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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Wayne thanks the person from Customs and hangs up, a gleeful smile on his face...

At Sydney airport, Glen is escorted into a small room by a Customs officer. Another officer is sitting at a desk, and Glen demands of him, "What's going on? What am I supposed to have done?" The officer tells him, "Mr. Young, a junior officer has brought you to me because we have reasonable cause to suspect you have goods subject to Custom control on your person." Glen retorts, "I'm not carrying a thing." The man suggests, "In that case, I'm sure you'll agree to a personal search." A look of shock crosses Glen's face.

Charlie is escorting Janice and Owen into her lounge room, saying as she does so, "The big day's finally arrived!" Janice smiles, "It's the first time I've ever been a bridesmaid. It's probably the last one, too - once I'm married, I can only ever be a matron of honour, can't I?" She then looks at a light-pink dress lying on the couch and asks if it's her dress. Charlie nods, "It certainly is." Janice beams, "It's beautiful." Charlie asks Owen what he thinks. He's looking distracted, though, and just mutters, "It's very nice." Janice tells him that she'll have to try the dress on, so if he wants to go out and wait by the pool... Owen heads out there and Janice heads off to Charlie's room to get changed. Alison walks into the lounge room from the hallway, and Charlie, sitting down on the couch, comments to her, "Doesn't she look a darling?" Alison muses, "I'll reserve judgement until I see her in the dress." Charlie, though, explains, "Isabella, darling - in the new little outfit we bought for her this morning." She holds up the dog for Alison to look more closely. Alison, though, asks in concern, "Charlie, you don't think you're taking this wedding business a touch too seriously?" Charlie smiles, "No. Why? I love weddings." Alison points out, "There isn't going to be a wedding, remember? We're just going through the motions for the sake of the exercise. Once Glen turns up, the whole thing's bound to be cancelled." Charlie asks, "What if Glen doesn't turn up? What if Wayne stops him?" Alison, however, retorts, "Wayne doesn't have the faintest idea what's going on." Charlie asks, "Are you sure?" Alison tells her, "If he did, he wouldn't have had Andy follow us to the hairdresser's, would he?" She adds assuredly, "Believe me, when Glen does make his appearance, it's going to be a damn sight more exciting than just any old wedding..."

In the Customs office, Glen is standing behind a screen, asking, "Is it OK if I put my pants on now?" The Customs officer hands them back to him and tells him to go ahead. As he dresses, Glen adds, "I'd like to make a 'phone call, too - if that's allowed." The officer tells him, "Feel free." He then picks up a tape from his desk and asks Glen, "This yours?" Glen replies, "Yes. It's personal. There's nothing illegal about cassettes, is there?" The Customs officer puts it down and smiles, "Of course not." Glen emerges from behind the screen, goes to the desk, picks up the 'phone and dials a number.

The 'phone rings in Fiona's room at the mansion. May dashes to answer it. When she hears who it is, she exclaims, "Glen! Where are you?" Glen replies, "I'm at the airport. Is Fiona there?" He listens to the response and then says, "Can you give her a message? Tell her I arrived back earlier than I expected and I'll meet her at the Hamiltons'." May nods, "The Hamiltons'. Alright, I'll do that for you." Glen hangs up and May does likewise.

A short time later, Glen is dashing across the airport car park. As he goes to unlock his car door, he becomes aware of two burly men standing suddenly behind him. He turns to look at them. One of them holds out his hand and demands, "The keys." Glen stares at them and then, handing the keys over, mutters, "OK, if you want the car, have the car." The man who takes the keys, though, retorts, "You're coming with us - for a nice little trip..." He then bundles Glen inside.

A while later, Glen and the two men are standing in a clearing by a track in some woods. Glen is removing his shirt, sighing, "You guys probably wouldn't believe it if I told you this is the second time today I've had to get my gear off!" He's standing at gunpoint. He then indicates his trousers and mutters, "I suppose these have to go too, eh?" The men just glare at him and, as he removes his trousers reluctantly, he adds, "You guys getting some sort of kick out of this?" The first man just raises his gun and points it at Glen's head. The second man picks up Glen's clothes and, putting them in a box, starts walking off with them. As he turns his back, Glen lunges at the first man and brings him to the ground. The two of them start struggling for the gun, but the second man quickly runs up and starts laying into Glen. He and the other thug then climb quickly into the car and drive off, leaving Glen lying, in just his underwear, at the side of the track.

