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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

At the Morrell town house, Caroline is preparing some tea in the kitchen. As she does so, she tells James that she's been hearing some dreadful tales about him! James laughs that she'd better watch out: they might be true! She hands him his tea and they sit down in the lounge room. Caroline then asks him why he came there. James tells her, "I'm selling my shares in the company to Alison." Caroline nods, "Wayne called." James asks her how she feels about it. Caroline smiles, "It doesn't make me want to break out the champagne!" She asks him why he did it. James replies, "Alison put up a pretty good case why I should." Caroline raises her eyebrows and asks, "By blackmailing you?" James muses, "Yeah, well... the deal hasn't gone through yet. I'm trying to find a way that it doesn't." Caroline asks, "How?" James replies, "Oh... a lady like Miss. Carr... she should be hiding a few secrets..." Caroline smiles, "Well... if you need some help in looking for them, maybe I could give you a few leads...?"

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Alison takes an empty glass from Leigh and asks her if she'd like another drink. Leigh, though, shakes her head. Alison sits down with her. Leigh - whose face is bruised - says quietly, "When I hit the water, I was caught by an undercurrent. I can't remember when I've been so scared. I tried to fight it but it just pulled me under. It's a bit hazy after that. I kicked like hell... got to the surface somehow... I tried to swim... the next thing I knew, I was about a hundred metres down the beach. I was so out of it... I just floated for a while and sort of drifted and dog-paddled into shore." Alison comments that she was lucky she wasn't swept out to sea. Leigh replies, "That's what I thought. And then I realised that's what everyone would think - especially if I didn't turn up to tell them otherwise. I kept out of sight 'til it got dark, then I made my way up to the road and started hitching." Alison asks her why she headed for Sydney. Leigh tells her, "You're the only person I could think of who could help." Alison asks tersely, "How am I supposed to do that?" Leigh stares at her and explains, "I want to disappear - like Patricia. I also want everyone to think I'm dead. You helped me once before. I'm hoping you will again." Alison sits there, looking thoughtful.

Gordon, Barbara and Wayne have arrived back at Dural, and Wayne puts their bags down in the hallway. The three of them head into the lounge room to find it looking like a tip, with empty bottles of drink strewn everywhere. Gordon muses sourly that James has obviously been enjoying himself. Barbara adds, "And half of Dural, by the look of it." Wayne mutters, "The man's a pig." Turning to his father, he adds, "As far as I'm concerned, he's out on his ear." Gordon, though, points out, "There's no damage done. And under the circumstances, we're not in a position to kick up a fuss, are we?"

At the Morrell town house, James picks up his cup of tea from the coffee table and queries with Caroline, "Charlie had never heard of her?" Caroline replies, "Nor had Cynthia Hemingway. The whole story was a pack of lies. Eventually, it turned out that Alison was a friend of Patricia's: they met in Brazil." James recalls, "Patricia was Gordon's second wife?" Caroline nods, "Yes." James asks, "Nothing else you can tell me?" Caroline replies, "No - except she would have shamed a weasel, the way she picked up her shares in the company." James asks her if that didn't worry her. Caroline replies, "Oh, it worried me, but she only had 2%." James mutters, "Tomorrow, the world..." He then adds that he thought she would have had Alison checked out. Caroline explains, "Roger Carlyle had her checked out, just before he died - and believe me, he wanted to know everything there was about Alison Carr. He hired a detective called Keith Lang." James asks what he found. Caroline just shrugs. She then continues, "I do have his number. He left it just before Roger went missing." James suggests, "Perhaps I'd better give him a call? Maybe he's got the goods that would help us put the thumbscrews on Alison...?"

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Leigh puts on a jumper of Alison's and comments that it fits OK. She adds, "Thanks for the rest of the clothes, too." Alison just mutters, "That's OK." Leigh sighs, "You don't want to help, do you?" Alison insists, "Of course I do - but false passports... getting you out of the country... that takes money, and I simply don't have it." Leigh asks about Charlie. Alison, though, replies that Charlie's already loaned her quite an amount; she couldn't ask for any more without having to explain everything. Leigh cries that there must be some way... Alison tells her, "For the time being, stay here. It'll give us time to think." Leigh stares at her, and she clarifies, "You stay out of the way, everyone's going to assume you've drowned, so you'll be safe. I know it's hard, but you'll just have to be patient." Leigh murmurs, "You're being very good to me." Alison shrugs and replies, "Well, Patricia always said she felt responsible for you. The least I can do is help as best I can." Leigh smiles at her, weakly.

