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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Wayne nods, "Right..." Tick insists, "I mean it. I'm in love. I'm going to marry her!" Wayne muses, "Whatever you say, mate! Can you hold off for a few weeks? Give us a chance to get the invitations out!" Tick pauses before shrugging, "I know I'm too young now, but I can wait - and so can Sarah, once she gets to know me." Wayne smiles, "How old is she? Eleven? Twelve?" Tick, however, retorts, "What do you think I am: a cradle-snatcher?" Wayne laughs, "You mean she's 13!" Tick, however, replies seriously, "No. Maybe 18." Wayne chuckles at him. Tick demands in an annoyed tone, "What's so funny?" Wayne pulls him onto the couch and asks, "How did you meet her?" Tick explains, "She's staying over at Charlie's place with her brother. They've just moved up to Melbourne." Wayne, however, his tone changing, growls, "Charlie's? You're not going to start visiting Charlie's, right? As long as Alison's there, you're not setting foot in the place." Tick demands, "How else am I going to see Sarah?" Wayne sighs, "Come on, Tick, be serious. I mean, who is Sarah? Charlie's niece or something? You're just a kid to her." Tick cries, "I'm not! She likes me! And I don't have to see Alison; I'll keep right out of her way." Wayne retorts, "Just the same, I don't want you going over there. Now, subject's closed." Tick stares at him, furiously.

It's evening-time. Sarah is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, watching TV. Greg walks in and asks, "What time's Charlie getting home?" Sarah just shrugs, "How should I know?" Greg tells her, "I want to go somewhere; I'm sick of sitting round here." Sarah suggests, "Then go." Greg asks, "You want to come?" Sarah retorts, "No thanks. I'm tired. I just want to relax." Greg then asks, "Where's Alison?" Sarah mutters, "I don't know that, either; some business function, I thought she said." Greg muses, "I wish she was here. You're having second thoughts again, aren't you?" Sarah, however, sighs, "Will you stop it? I had a great time this afternoon. This is still a big step - and I'm going to take time to get used to it - but I'm not having second thoughts." Greg crouches down in front of her and insists, "I'm not trying to be pushy; I just want to see you enjoy yourself, that's all." He suddenly spots something sticking out from under the couch and he picks it up. It's a card, and he reads, "'Bumps 'N' Grinds Gym. Fit for young and old, fully-supervised exercise and fitness program. Individual or group'." He then suggests to his sister, "What say we go check it out?" Sarah exclaims, "Now?! Are you kidding?" Greg points out, "It's still early. This is when most of the action happens." Sarah retorts grimly, "I know what action: girls in leotards!"

Andy is standing behind the reception desk a the gym, telling Fiona, "After your workout I've got something to show you." Fiona says, "Really? What's that?" Andy, however, tells her, "It's a surprise." Fiona sighs, "Come on, Andy, I'm too old for surprises - especially the sort you come up with!" Andy insists quickly, "It's nothing like that. I'll tell you: I bought myself a new set of wheels. A old clapped-out Mini Moke, but it'll get me around, that's the important thing - and I've paid for it all by myself, just from working here." Fiona smiles, "Good for you!" At that moment, Sarah and Greg walk in. Andy stares at Sarah, looking awestruck, before saying to both twins, "Hi there. Can I help you?" Greg tells him, "We were thinking about signing-up. Just wanted to check the place over first." Andy smiles, "Check away! And welcome to Bumps 'N' Grinds. You two new in town, or what?" Greg explains, "We're just up from Melbourne." Andy then asks, "You going together, or what?" Sarah stares at him and demands, "What's that have to do with anything?" Andy tells her quickly, "We have a special rate for couples." Greg smiles, "Is that right?! Well... yeah, we are. Thinking about getting engaged, as a matter of fact." Andy's face drops! Sarah then explains, "He's my brother!" Andy beams, "That's alright - we've got a special rate for brothers and sisters, too." Fiona chips in, "I haven't heard of that one before." Andy quips quickly, "Your brother's not here!" Turning back to Greg and Sarah, he tells them, "We've got a special session to help you make up your mind - no obligation." Greg smiles, "Terrific." Sarah tells him, "We haven't got any gear or anything." Andy assures her, "That's OK. Just go through to the changing rooms and they'll fix you up in there. All you do is just take a walk around, get the feel of things and I'll be here to give you a hand whenever you need it." Greg nods, "Thanks, mate." With that, he and Sarah head off to change. Andy turns back to Fiona and exclaims, "Did you see that?!" Fiona nods, "Mmm. That's a very good-looking boy!" Andy mutters, "Very funny." Fiona smiles, "No, she really is an attractive girl." Andy muses, "She's the best-looking one I've seen for a while."

