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    Written by: Jane Seaborne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Alison is pacing the floor in the lounge room at Charlie's, as Charlie sits on the couch. Alison says, "It has to be done without involving either of us." Charlie comments that she can't see why Alison is so intent on having Caroline arrested: if she did murder Roger, she's done Alison a favour. Alison muses that she doesn't think there's much 'if' about it. She goes on that all they have to do is figure out a way to convince the police without putting their necks on the line. Charlie reminds Alison that she seems to be forgetting that she's the one with the best motive. Alison glares at her and snaps, "You still think I killed him, don't you." Charlie sighs, "I know you didn't kill him. It's just that you've been very quick to blame others." She then asks Alison if she can't forget about Caroline for a while. Alison agrees, "Alright. I'll try and get more evidence." She then suggests, "You could talk to her - find out what she knows." Charlie asks in exasperation how she's supposed to find out if Caroline knows anything. Alison tells her, "Invite her to lunch. Have a chat. I'm sure we can uncover something."

Samantha is standing outside the front door of Fiona's flat at the boarding house. Fiona comes round the corner of the corridor and Samantha asks, "No luck?" Fiona shrugs and asks, "What about you?" Samantha replies, "Sorry." Fiona opens the door to her flat and the two of them head inside. They sit down, and Samantha comments that they can't exactly call the police, can they? Fiona replies that she'd rather not - not until it's absolutely necessary. Samantha asks if Irene has seen him. Fiona, though, replies that the first Irene knew of any of it was when she asked to borrow the car. Samantha asks if Hung talked to anyone at the boarding house or said goodbye to any of the guests. Fiona laughs bitterly, "I can't imagine who." She then suddenly looks at Samantha, inspiration etched on her face, and she exclaims, "Hey, wait a minute! Leo! Those two were getting very chummy." She asks Samantha if Leo was out in the garden when she came in. Samantha replies that he wasn't, but he could be working out the back. Standing up, Fiona says, "Come on, let's go. I have a feeling that if we find Leo, we're going to find Hung."

Charlie is standing in the lounge room at Caroline's town house. Caroline calls out from another room, "What time did you book for?" Charlie, though, calls back, "I didn't." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Caroline emerges from her room to answer it. She finds a young man standing there, and he asks, "Mrs. Morrell?" Caroline confirms that she is. The man goes on, "Diamond Carpet Cleaning. Sorry to get you at home, but there was no 'phone number on the invoice." Caroline looks at him blankly and he adds, "We're doing your unit in North Sydney." Caroline asks if there's any problem. The guy explains, "It's that stain on the rug. We're not sure the steam will get it out, so we'd like to take it into the factory and get it done there." Charlie chips in and comments, "That's the trouble with blood: it can be so difficult to get out." The guy laughs, "Especially when there's a lot of it. I bet it didn't come from a shaving cut!" Caroline just glares at him and snaps, "Is that all?" The guy replies, "Yes." Caroline retorts, "Well, you can take the rug wherever you want to, as long as it's clean." The guy accepts this and goes. Caroline shuts the door. She then says to Charlie suspiciously, "How did you know it was a blood stain?" Charlie quickly blusters, "I'm sure you must have told me." She then continues, "I wonder where it came from. You don't think we should ring Roger to make sure everything's alright?" Caroline, though, retorts, "If anything's happened to Roger, his buddy, Keith Lang, can look after him. Anyway, I couldn't care less: he can bleed to death, as far as I'm concerned." She then asks if they should go. Charlie, though, says she'll just powder her nose. She heads off to the bathroom, leaving Caroline looking exasperated.

Fiona and Samantha are in the back garden at the boarding house, calling for Leo and Hung, but there's no response. Fiona sighs that surely somebody must have seen Hung go. Samantha, though, points out that he could have left hours ago - and he'd have gone out the front way, too, so Leo wouldn't have even seen him. Fiona sighs that she guesses Samantha could be right. Samantha asks what they do now. Fiona replies that there's very little they can do - except she could go to the Immigration Department and tell them the whole story, and if that means involving the police... Samantha suggests, "It mightn't." Fiona, though, says she can't see how it couldn't. She then sighs heavily and says, "If only he'd let me help him..." The two women go to head back inside.

