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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Frank stands there, holding his door keys. He puts them in his pocket, commenting, "They'll be perfectly safe there; I'll know where they are." Debbie runs over to the door and starts hammering on it. She then turns to face Frank, yelling, "Look! If you--" She breaks off as she realises Frank has picked up a gun. He says coldly, "I suggest you behave yourself. We don't want the neighbours complaining about noisy children, do we?" He then yells, "Move away from the door." Debbie takes a step to her side. Frank goes on, "You do exactly as I tell you, you'll be alright, I promise. Daddy always keeps his promise, doesn't he?" Debbie stares at him in horror.

Craig arrives back at his and Debbie's flat. He heads inside and calls for Debbie. There's no answer, though. He murmurs to himself, "Where the hell are you?" He walks over to the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, he says, "Doug, it's Craig." In the lounge room at Caroline's, Doug replies, "G'day, mate. What can I do you for?" He listens, but then says, "Sorry. I haven't seen hide nor hair of her." Craig tells him, "I tried to raise her on the CB. I thought the stupid thing must have gone on the blink, so I came home, but she's not here. Heaven knows where she's got to." He listens but then says, "No, she wouldn't be out with Andy: he's out paying insurance on the bug." Doug suggests, "I wouldn't go into a tailspin over it. She's probably out visiting or shopping or something; forgotten about the time. You know what women are like! Caroline's the same!" Craig murmurs, "Maybe. It's just that, with all those funny calls she's been getting lately... a bloke has to worry. Thanks anyway, Doug. See you." With that, he hangs up, reluctantly. He appears to have a thought, though, suddenly, and he turns and heads out.

Next door, Debbie is sitting at the main table as Frank asks, "Do you like guns, Debbie?" Debbie doesn't respond. Frank glares at her. She eventually whispers, "No." Frank asks, "Why?" Debbie cries, "Because they kill people." Frank, however, smiles, "Oh, no, no, no. It's the person holding the gun who does the killing." There's a knock on the door, suddenly, and Debbie spins round to look at it. Frank indicates to her to be quiet. He then walks over to the door, opens it slightly and steps out into the hallway, pulling the door to behind him. He finds Craig standing there. He says to Frank, "I was wondering if you'd seen Debbie." Frank tells him, "No, I haven't. Maybe she's gone out for a walk?" Craig sighs, "Yeah... It's just, with this fruitcake making all these strange calls..." Frank comments, "You're worried about her, are you?" Craig nods, "I am." Frank says, "I can understand. If I see her, I'll certainly get her to contact you." Craig says, "Thanks, Frank," and walks back to his and Debbie's flat. Frank heads back into his own flat, where Debbie cries, "People are looking for me. They're going to find me sooner or later." Frank just sits down opposite her at the table and doesn't respond. Debbie cries, "How long are you going to keep me here?" Frank tells her, "Just until we get to know each other better. Like I said on the radio, I want to get acquainted with you. I'm here today, I'm here to stay; please don't send your friend away..." Debbie stares at him in horror.

Fiona is standing in her room at the mansion, looking sadly at a photo of her, Glen and Ginny taken at the gym. She murmurs to herself, "What a waste." There's a sudden knock on her door, and she puts the photo down and goes to answer it. She finds two men standing there. One of them says, "Mrs. Thompson?" Fiona nods, "That's right." The man goes on, "We're here to take a few measurements to see how much material we'll need." Fiona stares at him blankly and says, "Material for what?" The man replies, "The renovations." Fiona invites the two men in, but then says, "I don't know what renovations you're talking about." The man shrugs, "We're only just doing what we've been told." Fiona demands, "Told by whom?" The man replies, "Miss. Carr. She said the place needed renovating and to start with the manager's flat." Fiona gasps, "Did she, indeed?" She then marches over to the 'phone, picks it up and starts dialling a number, muttering as she does so, "I don't know how she can think about renovations after the events of the last couple of days. I most certainly couldn't." She finishes dialling. The 'phone at the other end isn't answered, though, and she hangs up. Turning back to the men, she tells them curtly, "Alright: you go ahead and measure up whatever it is you have to measure up. Now Miss. Carr has become the landlord, it would appear the tenants don't have any say whatsoever. Be my guest."

