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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Alison walks into Gordon's room and asks Maggie, "How much do you want?" Maggie stares at her and demands, "Is this some sort of a joke?" Alison assures her curtly, "No. You name the figure and I'll write the cheque - the one condition being that you never see Gordon again." Maggie demands, "What are you talking about?" Alison tells her, "I think it's perfectly obvious you're only after his money." She sits down at the table as Maggie snaps, "What money? Gordon doesn't have any money." She then adds, "Look, who are you?" Alison retorts, "Do you expect me to believe that you think the founding Director of Hamilton Industries is broke? What sort of cretin do you think I am?" Maggie stares at her. Alison goes on, "How does $5,000 sound?" Maggie snaps, "I think you'd better go." Alison, however, just continues, "It's a once-only offer. You can take it or leave it. If I were you, I'd take it - because if you don't, you'll end up with nothing. All I have to do is tell Gordon exactly the sort of woman you are and that will be the end of it." Maggie suddenly marches to the door and warns, "If you don't leave now, I'm going to call the police." Alison picks up her cheque book with a sigh and heads towards the door. As she does so, she says, "Alison Carr's the name - and I can assure you it's one you're going to remember. I'm sorry you didn't take the money - you're going to regret it." Maggie snaps, "The only thing I regret is opening the door."

In the lounge room at Dural, Andy is telling Ginny that all she's got to do is go through Alison's stuff to see if there's anything that can tell him where he can find a guy called Glen Young. Ginny asks what Glen has done. Andy, though, retorts that she doesn't have to worry about that. Ginny asks him why he doesn't do it. Andy explains that he's going to have to get Charlie and Alison out of the house and make sure he keeps them out. Ginny tells him that she wants to stay out of jail. Andy insists, "You won't end up in jail." Ginny, though, says curtly, "I'm not doing it." Andy mutters, "You suit yourself - but you're passing up a damn good opportunity."

Maggie is tidying-up her hair when Gordon arrives back at Seabreeze Towers. He apologises for being late. Maggie, though, just demands, "Gordon, why have you been lying to me?" Gordon asks in surprise, "What about?" Maggie retorts, "Letting me think you were working class when you're really the head of Hamilton Industries. I'd just started to trust you. Well, you can forget about taking me to the doctor; I can look after myself. I don't need you or any other rich layabout." Looking concerned, Gordon asks her how she found out. Maggie just snaps, "It doesn't matter. When Cassie comes back, I'm going home." Gordon says quickly, "I can explain." Maggie mutters, "I don't want to know." Gordon pleads, "At least give me a chance to tell my side of the story." Maggie, though, snaps, "I gave you a chance. I trusted you, and you let me down. Why couldn't you have been honest with me?" Gordon cries, "Because I knew you wouldn't understand." All-of-a-sudden, Maggie faints and collapses onto the floor. Gordon bends down next to her to check that she's still breathing, and then dashes over to the 'phone. He dials and asks for an ambulance. He adds, "Seabreeze Towers, 31 Marine Parade, McMahon's Point. Flat 37. Thankyou." Cassie suddenly runs in and, seeing her mother lying on the floor, cries, "Mum! What happened?" Gordon comforts, "It's alright - she fainted. Don't worry - I've called an ambulance. Everything's going to be alright."

At Dural, Andy and Ginny head into the hallway. Andy tells Ginny that he'll drive her home. As they stand in the hallway, Ginny says, "I met a lot of guys who said they could get me started as a singer, but they've all been full of hot air. You're the first one I thought could actually do something for me." Andy suggests, "Maybe I still can. Let's talk at your place." He opens the door - and Alison marches in. Without giving him a glance, she heads into the lounge room and tells him curtly, "I've got some papers for Wayne to sign. Would you make sure he gets them?" Andy nods, "Sure." Ginny suddenly smiles at her, "Hello, there!" Alison, noticing her for the first time, glares at her and demands, "What are you doing here?" Ginny replies sourly, "It's a free country." Alison looks at Andy and asks, "Friend of yours?" Andy retorts, "Yeah." Alison mutters, "I might have known you two would get together." Andy asks, "Why's that?" Alison tells him, "Two of a kind. No-hopers." She then goes to walk out, but Ginny snaps, "It takes one to know one, Alison." Alison looks at Andy and says curtly, "Would you tell your girlfriend that when she grows out of nappies, she might grow some wit? Until that time, she might be better off keeping quiet." With that, she leaves. As the front door closes, Ginny tells Andy tersely, "I've changed my mind - on one condition: I do it my way. No housebreaking. Deal?" Andy smiles, "Deal!"

