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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Russell Webb

A short time later, Beryl hands Caroline a cup of tea and says gently, "Might make you feel better." She then asks, "What else did the doctor say?" Caroline, however, tells her, "I never spoke to the doctor." Beryl sits down, looking surprised. Caroline explains, "When I got to the surgery, the only person there was the receptionist. She said the doctor was running late. It was awful: there was I, all so keyed-up to find out if everything was alright and all I could do was sit down and twiddle my thumbs. The receptionist went off to the bathroom and my curiosity got the better of me. I looked in her records and found the test results. My baby's going to be born with Down's Syndrome." Beryl stares at her. She then frowns, "You can't be sure of that. You can't read medical reports. You might have misinterpreted the whole thing." Caroline, however, insists, "No... a ten-year-old child could have understood it." Beryl asks softly, "What are you going to do?" Caroline hesitates before replying, "I've no intention of stopping it. Since that talk with Gordon and reading your letter to Kevin, I've realised how much this pregnancy means to me. No matter how bad the handicap, this baby and I belong together. I'm having it." Beryl says warily, "I know I'd feel the same way, but I think you should think about it first." Caroline just tells her, "Don't worry - I know what I'm letting myself in for. The baby will need every minute of my day - even when it's grown - but that doesn't change anything." She then adds, "I'm as lucky as the baby: it's given me purpose; someone to love who won't disappear." Beryl insists quickly, "Your real friends won't disappear. I won't disappear - at least, not without saying anything!" She then goes on more seriously, "It doesn't matter how good a mother you are, you're going to need support. I want to do all I can." Caroline nods, "Thanks." She then suggests, "I'd better be off home. It's about time I stopped brooding and did something useful - the garden's looking like the Congo!" Beryl offers, "Would you like me to give you a hand?" Caroline tries to protest. Beryl just interrupts her and says, "I will go and get my gardening clothes!" With that, she heads off to her bedroom, leaving Caroline sitting there, looking thoughtful.

A cab is driving along a road in Melbourne. Doug is sitting in the back seat, holding a framed photograph of Caroline. He stares at it, a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Beryl are working in Caroline's front garden. Caroline asks Beryl, "You still going to take in all that ironing?" Beryl tells her, "I have to. Only way I can pay for my flying lessons. But I don't think I can keep it up much longer - it'll be six months at least before I get a pilot's licence." Caroline smiles, "Still, it's a productive way of spending the year!" Beryl muses, "Not half as productive as yours!" She then goes on, "I know it's a bit early, but have you made any plans yet?" Caroline asks blankly, "For what?" Beryl replies, "Once the baby comes along." Caroline just smiles, "Not really! Muddle through as best I can... taking one day at a time!" They hear a car pull up suddenly in the road. It's a cab. The back door opens and Doug climbs out. Caroline stares at him, a look of annoyance crossing her face. Doug walks over and says, "Hello." Caroline replies tersely, "Hello." Beryl smiles, "Welcome home!" Doug murmurs, "Thanks." He then turns back to Caroline and comments, "The last person I was expecting, I'll bet." Caroline muses, "You could say that." There's silence. Beryl then says, "I think I'll go inside and collect my things and wander off and leave you to it." Caroline tells her quickly, "You don't have to go, Beryl." Beryl, however, insists, "Yes I do." She heads off to the house. Doug puts down the case he's holding and then says to Caroline, "Bill told me. I caught the 'plane as soon as I knew. I want to give it another try, love - you and me. The baby. We're going to be happy... the three of us." He then smiles, "Come here... give us a hug." Caroline, however, glares at him and snaps, "Don't touch me. I have no intentions whatsoever of living with you again." Looking astonished, Doug cries, "Why not? Darling, we've got to try; we owe ourselves that much--" Caroline just interrupts and snaps, "I don't even want to talk about it, Doug. You should've stayed in America." She goes to storm off. She then turns back and growls, "And don't for one minute think that you're living here. There are 300 hotels in Melbourne; I'm sure you can find a bed in one of them."

