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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Debbie is working outside when Craig joins her with a drink. She asks him what he thinks of her work and he comments that she's certainly been busy. He then picks up a carton of plants and asks, "What's Dave going to say when he finds out you've planted flowers in the middle of the veggie bed?!" Debbie smiles, "He'll probably thank me for brightening up the place!" Craig points out curtly, "That's not what he's paying you for." Looking surprised, Debbie asks, "What's gotten into you?" Craig sighs heavily and then asks, "Have you ever been looking for something and after a while you wonder whether it's worth going on?" Debbie, looking puzzled, asks, "What do you mean?" Craig, though, tells her, "Forget it." He hands her back her plants and walks off. Debbie follows him and says earnestly, "Don't worry too much."

Doug walks into his hotel room, followed by Andy. He's muttering, "I didn't notice until it was too late." Andy asks, "How did it happen?" Doug replies, "I don't know. The knot just slipped its mooring line somehow." Andy asks, "Much damage?" Doug, though, tells him, "None to mine. $5,000 to the other boat, though." Andy points out, "Insurance will cover it." Doug mutters, "The premiums will go through the roof." Andy comments, "Oh well - it's just as well the market stall idea is working. It took over $500 yesterday - and I reckon with a bit more promotion we can do even better." He then suggests, "Seeing as though everything's going so well, don't you think it's time we moved on to something bigger?" Doug sighs, "Like a nightclub?" Andy nods, "Yeah. I've shown you what I can do but I'm telling you: it's peanuts compared to the money we can make in the music business." Doug mutters, "I'm not so sure." Andy retorts, "Neither was John Lennon's aunt." Doug points out, "He had to prove himself too, you know. Before we move on to megabucks, I want to see you come up with another idea." Andy nods, "Fair enough. But don't worry - I can."

Craig is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, looking glum. Andy suddenly walks in and asks how it's going. Craig mutters that he's got a few problems and can't make up his mind what to do. Andy sits down and says, "Let me advise you." He looks at Craig earnestly. Craig tells him, "Ever since I found out that I was adopted, I dreamed of the day that I'd find my real mum. That's why I couldn't believe my luck when I first ran into Beryl - and after that was put straight I followed up every lead I could. But now I'm not so sure whether I should go on or not." Andy asks, "Why?" Craig explains, "The things I've found out so far seem to indicate that she's not a very nice person. Beryl seems to think I should forget the whole thing and says that it's not worth the trouble I could be getting myself into. If I keep looking, I'll find out sooner or later, but if she really isn't nice it could make things harder." Andy asks, "How? You don't even know her. What does it matter what she's like?" Craig replies, "It could make a difference with Debbie. She's a decent, straightforward kind of a girl. If she finds out my family background's sleaze she mightn't be able to handle it. She might ditch me." Andy, however, just retorts, "So? There's plenty more fish in the ocean." He then goes on that he's got a few problems of his own. He explains, "I've been trying to think of a few ways to liven the shopping mall up. What do you think of this? A live rock band." Craig snorts, "You're crazy." Andy snaps, "What's wrong with it?" Craig retorts, "Nothing - if you want to drive the customers away."

Fiona is standing with Janice in the manager's office at the mansion, staring at the furniture and saying, "If I had my way I'd throw the whole lot out. I hated it before I went away and I hate it even more now! It looks exactly what it is: all cheap and nasty. What this place needs is some personalising - and I think I've got just the things!" Janice asks dubiously, "What?" Fiona smiles, "A few bits and pieces I picked up on the cruise. After Neville goes off jackarooing and I move in here, we're really going to spruce this place up!" Neville suddenly walks in and says, "Then you'll be able to start today." Fiona looks at him in surprise and says, "I'm sorry?" Neville tells her, "I'm moving on. I thought it was about time. I rang the people on the cattle station and they're expecting me tomorrow." Janice looks at Fiona, who protests, "But you've still got three weeks' rent paid on your room." Janice walks out, looking upset, as Neville tells Fiona, "Forget it. I don't want a refund; I just thought it was time I saw some more of your country." Fiona pleads, "I wish you'd stay a bit longer. There's a lot of things you haven't seen around here." Neville murmurs, "I'd like to, but things have become a little awkward. I think it's better I leave." Fiona asks, "Awkward?" Neville replies quietly, "Well. You know..." Fiona sighs, "It's Janice, isn't it? You know how she feels about you?" Neville nods, "Yes." He then adds, "I'll go and say goodbye to her."

