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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Ginny moves away from the bar and sighs heavily. Wayne stands out in the hallway, looking annoyed. After a few seconds, he opens the front door and closes it again. Assuming it's Wayne coming back into the house, Ginny dashes over to the couch and sits down. Wayne heads into the lounge room and Ginny says quickly, "Forget something?" Wayne nods, "These." He picks up the files that Ginny was looking at on the bar, adding as he does so, "Wouldn't be too popular turning up at the meeting without the goods." Ginny comments, "Lucky you remembered them." Wayne just retorts coldly, "Yes, isn't it..." He heads out again.

A while later, a man is sitting in a cafe with Wayne, telling him, "The check I ran was exhaustive; couldn't have been more thorough; no stone unturned. Unfortunately..." He reaches into a briefcase and removes a file, which he hands to Wayne. Wayne looks at the contents. There are only a couple of sheets of paper inside, and he demands, "Where's the rest of it?" The man tells him, "That's it." Wayne gasps, "Two pages? I paid you a lot of money, pal." The man retorts, "I did a hell of a lot of work to get that much. You wanted the facts? You got them." Wayne looks at him and sighs, "Alright, alright." The man adds, "For my money, she's clean. Absolutely spotless. If she isn't, you're up against one hell of a lady. You won't nail her with anything in there, that's for sure." Wayne, however, begins to smile and replies, "No, you're wrong. Everything I need's right here..." The man looks at him, a puzzled expression on his face.

Ginny is looking out through the lounge room window at Dural. As she spots Wayne returning, she dashes back over to the couch and sits down. Wayne comes in through the front door and heads into the lounge room, where Ginny smiles, "Hi! How was the meeting?" Wayne replies, "Worth the effort. Definitely worth the effort." With that, he heads back out to the hallway. Ginny jumps up and runs after him, commenting quickly, "Sounds interesting." Wayne tells her, "It was more than that. I met a guy I put onto Alison." Ginny asks, "What guy?" Wayne explains, "Private detective. And guess what: he can prove Alison was behind the land deal." As he heads into the study, Ginny presses, "How?" Wayne calls back, "I don't know, yet. He had all the info there. He wasn't going to show me 'til I paid him - which was fair enough." He emerges from the study with his chequebook. Ginny says, "Um... when are you paying him?" Wayne, leaning on the hall table and starting to write out a cheque, replies, "This afternoon. Three o'clock in the coffee shop at Macpherson Street." Ginny asks, "Then what? Time for a bit of serious revenge?" Wayne looks at her and retorts, "Alison robbed me of my son, my money and my living. It's not revenge I'm after; it's justice, that's all. You can't blame me for that." He heads into the lounge room and finishes writing out the cheque on the bar. Ginny follows him and says, "Um... I might go and see if Charlie needs some help down the gym, fixing up stuff." A look crosses Wayne's face, but he nods, "Sure. Go for your life." With that, Ginny heads out. Wayne leans on the bar, looking thoughtful.

A short time later, Ginny is in the lounge room next door. Alison is picking up her handbag agitatedly and saying, "When did they say they were meeting? Three o'clock, was it?" Ginny, however, just tells her, "I'm quitting the espionage business, Alison." Ignoring this, Alison asks, "They didn't give you any idea what they had on me?" Ginny retorts, "The last couple of weeks hasn't been easy for him, you know?" Alison murmurs to herself, "It can't have been much. It can't be." Ginny snaps, "I want out. I reckon he's had enough." Alison just says, "Thanks for your help - and lock up when you leave, alright? See you later." With that, she heads off. Ginny sinks onto the couch, looking frustrated.

