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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Todd looks at Fiona in surprise. He then comments, "You know about those places?" Fiona nods, "Of course; why shouldn't I?" Todd muses, "I'm scared to ask!" Fiona digs a black book out of the drawer of her desk and tells Todd, "I have some friends in the business and I thought I would start by calling on them." Todd remarks, "Good thinking!" He then adds, "I wish I could be more of a help. If only I'd've seen the girl." Fiona insists, "Not to worry. We know she's got long, dark hair; we know the date of the booking; we know the venue; that narrows it right down." Todd murmurs, "I guess so." Fiona smiles, "Hang in there - we'll find her!" There's suddenly a knock on the door to the room and Todd goes to answer it. Andy walks in, holding Madonna. Fiona smiles at the baby, "Hello, little darling! How's my little girl today, eh?" Todd comments to Andy, "Get stuck with the babysitting again, mate?!" Andy nods flatly, "Yeah. Last time, though - her mum's putting her up for adoption. Fiona cries, "Oh no..." Andy goes on, "Janice said that she left her doll in here; can you get her for me, please?" Fiona stands up and starts hunting around, saying, "Sure. I'll have a look." Todd remarks, "I don't know how any woman could get rid of her kid." Fiona, however, tells him, "You're on the outside, looking in, Todd. It's not as simple as that. She's very young. If her boyfriend had just stuck by her, it could've made a big difference." Todd muses, "Yeah, well, I reckon any guy who gets a girl pregnant and then dumps her is the lowest form of life." Fiona nods, "I couldn't agree more." She discovers Madonna's doll behind the bar and she hands it to Andy, saying sincerely as she does so, "I hope she goes to a good home." Andy just shrugs, "Not our problem. See ya." With that, he heads back out. Fiona looks at Todd and grimaces, "All heart, our Andy, isn't he?"

Out in the hallway, Andy puts Madonna in her carry-chair, saying softly, "Don't let it get you down. You know what? I reckon you will end up with the best mum and dad who will spoil you rotten. I reckon definitely it is a damn good move. Don't you reckon?" With that, he picks her up and turns and heads out.

A while later, Andy heads into the offices of the crisis centre, carrying Madonna. Janice is sitting behind the desk and Andy tells her, "Sorry I took so long - I had trouble getting a cab." Janice replies, "That's OK. I still haven't finished the paperwork and Jodie's not here yet." Andy puts Madonna down on the desk and places her doll next to her. Janice asks, "What about nappies?" Andy picks up a bag from the floor and takes a pack of nappies out. Janice smiles, "You've improved out of sight! Remember how you panicked when I first asked you to look after her?" Andy retorts indignantly, "I did not! At least, not until I saw the taxi driving off with her in the back seat!" He looks at Madonna and adds cheekily, "Should've let him keep you, eh?! It's been hard work, being a minder." Janice remarks, "Glad it's all over?" Andy nods, "You better believe it." Janice tells him, "I won't keep you, then." Andy, however, says quickly, "I'm in no rush. How about I pop down the deli and get you some lunch?" Janice replies, "I brought a sandwich from home, thankyou." Andy, looking slightly put-out, murmurs, "I'd better push off then, eh?" He then crouches down to Madonna and says gently, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, eh?" He gives her a kiss. As he does so, Jodie walks in. Janice smiles at her, "Hello, Jodie." She then explains to Andy, "This is Madonna's mum, Andy. Jodie, this is Andy Green, a friend of mine. He's been helping me to look after Madonna." Andy and Jodie stare at each other. After a few seconds, Jodie gasps, "Oh my God. I don't believe it. I've been looking everywhere for him." Turning to Andy, she announces, "Madonna's your kid." Andy retorts, "It's the first I've heard of it." Jodie explains to Janice, "We met at a disco. Afterwards, we had our own private party. The affair lasted just long enough for me to get pregnant." Andy demands, "So why didn't you call?" Jodie snaps, "I didn't know where you lived, did I? You certainly didn't turn up at that disco again." Andy murmurs, "That must've been when I went down to Melbourne to live. I should've been here; should've given you a hand." Jodie mutters, "Nice of you to say so - even if you don't mean it." Janice assures her, "Andy wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it." Jodie retorts, "Why would he worry about me? I'm just a girl he fancied for a while. After all, if it wasn't for the baby, we'd both be happy to go our separate ways. Right Andy?" She then smiles, "You look as if you've been hit by a truck!" Andy murmurs, "It's not every day you find out you're a father." Janice asks, "How do you feel about it?" Andy, however, shrugs, "I don't know. I don't know whether to pull out the cigars or head for the hills! One thing's for sure: it's not going to help my social life!"