At the Morrell town house, James is talking to Keith Lang on the 'phone. He asks, "But there is a file?" Lang just replies that there might be. James snaps that it's a straightforward question. Lang, though, retorts, "Look, it doesn't really matter if there is or there's not. It's not mine to give away. In theory, it still belongs to Roger Carlyle." James points out, "It's hardly any use to his estate, is it?" He adds, "There's money in it for you." Lang asks, "For what, Mr. Hamilton?" James retorts, "For handing over the file." Lang muses that that's hardly ethical. James, though, insists, "But practical - if I offer the correct amount, right?" There's silence at the other end, and James prompts, "Mr. Lang?" Lang asks, "Would half an hour suit?" James tells him, "We'll be here," and he hangs up. He then turns to Caroline, who's standing next to him, and says, "Money. It's a great little talker." Caroline smiles that he's done very well; she likes a man who knows what he wants, and gets it. James smiles back, "I like a lady who recognises the fact..." He then unscrews the lid on a bottle of scotch and starts pouring himself a drink. As he does so, Caroline comments, "It would be a pity if Alison gets your shares. The company needs a man with the strength to get things done." James points out that she's got Wayne. Caroline just rolls her eyes. James then tells her, "You and I make a great team, Caroline. We understand each other." Caroline smiles, "I think so."

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Mary is reading a comic on the couch. Fiona is sitting at the living room table, polishing the silver, but staring into space, thoughtfully, as she does so. Mary suddenly says, "I'll make lunch today." Fiona, still looking miles away, just murmurs, "Oh..." Mary gets up and joins her, holding the comic and saying, "There's a couple of words I'm having trouble with. Could you help me with them?" Fiona, though, just murmurs, "I'm afraid not, dear; not today. I really am not feeling up to it." There's suddenly a knock on the door. Fiona adds, "Nor am I feeling up to any visitors. If you tell whoever that is that I'm resting..." Mary nods, "Sure." She goes and answers the door to find Andy standing there. He heads inside and tells Mary that he thought she might like to come out to lunch. Mary, though, says she doesn't think she should: Fiona is pretty depressed at the moment, and she wouldn't like to leave her on her own. Andy assures her that that's OK. He then muses, "The shooting really did get to her..." Mary then tells him eagerly that she could make lunch for him. Andy smiles that that would be great! He then adds that, between the two of them, they might be able to think of something to spark-up the old Fiona!

Alison is talking on the 'phone in Charlie's lounge room, saying, "It's good to hear your voice, Charlie." She glances at Leigh. She then asks how things are in Melbourne. Charlie - in the kitchen at the country house - tells her, "Terrible, darling. Absolutely awful. Everyone's so upset about poor Leigh. Adam's taking it badly. You'd think his whole world had come to an end." Alison comments that that's probably how it seems at the moment. Charlie sighs, "I feel so helpless. To tell you the truth, I feel like hopping on a 'plane and coming back to Sydney." Alison quickly says, "No, don't! You can't do that!" Looking surprised, Charlie asks why not. Alison tells her, "Well: Adam. He's bound to come out of his depression at some point. That's when he's going to need you. You have to be there for him." Charlie sighs, "I suppose you're right." Alison then tells her that there's someone at the front door, and she thanks Charlie for calling. The two of them hang up. Alison turns to Leigh and tells her, "She wanted to come home. I managed to talk her out of it." Suddenly looking worried, Leigh begins to rant, "I don't think this hiding-out idea is going to work. There's always going to be someone coming home or dropping in or something. I'm going to be sprung, as sure as eggs. You should have asked her for some money; at least I'd be on my way. You could have thought up some excuse as to why you needed a couple of thousand. It can't be that difficult." She breaks off and murmurs, "I'm sorry." Alison assures her, "I will help, I promise. It's just going to take time, that's all." Leigh murmurs, "Of course." She then asks if Charlie said anything about Adam. Alison tells her, "He's taking it very hard." Leigh cries, "He's the main reason I decided it would be better if people thought I was dead. We love each other, Alison, but it wouldn't have been fair on Adam if I went to jail. He had to be free to find someone else. Now he is..." With that, she rests her head on Alison's shoulder, sadly.

Keith Lang has arrived at the Morrell town house, and as James lets him in, he asks, "You got the file?" Lang hands it over and James gives him a cheque in return. He starts looking through the file as Lang comments that the the cheque is for more than he thought. James mutters, "I'm a generous man." As he riffles through the few pages that make up the file, he snaps, "Is this it?" Lang retorts that it's everything he came up with. James mutters, "It had better be good." Lang points out, "The deal was I give you the file. You've got it." He heads to the door. James follows him. Lang adds, "I don't think you'll be disappointed. Mr. Carlyle got quite excited when he read it." With that, he goes. James turns to Caroline and muses, "Well... let's hope I experience the same excitement as our dear, departed Roger." He sits down and starts reading.

