comments that it's a pity they're going to lose one of their major assets: he regrets making that agreement to sell Woombai - especially at auction; he much prefers the sale to be private. He adds that, to do that, he'd need Wayne to back him. Wayne shrugs, "As long as dad gets first option." Roger tells him, "Actually, I want to buy it." Wayne shakes his head and says, "Sorry." Roger comments that he wouldn't have thought Wayne cared; didn't his father have him sacked from the Board? Wayne just nods lightly. Roger goes on, "Oh well. Caroline and I will vote together. It doesn't have to be unanimous." Wayne, standing up as well, warns Roger, "Don't count your chickens, big boy. She's not putty in your hands yet. She knows how much the place means to Gordon." Roger snaps, "I'll make darn sure she knows how much it means to me. One way or another, I am going to buy Woombai - and who knows, Gordon may not even get to the auction if he drives that cute little girl's bomb anywhere..." With that, he picks up his briefcase and storms out, leaving Wayne looking worried.

Leo and Chris are sitting in the grounds at Crossley House. Leo tells Chris that he likes being there at Crossley House, with him. Chris points out that no one's stopping him working there, but he doesn't get paid for it; if he worked at Irene's, he'd have a little bit of money in his pocket - and they'd see a lot of each other if he was living there. A smile suddenly crosses Leo's face, and he suggests that maybe he could make enough money to take Samantha somewhere nice. Chris warns him gently not to go pushing it. They suddenly spot Irene approaching, and she asks Leo if he's come to a decision. He replies, "Yes." Irene asks, "Yes you will or yes you've come to a decision?!" Chris explains, "Both!" Leo asks eagerly when he can start, and Irene smiles, "Right now, if you like." She then suggests that they both come along and Chris can look at the bedsit. Chris accepts this offer. Irene suggests, "Let's go." Leo, though, suddenly says, "Wait a sec. I want to get Samantha some flowers." He runs off. Left alone with Irene, Chris thanks her. Irene says she hopes it all works out. Chris murmurs, "So do I..."

Wayne opens the front door at Charlie's to find Caroline standing on the step. He grabs her arm and pulls her inside, saying, "Am I glad to see you." Caroline asks him how he is. Wayne replies that he's fine. He then adds that she's got to get a message to his dad. Looking surprised, Caroline asks, "Why?" Wayne tells her, "Roger Carlyle has done something to Mary's car." Caroline laughs, "Don't be so stupid!" Wayne, though, points out, "He tried to kill Patricia." Caroline retorts that that was never proved, but Wayne pleads, "Please. Just go and tell him not to drive Mary's car. They've got it booked into the garage at two." Caroline asks Wayne what Roger actually said, and Wayne tells her, "We were arguing about Woombai and he said if he got into Mary's car, he mightn't even make it to the auction." Caroline sighs and tells Wayne that she knows he's having a bad time with his agoraphobia, but doesn't he think he's letting things get the better of him? Wayne, raising his voice, cries, "Will you just go and tell him not to drive the car?" Caroline insists, "Wayne, relax." Wayne, though, suddenly snaps, "For heaven's sake, if you're not going to help me, get out." Caroline glares at him and then snaps, "With pleasure." She goes, leaving Wayne looking worried.

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara is asking Gordon, "If Roger goes against us, how high do you think he'll go?" Gordon replies that he hates to think - although Roger has just bought all their shares, which will have strained his funds. Mary comes in, and Gordon tells Barbara that they're taking her car down to the garage. He asks her if she wants to come for a ride. Barbara, though, smiles nervously and asks, "Does that mean I'm going to have to walk home?!" Gordon tells her, "I shouldn't think so. It needs some repairs, but it still goes - I think!" Barbara smiles and laughs that if it breaks down, he can pay for the taxi!" The three of them head out.

The front door opens at Charlie's and Wayne takes a few steps outside. He looks around in front of him; everything swims out of and then into focus. He opens his eyes wide and then runs back to the doorway. Taking a deep breath, he steps forward again - and he keeps going, looking nervous all the time. After he's walked a few yards, he reaches a tree, and he leans on it and bends down, folding his arms around him...

Gordon is under the bonnet of Mary's car in the driveway at Dural, and he tells Barbara - who's in the driver's seat - to try again. She turns the key in the ignition, but the engine refuses to catch. Gordon mutters that he thinks they've flooded the damn thing. Wayne suddenly staggers up to them and cries, "Dad..." Barbara climbs out of the car and Gordon stares at him in astonishment as he grabs hold of his son and asks him what the hell he's doing outside. Barbara asks him what on earth possessed him to come rushing over there. Wayne cries, "Carlyle's sabotaged Mary's car." Barbara, looking amazed, says she knows he's bad, but he hasn't had any opportunity. Wayne insists, "It's true. We were talking about Woombai; he wanted me to vote for a private sale and I said 'no'. He made some comment about dad not even getting to the auction." Turning to his father, he adds, "He as good as told me he'd arranged an accident for you - in Mary's car." Gordon looks at Barbara.