Wayne opens the front door at Dural and Sarah steps inside. Wayne comments, "I thought you'd stood me up!" Sarah assures him, "Never. Alison was the stumbling block. I kept thinking you'd give up on me and leave me behind." Wayne teases, "If you'd been five minutes later...!" Sarah smiles, "But I wasn't, so stop teasing me and tell me where we're going for lunch." Wayne just smiles back, "It's a surprise!"

Sometime later, Wayne and Sarah are standing on the deck of a moored yacht. Wayne pops open a bottle of champagne as he indicates the yacht and asks, "What do you think?" Sarah smiles, "I think it's fabulous. Is this your yacht?" Wayne nods, "Sure is! See, I'm just a kid at heart - I like my toys." Sarah puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him, "I like toys too. I like them about your height... your age..." Wayne chips in, "With a very healthy bank balance!" Sarah smiles, "And a burning desire to spend it all on me!" Wayne muses, "I can think of worse ways to spend my money." Sarah goes to kiss him on the lips. Wayne, however, holds up two glasses of champagne, suddenly, and says, "Cheers." Sarah has to pull away and take a glass. She looks annoyed.

Andy is holding Madonna as he stands in the office at the crisis centre, saying to Jodie, "I'm not blaming you for wanting to give Madonna up. I know how hard it must have been to bring up a kid on your own." Janice chips in, "It's taken three of us to look after her at home." Andy adds, "That's my point: it's a lot easier if you've got people to help you; give you support; and I will help you: I'll support you both and take her off your hands at the weekend." Jodie mutters, "Until the novelty wears off." Andy insists curtly, "I won't let you down." Janice adds, "You can depend on Andy. He's become very fond of the child already. He was quite upset when he heard you were putting her up for adoption." Andy comments, "I wouldn't want her growing up knowing her real parents wouldn't want her." Jodie suggests, "Then why don't you take her? As you said, you've got people to help you look after her; you've got money coming in; you like her..." Andy says uncertainly, "Yeah, well, I suppose I could give you a break for a while." Jodie, however, retorts, "No, it would have to be permanent. I'm just not cut out to be a mum. So, what do you say?" Andy retorts, "I say you sure know how to put a bloke on the spot." Jodie points out tersely, "All you have to do is say 'yes' or 'no'." Andy turns to Janice and asks, "What would I have to do if I wanted to keep her?" Janice tells him, "We'd have to get your name put on the birth certificate." Turning to Jodie, she goes on, "And you would have to write a letter saying that you want Andy to take the child." Jodie shrugs, "It's fine with me." Janice says, "Andy?" Andy hesitates before nodding, "Yeah, I'll take her."

