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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

At Dural, Wayne walks into the lounge room, where Barbara comments that he's very spruced-up. Wayne smiles that it does you good to lay it on every now and then. He then gives her a bit of a hug, and Barbara asks in surprise what she did to deserve that. Wayne tells her, "Being dad's good neighbour." Barbara muses, "At least I'm not just a passing acquaintance." Wayne goes on, "With him remembering that, it won't take long for the whole lot to come back. We can give Miss. Alison Carr her marching orders. I will personally pack her clothes." Barbara smiles, "Why not just toss them into the drive?!" With that, Wayne heads off. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Barbara answers it at the bar. She starts to say, "Barbara Ham--" but then breaks off and says more grimly, "The Hamilton house." She then goes on, "Oh, Fiona, you've just missed him." In the corridor at the mansion, Fiona sighs that she wanted to bend his ear. She looks at Janice, emerging from her bedroom and mutters, "Just something he's done." At Dural, Barbara looks at the portrait of the near-naked Fiona and retorts, "Yes, I can imagine..." They hang up.

At the mansion, Janice is looking in Fiona's wardrobe and she asks tersely, "Where's my dress?" Fiona explains that she's locked it away: Janice isn't going out with Wayne and that's all there is to it. Janice, though, snaps that being childish about it isn't going to stop her. She storms off.

The 'phone rings in the kitchen at the country house and Susan answers it, saying, "Hello. Susan Todd." The caller is Caroline. Susan listens and then tells her, "I can keep your meal hot for you... That late, huh? That's a pity: Tim can't make it, either. I was hoping with a few people it might be more interesting." She then hangs up, looking nervous. There's suddenly a knock on the back door and she goes and answers it. She finds Ted Dawson standing there. He smiles, "You look very, very nice." Susan smiles back nervously, "Thankyou." She then adds, "One last-minute change: it's just going to be us." Ted tells her, "Doesn't worry me. Worry you?" Susan replies hesitantly, "No... no." She then goes on that they won't be alone for long: her dad will be back from his Sydney trip by 9:30pm. Ted smiles, "Still gives us plenty of time, then, doesn't it?" Susan nods nervously.

Fiona knocks on the door of the manager's office at the mansion and calls to Janice to come out there immediately. Janice - who's sitting in the office wearing just her dressing gown - snaps, though, that she's not moving from there. Fiona insists that her hiding Janice's dress was for her own good. She adds, "If you come out here, we can talk about it quietly. I'll make us a nice dinner and I'll tell you why Wayne worries me." Janice, however, snaps back, "The only person I'm having dinner with is Wayne." Fiona storms off, reluctantly. In the manager's office, Janice walks over to the storeroom and examines the lock. She then walks over to a set of keys on the wall and takes one off a hook.

Out in the corridor, the front door suddenly opens and Wayne bursts in to find Fiona standing there. He laughs, "Hi! What are you doing? Standing guard?" Fiona, though, growls, "Oh no you don't. I am well aware why you bought that painting: just to make me look ridiculous. Where do you intend hanging it: in some grotty club?" She goes on, "I can handle anything you dish out at me, Wayne, but I draw the line at you trying to get to me through Janice. Regardless of what you might think, she is a very naive, inexperienced young woman - and you might think it a big joke, but she can be hurt, too." Wayne retorts, "I am perfectly aware of that. I've hurt her already and I felt rotten about it. That's why I invited her out tonight - and, I might add, that's the only reason." Fiona growls, "If you touch one single solitary hair on her head, I will personally flatten you." She then sighs that she'd better go and get Janice's dress and iron it for her. At that moment, though, Janice emerges from the manager's office wearing a more-glamorous dress. Fiona asks her in surprise where on earth she dug it up. Janice snaps, "It's one of May's old dresses - and you can't stop me from going." Fiona smiles, "It certainly looks a lot better on you than the other one - and no, I'm not going to stop you. Wayne and I had a little chat and we came to an understanding." Janice muses, "I suppose I should do the Christian thing and forgive you." Fiona comments, "And I should apologise." Turning to Wayne, she then adds curtly, "Midnight is the deadline."

