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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Chris Sheil

Craig and Debbie are standing outside a bookshop in Melbourne, looking at a pile of academic texts that are on sale on a table by the window. Craig sighs, "If all my books cost this much, I'll be up for a small fortune." Debbie looks round at the door to the shop. A young, bespectacled woman is just emerging and Debbie exclaims, "Hey! There's Michelle!" Craig asks in surprise, "Michelle who?" Debbie just runs over to Michelle and says to her eagerly, "Michelle! I tried to 'phone you at the hostel; they said you'd left." Michelle, who's clutching a pile of books, explains, "I'm living in a flat now. Mum and dad are paying - they want me to do the HSC." Debbie tells her, "That's what Craig's doing!" Craig chips in, "That's me - the guy she's ignoring!" Michelle tells him, "I'm Michelle White." She holds out her hand. Craig ignores it, though, and tells Debbie, "I'm just going to have a look." He heads into the bookshop. Debbie then tells Michelle, "We must stay in touch. I'll give you my address." As she takes out a piece of paper from her bag, she adds, "It's at a friend's house - we're staying there 'til we can afford to get married." Michelle gasps excitedly, "You didn't tell me you were engaged! Congratulations!" She gives Debbie a hug. Debbie then asks, "You like my ring?" She shows her engagement ring to Michelle, who exclaims, "It's gorgeous!" She then hands over the piece of paper with her address on it and adds, "I'll see you soon, OK?" She heads off into the bookshop. Michelle stands there and sighs heavily. In the bookshop, Debbie mutters at Craig, "You could've made a bit more of an effort." Craig retorts, "She's your friend." Debbie snaps, "And she's got a huge inferiority complex." Craig asks, "Why?" Debbie explains, "When she was in her teens she used to have braces on her teeth. The kids at school used to tease her rotten. The class wit called her 'Mousetrap'." She then adds, "If you ever let on to Michelle that you know that..." Craig looks at her and shrugs, "Michelle who?" Debbie tuts at him!

Caroline is sitting at the table in the lounge room at her house, staring at the typewriter set up in front of her. She stands up and starts pacing the floor. Doug comes in suddenly and asks, "How's it going?" Caroline retorts, "It's not. I just can't seem to get it started." Doug suggests, "Just write down the first thing that comes into your head." Caroline mutters, "The only thing I can think of is 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'!" Doug muses, "I can't see that selling a million. Caroline, however, sitting down on the couch, sighs, "It has - in 'How to Type' manuals." She then groans, "It's no good, Doug - I just can't do it." She stands up again. Doug exclaims, "Garbage! You've written one bestseller, you can do it again." Caroline points out, "I didn't have to think up the story the first time - and it had great characters: you hated Pamela, but nevertheless you felt sorry for her. That's why they want a sequel: the readers want to know what happens to her after she loses her kids." Doug tells her, "Then that's your story: dream up something that could've happened - only stay away from the truth." Caroline shrugs, "Alright. Let's see: how about she goes to start a new life--" Doug, however, picks up a pad from the couch and says, "Don't tell me; just get it down, OK?" Caroline smiles at him.

Pamela wanders into the lounge room at Charlie's and says, "I'm ready." Charlie, who's sitting on the couch with Isabella, looks at her outfit and says, "I thought you were going to get changed. You can't go to Chez Jules like that; it's trés, trés chic. I wouldn't want you to feel out of place." Pamela mutters, "Very considerate of you." Charlie presses, "Go on, darling: put on one of those little numbers that Alison bought you this morning - but don't take too long: we don't want to be here when Nick arrives!" Pamela, sitting down on the couch, sighs, "I really don't feel like getting changed, Charlie. Mind if we take a raincheck?" Charlie tells her, "Alison's the one who'll mind: two's company--" Pamela interrupts and says with a wave of her hand, "Oh, Alison's not serious about Nick; not really. She won't mind if I stay." Charlie cries, "Don't be a spoilsport." Pamela just retorts curtly, "I'm staying home, OK?" Charlie demands, "Why are you being so stubborn? Unless you fancy Nick yourself..." Pamela growls, "I'm not after a man, Charlie." Charlie points out, "Ten years is a long time without one." Pamela retorts, "You should know." Charlie gasps in shock. Pamela stands up and says, "Sorry - didn't mean that." Charlie just glares at her and growls, "Didn't you?" She then goes to head out of the room. Alison comes in at that moment and Charlie tells her, "Pamela has decided to stay home and play gooseberry." She leaves the room. Pamela tells Alison quickly, "I don't believe the way that woman's mind works: she's already got you and Nick married!" Alison muses, "Charlie always was a romantic!" Pamela comments, "Bit of a snob, too, if you ask me - I got the feeling that she wasn't too keen on introducing me to her friends. That's why I dipped out of lunch. You don't mind if I stay, do you?" Alison smiles, "Of course not. I'll set another place." She heads off to fetch more cutlery, leaving Pamela standing in the lounge room looking pleased with herself...

