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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

There's a loud knock on the front door at Dural. Wayne answers it to find Todd standing on the step. Todd remarks, "I was beginning to think there was no one home!" Wayne indicates a bottle of wine he's holding and explains, "Sorry, mate, I was down the cellar." Todd asks, "Do you mind if I come in?" Wayne replies, "Of course not; I'm grateful for a bit of company. What's up?" As the two of them head into the lounge room, Todd tells him, "I just had to get away from Alison, mate, otherwise I'd've blown my stack. She's still convinced I'm after Charlie's money; seems nothing'll change her mind. Everything you said about her's dead right. The thing is, I don't know what to do about it without breaking up her friendship with Charlie." Wayne prompts, "Which you don't want to do." Todd insists, "No, no. For all their carry-on, they are good friends." He then adds, "I thought you might have some ideas; you know her better than I do." Wayne, a sly expression on his face, concurs, "Yeah, I might have one or two. Why don't we talk about it over a drink?" Todd says quickly, "I've had enough booze lately, thanks - but I wouldn't say no to a coffee." Wayne heads off to the kitchen.

Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, staring out through the french windows into the dark night. The front door bangs suddenly and Charlie calls, "Alison!" Alison just murmurs, "In here." Charlie waltzes in and beams, "Oh darling, you should've come. It was the most divine parade!" Alison just replies flatly, "I'm sure it was. Still, I think my time was better spent here." Charlie asks, "Did you get your paperwork done?" Alison tells her, "Some of it - 'til I got too bored being on my own." Charlie points out, "Todd was here." Alison muses, "Yes. Not for long; he went out after you. Don't ask me where he went, 'cos he didn't say." Looking slightly put-out, Charlie comments, "He was supposed to be too tired to go anywhere." Alison retorts pointedly, "Yes, I know..." Charlie then trills, "Just as well he didn't come - they had the most wonderful wedding clothes there. I've made an appointment for a private viewing next week." She goes and pours herself a drink, saying as she does so, "Maybe he just went for a jog to wake himself up? Obviously he couldn't stand the thought of being home without me!" Alison tells her, "He didn't change into shorts..." Charlie, looking surprised, murmurs, "Oh. I wonder where he's gone to..." Alison says, "I can think of thousands of places - but there is one that's quite obviously nearer the mark." Charlie, looking worried, asks, "What's that?" Alison just tells her, "Think about it. I shouldn't have to spell it out for you." A look of shock crossing her face, Charlie murmurs, "A girlfriend?" Alison nods, "It's obvious." Charlie asks in surprise, "Is it?" Alison says, "You just admitted it looks suspicious. He feigns tiredness to stay at home and then the minute you're out of sight he goes off somewhere." Charlie hesitates. She then shakes her head and declares, "No. I'm sure wherever he is it's completely above board and... I just wish you wouldn't keep thinking the worst of him." She stands there, still looking worried.

In the lounge room next door, Wayne pours himself a glass of red wine. He then tells Todd, "The problem in dealing with Alison is you have to think as deviously as she does." Todd comments, "I just don't understand why she's doing it." Wayne explains, "Perverse pleasure. Half the time it's just a game to her. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel - she used to affect me in the same way until I got on to her." Todd muses, "Thanks for the suggestions anyway." Wayne tells him, "I hope they work." Todd replies, "Me too." Wayne then says, "The main thing is not to let her rattle you - and always try and stay one step ahead." Todd remarks, "Easier said than done." He then puts down his coffee cup. Wayne asks, "You want another one?" Todd, however, stands up and replies, "No, we'd better get going. I don't want Charlie getting home before me in case Alison tries to set me up." Wayne stands up as well and suggests, "Let's go, then, just in case she is home."

