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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Susan laughs happily as Wayne puts her down. He then asks in surprise, "Why didn't you tell me?!" Susan replies, "One bundle of nerves around the house is enough!" Wayne sighs, "I should have guessed: it's not like you to be out of sorts." Susan, though, assures him, "You've seen the last of that old grouch. I couldn't be happier now - I want this baby so much." She cuddles up to him - but Wayne then says suddenly, "What if it's twins?!" Susan points out, "If dad can do it...!" Wayne goes on, "Why stop at two? We could have triplets! One for you, one for me and one for granddad! This is going to make his day!" He steps towards the 'phone, but Susan says, sounding suddenly nervous again, "Can't we keep the news to ourselves for a while?" Wayne, however, asks, "What for?! I want the whole world to know!" He starts dialling on the 'phone as Susan stands next to him, looking worried.

Charlie and Gordon are just arriving back at Woombai with a pile of shopping bags. The 'phone is ringing, but it stops just as Gordon goes to pick it up. Charlie tells him, "It was probably Owen. He called earlier: said he was sending a surprise over for the Nature Reserve." Gordon muses, "I don't think I want to be surprised by Owen!" Charlie picks up Isabella and starts fussing over her. She then tells Gordon that Isabella has had the sulks ever since Don Juan was sent packing. Gordon queries, "Don Juan?!" Charlie clarifies, "Diefer! He's the type that could get a girl into a lot of trouble." Gordon asks her why she doesn't let Isabella get it out of her system with a blue-blooded Don Juan. Charlie considers it and then smiles, "If I do, you'll have pick of the litter!" Gordon, however, smiles dubiously, "Er... I don't think that Maltese are exactly my sort of dogs!" Charlie, though, enthuses, "But darling, they're wonderful with the kiddywinks, and now Susan's... married... she and Wayne will want to start a family." Gordon, however, just says quietly, "We'll see. I think I might go for a walk." With that, he heads out, leaving Charlie looking surprised. She looks at Isabella and comments to her, "He's as bad as you are, lately. Do you think he could be lovesick too?!"

Fiona is doing some paperwork in her room at the mansion with Caroline wanders in with a young man. She's saying to him, "I don't run the place, Danny; I'm a model." Danny smarms, "I should have guessed!" Caroline then introduces Fiona to him and explains that she's the manager. Danny introduces himself as Danny Marks. He has a noticeable American accent, and Fiona asks him what he's doing so far from home. Danny explains, "My dad's company transferred him over here and when he went home I stayed on to finish my law course." Fiona comments, "That's a tough subject." Danny smiles, "I do alright! I'm always in the top three. I figure I ought to be raking in the money when I graduate!" Fiona comments, "And in the meantime you need a nice, cheap room?!" Danny smiles, "Right on!" With that, Fiona leads him out to show him the room. As soon as she's left on her own, Caroline grabs the key to the storeroom and goes and unlocks it. She heads in there and removes one of Glen's bags. She unzips it and starts going through it - just as Fiona comes back in, saying, "I've a mind like a sieve: these curtains were for Danny's--" She breaks off as she spots Caroline's behaviour, and she asks curtly, "What are you doing with Glen's bag?" Caroline removes a crash helmet from the bag and replies quickly, "Glen said I could borrow this." Fiona asks suspiciously, "Why? Is the plaster falling off your ceiling?" Caroline replies, "I told my model agency that I could ride a motorbike." Fiona sighs, "Oh Lord..." Caroline goes on, "I could have some more modelling jobs if I could ride a bike... which is why I need this, OK?" Fiona tells her, "I still don't think you should go through Glen's things when he's not here. Just make sure the bag is locked safely away in the storeroom again when you've finished." Caroline nods, "I will." With that, Fiona heads back out. Caroline returns to going through the bag. After a few seconds, she comes across a packet of photos. She removes one, which shows Glen holding up a fishing rod and a boot that he's caught! Caroline smiles at it in delight...

Glen and Alison pull up in Glen's car outside a cabin. As the two of them climb out, Glen sighs, "'We have to keep a low profile', she says - so we go straight to one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area!" They remove some bags of shopping from the car. As they do so, Alison checks, "Are you sure you didn't tell anyone about this place?" Glen insists, "Not a soul. You're safe here, OK?" Alison still looks worried.