A while later, Charlie has turned up at the mansion. She heads into Fiona's room, where Janice is sitting at the desk, writing. Janice tells her, "Fiona's out - she's taken Robert to playschool." Charlie sighs, "Oh dear. I just wanted her advice." Janice asks, "On what?" Charlie replies, "It's a very delicate matter." Janice assures her, "Confidentiality is the first thing you learn when you become a welfare worker." Charlie remarks, "It would be more use if they taught you how to recognise a troublemaker." Janice replies, "You have to have instinct for that." Charlie declares, "My instinct tells me Pamela is trouble." Janice retorts, "Then your instinct's wrong. Pamela is as genuine as they come. If it wasn't for her, Beryl would still be copping it." Charlie asks, "Copping what?" Janice explains, "The other prisoners were belting her up. Pamela had to pay the warder to protect her." Charlie gasps, "She didn't!" Janice goes on, "Shocking, isn't it? The warder should be sacked - but then he wouldn't be around to protect Beryl, would he?" Looking thoughtful, Charlie says, "Tell me, darling: where did Pamela get the money to pay this warder?" Janice replies, "I heard her tell Fiona that she'd sold something." Charlie protests, "But Pamela doesn't have anything valuable to--" She then breaks off as something occurs to her. She murmurs, "Unless... Oh, she wouldn't..." Janice says, "Wouldn't what?" Charlie explains, "Alison lent her a very valuable bracelet. She said she lost it, but it sounds to me as if she was lying. I bet she sold it to raise the protection money." Janice warns curtly, "That is a very serious accusation to make without any proof." Charlie shrugs, "She was in jail for stealing from her employers; why wouldn't she steal from Alison?" Janice retorts, "Because she's a reformed character." Charlie just murmurs, "Maybe..."

Pamela is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, looking in the mirror. She's wearing one of her new dresses. She asks Alison, who's standing behind her, "How do I look? Not too much make-up?" Alison replies, "No, no... it's just that I used to have a dress like that before I went to South America. It's like looking at a mirror image; it spooked me for a moment." Pamela turns to her and asks, "Do you ever regret having plastic surgery?" Alison nods, "At first I did; I felt like I was always looking at a stranger. Eventually, I stopped thinking about it." Pamela comments, "Until now." There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Alison smiles, "At least Nick won't have any trouble figuring out which twin he's dating." Pamela mutters coldly, "No..." Alison heads out to the hallway and opens the door. She smiles at Nick, "Hello. I hope you like spicy food." Nick grins, "I'm ready for a bit of spice in anything!" Alison tells him, "I'm afraid you're going to have to settle for satay prawns - it's Pamela's favourite dish." Nick comments, "I was hoping it would just be the two of us." Alison tells him quietly, "Later." Nick smiles, "Is that a promise?!" Alison heads into the lounge room. Nick closes the front door and follows her. He then tells her, "I was going to bring some flowers, but then I had a better idea." He hands over another giftwrapped present. Alison smiles, "You're spoiling me." Nick tells her, "It's been my one mission in life to find a beautiful blonde that I can spoil." Alison opens the gift to reveal a pair of earrings. She gasps, "They're lovely!" Pamela walks in at that moment and says, "Hello, Nick. Nice to see you again." Nick replies, "Same here. I'm glad you could join us for lunch." Pamela then indicates the gift and asks, "More presents?" Alison nods, "Earrings to go with the bracelet." Nick asks, "Are you going to show me how it all hangs together?" Alison, however, tells him quickly, "I'd love to, but Charlie's got the bracelet; she's been breaking her neck to borrow it ever since she laid her eyes on it." Nick smiles, "The lady has taste." He smiles at Alison and then at Pamela. Pamela smiles back at him.

