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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Wayne is walking across a car park outside the airport in Melbourne. He heads for a hire car and climbs in. He then puts the keys in the ignition and starts the engine. He winds down the window and puts on his seatbelt before driving off.

Susan and Caroline are walking along a street in Melbourne, holding bags of shopping. They're both laughing and Susan is exclaiming, "The woman in that dress shop must have thought we were both mad!" Caroline, however, grins, "Don't be silly - shop owners love their customers to enjoy themselves!" Susan glances down at the bags and laughs, "Look at this stuff. We'll need a truck to get it home." Caroline sighs, "Honestly, Susan, I'm never going to go shopping with you again! You've done nothing but complain - and will you stop looking at your watch?" Susan puts her arm back down by her side and murmurs, "I was only wondering what time it was." Caroline points out, "You don't have to be anywhere - except, perhaps, at home, trying on all this nice new gear. Come on, there's a taxi stand just down the block." As they head across to the taxis, neither of them notices Wayne sitting in the car parked right next to them...

A while later, Caroline and Susan arrive back at Caroline's and head into the lounge room. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Caroline comments, "What's the betting that's Doug? He probably got to his meeting and discovered he left all his papers behind!" She goes and picks up the 'phone and smiles, "Hello?" She listens before then growling, "She doesn't want to speak to you." Susan hisses, "Is it Wayne?" Caroline just waves a hand at her. She then says curtly down the 'phone, "And I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd respect our privacy and don't call again." Susan says quickly, "Don't hang up. Ask him what he wants." Caroline retorts, "You know what he wants. The best thing's to have nothing to do with him." Susan, however, cries, "I can't stand sitting around waiting for his next move. Let me talk to him." She grabs the 'phone from Caroline and says down it, "What do you want?" From the 'phone in his hire car, Wayne replies, "I'm making you a final offer." He listens to Susan's response before then retorting, "OK. If you don't want to be a part of my life, fine - but just to be sure you've made the right decision, I'll wait half an hour." At Caroline's, Susan snaps, "I couldn't be in Sydney that soon even if I wanted to." Wayne, however, retorts, "I'm not in Sydney. I'll be waiting on the western end of Prince's Bridge. In thirty minutes, I throw the gun in the river." He smiles at Susan's response and then tells her curtly, "Half an hour - and don't get any bright ideas about calling the police. Maybe I'm bluffing. Maybe I don't have the gun with me. Then they'd know you're insane, wouldn't they?" Susan cries down the 'phone, "Stop it. Just stop it." Wayne, however, goes on, "What if I do have the gun? Once I throw it, that's the end: no one will ever see it again and your mother will rot in jail. Thirty minutes. I've started counting..." With that, he hangs up.

A short time later, Wayne is standing on Prince's Bridge. He looks at his watch and then starts pacing as he waits for Susan to show. He looks down at the water and then leans against the wall.

Susan is running along a street. She spots a cab approaching and she calls, "Taxi!" A businessman hails it at the same time, though, and he goes to climb in as the cab pulls up. Susan grabs the door, however, and starts tugging at it, saying, "It's an emergency." The man retorts, "Too bad." Susan just pushes him to one side and cries, "I'm sorry." With that, she climbs into the back of the cab and tells the driver, "Prince's Bridge. Quickly." The cab pulls away.

A short time later, the cab pulls up on Prince's Bridge and Susan climbs out. She goes and peers over the edge and spots Wayne leaning against a wall down on the lower part of the bridge. She takes off her shoes and starts running towards him - just as he opens his briefcase and removes the bag holding the gun. He looks at it and then murmurs, "Alright, Susie. If this is how you want it..." Susan runs towards him as he goes to throw the gun into the water. As he moves his arm back behind him, to make the throw, Susan grabs at the bag, yelling, "Give it to me!" She and Wayne start struggling, Susan repeating, "Give it to me!" and Wayne snarling, "Not a chance." He quickly overpowers Susan and pushes her to the ground. He then goes again to throw the gun into the water. Susan, however, cries quickly, "No, no, no. Alright. I'll do what you want." Wayne looks back at her as she repeats more quietly, "I'll do what you want." He walks over to her and snarls, "Say it again. I want to know you mean it." He then bends over Susan, who's lying on her back on the ground and snaps coldly, "Say it again." Susan, who's shaking, murmurs, "I'll do whatever you want. Please - just don't throw the gun away." With that, Wayne leans back and looks down at Susan smugly.

