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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

The next morning, Beryl is standing in the corridor at the hospital. Irene emerges from a room nearby and tells her that she can see Fiona now; she's just given her the pre-op. Beryl heads into the room, where Fiona is lying in bed. She asks Irene how bad the scars will be. Irene, though, insists that they don't want to talk about that. She then comments, "You know, I cannot get over the cheek of Alison coming to your party?" Fiona, though, asks, "Who cares?! It was a wonderful party!" Beryl says, "Personally, I think Wayne was the one with the cheek." Fiona suddenly grasps Beryl and Irene's hands and says, "You will take care of everything for me, won't you?" Beryl assures her that everything will be fine. Fiona, starting to become groggy, begins to murmur, "You know, it's funny... I thought Johnny would have come to see me... dear little Johnny... those cards that fell out... that ace of spades... it's not a very nice card..." A nurse suddenly comes in with some flowers and tells Fiona that they're from David. Fiona murmurs, "Darling David..."

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, looking worried. Tim, Donna and Spider are sitting with him. Spider is looking at the newspaper: there's a photo of Sarah in there, captioned 'Missing: Sarah Palmer'. Spider comments that it's in a good spot, and he asks if there'd been any reaction. David shakes his head. He then asks to be excused, saying he's got some work to do. He heads out. Spider asks Tim if he knew David was offering a reward to find Sarah. Donna suddenly recalls that David was supposed to pick some carrots for dinner, and she heads out to remind him. When she's gone, Tim asks Spider, "How's Jess?" Spider, though, doesn't respond, instead saying he might do some digging around himself. Tim persists, "What time does she normally finish school?" Donna comes in as he asks this, though, and she gives him a look. He quickly heads off outside, to help David. Spider murmurs to himself that if he had a crack at David's $500, he'd get back the $200 he lost on the coffee business and still make a profit...

At the hospital, Beryl and Irene are watching as Fiona is wheeled off to surgery. Beryl says to Irene, "It's not going to be easy, is it?" Irene murmurs, "She's left it late." She then adds, "She's got a will like there's no tomorrow. I reckon she'll be giving us all the help she can." With that, she heads off to scrub up. Beryl murmurs to herself, "I'll be praying..."

A while later, Beryl is playing with Robert in Fiona's flat. She puts him in his high chair as someone knocks on the front door. She goes to answer it and finds a young woman standing there. It's Janice. She explains, "I'm looking for my aunt: Fiona Thompson." Beryl invites her in. As she steps inside, Janice comments, "I'm surprised you know her." Looking surprised, Beryl asks, "Why?" Janice tells her, "Two of her 'friends' - a scruffy-looking young man and a blind girl - came to see me yesterday. They said she was due to have an operation; is that true?" Beryl nods that it is, and she asks Janice if she'd like to stay and wait for news from the hospital. Janice looks at her watch and says she can stay for about twenty minutes. Beryl mutters, "That's very generous of you." She offers Janice some tea. Janice asks curtly, "Have you got any brown sugar?" Beryl mutters, "I imagine so."

At the hospital, Fiona is lying in bed, unconscious, back in her room after the operation. As a nurse injects the contents of a needle into her drip, Irene says quietly, "You hang in there, my girl."

At Fiona's flat, Beryl is in the kitchen. Janice wanders round, looking at things in the lounge room. She heads over to the bar and pauses. She then looks at a pulp romance novel on the floor. Turning to Robert, she sighs, "What sort of life are you in for...?" Beryl emerges from the kitchen as she speaks these words and asks her if she said something. Janice asks, "Why would a nice woman like you have anything to do with my aunt?" Beryl retorts, "Fiona is the most generous, kindest person I know." Janice, though, mutters, "Don't try and whitewash her - I've seen her in the flesh." She then asks what cake it is that Beryl's brought through. Beryl explains that she found it in the kitchen. Janice remarks sourly that it was probably left over from that orgy last night. Beryl glares at her and snaps, "It was not an orgy - I was here myself." She then asks Janice how she knows about it, and she explains that she was there too - briefly. Beryl tells her, "For your information, that was Fiona's way of proving that she's determined not to give in. She's a very brave lady." Janice growls, "The minute I walked in the door last night, some drunken woman made a pass at my father - and it wasn't hard to recognise my aunt, parading around like an old Delilah in a ridiculous dress." Beryl glares at her and snaps, "Now you listen to me: I am not standing here to hear my best friend being insulted." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl goes to get it. Irene comes on and tells her, "She's pulled through the op, but she's still one very sick lady." Beryl asks if it's been successful. Irene replies that they won't know that for a few days at least. Beryl says she'll come over. Irene, though, explains that Fiona will be out for hours. She then adds that she has to go, and they hang up. Beryl turns back to Janice and sighs, "Obviously you heard all that: she's come through the operation but she's still a very sick woman. Now, if that's what you came to find out, I suggest you leave right now." Janice asks indignantly, "What about afternoon tea?" Beryl retorts sarcastically, "You'd better not eat it; you never know what you might catch." Janice murmurs that she'll keep in touch. Beryl snaps, "Fine. Goodbye." With that, Janice walks out.

