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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Later that night, the front door bangs at Dural and Gordon walks into the lounge room. Barbara cries, "Thank goodness. I was beginning to think the police had locked you up, too." As Gordon sits down, he sighs heavily, and Barbara comments that she gathers things aren't looking too good for James. Gordon explains that the police didn't believe a word of his story. Barbara asks, "What about Duncan?" Gordon mutters, "He's their star witness. He's convinced them James is a murderer." He adds bitterly, "Some mate." Barbara says, "Darling, I know James is your brother, but your mustn't let family loyalty cloud your judgement." Gordon, though, insists, "I'm not. I know that he's innocent. He told me about Simmonds and agreed that the police should know." Barbara points out, "They had to practically drag him down to the police station." Gordon, however, suggests, "He wouldn't have gone at all if he was telling a pack of lies, would he?" Barbara asks about the gun. Gordon replies that Duncan must have planted it. Barbara then asks what happens now. Gordon, though, shrugs, "I don't know. Bail. Extradition to Queensland. I imagine things will be a lot clearer in the morning." He adds, "Duncan's a liar, I know he is. The question is: how do we prove it?"

The next morning, Fiona opens the door of her flat to find Irene standing outside. She walks in and comments that Fiona and Kelly aren't even dressed yet! Fiona laughs, "There are some people who like to sleep in on a Saturday and I was under the impression that you were one of them!" Irene explains that she's there to invite them for a picnic. Fiona smiles that it sounds wonderful. Kelly, though, says sourly, "I don't think so." Irene asks, "I can't interest you in a trip to the National Park?" Kelly retorts blackly, "So I can admire the view?!" Irene insists that it'll do her good. Kelly sits there and then mutters, "I suppose." She stands up wearily and asks Fiona, "Can you help me to my bedroom." Fiona points out, "You know where it is." Kelly pleads, "Please..." Fiona, though, reminds her, "You've done it plenty of times without my help." Kelly cries, "I forget how many steps it is." Looking concerned, Irene takes her arm and says, "I'll take you." She leads her off to her room and tells her to rug-up in case it gets chilly this afternoon. She closes the bedroom door. Fiona immediately says to her her, "You shouldn't have helped her; she knows where her bedroom is." Irene, though, points out that she's feeling lost at the moment; it can't hurt to give her a bit of extra attention for a while. Fiona reminds her, "You were the one who insisted that we shouldn't treat her like an invalid." Irene explains, "Asking for help is Kelly's way of saying she needs some comfort and understanding. I'm not going to ignore the signals." Fiona insists, "Neither am I, but I'm not going to let her get into bad habits, either." Irene, looking shocked, exclaims, "Fiona, the poor kid is still adjusting to her mother's death. I would have thought you'd be the first person to understand how the poor kid is feeling." Fiona sighs, "I understand better than she does, but she's never going to cope if people encourage her to rely on others to do for her what she can do for herself - and I'll thank you not to start." Irene looks at her in surprise.

Beryl is sitting in her lounge room, feeding Robert from a bottle. Spider is sitting with her and he comments that the kid laps it up! He then asks Beryl how things are with Rod. Beryl replies, "Shaky - and I doubt if it'll improve. Not while he objects so strongly to Robert." Spider tells her, "If that's what Doris said, I'd forget it. That woman's got a forked tongue." Beryl retorts, "I asked Rod and he said that's what he said." Spider tells her, "Probably in the heat of the moment." He adds, "Remember when Jess overheard you talking about her mum? That was all Doris's doing." Beryl points out that Doris was genuinely sorry about that. Spider, though, laughs bitterly, "Once the damage was done..." Beryl muses, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a word with her, just in case there has been some sort of misunderstanding." Spider smiles and then says, "Well, I'd better toddle off. Got a free ticket to the footy." He adds, "Good luck with the dragon-lady," and he goes!

Gordon is talking on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, saying, "I'd appreciate it if you'd ask Detective Coleman to keep me informed. Thankyou. Bye." He hangs up as Barbara comes into the room, and he tells her, "They released Duncan this morning." Barbara asks about James and Gordon replies, "He's being held until they can organise an extradition hearing. Apparently, he's got to be taken to Queensland to be charged." He adds with a sigh, "James must be cursing me for talking him into going to the police in the first place." Barbara, though, tells him, "You don't owe any loyalty to James, Gordon. Not after the way he's treated you." Gordon just sighs, "I got him into this mess. I've got to find some way to get him out of it."

