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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Wayne snarls slowly, "Richard is my son." Fiona retorts, "Wayne, I know it's hard for you to accept--" Wayne ignores her and says to Michael instead, "Just in case we can't find his mother, can we keep trying to get the blood from somewhere else?" Michael nods, "I was going to suggest that, to be on the safe side." Wayne tells him, "I'll go and see if there's any word on Moya turning up." With that, he walks off. Fiona sighs heavily and says to Michael, "It's hard for Wayne to accept. He's lost Susan and the baby; to lose Tick as well would destroy him. I can't say I like him or respect him, but no man deserves what he's going through at the moment." Looking uncomfortable, Michael murmurs, "I'll try and hurry up the blood supply." With that, he walks off, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Wayne opens the door to Tick's room and steps inside. Tick is lying unconscious in his bed. Wayne takes off his jacket and sits down on a chair next to the bed. He starts stroking Tick's brow. He then tells the boy softly, "We're doing our best to find your mum. She'll be here soon to give some blood for you. The doctor says he's getting some for you, too. You've got to live, Richard. We've got so much to do together. Thought the day would never come when I had my own son... but you are my son; it doesn't matter what anybody else says. You are. You're all I've got..."

In Melbourne, Andy is fiddling with the knob on the front of a CB radio. He's standing with Craig in the kitchen at Caroline's. Craig tells him, "I got it for almost nothing." Andy mutters, "Yeah? I think you might have paid too much for it!" Craig retorts indignantly, "There's nothing wrong with it. It works." Andy mutters, "For how long?" Craig sighs, "Stop being so negative. All you have to do is stay by the 'phones while I'm out doing the driving; take the orders, then you radio them through. I pick up the pizzas from the shop and deliver them to the customers. It's a piece of cake." Andy muses, "It sounds reasonable, but how do the people know about it, though?" Craig explains, "I've already been around to the pizza parlours and put up signs. You wait: they'll call!" A female voice starts speaking through the radio suddenly, saying, "Hi there, anybody! I'm in the mood to wiggle my lips and waggle my hips! Anyone copy?" Andy puts the handset to his mouth and replies, "Yeah, breaker breaker, what's your handle?" The woman tells him, "'Banana Fudge'. What's yours, beautiful?" Andy hesitates only briefly before saying, "'Chocolate Topping'. Sounds like we'd go well together, hey?!" Craig warns him, "Cut it out; we've got work to do." The woman, though, says to Andy, "I like your place in space, Chocolate Topping. What's your word on an eyeball?" Andy murmurs to Craig, "That must mean a date." He then says to the woman, "Ten-four, Banana Fudge. You've got the break; now call the tune." Craig reaches out to the CB set suddenly and switches it off. Andy glares at him and snaps, "What do you think you're doing? I was doing alright there!" Craig retorts, "That's not going to sell many pizzas." Andy shrugs, "No, but it's going to be a lot of fun!" Craig stands there, looking annoyed.

A while later, Craig approaches Debbie at the stud. She's hard at work, cleaning a saddle. As she spots Craig, she smiles, "What are you doing here?" Craig tells her, "I just wanted to let you know that the business starts rolling at lunchtime - if Andy can operate the radio properly!" Debbie says, "I wish I could come with you in the car; actually, I could speed things up a bit: you do all the driving, I do the running in and out with the pizzas...!" Craig laughs, "I don't know if there's going to be that many deliveries to start with." Debbie, however, insists, "There will be. It's a brilliant idea!" She then adds, "Actually, can I come with you? Just for a while?" Craig nods, "I guess you could come during your lunch break." Debbie exclaims, "Terrific! I can eat lunch on the way!" The stud owner walks over to them suddenly, looking annoyed as he watches them laughing and messing about. He snaps, "OK, that's enough fooling around." He then tells Craig curtly, "You've been spending too much time taking her mind off the job lately, young fella." Debbie explains quickly, "He just had something important to tell me." The owner mutters sourly, "Oh yeah?" He walks off. Craig and Debbie burst out laughing again.