A short time later, Alison and Glen head inside the cabin. As Alison looks round at the smart decor, she comments, "If this is your idea of roughing it, I'm all for it! Who owns this place?" Glen explains, "My family - we used to spend all our holidays here when I was a kid." Alison wanders over to a cabinet and tries opening it. It's locked, though, and so she asks, "What's in there: the family jewels?!" Glen, though, laughs, "Ammunition - they --" he indicates three rifles hanging on the wall "-- wouldn't be much good without it. They're my father's: he likes blood sports." Alison then picks up a framed photo of a woman and man standing together and, indicating the man, asks, "Is this him?" Glen nods, "Yes." The 'phone suddenly rings once and then stops. Alison jumps in concern. Glen, though, tells her quickly, "Relax: it's a party line. If it was meant for us it would keep on ringing, but as we haven't given anybody the number we won't be getting any calls." Alison muses, "No wrong numbers either, I hope - I don't think my nerves could stand it." Glen smiles, "I've got just the cure for bad nerves: some hard work." With that, he goes and picks up bundle of bedding and, thrusting it at Alison, says, "There: you can hang that out to air. And you can clean the stove before you start cooking dinner, too." Alison muses, "I think I'd rather stay neurotic! I'm not about to become Miss. Mop, thankyou." With that, she hits Glen with a pillow! Glen hits her back with another pillow and they start having a fight!

Charlie is sitting on the couch at the Woombai homestead, knitting baby clothes, when Gordon walks in. She hides the knitting quickly. Gordon is holding a Maltese dog, and Charlie looks at it and chastises, "Who's a naughty girl, then? Where are your pink ribbons?" Gordon, however, explains, "It isn't Isabella; it's a stray. It followed me home." He hands it to Charlie and suggests, "Maybe there's a 'phone number on the tag?" Charlie has a look, but then says, "No, just a name: Koko. K-O-K-O. The owner's a rotten speller: it should be C-O-C-O as in Coco Chanel." She then starts fussing over Koko, smiling, "She'll be a wonderful playmate for Isabella: keep her out of mischief!" Gordon points out, "Until we find the owner." Charlie nods, "Yes." She then calls for Isabella, adding, "Mummy's got a surprise for you." A car horn sounds suddenly outside and Gordon remarks that it sounds like they have visitors. Charlie, putting Koko down on the couch, comments, "I wonder if it's Owen's surprise!" The two of them head outside.

As Gordon and Charlie emerge from the homestead, Gordon says, "I'll put an ad in the local shop window - we'll find the owner eventually." Charlie replies, "Oh well, I hope that--" She breaks off suddenly and lets out a squeal as she spots a camel standing on the ground a few yards away from them! Gordon sighs, "Good grief..." Charlie, though, enthuses, "Camel rides! What a brilliant idea!" She then suggests, "Let's take it for a trial run!" Gordon stares at her in horror!

Caroline is sitting in the reception room at the mansion, looking at a photo of Glen's father holding a fishing rod. Janice walks in suddenly and, glancing at the photo, asks, "Friend of yours?" Caroline jumps in surprise and then gasps, "You scared the living daylights out of me!" Janice suggests, "You must have a guilty conscience!" She then looks at the photo and comments, "It looks as though your friend's a keen trout fisherman." Caroline asks in surprise, "How can you tell?" Janice explains, "By the fly." Caroline comments that she's quite an authority. Janice explains, "I picked it up at one of Owen's lectures: he's a walking encyclopaedia, that man." Caroline muses, "I should pick his brains, then: find out where the best fishing is." Janice asks, "You thinking of trying your luck, are you?" Caroline nods, "If I can find the right spot." Janice tells her, "You should ring the Fisheries Information Service: they'll be able to suggest hundreds of good spots." Looking disappointed, Caroline sighs, "Hundreds..." Fiona walks in suddenly and says, "Caroline, your agent's on the 'phone downstairs: I think they've got another job for you." Caroline smiles, "Good!" and she walks off. When she's gone, Janice tells Fiona, "I think she's set her sights on a sugar-daddy who likes fishing." Fiona, however, retorts, " Don't be ridiculous: she wouldn't give you tuppence for any man at the moment, wealthy or otherwise." Janice tells her curtly, "That's all you know: I saw her looking at his photo." Fiona suggests, "Maybe it is a friend - or someone who can give her a job." She goes to walk out, but then notices that Bones' camp bed is still set up across the room. She sighs that she told him to get rid of it. Janice, though, explains that she said she'd do it. As the two women go to start packing it away, Janice growls, "Caroline should be ashamed of herself, pandering to some old fogey just to keep him on-side." Fiona asks, "You think that's wrong, huh?" Janice retorts, "Any right-minded person would." Fiona goes on, "And you wouldn't sink that low?" Janice retorts, "Certainly not." Fiona comments, "So, you have been waiting on Bones hand-and-foot purely out of the goodness of your heart with no thought at all to getting him on-side because he could be useful to Owen?" Janice, looking annoyed, snaps, "That's different: I wasn't after anything for myself." Fiona retorts, "I still think it's the pot calling the kettle black." Janice, however, insists, "There's nothing wrong with doing a bit of PR for a worthy cause. It's just like missionary work." Fiona bursts out laughing suddenly and says, "You're getting to sound more and more like me: you can talk your way out of anything!" Janice smiles warmly, "I've got a good teacher!"