A while later, there's a knock on the front door at Dural and Barbara goes and answers it to find Duncan standing there. She immediately snaps, "You've got a nerve." Duncan starts to say, "I'm not staying; I just--" Barbara interrupts him, though, and snarls, "There's no way you're going to set foot inside this house." Duncan asks, "What about my stuff?" Barbara retorts, "I'll pack it. You wait outside." She goes to slam the door in his face, but Gordon suddenly emerges from the lounge room and says, "It's alright, Barbara." He then tells Duncan calmly to come in. As Barbara stares at him in surprise, he adds, "We can't hold it against the man because my damn fool of a brother got himself into trouble." He turns to Duncan and comments, "It can't have been easy, having to turn in your best friend." Duncan assures him, "It wasn't - but I had no other choice. I protected him as long as I could." He adds in surprise, "I thought you'd be dark on me." Gordon replies smoothly, "For being honest? I was only saying to Barbara this morning that I hope you don't feel awkward about staying here now." Duncan murmurs hesitantly, "Um, well, thanks, but I--" Gordon interrupts him and points out, "Surely the police want you to stay in Sydney? They may want to ask you more questions." Duncan nods, "They do, for the extradition hearing, but I was going to find a hotel." Turning to Barbara, Gordon says, "We wouldn't hear of it, would we?" Barbara forces out, "No...!" Duncan points out, "James wouldn't be very happy if he found out about it." Gordon, though, insists - to Barbara's obvious horror - "Nonsense - you should be with friends. You told the truth; there's no need to hide from us." Duncan stammers, "Thanks..." Gordon then suggests to him that he go upstairs and have a nap. As Duncan heads off to his room, Barbara calls after him tersely, "I'll wake you when it's time for lunch." She then storms off into the lounge room. Gordon follows her and she snaps at him, "It won't work." Gordon, though, points out that, this way, they can keep an eye on him. Barbara growls, "He's not going to let anything slip while he's staying here." Gordon, though, insists, "It's the only chance we've got to help James." Barbara stares at him and then walks off in disgust.

Beryl is standing in the kitchen at the Campbell house with Doris, who's doing some ironing. She asks the housekeeper, "Are you sure you're telling me the truth?" Doris just retorts, "If you came here to accuse me of lying..." Beryl points out, "It would be easy to make something like that sound worse than it was meant." Looking shocked, Doris snaps, "How dare you." Beryl remarks, "You have tried to cause trouble before, Doris, and I know you don't like me." Doris agrees, "No, I don't like you. Everything was fine until you came along. I wish Rod had never laid eyes on you." Beryl accuses, "Then you did do it to cause trouble?" Doris admits, "Yes - and I'd do it again if I got the chance." Beryl asks in surprise, "Why? I told you I'm not trying to push you out of your job." Doris, though, snaps, "Do you think I went to all this trouble for a lousy housekeeping job?" Beryl stares at her and realises, "You're in love with him, aren't you?" Doris looks away and mutters, "What if I am? It's got nothing to do with you." Beryl murmurs, "He wants me to marry him." Doris, though, retorts, "He wants me - and he proved it the other night. It's true. You ask him." Beryl, looking shocked, murmurs, "I'm sorry." She goes to walk off. Doris, though, goes after her and stops her, saying with a sigh, "It should be me getting upset, not you. It didn't mean anything; well, not to Rod, anyway. For a little while there, I pretended it did, but there's nothing between us. It's always been one-sided. He wants you; not me."

Adam is driving his car up the driveway towards David's house in the country. He suddenly spots Charlie - bewigged and bespectacled - walking towards him, and he stops next to her. She smiles that she was just on her way out. Adam laughs, "No prizes for guessing who with!" Charlie chides, "Don't tease, Adam. I've made up my mind: I'm going to tell Tom the truth today. I hope he understands..." Adam climbs out of the car and Charlie asks him if there's any news from Leigh. Adam replies, "Yeah, she's decided to see me. It looks like all my pestering's paid off." Charlie smiles, "Give her my love. Tell her that Frannie's on her way down from Queensland. She'll probably have Shane with her; it might cheer her up." Adam laughs, "I hope so."