There are streamers strewn around the reception area at the gym. Glen hands Gordon the telephone and tells him, "It's for you." As Gordon takes the call, Fiona - who's standing with Charlie and Beryl - says to Beryl, "Have you got a new party dress, too?" Beryl, however, replies, "No, no. We won't be able to stay long, anyway." Fiona recalls, "That's right - Gordon told me: you're going down to Melbourne." Beryl smiles, "We're leaving tonight!" Fiona tells her, "I'm going to miss you - and little Robert." Gordon hangs up the 'phone again and turns to face the others, slowly. He has a serious expression on his face. Beryl asks him, "Who was it?" Gordon replies slowly, "The estate agent for the mansion. They've found a buyer. They want to exchange contracts today." Turning to Fiona, he adds, "He thinks you should warn the residents they might have to move fairly soon." Fiona stares at him.

An estate agent is pasting a 'Sold By' sign over the 'For Sale' sign outside the front of the mansion. Fiona walks along the street and joins him, saying sadly, "Excuse me... what's going to happen to this place now?" The agent, however, shrugs, "Search me. The new owner sounds a bit of a tycoon. Might be redone as a home." Fiona comments sadly, "Make a pretty big house." The agent replies, "Some of these millionaires like them big." He then adds, "Course, you know what the place used to be - during the War years." Fiona nods, "Yes. I've heard." The agent goes on, "It's only a rumour, mind. Don't know if it's true or not. So long ago... Don't suppose anyone remembers, anymore." Fiona insists quickly, "Oh, there probably are a few who would." With that, the agent walks off, leaving Fiona looking wistful.

Wayne's private detective is standing by his car, outside the coffee shop in Macpherson Street. Alison is watching from behind the corner of a building nearby. She sees Wayne's car pull up and ducks back out of sight. She then watches as Wayne climbs out of his car, the detective hands over a folder and Wayne glances at it and then places it on the front seat of his car. He then slaps the detective on the back in delight and the two of them start walking towards the coffee shop, Wayne leaving the front window of his car open. When they're out of sight, Alison dashes across from where she's hiding and looks in through Wayne's car's open front window. She then pulls open the door - and an alarm starts sounding. She looks around quickly before climbing into the car and picking up the file. She start to look through it - to find that it contains blank sheets of paper. Wayne walks up to her, suddenly and, peering into the window, smiles gleefully, "'Ello, 'ello! What do we have here?" As the alarm stops sounding, Alison climbs out of the car and demands, "Where is it?" Wayne looks at the detective, who's standing with him, and says, "She broke into my car. You saw that?" The detective nods, "I sure did." Alison looks at Wayne and snaps, "You've got something." Wayne demands, "How do you know? Who told you? Ginny?" Alison looks down guiltily. Wayne tells her nastily, "Pretty easy to see through, really. Fact, it was an insult sending a kid to try and fool me. Look where it's led you to: off the straight-and-narrow. Petty thievery. Second conviction in less than twelve months... I'd say it's more than community service this time." Alison growls, "Do me a favour and shut up, will you?" Wayne just smiles at her. He then indicates the detective and says to Alison, "Mr. Miller, incidentally, is a private investigator." Climbs back into his car, he looks at Miller and smiles, "Citizen's arrest, please, Greg." With that, he starts his car's engine, adding as he does so, "I'll be at home, if the police need confirmation." With that, he drives off, leaving Alison looking annoyed. Miller smiles at her. Alison appears to have a sudden thought...

Back at Dural, Wayne is pouring himself a glass of scotch at the bar and saying pointedly, "I couldn't believe it: of all the coffee shops in all the towns in all the world, there's Alison." Ginny is sitting on the couch. A look of guilt crosses her face. Wayne goes on nastily, "It's an amazing coincidence: how many times in a decade do you reckon she'd walk past that joint? Once? Maybe twice? And she picks just the day that I'm there. It's an amazing coincidence - unless, of course, it wasn't a coincidence. But if it wasn't, how did she know I was there?" Ginny asks meekly, "Do you think it was a coincidence?" Wayne shakes his head slowly. Ginny then starts crying, "Oh, Wayne, it was just once, OK? She really pressured me. I like you and--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "Like me?" Ginny insists, "I would've told you sooner or later." Wayne mutters disbelievingly, "Sure." Ginny cries, "I knew you would've found out." Wayne says coldly, "Is that so?" He then goes on, "People sometimes wonder. They wonder why I turned out the way I did. Do you want to know the answer to that, Ginny?" He goes and sits down next to her, raising his voice as he demands, "How do you reckon you'd feel if, every time you thought you could trust someone, you find you can't? It's happened again." Ginny stares at him. She then stands up and heads out. Wayne sits on the couch, looking furious.

