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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

The next morning, Susan heads outside to the pool, where she finds Wayne asleep on one of the sunloungers. As she wakes him, she asks in surprise, "What are you doing? Have you been here all night?" Wayne sits up and murmurs, "Must've. I came out for some fresh air." He then asks, "You sleep well?" Susan replies, "Reasonably. I was wondering where you'd got to - I thought you'd probably gone to the hospital." Wayne stands up and says he's going to have a shower. As he goes to head inside, Glen emerges from the house, holding Rags. Wayne just mutters, "Excuse me - I have to have a shower," and he leaves them. When he's gone, Glen gives Susan a kiss. Susan, though, warns him quickly, "We should be careful around Wayne. It's not fair on him." Glen points out, "You'll have to tell him what you've decided." Susan sighs, "I know. It's going to flatten him. I just don't want to tell him while he's so worried about his dad."

Next door, Bjorn is lying on the couch, reading the newspaper, when Charlie brings him in some breakfast. He sits up and starts stroking her leg as she pours the coffee. She laughs, "Stop it! I'll spill it!" Alison wanders in, wearing her dressing gown, and mutters, "Do you have to be so awake?" Charlie smiles, "We've just been swimming!" Alison mutters, "Sleeping was better." Charlie heads off to get some more coffee. Alison wanders over to the window and stares out of it. Bjorn stands up from the couch and walks over to her. He puts his arms around her. She warns, "Bjorn..." Bjorn just says softly, "Do you know you look ravishing in the morning?" Alison corrects, "Ravenous. Not ravishing!" Bjorn murmurs, "My English is not very good." Alison, though, smiles, "Oh yes it is - you know exactly what you're saying!" Bjorn tells her, "I know exactly what is in my mind..." Alison retorts, "So do I - and it's not on!" Bjorn persists, "But Charlie and I... we are not--" Alison interrupts and completes, "An item?" She adds, "You've decided to be just good friends, right?" Bjorn smiles, "That's right. Which means..." Alison tells him, "Which means that the way is now open for you and me to get together." Bjorn replies, "You are very perceptive." Alison, though, sighs, "Look, Bjorn, I admit you are a very attractive man - but I really would rather just be good friends too." Bjorn warns her, "You are giving me a complex!" Alison, though, assures him, "It's not you; it's me." Bjorn insists, "Whatever the problem is, I can fix it." Alison, however, replies, "I don't think so. I've had rather a bad run with men of late, and I don't want to get involved." Bjorn assures her, "We don't have to get involved. We have a wonderful time... that is all." Alison retorts, "That is precisely the reason I don't want to get involved. You have a rather free attitude about women and love and I don't. I tend to want exclusive rights." Bjorn tells her, "You can have them." Alison, though, smiles, "Oh no - I know damn well I'd be one of about half a dozen, and if that happened, I'd want to split your throat. I'd rather just be good friends rather than bad enemies." Bjorn smiles in frustration, "I've never had so many good friends!"

Craig and Debbie walk into the kitchen at the country house. Craig has just been for a run and he comments to Debbie, "You're here early." Debbie smiles, "Why not? It's Sunday. You've got me for the day whether you like it or not!" She then adds, "I knew how you'd be feeling about your mum and thought you might need some company." Craig takes down a jar of muesli and switches on the radio. Some old-time music starts playing. Debbie asks Craig if he's had any ideas about what to do for Doug. Craig, though, mutters, "Not yet. Seems the harder I try, the less I can think about it." Debbie sighs, "I wish I could help you think of an idea, but I'm really dumb when it comes to things like that." The music on the radio comes to an end and the announcer starts reading out a dedication. Debbie smiles, "Hey, listen, it's one of those old radio shows. They have some hysterical songs on them. I love them, don't you?" She goes on, "My grandmother used to have these big sing-songs round the piano. I can just remember them: the whole family would stand around and belt their lungs out - usually out of tune - and I'd just sit in the corner and--" She breaks off as Craig interrupts and mutters, "OK, Debbie. That kind of music depresses me." He turns the radio off. A smile suddenly crosses his face, though, and he declares, "That's it! You've done it again! You've hit the jackpot! I know how I'll sell all that music now! You little beauty!"