Michael is lying in bed in his room at the mansion. Charlie is sitting on the edge of the bed, saying, "It was a gorgeous bracelet - chunky gold with diamonds around a medallion--" Michael interrupts and says wearily, "If Pamela sold it, Fiona didn't mention it to me. Do you mind if I get back to sleep now?" Charlie smiles, "Of course not, darling - I'm sorry I woke you up." As she stands up and heads out of the room, she calls back, "Don't mention it to Nick, will you? Alison doesn't want him to know it's gone." Looking suddenly surprised, Michael calls, "What's Nick got to do with it?" Charlie pokes her head back in and says, "He gave it to her, silly! Wasn't that generous of him?!" Michael murmurs in annoyance, "Nothing's too good for his women, but when it comes to his family... One of these days, he'll get his."

Pamela is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's. Nick is standing with Alison by the drinks cabinet as she dishes up some canapés. She says, "Tell me, Nick: what made you become a psychiatrist?" Nick smiles, "It was either that or be a stand-up comic!" He then goes on more seriously, "It's always interested me what makes people tick." Pamela stands up from the couch and pours her drink into the plant pot by the french windows. Neither Nick nor Alison notice; Nick just carries on, "Exploring the subconscious is exciting - it's like heading into uncharted water: you can never predict what a person will do next." Pamela walks over to the two of them with her empty glass and says in a slurred voice, "Anyone for a refill?" Nick says quickly, "No thanks." He then murmurs to Alison, "I think Pamela's had enough." Alison replies, "I think I might just organise some coffee." She then picks up a bottle of red wine and refills Pamela's glass. Pamela turns to Nick and slurs, "Do anything for me, she would: bought me a whole new wardrobe... even let me wear that bracelet you gave her." Alison turns to look at her, sharply. Pamela goes on drunkenly, "Yes, she's the best sister anyone could have." Looking back at Alison, she slurs, "I'm sorry I lost your bracelet." Nick walks back over to Alison and asks quietly, "Why didn't you tell me? Did you think I'd hold my breath 'til I'm blue in the face?!" Alison nods, "Yes. Something like that." Nick smiles, "You've got a lot to learn about me." He then goes on, "So, school's in tomorrow night, my place." Alison replies, "I'll try and be a good pupil!" With that, she heads off to the kitchen. Pamela goes to follow her, slurring, "I must get some air." Nick, however, grabs her arms and says, "I think you should sit down." He helps Pamela onto the couch, where she slurs, "You think I'm past it, don't you?" Nick, sitting down next to her, assures her, "Just a bit merry, that's all." Pamela slurs, "It's really hard not to go over the top when you've gone without for so long." Nick insists, "I understand." Pamela, moving closer to him, tells him, "I knew you would. First time I saw you, I knew we'd click." Nick replies quickly, "I felt the same about Alison." Pamela's face drops. She stands up and snaps, "I'm going to my room." Alison is just coming back in with a tray and she points out, "You haven't had your coffee." Pamela growls, "I don't want to stay where I'm not wanted." Nick looks at Alison and explains, "She tried to chat me up. I just told her I wasn't interested." Pamela cries, "That's a lie! He just doesn't like rubbing shoulders with ex-cons and he wasted no time in telling me, either." Alison demands of Nick, "Is that true?" Nick stands up and retorts sharply, "That's not quite what I said." Alison says to him curtly, "Nick, I think you should leave." Nick protests, "I'm telling you the truth." Alison snaps, "Please, just go." Nick sighs, "OK - if that's what you want." He heads out. Pamela looks at Alison. Alison stands there, looking annoyed.

A while later, Pamela is sitting on the couch as Alison stands staring out through the french windows. Pamela comments suddenly, "It's not working, is it, us living together? I should move out." Alison tells her reassuringly, "Nothing that happened was your fault." Pamela, however, points out, "If I hadn't been here, you wouldn't have lost Nick." Alison insists, "I don't care about Nick." Pamela, however, says, "Who do you think you're kidding?" Alison sighs, "Am I that transparent?" Pamela tells her, "You know what they say about twins: when one gets hurt, the other bleeds." Alison explains, "That's why I couldn't bear it if you left." She goes and sits down before continuing, "I need someone in my life I can feel close to - so more talk about leaving. Alright?" Pamela smiles at her and nods, "OK."