A while later, Wayne and Janice are sitting in a Japanese restaurant and Wayne is suggesting that they have sashimi. Janice asks what it is. Wayne explains that it's raw fish. A waitress joins them and asks if they'd like something to drink. Wayne asks for a mineral water. The waitress, looking at Janice, tells her, "We have a popular drink with the ladies: it's called a Fluffy Duck." Wayne suggests to Janice that she try it, and Janice smiles that she will. The waitress leaves them again. Janice then tells Wayne warmly, "I'm so glad you're cleaning up the mansion. I'm doing my best to find suitable students for you." The waitress returns with the drinks. Janice takes a sip of hers and exclaims, "Nice!" Wayne asks what it tastes like. She replies, "Milkshake. I think I could drink another one of those!"

Susan and Ted are sitting at a candlelit table in the kitchen at the country house. Susan takes a sip of wine and sighs that it's good to relax. Ted tells her to go on with talking about Bill. Susan hesitates and then tells him, "What I was saying was: I guess I stopped loving him a long time ago. I just kept seeing him because it was a sort of habit. I knew it would shatter him if I was unfaithful." Ted points out, "He'd never have known." Susan retorts, "I would." She goes on, "I don't deny I thought of having an affair - more than once - but when something looked like happening, I just couldn't go through with it." She continues, "Don't get me wrong: those first stages of marriage were wonderful; the honeymoon was something I'll never forget. I'm glad I've still got that to remember..." Ted asks in surprise if she's really telling him there hasn't been one other man in her life since Bill. Susan nods, "Before or since." Ted tells her, "Bill doesn't know what he's throwing away." Susan just sighs, "Makes me wonder whether it was all worth it - now that he's asked for a divorce, that is. I wonder whether he would have done the same thing had--" She breaks off as the 'phone starts ringing, and she goes and answers it. David comes on and tells Susan that he's had some mechanical problems, so he won't be home that night. He adds, "I'll see you when I see you." Susan comments that that's a pity. She hangs up, looking worried.

At the Japanese restaurant, Janice is having trouble with her chopsticks as she tries to finish her food. Wayne suggests to her that she leave it. Janice, though, beginning to sound drunk, slurs, "No! I hate to think of all the starving people in the world: they wouldn't leave it." She finally grabs the morsel of food and puts it in her mouth. The waitress comes to clear her plate and Janice asks her for another Fluffy Duck. Wayne, though, tells her quickly, "Actually, Janice, it's correct to finish with tea." Janice, grinning lopsidedly, leans in towards Wayne and tells him, "You know so much. It's the best night of my life!"

Ted Dawson and Susan are sitting in the lounge room at the country house, enjoying post-dinner coffee, and Susan apologises for going on about herself all night. She adds, "I don't know why I've told you so much. I suppose it's because I feel so relaxed with you." Ted smiles, "Glad to hear it." Susan then asks, "Have you had many girlfriends?" Ted laughs and replies, "One or two." He then quickly adds, "Let's talk about you: you're far more interesting than my boring life." He leans in and kisses her gently. When he pulls away, he tells her quietly, "As I said: I like you very much." Susan replies softly, "I like you, too." She leans in and kisses him. She suddenly pulls away, though, looking worried, and reminds him that she was going to make him another cup of coffee." She picks up his cup and leaves the room. Ted sits on the couch, looking frustrated.

Fiona opens the door of her room at the mansion and Janice and Wayne walk in, Janice grinning broadly as she says loudly, "Hello! We're home - and the car hasn't turned back into a pumpkin yet!" Wayne explains to Fiona, "She had a couple of concoctions at the restaurant called 'Fluffy Ducks'. I didn't know they were laced." Fiona smiles, "Maybe I should get the recipe?!" Wayne then announces that he'd better get going home. Janice suddenly throws her arms round him, gives him a sloppy kiss and tells him that it was a wonderful night!

