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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Later that day, Wayne and Susan are at an airport. As they emerge through a set of sliding doors, an announcement comes over the tannoy: "Air New South Wales welcomes passengers on flight 946 from Sydney to Noosa and the Sunshine Coast".

Sometime later, Wayne is pouring two glasses of champagne in his and Susan's hotel room. Susan is standing looking through the window. She smiles that the whole place is lovely. Wayne tells her warmly, "It's not a scratch on you, Mrs. Hamilton." Susan giggles. She then takes the glass that Wayne offers her and proposes, "To married life." They clink their glasses and drink.

Owen is lying unconscious on the couch in the lounge at Dural. He groans, but doesn't wake up. Andy walks in and takes off his jacket. He throws it down on an armchair, not noticing as he does so that the tape of Maria falls out of the pocket and onto the floor. Fiona is sitting in another armchair and he comments to her that it's been a long day. Fiona retorts, "It most certainly has been a long day, but if you think you've got off best, I'd think again. As far as Wayne is concerned, the battle's over; he got what he came after. I wonder where that leaves you? I'd say on the scrapheap." Andy, however, replies slyly, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Fiona, but I've already worked that out, and that isn't going to happen, because I've got something." Fiona asks, "Oh what?" Andy tells her, "Just a bit of insurance, that's all." He goes to pick up his jacket, but suddenly notices the tape lying on the floor. Isabella is sniffing and pawing at it. Andy stares at her and starts to curse, "You stupid little mutt..." He picks up the tape; several inches' worth has spooled out of its casing. He starts trying to reel it back in. Fiona, looking at his agitated expression, points out, "It's only a tape." Andy snaps, "Only a tape? It's--" He breaks off before continuing more calmly, "It's twelve bucks here." Fiona asks what's on it. Andy says quickly, "Nothing. Just a bit of music, that's all." At that moment, Owen starts groaning again. Andy suggests to Fiona that she let him sleep it off. Fiona remarks, "At least Janice has seen him at his worst. Let's hope it's given her food for thought..." Andy carries on trying to wind the tape back in its cover, sighing heavily as he does so.

Wayne and Susan are sitting in the restaurant at the hotel in Noosa. The lighting is subdued. Wayne asks Susan, "How are you enjoying heaven?" Susan smiles, "So far... perfect!" Wayne suggests, "Let's stay here, then! Who needs to go back to Dural anyway?!" Susan giggles. Wayne then whispers to her, "I love to watch you smile." Susan asks in surprise, "Why?" Wayne replies, "It's pretty. It suits you." Susan, looking suddenly uncomfortable, looks down at the table. Wayne asks calmly but sharply, "Why won't you look at me? Is there something wrong?" Susan looks up at him and assures him, "No. No. I love you. Honestly I do. I want to be the best wife I can. I hope I can be, that's all." Wayne takes her hand and kisses it lovingly.

Glen is sitting on the couch in Fiona's room at the mansion, looking glum. Fiona comes in through the door and comments that she thought she might find him there. She adds, "I heard Gordon's putting a restraining order on you." Glen nods, "Hmm." He then goes on, "Beryl and Dave were good. They picked me up from the station." Fiona asks, "Where were they going back to from there? Albert Park or David's?" Glen replies, "Albert Park, I think - for tonight. Then Beryl's going up to stay with her parents for a while." Fiona asks, "And what about you?" Glen sighs, "The Gap's only fifteen minutes away..." Fiona sits down with him and muses, "Oh... I suppose it feels tempting, too." Glen shrugs, "I don't know... it's just so damn frustrating. It's like there's someone up there who's saying 'Let's really kick this guy, OK? I mean, we won't just make him feel lonely - that would be too easy; let's lead him on a little bit; make him feel what he's going to miss out on.' They let me get so close, every time. Even today, they let me kiss her. They gave me one second of hope, then 'Sorry, that's enough.' I can't take that forever, Fiona; no one can."