Michael is sitting in an armchair in the lounge room at Dural, staring at the floor. Wayne is standing by the bar, a glass of scotch in his hand, musing to himself, "The question is, of course: where is Susan hiding now that she's alive? Charlie? Alison? Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee?" Michael tells him, "Charlie and Alison have gone away for a few days." Wayne growls, "Fancy that. What a coincidence. If that isn't proof they're up to something, I don't know what is." He walks over to the coffee table and picks up a bottle of scotch that's on there. Michael tries to grab it, warning, "I don't think so." Wayne, however, just snaps, "You're not my keeper yet." He pours himself another glass. He then sits down and mutters, "I hate Susan." Michael comments in surprise, "I thought you loved her!" Wayne retorts, "Not anymore. If she can go on pretending she's dead, putting me through more hell than anyone can imagine, I don't want to know her. She's finished." Michael comments, "If Susan was alive, she'd be a very wealthy woman." Wayne looks at him in surprise and asks, "Why?" Michael explains, "Turns out Glen was a very wealthy man; extremely wealthy - and he willed everything he had to Susan." Looking suddenly thoughtful, Wayne muses, "Well, well, well. Who would've ever have guessed?" He then turns to Michael and remarks, "Maybe things aren't so gloomy after all." Michael looks at him, a puzzled expression on his face. Wayne tells him, "I know you don't believe me, Michael, but I did see Susan. It wasn't just because I'd had a few. I really did see her. Susan's alive - and if what you just told me is correct, Hamilton Industries is on the comeback trail." Michael asks in surprise, "How do you work that out?" Wayne tells him, "Law of the land: common property between husband and wife. Whatever belongs to Susan belongs to me. I'd say I'm due half of Glen Young's estate; wouldn't you?" Michael shakes his head slowly and mutters, "You're sick." Wayne just shrugs, "I could also be very rich..."

It's evening-time. Craig says on the CB radio in his and Debbie's flat, "Alright, Andy, enjoy your night off." With that, he hangs up the radio. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Craig calls, "Come in - it's not locked." The door opens and Doug steps inside. He asks, "Any news?" Craig tells him, "I've tried everywhere I can think of. Nothing." He adds, "I'm not going to be doing the pizza deliveries tonight; I'll keep on looking." Doug comments, "Needle in a haystack, mate. I reckon you and I should go round the cop shop." Craig, however, mutters, "I did that. No go. They said they need proof." Doug points out, "Debbie's disappeared; what more do they want?" Craig just shrugs. He then asks, "What about Caroline?" Doug explains, "I left a note saying where I was and not to expect me for a while." Craig murmurs, "Thanks." Doug then tells him, "The cops will probably need a photo. You got one handy?" Craig nods, "In the bedroom." He heads off to get it.

Debbie is still sitting at the table in Frank's flat next door. Frank stands up from his seat opposite her and says, "I have to go to the bathroom." He then walks over to the 'phone and unplugs it, adding as he does so, "I don't want you making any calls, do I?" With that, he heads off to the bathroom, taking the 'phone with him. Debbie sits at the table, looking worried. Her eyes alight suddenly on the CB radio, however...

Craig opens the door to his and Debbie's flat as Doug looks at the photo that Craig has dug out and comments, "That's a pretty good shot. Should keep them happy." With that, the two of them head out. As the door shuts behind them, Debbie's voice comes on the CB radio, saying quietly, "Debbie calling Craig. It's Debbie calling Craig. Come in, Craig. Craig, it's Debbie. Are you receiving? Over." The flat is empty, though. Next door, Debbie looks round and then cries down the radio desperately, "Please, Craig, it's Debbie. Please." She hears the toilet flushing suddenly, and she hangs up the radio and runs back over to the table, where she sits down. Frank emerges from the bathroom and comments to her, "Glad to see you're still here." Debbie mutters, "Couldn't very well go anywhere, could I? Not with the door locked." Frank puts the 'phone back in its place and plugs it in. He then joins Debbie at the table. She cries at him, "How long are you going to keep me a prisoner here?" Frank retorts, "I've already answered that." Debbie cries, "I just want to know." Frank glares at her and snaps, "Girlie, I'm not deaf." All-of-a-sudden, the CB radio starts crackling. Frank looks at it and then back at Debbie. He then heads over to the radio and the handset out of the base unit. Looking back at Debbie, he says coldly, "You have been a very naughty girl. Very naughty..."

