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    Written by: Boaz Stark   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

May runs into Fiona's room through the gap in the bookcase, crying, "What on earth was that dreadful noise?" She spots Fiona lying on the floor and gasps, "Fiona! Oh my God!" She goes and unplugs the vacuum cleaner and then checks Fiona's pulse. Fiona still doesn't move, and so May starts giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Caroline appears suddenly in the doorway to the room and stands there, looking horrified. May begins to pump Fiona's chest and she begins to come round. Caroline goes and sits on the stairs in the hallway, looking worried.

Craig is driving Ginny to the country house. As they head along the road, he asks her how the flight was. Ginny smiles that it was fun - she had the hostesses running around for her! Craig asks her if this was her first flight. Ginny tells him quickly, "I have flown before - first time in Business class, though." She then comments that she thought she was getting picked up in a limo. Craig explains that his girlfriend's using it for a job. He then asks Ginny how long she's staying for. She shrugs, "I don't know. A few days... a few weeks... depends how things work out." Craig lets out a sigh, looking less than impressed.

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, a pile of papers in front of him, when Craig and Ginny walk in through the back door. He looks at Ginny and smiles, "I guess this must be Australia's newest fashion star!" Craig introduces Ginny and David to each other. David then says to Ginny, "Charlie tells me you're going for a job as a fashion designer." Ginny nods, "Yep! Pierre Cardin's got nothing on me!" David stares at her blankly and murmurs, "I don't doubt it..." Ginny then looks around the house and comments, "Charlie didn't tell me I'd be staying out in the sticks. How am I supposed to get around at night? I hear the clubs down here are pretty good; don't want to be stuck with the kangaroos the whole time." David tells her, "I suppose Debbie and Craig might show you round a bit." Craig murmurs uncomfortably, "Yeah... sure... course..." Ginny glares at him and mutters, "Don't do me any favours, eh?" She then asks where she's sleeping. David explains, "Well, it's a bit of a halfway house here at present: you'll just have to share with Debbie." Ginny asks Craig, "That your girlfriend?" Craig nods, "Yeah. I'll show you where the room is." He leads her out, giving David a grimace as he does so!

Fiona is lying on the couch in her room at the mansion. Caroline is bending down, trying to sweep up the dirt surrounding the broken pot plant. May asks Fiona, "Did your heart stop?" Fiona, though, assures her, "No, I just blacked out." She then asks, "Where did you learn heart massage, anyway?" May smiles, "Reggie Brittleton taught me! We had a wonderful night - we drank two bottles of French champagne... we were just so merry and then..." She grins knowingly! Fiona turns to Caroline and tells her not to worry about the pot plant; she'll get Wayne to clean it up when he decides to show himself. Caroline, though, murmurs, "I don't mind." May growls, "He'll get a verbal spanking he won't forget in a hurry." Caroline asks Fiona if she can get her something to eat. Fiona, though, insists that she's fine. Caroline goes to empty the dust pan in the kitchen. May offers Fiona a sherry. Fiona sighs, "Alright..." May then picks up the vacuum cleaner and adds, "I'll take this death box and dump it with the rubbish." As she goes to head out, she warns, "Don't you go straining yourself." Fiona sighs, "No, doctor!" May leaves the room. A few seconds later, Caroline comes back in from the kitchen and, looking around, asks in concern, "Where's the vacuum?" Fiona explains, "May took it. She decided to dump it with the rubbish." Caroline cries, "Oh my God." She goes to dash out of the room. Fiona calls after her in surprise, "What's wrong?" Caroline tells her, "We need it for evidence: Worker's Compensation." She heads out. Fiona, looking puzzled, calls after her, "But I can't get any worker's comp--" It's too late, though: Caroline is out of earshot.