Wayne and Susan are kissing passionately in the lounge room at Dural when Gordon walks in, dressed in his wedding suit. He stops in his tracks and apologises, "Sorry! I'll come back later!" Susan, though, grins, "No, don't - I have to dress, anyway." Wayne comments to his father that it looks like he beat everyone to the bathroom. Gordon explains that he wanted to be on-hand in case of any last-minute hiccups. Wayne, though, assures him smugly, "Oh, I don't think there'll be any." Susan makes to head off to get into her wedding dress. Gordon, though, says, "Before you go, there's something I want to say to you and Wayne." Wayne puts his arm around Susan and Gordon tells them, "When you come back from your honeymoon, I'd like you both to have the master bedroom." Susan says quickly, "No..." Gordon, however, tells her, "I insist. When you're Mrs. Wayne Hamilton you'll be mistress of the house and I want you to feel at home." Wayne smiles gratefully, "Thanks, dad. I mean that." Susan tells Gordon, "We don't want you to feel you'll be living in our pockets." Gordon however, insists, "I don't want to impose." Wayne assures him, "Susan and I have both talked about it and we both feel the same way. We don't want you moving out; it's your home and we want to share it with you. I don't want anything to change, dad; I'd be upset if it did." Susan adds, "And so would I." A man wearing overalls suddenly walks into the lounge room and tells Gordon, "We've laid the marquee out where you said, but I think we'd better shift it: there's some trees going to get in the way when we put it up." Gordon tells him, "I'll come and have a look." He heads out.

Beryl is in Fiona's room at the mansion, tidying up Robert's toys. Fiona walks in and calls for May, adding, "It's time we were getting ready for the wedding." She then turns back to Beryl and comments, "Glen's 'plane should be landing soon." Beryl muses, "Let's hope he's on it." Fiona assures her, "Don't worry - Glen will be here in plenty of time to stop the wedding." May walks through the gap in the bookcase and says to Fiona, "You were calling me, Fiona..." Fiona explains, "It's time we were getting into our glad-rags." May then says, "I had a message for you." Fiona asks, "What is it?" May, however, looking suddenly blank, admits, "I can't remember." Fiona asks, "Who's it from?" May shrugs, "I don't know. It's gone." Fiona sighs, "Oh well - no doubt you will remember - eventually." May walks off again. There's suddenly a knock on the door of the room and Fiona turns to find David standing there. He steps inside and Beryl instantly goes and gives him a tight hug. David smiles, "You're acting like you haven't seen me for years." Beryl explains, "I'm just glad you're here." David tells her, "I wasn't quite sure of the welcome I'd get - I still haven't changed my mind about going to the wedding; I'd probably punch Wayne in the mouth again if I got close enough to him." Fiona assures him, "You won't have to - when Glen pulls the rug out from underneath him, it's going to hurt even more!" David then tells Beryl, "I was thinking: to save you any hassle I could look after Robert while you go to the Hamiltons'." Beryl, however, says quickly, "No, no. I can manage." With that, she goes to head out of the room, murmuring, "I'd better get back to him - he's probably awake now." She goes. Fiona explains to David uncertainly, "Beryl's really very edgy, with the wedding so close and everything - and you know how overprotective she is of Robert." David just murmurs in surprise, "Yeah..."

