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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Susan walks out of the lounge room into the hallway, looking upset. As she does so, Beryl walks downstairs, saying, "Oh, Susan. Have you seen Richard?" She then notices the expression on her daughter's face and asks, "What's wrong, love?" Susan murmurs reluctantly, "Something Wayne said. He said..." She pauses before sighing, "Forget it." Beryl, however, pushes, "Tell me, love." Susan explains hesitantly, "That the baby could just as easily be Glen's as his." Beryl gasps in shock, "He said that?" Susan insists, "He was angry, though - and anything he says, I deserve." Beryl, however, tells her softly, "What you deserve, young lady, is to be taken care of. You're not well." Susan just murmurs, "I promised Charlie I'd help her set up for the party. I'd better get across there - and then I might go for a drive." With that, she heads out, leaving Beryl looking worried.

In the lounge room next door, Charlie pours herself a drink as she says to Ginny, "Now, darling, you must promise me you'll be nice to everyone tonight. They're all important contacts, and we don't want you stepping on any toes." Ginny, who's helping Glen move a large pot plant, retorts, "The number you've asked, it'll be hard not to; there won't be room to swing a cat, let alone look where you're walking!" Charlie smiles, "Very droll, darling!" The three of them walk over to a table where a few nibbles are set out, and Charlie enthuses, "If tonight's bash is a success, Charlie's Gym Range will go to the top of the market; we'll be famous!" Glen laughs, "Jane Fonda eat your heart out!" With that, Charlie heads off to check on the caterers. When she's gone, Glen pours two glasses of champagne and, handing one to Ginny, smiles, "Here's looking at you, kid!" Ginny comments, "That's out of an old movie, isn't it?" Glen just shrugs, "What do you expect: original lines?!" Ginny muses, "I guess not. Not from a gym instructor, anyway - all brawn and all brains!" Glen stares at her, a smile on his face, and he then starts tickling her, laughing, "Take it back! Take it back!" He carries on tickling each other and the two of them end up on the floor - where they find themselves staring into each other's eyes... After a few seconds, Glen leans forward and he and Ginny start kissing. Unseen by either of them, Susan steps in quietly through the patio doors and watches in horror as Ginny says softly to Glen, "I've waited so long for you to do that." Glen smiles at her. He then gives her a hug - and his eyes alight upon Susan. He cries, "Susan!" Susan, looking upset, just murmurs, "I didn't mean to barge in." She turns and heads out. Glen stands up to run after her. Ginny cries in horror, "Don't go!" Glen retorts, "She's upset." Ginny points out, "You've just kissed me." Glen tells her apologetically, "I'm sorry. I..." With that, he head out after Susan, leaving Ginny looking disappointed.

Susan is driving her car along a road. She pulls up at the side of the road and climbs out. Glen pulls up in his car a few seconds later and climbs out and starts chasing after her, calling, "Susan! Susan!" Susan runs off across a nearby beach. Glen follows her her, calling, "Susan! You don't understand." Susan turns to him and cries, "You shouldn't have followed me." Glen tells her quickly, "Ginny and I were just fooling around - and suddenly she was there and I kissed her - but it doesn't mean anything." Susan, however, tells him, "We're finished, Glen. You can do what you like." She goes to run off again. Glen, however, grabs her arm and retorts, "We wouldn't be finished if you'd just stop being stupid and face up to what you should do." Susan hesitates. She then says more calmly, "When I saw you then, with Ginny, I... I realised what it must have been like for Wayne when he saw me and you at the cabin. I'm his wife. I'm carrying his baby. And he saw me kissing the man he probably hates more than anyone else in the world. It must've ripped him apart." Glen strokes her face with his hand and tells her, "I love you." Susan stares at him and then cries, "Let me go - please." She goes to run off again. Glen, however, calls quickly, "Susan... come away with me now. It's the last time I'll ask. I mean it." Susan stops in her tracks, but then murmurs, "I'm sorry." She walks off, looking devastated.