Fiona is sitting in her room at the mansion. Janice emerges from the kitchen with a tray of food. She puts it down on the coffee table and announces, "Ham, cheese and tomato. It's not that original, but it's good for you." Fiona just muses, "It's a wonder to me you could produce anything out of my 'fridge; I haven't been shopping for days." Janice comments, "I noticed it was a bit bare. We can go this afternoon, if you like." Fiona, however, insists, "Oh, good heavens, no, you don't want to be wasting your day off." Janice tells her, "I'll enjoy it. Besides, you'll need a second pair of hands - you'll have a mountain of groceries." Fiona shrugs, "I must admit, I could use some help - especially after the way I feel today." Janice asks in concern, "What's the matter?" Fiona replies, "I didn't sleep a wink last night. I kept hearing a baby crying." Janice says quickly, "Oh, you're imagining it. Either that or you were dreaming." Fiona shrugs, "Must've been. Nobody's got a baby." Janice tells her curtly, "That's what happens when you have too much port before going to bed." Fiona starts to protest, "I didn't have any port--" She then breaks off and chuckles, "You know, it's probably senility! I'm going to start forgetting my own name soon!"

Out in the corridor, Craig peers round the top of the stairs. Finding the hallway empty, he looks at Andy, who's standing behind him, and the two of them start creeping down the stairs, Andy carrying Madonna in her crib. Andy asks Craig quietly, "You got the feeding instructions?" Craig replies, "I give her the bottle at three o'clock." With that, they head towards the front door. Andy stops and says, "Listen, I'll pay you back as soon as I get my pay this afternoon, alright?" He then heads outside. Craig mutters to himself, "Babysitting..."

A while later, Andy emerges from the changing rooms at the gym, putting on a top as he does so. Craig is sitting in the reception area, holding Madonna, and Andy asks him, "You got everything straight?" Craig insists, "Relax!" Andy tells him, "If you run into any trouble, I'll just be next door, OK?" With that, he picks up Madonna and kisses her. Craig grins, "I never thought I'd see the day that you'd turn domestic!" Andy shrugs, "I've never had a baby before." Craig then asks, "Why hide it from Fiona? You're only making it harder on yourself." Andy retorts, "If Fiona found out Madonna was mine, she'd throw a fit. I've got to keep everything quiet long enough to prove that I'm responsible. At the moment, she thinks I couldn't be trusted with a pet budgie, let alone a baby." Craig suggests, "Maybe you're biting off a bit too much? I mean, I know you're stoked about the whole idea of a daughter now, but that's a responsibility that'll last for years." Andy murmurs, "I know." Craig presses, "And you reckon you can handle that?" Andy insists, "I know I can." Craig goes on, "I don't want to seem pessimistic, but you've got to get a full-time job to support her, and who's going to look after her?" Andy just sighs, "Relax, Craig, I am going to get a professional babysitter. I just want you to look after her so I can keep an eye on things until I find one." Craig retorts, "I'm sure it would've been fine to take care of her over at the mansion." Andy, however, tells him, "You haven't had that much baby experience. It's better if I'm close-by." Craig smiles, "You really are serious, aren't you!" Andy just says, "Madonna's going to get the best I can give her - of everything." With that, he hands his daughter back to Craig and adds, "I'd better go. I'll pop back in around about half an hour."

Janice is sitting with Fiona on the couch in Fiona's room at the mansion, telling her sadly, "His parents rejected him completely. Fourteen years old and they told him they never wanted to see him again." Fiona is staring into space. Janice looks at her and prompts, "Fiona..." Fiona comes back to earth and murmurs, "Sorry, darling, I was miles away." Janice asks in concern, "Anything wrong?" Fiona nods, "Mmm. Someone deliberately set up Todd with this woman, Mandy, just to get Charlie to call off the engagement." Looking shocked, Janice gasps, "Who on earth would want to do that?" Fiona replies knowingly, "I've got a fair idea. The problem is proving it." Janice suggests, "Get this 'Mandy' to admit the truth." Fiona, however, explains, "It's not as simple as that - we can't find her." Janice asks, "Do you know where she lives?" Fiona shakes her head. She then says, "We know where she worked, but she had quit her job before Michael and I went to see her. Wayne's doing some checking-up, but in the meantime we just have to wait and see what he comes up with." Janice comments seriously, "I can't imagine who'd want to hurt Todd and Charlie." Fiona muses, "Yep. Well, that's not important anymore. The main thing is to get Todd and Charlie back together again." She sighs heavily.