Tim and David are working in the grounds at the country house and Tim says he might go and get some more fertiliser. David points out that he won't need it 'til the end of the week. Tim, though, tells him that they can start on the new bed and it'll put them a couple of weeks ahead of planting. David accepts this and offers to come with him. Tim, however, insists that he'll be alright. He asks David for the car keys. David hands them over and warns him to drive carefully. Spider suddenly wanders over to David and tells him that he's after the reward; he's got a few clues as to how to find Sarah. David tells him, "If you're quick enough, you can get a lift with Tim." Tim, though, quickly climbs into the car and drives off.

A short time later, Tim pulls up outside Jess's school. He watches as she walks down the path with one of her friends. He calls to her and the friend comments, "Been keeping him tucked away, haven't you?" Jess blushes, "I hardly know him." She starts walking over to the car. Tim smiles at her.

A few moments later, Tim and Jess are both sitting in the car, but Jess is snapping that she felt like a real idiot; it'll get around that he came there. Tim sighs, "I had to see you, Jess. I told you before that I never felt this way about anyone. I guess I love you." Jess looks at him and comments, "No one's ever said that to me before." Tim tells her, "I'm saying it now - and I mean it." Jess sighs, "It's impossible, though. You're married and I'm still at school and it's my last year and I want to do well." Tim insists, "You will. I wouldn't hassle you, I promise. I've just got to see you every now and then." Jess asks about Donna. Tim tells her, "She won't know." Jess, though, tells him, "I don't want to have to hide every time I see you." Tim says, "I don't know what I'll do if I don't see you, Jess." Jess looks at him earnestly and replies, "I really like you, Tim - but I like Donna, too, and I just couldn't do it to her. We just have to face facts: it can't happen."

Spider is walking along a footpath and approaches a building with a sign over it saying 'Harrison House'. A group of down-on-their-luck old men is sitting outside and another man emerges from the building and tells them that it's pumpkin soup today. Spider joins them and says to the man, "I was wondering if you could help me." The man assures him, "We'll help anyone who needs it, mate." Spider goes on, "Actually, I was looking for a woman." The man retorts, "I don't think you're in the right spot - and quite frankly, I don't find it very tasteful at your age." Spider, though, quickly shows him the photo of Sarah in the newspaper and explains that he's looking for her. The man says he hasn't seen her. Spider asks him if he's sure, and the man replies that he's sorry. Spider goes to walk off. The man, though, quickly invites him to have a meal with them. Spider thanks him and heads inside.

In the kitchen at the country house, Donna hears a car door slam outside and she comments that it sounds like Tim's home. David heads out and asks Tim curtly where he got to. Tim tells him, "I had a bit of trouble with the car: it stalled a few times." David remarks that it's been alright with him. Donna goes and stands by the back door as Tim snaps, "I'm back, alright?" David comments that he's a bit moody all of a sudden. He then announces that he's going to do some more work and he walks off. Donna emerges from the kitchen and asks Tim if he'd like some afternoon tea. He mutters that he hasn't got time, and he heads off back to work, leaving Donna looking worried.

Irene is standing with Beryl in Fiona's flat at the boarding house. Beryl is telling her, "I had the most peculiar visitor before: Fiona's niece - Andy and Kelly tracked her down. I'm beginning to wish they hadn't." Irene asks what's wrong with her. Beryl replies, "For starters, she's just plain rude - and she's got it into her head that Fiona's some dreadful tart of a woman who deserves all she can get." Irene comments, "How charming!" Beryl goes on, "First of all, I nearly laughed at her - until I realised she was serious. I'll tell you what: if she comes round again, I'll give her a piece of my mind. She is the last person Fiona needs at the moment."

The door to Fiona's room at the hospital opens and Janice creeps in. Fiona is still lying in bed, unconscious. The nurse follows Janice and asks if there's something she can do. Janice whispers, "It's alright - I'm her niece." The nurse tells her, "Perhaps if you left it a few hours...?" She then takes a bunch of flowers that Janice is holding and goes to put then with several others. She comments, "Popular lady, your aunt." Sounding surprised, Janice murmurs, "Looks like it - a lot of people must care about her." The nurse replies, "Of the little I've seen of her, I'm not surprised. I really hope she makes it - the world could do with a lot more people like her."

Spider has arrived back at the country house and Donna comments that he looks pale. Spider explains that he thought Sarah had gone to one of those refuge places - and they thought he was after a handout everywhere. Tim grins, "I bet you had something to eat at every one of them!" David asks how many he went to. Spider tells him, "Four or five. The last one was me downfall - the food wasn't fit for pigs!" David suggests to Donna, "I suppose you'd better call Jess and tells her what's happened to him." As Tim looks on in concern, he adds, "She might as well come round here for dinner now."