Doug arrives back at Caroline's to find Caroline holding the collection of shopping bags. He grins, "What's this?! It's not Christmas already, is it?" Caroline explains glumly, "I took Susan shopping to try and keep her mind off Wayne." She then adds seriously, "She went off to meet him. I tried to talk her out of it, but she just couldn't stop herself." Looking concerned, Doug comments, "She's not going to go through with what he wants, though, is she?" Caroline just nods, "I think so."

Wayne opens the passenger-side door of his hire car and sits Susan down on the seat. She has tears in her eyes. He walks round to the driver's side, puts the gun back in his briefcase and tosses it onto the back seat. He then shuts the door and tells Susan coldly, "Time to go home." Susan pulls her legs into the car, closes the door and puts on her seatbelt. She still looks upset. Wayne closes the electric window so that no one can see her tears.

In Sydney, Alison is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's, a file of papers on her lap. Charlie is pacing the floor, crying, "What's the matter with people? Someone must have seen her." Alison smiles, "Charlie, calm down!" Charlie, however, just goes on agitatedly, "I've advertised a reward on all the radio stations and in the newspaper this morning. Half of Sydney must be out looking for her and nothing. I just know something terrible must have happened to her." Alison mutters, "You know what dogs are like: they come home in their own good time." Charlie, however, gasps, "Good time? She's been gone two nights already. By now, the poor darling's probably turned feral." Alison sighs, "Somebody probably found her and took her home. As soon as they see or hear one of your ads, they'll bring her back." Charlie cries, "What if they don't? You know how loveable she is. What if they decide to keep her for themselves? Maybe I should increase the reward?" Alison, however, mutters, "Increase it? She's got more money on her head than the Kelly gang!" She then suggests, "Why don't you check the pounds again? Someone might have picked her up by now." Charlie glares at her and snaps, "'Picked her up'? You make her sound like a street-walker." Alison just shrugs, "Whatever you say, Charlie. I think it's worth a try, though - it's been hours since you last 'phoned." Charlie hesitates only briefly before declaring, "Yes, you're right - but I'll go in person this time; it's easier than trying to describe her over the 'phone." As she goes to head out, Pamela walks in and asks, "Any news on the dog?" Charlie glares at her and snaps, "She does have a name, Pamela - and no, there isn't any news; as if you'd care." Pamela points out curtly, "I asked, didn't I?" Charlie retorts, "Just because you enjoy seeing me upset." She then tells Alison, "I'll 'phone in to see if there's any news." With that, she heads out. When she's gone, Alison says to Pamela, "Sorry about that - she's got no right to take it out on you." Pamela, however, insists, "She's upset. I know how much the dog - Isabella! - means to her. In fact, I thought I might go out and help search." Alison comments, "That would be a nice gesture - although with all the rewards Charlie's offering, I'd say the neighbourhood's been combed to within an inch of its life already!" Pamela just shrugs, "It can't hurt. It might make her realise that I care." Alison asks, "Would you like some lunch before you go?" Pamela, however, replies, "No, I'll grab something on the way out." She then asks, "Susan not back yet?" Alison tells her, "No - but it's nothing to worry about: she's got friends she sometimes stays overnight with - although she probably got sick of all the bickering around here, and with Charlie on the 'phone all day, co-ordinating the search, she probably couldn't have got through even if she'd tried."