Wayne is pacing the corridor at the hospital. Fiona is standing with him, and she says, "Would you like another cup of coffee?" Wayne, who's already holding a cup, doesn't respond. He just murmurs, "How much longer?" Fiona sighs, "Oh, Wayne. Don't pin your hopes on Moya." Wayne insists, "She'll be here on time; she has to be." Michael walks up to them suddenly and says, "Good news: we've managed to get onto some blood. It's in Tasmania, but it'll be here in a couple of hours." Wayne exclaims, "A couple of hours? That's no use. You might as well cancel it: his mother will be here shortly." Michael just murmurs, "I'll leave the order as it is. It won't hurt to have a supply, anyway." He walks off, into Tick's room. Wayne looks at Fiona and tells her, "It's going to be alright." At that moment, Moya comes round the corner. Wayne looks at her and says, "About time. Everything's set. He'll be OK as long as you can give him some blood. Yours should match his; it's a rare one." Looking nervous, Moya tells him, "That could be difficult." Wayne demands, "Why?" Moya replies quickly, "I haven't been well lately. I don't think I could take it." Fiona says curtly, "You mean your blood won't match, don't you?" Moya snaps, "Of course not." Fiona just sighs, "Oh, Wayne. If she was his real mother, do you honestly think she'd be trying to get out of giving him her blood?" Wayne says tersely, "Moya, Richard is critical." Moya just repeats, "I told you: I haven't been well. It could do the boy more harm than good." Fiona suggests pointedly, "Why don't you have a blood test and let the doctors decide?" Moya says quickly, "No - it wouldn't do any good." Wayne stares at her as he mouths, "You mean he's not your son..." Looking at Fiona in confusion, he cries, "I saw the birth certificate. He has to be." Fiona sighs, "Wayne, will you listen to me? Alison was going to try and con you; convince you that Tick was your son - but her conscience got the better of her and she decided she couldn't use the child like that, so she pulled away." Wayne gasps, "Then why did it turn out like it did?" Fiona explains uncomfortably, "Tick overheard her saying she wasn't going ahead with it and that he'd have to go to a Home and... we've got one very sharp little fellow in there, so he decided to try it on himself." Wayne protests, "The birth certificate--" Fiona interrupts and explains, "That means you do have a son out there, somewhere - but it isn't Tick." Wayne looks at Moya and demands angrily, "Where's my son?" Moya just retorts, "If you want to know that, it's going to cost." Fiona glares at her and growls, "You are a real charmer, aren't you? Don't fall for it, Wayne; you've got no guarantee she's not going to con you again. All she wants is the money." Moya, looking at Wayne, says, "You want your son, don't you?" Fiona tells Wayne, "You've got a little boy in there who needs you - now. The only reason he did what he did was because he wanted somebody to love him. You're not going to let him down, are you?" Wayne looks at Moya and then back at Fiona. He then heads into Tick's room. Fiona glares at Moya and snaps, "A real class act through-and-through, aren't you, Moya? I just hope you're feeling proud of yourself."

In Tick's room, Michael is checking Tick's heartbeat. He looks round at Wayne and asks, "Has his mother arrived yet?" Wayne sighs, "She's not his mother." Michael asks, "What about Tick's real parents? Do you know who they are? Where they might be?" Wayne shrugs, "No idea." Michael looks at his watch and comments, "The blood from Tasmania should be here soon." Wayne asks, "Will he pull through?" Michael tells him, "We'll do our best; you know that." He then asks Wayne, "What are you going to do?" Wayne murmurs, "He's a good kid. I don't know." Michael pats him on the shoulder and says, "I'll leave you two together for a while." He leaves the room. Wayne stands there, staring down at the unconscious Tick.

Beryl and Gordon are playing with Robert and one of his toy cars in the lounge room at Dural. As they do so, Gordon comments to Beryl, "Must have been terrible for you, losing him the way you did." Beryl asks, "The kidnapping?" Gordon nods, "Yes. I don't know how you stood up to the pressure." Beryl, sitting down with him, admits, "I didn't. And I thought the whole thing was happening all over again when Wayne--" She breaks off as she realises what she's said. She adds uncertainly, "...took him." Gordon stares at her and asks in surprise, "Wayne took him?" Beryl just says quickly, "I thought we might go for a drive this afternoon. What do you think?" Gordon, however, pushes, "Beryl, answer the question." Beryl sits there and explains hesitantly, "It was before the wedding. Wayne took Robert - or, rather, had him taken - to force me to tell him where Glen was." Gordon, looking shocked, murmurs, "I can't believe it." Beryl goes on, "I told him Glen was in Bali and he gave Robert back. He said he wouldn't have kept him or harmed him in any way, but I wasn't going to take the risk." Gordon asks gently, "Why didn't you say something? You could've told me." Beryl just asks sharply, "Would you have believed me at the time? No, I couldn't tell anybody. I was afraid for Robert and I had no proof that Wayne was behind it." Gordon puts his head in his hands and murmurs, "I can't begin to tell you how ashamed I feel. I don't know how I can ever make it up to you, but I'm certainly going to try." Beryl insists quickly, "You don't have to feel guilty, Gordon; it has nothing to do with you." Gordon, however, tells her, "Whether I like it or not, Wayne is my son - and as the days go by, I'm more and more ashamed of the fact."