Charlie is standing in her lounge room, crying to Alison in an agitated voice, "I don't know whether to go to bed or not." Alison tells her, "If it were me, I'd be waiting up for him." Charlie looks at her watch and comments, "It is getting late. I wonder where he is. I'll give him a few more minutes and then I'll go to bed." Alison tells her, "Stop your worrying." At that moment, they hear the front door open and Wayne and Todd talking in the hallway. Charlie smiles at Alison, "Oh, you were being silly. A girlfriend! He was just next door, talking to Wayne!" A look of annoyance crosses Alison's face. Todd and Wayne come in and Todd says to Charlie, "Forgive me?" He gives Charlie a kiss as she asks, "What for, darling?" Todd replies, "Not being here when you got back." Charlie beams, "Of course." Todd goes on, "I had planned on it, but we got talking." Charlie then changes the subject and asks him, "Would you like some supper, darling?" Todd nods, "I wouldn't say no." Charlie adds, "What about you, Wayne?" Wayne, however, replies, "Not for me, thanks." Charlie asks Todd, "Want to come and help me?" Todd gives her a kiss and Wayne comments, "She's got you well and truly trained!" With that, Charlie and Todd head out of the room. Wayne looks at Alison, who's sitting on the couch, still looking annoyed, and taunts, "Ain't love grand!" Alison stands up and mutters, "I'll show you out." Wayne, however, ignores her and says, "I bet you've had a field-day." Alison demands, "What's that supposed to mean?" Wayne retorts, "Feeding Charlie all sorts of stories as to where Todd might've been. Why do you think I came home with him? So that she'd have no doubts as to where he's really been." Alison growls, "You think you're being very clever, don't you?" Wayne just shrugs, "I've won this round. Goodnight!" With that, he heads out, leaving Alison looking stony-faced.

It's the next morning. Todd and Charlie are sitting at the patio table with Greg and Alison. Alison offers Greg more coffee. He holds out his cup and says, "I won't say no!" Alison fills his cup. She then goes to stand up and says, "I think I might go and have a shower." Todd, however, tells her, "Hang on, Alison. Before you go, there's something I'd like to say while everyone's here." Charlie looks at him in surprise. He then goes on, "I haven't talked to Charlie about this, but I'm sure she thinks along the same lines as me. When we get married, we want to start our life together just the two of us - which means no house guests. No offence to anybody, but I'm sure you all understand." Alison sits there and stares at him, coldly. Greg smiles, "You mean just when I've finally secured a life of luxury, I've got to give it all away!" Alison then mutters, "Well. That's fine by me. It's perfectly understandable you should want everyone to move out." Charlie asks carefully, "Are you sure you don't mind?" Alison retorts, "We've had a good time together. Now the situation's changed, it's time I wasn't around." Charlie presses, "You're not just saying that?" Alison insists, "No. I told you: I understand." Charlie smiles at her in relief and murmurs, "I hope you do."

Caroline opens the front door at her house to find Bill Sanders standing on the step. He smiles, "Morning, Caroline!" Looking surprised, Caroline exclaims, "Bill! Come in! I thought you were in the States!" Bill explains, "I was. I just flew back yesterday." Caroline asks, "In the new 'plane?" Bill nods, "Yes." The two of them head into the lounge room as Caroline asks, "You happy with it?" Bill replies, "It's a little beauty!" He then reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out an envelope. He hands it to Caroline and says hesitantly, "Er, Doug asked me to give you this." Caroline asks in a trembling voice, "How is he?" Bill replies, "He's fine." Caroline goes on, "You know we had the most awful argument before he left. I said quite a few things that I wish I hadn't. I do so want him back." Bill just murmurs, "Yes... Well, I'd better shake a leg - I've got to get back to the airfield; ton of work to do." Caroline waves the envelope at him and says, "Thanks." Bill nods, "My pleasure. Bye." With that, he heads out. Caroline opens the envelope and removes the letter inside.

