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    Written by: Michael Gillett    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Janice is setting up a sprinkler in the grounds of the mansion when a taxi pulls up in the road and toots its horn. Fiona comes running out of the mansion and says, "That's for me." Janice looks at her and remarks, "There must be a fire: everyone's been running out of that front door as if their life's in danger." Fiona just retorts, "Yeah, well, when I get my hands on Alison Carr, her life will be in danger." With that, she makes her way to the taxi and climbs in. Janice watches as it pulls away.

A short time later, Fiona is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, snapping, "The first day out of prison in ten years and can you imagine how she feels?" Charlie muses, "I think she'd feel very happy." Fiona glances at her in disbelief. She then turns back to Alison and goes on furiously, "She's trying to learn to trust people again, and it isn't very easy: her own family doesn't want anything to do with her and she's got no one she can really turn to." Alison just mutters, "Welcome to the real world." Fiona continues angrily, "I agreed to take her into the boarding house because I knew she needed breathing space; somewhere where she can get her bearings - and then you come along and make her feel as though she's right back in prison again." Alison snaps, "As the owner of the mansion, I have a perfect right to check up on any of the tenants." Fiona yells, "That does not mean you can go rifling through their private belongings." Alison, however, snaps, "Anything to protect the welfare of the other residents. She's a hardened criminal, capable of anything." Fiona retorts coldly, "She is a lonely woman who has paid her debt to society - and she also has the great misfortune of looking like your old self; and you just couldn't contain your curiosity, could you?" Alison growls, "You really do have it all figured out, don't you?" Fiona retorts, "Where you're concerned, Alison, that is not very difficult; you'd better believe me. Now, as long as Pamela is a paying guest at the mansion, she's going to be made to feel both welcome and safe - and that means no more interference from you. Understood?" Alison shrugs, "As long as she remains a law-abiding resident, I can't imagine having any further interest in her." Charlie raises her eyebrows in surprise. Fiona declares, "Good - because I have a sneaky feeling that, once she gets back on her feet, and if your paths should ever cross, you're going to be the one who comes off second best..."

Craig - wearing casual clothes - is preparing some food in the kitchen at Beryl's when the front door bangs and Susan walks in. She's holding a file of papers and she smiles, "Hi!" Craig comments nervously, "I didn't expect to see you." Susan tells him, "I've come home to pack; I'm flying back to Sydney this afternoon." Craig murmurs, "I guess you're wondering what I'm doing here this time of day." Susan, however, tells him, "Not really. I just saw Debbie at work. As I was leaving, I overheard your boss arranging rosters. I know you work there too." A look of concern crosses Craig's face. He sighs heavily before asking, "Does Deb know?" Susan replies, "No." She then indicates the kettle and asks, "Water still hot?" Craig nods, "Yeah. I just made a coffee." Susan pats his arm and says gently, "I think I'll make myself one, too." Craig hesitates before explaining, "I couldn't stand Deb's mum thinking that I was a no-hoper. She was against the marriage, you see; that's why I wanted the pizza delivery business to be a success: because I could prove to her that I was good enough for her daughter. And the bug got wrecked... I couldn't find a job that she'd think was good enough... Anyway... I took this carwash job - only because I needed the money. I started to lie... I had this great office job... Now it's all getting out of control." Susan insists, "You could have told Debbie the truth." Craig, however, retorts, "If I did, she'd feel she had to lie to her mother; I couldn't do that to her." Susan cries, "You've got to trust her. She's got a right to know. Believe me, I know all about living a lie: you always pay for it in the end. She'll eventually find out anyway when you're both rostered on the same shifts. It's important for her to find out from you first." Craig tells her, "I know what you're saying makes sense, but I just... I can't do it right now." Susan replies gently, "Alright. I won't say anything to Debbie until you decide - but I hope for both your sakes you make the right decision..."