Wayne is pacing the hospital corridor again. Fiona is still standing with him, and she asks, "What are you going to say to the boy, Wayne? If you turn your back on him, it's going to hurt him so much. He'll spend the rest of his life thinking love only comes with conditions." Wayne just growls, "I'll make up my own mind, thanks." Michael walks up to them suddenly. Wayne asks, "Any news?" Michael tells him, "We can go ahead. The blood's arrived." Wayne says quickly, "I'll go and see him." With that, he heads off into Tick's room, leaving Michael to ask Fiona, "How is he?" Fiona sighs, "I really don't know. Confused... upset - naturally. Why are things so complicated?" She then adds, "It's a pity you're not Tick's father: you'd make a wonderful dad!" Michael laughs, "What are you trying to do to me? Too soon for the wife and kid yet, thanks!" Fiona comments, "I thought you'd have the girls round you like flies!" Michael shrugs, "Doesn't mean I have to marry one of them!" Fiona smiles, "Confirmed bachelor, are you?!" Michael muses, "I haven't decided. I'll think about it when I've got enough behind me - probably about 35!" With that, he turns and heads off to get back to work.

Craig pulls up at the stud in his 'new' second-hand car and climbs out. He's wearing a black suit with a bow-tie. Debbie walks over to him and smiles, "Hey, I like your outfit! Where did you get that?" Craig explains, "The op shop. I saw it on the way back this morning." Debbie smiles, "It looks great!" She goes to climb into the car. The stud owner walks over suddenly, though, and demands of her, "Where do you think you're going?" Debbie explains, "Craig's taking me for a drive during my lunch break." The owner snaps, "Who says it's your lunch break?" Debbie points out, "It's 12:30." The owner retorts, "You haven't finished what you're doing around here, yet." Debbie tells him, "I can do that when I come back. It won't take long. I'm only going to be gone the hour." Looking exasperated, the owner growls, "The reason nothing ever gets done around this place is because employees decide on their breaks. I'm the one who decides, right?" Craig says, "Don't be too tough on her." The owner, however, retorts, "I pay her wages, mate." Debbie says, "I'm sorry - I'll work twice as hard when I get back. Please? See, Craig's driven all the way out here to pick me up." The owner snaps, "It's not as though it's the first time it's happened, Debbie." Debbie tells him, "I'll be back on time - I promise." The owner warns, "If you're not, you can look for another job." Debbie sighs, "OK. Fair enough." She turns to Craig and then says, "Come on." They climb in the car, leaving the owner looking annoyed.

Andy has the radio on in the kitchen at Caroline's. The 'phone rings suddenly and he goes and picks it up, answering it with, "Speedy Pizzas!... Yes, we can manage that... One King Americana with anchovies and egg - from Mario's Pizza Bar. Address please?" He writes down what he's told and then says, "OK. In about a half an hour." He hangs up and then picks up the CB radio. He says into the handset, "Speedy Pizzas. Come in. Craig, are you there?" In the car, Craig looks at Debbie and then picks up the CB handset. He says, "Got you, Andy. What's the order?" There's silence from the radio, though. Craig says, "Andy? Can you hear me?" There's still silence. Craig shakes the radio in annoyance. Andy's voice comes on suddenly, saying, "One Americano with anchovies and egg. Mario's Pizza Joint. For Jenkins, 5 Clifton Street." Craig tells him, "Got you that time. On our way." He puts the radio down and says to Debbie happily, "It's going to work!" Debbie grins, "Of course it is!"