Charlie emerges from the bathroom at Caroline's and Caroline comments to her that she hopes she's ready now. There's suddenly another knock at the front door and Caroline answers it to find Keith Lang standing there. He walks in and explains that he was wondering if Mr. Carlyle was there. Caroline asks, "Who?" Lang repeats, "Mr. Carlyle." Caroline repeats, "Who?" Lang sighs, "Oh please, Mrs. Morrell. You sure you don't know where he is?" Caroline retorts that she has no idea. Lang goes on, "We had his belongings moved to his new address and he said he was coming back to your apartment to return the key. I haven't heard from him since." Caroline tells him, "I haven't seen him since yesterday, either." Lang starts to say, "He had some very important meetings this morning. I know he wouldn't have missed them--" Caroline interrupts him, though, and retorts, "Your concern is admirable, Mr. Lang, but I can't help you - and I have no desire to." Lang glares at her and tells her, "If you won't, I'm sure the police will. You wouldn't object if I gave them a call?" Caroline indicates the 'phone and says, "Be my guest." She adds sarcastically, "Who wants lunch anyway...?" Charlie looks at her thoughtfully.

Sometime later, Charlie is back at her own house, telling Alison, "I thought she'd die when Keith Lang said he was going to call the police, but she didn't bat an eyelid." Alison, looking thoughtful, muses that either she's innocent or she's a very cool lady. She then asks what happened when the police got there. Charlie, though, retorts that she didn't wait to find out; she said her goodbyes before Lang finished dialling. Alison mutters that she should have found out as much as she could when she had the chance. Charlie, though, retorts that as far as she's concerned, she knows nothing and she's staying right out of it. Alison comments sourly, "I hope our trusty police force aren't as efficient as they were when Luke Carlyle was murdered. I got blamed for that one and I'm damned if I'm going to let it happen again."

Wayne is standing by the bar at Dural, the 'phone to his ear, saying, "Why can't you tell me over the 'phone?" He listens to the response and then sighs, "OK... fine, alright, see you this afternoon." He hangs up as Mary comes into the room and sits down. He tells her that his dad and Barbara are coming back to Sydney today: there's something wrong, but they didn't say what. Sitting down next to her, he then comments that she's been pretty quiet lately, and he asks if she has something on her mind. He adds, "Is it Roger?" Mary just stares at him and he continues, "If you're still worried about showing your photograph to him, don't be. Alison wasn't terribly upset and she's probably right: Patricia's pretty safe in Rio." Mary smiles, "Thanks. I think so too, now." Wayne asks how her she means and Mary explains, "You and Alison. You've been so kind to me even after I gave Roger the photo. I know who my real friends are." Wayne smiles, "Good!"

Leo is standing in the back garden at the boarding house, looking up at the building carefully. When he's sure no one's watching, he walks over to a patch of ground and stabs a fork into it. He starts digging, pausing only once with a thoughtful look on his face...

In Fiona's flat, Samantha hands Fiona a mug of tea and sits down next to her on the couch. Fiona then says, "I told them everything: meeting him on the 'plane... the car park... They had to inform the federal police." Samantha asks what happens when they find him, and Fiona replies that they put him a detention centre. Samantha murmurs that it seems a bit rough. Fiona goes on that she doesn't know what happens after that: Singapore doesn't want him and he certainly can't stay in Australia once his visa's expired. Samantha asks Fiona if she couldn't promise to look after him. Fiona, though, shakes her head and says, "The only thing I can do for him now is to go to the media and try and attract enough attention to the boy's case to change whoever's mind I have to change. The Minister's, I guess." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Fiona gets up and answers it. Caroline comes on and asks if Samantha's there. Fiona hands the 'phone to Samantha, who says, "Hi, mum." Caroline immediately says, "Darling, I'm afraid you have to come home." Samantha asks in concern, "What's wrong?" Caroline, though, hesitates before saying, "I'll tell you when you get here." Samantha says she'll come now. She hangs up and then tells Fiona that she has to dash. Fiona asks what's wrong, but Samantha replies that she doesn't know. She heads out, leaving Fiona looking thoughtful.

