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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Alison asks quickly, "What?" James repeats, "Patricia." Alison snaps, "I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about. I only know one person by that name and I haven't seen her for ages." James suggests, "Try looking in the mirror." Alison growls, "If your cryptic nonsense is supposed to mean something, you've lost me. I am calling the police." She starts dialling, but then hesitates. James asks nastily, "What's the matter? Can't you get through?" Alison, hanging up reluctantly, snaps, "I don't know what you think you've found out." James tells her, "Everything. It was in your file." Alison turns and looks at him sharply and demands, "What file?" James explains, "The one Roger Carlyle put together." He adds, "It was your friend Fiona that I really should thank. Everything fell into place when she mentioned the clinic and plastic surgery." Alison tells him, "You're still not making sense. Patricia... plastic surgery... none of that's got anything to do with me." James suddenly starts stroking her face, and he comments, "It's amazing, isn't it, those South American doctors? They do a great job. No scars... nothing." Alison growls, "If you're suggesting what I think you are, you're going to make a hell of a fool of yourself. There's a photo of Patricia the way she looks now. All her friends have seen it. They all seem satisfied it's genuine." James points out, "Well they don't have the facts, do they?" Alison demands, "What are you going to do with these so-called 'facts'?" James tells her, "You know about me and I know about you. As long as we both keep our mouths shut, no problems." Alison snaps, "You still have no proof." James, though, asks, "Do you really think I need it?" Alison looks down, guiltily. James suggests, "So, let's not talk about going to the cops, huh?" Alison mutters, "You can stop worrying." James smiles, "Oh, I already have." Alison snaps, "Now get out before I change my mind." James, though, retorts, "Oh, I don't think there's very much chance of that. Do you?" He then looks at her, closely, and adds, "It's amazing. Can't see the joins anywhere!" He adds, "See ya - Pat," and walks out, leaving Alison looking worried.

Beryl, Spider and Rod are sitting at the living room table at Beryl's. Spider tells Beryl not to forget to see the minister tomorrow, about Leigh and the memorial service. Beryl replies, "Of course, but not until Robert's settled. First things first." Looking shocked, Spider's face drops. Beryl quickly says she's sorry: she can't think straight. Spider assures her that it's alright. Beryl comments that the other thing she's got to do first thing is get some clothes for Robert. Spider suggests that Heather will bring plenty. Beryl, though, points out curtly, "He's my baby, Spider." Spider suggests to Rod that he could put a dimmer switch in Robert's room, like he did for Barry and Jess when they were babies. Rod nods that he can do that and Beryl thanks him. Rod then says he'd better be going. He thanks Beryl for the meal and stands up. He heads out to the hall and Beryl follows him, to see him out. As she opens the door, Rod suggests that she'd better get an early night herself; it's a big day tomorrow. Beryl, though, says she hopes there's a good late movie on, as she doesn't see herself getting much sleep. She then tells Rod, "I'll use the time to do some serious thinking about us and give you my answer tomorrow." Rod, though, suggests that maybe it would be better if she waited until things settle down with Robert. Beryl points out that that could take some time. Rod, though, insists that there's no rush. Looking surprised, Beryl comments that she thought he wanted her answer as soon as possible. Rod replies quickly, "I do, I do, but I don't want to rush you." With that, he gives Beryl a quick kiss and heads off, leaving Beryl looking slightly puzzled.

Jess is sitting in the kitchen at the Campbell house, an uneaten slice of cake on a plate in front of her. Doris tells her to eat it and not play with it; Jess, though, says she's not hungry. Doris asks her if she's still down in the dumps about missing out on her horseriding, and she suggests that the two of them could go for a ride tomorrow, after school. Jess, though, thanks her but adds that it's not the same as going with her dad. She goes on, "He's so mad at me after what happened with the florist business, I doubt if he'll ever take me anywhere again." Doris offers, "I'll tell him the truth." Jess, though, says, "He'd still be mad at me for lying and then you'd be in trouble, too. Maybe if we leave it, things will work out." At that moment, the front door bangs and Rod storms in. He immediately snaps at Jess that it's past her bedtime. Doris quickly says that that was her fault; she was late with supper. Jess mutters that she's bushed anyway, and she heads off to bed. When she's gone, Doris says to Rod, "It can't be just about Jess. You weren't this angry when you went out. Did something happen at Beryl's?" Rod mutters, "I just found out something I didn't know before, that's all." Doris queries, "Oh...?" Rod growls, "She's got a baby. Would you believe that? A baby. That's the one thing in the world I don't need." He storms off again, leaving Doris with a smile on her face...