Sometime later, Bill and Gordon emerge from the office at the airfield. As they walk over to one of the 'planes, Bill remarks, "It's good to be back. I hadn't realise how much I missed the place!" Gordon asks, "How did it go?" Bill replies, "Good! Young Debbie was a Godsend in the paper department!" Gordon nods, "I thought she would be. What about Doug?" Bill tells him, "Going great guns. He's got hold of a couple of small contracts; he wants to try and get a big one. Looks like he might have a good chance of landing one." Gordon remarks, "Things are looking up!" Bill nods, "Yeah. Got to go back in a couple of days to pick up some more freight." Gordon smiles, "Good. Aircraft don't earn their keep sitting on the ground." He then asks, "When are we going to see the new pride and joy?" Bill replies, "This afternoon. It's over at Marrabon. You'll be knocked out - I guarantee!" He then asks, "What's been happening back here while I've been gone?" Gordon tells him, "Nothing much. I'm still trying to get those accounts back in order, but everything else has been going fairly smoothly. We do have a new student." Bill asks, "Someone I know?" Gordon replies grimly, "Mm. Beryl." Bill exclaims, "That's great! How's she going?" Gordon crosses his arms and replies, "She's only had a couple of lessons. I'm not sure that I want her to keep on with it." Bill insists, "It'll be good for her; give her a new lease of life." Gordon, though, muses, "What will it give me? Ulcers?!" Bill shrugs, "There's only one answer, of course: you should learn with her!" Gordon chuckles, "Not on your life!" Bill then says, "Tell you what: to put your mind at rest, I'll take over as her instructor - and I'm the best around, so how does that make you feel?" Gordon replies, "Better - I think!"

Beryl is sitting in the lounge room at her house, holding the letter that Doug sent Caroline. Caroline asks, "What do you think?" Beryl tells her, "It's obviously been written in the heat of the moment." Caroline, however, murmurs, "No, I don't think so. He makes it quite clear it's completely over between us. All that business about selling the house and him not wanting any part of the money..." Beryl insists, "His pride's been hurt, that's all, and it won't let him back down - and if you don't mind me saying so, that's part of your problem, too; I mean, you are the one that told him to go." Caroline murmurs, "I know." Beryl then suggests, "Why don't you go and get on the 'phone, call him, tell him you didn't mean it and you want him back?" Caroline, however, says sadly, "That's what I should do, but I can't right now." Beryl asks, "Why not?" Caroline replies, "I don't feel up to it." Beryl comments, "I must admit you still don't look very well. Have you been to see a doctor?" Caroline sighs, "No. I think it's just nerves, what with Doug leaving and all that." Beryl says, "Still, I wouldn't let it too long; your doctor might give you something to calm you down." Caroline just murmurs, "I'll see." Beryl then stands up and says, "Er, I don't mean to be rude, Caroline, but I'll have to get going - I've got a ton of shopping to do in the city." Caroline asks, "Would you like a lift?" Beryl points out, "It's out of your way." Caroline, however, assures her, "I don't mind. Anyway, I'd rather not be on my own today." Beryl shrugs, "Alright - you can come along by all means. And you can have that check-up." Caroline insists, "Beryl, I'm alright. Honestly." Beryl tells her, "It wouldn't hurt." Caroline just repeats, "I'm fine. Really."

Fiona is sitting at the desk in her room at the mansion, some books open in front of her. Alison is pacing the floor, muttering, "This one's got brains, Fiona. He's smarter than the usual piece of beefcake. I don't know what he's after, but I know it's not just Charlie's hand in marriage." Fiona asks, "Why not?" Alison retorts, "He has to be after something. I'm sure of it." Fiona sighs, "You don't think you could be jumping to the wrong conclusions, do you?" Alison mutters, "I know a gigolo when I see one." Fiona points out, "He could be exactly what he seems: a really nice guy who loves Charlie." Alison, however, snaps, "You're living in fairy land - and so's Charlie. These days, white knights do not show up in shining armour unless they smell a goldmine." Fiona retorts, "Thank God all of us aren't as cynical as you are, Alison. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe Charlie is very happy?" Alison growls, "She'd be very happy with any young man!" Fiona tells her, "This time it could be different. I think you ought to mind your own business and stop interfering. Let Charlie get on with her own life - just like Todd told you to the other night." Alison, however, insists tersely, "I am not going to stand by and see a friend get ripped-off. I am going to show Todd up for what he is before it's too late. The trouble is Wayne's taken him under his wing and given him a few pointers on how to deal with me. That's making things a bit difficult at the moment. Still, where there's a will there's a way..." Fiona rolls her eyes!