A while later, Ginny is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's. Glen is with her, and he comments, "Wayne's tossed you out?" Ginny mutters, "Suppose I deserved it." Glen points out, "It's not the end of the world. It might even be the beginning." Ginny doesn't respond. Glen insists, "You've still got friends." Ginny sighs, "Really?" Glen reminds her, "I'm here, aren't I? I said I would be." Ginny tells him, "I didn't think you meant it." Glen replies, "Of course I did." Ginny murmurs gratefully, "It's a long time since I've had a friend; a proper one. I got so proud that I was strong enough to make it on my own. Started thinking it was a cop-out to live any other way. Even when I fancied a guy I thought I was so cool just to try and use him to get what I wanted. I wasn't, though; I was just plain stupid." Glen smiles at her and asks, "We mates?" Ginny nods, "Mates."

Wayne is standing behind the bar at Dural, gasping, "Melbourne?" Gordon is standing with him and he replies calmly, "Yes. I apologise for the late notice, but I only made the decision yesterday." Wayne gasps, "Tonight?" Gordon nods, "Yes. We leave about six... drive through the night... and hit Albert Park in the morning." Wayne cries, "What about the business?" Gordon tells him, "All yours. You can start afresh. A clean slate." Wayne asks in disbelief, "The house?" Gordon replies, "Yours - lock, stock and barrel." Wayne takes a sip from a glass of scotch. Leaving the glass empty, he goes to pour himself some more. Gordon sighs, "Wayne... please..." Wayne just glares at him and snaps sarcastically, "I'm sorry. You're keeping the scotch, are you?" Gordon looks away. Wayne cries, "Come on, dad, give me a break. I was looking forward to us doing things together again - like the good old days." Gordon just murmurs, "I know. Maybe... one day." At that moment, Beryl walks in. Gordon asks her, "Ready?" Beryl nods, "Yes." Gordon says, "I'll start packing the car." With that, he leaves the room. Beryl looks at Wayne, who pours himself a glass of scotch.

Charlie welcomes some guests to her party at the gym. Glen and Ginny are standing behind the reception desk, which is laden with food and drink. Ginny hands a guest a drink. As the guest walks away from them, Charlie runs over and cries, "What's going wrong?" Glen looks at her in surprise and replies, "Nothing. Why?" Charlie insists, "The place should be jumping by now." Ginny tells her, "Give it time!" Charlie, however, explains, "I didn't want a party that slowly warmed up; I wanted one that was red-hot from the beginning." Ginny suggests, "Turn the air-conditioning off! We're in a gym; let's make people sweat!" Charlie, looking delighted, runs off to adjust the thermostat! When she's gone, Glen tells Ginny, "Horses sweat; people perspire!"

Wayne is pacing the floor in the lounge room at Dural, sipping from his glass of scotch as Beryl tells him, "He's not doing it to spite you, you know." Wayne mutters disbelievingly, "Of course not." Beryl goes on, "He's thinking of himself for a change, that's all. He knows it won't be easy for you." Wayne just spits, "Spare me the pity, OK? Anyway, I don't care. Nick off, the both of you. I can manage." Gordon walks back in and asks Beryl, "Ready?" Beryl nods, "Yes." Gordon then turns to Wayne and says gently, "Look after yourself." Wayne mutters, "You too." Gordon tells him, "I can understand why you're angry." Wayne, however, starts to say, "I'm not angry; I'm just--" He breaks off. He then sighs, "Oh, what the hell... I hope you're really happy. See you around, OK?" Looking at his son in concern, Gordon says, "You should think twice about coming to that party of Charlie's this afternoon." Wayne just retorts, "I'm too drunk to think." Gordon stares at him. Wayne sighs, "Alright. It's easily fixed. Just get a friend over - someone to drive me there and back. I do have friends, strange as it may seem." Beryl looks at Gordon. She then murmurs, "Bye, Wayne." She heads out to the hallway. Left alone with Gordon, Wayne growls, "You don't think I do, do you? You don't think I've got anyone I can call on to do me a favour." Gordon just tells him sadly, "Stay here. Sleep it off. I'll be in touch." With that, he leaves the room. When he's gone, Wayne puts his glass down on the bar. He then picks up the Yellow Pages and starts looking through it for a number, muttering as he does so, "I'll show 'em."

