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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

At the mansion, Charlie walks into May's room, telling May that David was furious. May asked if he called the police. Charlie replies, "After he chased the driver he did. Apparently, the whole thing was a dreadful mistake: the driver had been sent to flatten a market garden, but not David's. He'd been given the wrong address, would you believe? Apparently, he's going to get restitution, but it could take some time, by all accounts. In the meantime he's in rather a mess financially." May asks what he's going to do. Charlie tells her, "He was going to get a bank loan, but there's not much chance of that now - not without crops to put up as guarantee." May murmurs, "I suppose not." Changing the subject, she offers Charlie a cup of tea. Charlie accepts. As May puts the kettle on, Charlie asks her when Fiona went up to Woombai. May replies that it was last night. Charlie tells her that Gordon has asked her if she'd like to go up there, so perhaps she might: she can bring Fiona up to date on what's been happening in Melbourne...

Wayne is setting up a barbecue in the grounds of the hotel in Noosa. Craig, Susan and Tina are all standing nearby, making other party arrangements. Wayne looks across at Susan and tells her, "Must admit I'm looking forward to tonight - think I might have a few things to celebrate, as well." Susan, an intrigued smile on her face, asks, "Such as?" Wayne just grins, "Marrying you, for starters!" He then looks over at Tina and asks if everything's organised. She replies that it is. She adds that she's invited some of her workmates along. Susan smiles that that's fine by them. She and Wayne then head off to their room. Tina and Craig go and sit down in some nearby chairs. A short distance away, Debbie and Andy are approaching the barbecue area. Andy asks Debbie if she feels like a swim, but she declines. She suddenly spots Craig and Tina sitting together, and she sighs, "Not again... every time I turn around, they're together. I don't know how much more of this I can take, Andy. Let's go." She turns to head off. Andy, however, tells her, "You can't walk away from things, Deb. Never ever let anyone think they got the better of you." He then takes her arm and guides her over to where Craig and Tina are sitting. As they approach, they hear Craig saying, "I wish I could stay here for ever." Debbie glares at him and mutters, "You can't, though, can you?" Craig, looking at Tina warmly, smiles, "Oh, I can think of a couple of good reasons why I'd like to!" Debbie mutters furiously, "Yeah, I suppose you can..."

Gordon and Owen are walking along in the grounds at Woombai, Gordon saying, "Normally there's a staff of about 15, but in summer it builds to about twenty. Owen looks around and asks if all the old buildings dotted around the property are still in use. Gordon, however, tells him, "Oh no. Most think the old ruins should be pulled down." Owen asks, "Should they?" Gordon replies, "Of course they should, but I won't let them: they're the only part of the old property that remains. There are some memories here..." He then goes on distantly, "We used to run a lot more cattle on Woombai. Every three months - always on a Saturday morning - we'd round up the new stock and brand them. Very much a family affair. Dad, James, myself... James and I used to try and ride the calves round this yard here! And when we were finished, mum would have morning tea ready: sponge cake... scones... as much cream as you liked! It was a good life; the best." Owen tells him, "You were very lucky. I've always loved the outdoors, but I was brought up in the city. It was all I could do to convince mum to let me join the boy scouts - and the occasional weekend bushwalking. That's why I'd love to be the curator of the Woombai Nature Reserve." He then goes on, "What I thought I might do, if it's alright with you, is inspect some of the bush areas on the property and map out some bushwalking trails to show you what I'm capable of. We don't want people walking where they shouldn't, you know? I mean, you've got to have trails that are really safe--" All-of-a-sudden, he breaks off as he puts his foot on an old plank of wood, which collapses beneath him and sends him into the murky, slimy water below! After a few seconds, he surfaces, looking sheepish!

A while later, Gordon and Owen are standing in the lounge room at the homestead, with Fiona and Janice. Janice comments to Owen that he smells to high-heaven! Fiona suggests to him that he goes and changes. Janice offers to run a tub for him. Owen tells her, "Later I'm going to map out some bushwalking trails. Would you like to come?" Fiona says quickly, "Of course she would, wouldn't you Janice, dear?!" Janice nods, "Yes, of course." She then leads Owen out of the room, leaving Gordon to ask Fiona what she's up to. Fiona shrugs innocently, "Just a little reverse psychology!"