Wayne is about to head upstairs in the hallway at Dural when there's a knock on the front door. He goes and answers it. One of the men who abducted Glen is standing there, holding the box containing Glen's clothes. He mouths to Wayne, "All done." Wayne invites him in and asks, "Where did you leave him?" The man replies, "Out in the middle of nowhere. Take him hours to get back to Dural." Wayne asks, "What if someone gives him a lift?" The man, though, asks, "Would you stop for someone wandering along the road wearing nothing but his jocks?!" Wayne laughs and then asks the man, "What did you find on him? Any statement? Letter?" The man tells him, "Everything he was carrying is in the box: papers... clothes... wallet; the lot." Wayne goes to take the box and says, "Great - I'll take a look through and see what I can find." Gordon suddenly comes in from the garden, though, and asks Wayne, "Shouldn't you be upstairs, getting showered and changed?" Wayne tells him, "On my way now." Gordon then indicates the box Wayne is holding and asks, "What have you got here?" Wayne replies quickly, "Glasses. I ordered some more in case we didn't have enough. I was just about to take them through." Gordon tells him, "I'll take them." He takes the box from Wayne's hands. Wayne quickly turns to his heavy and says, "Thanks for bringing them out - I'll be in touch when they have to be picked up." He opens the front door and the heavy goes. Wayne turns back to his father and, holding out his hands, assures him, "It's OK - I'll take them through to the caterers." Gordon, however, retorts, "No you won't. You'll go upstairs and get ready for your wedding. A man doesn't keep his bride waiting; that's her prerogative." Wayne tells him, "You shouldn't really be lifting anything heavy." Gordon points out, "I'm not." Wayne persists nervously, "Even so, you don't want to overdo it - you're just getting over a heart attack." Gordon insists, "From which I am completely recovered. Wayne, it is not heavy. I can carry it less than fifty metres. Now, for heaven's sake go upstairs and get ready." With that, he turns and goes to head back outside with the box. Andy walks in past him and they exchange greetings. Andy then tells Wayne, "Listen, I followed Alison and Charlie like you said, but all they did was--" Wayne interrupts him, though, and says curtly, "Glen's back in town." Andy asks in surprise, "How do you know?" Wayne retorts, "Because I do." He then adds curtly, "I managed to get rid of him, but whatever evidence be brought back from Bali is in that box dad just took outside." Andy asks, "What's it doing in there?" Wayne ignores him, retorting instead, "You just start getting out there and look for it. I don't know what we're after: a piece of paper... a notebook... We've got to find it. If dad comes across it before I do, I'm history." Andy heads back outside, leaving Wayne standing in the hallway looking worried.

Outside, Gordon is unloading glasses from a box, commenting to a caterer standing nearby as he does so, "I don't know why my son ordered extra glasses; there's plenty as it is." The caterer, however, tells him, "You can never have enough glasses, Mr. Hamilton." Andy suddenly walks over to them and, taking the still-closed box in front of Gordon, smiles, "Mr. Hamilton, I'll unpack those." Gordon stares at him and demands, "Has Wayne been talking to you?" Andy asks, "What about?" Gordon retorts, "About my apparent invalid status." Andy tells him, "No - I just thought you might like to go and get ready." Gordon points out, "I am ready." Charlie - holding Isabella - suddenly walks over to them. She's all dressed up and she asks Gordon, "Everything on schedule?" Gordon nods, "So far - except Wayne seems to have developed a sudden aversion to showering!" Charlie laughs, "Whatever for?!" Gordon suggests, "Maybe he likes the excitement of leaving everything to the last minute?!" Changing the subject, he then comments seriously, "Charlie, you mentioned something about Maggie to Alison." Charlie, looking initially blank, then nods, "That's right!" Gordon tells her, "I wish you hadn't..." The two of them walk off, still talking. Andy immediately grabs the box on the table next to him and says to the caterer, "I'll take those." He walks off. The caterer looks at one of his staff in surprise.

A short time later, Andy is standing next to a fire that he's lit in a skip at the back of the house. Wayne is crouching next to him, going through the contents of the box. Andy feeds Glen's top into the fire, telling Wayne as he does so, "Your old man's going to have a fit if you don't hurry up and get ready." Wayne, however, points out, "I won't need to get ready if I don't find what Glen's got on me." He continues going through the box and picks out a sheet of paper. He reads it and then says, "I think I've found what I'm after." Andy asks, "What is it?" Wayne tells him, "A letter from Maria. It's all here: all the dirt. I'd be done like a dinner if this got into the wrong hands." With that, he screws up the sheet of paper and tosses it into the fire. He then smiles, "I can get ready now." Andy reaches into the box and takes out the rest of Glen's clothes and the tape. He looks at the tape and then puts it into his jacket pocket. He puts the rest of the clothes in the fire.