Gordon and Beryl are at the gym. Glen hands Gordon two glasses of champagne and Gordon hands one of them to Beryl. Glen then asks Ginny, "How's the beer holding up?" Ginny tells him, "Excellent. We're right for hours, yet!" Her face drops suddenly, though, and she adds, "Correction: minutes." She's looking at the entrance, where a drunk Wayne is walking in with an attractive blonde woman on his arm. Charlie is standing by the entrance and Wayne slurs, "Charlie! I'd like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Sherry Devine!" Turning to Sherry, he says, "This is Charlie Bartlett, also a very good friend of mine!" He then heads over to the bar area, telling Sherry drunkenly, "You're going to have a ball; trust me! These people are great! Couldn't ask for a livelier bunch!" Reaching the bar, he smiles, "Glen, mate! How are you? Any scotch?" Glen just stares at him. Wayne shrugs, "Thought as much! I'll have a champers and a beer, then, mate." Turning to Gordon, he slurs at Sherry, "This is my old man, Gordon! And, um..." He looks at Beryl, who tells Sherry, "Beryl." Wayne slurs, "She's about to be his fourth wife." Ginny steps in front of Wayne and he tells Sherry, "This is... whatsername." Looking at Ginny, he slurs, "What's your name again?" Ginny snaps, "Ginny." Wayne glares at her and then says with a slur, "You heard from Alison lately?" Ginny retorts, "Yes, as a matter of fact. She arrived just before you." At that moment, Alison emerges from the main gym area with Greg wrapped around her. Alison smiles at Wayne, "There you are! We've been looking for you." Looking at Greg, she adds, "Haven't we, darling!" Wayne glares at them.