The door to the reception area of Irene's surgery opens and Samantha and Andy come in. Samantha is holding the flowers that Roger sent her, and she comments tersely that she hopes the patients get more pleasure out of them than she does. Andy asks her if she thinks Carlyle will keep hassling her, but Samantha asks, "Who knows how his mind works?" Andy suggests, "Maybe I should warn him off?" Samantha, though, points out that he warned Chris off and that only made the situation worse. Andy stands there, looking worried. Samantha assures him, "If he gives me a hard time, I shall tell him in no uncertain terms where to go, OK?" Andy nods, reluctantly. Irene suddenly walks in, followed by Leo and Chris. Irene tells Samantha and Andy, "Leo has some news for us." Leo stands there nervously and announces, "I'm going to be your gardener." Samantha smiles at him and exclaims that that's wonderful! Leo hands her a small bunch of flowers, and Samantha smiles that they're beautiful. Irene suddenly notices the flowers sent to Samantha by Roger, and she asks where they came from. Chris comments, "Someone who's not short of money. Secret admirer, have you?" Samantha mutters sourly, "He's not making much of a secret about it." Leo suddenly grabs the flowers he gave her and storms out. Samantha cries, "Leo!" Chris says he'll go. Looking puzzled, Samantha asks what's wrong. Chris tells her that he guesses Leo is upset that someone gave her a bigger bunch of flowers than he dad. Samantha says she'll talk to him. As she heads out, she indicates the flowers from Roger and says, "Get rid of those, will you?"

Leo is marching along the road outside when Samantha catches up with him. He throws down the flowers he gave her, but she picks them up and assures him that she thinks they're lovely. Leo mutters, "Not as nice as the ones from your secret admirer." Samantha, though, tells him, "I don't even like him. These are much nicer because we're friends." She puts her arm through Leo's and he tells her, "I like you." Samantha laughs, "I like you, too." A car horn suddenly sounds nearby and Samantha looks round. She then tells Leo to wait there, and she walks down to the kerb. Roger is approaching her, and he tells her that he was just on his way to see her: he has a proposition for her. Samantha growls, "Sorry. I'm not interested." Roger, though, says, "Please, at least hear me out before you make a decision."

Wayne, Gordon, Barbara and Mary are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon is telling Wayne, "I've been working on the car all morning. Carlyle was here but he didn't have time to do anything." He adds, "I'm sure he was bluffing because you wouldn't vote with him." Wayne cries that Roger wouldn't have done it himself; he'd have sent one of his henchmen. Gordon, though, assures him that there's no one there, except Alison. Barbara offers everyone coffee, and Wayne and Gordon both accept. She and Mary head off to the kitchen to make it. Left alone with his father, Wayne says conspiratorially, "Alison could have done it: she and Carlyle are pretty pally at the moment." Gordon, though, insists, "No. Either Mary or I was with her the whole time." Wayne, looking disappointed, murmurs, "I'm still glad I got here. Better to be safe than sorry." Gordon suggests that he could get a mechanic to look at the car, but Wayne tells him that he's probably right. Gordon smiles, "At least it got you out of the house." Wayne murmurs, "I didn't think I could do it. Everything kept spinning and going blurry. All I could think of was, I had to get to you in time." Gordon smiles at him and replies, "I know - and I'm very grateful." Wayne smiles back at him, weakly.

Samantha, Roger and Leo are walking along the corridor at the boarding house. They reach the door to Irene's flat, and Samantha asks Leo to wait in the surgery for her. Leo mutters, "I don't want to leave you alone." Samantha, though, assures him that she'll be alright, and he walks off, reluctantly. Samantha then puts the key in the lock and she and Roger head into the flat. Leo creeps back along the corridor and stands just outside. In the flat, Samantha says to Roger curtly, "Tell me about your proposition." Roger asks if they can't sit down and be a little less formal. Samantha, though, retorts, "No," and Roger accepts, "Alright." He then goes on, "You mentioned you were a doctor's receptionist. I'm offering you a secretarial position with my company. You'll earn a much better salary than you are now, plus, er, quite a few other bonuses." Samantha mutters, "I can imagine." Looking surprised, Roger muses, "I thought you'd jump at the opportunity." Samantha smiles and retorts sourly, "Sleeping with my boss is not my idea of job satisfaction." Roger sighs, "Samantha..." Samantha, though, snaps, "Get out. I wouldn't work for you if it was the last job on earth, so please leave." Leo is still standing outside, listening. Samantha walks over to the door and opens it. Roger puts his hands on her arms and smiles, "There's no need to get nasty about it. I'm just making you an offer." Samantha snaps, "Don't touch me." Leo suddenly runs in and grabs Roger, pushing him away from Samantha and growling, "Leave her alone." Roger snarls, "Get off me, you oaf." Leo, though, pushes Roger to the floor and wraps his hands around his neck. He starts strangling him as Roger cries out in pain. Irene suddenly runs in and demands, "What the hell's going on in here?" She tries to pull Leo off, but fails. She calls to Samantha for help, and the two of them manage to pull Leo away. Roger stands up and snaps furiously, "The man's a maniac." Irene asks him if he's alright. Roger threatens, "I will be, as soon as this idiot gets what he deserves." Samantha cries, "He thought you were trying to hurt me." Irene adds, "Leo can't be held responsible for his--" Roger interrupts her, though, and snarls, "He's a half-wit who ought to be locked-up for life. That's exactly what's going to happen to him." Samantha stares at him in shock.


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