Doug is sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's, saying to Beryl, "You know Caroline as well as I do. What do you think I should do?" Beryl, who's standing by the kitchen doors, murmurs, "That is very hard to say..." Doug goes on, "Beryl, I love her - a lot. When I was in the States, I kept telling myself I didn't. It was a joke. All I really wanted to do was pick the 'phone up and talk to her; hear her voice." Beryl asks gently, "Why didn't you?" Doug shrugs, "Too proud. I just thought I needed some sort of excuse before I could ring - so it wouldn't look like I was grovelling." He adds quickly, "I know - it was stupid!" He carries on, "Then I heard about the pregnancy. I was on the 'plane in a flash! I thought everything was going to be roses; I never dreamt that she'd just tell me to leave..." Beryl suggests, "Maybe Caroline thinks you came back because of the baby, not her?" Doug stares at her and exclaims, "That's ridiculous!" Beryl, however, sitting down next to him, tells him, "You have to see it from her point of view. She hasn't heard from you since you went away - except to say you want a divorce - and then the minute you hear about her pregnancy you're back on her doorstep. Can you blame her for thinking it's only the baby you're interested in? She'll have no idea of your real feelings unless you tell her." Doug looks down at the floor and murmurs, "Except now that I'm back, she won't even give me a hearing." Beryl sits there, looking at him pointedly. Doug smiles at her, "I'm just going to have to force the issue, aren't I!"

Caroline is standing on the front step outside her house, about the open the front door, when Doug approaches her and says, "Caroline..." Caroline looks at him and then turns away again. Doug says quickly, "I know you don't want to talk to me, but... please... listen." Caroline stops turning the key in the lock and stands there. Doug then goes on, "When I told you I wanted us to have another try, I didn't say it lightly. I know we've had our problems, but I also know I love you - and that won't change. Ever." Caroline takes a step away from him and starts staring out across the road. Doug adds, "Scout's honour. I'll never let you down again - as long as I live." Caroline looks at him. Doug then reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out a small gift box. He hands it to Caroline who opens it to reveal a pearl necklace. Doug smiles, "It's to go with your bracelet and earrings." A look of fury crosses Caroline's face, though, and she snarls, "How dare you? If you were the slightest bit concerned about what I was going through, you'd know what an insult this is." Looking taken aback, Doug stammers, "I-I don't understand." Caroline snaps, "Then let me make it perfectly clear: my feelings cannot be bought. If you think that gifts go to make a successful marriage, then you'd better go out and find yourself some cut-rate tart who thinks the same. I'm sure you'll both be very happy." Doug starts to insist, "I wasn't trying to buy--" Caroline interrupts, though, and growls, "It's always the same with you, Doug: you spend all your time making money and then spend all your money trying to buy back the friends you've lost in the process. Don't think you can buy back a wife." She turns back to the front door. Doug pleads, "Caroline..." Caroline turns to him again and says coldly, "I don't want to see you again, Doug. You can't provide the love I need - and you certainly can't provide the financial security the baby will need."

Beryl is placing a blouse on the ironing board in her kitchen when the 'phone starts ringing. She goes and answers it and says, "Hello?... Hello, Caroline, how are you?" She listens before then going on, "Did he?" From her lounge room, Caroline cries, "He has no idea how I'm feeling. It's hopeless... No, he won't change, Beryl; it's a waste of time thinking otherwise. All we can do is go through this divorce as quickly as possible... No, there's no point in telling him; he'd run a mile. Down's Syndrome isn't exactly Doug's idea of the ideal baby." She listens before insisting, "It's no use: we're two completely different types of people. All I want to do is go through with what I've decided to do." In her lounge room, Beryl asks, "What's that?" She listens before then asking in surprise, "Are you sure?... Maybe you should take some time to think about it; it does seem very extreme... Yes, it's your decision... I can understand, yes. Bye." With that, she hangs up. She stands there, looking worried.