Caroline catches up with May outside and, indicating the vacuum in her hand, tells her, "I don't think we should get rid of it yet." May points out, "It can't vacuum anymore." Caroline, though, explains, "Fiona might be able to get Worker's Compensation - if we keep it as evidence." May puts the vacuum down and smiles, "That's good thinking! We might get something out of that tightwad yet!" At that moment, Wayne walks towards them, smiling, "Hello, ladies." May snaps at him immediately, "It's about time you showed your face, you... deathmonger!" Wayne gasps in surprise, "What?" May growls, "We nearly lost Fiona this afternoon. This thing - " she indicates the vacuum " - nearly electrocuted her because you're too mean to buy a new one." Wayne, looking shocked, asks, "How is she?" Caroline tells him, "Fine. She just burnt her hand." May adds, "She was unconscious for seconds. A few more decibels and it could have been fatal." With that, she announces, "I'm going to get her a sherry." She heads off back inside, leaving Wayne to query of Caroline, "Decibels?" Caroline explains, "I think she means volts!" Wayne comments, "Sounds like it was a pretty nasty accident." Caroline tells him, "If that's what it was: Alison was here when Fiona said that you were coming over to check out the vacuum. Later, Alison was alone for a good ten minutes in Fiona's flat - plenty of time for her to tinker with the wiring." Wayne asks, "What does that prove?" Caroline points out, "You received a death threat, didn't you? If Alison sent it, it does tie in." Wayne stands there looking thoughtful. He then comments, though, "No... I can't see it. She wouldn't be stupid enough to risk hurting me. Not after she's finally beaten Carlyle's murder charge. Besides, sneaking around rigging vacuum cleaners... it's just not Alison. It must have been an accident." Caroline asks, "Are you going to check on the wiring just to make sure?" Wayne insists, "There's no point." Caroline suggests quickly, "Better safe than sorry." Wayne sighs, "Alright - I'll do it later. I just want to see how Fiona is first." With that, he heads off inside, leaving Caroline looking pleased with herself.

Fiona is still lying on the couch in her room inside when Wayne knocks on the door and walks in. Fiona says to him sarcastically, "Hello, Wayne. I'm so glad you could make it." Wayne replies meekly, "May's told me. How do you feel?" Fiona nods, "Fine. Fine. With no thanks to you." Wayne tells her that he'll replace the vacuum cleaner that arvo. Fiona smiles pointedly, "Thankyou. One of those new ones where the cord disappears and it has a dust indicator on the outside, please." Wayne gasps, "They cost a fortune." Fiona points out calmly, "Yeah, but their safety record is impeccable." Wayne nods, "Anything you want." Fiona smiles, "You mean anything for anybody who has the tape..." She goes on, "I don't mind - as long as it keeps you in line. Thankyou so much for your concern..."

Ginny is laying out some sketches of designs on the kitchen table at the country house. David walks in through the back door and, looking at the paper laid out, asks, "What's all this?" Ginny explains, "My sketches. One of Charlie's reps is taking me out to dinner then looking them over. They've got to be spot-on." David comments, "They look pretty good." Craig walks in suddenly from the hallway and David asks him if he wants to come and have a look what the best-dressed girls are going to be wearing soon. Craig glances at some of the designs and remarks, "Yeah, nice." He then points to one of them and asks, "What's that?" Ginny explains, "A mini-skirt." Craig asks, "What are all those funny lines?" Ginny tells him, "That's what it's going to look like: the whole thing's made out of paperclips." The 'phone starts ringing and David goes to answer it as Craig laughs, "Paperclips! Wouldn't want to go near a magnet, would you?" Ginny retorts indignantly, "If Debbie was wearing it, I bet you'd want her to." David hangs up the 'phone and tells Craig, "Debbie's customer: wants to use her for the rest of the day. Won't be home until about ten or eleven." Craig comments, "She's been working too hard lately." David muses, "She's going to save me single-handed!" Craig remarks, "She needs an early night." Ginny chips in sourly, "I suppose you blow her nose when it's running, too." Craig retorts, "I worry about her, OK?" Ginny mutters, "Sounds like you have to hold her hand if she crosses the street." Craig snaps, "No, she asks a copper." David sighs, "Come on, settle down." He then tells Ginny that Craig has a point: Debbie has been pushing herself a lot lately. Ginny retorts, "So have I - you can't whip these up - " she indicates her designs " - in five seconds, you know, and all he does is laugh at me." Craig tells her, "You have to admit it's pretty funny. A paperclip dress... come on!" Ginny snaps, "What would you know about fashion, anyway?" Craig laughs, "If it rained it would rust!" Looking frustrated, Ginny gives him a shove. Unfortunately, this causes some of the glass of orange juice that he's holding to spill over the designs on the table. Ginny, looking horrified, cries, "You ruin everything, why don't you?" David, though, cuts her off quickly, saying, "Cut it out, both of you. I've got enough problems round here as it is without you two starting to fight with each other. You understand?" Ginny mutters, "Yeah, sure." David then suggests to her that she go and work in the lounge and Craig can clear up the mess.

A few moments later, Ginny heads into the lounge room, carrying some of her designs. David follows her, saying, "Ginny, I don't like to be rough on you but we're all under a lot of pressure here at the moment." Ginny snaps, "So am I. In a couple of hours a guy's going to look at these sketches and either start my career or kill it - so he spills orange juice everywhere." David sighs, "I know the night's important and I know you're nervous - but you've got to learn to control your temper." Ginny snaps, "Craig didn't have to laugh at me." David retorts, "And you didn't have to pick on Debbie." Ginny mutters, "She sounds like a real dreg. No one's ever looked after me and I've done OK." David asks, "What about your parents?" Ginny retorts, "What about them?" David asks, "Didn't they--? He breaks off and then asks, "What about friends? Must have had some friends." Ginny retorts, "Of course I've got friends - I've got heaps of friends; everyone does. Don't need them, though: like I said, I can look after myself." David raises his eyebrows.