A while later, Fiona is sitting on an exercise bike in the main room. Sarah is doing some stretching exercises. Andy joins her and says, "The main thing is to ease yourself into it. Don't strain any muscles until you're nicely warmed-up." Sarah just mutters, "I wasn't planning on straining them at all." Andy remarks, "You sound like you don't want to be here." Sarah explains, "It was Greg's idea. To be honest, I feel kind of silly." Andy asks, "Why's that?" Sarah tells him, "It just isn't me." Andy muses, "Whoever it is, she sure looks pretty good in a pair of leotards!" Sarah says, "I think I'll just stand around until Greg gets bored and we'll go home." She looks at her brother, who's working out on an exercise bike. Andy comments, "He looks like he's pretty well into it there. Why don't you try some head rolls; help you relax?" He then eases Sarah into a crouching position and starts showing her what to do. As he does so, he says, "How about dinner tonight?" Sarah laughs, "You don't waste time!" Andy shrugs, "We usually don't get too friendly about the customers who come in here, but there is something very special about you, so how about it?" Sarah, however, tells him, "Thanks, but no thanks." Andy asks, "Why not?" Sarah, standing up, retorts, "No offence, but I just don't go for your type." Andy demands, "What do you mean 'my type'?" Sarah tells him tersely, "At a guess I'd say uni student... probably Med or Engineering. You make pocket money coming here nights, keeping the lady customers happy." Andy mouths, "Wow!" Sarah comments, "Spot-on, huh?" Andy replies, "No, miles off, actually! I'm just flattered! I mean, I do this for a full-time job, I've never seen the inside of a uni in my life, and I only just made it to Year 10!" Sarah asks in surprise, "You really do this for a living?" Alison nods, "Yep, full-time job. Before that I was a minder for some rich guy and I used to run a mobile disco. You name it, I've done it." Sarah smiles, "My stepmother would kill me if she saw me even talking to someone like you!" Andy murmurs, "So no date, huh?" Sarah, however, tells him, "I didn't say that." Andy asks, "So you will?" Sarah smiles, "Sure. I'd like to." Across the gym, Greg is still cycling on the exercise bike. He looks over at an attractive young blonde woman, exercising nearby. They smile at each other!

In Melbourne, Doug is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Caroline's. He hangs up and then tells Caroline, "Bill. He and Debbie made it OK to LA. They're heading off to Massachusetts to start shopping for the new jet. I hope it doesn't take him too long, though - it's starting to be a bit of a hard slog with Bill away." Caroline remarks, "I thought you and Gordon were confident you could handle it." Doug muses, "We've got the chief flying instructor looking after the practical side of things; he's alright, I suppose, but Bill's got this knack of being in three places at once and this guy just doesn't. And I suppose we just didn't give ourselves enough time to settle in before Bill left." Caroline asks, "It's not going to be a serious problem, is it?" Doug tells her, "We'll cope; it's just that we'll be run off our feet for a while." Caroline says, "I've got quite a lot of free time now the new book's been launched; if there's any way I could help..." Doug stares at her and asks, "Are you trying to put us out of business?" Caroline glares back at him and growls, "Sorry I made the offer. Do the lot yourself; see if I care." Doug, however, smiles, "Can't you take a joke? Of course I'd like you to help; I just didn't think it would be fair for me to push my work off onto you; you've been flat-out for months; you've earned a break." Caroline tells him, "I'd be bored out of my mind." Doug smiles, "I love being married to a workaholic!" Caroline giggles before asking, "What do you want me to do?" Doug replies, "Nothing just yet, but I will tell the T-shirt office to refer any problems to you." Caroline mutters, "Great." Doug adds quickly, "You probably won't have to lift a finger; everything runs like clockwork." Caroline muses, "Famous last words...!"

Tick is playing a video game in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne walks in and sits down. As the computer makes a triumphant beeping sound, Wayne exclaims, "Hey! You beat it!" Tick just stands up and says disinterestedly, "Yeah. I'm going to bed." He goes to walk off. Wayne, however, says gently, "Tick... come on, mate. What's going on here?" Tick murmurs, "Nothing." Wayne asks, "Is it because I won't let you go to Charlie's?" Tick insists, "I just want to see Sarah again. I don't know why you won't let me." Wayne points out, "I told you why." Tick cries, "Just because you don't like Alison, you're going to wreck everything for me." Wayne, however, insists, "It's not what I don't like; it's you I'm worried about." Tick cries, "I told you: I won't even see Alison. I'll keep right out of her way. You're just like you were last time: you can't stand me having any fun." With that, he goes to run out. Wayne calls after him quickly, "Alright. You can go over there as long as you promise to keep out of Alison's way as much as you can - and it doesn't become too much of a habit." Tick turns back to him. He then goes and throws his arms round Wayne, smiling, "Thanks, Wayne!" Wayne tells him, "Get yourself off to bed. By the sound of things, you've had enough excitement for one day!"