The door to Fiona's room at the mansion opens and Fiona and Todd walk in, Fiona exclaiming as they do so, "My feet are killing me! I never realised there were so many escort agencies around town these days. Talk about a growth industry - and I still can't believe we drew a blank in every single one." The two of them sit down. Todd takes some photos out of an envelope and says, "I still reckon she's one of these girls." Fiona asks, "Why is there no record of the booking?" Todd suggests, "She could've been moonlighting." Fiona murmurs, "Maybe." She then goes on, "Come to think of it, of course, Alison wouldn't want a record. She's an expert when it comes to covering her tracks. If only we could get a detailed description of the girl." Todd muses, "I can just see Alison giving that to us." He then adds quickly, "Wait a minute: Charlie saw her too." Fiona reminds him, "She's a hostile witness, isn't she?" Todd insists, "You can get round her." Fiona chuckles, "The moment Charlie knew that I was trying to help you to clear your name, she'd show me the door." Todd just pleads, "It's the only hope I've got. Without that description, I'm history."

A while later, Fiona is standing with Charlie in the hallway at Charlie's. She's holding Todd's envelope and saying, "I know it's a lot to ask, but if you'd just look through these..." Charlie snaps, "No way." She marches off into her lounge room. Fiona follows her, crying, "Please, Charlie." Charlie just retorts, "I can't believe you let Todd get to you." She then adds, "On second thoughts, yes I can: he's got that nice, clean-cut boy act down to a fine art." Fiona tells her, "There is evidence to support his story." Charlie mutters, "I've heard all about those famous 'tests' that Michael ran." Fiona demands, "Then why aren't you willing to give him the benefit of the doubt?" Charlie says coolly, "Fiona, he stayed out all night with that girl. He had to come up with something to cover himself." Fiona exclaims, "You're not suggesting that he drugged himself just to confuse the issue?" Charlie just retorts, "It's the only explanation, isn't it?" Fiona tells her, "He's not acting like a guilty man. The moment I gave him your description of the girl, he traipsed round every escort agency in town, trying to get these." She indicates the envelope of photos. Charlie just snaps indignantly, "I bet he did - and they're probably old girlfriends." Fiona says quickly, "I went with him - but as neither of us saw the girl, we can't progress any further until you identify her." Charlie just cries, "It won't be in there." She indicates the envelope, going on, "Todd doesn't have to pay for his women." Fiona declares, "Precisely. Please, please have a look at them." Charlie stares at her. She then sighs, "Oh, alright. It'll be a waste of time." She sits down on the couch and takes the photos out of the envelope. Looking at each in turn, she says, "No... no..." Looking at the third photo, she stops and stares at it. Fiona asks quickly, "Is that her?" Charlie starts to say, "I only saw her for a moment..." Fiona takes the photo and says, "We'll come back to it later on." Charlie carries on going through the photos, saying, "No... not even close... no..." She looks again at the photo of the woman she's not sure about. Fiona says, "I'll tell you what: I'll ring her agency and see if she had the night off. Do you mind if I use your 'phone?" Charlie nods, "Be my guest." As Fiona heads over to the 'phone, Charlie says, "Shouldn't you be asking if she was booked to go the gym that night?" Fiona replies, "I've already asked that question, but none of the agencies have any record of the booking." She starts dialling as Charlie declares in annoyance, "Then it obviously wasn't a set-up, so why are you wasting my time?" Fiona retorts, "Because if she did have the night off, she could've been doing a little bit of freelancing." Charlie mouths, "Oh." Fiona's call is answered and she says, "Hello. Viv? It's Fiona Thompson here. One more question, love: remember I asked you for a photo of Monica? Well I was wondering if you could tell me if she had the night off on the 23rd." She waits before then exclaiming triumphantly, "She did?" Her face drops, though, as she carries on, "Oh. Oh, I see. Yes. OK. Bye." She hangs up. Charlie asks hopefully, "Well?" Fiona nods, "She did have the night off - the reason being she was in Europe, on holidays, and she still is." Charlie glares at her and snaps, "I told you it was a waste of time. Face facts, Fiona: there was no set-up. Todd cheated on me and had the bad luck to get caught out, and that's all there is to it."

Back in her room at the mansion, Fiona says sadly to Todd, "I was so sure we'd hit the jackpot, but..." Todd sighs, "All it's done is make Charlie even more against me. Well, I'm not going to give up. Somehow, I'll prove I was framed." Fiona asks, "How? We don't know what the girl looks like. We don't know her name... where she lives..." Todd, who's holding the photo of Monica, retorts, "We know she looks something like this and that's a start." With that, he walks out.