Gordon and Beryl walk into the lounge room at Dural, wearing outdoor jackets. Beryl tells Gordon, "He gets cranky if he doesn't have a nap." Gordon muses, "Like most children." He then asks, "Is there anything you wanted to tell me about Wayne taking Robert?" Beryl, however, retorts, "No. As I told you before, Fiona never really knew the whole story. Robert had been returned, so I just kept my mouth shut." Looking annoyed, Gordon snaps, "I still find it so hard to accept. Of all the things he's ever done, this has got to be the cruellest." Beryl warns him quickly, "Don't upset yourself, Gordon; it's not good for you." Gordon, however, insists, "I'll be fine." The front door opens suddenly and Wayne walks in. He heads into the lounge room and says a weary, "G'day." Gordon comments to him, "You didn't come home last night." Wayne explains, "Richard had a relapse. He's been in a coma for the last twelve hours." Looking shocked, Gordon asks, "Is he alright now?" Wayne nods, "I think he'll be OK. He's got a pretty rare blood group; had to have some flown in from Tasmania... I'm just going to grab a shower and change my clothes and head back to the hospital." He goes to walk out of the room. Gordon, however, says sharply, "Beryl just told me about you having young Robert abducted." Wayne turns and stares at him. Gordon asks, "You going to deny it?" Wayne says hesitantly, "I, er..." Gordon growls, "You disgust me." Wayne insists, "I wouldn't have done him any harm. It was for Susan. I loved her. I couldn't let Glen have her." Gordon snaps, "And you think that justifies having a child taken? Did it cross your mind to think about Beryl?" Wayne snarls, "Oh yeah, good old Beryl. Good old Bigmouth Beryl." Glaring at Beryl, he goes on furiously, "You've been biding your time, haven't you? Waiting to drop me in it when it suited you. You'd do anything to come between me and my father." Beryl retorts, "That's not true, Wayne. I mentioned it by accident - and your father naturally wanted to know the whole story." Wayne snarls, "He had to drag it out of you, too, didn't he?" Gordon, however, snaps at his son, "Beryl had nothing to do with it. It's you, Wayne: you can't help yourself hurting people, can you?" Wayne glares at him and spits, "You'll never understand me." With that, he turns and walks out. Gordon yells at him, "Come back here." Wayne just ignores him. Beryl says gently, "Let him go, Gordon. No harm was done, and I'm sure Wayne regrets it ever happened. Gordon just murmurs, "Does he? I'm not too sure." Beryl suggests, "Come and sit down. It's no good getting yourself angry." They sit down on the couch and Gordon sighs, "I must've gone wrong somewhere. I just don't know where." Beryl comments, "I think Patricia could take most of the blame." Gordon, however, insists, "No, no, it's me. I'm his father. I should've seen what was happening all those years ago." Beryl tells him softly, "What's done is done. The important time is now." Gordon smiles at her weakly and nods, "Yes, of course. You're right. I'm just glad to have you here with me."

Sometime later, Wayne arrives back at the hospital. Fiona is still standing in the corridor outside Tick's room and Wayne asks her, "Anything happened?" Fiona tells him, "We're still waiting on the result of the blood transfusion." She then asks, "Your father and Beryl at the house?" Wayne mutters, "They certainly were."

Andy is cooking some food on the stove at the dingy flat. The 'phone rings suddenly and he goes and answers it. It's another customer and he takes down their name and address. As he does so, he looks over warily at the stove, where a pan of water is about to boil over. He takes down the customer's order and tells them, "In about half an hour. Bye." He hangs up and goes and removes the pan from the hob. As soon as he's done this, the 'phone rings again. It's another order. He looks over at the stove again. The contents of another pan are about to boil try. He takes the caller's details and then dashes over to the stove again. As he takes the second pan off the stove, he repeats the second order and address to himself several times. Before he can write it down, though, Craig comes on the CB radio, saying, "Mobile to Speedy. Any new orders, Andy?" Andy tells Craig the customers' addresses. Craig then asks, "And the pizzas?" Andy gives him the pizzas' names - but mixes up who wants which one. Craig nods, "Got you." The 'phone rings again and Andy answers it wearily. He then writes down, "Double cheese and anchovies."

In the car, Craig says to Debbie, "It's going well, eh?" Debbie nods, "It's great - and Andy's doing a good job." Craig tells her, "I have to admit, he is." Debbie says, "I knew he would be OK."

At the flat, Andy hangs up the 'phone and dashes over to the stove again. One of the hobs is smoking and he quickly turns off the power. He then sighs to himself, "What else can burn or boil over?" He dashes out to the hallway - and trips over and falls onto the floor!

Debbie is standing with a tough-looking male customer. He opens his pizza box and then snaps, "What's this rubbish? I ordered a Mario special with black olives." Looking taken aback, Debbie murmurs, "Oh, oh, sorry, I must've got it mixed up with another order. I'll fix it up for you." The man warns curtly, "You'd better, sweetheart, or that's the last order from me." Debbie walks off. She heads over to the car and tells Craig, "It's the wrong order. Andy must have made some mistake writing it down." Craig suggests, "Or he got the orders round the wrong way." He picks up the CB radio and says, "Mobile to Speedy." There's no response. He growls to himself, "It's carked it. Dammit." Debbie tells him, "Calm down; we'll work out something." Craig points out, "We have to get you back to work before we do anything." Debbie says, "Don't worry: I'll ring my boss; get the afternoon off; help you sort out this mess." Craig points out, "He mightn't take that too well. You could lose your job." Debbie, however, insists, "I'll be able to talk him into it - truly." Craig smiles, "It's good to have you around."