Wayne is standing in the bedroom of the hotel room in Noosa. Susan calls out from the bathroom, "Here I come!" Wayne calls back quickly, "Hang on." He then goes and dims the lights before jumping on the bed and calling, "OK!" Susan emerges from the bedroom, wearing a long, slinky nightdress, and she asks, "Do you like it?" Wayne smiles, "You look sensational!" She climbs onto the bed with Wayne and they start kissing passionately. They then turn over so that Susan is lying back on the bed, still kissing...

In Fiona's room at the mansion, Glen muses, "I wonder what they're doing now?" Fiona, who's clearing away a cup of tea, just suggests to him that he could drag a mattress into the room if he likes. Glen thanks her. He then curses, "Why couldn't something have gone right? Just one break; that's all I needed. Gordon and his damned restraining order. If only he could have heard Maria's confession. I had it on tape, you know - the lot. She admitted everything." Fiona, looking suddenly brighter, asks quickly, "What happened to it?" Glen retorts, "What do you think? Wayne's gorillas took it along with everything else. I don't know what they did with it. Gave it away, I guess." Fiona suggests, "Or Andy?" Glen shrugs, "Maybe." Fiona tells him, "No 'maybe' about it; I'd stake my life on it. I saw him guarding a tape like it was pure gold - and boasting that he had a little insurance on the side in case Wayne was going to fire him. It all adds up, don't you think?" Glen mutters, "Probably." Fiona insists, "If we know where it is, we can think up ways of getting it back. Then it's a whole new ballgame." Glen, however, sighs, "What's the point? If we can get it... and if we can get it to Susan without Wayne intercepting it... and if she listens to it... and if she believes it... That's four 'ifs' already. But given all that: what will happen?" Fiona suggests, "She'll leave Wayne?" Glen replies glumly, "Will she?" Fiona insists, "Of course she will. Wouldn't you?" Glen nods, "Yeah - but I'm not Susan. But I do know her well enough to know if she does leave him she'll never ever divorce him. It's just not her; it's not the way she does things; it's especially not the way she looks at marriage." He goes on sadly, "I'd rather see her happy than miserable, Fiona, Wayne or no Wayne." Fiona listens but then just muses, "I'd rather get my hands on that tape. There is more than one way of using evidence like that..."

There are nightclothes scattered on the hotel room floor in Noosa. Wayne and Susan are lying in bed, their arms round each other. They're half-asleep. Susan is stroking Wayne's chest, and Wayne murmurs to her, "It's alright, darling... I'm still here." Susan murmurs back in her half-sleep, "Oh... Glen..." Wayne opens his eyes, looking suddenly worried.

It's the next morning, and Andy walks into the lounge room at Dural to find Owen still lying asleep on the couch. He then heads back out into the hallway, picks up the 'phone and dials a number. The 'phone rings in Wayne and Susan's hotel room. It wakes them up. Wayne picks up the 'phone next to the bed and answers it sleepily. Andy, who's holding the tape, says brightly, "Hi, it's me!" Wayne groans, "Do you know what time it is?" Andy asks, "I didn't wake you, did I?" Wayne mutters, "Yes, you did." Andy just tells him, "Sorry. I think we'd better have a bit of a chat. Sort of important." Wayne mutters, "Alright. Ring me back in about an hour." With that, he hangs up. At Dural, Andy, looking surprised, hangs up as well and murmurs, "Alright." He goes to head back into the lounge room, but there's suddenly a knock on the front door. He puts the tape down on the telephone table and goes to answer the door. He finds a young girl standing there. It's Cassie. She asks, "Is Mr. Hamilton here?" Andy tells her, "Not at the moment. He's gone to see his lawyer and a couple of friends." Cassie insists, "I've got to see Mr. Hamilton." Andy replies, "I'm sorry, little girl, but he's not--" Cassie interrupts and pleads, "Please, I have to. It's not for long; I've just got to talk to him." Andy sighs, "OK, I'll tell you what I'll do: I'll give you the address of his friends and enough money to catch a bus, OK?" As he walks back to the telephone table to write them down, Cassie murmurs, "Thankyou."