Susan puts down Ted's coffee on the coffee table in front of him and sits down. Ted immediately puts his arm round her. He leans in closely towards her, but she pulls away and he asks in surprise what's wrong. Susan tells him nervously, "I'm sorry, Ted - I didn't have anything else in mind." Ted comments in surprise, "That's not what it looked like." Susan murmurs quietly, "It's been a long time. I'm sorry." Ted, standing up, suggests grimly that she needs to sort herself out a bit. Susan, looking disappointed, comments that she thought he understood. Ted just tells her, "Goodnight," and he heads off, leaving Susan looking worried.

The next morning, Fiona is trying to prepare breakfast quietly, but as she puts some bread in the toaster, a shower of sparks explodes out of it! Janice - lying asleep in the spare bed - comes-to and tells her aunt with a smile on her face, "I dreamt about last night." Fiona explains to her about the alcohol in the Fluffy Ducks and laughs that it probably did her the world of good to let herself go a bit. Janice lies there, looking shocked!

Samantha and Glen are outside, walking up the path towards the mansion. Glen asks Samantha if she's coming in. Samantha, though, replies that she'd love to, but work calls. Glen thanks her for pointing him in the right direction. Samantha beams, "My pleasure."

A few moments later, Glen heads inside and Fiona, who's standing in the corridor, asks him if she can help him. Glen explains that he's looking for a Mrs. Thompson. Fiona tells him that that's her and she asks what she can do for him. Glen explains, "Mrs. Bartlett asked me to come over. She said there were a few things that needed fixing about the place and sent me as a sort of present." Fiona looks him up and down and then smiles approvingly, "Oh wow! That's really nice!" She then goes on, "As a matter of fact, the toaster just blew up." She points down the corridor to her room and adds that she's just got to pick up some milk; she'll be with him in a minute.

Glen heads into Fiona's room. Janice is sitting on the edge of her bed, wearing just her nightdress, and she gasps in shock as she spots Glen standing there. She quickly climbs back under the covers as Glen explains that Mrs. Thompson sent him in to fix the toaster. Fiona rejoins them and Glen tells her that he'll go and get some things from his car. He heads out again. Fiona looks at Janice and tells her that she's got to stop being so uptight about anything. Janice snaps, "You should have warned me a man was going to walk in." Fiona smiles, "And what a man! I might have known Charlie Bartlett would be involved! I wouldn't mind being twenty years younger!" Janice growls, "I might have known you'd react like that. My father was right: once a sinner, the road back's a long one."

Wayne and Alison are helping Gordon out of the back of Wayne's car and into a wheelchair by the front door of Dural. Barbara is watching sadly from a few yards away. Wayne asks his father if he's alright. Gordon nods that he's fine. As Wayne wheels Gordon inside, Barbara looks on longingly.

Wayne, Alison and Gordon head into the lounge room. Gordon comments that he honestly didn't think he'd see the room again. He looks round and then asks in surprise, "Why has Patricia moved the photos?" Wayne tells him quickly, "They must have been taken down when the house was cleaned. I'll put them up at some stage." He then tells his father that they've set up the study as a bedroom. Alison offers to take him in there and she pushes him out to the hallway. She pauses by the telephone table and, picking up some small items, tells Gordon, "I found these with James's personal effects. I thought you'd like to keep them." Gordon looks at them and smiles, "Thankyou."

Barbara opens the door to the flat to find Irene standing there. She cries, "Thank goodness you're here." Irene asks, "You not feeling the best?" Barbara murmurs sadly, "I just had to witness Gordon coming home - and it was awful not being able to be there with him. I was so close to going straight up to him and telling him the truth. I don't know how much longer I can last." Irene tells her to stick in there. Barbara, though, sighs, "The trouble is, I know one day I'm going to do it. I won't be able to stop myself." Irene suggests, "Try and relax. I know that isn't going to be easy, but..." She then invites Barbara to come across to Charlie's with her; she can sit on the edge of the pool and do a bit of leg-dangling. Barbara mutters, "Anything's better than being left in this damn flat."