Janice is talking on the 'phone in Fiona's room at the mansion, saying, "I'm glad. Thankyou for calling." Fiona emerges from the kitchen as she hangs up, and she asks, "Who was that?" Janice smiles, "That was Angel!" Fiona recalls, "Your bikie friend! Where was he calling from?" Janice tells her, "Dubbo. He's on his way to Galarnanbone. Apparently everything's going well with his girlfriend and the baby. He just called to thank me for reuniting them." Fiona beams, "Isn't that nice! That must make you feel very proud." Janice nods, "It does..." She looks upset, though. Fiona sighs, "If that's pride, I would hate to see what you looked like if you were sad! What's the matter?" Janice, sitting down, mutters, "I'm a regular little Miss. Fix-it, aren't I, patching up people's problems, then sending them on their way with a smile on their face." Fiona sits down next to her and points out, "There's nothing wrong with that; they're very grateful." Janice sighs, "But I always end up alone. Owen... Angel... Neville... They're all miles away now. I mean, I'm glad I helped them; it's just I wish I was as good at solving my own problems." Fiona smiles at her warmly and says, "Don't you worry: you're going to find somebody magic!" A smile then crosses Janice's face and she declares, "What right have I got to feel sorry for myself? All I have to do is think of the crisis centre; that's where people are with real problems." She then changes the subject and says, "If we're going shopping, we should make a list of what we need. I'll get a pencil and paper." She stands up. Fiona sits there, looking concerned about her niece.

Craig is sitting in the reception area at the gym, looking after Madonna, when Andy comes in from outside. Craig smiles at Madonna, "Look who's here! Daddy's back!" Andy holds up a toy doll and says to Madonna, "Look what daddy bought you!" Craig asks in surprise, "When did you get that?" Andy explains, "I whipped out as soon as I got my pay." Craig remarks, "Looks fancy. Must have set you back a bit." Andy shrugs, "She's worth it." He then adds quickly, "Listen, don't think I forgot about paying you back on the van. Will five-bucks instalments be OK?" He takes out a $5 note and hands it over. Craig, however, tells him, "Forget it." Andy sighs, "Come on, you know what Fiona would say if she didn't think I was living up to my responsibilities." Craig retorts, "I'm not Fiona. You don't have to prove anything. Pay me back when you're a rock 'n' roll star!"

A while later, Craig pokes his head round the front door of the mansion to check all is clear inside. He nods to Andy, "OK." Andy steps inside - and Madonna begins crying. In her room, Fiona asks Janice, "Did you hear that?" Janice replies quickly, "I think it was a radio." In the hallway, Andy and Craig dash down towards Michael's room, Andy trying to keep Madonna quiet. In her room, Fiona declares, "That was a baby." Janice sighs, "It's your imagination running wild again." Fiona, however, snaps, "That was a baby. I'm sure of it." She dashes over to the door and heads out into the hallway - just as Craig emerges from Michael's room, holding the doll that Andy bought. It's making crying noises. Craig says to Fiona quickly, "What do you think? Janice asked me to buy it for one of the women at the crisis centre. I reckon her daughter will love it!" Fiona stares at the doll. She then muses to Janice, "You must admit: I was close!" She turns back to Craig and adds, "Janice thought I was going crazy when I said I thought I heard a baby crying!" She then tells Janice, "I'll go and get my handbag and we can be on our way." She heads off back to her room. When she's gone, Janice says to Craig coolly, "Don't you ever put me in that position again; I'm not in the habit of lying." With that, she marches back to Fiona's room.