Alison walks into the lounge room at Charlie's, followed by Charlie. Alison is putting on a coat and Charlie is probing her to ask where she's going. Alison, however, tells her, "I'm sorry, Charlie: I'm going away for a while; I can't say any more than that." Charlie comments, "It's to do with Pamela, isn't it?" Alison just asks breezily, "Is it?" Charlie retorts, "Of course it is; I'm not a complete idiot. It's to do with the name of the person you found in her suitcase." Alison just says, "No questions." Charlie cries in exasperation, "After all I've done for you, why don't you trust me?" Alison insists, "I do trust you. That's why I've got something important for you to do." Charlie asks eagerly, "What?" Alison just replies, "Drive me to the airport and I'll tell you on the way." As she goes to head out, Charlie asks, "When will you be back?" Alison tells her, "Tomorrow, probably. If what I believe proves to be true, prepare yourself for one hell of a surprise..."

Doug is sitting with Susan in the lounge room at Beryl's. She offers him a drink, but he declines. He then explains, "Actually, I came over to see you on business: you probably heard Gordon and I are, er, no longer partners. We just couldn't see eye-to-eye on certain matters... so now I'm looking for someone else." Susan asks in surprise, "Me?" Doug says quickly, "If it's going to create problems with Gordon, we can forget about it; but if not, you're going to have to invest your funds somewhere, and with the Talking T-shirt business, I can offer you good security with high immediate returns." Susan, looking thoughtful, remarks, "Sounds like something to think about." Doug picks up his briefcase and opens it, saying as he does so, "Why don't you have a look at my prospectus?" He takes out a file, hands it over and goes on, "If you're still interested, we can take it from there." Susan comments, "I should probably invest some money with you simply because I owe you and Caroline so much." Doug, however, tells her, "No way! You'll never be a successful businesswoman if you think like that!" With that, he stands up and goes to head out. Susan indicates the prospectus and says, "I'll have a look at it in the 'plane; I'm going home this afternoon." They head out to the hallway and Susan opens the front door, adding as she does so, "I'll let you know." Doug grins, "OK - but don't leave it too long. Offer of a lifetime, you know?!" With that, he heads out. Susan closes the door behind him and returns to the lounge room. Craig emerges from the kitchen and says nervously, "Getting close to five. Debbie will be finished work soon." Susan asks, "And?" Craig pauses before saying, "I've decided to, er... bring her up-to-date on one or two things." Susan smiles and assures him, "You've made the right decision - believe me."

Debbie is working at the carwash when Craig walks up to her and smiles, "Hi!" Debbie looks at him and smiles. As she does so, a few drops of water splatter on her and she laughs, "What I wouldn't give for a nice safe job like yours, in front of a desk." Craig, looking suddenly serious, says, "That's what I wanted to speak to you about." Debbie exclaims, "Hey, where's the suit and tie?" Craig asks her, "Can we go somewhere a bit quieter?" Before they can move, though, one of the other guys employed at the carwash runs over to them, calling, "Hey, Craig! I was hoping I'd see you! I've got a favour to ask, mate: can we swap shifts tomorrow? I'm moving into a new flat and I've got so much organising to do." Looking very nervous, Craig says quickly, "Can we talk about this a bit later, OK?" The guy looks at Debbie and smiles, "I didn't mean to interrupt anything." He then goes on, "You better watch this one, Deb: he's a fast one!" Debbie turns to Craig and starts glaring at him. Craig says quickly, "Please, Deb: that's what I wanted to talk to you about." Debbie retorts coldly, "Really? There's not much point now, is there? Even if there was, I wouldn't bother listening." With that, she throws down a rag she's holding and storms off. The other guy who works there asks Craig, "Did I say something wrong?" Craig, however, just sighs, "No, mate. Your timing's a bit out, that's all."