At Woombai, the camel is being loaded back into a trailer. Charlie is standing with Gordon, telling him, "I think you're a terrible spoilsport." Gordon, however, retorts, "Camels are anti-social, Charlie: they smell, they bite and they're not called 'the ships of the desert' for nothing." The 'phone starts ringing inside suddenly and Gordon heads off to get it. As he goes, Charlie calls after him, "I still think it's a cute idea!"

A few moments later, Gordon sits down inside and picks up the 'phone. Susan - standing in the lounge room at Dural - comes on and sighs, "Thank heavens. I was afraid you might still be out." She then goes on, "I know I should have called before now, but a lot's happened since we've talked. I've found out I'm pregnant, Gordon." Gordon pauses and then murmurs, "Oh God..." Susan continues, "I wanted to warn you before Wayne got on to you; make sure you didn't say anything." Gordon assures her, "I told you: I'd let you break the news." Susan, however, cries, "How can I tell him now?" Gordon points out, "It's his life, Susan. He has a right to know." Susan sighs, "He's so happy. I haven't got the heart to spoil it for him - and you wouldn't, either, if you could see him." Gordon insists, "I know it won't be easy - especially now - but it has to be done." Susan cries, "Why? What good would it do? There's no treatment he can have, and why let him spend the next few years wondering whether or not he's got an incurable disease?" Gordon tells her, "You've got a point, but hard decisions must be made; I mean, he may not want to bring a child into the world when he knows the disease is hereditary." Susan retorts, "Nothing he can say would ever stop me having my baby." Gordon, however, replies, "I know it's a terrible choice to make, but you must give it a lot of thought before you make a final decision." Susan retorts, "I have - and I've decided it's worth taking the risk. We both know that Huntington's chorea doesn't strike people until they're in their thirties - and by then they'll probably have found a cure." Gordon asks, "And if they haven't?" Susan insists, "You can do a lot of living in thirty years. There's no point in arguing about it, Gordon - I've made up my mind; so please, don't spoil it for us. Promise me you won't say anything to Wayne." At that moment, Wayne walks into the lounge room and Susan says quickly down the 'phone, "He's just come in, Gordon - I'll put him on." She hands over the 'phone to Wayne and says nervously, "I've told him you've got good news to tell him." Wayne takes the 'phone and tells his father, "It's not good news; it's great news! Susan's going to have a baby!" Gordon just says mutedly, "That's wonderful. Congratulations." Wayne smiles, "I knew you'd be pleased..." He listens and then says, "Yes, we've got a lot of celebrating to do!" Susan looks at him in concern.