Sometime later, Owen and Janice are packing provisions in a rucksack. Owen turns to Gordon and tells him, "We'll be back by five o'clock. If we're not, you'll know something has gone wrong." Janice chides, "Nothing is going to go wrong, Owen. Stop being such a fusspot." Owen, however, insists that he's just taking sensible precautions. Janice sighs, "Honestly, Owen, you'll plan yourself right out of existence, one day!" Fiona tells them to enjoy themselves. Janice mutters, "We'll try." With that, she and Owen head out. When they've gone, Gordon remarks, "They're a very nice couple, Fiona, but sometimes I wonder how she puts up with him." Fiona murmurs, "I know... isn't it wonderful!"

At the hotel in Noosa, Susan is drying her hair in her and Wayne's room. There's suddenly a knock on the door and she opens it to find Craig standing there. She invites him in. He asks if he can borrow some hair gel, and Susan replies that it's in the bathroom. She then adds, "I've got something for you: Tina's make-up bag. She said you wanted to make yourself look older." She hands it over.

Outside, Debbie is walking with Andy, by the pool, sighing, "He'll end up staying here - I know he will. Any excuse will do, just as long as he's with Tina." They sit down at a bar and Andy comments that she's determined to expect the worst. Debbie smiles weakly and says, "I'm sorry, Andy - you must be so sick of listening to my problems." Andy insists that it's OK. Debbie asks him how things are going with him. Andy tells her that if things go the way he plans, he should be opening up his nightclub in a couple of months. Debbie exclaims, "Great!" She then asks, "Who's backing you?" Andy replies quickly, "A property developer from the Gold Coast - but he wants to keep it all hush-hush until the deal's signed." Debbie murmurs, "Oh." Andy then goes on, "Deb, why don't you talk to Craig? Tell him what's bothering you?" Debbie just shrugs, "I couldn't." Andy suggests, "You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go on - have it out with him. At least you'll feel a lot better - and then you'll know where you stand." Debbie sits there, looking thoughtful.

Inside, Craig emerges from Wayne and Susan's room, clutching Tina's make-up bag. Debbie walks towards him suddenly and asks, "Can we talk?" Craig nods, "Sure. What's the problem?" Debbie starts to say, "I'd just like to know what's been going on between you and--" She breaks off as she suddenly notices the make-up bag in his hands, and she demands, "Does that belong to Tina?" Craig replies hesitantly, "Yeah - it's her make-up bag." Debbie demands, "What are you doing with it?" Craig tells her, "I found it." Debbie asks, "Where?" Craig says quickly, "Well, I didn't actually find it. She left it in Susan's room and I said I'd pick it up for her. I'm on my way to find her now." Debbie glares at him and cries, "Liar." Craig insists, "I'm not." Debbie, however, snaps, "Of course you are. You might think that I'm stupid, Craig, but I'm not so stupid as to not know what's been going on. You can just disappear, because I never want to see you again as long as I live." With that, she runs off down the corridor, leaving Craig looking astonished.

A few moments later, Craig sets off down the corridor as well. He bumps into Andy and asks him if he's seen Debbie. Andy says, "The last I saw of her... she was on her way to see you; she wanted to talk to you." Craig tells him, "She started to, but she went crazy. Ended up saying that she didn't want to see me again." Andy looks at the make-up bag in Craig's hands and asks, "Did she say anything about that?" Craig replies, "Yeah. That's what seemed to set her off in the first place." Andy sighs, "Listen, mate, Debbie thinks you and Tina are an item." Craig gasps, "What?" Andy tells him, "You can't blame her: you and Tina always seem to be in each other's pockets." Craig murmurs, "Debbie thinks that Tina and I are on together...?" Andy asks, "Aren't you?" Craig sighs heavily and then runs off.

A short time later, Craig runs into Debbie's room. A cleaner working in the corridor tells him, "There's no one there, sir." Craig looks at her and says, "The young lady: didn't she come back to her room?" The cleaner tells him, "No. She just left." Craig asks, "Did she say where she was going?" The cleaner replies, "She was checking out. She had a suitcase with her. She'll probably be on her way to the airport by now." Craig stands there, looking shocked.