A few moments later, Neville joins Janice out on the stairs, where she's sitting looking at a card. Neville comments that he didn't know it was her birthday. Janice, though, explains that it's a welcome-back from her fellow teachers. Neville looks at the inside of the card and smiles that she's quite a heroine in their eyes. He then goes on, "We do have a lot to thank you for." Janice suddenly holds out the lucky charm that Neville gave her and says, "Seeing as your fiancée gave you this, you'd better have it back." Neville, though, tells her, "I don't want it." Janice insists, "I can't keep it." Neville asks, "Why not?" Janice replies, "It doesn't seem right." Neville tells her, "It does to me. I want to give you something to remember me by. When I'm gone, I'd like to be able to think of you wearing it." He then goes on softly, "Janice, what we've just been through has made me realise how much I care about you. When we first met, I thought you were a lot of fun and I took to you immediately - but it's different now. Being partners in distress has somehow brought us closer together - and whatever happens, no one can take that away from us. Please - accept it." He holds out the charm again and re-pins it to Janice's blouse. Janice looks at him lovingly as he tells her, "If I hadn't met Celia first... who knows?"

It's later that day, and Janice and Fiona are seeing Neville to his car. He packs his bag into the boot as Janice places his tennis racket inside. Fiona tells Neville quietly, "You should have been a diplomat - you handled that very well. Thankyou." Neville closes the boot as Janice rejoins them. Fiona gives him a hug and wishes him a safe trip. Neville then gives Janice a warm hug and she tells him, "Don't forget to write." Fiona adds, "And send us some photos, too." Neville smiles, "I will - and thanks for everything." With that, he climbs into his car, starts the engine and drives away. Janice follows him down the track, calling, "Bye..." She then takes off her glasses and wipes some tears from her eyes.

In Sydney, the door to Gordon's hospital room opens to reveal Fiona standing there. She smiles, "Gulliver returns!" She heads inside with some gifts and asks Gordon - who's lying in bed - how he's feeling. He tells her, "I'm fine. Still not sleeping very well - they want to keep me in for a few days for observation." He then adds, "You're looking marvellously fit!" Fiona grins, "I feel wonderful!" She hands him his presents and he looks at them in surprise as he asks if she bought that much for everyone. Fiona admits, "Just about! I came back with another extra suitcase!" Gordon asks, "How are you going to pay for it all?" Fiona tells him, "Oh... well... I won a bit on the pokies and..." She breaks off before declaring, "Who cares?! Live today, worry about it tomorrow!" Gordon muses with a laugh, "You haven't changed, have you?!" Fiona smiles, "Nope! I'm back to my old self again. The cruise was just what I needed. I just can't thank May enough for making it all possible. I've been wracking my brains to try and find a way - I'd like to think of something that would put some money in her pocket; make her feel a little bit more secure. We go back a long way, you know?" Gordon assures her, "You'll think of something." Fiona then urges him to open his present. It's a Hawaiian shirt!

That night, Andy and Doug walk into the kitchen at the country house. Craig and Debbie are already there and Andy asks where David is. Craig explains that he's out getting a bite to eat. Andy asks Doug if he wants to wait. Doug replies that he might as well. Andy offers him a sandwich. Doug accepts. Andy then suggests to him that he go into the lounge and watch a bit of TV. Doug heads off out there. When he's gone, Craig asks Andy, "How's it going with your new idea? You come up with anything yet?" Andy replies, "Oh yeah, I've had a few thoughts." Debbie then asks Andy, "Hey, do you like my new T-shirt?" She's wearing a white T-shirt with various bright designs on it. Craig smiles at Andy, "Now there's an idea for the mall: T-shirts. You could have 'Front-up for Bargains' on the front and 'Back for Bargains' on the back. I reckon they'd be pretty popular." Andy muses, "Maybe..." Craig goes on, "I reckon Doug'd like it. He could sell them off - or give them away if people buy, say, $30 of groceries. He'd go for the free advertising, too." Andy, looking very interested, nods, "Yeah, yeah, it's worth considering." He then adds, "I might see what he thinks," and he heads off to the lounge. When he's gone, Debbie tells Craig, "I might see what's on the telly."