Sometime later, Wayne emerges from May's room at the mansion. Caroline is walking along the corridor, holding a newspaper, and Wayne tells her, "You timed it right: the champers is flowing; it's on me. Susie's going to have a baby!" Caroline smiles, "Congratulations!" Wayne replies, "Thanks. I knew you'd be pleased." Caroline tells him grimly, "I'd be even more pleased if this death threat wasn't hanging over your head." Wayne, however, tells her, "They're about to make an arrest any time, so stop being a party-pooper." Caroline insists, "I just want you to be around when your baby's born, and if Alison has her way..." Wayne retorts, "I don't think she's behind those threats. I reckon she's running scared." Caroline shrugs, "Maybe. Maybe not. But if I were you I'd be trying to find out where she was; keep her under surveillance, just in case." Wayne, however, tells her, "I'll be too busy keeping Susie under surveillance; I don't want her to over-do things. Stop worrying and have a drink: everything's under control." With that, he heads out, leaving Caroline looking thoughtful. After a few seconds, she heads upstairs.

A short time later, Caroline is sitting in the reception room, wearing a pair of thin gloves. She stuffs a sheet of paper into an envelope, removes the gloves and then starts clearing away a pile of newspapers and magazines on the coffee table in front of her. Danny walks in suddenly and smiles, "Hello again!" Caroline asks, "All settled in?" Danny nods, "I was just on my way out to get a few groceries." Caroline says quickly, "While you're out, I wonder if you'd mind dropping this in a cab for me." She hands him the envelope. Danny asks where it's going. Caroline hands him another, smaller envelope and replies, "The address - and the money - are in here." Danny smiles, "I'm on my way." He goes to head out, but then stops and says, "Listen, if you're not doing anything for dinner tonight..." Caroline, however, tells him, "I've got a very early start in the morning, Danny." Danny smiles, "I'll keep asking!" With that, he heads out, leaving Caroline rolling her eyes!

Out in the corridor, Danny passes Janice and May. Janice is saying, "If it's a boy, Wayne should call him George, after St. George!" They head into the lounge room, where a tipsy-sounding Janice says to Caroline, "We've been looking for you: Wayne's having a baby!" Caroline muses humorously, "I guess there's a first time for everything!" Janice suddenly notices another photo of Glen's father on the coffee table: he's standing by a map on a signpost. She comments, "That's that fishy chap again - getting his bearings." May looks at the photo and mutters, "Huh! I don't think much of that map: can't read the writing without a magnifying glass." Caroline, looking suddenly thoughtful, murmurs, "Of course... I wonder if I could borrow yours?" May smiles, "Of course, dear. I'll go and get it for you." She heads off. Janice continues to stare at the photo and comments, "Looks like a nice spot. Where was it taken?" Caroline tells her, "That's what I'm just about to find out..."

Susan is hard at work washing the wall behind the bar in the lounge room at Dural when Wayne walks in and demands lightheartedly, "What do you think you're doing?" Susan tells him, "Cleaning down the walls. Renovating." Wayne tells her, "Leave it to the professionals!" He helps her down from the ladder just as there's a knock on the front door. Wayne comments, "I bet dad's sent you flowers." Susan goes to the door, opens it, says, "Thankyou," closes it and returns to the lounge room, holding an envelope. Wayne asks, "Was I right?" Susan opens the envelope, takes out a sheet of paper inside and reads it. A look of horror crosses her face as she murmurs, "It's another death threat. He knows about the baby, Wayne." Wayne takes the paper and reads the words that have been made up from newspaper and magazine headlines: 'You'll never live to see your child'.

Caroline is sipping from a glass of champagne in the reception room at the mansion when Wayne walks in and thrusts the sheet of paper at her. He growls, "This was just delivered." Caroline looks at the sheet of paper and murmurs, "How awful. Did you see who left it?" Wayne retorts, "Susie said it came by cab, but she can't remember which company." He goes on, "The whole place is like a fortress: I've locked all the windows... the doors... Seeing that note really wiped her out. Something like that could make her lose the baby." Caroline tells him, "I'll bet that's just what Alison wants." Wayne growls, "If I could get my hands on Alison now, I'd kill her." Danny walks in suddenly. Caroline turns to him and says quickly, "I'm sorry - this is private." Danny smiles, "No problem - I'll catch up to you later." He leaves the room again. When he's gone, Wayne asks Caroline, "Who's that?" Caroline explains, "Just a tenant: he's moved into Glen's room." Wayne sighs, "I wish I knew where Glen had taken her." Caroline looks at him and then looks down at the coffee table, 'guiltily'. Wayne realises, "You know something, don't you?" He follows Caroline's eyes to the table and spots the photo of Glen's father standing by the map. He demands, "Is this where they've gone?" Caroline nods, "Yes." Wayne demands, "Why didn't you tell me?" Caroline replies, "I've only just worked out where it is myself." Wayne tells her, "I'm listening." Caroline retorts, "I'll tell you when you've calmed down, OK?" Wayne, however, growls, "I'll find out myself." With that, he picks up the magnifying glass and starts using it to figure out where Glen and Alison are. Caroline watches him, a faint smile on her face. Wayne then growls, "Blake's Ridge." He puts the photo and magnifying glass down and goes to head out. Caroline warns quickly, "Please - don't do anything foolish." Wayne just retorts, "Alison's the one who started this." He then marches off, leaving Caroline looking pleased with herself.