Andy is standing in Michael's room, holding Madonna, when the door opens and Craig comes in. Andy asks quickly, "How'd it go?" Craig assures him, "It's OK. I span her a story about buying the doll for the crisis centre. She bought it." Andy murmurs, "Good. The last thing I need is Fiona on my back." Craig tells him, "I reckon you're too paranoid. Who knows? Fiona could even be impressed if she knew you wanted to keep the baby." Andy, however, snaps, "Are you kidding? She'd throw a fit. She wouldn't say die until I'd flushed Madonna out. There's no way I'm going to do that, not in a million years." He then adds more calmly, "Listen - thanks for helping out." The two of them sit down at the table. Andy looks at the glum expression on Craig's face and asks, "What's up?" Craig murmurs, "Hearing you talk about Madonna... made me think about dad." Andy comments, "You didn't actually get around to confronting him, did you?" Craig replies, "Even though I know where he lives." Andy asks, "Why didn't you?" Craig tells him, "I was going to - but when I got to the house it just didn't seem right. He had another son; I just sort of got in the way I guess. They seemed like a really good, normal family. I didn't want to cause problems." Andy points out, "It still bothers you." Craig murmurs, "It's not the sort of thing I can shake off. I'm always wondering how he felt when he decided not to keep me; you know - if he felt anything like you do for Madonna." Andy insists, "If he does feel anything like me, he'd love to see you. Why don't you pay him a visit?" Craig, however, tells him, "It wouldn't be fair. His family's happy; I'm not going to stir them up." Andy exclaims, "How do you know they would not love to see you?" Craig just retorts, "That's what I thought with Ruby - and there's no way I'm going to learn that lesson again." Andy looks down at Madonna and says gently, "I hope you're glad you found your dad - 'cos you're stuck with him for life."

Doug approaches Caroline's house to find a 'For Sale' board outside. He dashes up the pathway and raps on the door. There's no response. He raps again, but still nothing. He turns and heads off.

A short time later, Doug is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's, gasping at Beryl, "I couldn't believe it: only two hours after our last conversation, I arrive to find a 'For Sale' sign stuck in the front garden. What is going on?" Beryl tells him, "Caroline rang me after your visit. Obviously this whole business upset her. Anyway, she's decided to go to New Zealand to live near Samantha." Doug asks in horror, "She's already left?" Beryl assures him quickly, "No, no, no, she's still here in Melbourne; she's got to tidy up her affairs." Doug asks, "Whereabouts in Melbourne?" Beryl shrugs, "I don't know. Some hotel. She wouldn't tell me." Doug stares at her and cries, "Why isn't she giving me a chance? She won't even let me through the front door." Beryl sighs, "I've already told you: as far as Caroline sees it, you're only interested in the baby. I know that's not true, but that's the way she thinks. And that's not all: she doesn't want a baby brought up in a household that's rich one minute and broke the next, and I can understand that." Doug tells her quickly, "It won't happen anymore. I know my responsibilities." Beryl just murmurs, "I'm sure you do." Doug then mutters, "If only I hadn't bought that damn necklace." Beryl looks at him. Doug then asks, "You think she still feels a little bit for me?" Beryl assures him, "I know she does." Doug then declares, "I've got find her. I don't know what I'm going to say to her when I do. I just have to make her realise I do love her - before she goes to New Zealand." With that, he turns and heads out.

Andy - holding Madonna - and Craig are walking down the hallway at the mansion, towards the front door. Craig is asking, "Have you taken her to the park before?" Andy smiles, "Yeah! She loves it - especially this time of the day, when it's nice and cool." The front door opens suddenly and Fiona walks in. Craig and Andy stop in their tracks and stare at her. Andy then says nervously, "Hi. Where's Janice?" Fiona just stares at Madonna and retorts, "Would somebody mind telling me what's going on?" There's silence for several seconds before Andy reveals, "Madonna's my daughter. I'm in the process of getting custody. In the meantime, we're going to the park." Fiona stares at him and snaps, "You are not taking that child anywhere." Andy retorts, "She is my responsibility." Fiona just snaps, "You wouldn't know what a responsibility was." Andy insists, "Fiona, all I care about is Madonna. What you think does not matter." Fiona warns, "It will." Andy goes on coolly, "You can't fight the law. I will be legal custodian." Fiona just retorts, "It isn't law yet - and I'll make damn sure it never will be..."


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