At Charlie's, Alison is sitting on the couch, drinking from a glass of scotch. Leigh suddenly appears in the doorway and offers her some toast. Alison, though, declines. Leigh asks her if she thinks she'll have another chance to get the shares. Alison mutters, "I wish that was all I had to worry about." Leigh asks what's wrong. Alison retorts, "James knows something. Ace holds the ace, you might say." Leigh comments that she thought it was the other way round. She then continues in panic, "Without the shares, you've got nothing over Wayne. What if he goes to the cops about me?" Alison, though, tells her, "If I can get James on-side - really on-side - it might be enough to get Wayne off our backs." Leigh asks her how she can do that. Alison replies, "Make him fall in love with me." Leigh stares at her in surprise.

At Dural, James is pouring himself a drink at the bar as Wayne asks him incredulously, "She just backed off, without a fight?" James admits, "Not exactly without a fight. It's just my ammunition was a bit a better than hers." Wayne muses that he'd like to know what it was. James laughs, "You and about a dozen others!" Wayne comments, "As long as you stopped her getting the shares." James suddenly announces, "I want to call a Board meeting; all the shareholders." He adds, "Make sure the Boardroom's clear, lunchtime tomorrow, will you?" Wayne murmurs that he'll get one of the secretaries to take care of it. James mutters, "Just make sure it's done, will you?" Wayne glares at him and walks off, leaving James with a smile on his face.

A few minutes later, Alison opens the front door at Charlie's and Wayne walks in, demanding, "What went wrong?" Alison retorts that, if he means James, she simply underestimated him. They head into the lounge room and Wayne retorts, "Maybe it's just you who underestimated yourself." Alison calls to Leigh that it's OK; it's only Wayne. She then tells Wayne that she'll get what she wants from James, adding, "If you can't beat them, charm them." Wayne points out that James doesn't like her. Alison, though, retorts, "James likes anything in skirts. When he gets interested, his judgement goes right out the window." Leigh appears in the doorway as Wayne sighs, "Anything's worth a try, I guess." Leigh asks Wayne, "What about me? You going to tell anyone?" Wayne retorts, "I'll hold off - as long I think there's a chance big sister can do something with James - not that I think there is much of it." Alison points out, "Now you're the one underestimating me." Wayne mutters, "Maybe." He then goes on, "He's called a Board meeting, tomorrow lunchtime. Caroline will be there, and from what I've heard, she and James are getting very pally. If you want to get in on the act, you'd better make your move."

The next day, Caroline and James are walking along the corridor of an office block, Caroline saying to James as they do so that he can't blame her for being curious: what did he find out about Alison? James replies that he keeps telling her: they worked out a deal. He adds that it was bluff, mainly; he's good at that. Caroline muses, "It must have been some kind of bluff." They stop by the open doors of an elevator, and James heads inside. Caroline hesitates, and James asks what the matter is. Caroline, staring at the confined space nervously, retorts, "Nothing. I'll take the stairs. I'll see you up there." The elevator doors close as a puzzled look crosses James's face.

Beryl opens the door of her house to find Spider standing there. Indicating a bottle of champagne in his hand, he tells her that he's brought something to wet Robert's head. Looking surprised, Beryl smiles that he needn't have bothered. She invites him in and he asks where Rod is; isn't he coming over? Beryl, though, replies, "I don't know. He didn't say. In fact, I'm not quite sure how he feels about Robert." Spider insists that he's tickled pink. Beryl, though, asks dubiously, "Is he?" She adds, "If he isn't interested, it could make things difficult for us." Spider smiles, "And the moon could land on the roof, but we're not going to spoil the day worrying about it, are we?" Beryl laughs and agrees, "No, we're not! I'm getting my baby back today and I'm not letting anything in the world spoilt it for me!"