Debbie and Craig are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, doing a quiz. As Craig fills in an answer, he smiles that they're one step closer to winning a trip to Hollywood! The 'phone suddenly rings and Craig gets up and answers it. Laura Banning comes on and asks if David is there. Craig apologises that he's on a trip. Laura says, "Could you pass on a message for me, please? Would you tell him that I'm starting legal proceedings in the morning? If his solicitor wants to contact me, he can either get me at the supermarket or my hotel suite. It's the same one Doug Fletcher had." Craig says hesitantly, "Oh, um, alright. Yeah. Soon as he gets back." He hangs up and turns back to Debbie. She asks what's happened. Craig tells her, "Laura Banning's going to start suing in the morning." Debbie cries, "Oh no... it was all my fault." Craig, though, mutters, "I'm as much to blame. Instead of rushing in like a bull at a gate, I should stop and think sometimes." Debbie sighs, "We're a great pair, aren't we? We caused the problem; we ought to fix it." Craig, looking suddenly thoughtful, muses, "Yeah..."

A while later, Laura Banning opens the door of her hotel room to find Debbie and Craig standing there. Craig tells her that they were wondering if they could talk to her about what she's doing to Dave. Laura lets them in, adding, "I can tell you I have no intention of changing my mind." Debbie cries, "Everybody knows it was a misunderstanding. Couldn't you please reconsider?" Laura just snaps, "No." Craig pleads, "David is just a battler. He couldn't afford an expensive court case. He works harder than anyone I know just to try and get ahead - but he never seems to get the breaks. Give him a chance." Laura just stares at some papers on a table in front of her. Craig points out curtly, "It's not as if I hurt you or anything. I know I shouldn't have done it, but it was a genuine mistake." Laura retorts, "I'm not dropping the charges." Craig mutters, "And David's going to go broke." Laura nods, "Yes - and that's what worries you, isn't it? If the business goes under, you both lose your jobs. You don't really care about David; you're more interested in yourselves." Debbie, looking shocked, gasps, "You really are an awful woman. Just because David won't do what you want, you make sure that he loses everything. Craig and I can get a job anywhere, but we choose to work for David because he's a great guy. We want to see him succeed because he deserves it; he's a nice person, and that's why we want to help him, but you just can't understand that, can you?" She then turns to Craig and adds, "Come on - we're wasting our time." The two of them walk out, leaving Laura looking thoughtful...

It's nighttime, and Susan is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural when the front door opens and Gordon walks in with Cassie. The two of them head into the lounge room and Gordon introduces Cassie to Susan, explaining that she's the daughter of a friend of his who's in hospital. Cassie looks round and smiles that it's a lovely house. Gordon suggests that she go and have a look round, and she runs off. Gordon and Susan sit down and Susan asks, "What's wrong with her mother?" Gordon replies, "Diabetes. We were having an argument and she collapsed. Scared the hell out of me. However, it forced her into going to a doctor." Susan asks him what they were arguing about. Gordon murmurs, "That's a long story. I've known Maggie for a while, but I've never let on that I was reasonably well-off - she's got some sort of bee in her bonnet about people with money. Anyway, she found out and really got stuck into me for not being honest with her. It's killed the friendship - which is a pity, because I really like her; in fact, I'm fond of them both. It's a pity she's so prejudiced." Susan comments, "It's a bit like mum is about Wayne, isn't it? Down on him for no reason at all..."

The next morning, Alison and another woman are working at the soon-to-be-orphanage when Ginny walks in. She throws down a blue matchbook in front of Alison and snaps, "You reckon I've never been to Vincent's. Just proving I have." The other woman asks in awe, "How did you pay for a meal at Vincent's?" Ginny smiles, "I didn't - the trick is to get someone else to pick up the bill." As she says this, she suddenly kicks out her right foot at a tin of paint on the floor in front of Alison. It spills all over Alison's jeans. Ginny smiles, "Sorry!" Alison glares at her and snaps, "You did that on purpose." Ginny just giggles at her, but Alison snaps, "You think it's funny, do you? Well, make the most of it; you won't be laughing for long." She storms off. When she's gone, Ginny suggests to the other woman that they'd better clean up the mess. The other woman leaves the room to go and get some rags. Ginny immediately walks over to where Alison's bag is hung on the wall. She starts rummaging through it and then pulls out a small piece of paper. She looks at it and comments to herself, "She bought a ticket to Bali... God, I expected the French Riviera at least." She takes out more papers from the bag and then, murmuring, "Oh well," walks off with them.