Susan and Wayne are still lying in their bed at the hotel. Susan is smiling as she strokes Wayne's chest. He asks her, "Did you dream about me?" Susan nods, "Of course!" She then kisses him and tells him, "It was beautiful, Wayne." Wayne sits up suddenly and climbs out of bed. He heads to the bathroom. When the door has shut, Susan's face drops and she murmurs to herself, "Who are you kidding, Susan? "

In Fiona's room at the mansion, Glen thanks Fiona for the bed. Noticing that she has a jacket on, he then asks her where she's off to. Fiona smiles, "I thought I might go and do a little snooping for that tape." Glen asks her, "You're just going to invite yourself over there, are you?" Fiona explains, "No - I want to pick up Owen, anyway." Glen comments, "While you're there, you might as well have a quick look round?!" Fiona laughs, "I don't think too much of my chances, but you never know your luck in a big house!" Glen warns her, "If you do find it, be careful, huh?" Fiona assures him, "It'll be used just to keep Wayne in place - that's all, I promise." She then asks Glen where he's going. Glen shrugs, "I don't know; wherever my feet take me, I suppose. I'll find some work here or there; repay Alison for the air fare to Bali." He then asks, "Could you say thanks to everyone who helped me? Beryl and Charlie and Dave?" Fiona nods, "Of course." He adds, "I'll see you when I see you." Fiona tells him, "You keep in touch, you hear?" Glen replies, "I will." With that, he heads out, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Cassie is standing on a footpath, crying and looking lost. Glen approaches her, slowly, and, bending down to her level, asks in concern, "Hey, what's wrong?" Cassie just stares at him. He assures her, "I'm not going to hurt you." He then adds, "I'm Glen. What's your name?" Cassie tells him and he smiles, "It's a pretty name." He then asks her what she was crying for. She shrugs, "Nothing." Glen suggests, "Maybe if you've lost something I can help you find it." Cassie takes out a piece of paper and reads, "40 Burke Street." Glen queries, "40? That's easy - it's just down the road. Come on - I'll show you." He starts walking back in the direction he came from. Cassie runs to catch him up and then announces with a smile, "I've run away from home!"

Owen is snoring on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. Andy checks on him and then heads out into the hallway. He picks up the tape from the telephone table and looks at it happily. He then starts to dial a number on the 'phone. He suddenly hears a clattering from the lounge room and he puts down the 'phone and tape and dashes in there. Owen has fallen off the couch, onto the floor. He groans, "I'm never going to drink again... ever!" Andy helps him sit up straight and then heads back out to the hallway. He starts dialling a number on the 'phone again, but there's then a knock at the door, and he hangs up again in frustration. He opens the door to find Fiona there. She smiles, "Good morning! I have come to pick up my niece's alcoholic fiancé!" Andy points to the lounge room and says, "He's right there." They head in there. Owen is sprawled under the coffee table, groaning, "I can't find my glasses..." Fiona tells him to move over and let those who can see take a look! She starts hunting round as Owen asks pitifully, "How's Janice this morning?" Fiona replies, "I wouldn't know - she left around seven to go and teach somewhere." Owen groans, "I suppose she's pretty disgusted..." Fiona retorts, "I would suspect she was, just a little." Owen goes on, "I know I've got to apologise. Maybe I should take her something; a present. Wedding cake. Any left?" Andy nods, "There's some out in the hall, on the table." Owen manages to stand up and Andy guides him in the direction of the lounge room doors. He staggers out there. Fiona starts tidying up and Andy offers her a hand. Fiona replies quickly, "Unless you've got something else you want to do. Don't let me stop you." Andy insists, "It's cool." They start looking around. Andy looks under the couch and suddenly spots Owen's glasses there. Out in the hallway, Owen is feeling around for the cake. There are some slices laid out on the telephone table, and the tape is next to them. Unable to see clearly without his glasses, Owen picks up a napkin, wraps it round what he thinks is a piece of cake, but is actually the tape, and picks it up! He then heads back into the lounge room. Fiona walks over to him and hands him his glasses. He puts them on gratefully. Fiona then asks Andy if there's any chance of some morning tea. Andy, however, tells her, "I don't mean to seem pushy, but I have got a lot to do." With that, he starts guiding her and Owen out into the hallway. The 'phone begins to ring as he does so. He closes the lounge room doors behind them and then answers the call at the bar. Wayne comes on and Andy tells him gleefully, "Just the man I wanted to speak to." Wayne warns, "I haven't got much time - Susan's in the shower, so shut up and listen: get someone to work over Glen - and make sure they do it properly. And make sure he leaves Sydney for good." He listens to Andy's response and then snaps, "What?" At Dural, Andy repeats, "I said I won't do it. I'm sick of you carrying on like a poor man's Al Capone." Wayne threatens, "You do it or you're fired." Andy just laughs, "Fire me - if you want your marriage wrecked. I've got the tape of Maria's confession, Wayne - which means I will pick and choose exactly what I will and won't do. Understand?" With that, he hangs up.