Charlie is lying on a sunlounger by her pool. Greg is sitting at the patio table, looking through a small handbook. Charlie is enthusing about her wedding dress, but Greg isn't really paying attention. Charlie asks eventually, "What time is it, darling?" Greg looks at his watch and replies, "Twenty to." Charlie exclaims, "I'm ten minutes over on this side. I told you to tell me when it was half past." She turns over on her sunlounger as Greg says, "Sorry - I've been concentrating on this." He indicates the handbook. Charlie asks, "What is it?" Greg explains, "It's a few pointers on how to sell - you know: door-to-door salesman stuff. Do you mind if I try some out on you?" Charlie replies, "No - but don't expect me to buy any!" Greg says, "OK, madam, we'll start with the stain remover." He picks up a bottle and demonstrates as he goes on, "You shake the bottle... put a small amount on a cloth or a sponge... and you rub it gently into the stain." He rubs his cloth on Charlie's light housecoat, which is resting on the back of his seat. Charlie warns, "Be careful." Greg shows her the top and smiles, "There you go: it's working already." Charlie gasps in horror, "But it's taking the pattern off as well!" Greg, looking astonished, murmurs, "It is too. Sorry!" Charlie, however, says, "Don't worry about the housecoat, but what about your career? You can't sell a product like that. You'll have to get back all those you've sold and refund the money - otherwise you could be sued. Who have you sold them to?" Greg replies, "Um... Fiona and Wayne - who bought ten bottles at her party!" Charlie remarks, "Fiona's alright, but Wayne's a bit of a problem. He'd sue his grandmother!" Greg murmurs, "Right. First stop is next door..."

A short time later, Wayne opens the front door at Dural to find Greg standing on the step. Greg says, "G'day!" Wayne just stares at him and asks, "What's the problem?" Greg tells him, "I was wondering if you've used the cleaning fluid yet." Wayne asks suspiciously, "Why: you want to flog me some more?" Greg replies, "No." Wayne lets him in and they head into the lounge room. As they do so, Wayne says, "You know, you're wasting your time on this door-to-door sales stuff. With the right training, you could have a big future in sales. All it takes is brains and personality, and you seem to have plenty of both." The two of them sit down as Greg asks, "How do you know I'd make it?" Wayne tells him, "I have a nose for success. I can smell it. As I said: with the right training, you'd be away. I could give it to you, of course, but it would have to be on the quiet - Alison would never wear it; you know what she's like." Greg stares at him and Wayne muses, "No, come to think of it, you probably don't. In a nutshell, she's a possessive old cow. She wants you in this stupid job so she can keep you in your place. I'd get out now if I were you." Greg murmurs, "Really?" Wayne carries on, "The trouble with door-to-door sales is you get into bad habits. They're very hard to get out of." Greg suggests, "Perhaps you can show me what I'm doing wrong?" Wayne nods, "I'd he happy to." Greg then asks, "Have you got one of those bottles of cleaner and a rag?" Wayne, standing up, replies, "Sure." He goes to the bar and bends down behind it. He then stands up, holding a bottle of cleaning fluid and a cloth. Greg demonstrates his patter again and tries the cleaning fluid on Wayne's tie. He then looks up at Wayne and mocks, "Oh no. Look. The colour's come off as well!" Wayne glares at him and growls, "As if you didn't know that was going to happen." Greg grins, "Sorry! You can keep your lessons - and this'll pay for a new tie." He takes out his wallet and hands over, "Fifty dollars you gave me the other night when you were drunk!" He then heads out. Wayne stands there, stony-faced. A few seconds later, though a grin crosses his face!

Todd is talking on the 'phone in the reception area the gym, taking a booking. Wayne arrives and puts his briefcase on the counter. As Todd hangs up, Wayne says, "Sorry I'm late." Todd smiles, "That's OK. Plenty to keep me occupied!" Wayne asks, "How are things on the home front?" Todd replies, "Fine. I told them all to move out, last night, and they took it very well - including Alison. I thought she'd hit the roof. Mind you, I don't think she was too happy about the idea." Wayne just shrugs, "There's nothing she can do about it, so don't worry." He then suggests, "Let's get down to business. I brought in the weekly Profit & Loss Accounts so we can go over the entire operation. I'll show you exactly how it works.