Later that evening, Jess arrives at the country house. As Tim lets her in, she tells him that she didn't really want to come; she was just worried about Spider. Tim assures her that he's OK. Jess asks if he's inside. Tim stands in front of her, though, and tells her that they've got to talk. Jess murmurs that she doesn't think they should. Tim, though, insists that they have to. He adds that he'll try and make some arrangements later for them to be by themselves. Jess, however, pleads, "Please, Tim, we can't." Donna suddenly comes into the kitchen and Jess asks her if Spider is any better. Donna replies that he's alright. Jess heads off to the lounge room to see him. Tim quickly says to Donna, "You got enough wood for the fire, Don - to cook dinner?" Donna, though, just says, "She's a nice-looking girl, isn't she?" Tim murmurs, "I suppose." Donna growls, "What do you mean 'you suppose'? Haven't you noticed? Any normal guy would've." Tim murmurs guiltily, "Yeah, I guess she's pretty." Donna continues, "It'll be great when I've had the baby - I'll be able to get my figure back again." She adds, "I don't blame you for looking at someone else; I mean, I'm just such a lump at the moment." Tim sighs, "Donna, I don't know what you're thinking, but whatever it is, it's wrong, OK? I don't want to talk about it." With that, he heads out to get the wood.

Fiona is sitting up in her hospital bed, reading her get-well cards, when Irene and Beryl come into the room. Irene smiles at her, "Well look at you!" Beryl asks her how she's feeling. Fiona replies, "Very bruised..." She then adds, "I'm just glad I'm still here - I think I might go and celebrate for a whole week!" Irene, though, warns her that it's going to take her a lot longer to get over than if she'd had the operation earlier. Fiona asks, "How did it all go - really?" Irene smiles, "I think the general feeling is we're going to have you round for quite a few years to come!" Fiona says weakly, "That's good - 'cos I've still got an awful lot I have to do." She then changes the subject and says, "By the way, who's the comedian?" She indicates one of her cards. Irene asks, "Eh?" Fiona explains, "The comedian who sent me this - supposedly from my niece, Janice. None of my family would send me a card, let alone flowers. I don't know this 'Janice' - I've never clapped eyes on her. Come on, 'fess-up." Beryl tells her, "Actually, it is from your niece: she's been in touch; she knows all about you."

George Reid - wearing a vicar's dog collar - and Janice walk round the corner of the corridor outside. The nurse is coming the other way and Janice stops her and asks how her aunt is. The nurse replies that she's conscious, but she's got someone with her at the moment. She adds that they can go in if they like, but they should keep it short. She then walks off. George suggests to Janice that it would be polite if they waited until Fiona's other visitor left. Janice looks at him and smiles, "You're wonderful, you know, coming to see her? I know what a difficult decision it was." George points out, "I could hardly call myself a Christian if I didn't." Janice tells him, "She does need our help. She's sick: physically and spiritually. I'm sure we can put her back on the right path." At that moment, Irene emerges from the room and walks straight past the two of them. Janice comments to her father, "Well, it's time for you to meet her again."

In the room, Beryl is standing next to Fiona's bed as Fiona laughs that she can just imagine Janice's face when she saw her in that dress! There's suddenly a knock on the door and Fiona calls, "Come in." As she sees the two people who enter, she exclaims, "My God..." George mutters, "I see you still have no respect for the Almighty, Fiona." Janice says to Fiona, "Hello, Aunty. I'm your niece, Janice. I thought it was only right to bring dad, knowing the trouble you're in." Beryl introduces herself to George. George then says to Fiona, "I can only pray that your illness has brought some light into your life and made you think about repentance. I'm aware of your financial problem, and although I can't be any direct support because of my family commitments, I will be able to recommend you to several charitable organisations - although, as I understand it, what you need most is spiritual guidance, and I'm more than willing to provide that, as I always have been. I can only hope that you're willing to accept it." Fiona glares at him and then cries, "Stop being so sanctimonious. You haven't changed one scrap, have you, in how long is it? I'm not dead yet, George, and quite frankly I wouldn't give a damn how desperate I was; I certainly be turning to you for help." George snaps, "Typical. You haven't changed either: the same foul mouth... the same lack of common decency..." Fiona gasps, "Common decency? That's grand, that is. You've been sitting up there in your ivory tower, spouting words at people for the last 25 years, and that's all they've ever had out of you: words. Well if I had as much get-up-and-go in me as you do, George, I would have been dead - a long time ago. You're just like a dried-up old dishcloth and just about as useless!" Beryl pleads with Fiona to calm down. George murmurs, "I shouldn't have come. There are some people you simply cannot save." With that, he walks out. Fiona yells after him, "Being saved by you would be like OD-ing on Valium!" Janice glares at her and snaps, "If you weren't such a sick woman, I'd tell you exactly what I thought of you, and it wouldn't be nice. Still, I can see someone has to get through to you; it might as well be me. I'll be back when you've had time to give it some thought. I'm going to help you find a righteous path whether you like it or not." With that, she leaves. Beryl and Fiona watch her go, incredulously. Fiona then chuckles, "Well, I'll say one thing for the girl: she's got a bit of spunk! I hope she does come back!" Beryl warns her, "In your present condition, I don't think that would be wise." Fiona, though, asks lightly, "Why not? It would be a lot of fun. She is going to convert me? Oo, I like a challenge. We'll see who converts who!"


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