Doris is sitting on the couch at the Campbell house, wiping her eyes. Beryl hands her a cup of coffee and sits down next to her. Doris comments that Rod will be home soon. Beryl, though, tells her, "It won't hurt him to iron his own shirts for once." Doris, however, murmurs, "Oh, I couldn't let him do that." Beryl murmurs, "No, I don't think you could..." She then tells the housekeeper, "I won't forgive him for what he's done to you." Doris insists, "He just didn't think, that's all." Beryl, though, mutters, "It's about time he did." The front door suddenly bangs and Rod and Jess come in. They stop in their tracks as they see Beryl standing there, and she tells Rod that she just popped in to see Doris. She starts to put her coat on. Rod invites her to hang around for lunch. Beryl, though, replies that she's left Robert with a neighbour; she has to get back. Rod suggests, "What about dinner? Do you want to go out tonight?" Beryl just retorts, "I'm busy tonight." With that, she goes, leaving Rod looking surprised. Jess comments that she seemed a bit upset. Rod asks Doris, "Did she say if anything was sort of bothering her?" Doris replies, "She seemed alright to me." Rod muses, "Maybe the baby's getting a new fang, eh?!"

Outside, Beryl storms down to the gate, steps onto the footpath and pulls the gate shut firmly behind her.

Tom is feeding some bread to the birds in the park when Charlie walks up to him. He looks at her and smiles, "Radiant as ever!" Charlie asks him what they're doing today. Tom tells her, "There's a new display at the museum: Archaeological Relics from Peru. How does that sound?" Charlie murmurs, "Lovely..." Tom, picking up on her tone, assures her, "We don't have to go. If there's something else you'd rather do..." Charlie says nervously, "Tom, I have to talk to you." Tom asks, "What about?" Charlie sighs, "I don't know where to start. I wouldn't be telling you if it wasn't for Alison." Tom asks what's she's got to do with it, and Charlie explains, "She's got herself into terrible strife through the years because she wasn't honest with people." Tom says, "I don't follow you." Charlie groans, "Oh, I'm not good at explanations." She then adds, "Well, here goes." With that, she takes off her glasses and the wig. Tom stares at her in shock.

A few moments later, Tom snaps, "We've been going out for weeks. Why leave it 'til now to tell me?" Charlie explains, "I was scared. I didn't think that you--" She breaks off. Tom says, "I can understand why you wore the wig and glasses for work, but not to say anything to me..." Charlie tells him, "It didn't seem important at first. I never thought you'd want to see me again; not more than once or twice, anyway. Most men don't. They're very kind about it, but I know that they feel I'm too silly; too light-headed. With you, I got the feeling that things could turn out differently; at least, I hoped they would..." Tom says curtly, "I don't like people pretending they're something they're not." Charlie says, "I know, and that was the problem: I'd invented this person - blonde hair and glasses - and I was stuck with her." She then insists, "Tom, I'm telling the truth now. This is me." Tom sighs, "I don't know, Charlotte. Look, I think it might be best if we gave each other some breathing space here. I know I need it. I'll be in touch." With that, he walks off. Charlie watches him go, sadly.

Adam is sitting at the table in the visitors' room at Fairlea. The door opens and the guard leads Leigh in. She walks over and faces him. He puts his hand on her shoulder, but she pulls away and snaps, "You should know the rules. No physical contact." She goes and stands by the wall, not looking at him. He tells her, "I was worried about you." Leigh just mutters, "I'm alright." Adam goes on, "I know you've got some crazy idea about trying to make me forget you, but I'm not going to." Leigh snaps, "It would be easier if you did. I don't want you on my conscience." Adam asks, "What about your mother? And Shane? They're coming down from Queensland: you going to give them the cold shoulder too?" Leigh growls, "You're all better off without me." Adam insists, "We all want to help." Leigh turns and leans on the table and says quietly but curtly, "Then leave me alone. I don't want to see you or Shane or anybody else." She then tells the guard that she'd like to go back to her cell. The guard tells Adam that she'll send another officer to see him out. She opens the door and she and Leigh disappear through it, leaving Adam looking annoyed.