A while later, Wayne is sitting with Alison on a step in the main gym area. As he sinks a bottle of beer, he mutters at Alison, "You're an old tart. Anyone ever told you that?" Alison sighs, "You're not going to be a sore loser, are you?" Wayne just retorts, "Cheap, tired, old tart." Alison comments, "You are going to be a sore loser; I can tell." Wayne growls, "You think you're so smart, don't you?" Alison smiles, "Smarter than you; I've proved that often enough." She adds, "This afternoon wasn't even a test. This--" she indicates the party --"... the money and, wouldn't you know it, he couldn't even remember the way to the police station. Too simple for words, really." She then smiles, "I must mingle." As she stands up, she adds, "You may as well give up on the booze, Wayne; you haven't got any brain cells left to kill!" With that, she heads over to join some of the other guests. She passes Gordon and Beryl, who are dancing. Gordon says to his fiancée, "I think it's time we were going." Beryl, however, tells him, "In a little while." Charlie walks over to them and beams, "Are we enjoying ourselves?" Gordon replies, "Yes, Charlie, thankyou very much - although it's a little hot!" Charlie just shrugs, "Some like it hot, darling!" She leaves them to it. Ginny walks over to Wayne and says, "Hi, sponge! How you handling the pace?" Wayne stands up and glares at her. She hands him another bottle of beer and walks off. Wayne stands there, looking thoughtful. He then sits down on the step again and sighs heavily. He looks around to where Gordon and Beryl are dancing, before taking a swig from his beer. Elsewhere in the room, Charlie is saying to Alison, "Have you spoken to Wayne?" Alison replies, "Sort of. It wasn't the most coherent conversation I've ever had." Fiona joins them and says, "Excuse me... do you know who the girl is?" She indicates Sherry, who's back with Wayne. Fiona goes on, "I've been dying to find out and no one can tell me." Charlie comments, "I have seen her somewhere, and I guess it was Wayne, but I just can't place her." Alison muses, "She was introduced as 'a good friend', whatever that means. They don't look too close, though, do they?" Fiona shrugs, "I'll just have to go on wondering, I suppose." Greg walks over at that moment and smiles at Alison, "Hi, cutie! Been looking for you!" Charlie steps aside and looks over at Wayne and Sherry. Sherry is saying to Wayne, "Just one dance." She pulls him up off the step. Wayne growls, "I want to be alone." Sherry tries to grab his arm. Wayne, however, snaps, "How many times do I have to tell you? I want to be alone." Sherry stares at him, angrily. Charlie gasps suddenly, "I know! Of course!" She joins Alison and trills, "Alison, darling. I've remembered where I knew Sherry from! It wasn't with Wayne at all; it was at this seedy convention last year." Alison replies blankly, "Congratulations!" Charlie, however, insists, "There's more!" Wayne is sitting back down on the step. He takes a swig of his beer, but looks round as he suddenly hears Alison, Charlie, Greg and Fiona burst out laughing. He puts down his beer and stands up. He almost staggers into Fiona. Alison steps in front of him and taunts, "Running away, are we? I wonder why. Fancy criticising me when you have to go to an escort agency to get yourself a chaperone. Can't have much dignity left - or pride - when you have to buy your girlfriends. You've lost your wife... your money... your son... and now your self-respect. How does it feel?" Everyone looks at Wayne. He doesn't answer. Instead, he turns and walks off. Fiona follows him. He dashes out through the reception area as Fiona runs after him, calling, "Wayne! Don't be so stupid; you're too drunk." Wayne just runs out. Glen - who's standing with Ginny - asks Fiona, "What's going on?" Fiona turns to him and appeals, "Stop him from driving. Take him home if you have to, but please, don't let him drive." Glen grabs Ginny's arm and says, "Come on." They head out. Gordon emerges from the main room and joins Fiona. She tells him calmly, "It's alright. Glen's gone after him."

Outside, Wayne climbs into his car, puts his keys in the ignition and starts the engine. Glen and Ginny emerge through the front doors of the gym and Glen calls, "Wayne!" It's too late, though: Wayne roars off. Glen and Ginny watch him. They then dash over to Glen's car.

Inside, in the reception area, Fiona growls at Alison, "If anything happens to him, you know whose fault it is, don't you?" Alison asks, "Why? It was all true." Fiona retorts, "I don't doubt." She goes on, "I'm not defending him; it's just that your sense of timing is lousy. You're both as bad as each other." Alison warns, "Watch it, Fiona." Fiona, however, snaps, "Oh, don't threaten me. What are you going to do: tell the whole world I'm an ex-pro? They all know." Alison tells her, "I could kick you out of your flat." Fiona stares at her in surprise. Alison nods, "That's right: I bought the mansion. I'm your landlady, now."

Wayne is roaring along an open country road in his car, travelling at high speed. He almost swerves onto a verge, but manages to keep going in a straight line. Glen and Ginny are following him in Glen's open-topped vehicle. The wind is pounding through their hair. Glen comments to Ginny, "Gee, the boy's really gunning it." Ginny asks, "Can you keep up?" Glen replies, "Just." Wayne continues along the road, seemingly not caring. As he goes to head round a bend, though, he slams his brakes on sharply and skids to a halt in front of a fallen tree that's blocking the road. He puts the handbrake on, switches off the engine and climbs out of the car, looking a wreck. He then watches in horror as Glen and Ginny come round the corner behind him, travelling at high speed. Ginny realises suddenly that Wayne's car is parked across the road in front of them. She lets out a piercing scream. Wayne watches as Glen spins his car's steering wheel to get them out of the way. Glen's car goes careering off the edge of the road and down the bank at the side, spinning over as it rolls down on to the ground several feel below. Wayne dashes over to the top of the bank and looks down in horror.


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