There's a ladder set up in Fiona's room at the mansion, and dust sheets are laid over some of the furniture. Michael and Janice are standing in the room with Fiona, and Michael comments, "I thought you'd be pleased to have your place redecorated. I would." Fiona retorts, "It's the way Alison went about it; I mean, I didn't even have a say and I live here. The first I knew about it was when two workmen turned up at the door - and now look at the place: London after the Blitz!" She goes on angrily, "If Alison wants to redecorate, fine, but discuss it with the tenants first. You can't just go barging in, knocking down walls, without so much as a by-your-leave." Michael remarks, "Alison's obviously touched a nerve." Janice chips in tersely, "A person's home is their castle, Michael, not a plaything for others." Michael murmurs, "No." He then suggests, "In the interests of lower blood pressure - which seems to have been raised somewhat by the redecorations - why don't we all go off on a three-day hike? Get away from it all. By the time we come back, it'll all be done. What do you say?" Looking wary, Fiona tells him, "I think I'm far too old to be going hiking, thanks, Michael." Michael, however, insists, "Rubbish! You're as fit as a fiddle. You'll love it." He then turns to Janice and asks, "What about you?" Janice replies uncertainly, "The last time I went in the bush, I got lost, and it wasn't a very pleasant experience." Michael just declares, "Never let the bad experiences of life sour your taste for adventure, Janice! Big mistake!" Janice muses, "I must admit: I do enjoy the great outdoors!" Michael smiles, "Great!" He then says, "Fiona?" Fiona, however, retorts, "I am not taking my eyes off these workmen for three minutes, let alone three days! No thankyou: I am staying right here and making quite sure of what's going on." Michael reminds her, "Remember what I said before about blood pressure? If you want a medical opinion, I'd say it's up already." Fiona snaps, "You're darn tootin' it is!" Michael tells her, "Then I rest my case!" Fiona looks down at the floor. She then asks Michael, "How are you getting time to go?" Michael explains, "Rostered days off." He goes on eagerly, "Come on, Fiona, you'll enjoy it. It'll be fun. It'll do us all good. Believe me: I need to get away as much as anyone." Fiona looks at Janice and then at Michael. She sighs finally, "Oh well - I suppose two or three days in the Blue Mountains would be rather nice!"

Craig is standing with Doug in his and Debbie's flat, growling, "'Someone else to add to their missing person's list.' Why don't they get off their backside and do something?" Doug points out, "They are organising copies of Debbie's photo, mate." Craig mutters, "Big deal." There's a knock on the door suddenly. Doug opens it to find Caroline standing there. She steps inside and tells him, "I got your note. I was getting worried that you hadn't come home." Craig growls, "Join the club." Doug explains to Caroline, "Debbie hasn't come home, either. She's gone missing." Caroline asks, "Since when?" Craig replies, "A bit after lunch." Doug adds, "We've been to the cops, but..." Craig tells Caroline wearily, "Teenage girls go missing all of the time. The police are too busy with serious crime." Doug explains, "She's only been missing a few hours; not long enough for the cops to put out an alert." With that, Craig heads off to make some coffee, leaving Doug to ask Caroline, "How did the funeral go?" Caroline sighs, "As well as they can. A little surprise for the day, though: Glen left all of his money to Susan." Doug asks, "What money? I didn't know he had any." Caroline tells him, "Loaded, apparently." She goes on, "It's crazy: if Susan came back to the land of the living, she'd probably be a very wealthy woman." Doug asks, "Why doesn't she?" Caroline doesn't respond. Doug sighs, "She's not sticking with that idea of staying dead, is she?" Caroline nods, "More so than ever." Doug mutters, "The kid's gone bonkers. We're going to have to talk to her." Caroline tells him, "That's only half the problem: first, we've got to find her."

