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    Written by: Valda Marshall   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

A short time later, Caroline is standing in with Susan in the lounge room at Beryl, saying, "I don't understand. You're supposed to be dead!" Susan just murmurs, "I'm not! Go on - touch me: I'm not a ghost!" Caroline then gives her a warm hug, crying, "Oh Susan! I thought I was never going to see you again. It was you I saw this afternoon?" Susan tells her, "I'm sorry. I wanted to say something, but at the last minute, I couldn't." Caroline says, "I was so sure. Then, when you just disappeared, I thought I must have been going mad. Why were you looking for me?" Susan tells her, "I wasn't... well, I was, but that's not the reason I came to Melbourne. I need to sort out a lot of things, Caroline - mainly my marriage. You see, I don't know about Wayne anymore. I don't know where the truth ends and the lies start. He said a lot of things about you. I want to know if they're true or not."

Wayne is standing behind the bar at Dural, listening as Gordon stands on the other side of the bar, talking on the 'phone, saying, "Yes. OK. Fine. Thanks for calling." He hangs up and then tells Wayne - and Beryl, who's sitting on the couch - "That was Fiona. She's coming over in the morning. She says she feels useless sitting at home doing nothing." Beryl murmurs, "Good old Fiona." Wayne then says, "I've made arrangements for the memorial service." Beryl stares at him in shock, jumps up from the couch and demands, "What memorial service?" Gordon says quickly, "I'm sorry; didn't I mention it? Wayne thought it might be a nice idea." Beryl cries, "Isn't it a bit premature?" Gordon replies, "Naturally, if you don't want it, we needn't go ahead--" Wayne interrupts suddenly, though, and says, "Hang on a minute. Don't I count? I happen to be Susan's husband, remember? I'm just as upset as Beryl, but at least I accept it. If the police say Susan's dead, no amount of positive thinking's going to bring her back." Beryl insists, "It's too early to be organising a memorial service." Wayne, however, tells her, "Face, it, Beryl: Susan was in a disturbed state of mind. She walked into the water fully-dressed. A witness saw her. What do you want: an instant replay?" Beryl glares at him. Gordon adds, "Wayne's right: we must try and accept it." Beryl, however, snaps, "I won't believe it until I see--" She breaks off as Gordon puts his hands on her shoulders to comfort her. Wayne just mutters, "Please yourself." He then says, "I'd like you to deliver the eulogy, if that's OK, dad. Something simple; I'll write it myself." Beryl glares at him venomously and snarls, "A eulogy? Talk about two-faced. If Susan is dead, it's a pity you couldn't find a few decent words to say to her when she was alive. If she's dead, you drove her to it and now you're trying to pretend you loved her." Wayne retorts coldly, "I did love her." Beryl goes on angrily, "You had a funny way of showing it. All those dreadful things you said to her. Even accusing her of carrying Glen's baby." Gordon looks at Wayne in surprise and asks, "Is that right?" Beryl tells him, " Of course it is. I wouldn't have said it otherwise." Wayne, however, tells his father, "Don't listen to her. She's a raving lunatic. I loved Susan; I wouldn't do or say anything to hurt her." There's silence as Gordon and Beryl stare at him. Wayne then snaps at Gordon, "I see: it's the word of a mad-woman against your own son. Thanks a lot. At least I know where I stand." With that, he storms out, adding angrily as he does so, "I'll be at the hospital." When he's gone, Beryl says to Gordon tersely, "I'm sorry, Gordon; I just had to say what I think. I don't like your son; I never have and I never will." Gordon stands there, looking worried.

Susan is sitting with Caroline on the couch at Beryl's, saying to Caroline sympathetically, "Poor Caroline, you've had a rough time of it, haven't you? That nursing home must've been dreadful." Caroline murmurs, "It wasn't too much fun." Susan adds, "And you know nothing about cutting my brake lines?" Caroline shakes her head. Susan murmurs, "I was starting to think it was all a put-up." She pauses before then saying, "I know all the evidence is there, but..." Caroline completes, "You still find it hard to think that Wayne could be so evil?" Susan nods weakly. Caroline assures her, "That's not hard to understand. People get married. They make a huge emotional investment. No one likes to admit they've made a mistake." She then puts her arm around Susan and smiles, "Your mum's going to be so pleased that you're still alive." Susan, however, says quickly, "No, no, you mustn't tell anyone. I can't go back. I won't. I've been through so much. No more. Caroline, I'm so unhappy. I just don't know what to do." With that, she breaks down in tears.