Janice and Andy walk into the crisis centre, Andy holding Madonna and Janice saying, "That's the birth certificate all fixed up. All I need you to do now is sign a couple of forms and then you can take Madonna home." As Andy sits down slowly, Janice comments, "You look a bit shell-shocked." Andy nods, "I am. I must be crazy taking this on; it's going to cost me a fortune to bring her up. I can't stay in the bedsit; it's too small." Janice suggests, "Why don't you ask Fiona if you can have the flat upstairs? You can turn the second room into a nursery." Andy nods, "That's a thought - but I can't afford it yet." Janice tells him, "It doesn't come vacant for another two weeks, so if you get in now and tell Fiona you want it..." Andy, however, says warily, "I'd rather if Fiona didn't know anything right now." Janice exclaims in surprise, "Why on earth not?" Andy tells her, "You know what she's like: she's always going on about how irresponsible I am and all that." Janice just says, "She'll have to sing a different tune now. There's nothing irresponsible about deciding to be a single dad." Andy muses, "She'll still reckon I'm not up to it; she'd always be on my back. At the moment, I don't need that; I've got too much on my plate." He looks at Madonna, fondly.

Sarah and Wayne are standing on Wayne's moored yacht, staring out at the water. Sarah smiles happily, "I wish this day didn't have to end. Couldn't we just pull-up anchor and sail away?" Wayne smiles back, "It's a tempting thought." Sarah teases, "Why not give in to temptation?" Wayne tells her, "Because I like you too much to make you just another one of my toys." Looking impressed, Sarah comments, "That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me." Wayne shrugs, "Must be the wine talking." Her face dropping, Sarah pleads, "Don't spoil it. Just keep telling me how much you like it." Wayne looks at her and then says, "I think I'd better get you home." He steps away from her. Sarah follows him and says, "You did that last night, after dinner and the nightclub. I had hoped today might be different." Wayne puts his hands on her arms and says, "Look, Sarah, you're a very lovely lady and you deserve a lot better than to get mixed up with someone like me." Sarah smiles, "But I want you." Wayne asks, "Haven't you heard about my track record with women? It's bad news." Sarah puts her arms around his neck and smiles, "All that could change..." Wayne, however, says quickly, "And I don't think I'm ready for another relationship yet." Sarah, stroking his face, says, "But you do want me... don't you." Wayne replies, "Of course I do - but I haven't felt this way about a woman since my wife died and it scares the hell out of me." Sarah tells him gently, "You don't have to be scared. Just let me make you happy." With that, she gives him a hug. She doesn't notice the smirk on Wayne's face... They then start kissing passionately...

Charlie walks into the lounge room at her house with a bowl of food for Isabella. She sits down on the couch with Isabella and starts trying to feed her. Isabella refuses it, though. Charlie sighs, "I've made you your favourite - it's eye fillet." The front door bangs suddenly and Alison walks in. She looks at the dog bowl and says, "Don't throw it away, Charlie - I might be in need of a free meal soon." She pours herself a drink as Charlie looks at her in surprise. Alison explains, "I've been pouring so much money into that damn jet, my cashflow's down to a small trickle." Charlie asks, "What about the money from the mansion?" Alison tells her, "So far all I've got's a deposit; that's why I've been fishing around for a bridging loan, to tide me over." She sits down as Charlie asks, "Any luck?" Alison replies, "I could have the money tomorrow if I'm prepared to pay a small fortune in interest." Charlie mouths, "Oh. What are you going to do now?" Alison says curtly, "Put the screws on Wayne to pay me the money he owes me right now." Charlie muses, "I can just see him doing you a favour..." Alison smiles, "A bit of emotional blackmail will work wonders." Charlie comments, "It'll have to be pretty powerful to make him come across." Alison, however, insists, "No. If you know the right buttons to press, he's like a Pavlov's Dog: a mass of conditioned reflexes." Charlie's face drops. She murmurs, "Aren't we all..." Alison goes on, "His secretary told me he'll be sunning himself on the company yacht. I can't wait to spoil his day...