In the lounge room, Andy is telling Doug, "I've got a great idea: T-shirts with slogans on them." Debbie and Craig walk in as he continues, "You either sell them to the customers or give them away to people who buy over, say, $30 worth of groceries. What do you reckon? You could have 'Front-up for Bargains' on the front and maybe 'Back for Bargains' on the back." Doug, looking impressed, smiles, "That's good. I like that. Good work. That's the second clever idea you've come up with. I thought that bargain stall idea of yours was smart. You've really outdone yourself this time." Craig stares at Andy, looking furious.

A short time later, in the kitchen, Craig is snapping at Andy, "I was the one who thought that idea up. Why didn't you say something?" Andy retorts, "I didn't say it was my idea. That's just the way Doug interpreted it." Craig snaps, "You could still have told him." Andy, however, replies curtly, "Listen, putting ads on T-shirts isn't new, mate. It's been around for ages. I've thought of it many a time." Craig demands, "Why didn't you come out and say something before I did?" Andy insists, "I wasn't trying to nick your idea." Craig snaps, "That's what it sounded like." Andy says, "Believe me, mate: you've got it all wrong." Debbie suddenly runs in and implores them to come and look at a guy making a fool of himself on TV.

The next morning, Fiona is sitting in her room at the mansion, having breakfast with Janice. Janice opens some mail, looks at it and then chucks it in the bin. Looking surprised, Fiona asks, "Wasn't that an invitation?" Janice mutters, "Yeah." Fiona asks in surprise, "Why did you throw it away?" Janice tells her, "I don't want to go." She then adds, "It's not the first one - I've had lots of them since I was written up in the paper." Fiona asks, "Why don't you take some of them up?" Janice replies, "Can't be bothered. All they want to do is talk about Micky and Ned and I'm sick of it." Fiona points out, "You never know who you might meet. It would do you good to get out and about." Janice, though, tells her, "I'm quite happy to stay at home. I've met the man for me: that's Neville. As far as I'm concerned I don't want to look at another man for as long as I live." Fiona stares at her, an expression of concern on her face.

Sometime later, Fiona is standing at Gordon's hospital bedside, saying, "I just don't know what to do, Gordon. She is determined to stay true to Neville." Gordon insists, "She'll get over it." Fiona sighs, "I'll just keep my fingers crossed." She then comments, "You're looking very tired." Gordon explains, "I didn't sleep very well again last night. I keep having those bad dreams. I know it's about the accident, but when I wake up I cannot remember a thing." Fiona assures him, "It'll come back in time. Just don't try pushing it." Gordon sighs, "It's just so frustrating: ever since the accident I've been having the same dream. I know it's important, but..." He waves his hand in the air in annoyance. A nurse suddenly walks in and tells Gordon that it's time to get some rest. Gordon thanks Fiona for coming. Fiona smiles, "It's my pleasure. See you later." With that, she heads off.

Fiona arrives back at the mansion to find Janice carting a chair out of the office. She asks her niece where she's taking it. Janice explains, "It's a surprise. Close your eyes; don't look." She puts her hand over Fiona's face and leads her into the office. The room has been decked out with a sun umbrella, tropical plants and bright Hawaiian-style cloths. In the room, Janice tells Fiona that she can open her eyes now. Fiona does so, looks around and laughs, "What have you done?" Janice smiles, "You wanted a change, so May and I raided the storeroom." Fiona laughs, "And my suitcase, by the looks of it!" She sits down on an elegant couch as Janice tells her, "It's beautiful. Far too nice to be hidden away in the storeroom." Fiona muses, "Yes, yes. I remember this well from the... um... old days!" She then looks around and, with a smile still on her face, comments, "Seeing as you've gone to so much trouble on my behalf, I'm just going to have to like it, aren't I?!" Janice tells her seriously, "I must confess: I changed it round for another reason, as well: after we nearly lost our lives here, I thought we'd get rid of some of the bad memories." Fiona stands up and then says to her niece warmly, "You know something? I missed you when I was away." Janice smiles, "I missed you, too."