Wayne enters the hospital, carrying a huge parcel. Michael is walking along the corridor and he says quickly, "Wayne - I was just coming over to see you." Wayne mutters, "Not now." Michael goes on, however, "I know about Susan. I didn't want to say anything last night - I felt it wasn't my place - but I want you to know how sorry I am." Wayne mutters, "Thanks. Now, if you'll excuse me..." He goes to walk off. Michael, however, says quickly, "I know how much you loved her." Wayne looks at him and retorts, "No you don't. No one did - not even Susan. That's the worst part: I loved her and she never really knew..."

A while later, Michael and Wayne are walking along the beach, Wayne saying, "From what you said last night, you didn't want any more to do with me." Michael nods, "I know." Wayne asks, "Why the sudden change? You like being the good angel, do you?" Michael replies, "It beats kicking someone when they're down."

On the couch at Beryl's, Caroline says to Susan, "You still haven't told me why you changed your mind - when you went to the beach." Susan murmurs, "It was strange. I've always wondered what it was like just before you die - especially while I was nursing. When it happened, it was quite different." Caroline asks, "How?" Susan explains, "All my life, I've been terrified of water - I couldn't even swim a stroke until Glen taught me - but there I was trying to drown myself, and do you know what I was thinking? 'What a stupid way to die.'" Caroline points out, "But you didn't." Susan murmurs, "That's the other strange thing: I'm not particularly religious - or at least, I don't think I am - but it was like someone spoke to me from when I was a little girl going to Sunday school. 'Thou shalt not kill.'" Caroline comments, "So you decided to save your life?" Susan, however, replies, "No, my life wasn't worth anything. It was the baby: I suddenly realised I'd be killing my child."

As they continue walking along the beach, Wayne says to Michael, "Sorry if I bit your head off earlier; I'd just had a run-in with Beryl. She's trying to turn dad against me." Michael points out, "She's upset about Susan." Wayne, however, retorts, "No, that's not the reason. Any chance to put the boot in: that's our Beryl." Michael remarks, "You don't like her much, do you?" Wayne replies sourly, "Not a lot. She blames me for Susan's death." Michael asks, "Why would she do that?" Wayne tells him, "Spite. She never wanted Susan and me to get married in the first place. It's her way of getting back."

At Beryl's, Caroline suggests to Susan, "You must hate Wayne a lot, for what you did." Susan, however, tells her, "No. Not hate. I feel sorry for him." Caroline gasps in surprise, "After all he's done?" Susan explains, "In a strange way, he did love me - and in the beginning, I felt something for him, too; not the way I felt about Glen, but I was fond of Wayne. He can be very nice when he tries." Caroline stares at her and asks, "You'd never think of going back to him?" Susan replies, "No. I just meant that I can understand the type of person he is. Wayne will never be happy - because he destroys everything he loves."

Wayne is sitting on the beach with Michael, staring out to sea. After a few seconds, he says, "I did kill her. I certainly drove her to it." Michael tells him quickly, "That's enough of that. It wasn't your fault; it wasn't anyone's fault." Wayne, however, murmurs, "The only woman I ever really loved - and I have to live without her for the rest of my life."

At Beryl's, Susan tells Caroline coldly, "I never want to see him again."

On the beach, Wayne stares out to sea and murmurs, "Goodbye, Susan."