A short time later, Andy heads out into the hallway to pick up the tape. He suddenly discovers that it's gone, though, and he starts looking frantically around by the telephone table. He then cries bitterly, "I don't believe it..."

In his hotel room, Wayne dials a number on the 'phone. The 'phone rings at Dural and Andy picks it up. Wayne comes on and says, "Me again." Andy smiles, "I forgot: what's it like up in Noosa?" Wayne, however, retorts, "You can cut the 'good mates' line. We're finished. I'll send you ten grand now so you can have a good time while we're up here, and I'll deposit a further twenty in your account when I get back. In return, you give me the cassette. Sound fair to you?" Andy nods quickly, "Yeah, sure." Wayne replies, "That's what we'll do then." He then adds menacingly, "And Andy: it's a business deal; it's not the start of a blackmail racket. If I give you the money and you don't give me the cassette, you'd better know the Lord's Prayer..."

Cassie is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, telling Glen, "He's a really nice man. Why should mummy say we can't see him anymore, then?" Glen suggests, "I'm sure your mum had a reason." Cassie, though, retorts, "No she doesn't. I hate her." Glen warns, "Cassie..." Cassie cries, "She hates being happy. She never likes me being happy. I hate her." Glen tells her, "You're angry with her. She's hurt you and you don't understand why. But I'm sure you still love her." Cassie insists, "No I don't. She doesn't love me." Glen points out, "She's your mum, isn't she?" Cassie snaps, "She's not as nice as Mr. Hamilton." Glen points out, "Mr. Hamilton hasn't had to look after you. He hasn't had to work himself into the ground to make sure you've got some pretty clothes to wear and you get a good meal to eat every night. You said that your mum works all day and half the night sometimes." Cassie shrugs. Glen goes on, "Why do you think she does that? You can bet she doesn't enjoy it. No one enjoys that much work. She does it because she loves you, Cassie, and she wants to give you the best she possibly can." Cassie asks, "Then why can't I--" Glen interrupts, "Why can't you see Gordon? I know. All I can say is for some reason your mum thinks you're better off not to. I'm sure she isn't doing it to punish you or because she doesn't like you being happy. She does it because she loves you, Cassie. People do all sorts of crazy things when they love someone, but they never stop loving them. Believe me, Cassie, you never stop loving them..." There's suddenly a knock on the door and Glen calls, "Come in." Maggie walks in and snaps at Cassie, "There you are. I've been halfway round Sydney looking for you, young girl. Now come here - I'm nearly out of my mind." Glen tells Maggie soothingly, "It's alright." Cassie says, "Sorry mum." Maggie picks her up and gives her a loving kiss.

Sometime later, Glen is standing at the side of a road. Cars drive past him, ignoring him as he tries to thumb a lift out of Sydney...


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