Sometime later, Leigh is standing in a washroom, rinsing her hands in the sink. Connie walks in and tells her, "Lunch is on - not that the food in this dump's anything to get excited about." Leigh just mutters, "I'm not hungry." Connie looks at her in surprise and asks, "Have a blue with your boyfriend?" Leigh replies, "I told him not to visit me again." Connie, looking taken aback, asks, "What for?! They don't grow on trees." Leigh mutters, "The judge could give me ten years." Connie points out, "You don't get ten years for driving a getaway car." Leigh quickly realises her mistake and mutters, "Whatever. I still don't want him to wait." She then adds more sadly, "The trouble is, Adam's too stubborn for his own good." Connie looks at her, a bemused expression on her face, and then walks out. Leigh leans back against the wall, looking thoughtful.

At Dural, Barbara is arranging some dried flowers in a vase in the lounge room. Gordon comes in and asks if Duncan has shown his face yet. Barbara retorts, "He's on the lawn, practising his golf. He's using your clubs again." Gordon sighs, "Whatever it takes." He goes to walk out, but then turns back to Barbara and says, "Keep a watch for me. I'm going to go through his room." Looking shocked, Barbara dashes out to the hallway after him and tells him, "You will do nothing of the kind. What if he comes back?" Gordon insists, "He won't know I've been in there." Barbara points out, "He will if he walks in on you." Gordon suggests, "Then keep an eye out for me." With that, he heads off upstairs. Duncan suddenly comes in through the back entrance and tells Barbara, "I managed to lose the golf ball." Barbara quickly blocks his way up the stairs and says, "You won't find any up there." Duncan tells her that he's got a couple in his room. Barbara, though, insists, "No, no, no! There's a new box in the cupboard under the stairs. Use those. Please. Feel free." Duncan thanks her and heads to the cupboard, leaving Barbara standing there, looking horrified.

Charlie is digging a hole in part of the garden at David's. Adam joins her from the house and asks where Tom is. Charlie replies sadly, "At the museum, I presume." Adam muses, "He wasn't too happy about it?" Charlie replies, "'Shell-shocked' is the best way to describe it. I don't think he'll ever forgive me for deceiving him. I'm sure he'll never want to see me again." Adam stares at her and asks, "What the hell are you doing?!" Charlie picks up a bag lying next to her. It contains the wig and glasses. She tells Adam, "I am burying Charlotte. From now on, it is just plain 'Charlie' - 'til death do us part." With that, she drops the bag into the hole. Adam takes the spade from her and starts filling it in . As he does so, he assures her, "You'll find someone else." Charlie shrugs, "Maybe. No use crying about it." She then asks how Leigh was. Adam tells her, "Still holding out. She doesn't want to see anyone - including Frannie and Shane." Charlie suggests, "Maybe I should go and visit her; she might listen to me." Adam, though, says, "I doubt it. She's determined to cut herself off from everyone." Charlie sighs, "Let's go inside and open a bottle of brandy: we could do with something to cheer us up." As they go to head off, she adds, "Still, I should look on the bright side." Adam asks in surprise, "How?" Charlie tells him, "He might have asked to marry me. It would have been impossible. I'd have become Mrs. Charlie Chaplin!"

Gordon runs downstairs at Dural and rejoins a waiting Barbara. She snaps, "Thank goodness. You took long enough." Gordon tells her, "It was worth the risk. Duncan's lying and we can prove it." He heads into the lounge room and Barbara follows him. He puts down a box of bullets on the bar and goes on, ".32s. They fit the gun the police found." Barbara asks what Duncan is doing with them. Gordon replies, "At a guess, I'd say it's Duncan's gun: he threw it over the bridge to make it look bad for James. He forgot about the bullets in his room." Barbara realises, "Then he must have murdered Ben Simmonds." Gordon nods, "It looks that way." He adds, "I think the police should ask Duncan a few more questions." He picks up the 'phone on the bar and dials. It's answered, "Dural police station. Constable Briggs speaking." Gordon asks to speak to Detective Coleman, adding that it's urgent. Briggs, though, replies that he's out on a case, and he asks if he can help. Unknown to Gordon, Duncan has come back into the house and is crossing the hallway. He overhears as Gordon tells Briggs, "Yes. My name is Gordon Hamilton. My brother, James, is being held on suspicion of murder. I've found something that was apparently used in that murder and I think Detective Coleman should know about it. The gun didn't belong to James. I've found a box of bullets in Duncan Phipps' luggage; it's the same calibre as the gun. I think that rather puts a different light on things." Briggs says, "I'll come out straight away." Gordon hangs up, but suddenly notices Duncan's head peering round the lounge room doors. Realising he's been spotted, Duncan runs off, out through the front door. Gordon starts chasing after him. He trips over in the hallway, but gets up and heads outside. Barbara cries after him in concern, "Gordon... Gordon... you leave him. You let him go." Gordon, though, ignores her. Outside, Duncan runs over to his car, climbs in, starts the engine and roars off. Gordon tries to grab hold of the vehicle, but it's too late and he finds himself sprawled on the floor. Barbara runs over to him and cries, "You could have been killed." Gordon, standing up, sighs, "If only I hadn't tripped." Barbara tells him, "Don't worry about it. Duncan's as good as confessed; the police will have to let James go now."