Sometime later, Michael and Fiona emerge from May's room into the hallway at the mansion, Michael smiling, "I like the room! I like the landlady! I'll take it!" Fiona grins, "That's settled, then. Welcome aboard!" Michael adds, "I might just change a few of the furnishings: somehow, I don't think my taste is quite the same as your last tenant!" Fiona tells him warmly, "A very old and dear friend of mine had that bedsit before. I'll help you move some of the furniture later." Michael explains, "I just need enough space for my desk and books - and Oscar." Fiona, looking suddenly concerned, says, "Er, I should have mentioned this before: no pets allowed." Michael, however, tells her, "My skeleton: we've been together since school days!" A look of relief crosses Fiona's face and she laughs, "I think you're going to fit in here very well, Michael!" Michael smiles, "I'm sure I will!" He then adds, "Wayne suggested it, actually." The smile disappears from Fiona's face as he adds, "I said I was wanting a place." Fiona says tersely, "There's something I think I should tell you: I don't want to interfere, but I've known Wayne for a long time and he really is bad news." Michael, however, assures her, "I've got no illusions about Wayne - but if he's as bad as you say he is, maybe he needs a friend? It can be very lonely out there with everyone gunning for you; no one's totally one-sided." Fiona looks at him in surprise and then comments, "You know something? I think I'm going to enjoy having you around!"

Gordon is holding a file of papers as he talks on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, saying, "That's fine. Thankyou." He hangs up as the front door bangs and Wayne walks in. Gordon asks his son, "How's Tick?" Wayne replies gruffly, "Fine. He'll be out in a day or two." Gordon then says, "Look, about what happened this afternoon--" Wayne, however, says quickly, "Forget it." He then asks his father about the file he's holding. Gordon explains, "Some papers on a land deal. Alison brought them over. She's been through the figures and thinks we should forget the whole thing." Wayne looks at him and says suspiciously, "Really? Why is Alison such an expert?" Gordon tells him, "She says Doug is interested in the same deal, and he has the advantage of all the Melbourne contacts." Wayne asks, "So?" Gordon replies, "She does make sense. I've been through the figures too: it's a huge commitment, considering our current cashflow." Wayne goes and sits down on the couch as he mutters, "Is that what Alison says, is it?" Gordon nods, "More or less. I'm inclined to agree with her." Wayne, however, retorts, "Alison wouldn't know a good deal if she fell over it. I'll go down to Melbourne first thing tomorrow. We'll soon see how good Doug's contacts are then. In the meantime, I think I might have a quiet chat with Madam Carr." Gordon tells him, "Charlie says she's gone away for a few weeks." Wayne asks in surprise, "Where?" Gordon shrugs, "I don't know. She left that for you." He hands Wayne an envelope. Wayne opens it and takes out a note from inside as Gordon goes on, "You're not exactly in Charlie's good books at the moment. I got the distinct impression she's blaming you for losing her money." He then asks, "What does Alison have to say?" Wayne mutters, "Usual rubbish: that she's off on some detective work and when she gets back she's going to hit me where it hurts most." Gordon asks, "Why would she say that?" Wayne shrugs, "Search me." Gordon pushes, "Nothing's been going on that I should know about...?" Wayne retorts, "No - but if there is any explaining to do, she should be the one doing it. That business on the island: it was no accident; Alison deliberately had us stranded there." Gordon asks in surprise, "How do you know that?" Wayne retorts, "I just do." He stands up as Gordon asks, "Do you have any proof?" Wayne tells him, "Our mongrel skipper sailed away and just left us there." Gordon comments in surprise, "He works for us." Wayne, however, retorts, "Not anymore. He's disappeared, surprise surprise - probably off buying his own yacht with the money Alison paid him." Gordon stands up and remarks in concern, "So, because of her stupidity, you and Tick almost died?" Wayne nods curtly, "That's right. Fun lady, isn't she?" Gordon stares at him, looking worried.

A while later, Gordon is standing with Beryl in the lounge room at Charlie's, ranting at Charlie, "Did you know that Alison deliberately had Wayne and Tick left on that island and put my grandson's life in jeopardy?" Charlie stares at him and cries, "I'm sure she didn't mean to. Alison would never do anything to hurt Tick." Gordon just snaps, "Whether she meant to or not, the point is he could have died. Now she's off on some other Tomfool stunt trying to hurt Wayne. Do you know what all that's about?" Charlie retorts, "No." Gordon presses tersely, "You've got no idea where she is?" Charlie snaps, "No - and anyway, anything Alison did was for me, to get back at Wayne for stealing my money." Gordon growls, "No one stole it, Charlie. You lost it through your own mismanagement. Wayne warned you about over-spending." Charlie gasps, "That's a pack of lies. There was a waiver. Wayne took my money and left me no way of proving it." Gordon snaps, "What waiver? There was no waiver. It's all part of Caroline's imagination." Beryl chips in suddenly and says, "Gordon, why don't you call your solicitor and find out once and for all?" Gordon looks at her.