Greg sits down with Fiona at the desk in her room at the mansion. He tells her, "The company won't take back any of their products even if they are crook." He hands over her s $5 as she exclaims, "But that's illegal, surely. You could report them to the Consumer Protection Board." Greg, however, muses, "I don't have a leg to stand on - I didn't read the fine print on the contract I signed: there's a get-out clause in their favour." Fiona comments, "I feel guilty about taking your money, now." Greg, however, insists, "Not half as guilty as I would if you wouldn't." Fiona shrugs in acceptance. She then asks, "So is this the end of your salesman's career, or is that still the direction you want to go?" Greg sighs, "I don't know. The one thing I'm certain of is I don't want to go back to Law." Fiona exclaims, "Why not? That's a very good profession." Greg mutters, "It's boring." Fiona retorts, "So are a lot of other jobs; it's all a matter of your mental attitude." Greg replies, "Maybe. The problem with me and a law career is we just don't mix. I'm too much of a clown; always in some kind of trouble. I just don't feel comfortable with it." Fiona shrugs, "You might change your mind. And in the meantime, I'm sure there must be something you can do." She looks down at the table. While he was talking, Greg was doodling on her newspaper. He's drawn a car and a light aeroplane. Fiona looks at the sketches and remarks, "You're quite a doodler. Have you ever thought of taking it up seriously?" Greg laughs, "You've got to be joking! I almost got expelled at school for scribbling on books and walls." Fiona, however, explains, "No, no, no. I mean art: you've obviously got a talent. Why don't you make it work for you?" Looking interested, Greg says, "Yeah? How?" Fiona, however, just taps her nose conspiratorially!

Alison and Charlie are sitting at the patio table by Charlie's pool. Alison is looking through the accommodation section of the section. After a few seconds, she remarks, "Wolstencraft. That's a nice area. Close to the city. The one disadvantage about living out here in Dural is it's so far away." She then comments, "Look - there's a nice townhouse; think I might have a look at that." Charlie doesn't respond. She then exclaims suddenly, "Greg's home!" Greg walks over to them and announces, "I have a new job." Alison asks warily, "How much is it going to cost me this time?" Greg smiles, "Not a cent. My career as a door-to-door salesman is over." Alison chuckles, "That was short-lived - probably for the best! What have you got yourself into?" Greg tells her, "Sign-writing. I'm on trial as of tomorrow. It was Fiona's idea." Charlie asks, "How come?" Greg explains, "I was over there giving her her money back on the cleaning fluid and she caught me doodling. It all sprang from that." Alison asks, "Have you ever held a paintbrush before?" Greg admits, "No - but I'm about to learn." With that, he heads off back inside, leaving Alison to muse to Charlie, "I wonder how long that job'll last. Now, where was I?" She looks back down at the newspaper and Charlie reminds her, "Wolstencraft." She then says carefully, "Sure you're not upset with me?" Alison asks blankly, "What for?" Charlie replies, "Practically forcing you to move out!" Alison insists, "Of course not." Charlie presses, "You sure you don't mind?" Alison just tells her, "We all make mistakes, Charlie. I realise, now, I made one with Todd. I was wrong about him. It kills me to have to admit it, but for what it's worth, I'm sorry." Charlie asks, "You really mean it?" Alison assures her, "Yes. I had every intention of moving out once you got married. I'm happy everything's worked out so well for you." Charlie smiles, "So am I." Alison then goes on, "There is one thing that worries me, though." Charlie asks, "What's that?" Alison tells her, "I think it's in your interests to try and stop Todd from getting so buddy-buddy with Wayne. It's only asking for trouble." Charlie, however, insists, "There's no need to worry, darling - Todd knows all about how Wayne tried to rip me off at the gym. He's only making sure my investments are protected." A sudden sly look crosses Alison's face...

A while later, Alison walks in through the main entrance of the gym. Todd and Wayne are sitting in the reception area, Wayne saying, "As you can see, it wasn't too long ago that we invested in a whole lot of new equipment, so that won't have to be replaced for quite some time." He then looks up at Alison as he adds, "The only thing we have to worry about is profit-stripping. Hello, Alison, can I help you?!" Alison turns to them and replies, "Er, yes, I'm looking for Greg. Is he around?" Todd tells her, "I haven't seen him." Alison says, "If he does come in, could you get him to give me a ring at home?" Todd nods, "Sure." With that, Alison heads off again.