Gordon is playing with Robert in Fiona's room at the mansion when the 'phone rings. He goes to answer it. Susan, who's standing using a public 'phone at the airport in Melbourne, comes on and says, "Gordon? It's Susan. I thought I'd better let you know where I was in case you were worrying." Gordon replies, "Fiona said that Wayne was here this morning, looking for you. I just assumed that you were staying out of his way." Susan nods, "Sort of. I'm in Melbourne. I needed time by myself - and to think about... you know: me and Wayne." Gordon suggests, "Maybe that's something you should stop thinking about. If you want my opinion, it's time to put it all behind you." Susan, looking uncomfortable, says, "As a matter of fact, I've decided to give it another go." At the mansion, Gordon comments in surprise, "Susan, I know it's your life, but maybe we should talk about it, eh? Why don't you come and see me when you get back, before you talk to Wayne?" He listens to the response and then says tersely, "Because I think it's something you should think about very carefully. What made you change your mind?" At the airport, Susan replies hesitantly, "Nothing. As I said, I just needed time to think. You see, a lot of how I've been feeling has been influenced by what happened to mum. I think going back to Wayne is the best way of helping her." Gordon gasps in astonishment, "What? That's the last thing in the world your mother would want. Please, when you get back, come and see me, eh, before you make any final decision." Susan, however, says quickly, "Sorry, Gordon, there's a lot of noise here. I can't hear you. I have to go. I just wanted to let you know what was happening and that I was alright, OK? Bye." With that, she hangs up. At the mansion, Gordon does likewise, looking worried. At the airport, Wayne walks over to Susan and says, "Well done." Susan mutters, "He didn't believe a word." Wayne, however, retorts, "Of course he did. You're a better liar than you give yourself credit for. Come on - we've got a 'plane to catch." With that, he walks off, leaving Susan standing by the 'phone, looking upset.

Charlie arrives back home, looking upset. She heads into the lounge room, slowly. Alison is still sitting on the couch, working, and she asks, "No luck?" Charlie shakes her head. She then asks, "Anyone called?" Alison replies, "Not yet." Charlie sits down on the couch and sighs sadly, "Oh, it's hopeless. I've been to all the pounds and no sign of her. I've been walking around the streets for hours, calling her name; looking everywhere. You should have seen the way people looked at me." Alison sits forward and replies, "Charlie, even if - and I'm not saying you should give up hope yet - but even if she doesn't come back, you'll find another dog you can love just as much. You might even get one of those puppies back from those friends you gave them to." Charlie, however, cries, "I couldn't. Isabella wasn't just a pet; she was a very special friend. People don't always understand me, but Isabella did. She and I were alike in the way we thought." Alison remarks, "In that case, there's nothing to worry about: she's probably flown off to Fiji for a couple of days; be back at the end of the week with a new wardrobe of clothes and a suitcase full of monkeys' heads carved out of coconuts!" Charlie glares at her and gasps, "Alison, it's no laughing matter." Alison insists, "I'm just trying to cheer you up." Charlie retorts, "Well you're not." Alison then says, "Pamela's gone out to look for her; she might have some luck." Looking surprised, Charlie mouths, "Pamela? She's gone looking for Isabella?" Alison nods, "She was concerned you thought she didn't care. She went out just after you." Charlie mutters, "I don't believe it. And even if she does find her, she'll probably hold her to ransom." Alison warns, "Charlie..." Charlie mutters, "Well... it doesn't sound like her."

Pamela is out walking along an alley, calling for Isabella. There's no response, though. Pamela shrugs and sighs, "I can't say I didn't try." At that moment, though, she hears a sudden whimpering. She looks round in surprise and says, "Isabella?"