Fiona is sitting at the table in her room at the mansion, looking deep in thought. Alison walks in from the hallway and, tapping Fiona on the shoulder, says, "Fiona?" Fiona jumps at the touch and she turns to look at Alison, laughing, "Scare me next time!" Alison tells her, "I knocked, but you were miles away." Fiona explains, "I was thinking about Janice." Alison asks, "There's nothing wrong, is there?" Fiona replies, "I'm just worried about her going to the country to teach. She's hiding herself - and she'd rather do that than face up to the fact that she's got to change her life." Alison asks, "Is there anything I can do?" Fiona murmurs, "Thanks, but..." Alison completes, "Leave it to aunty, right?" Fiona nods at her. She then asks, "What can I do for you?" Alison explains, "I wanted to let you know where Tick was. Thought you might be worried." Fiona nods, "Yes, I was, actually, a kid his age..." Alison sighs, "That 'kid' has more wiliness in his little finger than all of us put together! Do you know what he's done? He went to Wayne and passed himself off as his long-lost son." Fiona chuckles, "You're joking!" Alison retorts, "I wish I was. He's currently ensconced at the Hamilton house, leading the life of Riley!" Fiona asks, "Haven't you told Wayne the truth?" Alison sighs, "That's the crazy part: he won't believe me; thinks I'm out to get him again." She then adds, "He might just believe you." Fiona points out, "He'd probably think we were in it together." Alison, however, insists, "It's worth a try. You can get him at Charlie's party; tell him then." Fiona asks, "What if he simply won't believe me?" Alison tells her, "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." She then adds, "The other important thing is the timing: when to tell him..."

Wayne opens the front door at Dural to find Ginny standing there. He growls, "What do you want?" Ginny retorts, "Nice to see you, too. Charlie wants to know if she can borrow some glasses." Wayne mutters, "As long as she doesn't break them. They're in the kitchen. Help yourself." He heads off into the lounge room. Ginny follows him and mutters, "What's up your nose?" Wayne retorts, "I'm working. I don't like interruptions." Ginny, however, muses, "More likely the same problem I've got." She then continues, "I'll do you a deal: you keep your wife away from Glen and I'll keep him away from her." Wayne looks at her sharply. He then growls, "She's not seeing him anymore." Ginny, however, tells him, "She ran into him at Charlie's and they've gone off together. I'd keep a better eye on here, if I was you." With that, she heads off to the kitchen, leaving Wayne looking thoughtful.

Alison is pacing the floor in Fiona's room at the mansion, saying to Fiona, "When I leave the party, give me twenty minutes, then drop the bombshell." Fiona sighs, "I still don't like using Tick for your schemes." Alison, however, tells her, "I'm killing two birds with the one stone. You tell Wayne Tick isn't his son, he'll be far too preoccupied to wonder where I am." Fiona nods, "Yes, well, I'd rather do it right now, just for the boy's sake." Alison demands, "What about Charlie?" Fiona retorts, "Charlie can't look after herself. Tick is just a child." Alison mutters, "If I had to put him up against Charlie in a battle of wits, he'd win hands down. At ten, he needs far less protection against Wayne than she does at... whatever her age is!" She adds, "Do you think Charlie should be ripped-off for all she's got?" Fiona retorts, "Of course not." Alison presses, "Then do as I say. Believe me: it's the only way. I have to get into that study and be alone with the computer." Fiona sits there, looking worried. She then murmurs, "Alright." Alison smiles in relief, "Thankyou."

A few moments later, Alison is emerging from Fiona's room as Beryl comes in through the mansion's front door. They acknowledge each other curtly. Beryl goes to walk into Fiona's room. As she does so, Alison says, "I heard on the grapevine that you couldn't hold on to David either." Beryl retorts, "I wasn't trying to." Alison muses, "Yes, well, I'm sure that's the story you're putting around. So much more comforting for the ego." Beryl tells her, "It's the truth." Alison smiles, "Yes. Course it is." She goes to walk off. Beryl goes on quickly, "You just can't stand the fact that he chose me over you - again." Alison turns to face her and muses, "David's trouble always was lack of taste...!" With that, she walks off!

Susan walks in through the front door at Dural and heads into the lounge room. Wayne emerges from the study and snaps, "You've been gone a long time. Charlie need a lot of help, did she?" Susan replies quickly, "Yes. It took a lot longer than I thought it would." Wayne goes on curtly, "I had dear Beryl raking me over the coals for going there. That's a laugh." He continues angrily, "Ginny came over to borrow some glasses. She told me you'd gone off with lover-boy." Susan cries, "It wasn't like that." Wayne, however, growls, "I think you'd go off with anyone at the drop of a hat." Susan gasps, "That's not fair." Wayne snaps back, "What's not 'fair' is treating me like an idiot. 'I'm over Glen now. I'm all yours.' The next minute, you're lying so you can be with him." He grabs Susan's arms suddenly and snarls, "You are my wife. Act like it. If you don't, I'll make you so sorry you were ever born." Susan stares at him in horror and mouths, "Wayne..." Wayne warns coldly, "I mean it, Susan: if you're not careful, you're going to push me over the edge..."