At Caroline's town house, a detective is sitting in an armchair, saying, "So, Mr. Carlyle said that he and Mrs. Morrell had an argument and she ordered him out of the apartment?" Keith Lang replies, "That's right. You've got it." The detective continues, "And there was no other reason for Mr. Carlyle to be changing residences?" Lang replies, "Not as far as I know." The detective then asks Caroline if she'd say that was a fair description of things. Caroline tells him, "As far as it goes, yes. I was angry with him, but I didn't have any contact with him since the argument." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Caroline answers it. Samantha is standing on the step and Caroline sighs, "Thank God you're here." Samantha asks what's going on, and Caroline explains, "Roger's disappeared. The detectives are asking some questions." The first detective adds that it's just routine at the moment; they're trying to trace Mr. Carlyle's movements over the last couple of days. Samantha asks her mother, "Have you told them about the blood stain?" Caroline glares at her. The detective, looking surprised, queries, "The blood stain?" Caroline quickly says, "Yes, there was a stain on the rug in the apartment. The cleaners are going to take it to the factory this morning." The detective demands, "Which cleaners?" Caroline pauses and then says, "Diamond Cleaning, I think." The detective asks her if she didn't think it suspicious, a blood stain on the rug. Caroline replies, "Samantha saw it and she told me, so it had to be cleaned. Of course it didn't occur to me there was anything suspicious about it. I mean, it's ridiculous to suggest I had anything to do with Roger's disappearance." The detective points out, "The last time we met, you'd just shot a man. And now another man's disappeared from the same apartment and there's a blood stain on a rug. You've got a lot of explaining to do yet, Mrs. Morrell..."

A while later, the detectives and Keith Lang have gone, and Caroline is insisting to Samantha that she has no idea how that stain got there. Samantha assures her that there's bound to be a perfectly simple explanation for it. Caroline asks in exasperation, "Why should I think that anything had happened to Roger? And now they suspect me of murder. It's ridiculous; he's only been missing a day." Samantha puts her arms round her and soothes, "It's alright." There's silence for several seconds, and Caroline then sighs, "I'm always leaning on shoulders, aren't I? Whenever something goes wrong, I always run off to someone for help. It's something that I always hated about myself. I used to do it to Stephen all the time. Sometimes, I don't blame him for getting sick of me. Even when Amanda...; I ran to him then, too." Samantha points out, "You needed support. So did I. That's nothing to be ashamed of." Caroline, though, goes on, "I've never been able to face anything by myself. I never have. Oh, I've made half-hearted attempts at independence, and then a Mark Bradley comes along or... Ron... or Roger..." Samantha smiles at her, lovingly, and says, "Hey... look, don't worry, that's all that matters. The police will find out what really happened." Caroline smiles back and says, "Thanks." Samantha then says she has to go, as she has afternoon surgery, and she heads out. Caroline sits down, looking thoughtful.

The two detectives are standing in the lounge room at Dural, with Mary. Wayne is out in the hallway, and he escorts Charlie and Alison into the lounge room. The first detective thanks him. Alison demands, "What's this all about?" The detective indicates to her and Charlie to sit down and they do so. Mary asks him if she can go, and he tells her that they'll be in touch if they've got any further questions. Alison demands, "What questions? What's going on?" The detective tells her, "Roger Carlyle's disappeared." Alison asks bluntly, "Yes?" The detective goes on, "And we were wondering if any of his business associates - either yourself or Mr. Hamilton - could shed any light on his whereabouts." He sits down as Alison tells him, "Sorry. I have no idea." The detective muses, "No. Mr. Hamilton hasn't, either." Alison asks, "When did he disappear?" The detective replies, "Yesterday." Alison smiles in 'surprise', "Only yesterday?!" The detective asks her if he had any enemies; anyone who'd want him out of the way. Alison, though, shrugs, "Nobody I could think of." The detective looks at Charlie, who says, "No." Wayne adds, "Nor me." The detective comments that it's funny: he was led to believe Roger Carlyle wasn't well-liked in business circles. Wayne retorts, "He wasn't. But it's one thing to dislike a man and another to want him out of the way." Alison glances at the detective and then at Wayne, looking thoughtful.