Caroline is standing in Fiona's room at the mansion, watching Wayne as he checks the wiring in the old vacuum cleaner. After a few seconds, he tells her grimly, "You were right: these wires have been crossed. Someone did rig it." Caroline points out, "I told you. It had to be Alison." Wayne, though, frowns, "How would she know how to do it?" Caroline suggests, "She worked in that community service house, didn't she? There must have been electricians working there." Wayne sighs, "Still beats me why she'd risk it." He then goes on, "Fiona said she was going to have a look at it when I spoke to her this morning. Maybe she crossed the wires herself, accidentally?" Caroline, though, insists, "She wouldn't have done that. Anyway, Glen checked it after that; he would have seen it--" Wayne interrupts and laughs bitterly, "Glen..." Caroline assures him quickly, "No, no, no, Glen wouldn't have done this." Wayne, however, retorts, "Yes he would - and he'd know how to do it. It had to be him." Caroline insists quickly, "Glen didn't even know you were coming over. Alison did and she had the time." Wayne sighs, "I can't see it. You call it a gut feeling, but it's just not her style. Glen must have found out I was coming over somehow. He here?" Caroline replies, "No - he's gone jobhunting." She then warns, "Don't do anything you'd regret. I'm sure it couldn't have been Glen. He wouldn't risk somebody else getting hurt." Wayne, however, retorts, "I think he would. He can't stand knowing that I'm married to Susie and he's out in the doghouse." With that, he picks up the vacuum and mutters, "I'll get rid of this for good." He heads out of the room, leaving Caroline looking worried.

A florist is standing talking to a woman with a short blonde bob, wearing a smart business suit. The florist is saying, "There's a bit of work involved - but I could deliver it in the morning for you. And you want it in a box and you want this in with it?" She indicates an envelope she's holding. The woman with the blonde bob - who from behind looks like Alison - nods, "Yes. Thankyou." The woman, however, is a bewigged Caroline...

It's the evening, and a middle-aged man is standing in the kitchen at the country house. David walks in from the hallway, accompanied by Craig, and introduces himself. The man holds out his hand and says, "Peter Alexander." David invites him to sit down, adding, "Ginny won't be a minute." Alexander, however, insists that he's fine. David offers him a drink. He shakes his head, though. There's an uncomfortable silence. David then says, "Ginny was telling me that you're one of Charlie's talent scouts." Alexander just says, "Yes." There's more silence. David eventually looks at Craig and asks him to go and see what's keeping Ginny. Craig walks out to the hallway. David smiles at Alexander and comments, "You know what girls are like: always trying to look their best!" Alexander retorts, "That's why I'm in this business." He then goes on, "Charlie painted a charming picture of her over the telephone: unassuming... dedicated... shy..." David nods quickly, "Yes - she's a very talented girl."

Ginny is standing out in the hallway, dressed in an outfit coloured mainly gold. She's practising saying in a snobby voice, "How kind of you. How kind of you." Craig walks up behind her and warns, "You'd better watch yourself: he's pretty straight." Ginny turns and glares at him, snapping, "Leave it alone. I'm nervous enough without you breathing down my neck." With that, she heads off into the kitchen, carrying a folder containing her sketches. Putting on her poshest voice, she says to Alexander, "Mr. Alexander? Ginny Doyle. How kind of you to come all this way to see me." Alexander insists, "Not at all." Ginny goes on, "I trust I can make it worth your while." Alexander replies, "So do I, Miss. Doyle, so do I." He then adds, "I must say, you look quite, er..." Ginny says quickly, "Overdressed?" Alexander assures her, however, "No, no, no, no. Definitely not. Is it one of yours?" Ginny nods, "Yes - but I didn't have quite the right material I needed." She then tells him, "I've prepared a portfolio of my other designs. I hope they meet your requirements." Alexander suggests, "Let's discuss them over dinner, shall we?" With that, he takes her arm and, saying to David, "Nice meeting you," leads her out. When they've gone, David chuckles to Craig, "I think she might just carry it off! She told me May gave her some voice lessons. Sounds like they've done some good!" Craig, changing the subject, walks over to the sink and picks up an envelope lying there, telling him that it came for him earlier. He hands it to David, who sighs, "Loan repayment time again."