Alison arrives back at Charlie's and calls for Greg and Sarah. There's no response. She heads into the lounge room and switches on the lights. She then spots a note on the coffee table and picks it up. She reads: 'Dear Alison. We've gone to check out Charlie's gym. Don't wait up. Greg and Sarah.' She mutters to herself, "Damn..."

Sometime later, Alison and Andy emerge from the main exercise room at the gym and head into the reception area, Andy asking as they do so, "What's up?" Alison tells him, "If you're going to be seeing Sarah, there's something you should know: she and Greg are Pamela's children." Andy just retorts, "Oh yeah? You telling me I can't see her?" Alison mutters, "I can't say I'm too thrilled about it, but obviously that's up to you and her - but it is important that she doesn't know that I know Pamela and that she was staying with me." Andy asks, "Why?" Alison, however, replies, "I can't tell you. It's for their sake, though." Andy muses, "Sounds a bit suss to me..." Alison, just retorts, "Obviously you like her. If you tell her, you'll be doing a lot of harm. She'll be so anxious to find out more, she won't have any time left for you, I promise you." Andy just comments, "I reckon I've got to think about this..." Alison tells him, "If it's money you want, I'll pay you to keep quiet." Andy asks, "It means that much to you?" Alison replies, "I just don't want to see Sarah hurt." Andy says, "I'll tell you what: I won't take your money, but I reckon I deserve something for being so helpful, huh?" Alison sighs, "Yes?" Andy tells her, "An open invitation to visit Charlie's house whenever I want to see Sarah." Alison mutters, "Alright." Andy adds quickly, "And something else." Alison warns curtly, "Don't push it." Andy just says, "You make sure she hears what a great guy I am. I mean, she thinks I'm OK now, but I wouldn't want you saying anything that would change her mind. OK?" Alison growls, "Alright. Agreed." With that, she heads off back to the main room. Andy calls after her, "Pleasure doing business with you!"

Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, staring into space. There's a drink on the coffee table in front of him, along with the bottle of sleeping pills. Tick walks in suddenly, wearing his pyjamas. Wayne looks at him and asks, "What's the matter?" Tick explains, "I can't sleep. I was just coming downstairs to get myself some milk." Wayne stands up and tells him, "I'll warm some up for you." Tick looks down at the bottle of pills. Picking it up, he says, "Mum used to take these." Wayne hesitates before telling him, "Sometimes I need some pills to help me sleep." Tick replies, "That's what mum used to say, but she took them all the time. Used to take me ages to wake her up in the morning." Wayne insists, "I don't take many." Tick shrugs, "Don't see why you have to." Wayne tells him gently, "Because milk doesn't work for me." With that, he heads off into the kitchen. When he's gone, Tick takes out of the pocket of his pyjama top the container of white sweets that he bought on the ferry. He then tips the contents of the pill bottle into his pocket and tips the sweets into the bottle. He puts the cap back on and places the bottle back on the table. He looks pleased with himself.

The next morning, Doug is standing in the office at Sanders Air Charter, talking on the 'phone, saying, "I didn't get you out of bed, did I?... Good. The thing is, we've got a bit of an emergency: had a fire at the warehouse last night and I've had to clear out all our stock - so I need somewhere to store all our T-shirts for a few days." At the other end of the 'phone, Caroline asks, "Isn't there another warehouse somewhere?" She listens before exclaiming, "Here? Oh, no, no, no, Doug, there isn't the room. Besides, I won't be here to take delivery - I'm already late for a hairdresser's appointment." Doug points out, "You did say you'd help. The truck's already on its way; of course, if you can't be there, I'll just have to get over myself, somehow." Caroline sighs, "Oh, alright. I suppose Francois will understand - though I still don't know where we're going to fit them." Doug insists, "There's not that many; you'll find a space. And listen: I've told the reps that you're in charge now, so you'll probably get a few 'phone calls wanting orders dispatched... Then again, you may not. I just want you to be prepared, that's all. Whatever happens, I know you'll be able to handle it."