Sometime later, Debbie climbs out of David's ute, which is parked at the side of a road. Craig closes her door as she sighs, "I don't know if we should be doing this, Craig. It doesn't seem right somehow." Craig, however, tells her, "Old people like old music." Debbie points out, "They're not going to have very much money. Don't you think it might be ripping them off?" Craig, thought, insists, "Of course not - I'm not going to be forcing it on to them." With that, he heads up the path to a building with a sign outside saying 'The Palms Nursing Home'.

In Sydney, Wayne walks along the corridor at Hornsby Hospital and joins Susan, who asks, "Has he gone into theatre?" Wayne just nods. Susan goes on, "He's got an amazing constitution. I'm sure he'll be alright--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "Cut it out. I'm not a child." Susan murmurs, "Sorry. I just know how you must feel." Wayne retorts, "Do you?" Susan nods, "Yes. I love my parents, too. I know how it would be." Wayne, though, growls, "Stop the performance, Susan. I saw you and Glen together." Susan turns away, looking shocked, as he adds bitterly, "Made me feel really great. How long have you both been sneaking around behind my back?" Susan starts to say, "It only happened--" Wayne, though, interrupts her and snaps, "Don't. It'll only make it worse." He then tells her, "How do you think I feel, the way I feel about you? I can't just stand by and watch you with him; I have got some pride." Susan starts to say, "Wayne, it's not--" Wayne interrupts, though, and snaps, "Serious? You're going to tell me it's not serious? I saw you with him. It was very obvious." He then announces, "I think when all this is over, you should tell Gordon you have to go back to Melbourne. I don't want you around, Susan; I couldn't handle it." Susan stares at him in surprise. She then walks off.

At Dural, Glen is sitting with David in the lounge room, telling him that Susan will be tickled-pink to see him. At that moment, the front door opens and Susan walks in. She exclaims, "Dad!" and runs and gives David a hug. David smiles, "It's good to see you, Susie." He then asks how Gordon is. She explains, "They're operating on him at the moment. It'll be a few hours before we know." David comments, "I thought you would have stayed there." Susan tells him, "I had the feeling that Wayne wanted to be by himself." David mutters, "Oh yeah? In one of his moods, was he?" Susan protests, "He's had a hell of a time. You can talk about moods, anyway." Glen interrupts quickly and, changing the subject, remarks to David, "I was amazed the other day when I discovered your daughter couldn't swim. I've been trying to talk her into letting me give her lessons, but she won't be in it." David looks at Susan and grins, "You twit! Have a go; don't be a chicken!" Susan looks at Glen and sighs, "Alright - to shut you both up!" She adds, "You can talk me into anything..." David asks in surprise, "Can he, now?" Susan nods, "He's even talked me into going out with him." David asks, "Has he? How about that! Good for both of you!" He then announces that nature calls, and he leaves the room. When he's gone Glen looks at the expression on Susan's face and asks, "What's the matter?" She explains, "Wayne knows about us, that's all. That's why I left the hospital. He's not taking it too well." Glen points out, "We can't change that, can we?"

Charlie is standing with Bjorn in the corridor at the mansion, telling him that she shouldn't be too long at the hospital - she just wants to see Gordon for a few moments. Bjorn thanks her for driving him back. She goes to walk off, but Bjorn stops her and says, "Alison - she is a lonely woman, yes?" Charlie muses, "As much as any of us I suppose. Why?" Bjorn replies, "She seems as though she enjoys playing games." Charlie smiles, "Don't we all!" She then goes on, "Actually, she's had a terrible time lately. What she really needs is a nice light-hearted affair. It's a pity you're not her type." Bjorn raises his eyebrows and asks, "Oh?" Charlie explains, "She's like me: she draws the line at married men." Bjorn shrugs, "Who knows? I might be the exception." Charlie gasps in surprise, "Are you saying... Are you interested in Alison?" Bjorn tells her, "If you will not succumb, I have to look elsewhere, don't I...?!"