Next door, Frank has tied Debbie's hands together in front of her with a ribbon. He's holding her arm and saying, "Come along, Amy: time for bed." Debbie looks at him and cries, "My name is Debbie." Frank just goes on, "You know you're not allowed to stay up after eight o'clock, right? Come on, in you get." He helps Debbie down onto the couch, and under a blanket he's placed on it. He then says, "We'll say our prayers together. Alright, Amy?" Debbie stares at him and cries, "Frank, I've told you: my name is Debbie. Will you just let me go, please?" Frank, however, ignores her and starts saying, "Now I lay me down to sleep... Come on, Amy, say your prayers with daddy: Now I lay me down to sleep..." Debbie continues to stare at him. She murmurs eventually, "Now I lay me down to sleep." Frank goes on, "I pray the Lord my soul to keep." Debbie looks at him and repeats the words. She then joins in reluctantly as Frank continues, "If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take." With that, Frank switches off the lamp that's lighting the room and says, "Goodnight, Amy." Debbie closes her eyes, wearily.

It's the next morning, and Craig is standing in a shopping mall, showing a passer-by a photo of Debbie. The man, however, shakes his head and says, "Sorry." He walks off. Craig stops another passer-by.

A while later, Frank is standing outside the front door of his flat, about to head inside, when Craig walks up behind him and calls, "Frank." Looking startled, Frank drops his keys. Craig says quickly, "Sorry - I didn't mean to frighten you." Frank assures him, "You didn't. Just me being clumsy." Craig picks up the keys and hands them over. He then indicates a bag that Frank is holding and says, "Been out shopping?" Frank nods, "I've got my daughter, Amy, staying with me." He then asks, "Any word on Debbie?" Craig sighs, "Not yet. I'm still looking." Frank says, "Good luck. If there's anything I can do to help..." Craig nods, "I'll let you know. See you." He heads off and Frank unlocks the door to his flat. He heads inside. Debbie is standing there, a gag in her mouth and her hands still tied. Frank tells her, "I'm sorry I was so long, but there was something special I had to find." He takes a packet of fairy floss out of his shopping bag and shows it to Debbie. She just stares at him in horror.

In the lounge room at Caroline's, Doug tells Caroline, "I'm going over to Craig's to see what else we can dig up on Deb." Caroline acknowledges this before saying, "My ad's in the paper." Doug looks at the newspaper Caroline is holding and Caroline reads out to him, "'Urgently seeking Susan. Financial rewards for those who rise from the dead.' Signed 'C' with our telephone number." Doug comments, "You'll have every nut in the country 'phoning." Caroline shrugs, "Probably." She adds, "I've put the ad in all the major dailies; hopefully, wherever Susan is, she'll read it." Doug comments, "I don't like your chances." Caroline remarks, "You never know your luck." Doug says, "I hope the girl comes to her senses before it's too late. It's time this death nonsense came to an end; quite frankly, I'm sick of it."

Wayne is sitting at the living room table at Dural, eating breakfast and looking at the newspaper. Something in the paper jumps out at him suddenly, and he reads it more closely. He then gets up from the table and walks over to the 'phone by the front window. He dials a number. When the call is answered, he says, "Sherry, it's Wayne. I've got a little job for you..."