Craig is walking with Michelle down the front path at Beryl's. He tells her, "Sorry Deb wasn't here. You can walk into Hayden Street with me, if you like - I'm going to meet her at two." Michelle, however, replies, "It's alright - just give her the engagement present." They reach the front gate and Craig opens it. As she walks out onto the footpath, Michelle brushes her hair against the big bush by the gate. She starts running her fingers through her hair quickly, explaining, "Spiders." Craig asks, "You scared of them?" Michelle nods, "I hate them. Spiders and mice - I can't stand either of them." Craig laughs, "You can always set a mousetrap!" Michelle stops in her tracks and stares at him. Craig stands there, laughing. He giggles, "Mice... mousetrap... all you need is cheese!" Michelle, going and climbing into her open-topped car, mutters, "People used to think that was funny at school, too." Craig insists quickly, "I'm not having a go at you." Michelle growls, "Just say hello to Debbie for me." With that, she starts her car's engine and roars off.

A short time later, Debbie unwraps the gift from Michelle. She smiles, "Look, she's given us a cookbook!" She and Craig are walking along a street. Craig smiles, "Does this mean we get a break from hamburgers!" Debbie warns quickly, "You could get a thick ear, if you're not careful!" She starts looking through the book and then says, "Wow! We have to try some of these - and we must ask Michelle round to dinner, OK?" Craig says warily, "I don't think she'll come." Debbie looks at him and he adds, "It's all your fault: you shouldn't have told me her nickname." Debbie sighs, "You didn't let onto her that you knew?" Craig just shrugs. Debbie snaps, "Why is it that you have got such a big mouth?" Craig insists, "I said I was sorry; what else can I do?" Debbie tells him, "She'll never pass her HSC without some coaching..." Craig mutters, "Forget it." Debbie, however, goes on eagerly, "If you coached her, she'll lend you her books, and that'll save you heaps of money." Craig stops walking. He then sighs, "Talk about the devil and the deep blue sea!"

Caroline is sitting at the typewriter in her lounge room, looking pleased with herself. Doug walks in and announces, "I've got to get going - I'm seeing Bob Baxter, to clinch the deal." He gives Caroline a kiss. Caroline says quickly, "Can I try out my story on you, first?" Doug nods, "Go for it." Caroline tells him, "It's what happens when Pamela starts her new life: she meets this young boy who tells her that his mother gave him away to a friend just after he was born; and then it goes on to be the boy's story of his search for his real mother." Doug says, "Great. There won't be a dry eye on the house." He goes to head out. Caroline stands up and adds quickly, "The twist is that his mother has got a double, and they're like chalk and cheese - his real mum is below-stairs, but the other double is everything that a mother should be." Doug, his face dropping, tells her, "I'm sorry to have to stop you, but er--" Caroline interrupts and sighs, "I know: you've got to go." Doug, however, says, "No - that has to go, too. Darling, that's Craig's story." A look of horror crosses Caroline's face and she gasps, "I don't believe it! How stupid could I be?" Doug insists, "You're trying too hard. Just give it away for a while." Caroline snaps, "My publisher has put an advance into our account today; he's going to want to see something for his money soon." Doug assures her, "You'll get it done. Just relax; have some fun." Caroline, however, retorts, "Fat chance. I've got a book-signing session this afternoon at the Chapell Street shop again." Doug suggests, "Why don't I meet you there and we'll go for a drink? Maybe catch a movie." Caroline, however, tells him, "No movies - I'd probably pinch the plot!"

Pamela picks up a copy of My Sister My Love from the drinks cabinet in the lounge room at Charlie's. She remarks to Alison, "I wouldn't have thought you'd have bought a copy of this." Alison explains, "It's Charlie's. I keep it on show to let the world know it doesn't bother me." Pamela tells her, "Good for you!" The two of them sit down, Pamela still clutching the book. Alison then remarks, "It's funny, isn't it, how your life turns out? When I was growing up, all I wanted was to marry a man like my father and have exactly the kind of life my parents had." Pamela remarks, "I thought they were poor." Alison nods, "Yes - as church mice. But I didn't realise it. I had birthday parties... pretty dresses... My mother used to stay up 'til all hours of the night, sewing. I took it all for granted." Pamela mutters, "You wouldn't catch my mother doing that." Alison asks, "Why did she give you such a hard time?" Pamela hesitates before replying, "Dad was the one that wanted a kid, not her - and for once, he stuck to his guns; but then she never lost an opportunity to get back at the pair of us." She's flicking through My Sister My Love, and she suddenly comes across a photograph of a woman that's stuck between two of the pages. She asks in surprise, "Is this my real mother?" Alison looks across at the photo and replies, "No, it's a rich aunt. She used to play Lady Bountiful from time-to-time: she gave mum and dad a movie camera just after we were born. It was their most prized possession; it used to be trotted out on every important occasion. I've still got the film in the garage; if you'd like to have a look at it--" Pamela interrupts quickly and says, "No. Home moves bore me." Alison shrugs, "I don't blame you. I suppose you had to be there to enjoy a trip down memory lane." With that, she adds, "I'll try not to be too long at the meeting," and she heads out. Pamela calls after her, "Take your time - I'll enjoy myself." She turns back to the photo of the rich aunt...