A few minutes later, James drops the file on the coffee table and Caroline asks, "Well?" James snaps, "Nothing. God only knows what excited Carlyle." Caroline picks up the file and points out, "Obviously something." James snaps, "Well I'm damned if I can see it. It's just a whole pile of background info that wouldn't pin anyone to the wall." Caroline suggests that maybe there's a clue in there and they just don't realise it. James mutters, "Bit like a jigsaw puzzle, isn't it? Put the pieces together, you get to nobble Alison Carr." Caroline assures him, "We will. Roger Carlyle did." James growls, "I wish he'd left a note saying which were the corner pieces, 'cos I haven't got the faintest idea where to start."

At Charlie's, Alison hands Leigh a plate of sandwiches and puts a plate of her own down on the coffee table. Leigh, though, says she isn't hungry. Alison asks her when the last time was that she ate. Leigh replies that one of the truckies who gave her a lift bought her a couple of donuts. There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Alison quickly tells Leigh to hide somewhere and she'll get rid of whoever it is. Leigh runs off to the back of the house. Alison goes and answers the door to find Wayne standing there. He walks in straight past her, saying as he does so that there are a couple of things they have to talk about. Alison mutters that she's busy. Wayne, though, is already in the lounge room as he assures her that he won't take up much of her time. He starts to say, "I'd like to know what you've got planned--" He breaks off, though, as he notices two plates of sandwiches on the coffee table, and he remarks that he didn't know she had a house guest. Alison retorts, "I don't - but I was expecting someone to drop in for lunch. Not that it's any of your business." She then adds, "You were saying?" Wayne tells her, "I want to know what you're going to do now you hold the majority of shares in the company." Turning away from him, Alison retorts, "The deal's not finalised yet, but when it is, I'll do what's best for the company." Wayne growls, "What's best for you, you mean." Alison accepts, "Alright - both of us." Wayne snaps, "While me and Caroline fall into line?" Alison smiles, "I won't argue with that!" Wayne growls, "Your method stinks, Alison. You're all self. Too bad about anybody else." Alison turns to him and suggests, "Of course, if you were in my position, you'd be the absolute soul of equanimity, wouldn't you: making sure everyone got a fair go?" She goes on, "Don't come in here with your holier-than-thou attitude, Wayne. If you had the majority of shares, it would be me and Caroline who'd be falling into line, so quit whinging and get out." Wayne glares at her and growls, "You think you're pretty clever, don't you?" Alison retorts, "In comparison with someone else I could mention, yes. Now leave." Wayne snarls, "Every dog has its day, and I reckon you've just about had yours." Alison repeats, "Go." Wayne storms out, leaving Alison with a smile on her face...

Charlie is laying the kitchen table at the country house for lunch when a male voice suddenly calls out from outside, "Woo-hoo. Anyone at home?" It's Spider, and he joins Charlie in the kitchen, explaining that he was just passing by and thought he'd drop in. He asks her how she's doing, and she replies that she's bearing-up. Spider comments that it was bad news about Leigh; Rod told him. He asks if there's anything he can do. Charlie admits that she could do with a shoulder. She sits down and Spider asks what the matter is. Charlie explains, "I don't know what to do about Adam. He doesn't eat... he can't sleep... nothing I say seems to make any difference." Spider sits down next to her and agrees, "He's taken it pretty hard." He then adds, "That's enough about Adam. Anything else?" Charlie smiles, "Oh, Spider!" She then goes on, "I've met a lovely man. I like him very much. I know I'm going to feel guilty if I go out with him and have a good time - with Leigh missing, I mean." Spider tells her not to worry about guilt; she should enjoy herself; that's what Leigh would tell her to do. He adds, "Anything else? Where's Adam?" Charlie smiles at him and says, "You've been here two minutes and you've cheered me up already!" She then adds that Adam is in the lounge room. Spider, standing up, says, "You just set a place at the table for an old digger, and I'll see what I can do."

Adam is lying on the couch in the lounge room when Spider comes in and asks brightly how it's going. Adam just turns away from him. Spider muses, "Not the best, eh? Well, perfectly understandable. I remember when Doreen - the wife - I remember when she passed-on. Yes, God rest her. Just like the whole world fell apart. That awful, empty feeling in the gut, eh?" Adam suddenly stands up, glares at him and snaps, "Spider, I'm not interested in you or your home-spun philosophies. Quite frankly, they give me a pain." With that, he storms out of the room, leaving Spider looking surprised.