Glen and Alison are out walking in the grounds at Blake's Ridge. They pass some trees and Glen says, "I built myself a treehouse up there. Used to sit and watch my brother trying to invent the perfect rabbit trap!" As they pass another tree, Alison notices a heart shape cut into it, together with the characters 'G.Y. + S.N.'. Glen explains with a smile, "Her name was Sally Nelson: she was an eight-year-old's idea of perfection: her dad owned the local cake shop!" Alison laughs, "Shame on you!" Glen shrugs, "It didn't last: the day I OD'd on cream cakes I decided she really wasn't my type!" Alison smiles, "And they say women are fickle!" Glen, however, murmurs, "Don't knock it: it sure makes life a hell of a lot simpler if you can just love 'em and leave 'em." With that, he walks on ahead, leaving Alison looking surprised.

It's nighttime, and Glen is sitting in the cabin with a cup of tea, stirring it absentmindedly. Alison is sitting across from him and she suggests, "It might help if you let it all hang out." Glen, however, sighs, "Nothing will help - I'll never get over Susan." Alison tells him, "You're going to have to try." Glen insists, "I have - and at times I think I'm even succeeding; then something as silly as a childhood romance makes me think of her and want her. How do I fall out of love?" Alison murmurs, "You can't. You have to hope that one day you'll wake up and it'll all be over." Glen asks, "How do you cope?" Alison looks at him in surprise and he explains, "You gave yourself away when Wayne was trying to ruin David." Alison asks, "How?" Glen explains, "Susan meant everything to me but she was just a nice kid to you; you wouldn't have gone to such lengths to try to stop the marriage if David wasn't important to you." Alison muses, "I should have known you weren't just a pretty face!" Glen offers, "I'll shut up if you want me to." Alison, though, insists, "No, no, it helps to talk to someone who understands. I just wish there was something I could say to help." Glen tells her, "I'll be alright in the morning." He then announces, "I might just go for a walk." The 'phone rings suddenly, just the once, and Glen adds quickly, "Unless you'd rather I stuck around..." Alison, however, sighs, "No, no, whoever tried to kill me is probably concentrating on Wayne now that I've dropped out of sight." Glen muses, "If there's any justice in the world..." He then sighs, "Sick, isn't it, wishing that on someone just 'cos you want their wife?" With that, he walks off, leaving Alison to mouth to herself, "Just all too human..." She then puts down her cup of tea and sits back. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing again - but this time it carries on ringing. Alison stands up quickly and runs to the door, calling, "Glen!" He's gone, though. The 'phone carries on ringing and Alison goes and stands by it, nervously. After a few seconds, she picks it up. At the mansion, a gloved hand switches on a tape player, the speaker of which is next to the handset of the public 'phone. A distorted male voice starts playing from the tape, saying, "Having a good holiday, Alison?" At the shack, Alison cries, "Who are you? How did you know I was here?" The tape just goes on, "Nice place you've got there... with the round table and chairs, wall cabinet, family photos, wooden floors... that lovely blue chair and the rifles on the wall..." Alison cries down the 'phone in horror, "Why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to you?" The voice on the tape just keeps going: "Too bad you won't be around to enjoy it for long..." Alison yells down the 'phone, "Answer me, damn you!" At the mansion, the gloved hand turns off the tape player and lets the 'phone handset dangle down onto the floor. At the shack, Alison mouths, "God..." as she stands there looking terrified.


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