Alison is back at Charlie's. As Charlie sits by the pool, Alison says to her, "You'll probably think I'm having another go at Todd, but frankly I'm quite worried. Why else would he and Wayne have been going over the books... talking about profit-stripping? I'd like to give Todd the benefit of the doubt, but you know what Wayne's like: nothing's ever what it seems to be." Charlie frowns, "I just can't believe Todd's in cahoots with Wayne to rip me off." Alison suggests, "Then why don't you get someone else to check the books? Just to be on the safe side." Charlie, looking uncomfortable, murmurs, "Oh... well... I suppose I could get the auditors in to do a spot-check." Alison asks quickly, "How soon?" Charlie, still looking wary, replies, "This afternoon, if I told them it was urgent. The only trouble is I'd have to get Todd out of the way." Alison points out, "That shouldn't be difficult - and if they are up to something, the quicker you get onto it the better."

Sometime later, Alison and Charlie walk into the empty reception area at the gym. Alison tells Charlie, "You go and talk to Todd and I'll wait here for the auditors." Charlie hesitates. Alison presses, "Go on, Charlie, it's for your own good." Charlie heads off to the main exercise room. Alison goes and leans on the reception desk, looking pleased with herself.

Todd is setting up one of the machines in the main room when Charlie walks in. He smiles, "Hi! What are you doing here?" Charlie replies, "I've come to take you home!" Todd asks in surprise, "Why?" Charlie says quickly, "You've been doing far too many hours' overtime lately. I don't want the staff to over-work." Todd gives her a kiss and smiles, "I'll just go and get changed!" He heads off, leaving Charlie looking worried.

Bill and Gordon are standing by a jet aircraft at the Marrabon airfield. Gordon comments, "It's certainly impressive!" Bill smiles, "You can fly non-stop from here to Brisbane. I tell you: the boost it's going to give our business...; in fact, we might even have to move the office out here. Gordon tells him, "I've already considered that; I've been working on some figures." Bill asks, "Does it look feasible?" Gordon admits, "Not yet - but it could." Bill goes on, "Right now it's set up for executive flying, but give us an hour, we can get the seats out and set her up with a full cargo load. I tell you, Gordon, it's a little beauty! It's all go, go, go from now on, mate!"

A while later, Bill and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's. Bill asks in concern, "Do you think it'll be alright with Beryl for me to stay to dinner?" Gordon smiles, "You don't have to worry about Beryl: she always has a freezer and a 'fridge full of everything!" He stands up and adds, "I suppose I'd better get things started." At that moment, the front door bangs and Beryl and Caroline walk in. They both have smiles on their faces. Gordon asks warily, "What have you two been up to?" Beryl, however, tells him, "Not both of us." Caroline adds, "Just me." Gordon stares at her. Beryl then explains, "Caroline's going to be a mother again!" Gordon looks at Bill in surprise.

Wayne is standing at Charlie's pool-side, snarling, "I went back to the gym to see Todd, but he wasn't there. Do you know what I found instead? Auditors going through the books. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" He's talking to Alison, who smiles, "Yes, as a matter of fact I do. When I saw you and Todd with your heads together, talking about profit-stripping, I was damned if I'm going to stand around and see Charlie being ripped-off again - so I suggested she get someone to do a spot check. I'm expecting a 'phone call any minute. Yours and Todd's days are numbered, I'm afraid." Wayne asks, "What makes you think we were doing anything underhanded?" Alison retorts, "Because you haven't got a bone in your body that isn't crooked. You wouldn't do anything unless there was something in it for you." She doesn't notice as Charlie and Todd approach from behind, and goes on, "We all know what Todd is - and this time we're going to prove it." Wayne warns, "You're wrong, Alison." Alison retorts, "We'll see." Charlie and Todd join them and Todd says coolly, "You are - and I think you ought to apologise. The reason why Wayne and I had our heads together is because I bought his share of the gym." Charlie turns and looks at him, open-mouthed. Todd adds, "He was good enough to sell it to me for a lot less than it was really worth." He then tells Alison pointedly, "If you'd've bothered to ask me, rather than going behind my back, I would've told you." Alison glares at Wayne, a look of fury on her face. Wayne just smiles back at her, gleefully!


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