It's evening-time when the front door at Dural opens and Susan walks in. Wayne looks round from where he's sitting in the lounge room. He stands up as Susan joins him and he smiles sarcastically, "Hello, darling. Welcome home. Aren't you going to give your loving husband a kiss?" Susan glares at him and growls, "Don't push it, Wayne." Wayne goes on cheerily, "Beryl's still in clink, so I guess it's all-out war." Susan steps behind the bar and looks at him blankly. Wayne reminds her, "You said, before you went to Melbourne, that if I didn't go to the police and give them the good oil on your mum, it would be all-out war. I didn't, so, when do we start debating?" Susan just stands there and pours herself a mineral water. Wayne muses, "Come on! You're not going to tell me you were bluffing, are you?!" Susan still doesn't respond. Wayne goes on gleefully, "You were! Fancy that!" He then continues more coldly, "But then again, I was starting to think you already fired your big guns and there was nothing left. You've blown it, Susan: I'm still here and I haven't given in. And you want to know something else? It was my evidence that put your mother in prison - and the more trouble you cause me, the longer she'll stay there; it's as simple as that." Susan cries, "You know mum isn't guilty. I'll prove it." Wayne just retorts, "You'd better hurry. Just think of all the hell she's going through, even now. She'll probably come out a completely different person; now wouldn't that be dreadful?" Susan starts shaking her head, looking upset. Wayne snarls at her, "I give as good as I get, sweetheart - and you started it." Susan stares at him.

Michael is lying on the bed in his room at the mansion. There's a gentle knock on the door and he calls, "It's not locked." The door opens and Fiona comes in, smiling, "Hi! I got the change from your rent." Michael just says quietly, "Thanks. Leave it on the desk." Fiona does this. She then asks in concern, "You OK? You know, if you ever want to talk about anything, I'm always here. After all, we go back a long way; got a scar to prove it!" Michael sighs and sits up. He tells Fiona, "I always get like this after a visit from my brother." Fiona queries in surprise, "Nick?" Michael nods, "Yeah." Fiona then asks, "Why don't you like him?" Michael hesitates before replying distantly, "Once there were three brothers: Nick, Michael and Jason. Jason and Nick never got on - never. Chemistry must have been wrong, I guess. One day, they all went on a camping trip for Michael's twelfth birthday, and before long, Nick and Jason were arguing as usual. Michael couldn't stop them, as usual. A few days out, Michael came down with something; nothing serious, but he stayed in the tent while the other two went off hunting. He must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he knew, Nick came into camp carrying Jason; he was bleeding; there was blood all over both of them. Nick said he accidentally shot Jason when he ran into his line of fire. Nick went for help; Jason died in my arms." Fiona sits down next to Michael on the bed and says softly, "I'm so sorry." Michael continues, "He opened his eyes, once, while I was cradling him, and tried to say something - but all he could get out was, 'Nick'." Fiona murmurs, "That must have been awful for you." Michael retorts, "Worse for Jason. One thing I've never been able to get out of my mind is the thought that Nick shot Jason deliberately. It's a dreadful thing to think, I know, but I can't help it." Fiona asks quietly, "Wasn't there an inquest?" Michael replies, "Oh yes. Nick was cleared. 'Death by misadventure.' I confronted him with it one day: he denied it, of course, but our relationship has never been quite the same since. Understandable, I guess. The only good thing to come out of it was my decision to become a doctor; I never wanted to feel so helpless again." Fiona murmurs, "Nick became a psychiatrist." Michael mutters, "And a damned good one. I just don't trust him as a person - or as a brother." He sighs heavily as he then murmurs, "I wish I knew the truth. I'll never have total peace of mind until I do - but I doubt I ever will; I'm sure it's something that'll never happen." Fiona closes her eyes sympathetically.

Susan is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, looking at a magazine. Wayne walks in, holding a file, and throws it down on the couch, snarling, "What's this? You're actually going to invest in Doug's idiotic T-shirt business?" Susan glares at him and snaps, "How dare you go through my personal papers?" Wayne just retorts, "We're husband and wife; we're not supposed to have any secrets." Susan stands up and snaps, "I happen to think it's an excellent investment - and since it is my money, I can do what I like with it." Wayne growls, "It's money that could be better spent within Hamilton Industries." Susan retorts, "Not with you running it, that's for sure." Wayne reaches for the file, removes a sheet of paper and says nastily, "I also found this." Susan grabs the paper from him and snaps, "Give me that." Wayne smiles, "Touchy! Been backing the gee-gees, have we? Gambling away company funds..." Susan tells him curtly, "It's Doug's. He must've folded it with the prospectus." Wayne raises his eyebrows and asks, "Sure that's it?" Susan snaps, "Of course I am. I gave up gambling ages ago - not that it's any of your business." With that, she picks up the file and storms out. Wayne stands there with a smirk on his face.