Tick is heading up to the front door at Charlie's. He suddenly spots Andy climbing out of his new car, a bunch of flowers in his hand. He starts heading to the door as well. He and Tick come face-to-face and Tick says, "Hi." Andy nods, "G'day." Tick goes on, "I'm Tick McCarthy; I'm staying with Wayne." Andy recalls, "Wayne thought you were his kid, right?" Tick nods, "Yeah." He then adds, "Nice flowers. They for Charlie?" Andy replies, "Nope." Tick suggests, "Alison, huh?" Andy tells him, "No way. They're for a lady in there called Sarah. She's staying here for a while." Tick murmurs, "Oh." He then points behind Andy and asks, "Is that your car?" Andy replies, "Yeah. Why?" Tick tells him, "Front tyre looks a bit flat, don't you think?" Andy looks at it and says, "Could be. It felt like it was alright when I came over." He then hands the flowers to Tick and adds, "Hold onto these for a minute." Tick takes them and Andy walks over to check the tyre.

A short time later, there's a knock on the front door at Charlie's. Sarah opens it to find Tick standing there. He holds out the flowers and says, "Thanks for letting me show you around yesterday." Sarah takes the flowers and smiles, "They're beautiful - but you shouldn't have spent your money." Tick assures her, "They hardly cost anything!" Sarah kisses him on the top of this head and smiles, "Thanks. They really are lovely." Andy walks in at that moment, saying to Tick, "The tyre's fine; it must have been the angle you were looking at it from." Sarah looks at him and, holding out the flowers, says, "Look what Tick gave me. Aren't they gorgeous?" Andy, looking wrong-footed, says, "What do you mean he gave them to you?" Sarah shrugs, "I mean he gave them to me." Andy starts to protest, "But I--" He looks at Tick, who has a smirk on his face! He then mutters, "That was real nice of him." Sarah smiles, "That's what I said. You two coming out to the pool?" Tick nods, "Sure." Andy mutters, "Yeah."

Alison is sitting at the desk in Fiona's room at the mansion, a set of books open in front of her. The door to the room opens suddenly and Fiona walks in. She looks at Alison and demands, "What are you doing?" Alison explains, "Looking for ways to cut back on expenses. My funds are stretched to the limit at the moment; I need to economise somewhere. I might even have to think about raising the rents." Fiona muses, "That would be a pity. Let's see if we can come up with some other way." Looking surprised, Alison says, "Not even going to argue?" Fiona tells her, "Obviously I'm not thrilled about it, but I know why you're short: you put a lot of money into that air charter business, to help Gordon; I can hardly argue with that. Maybe the two of us together can come up with some ideas?"

Tick is sitting on the edge of Charlie's pool, dangling his feet in the water. He looks across at Sarah, sitting on a towel on the patio, and tells her, "I think I'd better put some of that oil on." He gets up and walks across to her. She tells him, "Sit down - I'll do it." She starts spreading oil on his back. Andy is sitting with Greg at the picnic table, and he asks Sarah, "Me next?" Sarah points out, "You've already put some on." Andy just retorts, "It's all rubbed off!" Sarah throws him the bottle of oil! She then tells Tick, "You have nice skin; you want to look after it." Tick replies, "I'm trying to." Alison emerges from the house, suddenly, and smiles, "Hello, everyone." She then spots Tick sitting there and she says, "Good heavens, what are you doing here?" Tick explains, "I'm staying with Wayne for a couple of weeks." Greg adds, "This is the guy we were telling you about: our guide yesterday." Alison says to Tick, "Welcome back. There's some ice cream in the 'fridge, if you're interested." Tick, however, stands up and says, "Thanks, but maybe it was time I was going: Wayne doesn't like me coming here too much." Alison smiles, "Oh, I'm sure he doesn't mind." Tick, though, insists, "He does. I had sort of an argument. I promised I wouldn't stay long." Alison remarks, "Sounds to me like he doesn't want you having any fun." Tick, however, tells her, "No, it's because of Susan. I think he's really sad. He looks just like mum used to." Alison asks, "How was that?" Tick replies, "You know: tired. His eyes look funny. He's taking pills." Alison queries, "Pills?" Tick tells her, "Sleeping pills. He hasn't got them, but. I sort of took them." Andy calls across, "He wouldn't have been too happy about that." Tick explains, "He doesn't know. I switched them with lollies. They won't hurt him." Alison smiles, "I don't think he'd mind if you stayed a bit longer, just for a bit of ice cream - and if we ask Sarah very nicely, I think she might go and get it for you." Sarah calls across, "Sure!" Tick nods enthusiastically, "OK!" Alison stands there, looking pleased with herself.