Alison is holding a plate of food in the lounge room at Charlie's, but Charlie is sitting on the couch, sighing, "Honestly, darling, I'm not hungry." Alison points out, "You've hardly eaten anything all day." Charlie, however, retorts, "How do you expect me to eat when my poor darling baby's out there starving to death somewhere?" Alison snaps, "I see: you're starving yourself in sympathy." At that moment, the front door opens out in the hallway and Pamela heads inside. She's holding a dirty-looking Isabella, who's still whimpering. In the lounge room, Charlie hears the noise. She leaps up from the couch and cries, "What's that?" She runs out to the hallway, followed by Alison. She looks at Pamela holding Isabella and cries excitedly, "Isabella, darling! Come to mummy, angel! What have they done to you? Are you alright?" As she hands the dog over, Pamela tells her, "She's fine. I heard her barking and found her stuck down a drain. I had to enlist some help from the council men to get her out." Charlie smiles at her and says sincerely, "I don't know how to thank you." Pamela just shrugs, "That's OK." With that, she heads off to change. Charlie comments to Alison, "Oh dear... I feel awful. All those things I've been saying about her and somehow I'll have to make amends." Alison nods curtly, "Yes, you will. First, I'd get Isabella cleaned-up." Charlie beams at her dog, "Come on, Isabella: bathies!" She heads off to the bathroom, leaving Alison standing in the hallway, sighing in relief!

A while later, Charlie is towelling Isabella dry in the lounge room. Pamela is sitting on the couch, watching. Charlie tells her sincerely, "I really am awfully grateful, darling. I can't tell you how embarrassed I feel about the way I've been behaving." Pamela shrugs, "You had a good reason. I shouldn't have sold that bracelet - but I wanted to help Beryl and I couldn't think of any other way." Charlie remarks, "You really do care about her, don't you?" Pamela nods, "She's a good lady. I know Alison doesn't think so, but just because we're sisters, it doesn't mean we have to adopt each other's enemies. If it's going to be a problem between us, I'll just have to find a way to cope." Charlie smiles, "I know what you mean, darling: being friends with Alison is like spending your life in a minefield!" Pamela comments, "I guess I'll learn to handle it." A look then appears in her eyes and she goes on, "Since you've had a little more experience than I've had, maybe I could hit you for some advice from time to time?" Charlie beams, "Of course, darling! From now on, I'll be your personal advisor and confidant where Alison's concerned." Pamela checks, "You don't mind?" Charlie assures her, "Of course not, darling. If it hadn't been for you, my darling little Isabella would've been lost for good." Pamela looks at her.

Wayne and Susan have arrived back at Dural. As they walk into the lounge room, they find Gordon standing waiting for them. Wayne smiles, "Hi, dad!" He puts his briefcase down on the bar. Gordon, however, retorts, "Never mind 'Hi, dad'. Someone tell me what's going on." Wayne just replies, "Didn't Susan 'phone you? We're getting back together." Gordon mutters, "So I gather. I haven't heard a sensible reason why." Susan stands there, blank-faced, as Wayne replies, "We talked it over and decided that--" He breaks off, suddenly, as someone knocks on the front door. He heads out to the hallway to get it. As soon as he's gone, Susan turns to the briefcase and says to Gordon agitatedly, "You want to know the reason why? I'll show you." She starts fiddling with the briefcase. Gordon tells her, "It's locked." Susan snaps, "Of course it's locked - he doesn't want anyone getting at what's inside." She picks up the briefcase and starts thumping it against the edge of the bar. Gordon warns her, "You'll hurt yourself." Wayne comes back in and says, "The taxi driver - I forgot to sign the docket." He then looks at Susan and smiles, "Sweetheart, it'll be easier with this." He holds out the key to the briefcase. Susan stares at it. Wayne smiles, "Go ahead." Susan grabs the key, puts it in the briefcase's lock and opens it. She then looks inside the case - and starts pulling out files and papers. After a few seconds, she cries in horror, "Where is it? What have you done with it?" Wayne tells her gently, "It's a briefcase. I only keep papers in it." Susan turns to him and gasps, "You've hidden it somewhere, haven't you?" Wayne goes to put his hands on her shoulders, saying soothingly, "Now, now, hush, hush." Susan, however, yells, "Don't touch me." She then runs out to the hallway, tears streaming down her cheeks. Wayne turns to his father and says, "I'm sorry. I had hoped I'd have a chance to explain before anything like this happened. You see, I'm afraid... the strain of the trial and everything... it's been too much. It's why I brought her back: she needs someone to look after her and I am her husband." Gordon, however, stares at him and says coolly, "I'm not stupid, Wayne: it'll take more than emotional stress to bring her back to you." Wayne nods, "It is more than that. I thought that was made obvious just now. Susan's cracking up - completely. I just hope I'm not too late to help her..."