Doris is serving lunch to Jess and Rod at the Campbell house. She asks Jess if she had a good morning at school. Jess replies that they called a snap test on them. She then comments that lunch looks good. Doris tells her that she looked like she could do with a little cheering-up. Rod, though, growls at his housekeeper, "What did you go to so much trouble over lunch for? Cold meat and sangers would do." Doris retorts that she likes preparing a nice meal. Rod, though, mutters, "I reckon you go to too much trouble. There are some people around here who don't appreciate what's being done for them. Jess's talk never came to anything." Jess asks in surprise, "What talk?" Rod reminds her, "About cooking a meal one night, to give Doris a break." Doris looks at Jess intently. Jess says quickly, "There's never been a chance 'til now. But I can do it tomorrow. I've got a study afternoon, so I can come home early." Doris insists that there's no need to do that. Jess, though, replies that she wants to. Rod tells her, "Good, because you're going to." Changing the subject, he then suggests that he supposes the right thing to do would be to buy a present for this baby of Beryl's, and he asks Doris if she's got any ideas. Doris, though, points out that she's never had a baby and she doesn't intend to. She goes on, "It's alright for those that like that sort of thing: never getting any sleep... forever cleaning up after them... washing nappies..." Rod comments that he doesn't know that they're that bad. Doris, though, points out, "You were always telling me what Barry was like as a baby." Rod murmurs, "Yeah, he sure wasn't much fun. I remember swearing then that I'd never have another one." Jess chips in, "Just as well you changed your minds. Look how terrific I turned out!" She smiles at her father, but he just gives her a look. She then goes on that it's obvious that he doesn't think much of babies, so why bother with a present? Rod retorts that it's to keep Beryl happy. He adds grimly that he supposes he's just going to have to make an effort with the baby; he supposes it won't kill him.

Beryl opens the door at her house. Heather is standing on the step, holding Robert. She smiles weakly and says, "Hello, Beryl." She then hands Robert over. Beryl takes him and hugs him, happily.

A few moments later, in the lounge room, Beryl is still hugging Robert as Heather tells her that he's eating most vegetables now, and he loves blancmange - and he's pretty good at sleeping at night. She then says hesitantly, "Actually, I thought I should stay a few days. I know you're his mother, but I'm the one he's used to." Beryl, though, says, "I'm sure Robert and I will get to know each other very, very quickly." She starts fussing over her son, cooing, "Yes we will! Yes we will!" Robert suddenly starts grizzling, and Heather murmurs, "Now he wants to prove me wrong." Beryl starts comforting her son, but Heather tells her, "It's the 'plane trip. He's tired. I should put him down." Beryl, though, says quickly, "I'll do it. His room's all ready." With that, she stands up and heads out to the hallway. When she's gone, Spider tells Heather, "She didn't mean to be so abrupt. It's just that she's wanted him back so badly, and it's been so long..." Heather, tears welling in her eyes, nods, "I know." She then goes on sadly, "It only seems like yesterday that he came to us. He's crawling now and he's even started talking. Nothing much... just 'mummy', 'daddy'... Mike was thrilled the first time he said 'dadda'; thought he'd won the lottery. I'm going to miss him..."