A short time later, a projector is set up in the lounge room. Pamela is fitting a roll of film. Charlie walks in, calling, "Come to mummy, Isabella. Where are you, darling?" She picks up her dog before turning to Pamela and saying curtly, "I've got a bone to pick with you: did you sell Nick's bracelet?" Pamela turns and gives her a cold look. Charlie comments darkly, "I knew I was right." Pamela stands up and says tersely, "You're wrong. I told you: I lost it." Charlie retorts, "I don't believe you." Pamela warns, "Don't call me a liar, Charlie." Charlie asks, "You want me to prove it?" Pamela retorts, "You've got Buckley's" Charlie just muses, "We'll see." Pamela says, "I'm warning you, Charlie: stop stirring." Charlie snaps, "You can't intimidate me." Pamela shrugs, "Then consider it a friendly warning: if you value your friendship with Alison, back off." Charlie says through gritted teeth, "If it ever came to a choice, darling, you'd be the one to go." Pamela challenges, "Want to put money on that?" Charlie just retorts, "I don't bet with thieves." With that, she turns and walks out.

Caroline walks out of the lounge room at her house and heads into the kitchen, snapping as she does so, "Why shouldn't I be angry? It was my money." Doug retorts, "Whatever happened to 'ours'? I thought marriage was all about sharing." Caroline growls, "That means sharing decisions, too." Doug points out, "You told me you were all for the deal." Caroline snaps, "That's before I knew it was going to wipe us out financially." Doug insists, "Only for the time being. We'll be back in the money when the next progress payments come in on the sequel." Caroline cries, "What if I can't come up with a sequel? What if they want their advance back?" Doug pauses before replying, "Then I'll rob a bank, OK?!" Caroline, looking upset, cries, "You just will not take this seriously, will you?" Doug insists, "We'll be alright. Stop giving me a hard time. Tell me that you still love me." After a few seconds, Caroline's face creases into a smile. She asks, "Why is it I just can't stay angry with you for long?!" Doug tells her, "Some of us are just born loveable!" They start kissing passionately! Doug then pulls away and heads for the front door. Caroline asks in surprise, "Where are you going?" Doug replies, "I'm going down the bottle shop to get some bubbly - and I'll make sure it's French, too. I told you we'd celebrate; I'm a man of my word." He heads out. Caroline calls after him in exasperation, "You're going to end up by making us completely bankrupt if you're not careful." The front door bangs shut. Caroline stands there, a thoughtful look crossing her face suddenly. She heads over to the telephone and dials a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Hello. Jack? It's Caroline. I'm sorry to get you at home, but I thought I'd let you know that I'm going back to my original concept: the two families linked by the twins... Yes, I thought you'd be pleased; I wouldn't want to have to give that advance back, would I?... Alright. Bye." She hangs up. She then murmurs to herself, "And if Doug doesn't like it... well, I'm just going to have to worry about that tomorrow."

Pamela has set up a screen in the lounge room at Charlie's. She's sitting watching the film that she found in the garage. It shows a man and a woman each holding a baby. They go to head into a house, but pause on the step and wave to the camera. They then head into the house and close the door. Pamela sits on the couch, looking upset. The film cuts to a shot of a birthday cake. The man and the woman appear again, but this time with just one child, aged about a year old. They're fussing over her. Tears well-up in Pamela 's eyes. The film moves on again. The child is now aged about two. The man and the women continue to fuss over her. Pamela sits there, staring at the screen. She watches as the woman helps the child take its first steps and toddle over to her father. Pamela breaks down suddenly...


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