Craig is sitting with Doug in the lounge room at Caroline's. Doug is grinning, "You really got yourself into a mess this time, boyo!" Craig just murmurs sadly, "I think I've ruined my chances with Deb for good." Doug points out, "Nobody likes being given the run-around - least of all the woman you're going to marry. If you go to her and explain everything the way you have to me, she'll understand." Craig, however, murmurs, "I couldn't even get close enough to explain." Doug smiles, "That's just negative thinking. Hell, if I thought like that, I wouldn't be a happily married man now! You wouldn't believe the fights Cazza and I used to have! But I wouldn't take 'no' for an answer; I persevered until she said 'yes'. See, I figured that, if we fought so much, we were obviously made for each other!" Craig smiles weakly and asks, "Where is Caroline?" Doug shrugs, "I have no idea; I haven't seen her all day - but she'll be home soon; it's almost time for another fight!" Craig stands up and says, "I'm going to see if Deb's home." Doug stands up as well and tells him, "If she loves you, she'll listen."

Susan is asleep on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. A figure walks suddenly into the lounge room. They're wearing a blue dress and black high heels. They approach Susan...

Debbie is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Beryl's, reading a magazine, when Craig walks in sheepishly. He murmurs, "Hi." Debbie doesn't respond. Craig then asks, "Can we talk a minute?" Debbie stands up and retorts, "I'm not interested." Craig grabs her arm and asserts, "You owe me the chance to explain." Debbie gasps in astonishment, "I owe you?" Craig retorts, "Yes! Who gave me a hard time because they thought I was seeing Tina Somers in Noosa? Who left me because they thought I was seeing Ginny? Who kept a second job addressing envelopes a secret from me?" Debbie just stands there, sheepishly. Craig goes on, "I took the job because we needed the money - and I made it sound better than it was so that your mother wouldn't think I'm a no-hoper - which I'm not." A smile crosses Debbie's face and she assures him, "I know that." She then adds more seriously, "It just hurts to think you couldn't confide in me." Craig insists, "I wanted to. I was going to tell you this afternoon." Debbie points out, "You should have told me from the start. It doesn't matter what my mother thinks; it matters what I think." Craig presses, "Then you'll give me another chance?" Debbie smiles, "Course I will; you're not getting rid of me that easily! But no more secrets." Craig tells her, "I promise." With that, the two of them start kissing passionately...

Wayne is lying asleep in bed at Dural. He wakes up as he hears Susan yelling suddenly, "Wayne! Wayne? Wayne!" He climbs out of bed as Susan adds, "Get down here!" As he goes and climbs down the stairs, he mutters, "This had better be good." He walks into the lounge room to find Susan lying back on the couch, looking up at a doll which is hanging from the ceiling, a noose made of red ribbon wrapped around its neck. Susan turns to Wayne and snaps, "I suppose you think that's funny." Wayne goes and examines the doll. A note is attached to the front. He reads, "Stay here and you'll be next." He then asks Susan, "See anyone put it here?" He removes the noose from the doll's neck as Susan retorts, "No. I was asleep, and when I woke up it was there. As if you didn't know." Wayne looks at her and snaps, "I see. I'm supposed to be the culprit, am I?" Susan yells, "Who else? You're the only one who'd play such a childish trick." Wayne retorts, "Suit yourself. If you've already made up your mind, there's not much I can do about it - but just for the record: it wasn't me." He then thrusts the doll at Susan and goes to walk out. Susan demands nervously, "Where are you going?" Wayne snaps, "To check the doors and windows."

A reel of red ribbon is being rolled-up by a female figure. It's Charlie, sitting on the couch in her lounge room, a grim expression on her face...