Sometime later, Beryl is sitting with Gordon on the couch at Dural. Gordon has a worried expression on his face. Beryl asks him gently, "What are you going to do: wait until Wayne gets back from Melbourne?" Gordon snaps, "The first thing I have to do is find that waiver, just to make sure it actually exists - and if it does, I'll blast the liv--" Beryl interrupts him and warns, "Don't get upset - not yet, anyway." There's a knock on the front door suddenly, and Beryl goes to answer it. Fiona is standing on the step and she gives Beryl a warm hug. Beryl tells her, "It's so good to see you." Fiona replies warmly, "It's wonderful to see you, too. How are you holding up?" Beryl tells her, "Alright. Gordon's been a tower of strength." They head into the lounge room and Fiona smiles, "Hello, Gordon." Gordon stands up and acknowledges, "Fiona." Fiona then adds, "Janice sends her love. We'll both be coming to the memorial service." Gordon, however, tells her, "Beryl wants that put off for the time being. We've persuaded Wayne to wait a few more days." He then suggests, "You two have a bit of a chat, eh? I'll make a cup of coffee." With that, he heads off to the kitchen, leaving Fiona to comment to Beryl, "Seems you're being very well looked after!" Beryl smiles, "Yes. Perhaps I should go and give him a hand." Fiona, however, insists, "I'm sure Gordon is perfectly capable of making a cup of coffee on his own!" The two of them sit down as Beryl murmurs, "Sorry. It's just that he's done so much." Fiona comments, "I know. You told me as soon as I arrived: he's been a tower of strength." Beryl insists, "He has. I really don't know what I would have done without him." Fiona probes, "Anything going on between you two...?" Beryl retorts, "Course not! Don't be ridiculous!" Fiona, however, reminds her, "Hey! This is Fiona you're talking to! I've known you far too long to have the wool pulled over my eyes! Now, tell me: do you have any feelings for Gordon?" Beryl murmurs, "It's so stupid, I--" Fiona interrupts and presses, "Just a straight 'yes' or 'no'!" Beryl hesitates and then says, "Yes!" Fiona smiles, "I thought so!" Beryl goes on, however, "The only thing I think he thinks of me is just a friend." Fiona, though, exclaims, "Stuff and nonsense! I saw the look on his face just now. You take my word for it: Gordon Hamilton is a man in love - whether he knows it or not!"

Caroline and Susan are sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's. Susan is flicking through a book, and she murmurs uncertainly, "Group therapy... no thanks! I can do without sitting around with a bunch of emotional cripples!" Taking the book back, Caroline comments in surprise, "I thought, as a nurse, you'd be all for it." Susan tells her, "For some people. I can sort out my own problems." Caroline murmurs, "Like trying to drown yourself?" Susan looks at her and sighs, "I asked for that didn't I?" Caroline says, "Look, Susan, we all need help at some time or other. Doug's convinced me to try it to get over my problems - so if I'm willing, why not you?" Susan pauses. She then says, "If it's one of those places where we all sit round in a circle and talk about what happened behind the woodshed when we were six, I swear I'll walk out!" Caroline laughs, "If it's like that, I'll walk out with you!" She then asks more seriously, "So... it's a date?" Susan nods, "It's a date." Caroline replies, "Good." She then adds, "To get things off to a flying start, you and I are going to go off for a day on the town!" Susan looks at her in surprise!

Doug is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Caroline's, saying, "Yeah, it's like printing money, mate. It can't fail. Listen, why don't you give me a time and I'll come around and show you all the figures?" He listens and then says in surprise, "Ken? Ken, are you still there?" There's silence, though. Doug hangs up in annoyance, muttering, "It's your loss, mate, not mine." He crosses a name off the list of paper in front of him and then picks up the 'phone and dials another number. When it's answered, he says, "Alec? Doug Fletcher!... Yeah! So, how's it going, you old son of a gun?... Yeah, long time, no see!... No, I have not been in jail! I've been in Yankee-land for six months." He then goes on, "Listen, I'll tell you what I'm calling about: how would you like to come in on a little proposition with me?" He listens before saying, "At least let me explain." He listens again but then mutters, "Yeah. Yeah, I understand, mate. Thanks for nothing, Alec." He hangs up, growling to himself, "I don't know what's the matter with these blokes. Anybody would think I was Ned Kelly or something."