Debbie is sitting in a coffee lounge at the airport. As Craig walks up to a nearby check-in desk, he spots her sitting there, looking upset. He walks over to her and asks gently, "Going somewhere?" Debbie mutters, "Yes: back to Melbourne." Craig sits down with her and says, "There's no reason to." Debbie demands, "Isn't there?" Craig tells her, "Deb, there's nothing going on between Tina and me. There isn't - honest. Andy told me what you were thinking, but you're wrong - it's not Tina that I'm mad about; it's you." Debbie cries, "Then why have you been spending so much time with her? And why all those whispered conversations that suddenly ended when I came on the scene? Don't try and tell me something hasn't been going on." Craig replies, "Alright, I won't - but it's not what you think. If you come back to the hotel, you'll find out." A tannoy announcement sounds suddenly for Debbie's flight. She looks at one of the loudspeakers before turning back to Craig and asking wearily, "Why can't you tell me now?" Craig replies, "I just can't, that's all." He then pleads, "Don't go, Deb - please? We've still got a couple of days left of our holiday. Don't let's waste them." Debbie looks at him and then gives him a hug.

Janice is sitting on her own in the middle of a wooded area in some bush near Woombai. She stands up and starts calling for Owen, looking concerned. Owen emerges suddenly from some nearby scrub, smiling, "It's alright: I found the waterhole - half a kilometre due south." Janice smiles, "Thank goodness - I thought we were never going to get there." She then asks him, "What sort of tea would you like? Orange, jasmine or peppermint?" Owen, though, gasps, "We haven't got time for any type of tea. This wasn't supposed to be a rest stop. I just needed a chance to get my bearings, that's all." Janice mutters, "You took so long I thought you'd got lost." Owen sighs, "Look, we won't get lost as long as I can find magnetic north, alright?" With that, he starts packing away the tea things. Janice throws equipment into the rucksack as Owen cajoles, "There's only so much light in the day, you know?" Janice mutters, "There's only so much patience--" Owen looks at her sharply and asks, "Pardon?" Janice says quickly, "Nothing. Lead on, Dr. Livingstone!" With that, Owen starts to march forward. Janice follows him, neither of them noticing the compass left lying on the ground behind them...

Charlie has arrived at the Woombai homestead, and she tells Gordon in the lounge room that it's good to see him. She adds that she's just been bringing Fiona up to date on the latest gossip. Gordon asks, "Anything I should know about?" Charlie glances over at Fiona - sitting on the couch with Isabella - and says hesitantly, "No... I don't think so." Fiona adds quickly, "Not right now, anyhow." Gordon comments that it all sounds very mysterious! Changing the subject, Charlie then tells Gordon enthusiastically, "I must say, darling, this idea of yours for a sanctuary is absolutely wonderful. You're to be congratulated." Gordon, however, replies, "No, you thank Wayne. It was his idea." Her face turning stony, Charlie mutters, "I will. Next time I see him." Gordon comments warmly, "He's come a long way, hasn't he? I'm very proud of him. Seems like only a few months ago he'd do anything to get his own way. Now he's a changed man. Maybe Susan has something to do with it?" Fiona sits on the couch and smiles at him, weakly.

A number of guests are gathered around the barbecue area at the hotel in Noosa. Andy - dressed as Darth Vader - asks Tina where Debbie and Craig got to. Tina shrugs that they must still be getting ready. She walks over to Susan - who's dressed as Dorothy - who tells her, "Craig's probably holding her back until he's sure we're all here." Tina nods, "Mmm..." She then asks Susan what Wayne is coming as. Susan grins, "You'll see - and it's very good!" Andy comments, "I thought he would have been here by now." Susan tells him, "He's still off talking business; making 'phone calls; sending telexes. He's been like that almost since we arrived. I'd have spent a lot of time on my own if Craig and Debbie hadn't turned up." A short distance away, Debbie and Craig are approaching the barbecue area, but Craig tells Debbie suddenly to close her eyes. She does so. Craig then takes her arm and leads her forward. Debbie laughs, "If you're leading me to the pool..." Craig insists, "I'm not - I promise." The guests by the pool are chatting, but Tina spots Craig and Debbie approaching and tells everyone to shush. Debbie and Craig arrive by the pool and Craig then tells Debbie to open her eyes. She does so to find Susan, Tina, Andy and lots of other people standing in front of her. They burst into a round of Happy Birthday! Craig then leads three cheers and Tina demands a speech! Debbie, a broad smile on her face, says, "I don't know what to say! It's such a surprise! I just had no idea! It's wonderful! Thankyou! But it's not my birthday..." Tina gasps, "It's not?!" Craig insists, "Yes it is. I remember you telling me: the 30th." Debbie nods, "The 30th of September!" Tina laughs, "Oh well: July... September... who cares?! Hey, we've got a party going - what more could we want?" Craig walks off, leaving Debbie to tell Tina, "I owe you an apology." Tina asks in surprise, "Why's that?" Debbie replies, "It's too complicated to tell you now, but I'll tell you tomorrow. I'm still sorry, though." Craig walks over to where Andy is standing - having removed his helmet - and says, "Debbie told me what a good friend you've been to her. No hard feelings?" He holds out his hand and Andy shakes it. Wayne appears nearby, suddenly , dressed as the devil! Debbie asks him whatever made him come like that. Wayne explains, "Nostalgia trip, actually. There was a time when people thought I was in league with him, but now that I've met Susan, I wouldn't hurt a fly!" Andy stands there, looking dubious.