At Caroline's, Andy places a Post-It note alongside several others on the kitchen table. He has his arm in a makeshift sling. Craig and Debbie walk in suddenly and Craig demands of Andy, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" In reply, Andy asks, "What are you both doing here? Aren't you supposed to be out on the road?" Debbie looks at his sling and asks, "What have you done to your arm?" Andy explains, "I slipped and sprained it." Craig snaps at him, "Instead of grooving around the kitchen, why don't you concentrate on your job?" He turns off the radio, angrily. Andy mutters, "Cool it. What's the problem?" Debbie sighs, "You mucked up all the orders, Andy." Craig adds, "The whole business would've gone down the drain if Debbie wouldn't have taken the afternoon off to sort it out." Andy comments, "It would've only been a couple, wouldn't it? I mean--" Craig interrupts and snaps at him, "Fourteen orders, Andy. That's a few more than a 'couple'." He then indicates Debbie, going on, "And because she took time off to help me, she's lost her job." Andy looks at Debbie and gasps, "You got the sack?" Debbie nods her head at him, slowly. Andy stands there, looking sheepish.

Wayne and Fiona are standing in the corridor at the hospital when Moya Brinkley walks up to them and says, "Wayne, can we talk?" The two of them take a couple of steps away from Fiona and Wayne demands, "What do you want now?" Moya tells him, "I just thought you might have made a decision whether you want to know where your son is or not." Wayne mutters, "I haven't decided." Moya warns him, "You'd better decide in a hurry. This is a once-only offer." Fiona walks up to them, looking astonished, as Moya goes on, "Your real son for a tidy chunk of the Hamilton fortune." Fiona says quickly, "Don't be crazy, Wayne. She could be lying; she's done it once before. That boy in there--" she indicates Tick's room "--is relying on you. You've loved him like a son. Don't let him down."

A few moments later, Wayne snaps at Moya, "Fiona's right. How do I know whether you're telling the truth? Even if you are, how do I know what my real son's like? Tick's a good kid. He needs me. I mightn't be his real father, but I feel like I am." Moya warns him curtly, "You'll regret this. You'll never find out now - no matter how much money you gave me." Wayne just glares at her and snarls, "Get out of here, Moya." Moya turns and walks away. Wayne stands there, looking furious. Fiona says softly, "I'm sure you've done the right thing." Wayne just replies, "Excuse me - there's something I have to do." He turns and walks into Tick's room.

Beryl is pacing the lounge room floor at Dural. Gordon walks in from the hallway and comments, "You look worried." Beryl tells him, "I've been thinking: that argument you had with Wayne... it's no good, Gordon: I don't want to be the cause of such bad blood between you." Gordon, however, insists, "It wasn't your fault; it was the truth - and it just brought a lot of other things to a head." He then changes the subject quickly and says, "I've been thinking: I promised you we wouldn't live in the same house as Wayne, so I've made a decision for both of us: we'll go to Woombai as soon as possible, if that's alright with you." Beryl smiles, "That's fine with me!" Gordon tells her, "Good - I'm glad you agree."

As Wayne walks into Tick's room at the hospital, he finds Michael standing by Tick's bed. Tick is lying there, his eyes open, and Michael smiles, "Just the man we want to see!" Wayne asks, "What's the position?" Michael replies, "The blood transfusion did the trick." Looking at Tick, he adds, "Didn't it, mate?" Tick nods, "I feel good." Wayne smiles, "That's the best news I've had in days; no - years!" He sits down at Tick's bedside and goes on, "Don't you ever scare me like that again, will you?!" Tick replies, "I won't." He then adds, "Still want me, don't you?" Stroking Tick's hair, Wayne smiles, "Sure I do. I'll be around for as long as you want." He then looks at Michael and murmurs, "Thanks."

The front door opens at Caroline's and Debbie and Craig walk in. Debbie says uncertainly, "I hope Caroline and Doug don't mind me crashing here the night." Craig insists, "Of course not." Debbie goes on, "Ever since you raised it, I've been wondering just what I am going to do about where to live." Craig tells her, "You can stay here for a while." Debbie sighs, "Yeah, but I can't expect them to put me up for long, though. It's just that flats are so expensive, and I'd really rather not have one of those scungy little bedsits." Craig tells her, "I did have another idea." Debbie says, "Yeah? What?" Craig replies, "It's a well-known fact that two people can live cheaper than one - so how about we get a flat together?" Debbie stares at him in surprise.


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