Alison is heading towards the front door of the house when Wayne comes round the corner from the back. She approaches him and, noticing that he's still not in his suit, comments, "The invitation should have said the dress was casual! Charlie went to the trouble of buying a new outfit." Wayne glares at what she's wearing and retorts, "You obviously didn't." He then adds sourly, "You really think Glen's going to ride up on his charger at the last minute and stop the wedding, don't you?" Alison smiles, "If I was a betting woman, I'd put money on it." Wayne tells her, "It's just as well you're not - a betting woman, I mean - because you'd lose your dough. You always do when the race is fixed." With that, he adds lightly, "See you in church," and walks off.

Fiona, May, Beryl and Robert have arrived and Gordon is greeting them on the front driveway. He adds that Susan is over at Charlie's, getting changed. Wayne joins them and smiles, "Afternoon, ladies." Beryl glares at him. He then looks at Gordon and continues quickly, "Before you say anything, I'll be showered and dressed within twenty minutes!" Turning to Beryl, he asks, "How's my future mother-in-law? Looking forward to the big event?" Beryl just mutters, "It's Susan's day. I hope everything turns out well for her." Wayne assures her, "It will." Alison looks on from a distance as Wayne looks at Robert and adds, "Won't it, Robert? You'll have to call me 'Uncle Wayne' when you can talk!" Gordon suggests to Beryl that she take Robert inside. Beryl insists, "He's fine." Gordon comments, "The poor little fella's been out in the sun all day; take him up to my room and let him rest." Beryl, however, retorts, "He's perfectly alright, Gordon." Fiona tries, "Come on, Beryl - we don't want him crying during the wedding ceremony." Beryl retorts, "If he cries, I'll take him out." Gordon comments in surprise, "You can't walk out - you're the bride's mother." Beryl snaps, "And Robert's the bride's brother - I'm not leaving him inside." Gordon asks, "Why on earth not? What do you think will happen to him?" Beryl just snaps, "I want him with me." Gordon insists, "Really, Beryl: there's a bed up there. I'll organise one of the caterers to keep an eye on him." Beryl, however, demands, "Why can't I keep any eye on him? Why can't I keep an eye on my own son?" Fiona suggests suddenly, "Why don't I stay with him? I could tuck him in; read him a story. He'll be alright." Gordon points out, "Then you'll miss the wedding." Fiona insists, "That's alright, Gordon." Gordon retorts, "No it isn't." Fiona sighs, "Gordon, please." Gordon, still looking annoyed, mutters, "OK, fine. I'll catch up with everybody later." He walks off, looking at Wayne as he does so and adding, "You: shower." Wayne assures him, "I'm going, I'm going!" He and Gordon walk off. Beryl says to Fiona, "Thankyou." Fiona shrugs, "It's not as if I'll be missing much anyway - except Glen's arrival." She then takes Robert from Beryl and the three of them head up to the house. Alison watches them, a thoughtful frown on her face.

A short time later, May is standing with Fiona and some other guests inside, in the lounge room, commenting to Fiona, "Susan's going to have a lot of gifts to return. Fiona nods, "That's one of the more unpleasant aspects of the exercise - although if it was that or spending the rest of my time with Wayne, I know what I'd choose." Alison walks over to them suddenly and asks, "What's going on? What's wrong?" Fiona replies blankly, "Nothing, as far as I know." Alison, however, insists, "Something is - I can feel it. Wayne is out there strutting around as though he's king of the barnyard. Beryl's scared stiff of him." Fiona assures her, "Beryl is not scared of him; she hates him, but--" Alison interrupts and retorts, "She's scared of him, Fiona; I can tell the difference." Fiona retorts, "Maybe you can, but for your information there is a very good reason why she is so protective of Robert: we had a scare this morning - he disappeared again; some stupid woman who can't have any children of her own just picked him up and walked off with him." Alison queries, "A woman? Not Wayne?" Fiona sighs, "Hardly." Alison murmurs, "No, as usual he gets someone else to do his dirty work for him, doesn't he?" Fiona sighs, "Oh, Alison, I do think you're letting your imagination run away with you." Alison, however, demands, "Then why hasn't he shown?" May chips in suddenly, "Relax - he'll be here. He told me so." Fiona looks at her and asks in surprise, "When did he tell you?" May replies, "When he called. He wanted to speak to you and you were out - that was the message." Alison asks quickly, "What did he say?" May, looking thoughtful, tells her and Fiona, "He said his 'plane was early, he was on his way to the Hamiltons', he'd meet you here." Fiona asks, "When did he call?" May replies, "A couple of hours ago. Before we left." A suddenly-worried-looking Alison remarks, "Then he should be here." Fiona murmurs, "Yes, he should..."