Wayne emerges from below-decks on the yacht, topless. Sarah follows him up a few seconds later. She smiles at Wayne, "You look as if you might purr!" Wayne beams, "I have to admit, I haven't felt this good for a long time." Sarah points out, "I told you I'd make you happy, didn't I?" Wayne then asks, "Want me to take you home now?" Sarah, however, insists, "Not now. Grab the glasses; we don't want to waste the rest of our time together, do we?" Wayne tells her, "I'm kicking myself I left it this long." They start kissing passionately again. When they pull apart, Wayne heads across the deck to pick up the champagne glasses. All of a sudden, he mutters, "Oh hell." He's spotted Alison walking towards them. Sarah asks, "What's wrong?" Wayne explains, "Alison's heading our way." Sarah exclaims, "I don't believe it. She can't possibly know that I'm here." Wayne retorts, "Of course she doesn't. That's the way it's going to stay, too. You go below and stay there and I'll give you the OK." Sarah heads back below-decks as Alison approaches the yacht and makes her way across a plank, onto the deck. Wayne demands angrily, "Who gave you permission to come aboard?" Alison tells him, "If you want to get rid of me, all you have to do is write me a cheque." Wayne growls, "I'll give you the rest of the money for the boarding house when I'm good and ready." Alison muses, "I knew all that talk about helping your father was nothing more than that. I can't wait to tell him you're doing your best to sabotage us." Wayne growls, "What are you talking about?" Alison replies, "Without my money, the business will go bust - so by your holding out on us, you're destroying your father's chance to make a go of it. When he hears about it, I'd say your credibility will hit rock-bottom." Wayne looks down at the deck, an annoyed expression his face. Alison adds gleefully, "Would you like a pen?" Wayne turns to a small table next to him and picks up his chequebook. Alison comments, "Good to see you being reasonable." She then indicates the yacht and goes on, "I'm surprised to see you've kept on this old tub; I would've thought the sea had too many painful memories for you: being stranded on an island... almost taken by a shark... Susan jumping over a cliff... body never found... Still, I knew all that grief was only skin-deep." Wayne doesn't respond. Alison then spots the two glasses and, picking up one which has lipstick on it, smiles, "Who's she?" Wayne just hands her the cheque, looking annoyed. Alison takes it. She then taunts, "May as well write her cheque while you're at it. Still, thanks for mine - I'll bank it straight away!" She gives him a wave and takes a step forward - but instead of stepping onto the plank leading to the jetty, she misses and dives headlong into the water with a scream! Wayne bursts out laughing! A lifeguard runs over to help her. Wayne, however, laughs, "Don't bother! She's so full of hot air, she'll stay afloat forever!"

It's evening-time and Wayne and Sarah are back at Dural. Wayne says sincerely, "Sorry I can't see you home." Sarah asks, "Why can't you?" Wayne muses, "After Alison going in the drink, I can just imagine the reception I'd get!" Sarah points out, "She has to find out about us sooner or later." Wayne suggests, "Let's make it later." He opens the front door as Sarah asks, "Why hold off?" Wayne tells her, "Because she'd kick you out if she knew we were seeing each other." Sarah insists, "I couldn't care less." Wayne goes on, "I don't want your burning your bridges until you're absolutely sure about me." Sarah tells him, "I am." Wayne, though, says gently, "I hurt Susie. I don't want to hurt you. Humour me, will you?" Sarah smiles, "OK." She then gives him a kiss and heads out. Wayne closes the door, a smile on his face.