Leo is sitting on the bottom of the steps at the back of the boarding house, cleaning his gardening tools in a bucket of water. Samantha runs down the steps behind him and says a cheery, "Hi, Leo!" She joins him and tells him that she was looking for him earlier. She asks him where he got to, and he replies that he went down to the shop to get something to eat. Samantha asks him what he had, but Leo tells her, "Nothing. Forgot I didn't have any money." Samantha laughs and then offers to make him a sandwich. Leo murmurs that that would be nice. Samantha then asks him, "Have you seen Hung on your travels?" Leo mutters, "No." Samantha goes on, "He's run away." Leo doesn't respond. Samantha, changing tack, asks, "How does cheese and tomato sound?" Leo smiles, "Great. Ta." With that, Samantha runs back up the steps and heads inside. Leo sits there, looking thoughtful.

A few moments later, Fiona opens the front door to her apartment to find Samantha standing there. Samantha heads inside and Fiona asks her how her mum is. Samantha replies that she's a bit upset. She adds that it's to do with Roger, but she'll let Fiona know later. Fiona accepts this. She then introduces Samantha to a man sitting on her couch: it's Wal Mackay. Fiona explains that he's a journalist, who's going to help her with Hung's story. Samantha shakes his hand and asks him where he's going to start. He tells her, "Probably with the newspapers - try to get some attention to the kid's situation." Samantha wishes him luck. She then tells Fiona that she saw Leo outside, and she asks if she can make him a sandwich. Fiona smiles, "Of course." She asks if Leo said whether he'd seen Hung, but Samantha tells her, "He hasn't." With that, she heads off to the kitchen. Wal turns to Fiona and asks her if she's got a photo of the boy. Fiona replies that she's got his passport photo; he left it in his room. Wal tells her that that will be fine - the article won't have half the point without a photo. He then adds, "Fiona, I hope I can pull this off. I still feel bad about the way I was heavied over those diaries, but it won't happen again. This time, we'll get some action; believe me."

A short time later, Samantha runs down the steps at the back of the boarding house and holds out a plate of sandwiches to Leo. He puts down his tools and holds out his hands, but then appears reluctant to grab hold of the plate. Samantha looks at him in surprise and asks if he isn't going to take it, as she thought he was hungry. Leo replies shiftily, "I am. My hands are dirty, but. I'll finish here and then go and wash them. I'll eat it later." He takes the plate reluctantly and Samantha smiles, "Suit yourself. " She heads back up the steps. Leo looks at the sandwiches.

Alison opens the front door at Charlie's and Caroline immediately walks in past her. Alison comments, "Well. Look what the cat dragged in. I'm surprised the police are letting you run around free, with Roger Carlyle still missing." Caroline smiles, "You're very sure of yourself, aren't you?" Alison demands, "What are you doing here? Business? Or is it a social call?" Caroline tells her, "A bit of both, actually. You see, I've got a reasonable suspicion about who it was who might have murdered Roger." Alison smiles, "Moonlighting as an amateur sleuth, are we?" Caroline retorts. "Yes. And the person with the best motive for killing him was you."