A while later, Susan is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, staring into space, looking upset. Wayne walks in from the hallway and demands, "When are you getting ready?" Susan turns to him and murmurs, "What?" Wayne is putting on a jacket and he retorts, "Charlie's party. You should be getting ready." Susan sighs, "I don't think I want--" Wayne interrupts, however, and growls, "There'll be business contacts there. You're my wife and you're going to act like it - so go upstairs and fix yourself up. And do something about your eyes: I don't want people knowing you've been crying." Susan stands up reluctantly and goes to walk out. As she does so, Wayne grabs her arm and warns, "I expect a good show. I don't want anyone to ask what's wrong." Susan just looks down at the floor and walks off. When she's gone, Wayne picks up his briefcase from by the bar - but then appears to have second thoughts and puts it down again. He heads out into the hallway - to find Gordon emerging from the study. Wayne comments to his father in surprise, "I thought you'd gone out." Gordon explains, "I had some bills to fix up." He then asks, "Were you and Susan arguing just now?" Wayne replies 'innocently', "No." Gordon tells him, "I'm sorry - I didn't mean to pry. I thought I heard you raising you voice. I was worried about you upsetting her in her condition." Wayne insists, "I wouldn't do that." Gordon murmurs, "No." He then looks at his watch and suggests, "I'd better get ready for this party." As he goes to head upstairs, he adds, "By the way: I noticed you changed the lock on the study door. Any reason?" Wayne tells him, "Alison's been snooping around too much. I didn't want her getting any further than the door." Gordon asks, "Why worry? You haven't got anything to hide." Wayne replies, "It's the principle of the thing." Gordon shrugs in acceptance and heads upstairs. When he's gone, Wayne goes to the study door and fiddles with the new lock. As he steps away from it, he smiles to himself nastily...

The party at Charlie's is in full swing, and Charlie is giving a commentary on the outfits that her models are wearing. The guests clap when the sales-pitch comes to an end. Charlie then grabs a young male guest and smiles, "What did you think of it, darling?" The man tells her, "Terrific, darling." Charlie goes on, "You've heard of 'flavour of the month'? Well, I predict that Ginny is going to be Strawberry Whip, Chocolate Wave and Nut Fudge Sundae all rolled into one! Ginny joins them as Charlie adds, "The girl has talent!" The man asks Ginny, "How have you found working with Lisa Cook?" Ginny replies, "She's great! Bit stuffy, sometimes, but I'm bashing that out of her!" Charlie leaves them to it. Elsewhere in the room, Beryl is talking to Wayne and Gordon about taking Tick to school, tells them, "They said that Richard's reading and mathematical skills left a lot to be desired, but he has highly advanced abilities with computers. They were quite astonished!" Gordon asks, "And he definitely can't start until next week?" Beryl explains, "They seemed to feel it's best to come in at the beginning of a new week. They must know their job." Wayne chips in, "I don't mind. I thought I might take him out in the company yacht tomorrow." Gordon smiles, "Good idea. He'll love that." A few yards away, Susan walks past Alison as she says quietly to Fiona, "Keep him talking as long as you can. I'll need as long as possible without him noticing I'm gone." Glen is standing with them, staring at Susan. Alison turns to him and says, "You do everything you can to help, alright?" Glen, however, is miles away, and he murmurs, "Sorry?" Fiona looks over at Susan and says to Glen, "At least she seems happy, sweetie, with or without you." Glen, however, retorts, "Can't you see she's faking it? That's smile's painted on." Fiona just comments, "As you were saying earlier on, I don't think there's really very much you can do about it." Glen mutters, "That's the trouble." Looking exasperated, Alison says quickly, "Twenty minutes, alright? And if he gets wind of the fact I've gone, even earlier." Fiona murmurs, "Good luck." Alison just smiles, "Alison Carr - computer sleuth!" With that, she puts down her drink and heads out. Standing with Gordon and Wayne, Beryl comments suddenly, "The coast is clear. I'll see you later." Gordon asks in surprise, "'The coast is clear?'" Beryl explains, "Alison's gone out of the room. It'll give me some time with Fiona." Gordon sighs, "You two aren't at it again, are you?" Beryl just retorts, "After this afternoon, the more distance between me and that lady, the better." Gordon gives her a look, but she just says, "I'll tell you later!" She walks off, leaving Gordon to muse to Wayne, "Some things never change!" Wayne smiles at him. He then changes the subject and says, "I was thinking about Charlie - all this, and how much it must be costing just to break into the big-time fitness and fashion business." Gordon comments, "I don't see any reason why her venture should fail." Wayne says quickly, "I'm worried she might be over-extending herself. I wouldn't want to see it all come crashing down on her head." Gordon smiles, "I doubt that would happen." Wayne murmurs "I suppose not." He suddenly spots Glen approaching Susan, and he says to Gordon, "Excuse me, dad." He then steps to his side and stands in front of Glen, glaring at him. Glen turns away and Wayne turns to where Susan is standing. He murmurs to her curtly, "You're doing a good job. No one would guess you're not the ecstatically happy little housewife." Susan insists, "I want to be a good wife." Wayne growls sourly, "I've heard that before." Susan murmurs, "I've told Glen it's all over." Wayne retorts, "Didn't stop him from trying to swoop just then." Susan cries, "I can't help it if he won't take 'no' for an answer." Wayne suggests, "Let's do something to discourage him, shall we? Let's mingle, darling - just like a real-life happy husband and wife." With that, he leads her off. Glen stands watching them.