Caroline and Susan are walking along a busy shop-lined street. Susan is wearing sunglasses, and she asks Caroline in concern, "What if someone sees me?" Caroline insists, "No one's going to see you. Relax!" Susan, however, tells her, "I can't. I really think we should go home." Caroline retorts, "You are going nowhere - except the hairdresser's." Susan asks in surprise, "Since when?" Caroline smiles, "Since I made the appointment!"

There's a frantic knocking on the front door at Caroline's. Doug goes to answer it - and finds Wayne standing on the step. He snaps at Wayne, "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" Wayne smiles, "I dropped by to give you some friendly advice." He steps inside as Doug retorts, "I don't need any advice - least of all from you." Wayne tells him, "That's not what I heard. I hear you've been ringing around trying to drum-up cash - and no one will touch you with a ten-foot barge pole." Doug demands, "Who told you that?" Wayne just replies, "I have my contacts." Doug snaps, "And?" Wayne smiles nastily, "Let's just say... I've spread the word that an undischarged bankrupt is a bad risk." Doug glares at him and snarls, "I ought to knock your block off." Wayne just grins, "Won't get you the money, though, will it? Might as well give up now." Doug, however, retorts, "Never. I'll tell you something, Hamilton: I'm going to raise the money and I'm going to swing the deal - and when I do, your name's going to be mud, not mine - and that's a promise."

Sometime later, Wayne is at Beryl's. He emerges from Susan's bedroom and wanders into the lounge room, carrying some of her old books and toys. He looks at one children's book, in which Susan's name appears in child's writing. He then packs that and the other books into a carrier bag. Next, he picks up an old school photo. He stares at the black-and-white shot of a smiling younger Susan, her hair in pig tails.

A few minutes later, Wayne heads into the kitchen, picks up a notepad from the counter and sits down at the table. He takes out the school photo and places it in front of him as he begins to write slowly on the pad: "We are gathered here today to honour the memory of Susan Hamilton."

Outside, Susan and Caroline are laughing as they walk up to the front door, Caroline saying, "I still can't get over what a difference your hair makes!" Susan has had a wave put into her hair and she's wearing a new dress. She asks Caroline in concern, "You don't think it's too extreme?" Caroline assures her, "Definitely not - but if you hate it, you can change it tomorrow!" Susan laughs, "I'll never forget his face when I asked him how I'd look as a punk!" Caroline tells her seriously, "A change is as good as a holiday." Susan nods, "You're right. Thanks for talking me into it." She turns and looks at her reflection in the front window - and as she does so, she looks through to the kitchen and she gasps, "It's Wayne!" Caroline asks, "Where?" Susan replies, "In the kitchen. What the hell is he doing here?"

In the kitchen, Wayne is writing: "We had so little time - but if Susan were here today, she'd be saying: don't cry. Be happy. Life's for living. For fun. And joy. And laughter." Tears begin to well in his eyes as he stares at the photo again...

Outside, Susan gasps to Caroline, "I can't let him see me." Caroline suggests, "Then let's get out of here." Susan, however, tells her, "No, I've got to know what he's doing." She then adds, "I know: you go in and say you're here to check on the house - then you can find out what he's up to. I'll wait out here." She takes out her house keys and hands them over. A few seconds later, Caroline heads inside and, staying out of sight in the lounge room, listens as Wayne says to himself, "So this is for you, Susan: all the things I wanted to say but never got around to telling you. I love you. I miss you so much. I'll never forget." He stares again at the photo.

A few seconds later, Caroline heads back outside and tells Susan, "I don't know what's going on yet, but one thing I know for sure: your husband's going through the tortures of the damned at the moment. He sounds as though he's written some sort of testimonial: he says he loves you, he always will and he'll never forget you." Susan stands there, looking worried.


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