Wayne is pouring himself a drink at the bar in the lounge room at Dural. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and he answers it. After a few seconds, he growls, "What do you want?" David is sitting in the lounge room at the country house and he retorts, "I got a letter from your accountant. They've given me more time to make the repayments." He listens and then snaps, "It was all your idea, though, wasn't it?" He listens again and snarls, "You tried to ruin me; now you're covering your tracks to try and make Susan think you're a Mr. Nice Guy." Wayne retorts, "You're crazy." David, though, just goes on, "It must really get up your nose that Fiona's got the tape. Got to behave yourself now, haven't you?" Wayne growls, "I don't have to put up with being yelled at for doing for a favour." David, however, retorts, "You can't kid me you mean that, Wayne. You can stuff your favours - I'll make this repayment - and the rest - on the knocker. The last thing I need is you patronising me." With that, he slams down the 'phone. After a few seconds, he picks up the handset again and dials a number. When it's answered, he says, "Alright, Jacko? David Palmer. Listen, mate: I need to earn some extra cash..."

The next morning, a dustcart pulls up outside a row of houses. Two men climb off the back. One of them is David. He starts loading rubbish into the cart from the bins at the side of the road.

Wayne arrives back at Dural. As he closes the front door, he notices a large white cardboard box on the telephone table. Next to it is a note from Susan, saying it was delivered for him and she's gone shopping. He reads the note and then turns to the box and starts untying the ribbon that is binding it shut. After a few seconds, he removes the lid of the box to find a wreath inside, together with an envelope. He removes the envelope, opens it and takes out a sheet of paper. He reads, "Poor Susan. Widowed so young..."

A few moments later, Wayne removes the arrangement of flowers from the box and murmurs to himself, "Who's doing this?" There's suddenly a knock on the front door and he spins round and calls sharply, "Who's there?" Caroline calls back that it's her. Wayne puts down the wreath and goes to let her in. She tells him, "I've just finished a modelling job. Thought I'd pop in and see how you were." She then asks, "Are you OK? You look as though you've seen a g--" She breaks off as she 'notices' the flower arrangement. She asks in 'surprise', "What's that?" Wayne tells her grimly, "A wreath." He then hands her the accompanying note, which she reads. She comments, "That's ghastly." Wayne tells her, "I don't know what to do, Caroline. They won't stop. They just won't stop. I swear... if it's Glen, he's a goner." Caroline, however, points out quickly, "Wayne, you can trace the wreath. Check the box: see where it comes from." Wayne walks back over to the box and looks inside. He removes a card, reads it and comments, "At least now we're getting somewhere." Caroline stands there, hiding from Wayne a sly expression on her face...

David arrives back at the country house. Craig is in the kitchen, and as he sniffs the odour around David, he gasps, "What have you been doing?" David tells him, "We men in the trade call it 'waste disposal'!" Craig comments in surprise, "You're a garbo?" David replies, "I've got to make the repayments somehow." Craig remarks, "I thought you had more time." David, however, tells him, "I want to get it out the way as soon as possible." He then adds, "Anyway, I've got to get a move on. I've only got time for a rest and a shower and then I've got to get out and do another shift." Ginny walks in suddenly from the hallway, yawning heavily. David asks her how the interview went. She nods, "Breeze." David asks excitedly, "You got the job?!" Ginny smiles in delight, "Uh huh!" Craig asks her when she starts. She replies, "A couple of weeks. I'll be based in Sydney, though, but Mr. Alexander wants me to hang around for a bit; you know: meet a few of the designers, that sort of thing." She then asks David, "Mind if I stay on a bit longer?" David smiles, "No worries!" Ginny notices the smell suddenly and, creasing up her nose, asks, "What's that pong?" David replies 'innocently', "Pong? It's Craig!" With that, he heads out to the hallway. When he's gone, Craig explains about David's job as a garbo to earn some extra cash. Ginny asks in surprise, "Things that tough?" Craig replies, "Worse." Ginny asks, "So what's up with your girlfriend, then? She's dead to the world. Shouldn't she be out burning the limo's rubber or something?" Craig retorts curtly, "She worked twelve hours yesterday. I think she's pulling her weight." Ginny comments, "If she's going to be sleeping in all morning, how about taking me for that spin you promised?" Craig, though, retorts, "I'd better not."

Caroline is standing with Wayne in the hallway at Dural. He's saying on the 'phone, "Well-spoken?... What was her hair like?..." He listens and then says, "Thankyou very much." He hangs up. Turning to Caroline, he tells her, "You were right: it was Alison." Caroline asks him if he's sure. Wayne retorts, "The florist just gave me a description that fitted her to a T." He picks up the wreath as Caroline asks, "Are you going to call the police?" A look of delight crosses her face as Wayne growls, "No way. I'll fix her myself. She won't know what hit her..."


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