A few moments later, Caroline asks Alison if Charlie is inside. Alison shows her into the lounge room, where Charlie smiles, "Caroline, how nice of you to pop in!" She adds that she's sorry she dashed away at lunchtime, but she did think it was a family matter. Alison tells her, "Caroline has just accused me of killing Roger." A look of shock crosses Charlie's face, and she exclaims, "What?" Alison goes on, "As I didn't, I'd be very interested to know what proof she has." Charlie asks Caroline if that's what she told the police. Caroline replies, "No, not yet - but I shouldn't think it'll take them long to find out." Alison demands, "Find out what?" Caroline tells her, "You've never been very eager to discuss your background, have you? I suppose that's why Roger was so interested in it. And he did discover something; that's what Keith Lang told me." Alison says lightly, "Really? I wonder what it was." Caroline suggests, "Obviously enough to make you want to silence him." Alison, though, retorts, "That's ridiculous. I'd say you're clutching at straws to save yourself. If anyone had a real motive, it's you. I'm sure the police would love to hear about the argument you had the day before he disappeared." Caroline retorts, "They already know." Alison goes on, "Oh, I doubt they've heard the whole sordid story - about how passionately in love with him you were and how devastated you were to find him involved with--" Caroline interrupts and snaps, "That's hardly enough reason for me wanting to kill him." Alison asks lightly, "Oh, you don't think so? Jealousy. Betrayal. Two of the best reasons going." Charlie stands up and interjects, "Come on. Arguing isn't going to get us anywhere." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Alison goes to get it. Wayne comes on and tells her, "The police called. They want you and Charlie here as soon as possible." Alison asks impatiently, "Again?" Wayne replies, "Afraid so. They want to ask some more questions." Alison sighs, "Yes, alright. I'll be right over." She looks at the 'phone and hangs up.

At Dural, Mary wanders into the lounge room and asks Wayne what's up. He replies that the cops are coming back for a second round of questions. Mary goes and sits down and he adds, "You're not frightened of them, are you?" Mary tells him, "No, not really." She pauses before adding, "Well... maybe..." Wayne points out that they're not after her. Mary replies that she knows, but it's just that she's scared that they might think that, because she gave Roger the photo, that... She breaks off and Wayne asks, "You might have something to do with it?" He then asks, "Why would they think that? Don't worry, OK?" Mary smiles and nods.

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Wal Mackay is telling Fiona that, after the press release, they organise a spot on one of the current affairs programmes and let public opinion carry it from there - which it will; no one can resist an underdog. He asks Fiona what she says. She replies that it sounds fine - but she wants to make sure that if Hung sees the story, he'll know it's safe to come back. Wal assures her that it'll be there - and he'll word it so anyone seeing him will handle him with kid gloves. Fiona thanks him. Changing the subject, Wal says carefully, "I, er, hear Chris Bainbridge is living here now." Fiona murmurs, "Yes. Yes, he is." She asks, "What of it?" Wal replies, "Nothing. I just though that if, er... I'm probably way off track, but I thought he might have had something to do with Hung running away." Fiona asks what makes him think that. Wal points out, "Those diaries had a devastating effect on him - and the whole thing was based around Vietnam. Maybe he was after some sort of revenge - either against you or Hung." Fiona, looking thoughtful, admits that Chris was very upset when she first brought Hung home - they had a couple of most unpleasant incidents - but she really thinks that's all over and done with. Wal explains that he's just saying that he'd understand if Chris hated the Vietnamese. Fiona replies, "He certainly doesn't like them, but--" Wal interrupts her and suggests, "It might be an idea to keep an eye on him." Fiona murmurs uncertainly, "Yeah..."

At Crossley House, Leo heads to the door of a shed and unlocks the padlock that's keeping it shut, looking around carefully as he does so.

In the lounge room at Dural, the two detectives tells Wayne, Mary, Alison and Charlie that, now that they're all there, he'd like to take official statements from everyone. Alison points out impatiently that they've been through it all before. The detective, though, explains that they recovered the rug from Mr. Carlyle's apartment: the Forensics went over it this afternoon and the blood type of the stain does match Roger Carlyle's; the case is now being treated as a possible homicide. Wayne protests, "We didn't have anything to do with it." The detective, though, retorts, "No? Some of the tenants at the apartment block have identified a woman who called on Mr. Carlyle last night." Charlie looks at Alison, but the detective says, "You needn't look so worried, Miss. Carr. I wasn't referring to you." He turns his head and adds, "Was I, Miss. Reynolds?" Mary stares at him in shock and murmurs very softly, "I didn't do it." The detective asks her to speak up and she cries more loudly, "I didn't kill him." The detective says, "But you were there, weren't you: at his apartment, last night?" Mary nods slowly. The detective tells her, "Then I'm sorry. You'll have to come down to the station for questioning regarding the murder of Roger Carlyle." She stands up. Charlie and Alison look at each other in shock.


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