Barbara, Gordon and Wayne are having lunch at the living room table at Dural. Barbara asks Gordon how Beryl was when he spoke to her. Gordon replies, "Happy that James offered me half of Woombai." Wayne mutters, "He should have offered you the whole property." Gordon retorts, "Well he didn't, so there's no point in going on about it." He adds, "There's nothing to report on Leigh." Barbara comments that there's not likely to be, now, is there? Gordon agrees, "Not now. It's been too long." Barbara sighs, "Poor girl. I can't believe she's gone." The front door suddenly bangs and James walks in, saying brightly that he didn't think they'd be back yet; he'd have cleaned-up before he went out, if he'd realised. Barbara mutters, "Too late. We've already done it." He then comments that lunch smells good. Barbara stands up and heads for the kitchen, suggesting that she'd better get him some. Gordon heads off to get some more wine. James finds himself alone with Wayne, and he asks him, "How has your day been?" Wayne just glares at him, and James muses, "That good, eh?" He then asks, "What do you think about Alison buying my shares?" Wayne mutters, "I don't." James asks, "You'd rather I held onto them?" Wayne agrees, "It would make life easier." He adds, "It's academic, though, isn't it? The sale's already gone through." James, though, tells him, "Not yet." Wayne looks at him in surprise. He goes on, "Alison's forcing me to sell. She's got me cornered. No way out." Wayne tells him, "There's always a way out. But you know that. You wouldn't be playing Dorothy Dicks with me, otherwise." James asks him, "Do you reckon you could get into Charlie's house without Alison knowing? I need something on her, fast. Documents... papers... letters... anything that'll nail her to the wall." Wayne smiles, "I've still got a key from when I was living there." James retorts, "Good. It's in your interests that she doesn't get those shares." Wayne nods, "Alright. Let's try and nail her to the wall..."

Leigh is lying on one of the couches at Charlie's. Alison is clearing away a tray of food and she comments to Leigh that she looks tired. Leigh says she doesn't think she's closed her eyes for more than ten minutes since she left Melbourne. Alison tells her, "Here's your chance to catch up. I'll be as quiet as a mouse; probably even have a rest myself." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and she adds, "As long as I don't get too many interruptions..." She goes and answers the 'phone and James comes on. He tells her that he wondered if he could see her this afternoon. Alison asks why. James tells her that something has come up about the shares. He adds that he's at the house, so if it's no trouble... Alison asks if there's a problem. James, though, assures her that it's just a bit of fine print that they should agree on. Alison tells him, "I'll come across now. Get it over and done with." James tells her that he'll see her, and he hangs up. He then tells Wayne, "You're on, boyo."

In Sunbury, Charlie and Adam are approaching the back door outside the country house. Charlie is holding Adam's arm and commenting gently, "You've been gone so long, I was getting worried." Adam explains that he needed to be by himself. He adds that it was nice of her to come looking. They head inside to find Spider in the kitchen. He tells Adam that his lunch is in the oven. Adam, though, says he thinks he'll give it a miss. Charlie insists that he's got to eat. Adam, though, says he thinks he'll do some work in the garden. Charlie points out, "It's Sunday. You should be resting." Adam assures her, "It's alright. I just don't feel like sitting around doing nothing." With that, he heads back outside. Charlie sighs and says to Spider, "I don't know what to do." She sits down as Spider points out, "There's nothing you can do. I told you that before." Changing the subject, he then adds, "By the way, you had a 'phone call. Tom Chaplin: he rang the restaurant and they told him you were off work because of a death in the family. He's on his way out." Suddenly Looking horrified, Charlie asks him if he didn't try and put him off. Spider asks, "Why should I? Seemed a decent sort of chap, the way you talked about him." Charlie cries, "He is... but he thinks I've got curly blonde hair and glasses!" Spider suggests, "You'd better hop-to and get dressed, eh?" Charlie sighs, "It's not only the outfit. He thinks I'm an intellectual - and I'm just not in the mood to carry the whole thing off this afternoon." Spider points out, "You're going to have to do something. He'll be here soon." Charlie looks at him thoughtfully and then declares, "I'll tell him the truth. He can either accept me the way I am or... well, he'll just have to accept me, that's all there is to it."

The front door opens at Charlie's, and Wayne walks in, grim-faced. He closes the door behind him and heads into the lounge room. Leigh is still lying on the couch. He stops in his tracks as he spots her there. Leigh sits bolt upright and stares back at him, guiltily.


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