Kelly, Fiona and Irene are sitting in a wooded area in the National Park. As she takes a sip from a drink, Irene smiles, "I think I shall retire from the medical profession, pitch a tent and live off the land!" Fiona, though, warns her, "You'll have to give up the champagne!" Kelly suddenly asks, "Irene, can you take me to the toilet, please?" Fiona says to her, "Come on, you know the way." Irene suggests, "Perhaps I should?" Fiona, though, tells her, "Nonsense." Turning back to Kelly, she adds, "It's 54 steps, remember?" Kelly stands up reluctantly and, using her stick, starts counting as she makes her way across the woods. Her face suddenly brushes against an overhanging tree branch and she cries, "It's too far. I can't make it." Fiona, though, calls over, "Yes you can. Go on." At the picnic spot, Irene says carefully to Fiona, "You know there's a medical term for the condition that Kelly's in? It's called 'Frozen Grief' and people like that shouldn't be pushed around." Fiona, though, retorts, "I don't care what the books call it. I call it 'giving in'. I know only too well what it's like to slip into your own little world and let other people make your decisions for you. I'm not going to let that happen to Kelly." Irene asks, "Even if she turns against you?" Fiona, though, insists, "She'll thank me in a couple of months." She adds, "When she comes back, we'll go for a little stroll and I'll explain it all to her then." Irene smiles, "Good. I hate to think of you two fighting." Fiona suddenly puts her hand to her back, and Irene asks, "What is it?" Fiona assures her, "Nothing. Just a back pain. It'll pass." Irene comments, "That pain's getting a bit too persistent to be ignored." Fiona, though, just laughs, "Unless you can prescribe a new back for me, I doubt very much that there's anything you can do about it!" Irene suggests, "Why don't you come and see me at the surgery when we get back, eh? It won't do any harm to check it out." Fiona muses, "I suppose not."

Constable Briggs is sitting on the couch at Dural, writing down some notes. He then tells Gordon and Barbara, "I think that's all we need to know for the time being - unless you have some idea where Phipps might have been going?" Gordon replies, "Sorry. As far as possible, I should imagine." Another constable comes in from the hallway and Briggs asks him, "Any clues in his room?" The second constable replies, "Nothing." Gordon asks, "What about my brother? He will be released, I take it?" Briggs nods, "I don't see any problems." He also adds, "I reckon he should shake you by the hand." With that, Barbara goes to see the two officers out, leaving Gordon in the lounge room, looking thoughtful.

In the National Park, Fiona has her arm through Kelly's as she guides her along on their stroll, and she says, "There you are, you see? You're doing alright." Kelly snaps, "Not that you'd care." Fiona, though, insists, "I do care - very much. I know how you're feeling, but you mustn't let things get the best of you." Kelly cries, "How could you know? You've never been blind." Fiona, though, assures her, "I know how tempting it is to buckle at the knees when things start getting tough." Kelly says, "Mum was always there when I needed her." Fiona replies sympathetically, "Yes, but your mother isn't here any more, Kelly. You've just got to face that fact. I'm doing everything I can, trying to help you, but you've got to do some of the work yourself. Now come on, let's try and--" She breaks off as her face suddenly becomes contorted with pain. She begins to bend over double. Kelly cries, "Ow! You're hurting my arm." Fiona lets go of it and grabs onto a nearby tree. She mouths, "Call Irene..." as she begins to slip to the ground. Kelly yells, "Irene... Irene..." Over at the picnic site, Irene hears the calls and runs over. By the time she reaches Kelly, Fiona is lying unconscious on the ground. Kelly cries, "Fiona's fainted or something." Irene bends over her and checks her pulse. Kelly cries, "Will she be alright?" Irene looks at Fiona in concern and replies, "I don't know. We're going to have to get her to a hospital straight away..."


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