At Charlie's, Alison is talking on the 'phone to someone at the hospital. She tells them she'll 'phone back and then hangs up. There's a knock on the front door and she goes and answers it. Bjorn is standing there. Alison mutters, "What are you doing back here?" Bjorn replies, "I'm giving you a challenge." He heads into the lounge room and Alison follows him. He then tells her, "I knew you would be here alone, and so I have come for you." Alison asks, "To do what?" Bjorn replies, "To make love to you." Alison muses, "I see. Just like that?!" Bjorn tells her, "I thought to myself: 'There's a woman who will understand me. She will understand my needs... my desires... she will be happy to please me and happy for me to please her'." Alison asks, "Oh yes? And when did you think this?" Bjorn replies, "The first time we met." Alison retorts, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Bjorn, but as I said: you're not my type." Bjorn persists, "Think of it: I am here for six weeks. We can go dining... dancing... boating..." He places his hands on her arms and adds, "Why waste the time?" Alison retorts, "Because I am not interested." Bjorn insists, "You are. I can tell." Alison asks, "What tells you?" Bjorn smiles, "There's a look a woman gets in her eyes and you have it." Alison mutters, "Do I, indeed?" Bjorn says, "How can you possibly deny you are interested in me?" Alison retorts, "Because you are a married man - and I am not interested in married men." Bjorn tells her, "I'll make you - I promise. For the next six weeks, I will not look at another woman. I'll be yours totally." Alison replies, "It's very nice of you to offer--" She doesn't get any further because Bjorn leans in and starts kissing her. Alison doesn't resist... When they pull apart, Bjorn tells her, "We will have six weeks of heaven..."

Sometime later, the front door opens and Charlie and Wayne burst in, Charlie smiling, "I just knew he'd pull through. I just knew it!" Wayne tells her warmly, "You're a good friend, Charlie. Apart from you and dad, there's not a soul in the world that I'd trust - or give a damn about." Charlie sighs, "Come on, darling." Wayne, though, insists, "I'm serious, Charlie: you two are the only people I care about - apart from me, that is!" He continues, "That's who I'm going to be relying on from now on: me. I've got dad's Power of Attorney and believe me: I'm going to make the most of it." Charlie smiles at him. She then heads into the lounge room and calls, "Alison, we're back. Wayne's here - he wants to have a word with you." Alison calls back from her bedroom, "Fine. I'll be there in a minute." Charlie tells Wayne, "She's been very concerned about Gordon, poor darling. She wanted to come to the hospital with me, but she knew you wouldn't want her there." Wayne mutters, "Wasn't wrong." Alison walks in in her dressing gown and says, "Hi, how is he?" Wayne replies, "He'll be alright." Bjorn follows Alison into the room, doing up his shirt. Wayne immediately glares at Alison and growls, "I can see you've been really sweating over Gordon." Bjorn warns him, "There's no need for that tone of voice." Wayne ignores him, though, and tells Alison curtly, "I came across to let you know that now I'm in charge, there are a few things that require attention. I'll be at home when you've finished with your lapdog." He storms off. Bjorn puts his arm around Alison, who says hesitantly, "Charlie, er, there's something--" Charlie interrupts her and points out, "I'm not blind, darling." Looking at Bjorn, she adds, "You certainly know how to win, don't you?" Turning at Alison, she tells her, "I thought you'd be able to resist him." Alison murmurs, "So did I..." Charlie then warns her, "I don't think you should take Wayne too lightly. He's on the warpath." Alison, however, tells her, "Thanks for the warning, Charlie, but at the moment, even Wayne can't spoil things."

Glen is teaching Susan to swim in the pool at the back of Dural. They're laughing and clearly having fun. Wayne suddenly appears by the side of the pool and calls across through gritted teeth, "If anyone happens to be interested, my father's going to be alright." He then storms off inside. A look of concern crosses Susan's face. Glen puts a comforting hand on her shoulder.

In Melbourne, Craig and Debbie emerge from a nursing home, Debbie exclaiming as they do so, "What a day! How much have you got?" Craig grins, "$250 exactly!" Debbie smiles that it was great hearing all those oldies singing those songs. Craig asks in surprise, "What happened to your conscience?!" Debbie muses, "Well... it was different to what I thought. I mean, we didn't try to push it onto them - they were really pleased to buy it!" She then asks, "Where to next?" Craig, though, beams, "I think that's enough for one day. How about we go and rage for a while?!"

Andy is taking some food out of the 'fridge in the kitchen at the country house when Craig and Debbie arrive back. Debbie is laughing, and she shows Andy an ornament that Craig won for her. Craig adds triumphantly, "We've been celebrating - because of all the music we've sold. $250 so far - 'mate'." As Craig goes puts his money in a tin, Andy mutters, "Congratulations." Debbie heads out to the lounge room to show Beryl and Caroline her prize, saying to Craig as she does so, "Are you going to come and boast?" Looking at Andy, Craig says, "I reckon I've got something to boast about." He walks off, leaving Andy looking annoyed. After a few seconds, he heads over to the tin containing the money and takes off the lid. He reaches inside and lifts out the roll of notes that Craig placed in there...