At the office block where the Board meeting is being held, Caroline, James, Wayne and Alison are all sitting around a table, files of papers in front of them. James addresses the gathering and says, "Before we wrap up, one more thing: I don't mind admitting I'm a bit of a greenhorn when it comes to business. What do you say we get in a management consultant, just 'til I get the hang of things?" Wayne tells him curtly, "We don't need anyone from our side. I can run the show for the time being." Caroline adds that that makes sense to her; by the time a consultant's familiarised himself, James will be ready to take over himself, anyway. Alison, though, says, "I don't think it's fair to put that responsibility on Wayne. Besides, he might think he's God's gift to corporate management!" Caroline snaps, "Wayne's not that incompetent." Alison, though, tells her, "I don't think James agrees with you. He wouldn't have suggested a consultant, otherwise." James quickly says, "Hang on. Everybody back in their corners. It's not a major issue. We'll defer the thing for the moment; see how things shape up. Does everyone go along with that?" Wayne growls, "Fine by me." Alison nods her head. Caroline murmurs, "Alright." Wayne and Alison start packing up their papers as James then comments to Caroline quietly, "That takes care of urgent business. What are you doing this afternoon?" Caroline replies, "No plans. Why?" James explains, "I'm going to fly up to Woombai. Take a look at how they're running things up there. Thought you might like to come along for the ride." Caroline, though, mutters that she can't. James points out that she said she had no plans. Caroline retorts that she just wouldn't enjoy it, that's all: it's the thought of being in a 'plane... after what happened the other day, she just can't stand the thought of being closed in. James nods acceptingly, "Sure." He then offers her a lift home. She declines, though, saying she's got lots of shopping to do. James looks put-out. A few feet away, Wayne and Alison are standing by a set of shelves full of glasses, Wayne with a drink in his hand. Alison tells him, "I want you to leave - now. Without me." Wayne asks her if she's got something on her mind. Alison smiles, "I'll tell you later..." She then starts walking flirtatiously back towards James. By the Boardroom table, James is asking Caroline if she'll promise to have dinner with him when he gets back. Caroline smiles that that would be lovely. Alison rejoins them and tells James, "Looks like I've been stranded. Wayne had another appointment. I could get a taxi, but since it's on your way..." James mutters, "No problems. Ready to go?" Alison smiles, "I certainly am."

A short time later, as Alison and James emerge from the elevator, downstairs, Alison tells James, "I was impressed by the way you conducted the meeting. I have a feeling things are going to run a little more smoothly now you're in charge." James just nods, "Mmm..." He then stops in his tracks. Alison asks what's up. James tells her, "The polite thing would be to wait for Caroline, don't you think?" He indicates the stairs next to them. Looking put out, Alison mutters, "Oh. Yes." She then adds, "Poor woman. She's obviously been affected by that dreadful car business. Still, I suppose she'll get over it - in time." She goes on, "Pity she couldn't go to Woombai with you." James gives her a look, and she explains, "I couldn't help overhearing." She adds, "Of course, a lot of people feel uncomfortable flying - especially in light aircraft. Personally, I love them." She then asks, "Just going up for the afternoon, are you?" James tells her curtly, "You're welcome to come if you want to. Just be an empty seat, otherwise." Alison smiles, "I'd love to." At that moment, Caroline joins them and, looking surprised, comments that she didn't expect them to be waiting. She adds that she feels silly enough as it is. Alison asks her, "Are you sure you don't want to go to Woombai? James has offered to take me, instead." Caroline comments, "I didn't know you liked flying." Alison, though, assures her, "I love it. I've just been telling James." Caroline muses, "I'm sure you have. Have a nice trip." Alison assures her knowingly, "We will..."

Sometime later, Wayne arrives back at Dural to find James running down the stairs. He comments to James that he's a man in a hurry, and James explains that he's on his way to Woombai. He then asks Wayne if he got to his appointment. Wayne looks at him blankly and asks, "Eh?" James tells him, "Alison said you had an appointment. That's why I got roped into driving her home." Wayne quickly says, "Oh, yeah, I managed to get everything done. I forgot about Alison needing a lift. I hope it wasn't too much of a nuisance." James tells him, "It was a bit amusing, actually: she was all over me like a pound of fleas. Even invited herself up on this trip." Wayne suggests, "She probably just sees it as a good chance to get to know you better." James, though, retorts, "She just wants to get on my good side. She knows where her bread's buttered. She must think I'm pretty stupid not to see through it." Wayne asks him what he's going to do. James replies, "A good-looking sort like that? See how far she's prepared to go." Wayne comments to him that he thought he fancied Caroline. James, though, asks, "What's that go to do with it?" Wayne shrugs and James tells him, "Every one you miss out on, boyo, is one you never catch up with."