Alison walks into the lounge room in the main house and tells Wayne that she's settled Gordon in. She adds that he's not very strong; he's going to need a lot of care. Wayne growls, "No doubt you'll be around to give it?" Alison replies tersely, "Yes, I will. Regardless of what you think, I care a great deal about Gordon. It would have hit me as hard as you if anything worse had happened in the accident." Wayne glares at her and retorts, "If he'd died, it would've been because of you." Alison starts to protest, "You can believe me or not--" Wayne, though, snaps, "Save it. I don't." With that, he walks out.

Barbara is pouring herself a mineral water in the lounge room at Charlie's. Irene joins her, following a swim, and asks her if she's OK. Barbara shrugs, "Charlie was getting me down with her chat, that's all. I shouldn't have come over here with so much on my mind - I have a lot of decisions to make and they're not going to be easy." Irene murmurs, "I know, love." She then adds, "Try not to stay in here too long, OK?" She walks out again. Barbara suddenly notices a handwritten letter lying on the drinks cabinet and she picks it up and starts reading it. The front door suddenly bangs and Alison walks in. Seeing Barbara standing there with the letter, she snaps, "What do you think you're doing? Give me that." She goes to grab it, but Barbara pulls it out of the way.

A few moments later, Barbara comments, "This is interesting... quote: 'David's letter has made me see exactly where you stand. I'll be changing my will tomorrow to stop you getting one cent - and as of now, you can forget about the Power of Attorney. The laugh's really on me, isn't it? I was starting to feel guilty about pretending to feel something for you so I could have you on-side to look after the business. I wish I'd known how much you were using me; we're as bad as each other. Tell you one thing, though: you don't make a very good one-night stand - and I reckon as a woman I'd give you a score of minus ten out of a hundred...'" She breaks off and comments to a rueful-looking Alison, "I don't think I need read any more." With that, she walks off, leaving Alison looking upset.

Gordon is sitting on the couch at Dural, eating. Wayne sits down next to him. The front door suddenly opens and Barbara walks in. Wayne looks at her in surprise. Gordon smiles, "Ah, Barbara - here to see the invalid?" Barbara nods carefully, "Yes. How are you getting along?" Gordon tells her, "I'm doing very nicely, thankyou very much." Barbara smiles weakly, "I'm very glad to hear it. I can now go off on my trip without worrying about you." Wayne looks at her in surprise as Gordon asks, "You going overseas?" Barbara tells him, "I thought it about time I had another little jaunt, yes." Alison suddenly walks across from the study, saying as she does so, "Gordon, where are--" She stops in her tracks and breaks off as she finds Barbara standing there. Gordon tells her that she's just in time to take him for another nap. Alison mutters, "It'll be a pleasure." She grabs his wheelchair and starts pushing him towards the door. Barbara calls out heartbreakingly, "Bye, Gordon..." Gordon turns and replies, "Bye, Barbara. I look forward to a postcard." With that, Alison pushes him out into the hallway. Wayne then growls at Barbara, "What do you think you're doing? You can't leave; we were going to fight Alison together." Barbara, though, tells him shakily, "I am going because of Gordon. I can't stay here and simply be a neighbour; it's too hard to take." Wayne mutters, "It's not going to be easy without you." Barbara retorts through some tears, "It's not going to be easy for me, either, Wayne." Out in the hallway, Alison emerges from the study and overhears as Barbara goes on, "I've written a letter and left it in the flat - and when Gordon's well enough, I'd like you to give it to him, please." Wayne murmurs, "I understand." Barbara says sadly, "It just tells the truth - and if you don't mind, I'd rather it came from me." Wayne assures her, "He'll get it. You have my word."

A short time later, the door to the flat opens and Alison walks in. She spots Barbara's letter immediately and goes and picks it up. She rips open the envelope and reads the contents. She then rips everything into pieces and stands there, a nasty smile on her face...


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