Susan is going through some papers on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. Cassie is looking around the room, standing by some china plates. Susan tells her that she can pick one up if she wants to. Cassie, however, replies, "I'd have to pay for it if I broke it, though." Susan insists, "No you wouldn't." Cassie then comments, "I don't know why Mr. Hamilton doesn't live here himself." Susan looks at her in surprise and asks, "What do you mean?" Cassie goes on, "His son must be very rich to own a house like this." Susan, looking puzzled, asks, "Cassie, what does your mother do?" Cassie replies, "She's a cleaner." Susan asks, "Where?" Cassie tells her, "At the block of flats where Mr. Hamilton lives." Susan mouths in surprise, "Oh..." Cassie adds, "She even taught him how to cook!" Susan smiles, "I must get him to make me a meal sometime!" She then goes on, "As I'm going to be Mrs. Wayne Hamilton very soon, Cassie, I give you full permission to touch or use anything you like in the house." With that, a delighted-looking Cassie runs off to the games room. Gordon comes in from the hallway, and Susan comments, "Cassie was telling me her mother's a cleaner." Gordon just nods, "Yeah." He then adds, "I see she's taken to you already. Obviously have a way with children." Susan smiles, "Can't wait to have some of my own." Gordon tells her, "I can't wait to be a grandfather."

Alison walks back into the main room at the soon-to-be-orphanage. Ginny and the other woman are busy working. Alison walks over to her bag and suddenly notices it's been moved. She looks at Ginny and demands, "Have you been in my bag again?" Ginny retorts, "I didn't touch your stupid bag." Alison mutters, "Someone has." Ginny asks if anything's missing. Alison admits, "No." Ginny retorts, "Shut up, then, OK?" Alison mutters, "It opened by itself, did it?" Ginny suggests, "The handle probably fell off, or something. Geez, you're touchy: as soon as anything happens you point the finger straight at me. I'm tired of getting accused of everything, Alison." Alison glares at her.

Craig is looking at the newspaper in the kitchen at the country house. Debbie puts some toast down in front of him and he starts buttering it absentmindedly. Debbie sighs, "Craig... look what you're doing." Craig glances at the toast and then smiles, "So this is what all the fuss is about!" The toast has a heart-shaped outline on it! Craig stands up and kisses Debbie. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, though, and Craig has to pull away to answer it. Laura Banning comes on from her hotel room and tells him, "I've been thinking about what you said yesterday and I've decided to give you both another chance. Mind you, you'll be doing me a favour at the same time. Are you interested?" She listens to the response and then says, "Good." She continues, "I have a business associate who's in town at the moment. He likes to have a drink or two and so I thought I might get you to drive him around. If you do a good job, I'll forget about taking David to court. Jeff Dalton's his name." At the country house, Craig turns to Debbie and smiles happily, "We've got another chance!"

Sometime later, Debbie is standing by a car parked at the side of the road. She's wearing her chauffeur's outfit. Craig runs over to her from a nearby building and she asks, "Did you get on to him?" Craig replies, "Yeah - he just checked-in. I told him you parked down the street; he'll be here in a couple of secs. At that moment, a youngish businessman walks over to them and comments, "'Home In Style', is it?" Debbie smiles, "At your service." She introduces herself and then Craig. Dalton comments, "This is going to be more fun than driving myself around!" Debbie tells him, "It makes sense if you don't know Melbourne." She opens the car door and he climbs in. As she closes the door again, Craig warns her, "We're going to have to watch this guy." Debbie tells him, "Don't worry - we'll handle it. We have to."

In Sydney, Ginny emerges through the doors of her bus and walks over to the nearby road. Andy pulls up in his car and Ginny comments that she didn't expect him until later. Andy, climbing out of his car, replies, "Time's running out and we're anxious. Have you gone through Alison's things yet?" Ginny tells him, "Yeah, I went through her bag at work. Just the usual bit and pieces: make-up... notebook... comb... few receipts..." Andy asks sharply, "Few receipts for what?" Ginny takes them out of her bag and tells him, "Here, pinched a couple. Don't think it's what you're after, though." Andy, however, looks through them and smiles, "I wouldn't say that. This airline receipt to Bali... just what I wanted. Bali is where Maria is." Ginny queries, "Maria?" Andy explains, "Long story." As he goes to climb back into his car, he adds, "You've gone great. Just great." Ginny asks, "So when am I going to get the intros you promised me?" Andy just tells her, "Soon, OK? I can't set something up overnight." With that, he starts his car engine and drives off, leaving Ginny looking disappointed.