It's evening-time, and in the lounge room at Charlie's, Pamela is helping Charlie tie a bow around Isabella's neck. As she does so, she remarks, "It must be some kind of talent with me: I was always finding lost animals when I was a kid. My folks - that is, my foster parents - never knew what I was going to drag home next!" Charlie exclaims excitedly, "I know, darling! Me too! I was always spending all my money at the pet shop!" Alison walks in suddenly, and she smiles, "Glad to see you two getting on for a change!" Charlie turns to her and explains, "We're just exchanging notes. You never told me Pamela was an animal-lover." Pamela points out, "I didn't say I was an animal-lover; I said I just found them." Alison comments, "I'm sorry I can't join this mutual admiration society, but I'm meeting Nick in twenty minutes. See you both later." Charlie smiles, "Have a nice time, darling." With that, Alison heads out, leaving Pamela to remark to Charlie, "Of course, the boot's on the other foot now." Charlie looks at her and says, "Hmm?" Pamela tells her, "Now I'm the stray dog. If it weren't for Alison..." Charlie tells her quickly, "You mustn't say that, darling. Alison loves having you here; she's your sister." Pamela replies, "I know, but I don't want to be dependent on her for the rest of my life." Charlie insists, "You won't be. You'll be back on your feet, making a whole new life for yourself." Pamela muses, "That's easier said than done. Ten years in jail, no contacts, no references... What I need is that first lucky break, and you can't do that without some help. Of course, I realise you find this hard to understand: you've got the golden touch - everything you take on is automatically successful." Looking taken aback, Charlie remarks, "I don't know I'd quite say that - although I admit I do have a certain commercial flair!" Something appears to occur to her, suddenly, and she gasps, "Do you know? I've just had an idea! You've nothing to worry about, darling. Trust me and you'll be on the road to success in no time at all!"

Wayne and Susan are sitting in silence at the dinner table at Dural. Wayne puts his knife and fork down eventually and murmurs, "That'll do me. I see you haven't eaten much, either. Coffee?" Susan doesn't respond. Wayne then stands up and suggests, "No point sitting down here all night." He walks over to Susan and whispers, "Let's go upstairs." Susan stands up quickly and goes to head for the kitchen, saying, "I have to do the dishes." Wayne grabs her, however, and puts his hands on her shoulders, telling her, "They can wait." He then starts massaging Susan's shoulders, saying gently as he does o, "I've missed you, Susan." He leans in and kisses her shoulder. As he does so, he discovers a chain around her neck, hidden under the top of her dress. Susan tries to grab it, but Wayne pushes her hand away and murmurs, "What's this?" He pulls the rest of the chain out from where it's hidden. The chain has Glen's ring attached to it. He then remarks, "It's not the ring everyone's been looking for? Where did you get it? Who gave it to you?" He then answers his own question coldly: "Dear, departed Glen." He grabs at the chain, suddenly, and pulls it off Susan's neck. He holds it up above his head as Susan reaches for it and cries, "Give it to me. Give it back." Wayne, however, retorts, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It goes with the gun. It's time you realised Glen's dead. The only person you think about from now on is me." He then adds nastily, "Let's go." Susan takes a deep breath and turns to head towards the hallway and the bedroom. Wayne stands watching her, a cold look on his face.


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