Next door, Alison is sitting on the couch, wearing her dressing gown, a towel over her hair. She snaps at Charlie, "It was no accident I fell in that water." Charlie mutters, "Men are vile, aren't they?" She sits down as Alison retorts, "You should know." She then adds quickly, "I'm sorry; I'm a bit on edge." Charlie asks, "You worried about Sarah?" Alison replies, "I'd just like to know what's happened to her." Charlie suggests, "She probably felt better and went out with Andy." Alison demands, "Then why didn't she leave me a note?" Charlie just shrugs. Alison then says, "Still, today wasn't a total washout - if you'll excuse the pun." She picks up Wayne's cheque from the coffee table and adds, "The ink's run a bit, but it should be OK." There's suddenly a noise at the front door. Charlie warns, "Don't play the heavy mum, OK?" Sarah walks in and smiles, "Hi!" Alison comments, "You look like you've had a good day!" Sarah tells her, "I got out into the fresh air for the while. It worked wonders." Alison probes, "Did you, er, call in on Andy while you were out?" Sarah replies, "No." Alison demands, "Then why in the hell have you been so long?" Charlie rolls her eyes! Sarah snaps at Alison, "Do I have to fill in a logbook every time I go out?" Charlie chips in, "It's not an interrogation, darling; Alison was just a teensy bit worried about you." Sarah retorts, "I'm quite capable of looking after myself." With that, she storms out of the room again. Alison looks at Charlie and sighs, "You don't have to say it: I blew it." Charlie shrugs, "At least you're in the money again!" Alison smiles, "Yes. With all this lovely money to fatten my bank account, it should be plain sailing from now on!"

The next morning, Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, the 'phone to her ear. She asks tersely, "When did it happen?... I see. Have you been in touch with the insurance company yet?" Charlie walks in, yawning, as Alison says, "Good. I'll be down there as soon as I can." She hangs up. Charlie asks immediately, "Down where?" Alison snaps, "Melbourne. Some idiot damaged the engine of the jet. It'll cost me a small fortune to fix it." Charlie cries, "Oh no..." Alison mutters, "Serves me right for saying everything will be smooth sailing from now on; that was as good as asking for trouble." Charlie suggests, "The insurance company will cover it, won't they?" Alison shrugs, "If they don't, I'm history."

Next door, Wayne is sitting at the dining table at Dural, his breakfast in front of him. He's talking on the 'phone, however, saying, "You've done a good job, Ron. While Alison's in Melbourne, fighting the insurance company, I'll have all the time in the world to pull the rug out from underneath her... Yeah, I will. Bye, mate. Thanks." He hangs up just as a weary-looking Todd walks in, holding the envelope of photos. Wayne comments to him, "Your eyes look like my fried eggs!" Todd explains, "I did a pub crawl last night; hit every pick-up joint in town." Wayne asks, "Looking for girls with long, dark hair?" Todd nods, "Yeah - and I only found one - and she was a he! The bloke was a female impersonator!" Wayne asks, "Shouldn't you be trying escort agencies?" Todd tells him, "Been there, done that. Drawn a blank everywhere." Taking the photo of Monica out of the envelope, he adds, "According to Charlie, this one's quite a lookalike." Wayne takes the photo and stares at it. He asks, "How'd you get Charlie to co-operate?" Todd explains, "I didn't; Fiona sweet-talked her. Still, I'm beginning to think it's all a lost cause." Wayne tells him, "It won't be easy: Alison's a clever lady. Still, this girl's face..." Todd asks, "What about her?" Wayne murmurs, "I don't know... Just reminds me of someone; I can't think who. It'll come to me." He then adds, "You want some breakfast?" Todd, however, tells him, "No, I'll go for a run first; I need to clear my head." With that, he stands up and heads back out. When he's gone, Wayne goes to a drawer by the window, takes out a file and opens it. Inside is a photo of Mandy. He places the photo of Monica next to it before turning back to the shot of Mandy and murmuring to himself, "Time for you to resurface, my lovely..."


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