Maggie is standing in Gordon's room at Seabreeze Towers. Gordon is sitting on the couch and he asks her anxiously, "Can't we talk?" Maggie retorts, "I'm sorry, Gordon, I just came to pick up my watch, that's all. Can you take us home now?" Gordon insists, "Cassie won't mind playing outside with Rags for a few more minutes." Maggie mutters, "I really would like to be going." Gordon pleads, "A few minutes - please." Maggie sighs and sits down. Gordon then continues, "Firstly, I'd like to say how pleased I am that you're going to be alright - Diabetes isn't a problem these days as long as you take your tablets and stick to your diet." Maggie mutters, "So I'm told." Gordon adds, "And certainly no more meals like the one I cooked last night, when you collapsed - the dessert was neat sugar!" Maggie doesn't respond. Gordon appeals, "Maggie, please..." Maggie mutters, "What?" Gordon tells her, "You're not making it easy for me." He then goes on, "I was sick myself, recently - in fact, that's why I ended up here: I had a chronic heart condition that eventually needed surgery. After the operation, I was as good as gold, but everybody treated me like an invalid, so I decided to make a fresh start somewhere else. I rented this flat where no one knows me and everybody treats me like a normal human being. As we got to know each other I wanted to tell you the truth, but I realised that if you found out that I was 'one of the bosses' you'd end the friendship. I didn't want that to happen because I value the friendship very much." Maggie comments sourly, "Some sort of friendship when one person's being honest and the other one isn't." Gordon insists, "I wasn't being dishonest. I wasn't trying to be someone I'm not." Maggie, however, retorts, "Yes you were - and I can't forgive you for that." Gordon glares at her and snaps, "What does it take to get through to you? You won't even try to understand. Well, frankly, if that's your attitude, I'm not interested in being friends with you, either." Maggie stands up and snaps, "Good. I'll leave, then. Cassie and I will get the bus home." Gordon points out, "Friends give and take. All the time I've put into us getting to know each other has been a complete waste because, basically, you're not worth it." Maggie retorts, "Basically, you're a liar. If Alison Carr hadn't called round to see me, you'd never have told me the truth, would you?" Gordon stares at her in surprise. As Maggie storms out, Gordon mouths, "Alison...?"

Sometime later, in the lounge room at Charlie's, Alison is telling Gordon, "I was just trying to make you see how she was using you." Gordon demands, "What gave you that stupid idea?" Alison replies, "Charlie." Gordon queries, "Charlie?" Alison explains, "She found a receipt for your apartment, went over there, had a run-in with your Miss. Hunt and was convinced she was after your money. When she told me, I thought it was time someone did something about it. You know, Charlie's not the only one who cares what happens to you." Gordon snaps, "For your information, we are simply friends - or at least we were until you started interfering. The last thing she was interested in was money; in fact, finding out I had some was the last straw that broke the camel's back. But even worse, because of the way you upset her, she collapsed and had to be taken to hospital." A look of shock crosses Alison's face. Gordon goes on, "In a few short hours, you have managed to destroy any attempt I've made to create a new life for myself, and you've ruined a good friendship. Congratulations, Alison. Patricia would have been proud of you." With that, he storms out, leaving Alison sighing regretfully.

In Melbourne, Debbie pulls the car into the side of the road and climbs out. Craig and Jeff Dalton climb out of the back seats, but Dalton stumbles and laughs that he doesn't think he should have had that last drink! He then says to Debbie, "Look, I've got a couple of hours before dinner. Do you fancy coming up to my room for a bit of a..." Debbie interrupts and says quickly, "Actually, Craig and I have got to get the car back." Dalton suggests, "Craig can take care of that for himself, can't he?" Debbie tells him, "I've also promised to meet a girlfriend. Sorry. Some other time?" Dalton accepts this and heads off to his hotel. When he's gone, Craig shudders, "What a creep." Debbie shrugs, "Who cares? Everything went well. At least we got David off the hook."

A short time later, Laura Banning opens her hotel room door and lets Craig and Debbie in. Debbie asks eagerly, "Have you heard from Mr. Dalton?" Laura nods, "Yes." Debbie asks, "What did he say?" Laura tells her, "According to Jeff, the service was incredibly bad - and to try and stop him saying so, Debbie came on very strong with him." Craig gasps, "What?!" Laura goes on, "So much for you trying to help your boss. I think I was right all along: you are only interested in saving your jobs." Debbie cries, "That wasn't what happened..." Laura, however, retorts, "Save it. The bottom line is you blew it. And I'm going ahead with the lawsuit." As she opens the door to let them out, she adds, "And tell David I'm sick of dealing with a couple of kids. If he doesn't like it, why isn't he man enough to come and say so himself?"


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