At Dural, Susan and Wayne walk into the lounge room, Susan protesting, "It wasn't that I didn't care about your father. Surely you understand that?" Wayne just mutters, "Of course. You had other things on your mind." Susan sighs, "This is ridiculous. The only reason why I didn't tell you about Glen before was because I didn't want to hurt you. You had too much else to worry about. It's difficult for me too, you know. I want us to be friends - but if you want me to go when your dad's better, I will." Wayne murmurs, "I wish we could still be friends, but with the way I feel it's just not possible." Susan shrugs, "Who knows? Give it a bit of time and you might feel different. I hope so, anyway." She adds, "I'll always care about you; you must know that." Wayne sighs, "I understand what you're trying to say - but I don't think it can ever be the same again - not from my point of view, anyway."

An attractive female tenant walks out through the front door of the mansion as Alison and Bjorn head inside. Bjorn gives her an admiring glance, leaving Alison to snap, "I see - I thought you're supposed to have eyes only for me." Bjorn muses, "My eyes are cheap!" Alison nods, "They certainly are." Bjorn laughs, "Now I have had my way with you, it is time to find another diversion!" He then puts his arm round her. Footsteps suddenly sound on the staircase and Alison spins round to find David coming down them. She murmurs, "Hello, David." David nods, "G'day, Alison." Alison introduces Bjorn and David to each other and the two men shake hands. Alison then tells Bjorn that she'll see him tonight, and she walks off. David stares at Bjorn, who asks in surprise, "What is the matter?" David retorts, "If you're getting mixed up with her, good luck to you, mate." With that, he goes to the 'phone.

It's night time, and Alison is at Dural. As she walks into the lounge room, Wayne growls, "Took your time, didn't you?" Alison retorts, "Just because you yell doesn't mean I jump." Wayne mutters, "Right - then I won't beat around the bush." Alison sits down as he then tells her, "Quite simply, if you intend staying with the company, we have to do everything my way - and it won't be the way you like, either. I intend to push; be aggressive - and if you don't want to be a part of it, then you'll have to sell your shares - and sell them quickly." Alison warns, "Don't threaten me. I don't go that easily." Wayne, however, retorts, "I don't care which way you go. But if you're staying with us, your first job is to go to Adelaide for a few days. I want you to tie-up that deal you started." He hands Alison a file. She tells him, however, "I'm not going to Adelaide or anywhere else interstate - not for at least six weeks." Wayne chuckles nastily, "We feel that insecure about our new 'toy', do we?" He adds, "I would have thought he'd been safe for a few days - or don't we have that much attraction?" Alison retorts, "Bjorn has nothing to do with it." Wayne snaps, "Then I can't think of any other valid reason why you can't go." He goes on sourly, "You're in for a shock. I'm going to be giving you every rotten job that comes along - just like you used to do to me. The boot's on the other foot now, Alison, and it's going to kick - hard." Alison just smiles and muses, "Being our usual petty self, I see. Just because I didn't go along with your ridiculous scheme with you and Susan." Wayne, however, retorts, "Only partly. The reason my father is having another operation is because of you. If you hadn't told him who you were, he wouldn't be in hospital now. You think I played dirty before? You wait. I'm going to make you regret you ever set foot inside this house..."

The next morning, Andy is putting together a pile of old sheet music in the kitchen at the country house. Craig, though, tells him, "Don't waste your time hurrying, Andy - I'll have that competition won by the end of the day." Debbie comes in through the back door and says a cheery, "Morning," as Andy retorts at Craig, "Don't worry - I'll get there before you." He heads out to the hallway. Craig turns to Debbie and smiles, "Right. Only a few more homes to visit and I've made it." He heads over to the tin where he put his money and opens it. It's empty. Looking shocked, he growls, "I don't believe it. He's taken the cash." He then goes to the door to the hallway and yells, "Andy. Come out here." Andy wanders back in and asks, "What?" Craig snaps, "Where is it?" Andy retorts, "Where's what?" Craig snaps, "My money." Andy tells him, "I didn't touch your money." Craig, though, warns furiously, "Listen, mate. You give it back or you're for it - and I mean it."


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