The front door opens at Dural and Alison steps inside. She looks around and then goes to the study door. She puts her key in the lock - and finds it won't turn. She stands there, looking annoyed.

At the party, Wayne has his arm around Susan as they chat to one of the guests. Ginny watches them. She then marches over to where Glen is standing and comments sourly, "Isn't it nice to see people so much in love." Glen growls, "Shut up, Ginny." Ginny persists, "Looks like you backed the wrong horse, there." She goes to walk off again. Glen, however, says quickly, "Don't go." Ginny mutters, "Ready to settle for second-best, are you?" Glen sighs, "I need a friend." Ginny looks at him and then says more calmly, "I didn't realise. I'm sorry." Glen tells her, "I don't blame you; you were hurt. But stick around for the rest of the party - please?" Ginny smiles, "I suppose second-best is better than nothing at all!" A short distance away, Fiona looks at her watch and says to Beryl, "Twenty minutes. Time to go." Beryl asks, "You sure Alison's telling the truth?" Fiona asks, "About Tick?" Beryl nods, "Yes." Fiona smiles, "He's a street kid. A cheeky little survivor with an eye for the main chance." With that, she heads over to where Gordon and Wayne are standing, and says to Wayne, "Excuse me, I hate to be interrupting but Beryl's just told me about young Tick moving into your house, passing himself off as your son..."

Alison opens the front door at Dural. A man is standing there and he says, "Mrs. Hamilton?" Alison nods, "Yes. Come in." She adds, "I've very stupidly lost my key to the study. I was wondering if you could get me in without doing any damage to the door." The man walks over to the study door, examines the lock and then smiles, "I don't reckon that'll give us very much trouble."

Next door, Wayne snarls at Fiona, "Alison put you up to this, didn't she?" Fiona insists, "No. Of course not. Tick was living in the caravan at the side of the mansion. He probably got it into his head to pass himself off as your son. He saw it as a good meal-ticket." Gordon snaps, "The boy's only ten, Fiona; you're making him sound like some sort of devious monster. Quite frankly, I'm disappointed that you let Alison drag you into it. I know you don't like Wayne--" Wayne interrupts suddenly and says, "It's alright, dad. I can handle it." He then asks Fiona, "Where is Alison? We'll have it out." Fiona says quickly, "Alison? Oh. I'm not too sure. She's probably out by the pool." Wayne stares at her and asks suspiciously, "Why are you so edgy?" Fiona laughs quickly, "I'm not edgy!" Wayne walks off. When she's gone, Fiona tells Gordon, "I think we should talk about this when we've all calmed down a little bit. I'll find Alison and then we can talk it out later." Gordon, however, retorts, "It's not something that we can put off, as far as I can see. If it's as serious as you say, then we should have it out now." Wayne rejoins them and demands of Fiona sharply, "What are you up to?" Fiona insists, "Nothing." Wayne growls, "She's not even here, is she?" Fiona blusters, "She has to be here... somewhere." Wayne mutters, "If she's not here, I can bet where she is." With that, he turns and heads out of the room. Fiona stands there, looking worried.