The decorators are working in Fiona's room at the mansion. Michael and Janice are standing in the room. There are camping provisions laid out on the table. Michael has a backpack slung over his shoulder. Fiona is folding up a top, and she says uncertainly, "Michael... where's the rest of it?" Michael asks, "Rest of what?" Fiona replies, "Your equipment." Michael tells her, "This is it." Fiona queries, "One shoulder-bag?" Michael nods, "That's right!" Fiona gasps, "What about your food... your spare clothing... your toiletries... your first-aid kit?" Michael tells her, "It's all there." Fiona, looking astonished, says, "Oh! How did you get it all in? Janice and are I having a devil's own job trying to pack ours!" Michael suggests, "You're probably taking too much." Fiona insists, "Only essentials." Michael looks at the table and asks, "What's all this tinned stuff?" Janice tells him, "Food." Michael laughs, "You're kidding! It'll weigh you down; you won't be able to move!" Fiona retorts, "We won't go hungry, either." Michael says, "Put it away. We'll stop in at the camping store and pick up some dehydrated food for you. Almost as good and it won't weigh you down." Fiona murmurs, "You're the expert, I suppose." Michael then points to a four-pack of toilet rolls and says, "You're not taking all that, are you?" Fiona grabs the pack protectively and retorts, "Yes I am." Michael tells her, "We'll only need about a quarter of that; well, we don't need it at all, really: we'll be in the bush; the place we're going is full of paper barks." Fiona glares at him and says, "You can avail yourself of that, but I prefer a little softness - if you don't mind!" Michael shrugs, "As long as you're prepared to carry it." Fiona retorts, "I am." She goes on, "We are going on a three-day hike. We are not stepping back into the Dark Ages, thankyou very much!"

Frank is untying Debbie's hands in his flat. As he does so, he checks, "You won't run away?" Debbie shakes her head. Frank asks, "You promise?" Debbie nods at him. Frank asks, "You won't make any noise?" Debbie says quietly, "No, I won't." Frank smiles, "Good girl." He then picks up a glass and hands it to Debbie, saying, "I've made you some cordial. It's your favourite." Debbie takes it and murmurs, "Thankyou." Frank goes and sits down on the couch. Debbie looks at the glass and then turns to him and says, "Can I ask you something? Last night, you called me 'Amy'. Why?" Frank tells her, "Because that's your name; the name we gave you." Looking puzzled, Debbie asks, "Who's 'we'?" Frank replies, "Your mother and I." Debbie murmurs uncertainly, "Oh." Frank stands up again and picks up a photo from the sideboard. As he does so, he says, "She had no right to take you away." Debbie asks, "Who?" Frank replies, "Your mother. And you had no right to go with her, did you?" Debbie shakes her head. Frank then shows her the photo: it's of a young, blonde girl and a woman. Frank asks Debbie, "Do you remember when this was taken?" Debbie nods at him. Frank goes on, "Uncle Peter took it, didn't he?" Debbie nods, "That's right." Frank then says earnestly, "I'm so glad to have you back. I missed you so much. I used to cry; did you know that? I cried 'cos I missed you so much. I won't do that again, will I?" Debbie stares at him and whispers, "No... not again..."

Next door, Doug is talking on the 'phone, saying, "Thanks, Sergeant. I appreciate your help." He then hangs up and tells Craig, "They're putting out a full alert: her photo and description are going out to all stations, and street patrols will be on the lookout." Craig mutters, "Twelve hours after they should have been." Doug tells him, "There's no use moping about it, Craig - complaining about the police and whinging, or anything - it's not going to get you anywhere. We just have to sit tight and wait." Craig comments, "And hope for the best?" Doug nods, "Hope for the best." Craig stands there, looking worried.

The 'phone rings at Caroline's and Caroline answers it in the lounge room. She listens and then says, "Yes it is. Who's this?" Sherry Devine is standing with Wayne in the hallway at Dural, and she tells Caroline, "I'm a friend of Susan's. I'm ringing on her behalf. She saw your ad in the paper this morning." Caroline says disbelievingly, "Oh yes? And why isn't Susan ringing herself?" She listens and then snaps, "She's sick? That's funny: she was fine when I spoke to her yesterday. She must have been taken quite suddenly by this illness." At Dural, a grin crosses Wayne's face as he listens in to the response. Sherry says on the 'phone, "You saw her yesterday, did you? You're certain of that?" Caroline retorts, "Of course I'm certain. I spoke to her." Sherry looks at Wayne and hands over the 'phone. He then says to Caroline, "Thankyou, Caroline. I thought I was right. You've just taken away any doubts I might have had." Caroline gasps in horror, "Wayne?" Wayne smiles, "Sure is. And now that I know she's alive, I'm going to find her - so we can share in all that money she's just inherited. Won't that be fun...?" A look of fury crosses Caroline's face.


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