In the bush near Woombai, Janice and Owen are marching along, Janice crying at Owen, "Half a kilometre south, that's what you said. That's where the waterhole was supposed to be. We've been tramping for the last hour-and-a-half, Owen. We should have been there by now." Owen snaps back, "I know, Janice, I'm not a fool." Janice growls, "That's debatable." Owen points out curtly, "I didn't lose the compass." Janice snaps, "Who did, then? Mr. Nobody?" Owen snaps back, "You had to make a stupid cup of tea, didn't you?" Janice cries, "I was thirsty." Owen snaps, "If I hadn't had to repack this rucksack, I wouldn't have left the compass there in the first place." He goes on angrily, "I thought I was coming out with an experienced walker, not an amateur." Janice gasps, "I never said I was experienced. I came along to keep you company. 'Get to know more about the man you're going to marry', I said to myself." Owen retorts tersely, "I hope you're taking notes - you might learn something." Janice cries, "I think I'm starting to." Owen stops walking suddenly, as they reach a clearing, and he tells Janice, "We're staying here tonight." Looking horrified, Janice demands, "Why?" Owen explains, "We've got to stay in one place. Conserve our energy. We can't move around. We've got to stay in one place for the search party. If you want to do something constructive, you can start practising your 'coo-ee' calls." With that, he demonstrates. He then looks over at Janice, bent down on the ground, looking upset, and mutters, "Women!"

The door to Wayne and Susan's room opens at the hotel in Noosa and Wayne and Andy walk in, Wayne growling, "Couldn't this have waited? We're supposed to be having a party." Andy shrugs, "As soon as you sign the contract and hand it over, we can get back to it, can't we?" Wayne snarls, "You're very anxious to finalise everything. What's the big hurry?" Andy retorts, "Because I trust you as far as I can spit. The more time I give you, the more you're likely to try and wriggle your way out of it. Now, sign that contract or Susan gets to hear Susan's tape, and I'd hate that to wreck such a perfect little marriage..." Wayne walks over to his briefcase, reluctantly. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly, but Andy orders, "Leave it." Wayne ignores him, though, and picks it up. In a 'phone box, a gloved hand turns on a tape machine and Maria's voice comes on, saying:

"My baby is not Glen's. Glen has been nothing but a true friend."

In Noosa, Wayne looks at Andy, but then just says calmly down the 'phone, "Thanks for your call. Bye." He turns to his briefcase and scrawls his signature on a sheet of paper. He holds it out and says, "Happy now?" Andy mutters, "Yeah." He goes to take the piece of paper, but Wayne pulls it away and snarls, "Sorry." Andy snaps in surprise, "What do you think you're doing?" Wayne gives him a shove and growls, "I should strangle you, you pathetic little amateur. You haven't even got the tape, have you?" Andy retorts, "Of course I have." Wayne snaps, "Bull. Now, I don't know who was on that 'phone just then, but whoever it was just played a part of Maria's tape. Now, who do you think it could have been?" Andy snaps back, "Ginny, for sure. I told you I'd hidden the tape somewhere; you don't think I'd be stupid enough to carry it around with me, do you? Ginny's got the tape; she's holding onto it for me - but don't try tracking her down because you'd just be wasting your time. When I get back to Sydney, I'll get it off her and hide it somewhere else - so don't think I haven't got it, because I have." Wayne snarls, "Why would Ginny call me and play a part of Maria's tape over the 'phone?" Andy retorts, "You've met Ginny. She's a crazy lady. She'd do anything for a bit of a laugh. Now, hand over that contract and you'll get the tape." Wayne, however, snaps, "No. You hand over the tape, then I'll give you the contract. That sounds like a better idea to me." Andy demands, "How can I when it's in Sydney?" Wayne suggests curtly, "We'll both just have to wait until we get back to Sydney, won't we? Then we'll have a little exchange ceremony. You get the tape off Ginny, Andy, then I'll give you the contract. It's as simple as that." Andy stands there, looking worried.


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