A short time later, Wayne opens the front door at Dural to find Alison standing on the step. As she heads inside, Wayne growls, "What do you want?" Alison taunts, "You'll never learn, will you? This is probably your last chance to give that boy some sort of decent opinion of you and you're throwing it away." Wayne mutters, "What?" Alison explains, "Tick. Apparently you had some sort of fight about letting him come over to Charlie's place." Wayne sighs, "It wasn't a fight and it certainly had nothing to do with you." Alison, however, heads into the lounge room, saying as she does so, "Oh, I imagine it had everything to do with me." She goes and picks up the bottle of 'pills'. Looking at them, she muses, "This is great, isn't it? Terrific example to set for the kid." Wayne growls, "They're only sleeping pills." Alison retorts, "Yes, but how long will it be before you start feeling sorry for yourself? Tick know how to use a stomach pump?" She then takes off the lid, tips a 'tablet' into her hand and holds it out to Wayne. He glares at her. Alison taunts, "Sure? You don't feel just a little bit tempted?" Wayne doesn't respond. Alison then puts the 'tablet' in her mouth and swallows it. Wayne, looking shocked, gasps, "What do you think you're doing?" Alison muses, "I must admit, it's hard to OD on lollies!" Wayne stares at her and mouths, "What?" Alison retorts, "That's right: they're harmless. Tick switched them because he didn't think you could be trusted." Looking shocked, Wayne mouths, "I told him there was nothing to worry about." Alison points out, "Obviously he didn't believe you - and who'd blame him? Look how pathetically low you've sunk. Even a ten-year-old child can see you're not fit to take care of yourself." With that, she stuffs the bottle of lollies into Wayne's hand and goes to march out. Wayne sits down slowly on the couch, a look of concern on his face.

Caroline is standing by the front door of her house. A delivery man emerges from the lounge room and Caroline asks him, "Is that all?" The man replies, "There's another dozen or so in the truck. Won't be a minute." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly, and Caroline, a grim look on her face, heads into the lounge room - which is chock-full of cardboard boxes. She has to move one in order to get to the 'phone. She answers, "Caroline Fletcher... Yes, that's right, but I'm not sure what sizes are in stock; I haven't had a chance--" She breaks off and listens before saying, "Yes, I will. I'll call you back." She hangs up and goes to write something down, but a look of annoyance crosses her face as the 'phone immediately starts ringing again.

Wayne is sitting at the bar at Dural, a drink in his hand. He hears the front door bang, suddenly, and he picks up the bottle of lollies from the bar-top. Tick walks in and smiles, "I'm back! I had a fantastic time! Sarah's really nice!" Wayne, however, ignores this and snaps, "What on earth did you think you were doing?" Tick says meekly, "Er - swimming." Wayne snaps, "I'm talking about the pills. Where are they?" Tick looks at him 'blankly'. Wayne snarls, "Don't bother with the act; I know all about it. I want the real ones back." Tick tells him quietly, "I threw them out." Wayne glares at him and snarls, "You did what? Who do you think you are? The last thing I need is to be patronised by a ten-year-old. Get up to your room." Tick doesn't move. Wayne yells furiously, "Don't just stand there; get going." Tick runs off. Wayne sits there, looking annoyed.

The 'phone rings at Charlie's and Alison answers it in the lounge room. She listens and then says, "Hello, Doug. How are things going?" Doug is sitting in the office at Sanders Air Charter and he replies, "Not well. I just got a call from Bill in Massachusetts: the exchange rate's just taken another dive; 'plane's going to cost a lot more than we thought. You're our only hope for the extra cash." Alison sighs, "Doug, you don't know what you're asking. I've already committed every spare cent I have; there's no way I can find more." She listens before saying tersely, "Yes, I know it's important; it' just that there really is no other way." She then pauses before sighing, "There is a way. It's a last resort; there are going to be some people who won't like it, but if you have to have the money, I don't have much choice."

Fiona is sitting at the desk in her room at the mansion, adding up some figures. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Alison walks in. Fiona looks round at her and mutters, "Hello. I was just seeing if I could come up with any more savings, but quite frankly I think we've scraped just about as much as we possibly can." Alison, however, retorts, "Yes, well it's ancient history now. I've made a decision." Fiona asks, "What decision?" Alison tells her, "I'm selling the mansion." A look of shock crosses Fiona's face.


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