It's the next morning, and Debbie is wiping up the breakfast things in the kitchen at Beryl's as Craig sits at the table and says, "According to my calculations, we should be able to pay off the repairs to the car I hit after... sixteen years?!" Debbie gasps, "What?!" Craig suggests quickly, "Maybe I've made a mistake somewhere!" Debbie sits down with him and takes his pad of figures. She starts looking through it and after a few seconds says, "Look, you've made a mistake already: you've put down the wrong amount for your wages." Craig looks at figure and replies, "No, that's right: that's what I get per shift." Debbie asks, "You sure?" Craig nods, "Uh huh." Debbie comments, "That's $15 more than I get." Craig remarks, "They must have made a mistake." Debbie, however, retorts, "You think so? I'm getting paid less than you because I'm a girl." Craig says quickly, "Don't get upset about it. We'll go down after breakfast and sort it out." Debbie snaps, "You bet we will."

Susan is pacing the floor in the lounge room at Charlie's. Charlie is looking at the note which was attached to the doll as Susan rants, "There's no way Wayne's going to force me out with stupid voodoo dolls." Charlie 'sympathises', "You poor darling, it must have been horrible - and the person who wrote this note must be just--" Susan interrupts and snaps, "A cold, calculating, devious rat - and that's Wayne." Charlie says quickly, "Maybe it would be a good idea if you did move out - only for a short time; but if Wayne's in that frame of mind, your life really could be in danger. In fact, why don't you move in with me?" Susan, however, snaps, "I'm not giving into him, Charlie. Besides, I want to be where I can keep an eye on him." Charlie insists, "You can still do that from here; and also, you'll be able to work more closely with Alison, and that's important too. And you'll be getting away from all the tension and stress, which isn't good for you. At least here you'll be able to take things a bit more easily." Susan looks at her and murmurs, "Yes... yes, of course you're right. It'll be nice to relax for a change." Charlie smiles, "Good. I'm so pleased."

Craig and Debbie are standing with the carwash owner. Craig is saying tersely, "She's getting less than I am for doing the same work." Debbie adds, "It's not fair." The owner just retorts, "Look, kids, you don't understand. It's to do with shift allowances, overtime, that kind of thing. Believe me, you're both getting the right amount." Debbie snaps, "Don't brush us off with that rubbish." The owner sighs, "Look, I've got a business to manage. Now, run along, OK?" Debbie retorts, "No. Not until I get the truth." The owner looks at her and says curtly, "You want the truth? The men get more because they work harder. They put more cars through the wash per shift than the girls do; I've clocked them. Besides, they're the ones with families to support." Debbie stares at him and gasps, "You have got to be joking! That is the worst load of sexist rubbish--" Craig puts his arm round her quickly to cut her off. He then tells the owner, "I'll make it simple for you: either you bump up Debbie's wages so they're the same a mine, or we both quit." The owner, however, retorts, "I'll make it even simpler for you: you're both fired." With that, he walks off. Debbie looks at Craig and sighs heavily.

Alison has arrived back at Charlie's. As she puts her case down in the lounge room, Charlie asks eagerly, "Did you find out what you wanted to know about Pamela?" Alison, however, sighs, "Let me catch my breath!" She goes and pours herself a drink, adding as she does so, "Did Susan fall for the doll-and-ribbon treatment?" Charlie nods, "She's collected her things and she's upstairs, unpacking, now." Alison smiles, "Good. You deserve a medal." Charlie presses, "Why did you want Susan out of the Hamilton house?" Alison, however, tells her, "I can't say at the moment." Charlie sighs, "Just don't ask me to do anything like that again; I was scared stiff I was going to get caught." She then carries on, "Now, what did you find out about Pamela?" Alison muses, "You really want to know?" Charlie exclaims, "Of course I do, darling!" Alison tells her, "I think you should be sitting for this." Charlie, however, stands right where she is and cries, "Will you tell me?" Alison pauses momentarily before revealing, "Pamela's my twin sister." A look of shock crosses Charlie's face.


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