At Dural, the study door opens and Alison smiles at the locksmith, "Wonderful!" The locksmith replies, "There you go, Mrs. Hamilton. Just don't close it 'til you find your key." Alison tells him, "I can't thank you enough." The locksmith asks, "Who will I bill?" Alison replies, "My husband, Wayne. He'll be so pleased I managed to get it open again!" With that, the locksmith picks up his toolkit. The front door opens suddenly and Wayne walks in. Looking at Alison, he growls, "Trust you." He then demands of the locksmith, "Who the hell are you?" The locksmith snaps, "Bloke doing a job. Might be a bloke throwing a punch, if you don't watch your tone." Wayne retorts, "Might be doing time, if you don't get out." The locksmith snaps, "What are you talking about?" Wayne indicates Alison and growls, "She doesn't even live here." Alison looks down, guiltily. The locksmith heads out, uncertainly. When he's gone, Wayne says to Alison menacingly, "You're lucky I don't bring in the police to cart you off." Alison just snaps, "Maybe I didn't get evidence this time. I will get it, though." Wayne listens but then says, "Too late. Charlie should be getting news soon that she's lost a bundle - and it's all been done in a way that I get all the money and none of it can be traced to me. So you see, all you did by sticking your nose in was speed up the inevitable. Charlie will have you to thank when she gets the good news." He then adds, "Course, this conversation never happened - and if you say it did, I'll call you the greatest liar under the sun."

Charlie is standing with Gordon at the party next door, saying warmly, "I'm so glad you came over. I was starting to think I wasn't going to see you, the way Beryl's been monopolising your time." Gordon, however, tells her, "Don't blame Beryl. I've been enjoying myself as much as she has. She's a fine woman." Looking slightly put-out, Charlie murmurs, "Yes, she's... sweet!" Gordon adds, "The sort of woman a man would think of if he ever considered remarrying." A look of horror crosses Charlie's face.

It's dark when Susan, Gordon, Beryl and Wayne arrive back at Dural. As they head into the lounge room, Gordon comments, "Charlie can be very proud of herself: all in all, it was an excellent party." Beryl remarks, "She seemed to go a bit moody, though. Any idea why?" Gordon laughs, "Who can ever tell with Charlie?!" He then adds, "Well, I'm turning in. Goodnight all." He heads off upstairs. When he's gone, Beryl asks Wayne, "Did you manage to get everything sorted out about Richard?" Wayne nods, "I set Alison straight. She won't be spreading any more rumours." Beryl comments, "Fiona seemed to think she was telling the truth." Wayne retorts, "Fiona's as bad as you: she'll stick the knife in whenever she gets the chance." Looking shocked, Susan warns, "Wayne..." Wayne just shrugs, "It's true." Beryl comments to him, "If that's your frame of mind, I think I'll turn in too." With that, she heads off upstairs. Wayne goes to the bar and says to Susan, "What are you going to have?" Susan replies, "Nothing. Actually, I'm tired, too." Wayne warns her, "You're not going to bed yet." Susan sighs, "Wayne, I'm tired." Wayne retorts, "And I'm not." He pours a scotch as he adds, "So sit down and keep me company and then we'll go to bed." Susan stares at him and sits down reluctantly. Wayne adds menacingly, "Don't forget: you're still my wife."

Next door, Charlie is sitting on the floor in her lounge room - the chairs having been removed for the party - as Alison paces the floor snapping, "I am trying to tell you that Wayne's been bragging about ripping you off, and all you can do is moan about Gordon seeing Beryl Palmer as his future wife. In a few weeks, you are going to find out you've been ripped-off for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The fact that Gordon sees Beryl Palmer isn't going to matter to you much then, is it?" Charlie just sighs, "But Gordon's sweet... and he does care for me. It's just..." She then snaps, "What's she got that I haven't?" Alison retorts, "Probably enough sense to listen when a friend's trying to warn her of an impending disaster." Charlie stands up suddenly, snapping, "I've had you treating me like a joke. I'm in love with Gordon and all you can do is talk to me as though I'm some sort of fool. How many times do I have to tell you I don't believe a word of what you're saying about Wayne?" With that, she storms out of the room, leaving Alison looking worried.

It's the next morning, and Susan is walking downstairs at Dural, slowly, looking upset. She has a piece of paper in her hand, and she walks over to the telephone table and places it on top of the 'phone. The note says 'Need some time alone today. Don't worry about me. Susan.'

A while later, Susan is sitting at the edge of a rainswept beach, staring out to sea, watching the crashing waves in front of her, swallowing the beach up as they roll forward. She looks down at her hand and then starts removing her wedding ring. A short time later, Susan is sitting in her car. She places a bracelet and some other jewellery in the glove box. A few moments later again, she starts walking along the sand, towards the sea. She's holding her shoes, but she drops them on the sand as she strides purposefully towards the ocean. She then steps into the water. She pauses at the edge, as it laps around her, and then keeps on walking, further and further into the swelling waters...


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