A while later, Janice carries May's gramophone into Fiona's new room and puts it down on the table. Fiona asks her what she's doing with it. Janice explains, "Leaving it here. May and I decided seeing we spend so much time here we may as well make the best of it." Fiona then announces, "I'm going to get going. I want to ask the hospital canteen if they'll buy some of my home-made jam - I've got to think of something to pay off my credit card!" She heads out and Janice closes the door behind her. She then sits down with the gramophone, winds it up and places a record on it. She places the needle on the record and 1940s-style music begins to play. She then moves across to the desk, takes out a writing pad and starts to write a letter. She begins it, 'Dear Neville'...

Fiona is sitting at the side of Gordon's bed at the hospital. They're both staring at the TV as Gordon asks, "What is this deal you've got worked out?" Fiona explains, "Ivy has promised to sell my jam at $2 a jar. I'm going to have to go home and make some!" She then adds, "And pickles too, if I can find mum's old recipe!" Gordon tells her, "I'll buy some jam for Susan - I know she likes the home-made stuff - especially marmalade." Fiona smiles, "That's my specialty!" She then asks, "How are Susan and Alison getting along these days? They didn't appear to be on very good speaking terms before I left." Gordon, though, is staring into space. Fiona says in concern, "Gordon... Gordon, what's wrong? Do you want me to get the nurse?" Gordon just turns his head slowly and says, "Alison was driving the car..."

Craig and Andy approach the back door at the country house. Debbie is working just outside and she tells the two of them that she's just got one more box to plant. Craig offers to help her. Andy smiles at Debbie and tells her that the publicity T-shirts are all ordered. Debbie smiles, "Great!" Andy goes on enthusiastically, "I should have them in a few days. Doug wanted me to organise it straight away. He wants the whole thing moving as soon as possible." Debbie smiles, "Good on you." Andy nods, "Things are going really well with me and Doug. He loves all my ideas. I reckon it's just a matter of time, now, before he buys me a nightclub." Debbie exclaims, "Fantastic!" Andy then says to her, "Listen, I was going to catch a movie tonight. Do you want to come along?" Debbie smiles, "Sure! Anything but Back to the Future - I saw that one last night with Craig." Andy accepts, "Alright," and then heads inside. Craig follows him. In the kitchen, he snaps at Andy, "Listen: I don't mind you pinching my ideas and passing them off to Doug as your own. I never said you couldn't use them; I can put up with that. What I can't put up with, though, is the way you try and impress people away from work." Andy retorts, "Like who?" Craig snaps, "Like Debbie. The least you can do is tell her it was me who thought up that idea about the bargain stall. I thought we were supposed to be mates." Andy replies, "We are." Craig demands, "Then why are you muscling in and taking her to the movies tonight?" Andy retorts, "I'm not muscling in." Craig snaps, "She's my girl, right?" Andy, however, tells him, "If she wants to go out with me, there's nothing you can do about it." Craig mutters angrily, "Fine. If that's the way you want it. Next time you want an idea, don't come to me for help. You're on your own, buddy - and judging by the stuff you've thought up so far, you'll be out on your ear in no time. And you can say goodbye to your disco idea for a start." Andy growls, "I might've known that would be the way you'd carry on. Judging from what you've told me about your mum, I'd say you're two of a kind." Craig snarls, "You leave my mother out of it." Andy retorts, "Why? You frightened of hearing the truth, are you?" Craig yells, "Shut up." Andy just laughs, "Ha, ha. Make me." Craig suddenly lunges at him and punches him on the jaw. As Andy falls to the floor, Craig stands over him and snarls, "I'm going to find my mother and prove you wrong, 'mate'."


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