Glen is walking along a quiet track, wearing just his underwear. An open-topped car suddenly comes towards him, and he holds out his arms to stop it. It drives straight past him, though. After a few seconds, however, it reverses back. The driver stares at him and then asks him where he's going. Glen tells him, "Sydney." The man asks bemusedly, "You're feeling more people will give you a lift if you take your clothes off?!" Glen replies quickly, "It was a prank - a mate of mine thought they were being funny." The man smiles, "Jump in." He then hands Glen a bottle of scotch and tells him to get it into him. Glen takes a sip. The man adds, "You need some clothes?" Glen replies, "You got some?" The man indicates some bags piled up in the back of his car and tells him, "My whole wardrobe." He reaches across to the back and then hands a grateful Glen a shirt. He then pulls away.

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Janice is looking at herself in the mirror. She has her bridesmaid's dress on and Owen, who's standing with her, tells her distantly, "It's nice." Janice turns to him and demands, "Is that all you can say?" Owen tries, "It's very nice?" Janice mutters, "Owen..." Owen sighs, "Oh, I'm sorry, Janice. I just can't think straight at the moment. I'm afraid of what Charlie's going to say at the wedding about mother. I'm going to become a laughing stock." Janice, however, insists, "Charlie won't say a word. You're worrying over nothing. Why don't you go over to the Hamiltons'? I'll be there as soon as I've finished helping Susan dress." Owen mutters, "I don't want people sniggering behind my back." Janice assures him, "No one's going to snigger; I won't let them." With that, they walk to the front door.

A number of wedding guests are seated in the marquee erected in the grounds of Dural. Wayne is standing at the front of the marquee with Andy and the celebrant. May and Beryl sit down on one of the rows of chairs laid out, and Beryl glares at Wayne. At the front, Wayne turns to Andy and murmurs, "You haven't managed to lose the ring?" Andy tells him, "I wouldn't be game!" Wayne then looks across at where Alison's sitting with Charlie and Isabella and comments, "Look at Alison: looks like she's been chewing lemons all afternoon!" In her seat, Alison leans across to Charlie and murmurs, "I wish someone would do the world a favour and push Wayne under a train!" On the other side of the marquee, Owen turns round in concern as he hears another guest saying behind him, "After all these years, the things she's done..." May suddenly leans over to him and asks, "How did Janice look?" Owen murmurs, "Wonderful. She'll make a lovely bridesmaid. She'll also make a lovely bride when our time comes." May then turns to Beryl and comments, "Fiona's aversion therapy isn't working." Beryl looks at her blankly and May adds, "Janice and Owen." Beryl then turns round to look at the back of the marquee. She whispers to May, "They're here." A look of horror crosses her face. Janice, Susan and Gordon are standing at the end of a long red carpet. Wayne stands at the front of the marquee, a smile on his face. Janice adjusts Susan's train and Gordon then asks, "We ready?" Janice nods, "I think so." The organist starts playing Here Comes the Bride. Beryl looks on, clearly upset, as Janice and Gordon escort Susan down the aisle towards the front of the marquee. They stop in front of the celebrant and Susan smiles warmly at Wayne. The organist stops playing and the celebrant then says to the congregation, "We are here today to share with Wayne and Susan one of the most important decisions in their lives." Wayne looks at Susan happily. The celebrant continues, "They have learned to know and to love each other and have now decided to live their lives together as husband and wife. We have been invited to hear Wayne and Susan as they promise to face the future together, accepting whatever may lie ahead. May the friendship between them be a firm base on which to establish this marriage." Wayne and Susan smile at each other. The celebrant then turns to Gordon and says, "Gordon, do you give Susan's hand in marriage?" Before Gordon can respond, though, a voice calls suddenly from the back of the marquee, "Hang on. Hold it." It's David. Stepping inside and walking towards the front of the marquee, he adds curtly, "I've got a few things to say - and after I have, there's no way that my daughter will marry that two-faced mongrel." Susan and Wayne stare at him in horror.


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