A short time later, James is standing in the front doorway at Charlie's. Alison offers him a drink before they go. James, though, says he'd better not. He then announces that there's a slight change of plan: he's decided to stay overnight. He asks if that's a problem. Alison replies that it isn't, but she'll have to get a few clothes. James tells her that he's got the flight plan to finish, so he'll wait in the car. With that, Alison closes the front door and heads into the lounge room. Leigh follows her in there and says reluctantly, "I suppose you've got to go...?" Alison insists, "It's not that I want to, but you know how important it is to get James on-side, for both of us." Leigh admits, "I know. It's just that, well, after everything that's happened, I don't like being by myself." Alison assures her, "You'll be fine. All it means is you can't turn any lights on." Leigh adds bitterly, "Or the TV. Or the radio." Alison sighs and says, "I'll call you from Woombai tonight and make sure you're OK." Leigh asks, "What if I answer the 'phone and it's someone else?" Alison tells her, "I'll give it three rings, hang up and then ring again. And to make doubly sure, we'll say eight o'clock exactly." Leigh sighs that she supposes that'll be safe enough. She then recalls that her watch hasn't worked since she got water in it. Alison tells her that there's a bedside alarm in Charlie's room. Changing the subject, Leigh asks Alison if she'll be alright with James: staying the night. Alison admits, "Mmm... could get tricky. That's one area Caroline has me at a disadvantage: she'll quite happily jump into bed with anyone, provided it suits her purpose. Just have to play it by ear." She then heads off to her bedroom to get some things together. Leigh stands there, looking worried.

Rod is standing at the front door at Beryl's. Beryl is with him and he hands her a giftwrapped box, explaining that it's something for the kid. Beryl thanks him. Rod goes on that he knows he was edgy before: finding out that there was another one in the family took him a bit by surprise. Beryl suggests to him that he come in and see Robert. They head inside, Beryl saying as they do so that Heather is lying down; it's all been a terrible experience for her. They head into the lounge room, where Robert is lying in a playpen on the floor. Beryl looks at him fondly and smiles, "He's sound asleep. Isn't he gorgeous?" Rod just mutters, "Mmm..." Beryl looks at him and says, "I know you weren't expecting him, Rod, but he's a lovely baby." Rod, though, tells her, "It isn't that, Beryl. Look, I've been through the thing of bringing up kids before, and I don't know if I can get into it again, I really don't. It does make things a bit different." Beryl replies, "It shouldn't change things that much, but it is up to you whether you're prepared to give us a chance." Rod suggests, "Maybe I just need a bit more time to get used to him?"

Doris is doing some gardening in the back garden of the Campbell house when Jess approaches, wearing her school uniform. Doris comments to her that she's early. Jess explains that she dropped her last class so they can go shopping for dinner tomorrow. She then shows Doris a shopping list that she's drawn-up and asks her what she thinks. Doris, though, says, "I'll leave it up to you, love. I've got to get on with the weeding." Jess tells her, "I thought you were going to help me. I am doing this for you and dad." Doris sighs, "I know, love, but there's no point in getting our hopes up. He'll probably end up going around to Beryl's in any case." Jess insists, "No he wouldn't. He knows about the dinner." Doris, though, tells her, "I still wouldn't get your hopes up." Looking suddenly thoughtful, Jess says, "The baby coming home could be a bit of a worry. If Beryl tries to give it some kind of 'welcome home' party, dad could feel obliged to be there." Doris, though, assures her, "That's one thing you don't have to worry about. In fact, the baby's the best thing we've got on our side..."

At Beryl's, Beryl smiles at Robert and then at Rod and says, "I feel I've got so much time to make up for." Rod, though, points out, "Oh, you haven't lost all that much - not compared with all the years of growing up he's got ahead of him." Robert suddenly wakes up and starts crying. Beryl picks him up, cooing, "Come to mummy... come on... no, no, no, it can't be bad as all that." Rod remarks, "Thought you said he was a quiet baby." Beryl assures him, "He is. He just hasn't settled down yet." Heather suddenly dashes in and asks what's happened. Beryl replies, "Nothing. He just woke up." Heather, though, insists, "Something's upset him." She then takes Robert from Beryl and soothes, "There, there, you're just frightened, aren't you?" As Robert calms down, Beryl looks at Heather and then at Rod, unhappily.


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